Moving Beyond Just Surviving | The Peak Medical Story with Thriver Ethan Lynn

Show Notes

On this Thrivetime Show episode, Clay Clark interviews a diligent doer and client by the name of Ethan Lynn. Tune in to see what working with the Thrivetime Show team actually looks like.

  1. Ethan, can you share with the Thrive Nation how you were first heard about me and our coaching program?
    1. Peak Medical Technologies
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “My advice to you is to have a coach. The coach he said I should have is Bill Campbell. I initially resented the advice, because after all, I was a CEO. I was pretty experienced. Why would I need a coach? Am I doing something wrong? My argument was, How could a coach advise me if I’m the best person in the world at this? But that’s not what a coach does. The coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be your best. In the business context, a coach is not a repetitious coach. A coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you in [his] words, and discusses how to approach the problem. Once I realized I could trust him and that he could help me with perspective, I decided this was a great idea. When there is [a] business conflict you tend to get rat-holed into it. [Bill’s] general advice has been to rise one step higher, above the person on the other side of the table, and to take the long view. He’ll say, “You’re letting it bother you. Don’t.” – Eric Schmidt (American businessman and software engineer. He is known for being the Executive Chairman of Google from 2001 to 2015 and Alphabet Inc. from 2015 to 2017.)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLES – “Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player. Bill Gates”
  4. Business coach for Microsoft, Amazon and Apple – Bill Campbell
    1. Leadership Lessons from CEO Coach Bill Campbell –
    2. Lessons From Bill Campbell, Silicon Valley’s Secret Executive Coach
  5. Can you share with all of the listeners what you do for a living, and what core problems your business solves for your ideal and likely buyers?
    1. I heard about you and Thrive through my gym instructor. It was a friend of a friend.
    2. Brett Denton – – referred Ethan to Thrive15.
  6. Where is Peak Medical located and when did you originally start Peak Medical?
    1. Boise, ID
  7. How did you first get the idea to start Peak Medical?
    1. I was a system manager at Stanford Hospital and saw a need for assistance with these software systems.
  8. What makes Peak Medical different from other companies in your niche?
  9. Can you describe where your business was at before we met?
    1. Being a business owner is a lonely place to be. I was at a place where I needed advice on where to go next. Working with Thrive has been so helpful at finding where and what to spend my time on.
  10. What made you call us to be your business coach?
    1. We interviewed to see if it was a win/win. But we took a few weeks to make sure that it was a good fit but we kept with it and it has been great.
  11. What year did you start your business and when did you decide to find a coach?
    1. Started in 2005 and reached out for coaching around 2016. I didn’t know that business coaching was out there.
  12. How long did it take for you to trust me as your business coach?
    1. It was easy to trust you in the beginning because you were so punctual and did what you said you were going to do.
  13. How have you been able to land the big time clients you have and how has our program helped you in landing new clients or streamlining your processes.
    1. We exist because we are able to outperform the competition. Thrive has helped me break down what we do into individual pieces.
  14. Business owners find themselves getting stuck with their business for a variety of reasons, what was your biggest limiting factor before we connected?
    1. We were going in too many directions. It is important for a business owner to concentrate on what they are good at.
  15. Did you have any pushback on the systems being taught to do less thing but do them really well?
    1. I thought it was a blessing. I thought it was important to slow down on concentrate on fewer things.
  16. How do you handle unsolicited advice from people with unproven records?
    1. Pay attention who you are getting advice from.
  17. What mindsets have you learned and incorporated in your business and daily life that have allowed you to grow personally and professionally through the coaching program?
  18. For anybody out there that has never worked with our business coaching program before, can you share what your experience working with me has been like?
    1. It is a networking experience full of other business owners who are going through the exact things you are while growing your business.  
  19. Talk to us about the cathartic aspect of having a business coach?
    1. The greatest thing about working with Thrive15 has been being able to bounce ideas off of someone besides myself.
  20. How would you describe what business coaching overall is like?
    1. It has been fantastic for me. I consider my you guys my friends. But if you are looking for a business coach then you will have to be coachable. You will hear things you do not want to hear and that is what you are paying them for.
  21. How much has your business grown in the past year and a half?
    1. Overall growth of 30% with a profit growth of around 35%.
  22. How is your mindset different than it used to be?
    1. My day is schedule from the minute i leave in the morning. I manage my business as a business and understand that i do not have to work 15 hours per day. I work from 7:00am-4:00pm. You have to manage your time. If you do not it will get away from you.
  23. Share with us about your team at Peak Medical and what you love most about working with them?
    1. Number 1 we are a family. Everybody is there for one another. We have had employees that bring drama to the table in the past and we now have a no drama group.
    2. We produce a great product with the team so it is a great experience.
  24. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Is your smartphone making you dumb?” –
  25. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day, report shows”
  26. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Vision without execution is hallucination.” – Thomas Edison
  27. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” – Proverbs 14:23
  28. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – ““The mind is what the mind is fed.” – David J. Schwartz, Magic of Thinking Big
  29. What do your weekly meetings look like now?
    1. Every day Monday-Thursday. We try to make it fun and the team has really come together as a real TEAM because of it. We have fun and laugh. We make it engaging so it has given a form for people to actually get to know each other.
    2. We then go through our client list to make sure everything is going good
    3. We then open it up for questions at the end.
    4. The meetings can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes.
  30. What is your vision for the next 5 years?
    1. We will continue to streamline all of our processes. We want to train people very quickly when we bring them onboard.
    2. I would like to grow by at least another 50%.
  31. Have you allowed yourself to buy something or go on a trip to celebrate a little bit?
    1. Got married about 2 years but have not even had a honeymoon. Finally went to Vegas for a 3 day trip recently.
  32. How long did it take you to find that core of 6 team members and how many people did you have to go through to get them?
    1. The core team has been with me for 6-8 years.
    2. We have gone through 10 people.
  33. Questions from a Thriver:
    1. How can I Bring the level of enthusiasm to my life that you bring to your daily?
      1. Step 1 – Set super high expectation and have a goal that doesn’t end.
      2. Step 2 – When they ask you how and why you did it, convey your true beliefs and feelings in an honest and candid way.
    2. How can you engage the amygdala more effectively?
      1. Be intentional about what you are doing.
        1. Ex. – when you are reading a book, highlight everything intentionally and re-read it and review it.


Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

The center of the universealright tribe, nation, welcome back to the best business podcasts conversation, is the drive time show on your radio and podcast download. Now on today’s show, we are talking about moving beyond just surviving and i. Think that if you were to interview I know, if you would interview, if you were to ask a hundred people on the street, you say:what do you want to do with your life? Yes, could college did what you want to do with your life? If you have somebody at church what you want to do with your life, where your gold most people would say what what sort of vd common denominator the most, how many inches you would hear, make a lot of money. I want to make a lot of money to buy a house turns out all those things cost money successfullyno not at all I will say, is a mac or buddy charles do in a big y’s. I want to be successful and I want to help other people. I, don’t think I’ve ever heard would be more specific. Are people that are willing to move beyond just surviving? They want to thrive, not just survive. That’s true! That’s right! Man, better than the alternative played well I once knew.

A guy who got hit by a deer ran right into his body. He was evenname of the day or night better nap, but thank you for the details. If that’s what today show is about,, and so today we have a listener named ethan lynn he’s never gets robbed nation. Yes, he is he’s been a client of mine last couple years here, a great guy he’s coming cold peak, medical tech, peak, medical tech and brag on this guy. He went from just you know:hey I’m, a business owner to say, I want it. I want to thrive, I’m ready and he’s been a diligent do or he’s executed. All of the things we’ve asked him to do and more his name is ethan lynn and thrive nation is website, is peak medical tec.Com without further ado our best business podcasts interview with ethan linder thrivers, encourage you out there do you feel like you’restock, and you don’t know how to get unstuck. This is a guy who picked up the phone made. The call got unstuck and it wasn’t. There was about luck. It was about finding out the proven path and implementing it for the new. My interview with ethan lynch, alright probation, welcome back to another exciting addition of a thrivetime show on your best business podcasts radio and podcast download now. I am excited, I am fired up. My mind is going to explode come on now, because we are having a real survivor on the show and he’s at and he’s really going to explain his real story of how he’s built a real company and ethan. Can you share with the describe nation out there? What’s the name of your real business, it is called peak medical technologies and we’re base for the boise idaho lakes on lebron james.

What team is going to probably ask you to pick your favorite stock and heard about me and the front of time show t I cared about you guys through through my gym instructor i, go to a bootcamp class here and I know that he had work with you and I was mentioning so I’m a couple things but my business. So you put me in touch with you guys, so, friend, of a friend with it, okay, not to throw ethan’s friend and his friend fitness brett. Didn’t that’s where the story starts. Their sounds fishy at this point here. But can you share with the best business podcasts listeners? I mean really what you guys do for a living or what what core problems? Your business? Salt for your ideal and lexie buyers are at peak medical any kind of the sun ity specifically for pathology laboratories. So we do a specific type of software software packages, I guess I’ll say, and it’s video whatever services the laboratory needs. Did you guys right back? Do you write the software? No? Not at all, and that’s why it’s kind of weird what we do so kind of the ideas is that a software company were coming in and sell their software to these laboratories, and at that point there kinda like well, we’ll see you later have a good time with transfers, rolling weed help get out of transferring interfacing getting as far as come in and help them really kind of get the most out of it.

So you partner with the people that are selling them the software, do they do they know about you too? They recommend you to they put their blessing on you, or do you just kind of creep around the backside, some like it, some don’t! So? How did you first get the idea to start peak medical? Did you hit your head on the proverbial toilet seat and then design the flux capacitor? Did you? Was it a long weekend in puerto rico with dr. Z, or he does is continuing education through best business podcasts, I mean so I actually was a system manager for lg system that stanford hospital and every year? What would happen is I would go to the user conferences where they were losers. Like me, across the country and I saw a need for experience. Users with software I saw annie just from just listening to the people, at these user conferences and and and just seeing the needle and the end, so things kind of so I can see you before I decide to leave there and and started I started at peak medical technology, and then the phone started ringing and hasn’t stopped at me. If I’m wrong, bridge pushing a shopping, cart saying how many people think of when you need a business code, so you’ll have he’ll. Think of all your view must be here.

Your mind must not be functional. Do my clothes outside of the ceo of google says they never want advice he would give to any business owner out. There is to have a business coach that the ceo of google doctors and I both had right doors and paid advisors in our lives means you right now you have paid advisors, financial advisors, I have attorneys financial advisors. Can you talk to me or talk to listeners out there about where your business was at before you reached out for some business coaching, and maybe maybe why you thought you might need a business coach sure so I think thing a business owner. It is a very lonely place to be. You know, there’s a lot riding her sore shoulders. Everybody looks to you, and so I was at a place where I really need some advice on kind of decisions where to take my business to know this, and that and so really working with you guys is really got me organized as far as how I spend my day, what I do with my time, because I think you can really get into that that that routine of working 15-hour days-and it doesn’t have to be that way and so I think you guys can send pasta, can help me with with that part of my business and my life, really the best business podcasts person relationship you had with the other business owner there in boise. Was it just his recommendation or did you do some research into the thrive business model for you reached out to us?

What? If, so, what did you find? What what made you? What made you call it to be? Your business coach could have happened, I think you know what you guys are trying to see if it was a good fit from from your end, I was on a few meetings with with with clay and i, just continue to go with it, because I thought I was getting a lot out of it, but yeah. It was definitely kind of some some initial. Where. We both try to figure out if it was the right fit and I just got done with it, because it was for me I want to brag on you, because I’ve tried to catch up with best business podcasts on skype. Sometimes it cuts out a lil bit. I’m, sorry about that, the guy I mean you’re, a guy who I think much like dr. Z machop. Just like myself. It’s like we just want to know what to do. You know I mean there’s a time and a place to watch ted talks, there’s a time and a place to read books, but you also like I’m, ever working 15 hours a day every day and just go and gosh I want to know what do I need to do. I cannot work any more hours if somebody could just please show me what to do. I I will do it and I remember when I met with dr. Z, just how incredible how much my life improved by just learning what to do when it was clifton tolbert how much my life improve his mentors? Could you what’s wrong with you? Why are you why you always do what you’re supposed to do? What do you do if your a sick freak? You are one sick freak you ask what to do and then you do it what’s wrong with you. Why do you do that? Why is it to me? Why do you did was wrong with you what you got on your head?

What happened gosh i, don’t know. Maybe I did get dropped my head, but 13 14 15 whatever it is it enough for me, you know what I wanted to to move. I knew that there was a different direction:i needed going on either different decisions. I had to make it’s scary, but but again it it’s more scary, not making his decisions lot of times and and make it as opposed to making them with you guys behind me. What year did you start your business I started:i want an edit in 2005 for 13 years in business for 12 years before you decided, or how-and when did you first start to think I may want to find a mentor, / business, coach, / advisor team, so you starting 2005 and I know you you found somebody about a year ago. How long ago, did you find us that were you thinking I should maybe find a business coach? Do you recall you know that’s right, nation we come back we’re going to try to walk you through we’re going to talk about. How do you know when you need a business coach I mean? Maybe what do you hire? Our company drive time show or any other, but the other coach and company? How do you know if you need a business coach or need to be listening to best business podcasts and how do you know if you’re good to go? How do you know if you, if you know that you’re good to go like you have to go? This is going to go to the restroom to your office. You know what you want to go to the like:the taj mahal, the porcelain palace. You don’t want to go to a third world country where it smells and looks like urine stain. That’s why we use the classic clean.Com, the classic clean.,, never one janitorial service out there. They work at dupont, google and us that’s the classic. Clean.Com check it out today and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio show click on the microphone and I’m just asking. Did. She not the did misty on phillips not bring a contagious amount of vivacious, enthusiasm and machine, not bringing the show 24 level. The heat. Is she lashed out? If you had a lot of fun this lady dion, if you got her.

Dion’s interview, I mean she is just awesome, but I’m just trying to know you have a guest on the show you. What is one of your research and I thought? We have to have her on the shift because she start with $65 $65 out of her apartment in a manhattan, and now she is the she does the eyelashes for celebrities right before they’re. On the cover of a magazine, egypt last time, I looked at a magazine, you can see people’s faces on the cover of a typical, take a photo of of everything but they’re fake. The idea of the face like the back of their best business podcasts head and so people that she’s worked with these are clients of her current client, mary, j, blige, alyssa, milano, paris, hilton, renee, zellweger, serena, williams, victoria, beckham, no I’ve, never heard of brandy. Brandy I mean tell us the rapid shiza, r&b, hip-hop artist, naomi campbell I mean there’s so many I mean it’s. It blows my mind sodas and sharon stone. Are we transitioning to hear that podcast goes right, I’m, sure., com and click on the podcast, but you can hear all the archives shows big shout-out to dion. You were an excellent guest want to have you on again I’m serious you. You brought the phone. It was awesome so now now we’re talkin to me about moving beyond surviving and our gas we have on today he’s actually a member of the tribe nation he’s a current client working for 2 years, the guys achieving time, freedom and financial freedom in a real, always website, speak medical, tech,, theoretical he’s actually doing it, and his name is ethan and notable quotable. The audio he’s talking about she asks him. How did you know you were it was time to find a coach? Can you read us the notable quotable from bill campbell, the former not do it, but from eric schmidt in fortune magazine, the former ceo of a company so he’s talking about when he was talking with a guy named bill campbell and a bill campbell had to say to eric schmidt my advice, who is to have a coach, the coach he said:i should have his I’m. Sorry, you can talk to somebody else, but they’re talking about bill campbell question was your the ceo of google? What’s the number one advice that you would give to any entrepreneur, and he says he says my device used to have a coat because she said I should have his bill. Campbell initially resented the advice, because after all, I was a ceo I was pretty experienced.

Why would I need a coat, am I doing something wrong? My argument was how. Could a coach advise me if I was the best person in the world at this? But that’s not what a coach does? The coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be your best in the business contact. The coach is not a repetitious coach. I told you. Somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes describes it to you in his words and discuss, is how to approach the problem once I realized I could trust him and that he could help me with perspective. I decided. This was great idea. When there is a business conflict, you tend to get rat hold intuit bills. General advice has been to rise, one step, higher above the best business podcasts person on the other side of the table and to take the long, view, you’ll, say:you’re, letting it bother you don’t I want to read another notable quotable to one-up the previous note before the gates, mispronounces name and gone billy, gatti’s gattis, retina single player, aaa, guess everybody needs a code best detox, the ceo of google says:hey, you need to coach, bill, gates, three or four companies in the world. Right now. Give me give me a big company. Give me a big hug, will shoot apple apple and do you know that steve coach he did, and you know who his business coach was tell me.

Bill campbell wait! So what’s put that on the show not to put a link, so you can verify what I’m saying, let’s think about this? What’s a big covered by someone? Why? Where would you potentially buy something from google, ebay, google, ebay i? Don’t think I am older than a lot of money. Is the ceo of amazon echo, the ceo of amazon’s, the name of bill campbell trap, nation oh great entrepreneurs have a coach think about think about michael jordan basketball player, michael, jordan, michael jordan this just in from harry caray michael jordan. Have how many championships did he win in the correct answer is six? How many championships did kobe bryant win the champion in the answer is between the total of 11 championships that phil jackson did the kobe bryant won in michael jordan when combined with phil jackson as a head coach? That’s right how many championships did michael jordan win when phil jackson? What it is I know this for previous shows. It is how many did kobe bryant win with is an interesting career without kill. Jackson championships did kobe bryant actually lobbied for phil jackson to be fired. She didn’t like the best business podcasts accountability and then when they kept losing, he basically wept and beg him to come back, and then they want again right. Girl coach can absolutely change the goat, don’t fool yourself:i mean butler university’s the size of oral roberts university and they won with their coach stevens and without brad stevens. Are we doing the celtics brad stevens doing well without him? How are we doing a coach? Can absolute change everything I’ll take. It was something else:i can change everything before we get back in your interview after break here is those guys. Are you pretty tired of going to staples office depot? You want to save money.

You will save time and money on your office supplies and printer supplies jumper. Are you passionate about going to office depot in paying massively overpriced retail price? Wise office depot despise, like those guys, a lot I just never shop there, imaging.Com onyx imaging.Com get printer supply printer service in office supplies salmon next day. Delivery price match, guarantee onyx, imaging.Com, santa, fe shop. Business started from the bottom now we’re here. Who is singing the hooks on a good fine gentleman named colton dixon as a client he’s a friend, so he is top 40 christian music artist, whose soon is going to be releasing an album, but I think everyone can relate to whether you are a christian or not unbelievable, dude I’m, just telling you this guy gets it done. He works a massive fan of colton’s into daughter to have him singer hooks and range rose, but if you have not gone to colton dixon., I’m not going to tell people your ear, I wouldn’t say to you:hey, you’re, a bad person,, but I would say this. Yes, if you could all care about yourself cuz. If you care about just the planet and yourself, another photo people fails in here you just you just you no longer hate yourself and other people sell. You want to take yourself to colton dixon., because it is so sexy in a weird way, though, I had a math teacher named mrs gal, yet he was probably 24 see you next year you was 24 and you and I have 18, and so is legal. The whole thing that happened, but all this would be communicating telepathically and i-would like can I stay after I want some more education who care because you was, you was texting about that quadratic. That’s what I’m saying your best business podcasts friends are going to love you you’re going to smell terrific you’re, going to be late, but she was not too far away from you. I mean I was in 9th grade, so I don’t know.

Are you saying gosh i, just remember I just signed me up for a class again, please do it I’ll! Take it again! I I failed that test I blacked out i, don’t remember what happened. I didn’t feel like I’m having trouble at home. I, don’t know, I thought it was right. I, don’t look at multiple choice. Cuz I just wrote in the answers that wasn’t sure it may have been wrong, but it felt right, number, 2, pencil sure, I’ll bring a number 3 pencil. If you don’t go to colton dixon., you’re missing out and it said he’s not guilty by association we’re talking. Today, though it was, we have an interview with a real driver, a real driver by the name of ethan lynn, and he reached out to us for business. Coaching and I want to play the interview that doctors and I had because he’s having a lot of success. His company is called peak medical against chemical peak, medical. If you haven’t yet checked out his website, speak medical, tech, dot-coms, real entreprenuer, just like you and he decided to move beyond, just surviving a decided to begin thrive, and he knew we needed a coach to help him sonny brother. Do our exclusive interview with ethan lynn from peak medical, tech and I know you you found us about about a year ago.

How long ago, did you find this at what point that were you thinking? I should maybe find a business coach. Do you recall i? Don’t know why I didn’t know that I just was was trying to find help on a few things and see my friendship with brett of cobell it he could have. Let me do you guys. I have a funny story and you don’t have to get yourself in trouble here either, so you can speak in vega reason:generalities, okay, but recently this past was it was friday and I was in new orleans working with one of the businesses I’m a partner with and just throw a lizard get that I buy over the years. How I make most of my income is clients, like you, easton I work with a client, get him into a certain place in a lot of times. It’ll say:could you promise me you’ll never work with my competitor and I will say:i absolutely would never work with your competitor, while I’m working with you without you, knowing so i, would eventually he’ll tell the owner hey. If you want to walk in a partnership, it’s beyond just you know me a hand shaking you. An agreement would like to be involved me equity piece if I could be involved, so you know where you grow together, then I can see if I can do that. I want to be an equity partner. If I’m going to sacrifice and stuff to one of my clients at work with it to equity, partner., their, new, orleans and so I go out there, new orleans at flying the best business podcasts plane had probably sore between 3 and 17. Cranberry vodkas have some up there and in not getting up freak out of the plane very hot plane. By the way, when you land in new orleans, you realize, when you’re waiting to get on the off the plane at 3, hot or humid, so high and I got an email. We had a guy that we I guess what this is a story that weird guy that we actually had interviewed in our group interview program who won the job for us, so I apparently didn’t hire, and so he begins calling all of our clients. You include other people and basically saying where a scam and we’re scamming people were taking advantage of people and they’re screwing people on the internet, and you don’t have that kind of relationship where you called me right away. I emailed me, you know what you told me what was said.

How long did it take for you to trust me and I know for me? I typically, don’t trust a client until about the 8th meeting, because once you see some show up on time and do what they say, they’re going to do for about 2 months, I start to go by this guy’s awesome. I have an absolute trust with you, but how long did it take for you to have the trust with me, especially the kind of trust needed where you would actually email me and say just looking out for you guys, somebody said some stuff about you. I just wanted you to be aware of. How long did it take you to have that kind of trust? It didn’t take very long why things is that right onto it right at 2 p.M. It’s? What you know? It’s amazing that way so I guess I felt that there was I thought I could trust you from the beginning honestly, but it wasn’t until I really felt that it was really solidified until I first met you. If that makes sense, I think the first time I came down to see you guys was. It was about three months after we started working together to check this out here, because this is a real entreprenuer having a real business there. It is its peak medical, tec.Com, ravio view listening from all over the world, south korea australia, canada florida, a real client ethan, who out there is an ideal unlikely buyer for you, I know it’s kind of a small niche there, but who who out there is listening that could potentially use your best business podcasts services. Anybody got that works with with medical data. Really, if you, if you run an elaborate story and you need help with workflow, if you need help with interfacing, if you need help with anything technical, what you laboratory week, we can definitely help you, as far as on a on a holistic approach for for medicine and things like that, what we could help non lab people isn’t interfacing. So we we we got years and years of experience with it with interface and we’ve done too much any other face. You can think of. So if you, if you need any interfacing as far as your hospital system, johnny marr system, vice versa, emr back to your hospital, your laboratory billing data, wherever there’s a data transfer, we can help. You guys check this out to his clients, include ucla ucla rotation. Welcome back to the thrive time show pre-commercial audio. If you are out there, I really need to stay. On top of my taxes go to hood cpas. Comment hood cpa.Com. She know you are entrepreneur of the year. We were 20 the metro chamber of commerce. To ask me this all done. You never have to work again when you’re 27. What has been the highlight of your career and chip i, can tell the listeners finally I thought about it. I know what it is. Do it my business career with the word orange oranges? That’s tell you, they tell you, tell you it’s tough, to tell you nate possible, you could do see syringes in oranges.

Could rhyme, if you had you get it. If you adjust the ambassadors on the syllable, that’s what you would do and that’s what would cause and then all the sudden ambassadors unconsolable-and you would realize me this guy’s got a lot of time to think about. Cuz I owe a lot of people are out there go and how am I going to pay the bills I’m sitting down going? How can I rhyme with the word orange I’m, tired of you doing it like 3 in the morning on the wall, so those are in the third is when I have clients have big wins may want to claim. Has a big win? It’s like vicariously vicariously, it’s like I am experiencing the emotion that they are sprint. I am like so excited for them, and one of our clients I mean this guy ethan I’m, telling even with peak medical technology he’s up there in in boise, crushing it and he is just growing. His company he’s landed. Client he’s landed on the big screens. We don’t see him. It’s crazy. He’s landed, ucla, stanford, huge companies. In he’s, a client of mine won’t honor. It is to serve a guy to help a guy grow, a company pretty freaking awesome. So let’s go back to our interview with ethan we had just earlier today. No you I have with this check this out to his clients include ucla ucla university of washington oregon health and science university jerseys and beautiful face peak medical text. Ethan hit your company has done well to where the things I worry about is a business coach is i, never want to coach a client, that’s a nefarious or weird, because when you coach a guy and you help them grow their company, it’s like if they’re shady I mean it comes back to you so I want i, want I want to get your take on this year. Have you been able to land some of the big-time client you have and what role has our coaching with you? Helped you in acquiring new best business podcasts clients or streamlining or processes, did the first thing is I think as far as landing a bigger clients it. You know it goes back the saying that you know what your kind of services and and what you offer really sells itself in a niche market. You know when there’s not a lot to choose from you know it. It makes it a little bit easier, like I will definitely say that their part 2 is that we exist because we we are able. Before, the others out there. We were little bit different and that we actually represent the laboratory or hospital or that people that that that client themselves, as opposed to vendor.

So but as far as from your guyses help, you guys have really been able to help me kind of break it down as far as what we do in to individualize pieces and be able to too kind of I guess wheelbarrows in it and in a way, that’s that’s, pretty i, guess flexible. If that makes me a lot of business owners find themselves getting stuck in their business for a variety of reasons. What do you feel like? You was your biggest limiting factor before we connected where? Where do you feel like you were or stuck? We were basically-and we were going in so many directions-i-think it’s important for a business or two to really concentrate on what they’re good at I was trying to be too many things to many people. I think you can get into a right or a 2 in trouble really quickly doing that. That’s really what you guys and help me bring chemistry more things to do. Then we can do this. Do this do this? Do this? Do this? That concept? Sometimes when were coaching a client think we can look. Did you ever? Did you get some pushback on that sports in the clients that have thought you going to offer this, but you know you’re, not the question from the team that that was a recommendation was to do less things than just do your core things, and do them really well? Did you? How did that her that resonate with you, when you first heard that what did you mean it was? It was a blessing because I thought it was kind of weird for not wanting to do absolutely everything. You know that that I would ever want, and so for me it was like okay I think it’s important to kind of scale back and concentrate on what you’re good at and it’s a simple conversation with a client to. If you can say, I’m sorry, we don’t offer that service. But there’s somebody who is or are this is a different direction. You can go in with ethan, which is just been beautiful. It’s been a great relationship, I think about ethan, i, think about the colaw fitness. You seen, charles cole, a big big guy cool off in this mother. If you check it out online I mean these guys are growing leaps and bounds and I told charles charles doesn’t in order to dominate search engine results, the way that the the the algorithm works. Now he have to have the most content and the most reviews and charles. Just like you actually said. Okay, it’s almost like yes, sir. Let’s go was only a military operation and best business podcasts listener and business coaching client colaw fitness is just gone out there and dominate I mean he just. Does it every single day? There’s no push-back dr. Morrow z I want to show this to this will blow your mind. This is a guy check this out the guys getting like, like a review.

I can maybe maybe 30 reviews a day. Now it’s like 5 an hour, but just absolutely smashing it and again, but you type in tulsa, pediatric dentistry, the guy just gets it. He wants it and he is absolutely on it when it comes to gathering, google reviews, but I think see, I mean even like it mean when you try to tell a member of your team to do something. I mean I’m sure that your company pushed back I mean. Maybe this is abnormal to have a guy like ethan who just like. Thank you, sir may I have another. Will you tell him what to do and doesn’t? Do you find that so much in business now either boys? You know you tell me to do something to get push-back, you you tell it to partners, and then you tell it all aspects of life is particularly though, whenever you’re counseling, someone in your saying all this and I think this is. This is the right idea because they don’t fit in the back of their mind. They’re thinking wait a second I’m, the one with everything to lose. This is my livelihood. This is my life. This is my baby and you know I’m not sure what if it doesn’t work and what, if you’re, not giving me good advice, and so we can big to build that trust up and the build a hand your baby to somebody and say:okay, you could do something with it for a little while you want to mean. Is that is a very precarious thing. It’s a business coach, sometimes eu. How must have to slap somebody’s, baby, auto, auction the other day and his hands and shake babies supposed to shake when you kiss, when I can’t, sometimes it going backwards in your butt with a lot of clients out there and I’ve been just said. It you’ve been blessed to work with some people just like even that are chargeable and diligent. What question would you have for ethan or what? What cuz you work with clients all the time who refuse to implement what they’re being taught and I say all the time I mean not real clients, I mean the imagine. That’s why I have not actually work with, but I mean I’m sure you’ve had people in a virtual parallel universe who pushed back because he is one of the most comfortable I would like to know. So you made some changes when you started working with best business podcasts thrive and I’m sure, like everyone, you probably talk to some close friends or family about them and probably received some advice. That was not necessarily from an educated, source who. How did you handle dealing with those questions or people giving you unsolicited advice? He didn’t even want, and you know that they did have no proven track record. Listen to what advice is coming from trip. I can tell you this right now.

I mean this. Until the other day, when we recording our show. You’re silly came by, he gave us our weekly adjustment that guy and do the do not feel a release. I felt like i, was in heaven release some tension adjustment gretzky,. What’s that website, dr. John, sibley, dr, john sibley., call me at 918-749-5741. Johnson broadcasting live from the center of the universe. Its business school without the bs optometrist of the year clay clark in his lifetime show that your poop again steps to make joe and sophie super target. Welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and podcast download a lot of people chop when they hear the word business coach. The immediate reaction was like what the krampus things that even mean. What does that mean? Well, today, we’re going to interview a client we working for 2 years, who built the company called peak medical tech i, feel like I help steer entrepreneurs. If you go up to the top of a mountain, and you have a tour guide, there’s already been up to the top of the mountain. He knows the proven pass. That’s my job business sherpa right, but i. Don’t think that you know I’m the one who chose the mountain I’m, not the one who invented the mountain right, nor am I the one. Putting effort to walk of man I’m, just showing you, the bruton parish sheriff of monk, monk and i. Think a lot of people go say is a business coach real! Do you guys do a real listeners and one of our members were more clients, one of the members of the tribe, nation ethan who’s in he’s attended the best business podcasts workshop. You listen to the podcast on occasion he has a business coaching line and he eat more or less was open about sharing his history, his story of how he grew his company and one of the things that he did previous to work with us a little research and it is hard to fake I just want to share with you the combined resume for doctors and i. See you get this idea, it’s hard to fake that you own a bank like it’s hard to fake, that you know and see. If you look us up there and you do your research, it’s hard to fake that you own a haircut men’s, grooming lounge with multiple locations, it’s hard, it’s hard to fake, that you’ve helped scale a carpet cleaning franchise. In that you speak of their conferences and it’s hard to fake it’s hard to fake. You grew where the nation’s largest entertainment companies in your dj connection.Com right. It’s hard to fake elephant in the room, has three physical locations in his franchising and location, optometry clinic oxyfresh has ever hundred and thirty-one thousand google reviews get out of town and will travel to tulsa almost done like a the journey where they it’s almost like a religious journey like I’m here for the conference on tuesday cuz I want to verify that you guys actually have a bank has.

She has invested in the back hee-hee. That’s his thing. Regent bank go there, but what about the haircut z66, auto auction in one by one., go to the different businesses and go wait a minute tai lopez I can’t find any of his real princess. What’s going on there’s a lot of these motivational gurus and speakers right can’t find any of their real companies. I hear the theory, but my professor, you guys have real business it and that’s where really I did what separates us between most i. Do our interview with ethan with peak medical tech, and he shares his story and his journey to working with the attorney working with the thrive time show business coaching program yeah, you look at you guys and your your your track record of of your own businesses receive help. The ton of people grow their businesses. So let you know it’s just I think it’s just a matter of you have to feel it out as far as well exclamation coming from and is it? Is it credible people out here all the way from boise idaho? Can you explain what the workshop did for you or what you learned at the workshop? But the first thing I say is:is that the entire entire workshop is is just an area kind of like positivity I’ll say that that there’s other people there that are going through the exact same things that you are or they’ve already been through that so it’s it’s a networking kind of experience where you can be having difficulties. Are they gone through difficulties or they had great success? Is it in in in that that is, is really valuable to business? On his part, that’s the simple things like. What are you looking for an interview? How can you make make a people that you hire you how you make the best decisions when you’re trying to hire somebody? For me it was a positive positive experience, see I have a favorite best business podcasts interview, interview story, for you today just happened that was interviewing somebody this past week see how we did the group interview. Typically, this person had a group interview cast people in a bisque every week the group interview for people don’t know small businesses. Large companies will basically post now hiring ads and when anybody response to the ads, they will then share that okay, hey we’d love to interview you this wednesday at 5 and true story, and so any candida matter. What the canada is matter. What the resume says no respond. We love the interview this wednesday at 5 that way, I can interview all the candidates at one time, chuck missler blow your mind and sauced biscuits that this client had 5 people out of like 15 or so that rsvp’d and said I’ll, be there about 5 showed up one of the people you’re going to love this one of the people during the interview.

This is what happens, will tell us about yourself and they said and I wasn’t there I’m just here and do a third-party I saw the email. It’s awesome, but it’s like i, don’t do well with group format, and they just would not answer. They then got together with a local attorney, and they said due to the adaa americans, with disabilities act, whatever they feel like they weren’t properly interviewed, because they have excessive anxiety when are being interviewed in a group setting and applying for a job where there will never be less than 10 people physically present in the building at any time, while being interviewed in a group of 5 people, and they actually sent that today, it’s a small business owner was like mancosh. What do I do? What do I do never think I’ve dealt with all of this stuff before and I think it was very refreshing for them to know that, no matter what situation they’ve gone through it, they don’t feel like they’re, lonely and I’m. The only person in the best business podcasts world to have ever gone through this scenario is I want to ask you, as one of my clients tell me they feel lonely at the top of mount awesome at the top of their business at the top of mount entrepreneurship. Can you talk to me about aspect of having a business coach that has probably been through what you’re going through or how or will go through I mean a lot of business owners? Have anybody they can bounce ideas off of oh yeah. That’s that’s the reason why I was looking for help, and that’s been the greatest thing about working with you guys is. Is that simple things like hey? What about this or I’m going to send an email explaining out a service or a media sale I’m trying to get? How does it sound? Basically, you know what do I do do i. Do that to do i. Do that?

How do I make my day better with my employees? Is it it’s I feel like you guys, offer the whole package in new york? Now your team meetings-cuz, you have you taken your team meetings to the next level and, unlike 90% of the people that I have had the opportunity to work with her over the years, you literally apply everything it’s I’m talking to ethan about how to have his group meetings, his team meetings and this guy has taken his team meetings to the next level. Thrive nation even explain what a difficulty being looks like now and how you stay those meetings. Sure we have our team meetings, everyday monday through thursday, and sometimes it takes 20 minutes. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes. Sometimes it takes me 45 whatever it is, but I try to make it fun and and basically what I found it is that the team has really come together, because I think because of these team meetings, it’s given the employees a basically a a form to kind of talk to each other about best business podcasts different things, and we tend to laugh quite a bit on the on the meetings like that. I’ll pick up a topic like one day:i did redneck cars and we looked at that pictures of these redneck cars. If you could do different things that day, so we as a people together as a team-and it’s also given a form for four people to kind of get to know each other better. It’s been really great. I got 60 for you and I’ll actually got one that is, is not here in boys he’s actually in california. So without that facetime you know having those those meetings at as really kind of brought him in from the outside, so to speak. What does I think he felt like he was on the outside? Quite a bit. Do you have at the same time everyday every day same time? Do you run I mean? Did you you coming tonight in reed, you come with what you just incoming open for him like hey how you doing how you doing how you doing yeah I guess I got to go to the meeting for parents. So I definitely say that’s part of my schedule every day.

That’s where I learned from you guys as far as how how to basically manage my time and so every morning, I come in at prepare for the meeting. I. Think about you know the funny topics I want to bring to the table. So it’s a scheduled meeting and and part of that is-is discussing an open the meeting, but some funny time either way you find subject. We want to talk about, and then we go through our client list. What we’re doing with our clients may be issues that were having and then I open it up at the end to ask if anybody would like to add anything or asking questions. So how would you describe your overall business? Coaching experience would never work with a best business podcasts business coach. In fact, I every morning, I have great conversations with myself. Will I talk to myself about how you doing tomorrow, great skate I’ve stayed virgin in the same place and meet myself most days. I, don’t I’m waiting for president obama was holding me back and I’ll trumper’s only if we could just get that wall built right time for a business coach I wish I would have time to respond all the time in my day. So pretty much out to just says:listen, i, i, don’t think I need a business coach come on. Can you explain what your business coaching experience is like just look into that relationship? Don’t think a lot of people quit yeah, it’s been fantastic for me, I think the business coaches is my friends because so much, but if you looking to get business coach, you have to be coachable, yes, be able to to hear things you don’t want to hear.

Sometimes you have to be able to to look at yourself in a lot of ways that maybe you are prepared for sure how to say that it is if you want it, if you want, if you want it or not, I think you need to look at yourself first and say it in my coachable and am I able to to think about things differently and be willing to be open to that. But on a whole it’s been fantastic experience. Thank you guys for so much you’re right. They should we transcribe each and every podcast, and what do we use? We was in quote. Net, that’s in quote. Net, the world’s best and fastest cheapest, transcription service say to the other side of the pillow. Yes, that’s right, I’m business coach show to make you want to go with him to start up a picture of what each should. The system to increase should doubtless to optimize self x when he was talking to people next to me, it’s easy on staples and you can too, if you unplug the cable, all right right, nation, here’s the deal! Here’s the deal job according to nielsen right now and put this in the show notes. The average person is now watching 5.2 hours of tv per day by .2. That’s a lot, that’s a lot of hours, but this is now being interrupted by their smartphone more than 75 times per day too much, which means that it would be impossible to have success if you were watching 5 hours of tv a day being interrupted, 75 *. In fact, if psychology today were to do a stud, but you would show that your cognitive processing skills are now below the level or at the level of the average third-grader. Third grader, not you, though, do you know what you’re one of our listeners not going to be on social media, commenting going back and forth what? If they’re listening to 5.2 hours a day of the thrive time, show him too much. That’s too much I’m going to be honest. You got to get off, you guys, stop you don’t have enough time to take. You got to implement at your thomas edison there’s a guy named tommy tommy, modern light bulb recorded.

Video was effective, thomas edison said the vision. Without execution is hallucination. Vision without execution is hallucination now i. Think a lot of people say:dude dude, dude, listen, your dude and I say:hey dude, hey dude, hey dude, I I want you to know dude I’m, not sure what country they’re from or what I just want you to know. I want you to know. I am very new to the english language, but for some reason, I talk like this might be an indian from up north I was reading a proverbs, 14:23 and I’m like a hard time. Could your friend read it, then you say yeah because my friend doesn’t talk. That’s your friend, you know you take my friend read to me. As your friend says, all hard work brings a profit. What beer talk leads only to poverty. If your friend was a little, something brings a profit. Mere talk leads only to poverty. All hard work brings a profit per acre property. Any of those voices and I hate your ship I want you guys to have a normal person me to find application to deliver. The population of world has like billions of people in the north of 3 billion people 7. So why don’t we get 4 billion people 567? So why don’t we go ahead? The majority of the people there’s one group of people that had that comprise most people in india or maybe china india, they would say, ordered work, beach road. What brings a profit but mere talk leads only to property right and proverbs 14:23. All hard work brings a brother to bring beer to talk later on it’ll, probably thank you come again. The point is, thank you come again.

Yes, I did. Would you like to be squishy? Is it a lot of greatest freddy fender? So what I’m going to do is I’m going to play a notable quotable for all the listeners out there who want to just learn stuff like if you’re somebody I call this idea and I know somebody’s going to mediately complaints, I’m just going to tell you what is not there I’m, throwing it out there I’m going to say you okay! This is the part where you send the complaint email to info at drivetime, show.Com sponsors. You demand that shouldn’t be taken off, which makes our sponsors want to sponsor us more I call this concept:mental masturbation. It is where your pleasuring yourself, by learning things they’re not going to apply all the ted talks bro bro I watched all the bro I just got this new app I just got this new book about like the power of yourself, bro I’ve got myself an alignment bro rob skyler, listen skyler, proud to realize that the federal reserve isn’t federal and there’s no reserve bro. It’s like! Are we going to dream or, if I dream of the reality prep like? If you study all these metaphysical concepts-and you don’t apply them, this is what’s going to happen well I’m, here to tell you that you’re probably going to find out as you go out there, that you’re not going to amount, because nobody cares about your ideas about the execution of ideas. Nobody cares about how fast you are. Theoretically people care about what your race time wasn’t your most recent cross country event after break. We have somebody on the show who’s actually producing results. If he perfect know my perfect, no, but he’s actually doing it he’s not theoretically running. He is running his prison results and he’s winning in people celebrate winners, not whiners matchbox bear crap, it’s not.

Nobody gives a crap, and that is why I can go to atwoods every single weekend. Whatever the crap I want what you and your id but I had that idea. I, don’t know why I never did that idea. Nobody cares I’m going to have to actually implement what you’re learning. That’s why I’m so honored and so excited and so pumped up have his guest we’ve got ethan with peak medical tech and he’s at do or he’s a diligent do, or he had to address for coaching and implements each and everything we teach him without any further. Do my interview with ethan, if you want it, if you would not sure about it, if you want a busy person. I think you need to look at yourself first and say it in my coachable and am I able to to think about things differently in and be willing to be open to that. But on a whole it’s been fantastic experience and i. Thank you guys for so much in the last year-and-a-half. We basically have withdrawn about 30% and I I believe about 35% of that make sense, I think your mindset has grown 200% and I’d like for you to share about this, because your mindset is an entirely different. You’ve always been very coachable. You’ve always been very diligent. You’ve always been very approachable. But how is your mindset different now than it was a year and a half ago you don’t chop. It turns out the mind is what the mind is fed is if you’re feeding your mind, negativity, you will reap negativity, negativity, you read, the negativity you only got to do is:go click on the podcast button, find us on itunes, subscribe to the podcast and leave us an objective review and I’d love to give you half off of a ticket for a next in person. Drive time show for chuck steak to broadcasting, live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs speed ring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner with the uss, be a entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping super bowl broadcast that was teaching business shields. The goal of the show is the help you score any time. Whatever client wins, we love to get him on his show and we have ethan with peak medical tech.Com. It spieth meadow, peak medical tech. Com. He is a client. He has a conference attendee. He is a guy, listen to the podcast on occasion and he has a friend and you go friend over time. If you know friendship over time, I mean by having the same values as somebody and by spending time with them and I can say without reservation. I recommend that you check out peak medical tech and probably a hundred percent of listeners.

You won’t be able to buy what he does, because he delivers lis solutions for major laboratories. Don’t worry about how coaching has changed his mind. That’s right! There’s a quote right behind you on the wall and it says that a friendship found it on business is better than a business founded on friendship. Mr. John d rockefeller very apt for interviewing a guy like ethan right. You build trust, you work together. You spent money and time and resources, and now it’s a true friendship. 19 years ago, 19 years ago, my wife was the front desk. Lady for doctors on the crew and last night went out for seafood. Any challenge me if you are not weak, you need to have this duck. Liver agua I would not recommend and then I finally blocked it out and I question why he would do that to me immediately went to the restroom, but we’ve been friends forever, and we, when we have those kind of challenges, it’s a lot of fun. We had a great meal was great, but it wasn’t your geography, it wasn’t your history, it was because we work together. I know he’s never screwed me and i, don’t screw him and that’s what the trucks was. Bill and you’re going to discover the true character real quickly and that’s why without reservation, I can recommend pink metal, medical technologies and he’s in a great friend and a great interview, and they further do my interview with ethan with peak medical tech, i, guess my mind says:change from a I’ll say this might my day is scheduled from from the minute I get here to the minute. I leave I approach, my business as a business, not as a a 15 hour work day so and you guys have really helped me on all that i, don’t think I would have gotten there if I had said that right on my own hours a week and you work hard, but man what time? What what time do you start? What time do you in now I start at 7 and at 4? That seems reasonable. No longer works 15-hour days and he’s making 35% more profit. Catch. How is it possible? How are you doing that? Well, i. Think it’s a matter of getting mad your time, if you’re not managing time, it’s going to get away from you and that’s one of the greatest things I’ve got from you guys, crazies, crazy talk! Now, okay, okay, got to plan of questions for you. Can you share what year was bragging about the peak medical team and if you decide to share this podcast with your team, I think it’s important. They get to hear you to talk about them. I mean you’re always bragging about your team and what what a great team they are and I feel like they’re, paying you to say that on our weekly best business podcasts coaching calls because you’re always bragging on your team. So it’s a weird job. Is that weird, when the employees are paying their boss to say great things about them to the coach and having a coach just want to ask you why you left work and work with your team so much? What do you like most about working with your team? What were they doing that so awesome walt number, one we’re family, so it’s so everybody is there for one another.

There’s employees over the years that bring a lot of drama to the table. They don’t last very long simply because it’s a it’s a non drama group and so I think that the people themselves are are fantastic. And can you got to have good people on your team? That’s number one! So I think when the if they’re good people and either that you could produce a good product and edwards there for one another it it just makes her really cool experience. So now you have a great team of people you’re creating time freedom. Are you there? Yet? No are you heading there? Yes, what’s your vision for the next five years in a dark, jersey, just smash you into the corner with a tough question:do you to be like katie couric interviewing a conservative republican? That’s how it’s going to be like shepard, smith interviewing a liberal here see this is going to be those tough got, your best business podcasts questions. You can ask ethan first I throw ethan the softball ethan. What is your vision for the next 5 years? First off, where do I continue to streamline all of our processes and I want to be able to train people faster as we as we bring on more business? That’s that’s one of our our our main kind of kind of goals that were in the next year. So we have a lot of different things that we do and I think because of the nature of what we do, it’s difficult to systematize, but that’s really what we’re working on we’re going to grow our business for the next 5 years. I would like to go by at least another 50% and then basically that’s what we’re looking to do? You get to ask a tough question to let shop one up as both by asking ethan the tough uncomfortable question, either prepared to talk about all your personal life and things you do I noticed kid. What is a tough question? You want to just do one that just attacked ethan weather. What was now that you got some more money coming in now that you have your time kind of sounds like a dirt I’m really going to bear down right.

So have you have you allowed yourself here lately or when was the last time you went on a vacation or you did something fun or you bought something fun. Did you choose? You said you know what it’s time to time to celebrate, just a little bit. Did you ride? You got any place or do anything fun yeah. You know. What’s funny, I got married about 2 years ago cuz we both of our schedules. She went to vegas for 3 days and so I know people and take a lot of vacations. But I was a big deal for us it time for you in my building into my day and and the the kind of the expression, the business so that were all able to do everything I think there’s going to be a lot more time for us to play here. Alright trap:nation, here’s the deal! If you want to find a company that works as hard as you do when it comes to expanding your office, building on your commercial building or just in a building a new building from the ground up expanding shopping center. Expanding your church check out, williams contracting chuck tell us about william country. That starts with a good foundation clay and it williams contracting. That’s what you’ll get you can find him at will. – khan.Com will – khan.Com, khan.Com and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio shows no change the mindset stock for an accident on the magic trick of the heat up food, giving it to you straight in the world in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts. Yes, yes, yes and yes, I have time show on your best business podcasts radio.

My name is clay clark, the father of five human kids get the mere thought of it. The profundity of that thought of me I am the father of five human kits. If you were the father of five non-human kids I would be concerned, we’ll chat about 40, something chickens. You got about space, family, finance, fitness, san, fran, chef life man and have to give a lot of an eps faith family minimum wage. We actually interviewed a real client doing something here in person we actually worked with for over a year off peak medical tech, the founder ethan allen. He shares his experience of going through the drive time, show business coaching program, interview with ethan lynn, peak medical tech, checkers best business podcasts website, so I’m, a liar checkers with website tsunami, charlotte check out his website. Graduations grover, proud of you, and you know what it’s it’s. It’s really fun and exciting to see somebody improve their life, come to us and say:hey listen help and we love to help. That’s what we’re here to do, and it’s always it’s not always received. Well, you know it’s not always acted upon and to find someone like yourself that has first of all send help and then listen and then acted on it I’m, just so so proud of you and so happy for you and keep up the good work and I’ll turn it over to buttercup right now, cuz he’s got the green beans. I, like i, said I wanted to go back to question before we were talking about your team, and you said you have a really awesome. Tina I wanted to know how long it took you to find that core of your sixth staff members and how many people you had to go through to get to that team that you have now. That’s so awesome, that’s actually a good question.,

greger question. So I think one person has been with me for about 8 years and then she so then 6 years, and then we’ve got one. That’s been his about about 1 year. So and I would say:we’ve gone through probably about a 10 other people, so I’ve got now I’ve been with you for a while and they’ve been with us. Obviously, for the ups and the downs in the changes-and things like that, that’s why I think that’s great about him. Is that they’re able to kind of role role at different things in the open for for for change and i. Think that’s one of many things that that you be looking for in employees is that they have to embrace the change coaching. So many clients I know that finding that team, that you can trust and that actually works with you and rose in the same direction to be so hard. So I’m super excited for you that you got that team and you’re just growing. That’s awesome here on the show, no teeth, missouri final question here he said:ask eathen about his body. It’s such a great body. Ask him about his body of work right. Should we appreciate you for tuning in heath, we appreciate you for being on the podcast today with us and eat them until I’m, not sure if you can do that, have the skype technology all right trap, nation I know we just had a boom, but yet we’re still here jump in 10 minutes and 50 seconds on this segment and aaron antis, one of our clients, the guy that runs on shaw homes. He said you got to meet this guy. The danimal. This guy’s, a great american and I thought to myself who in the world is dance again at mike over there I think you’re all backed up there. My friend, could you introduce yourself? That’s why I make no stress but there’s approximately 100000 people listening at any given time, so you just got to eat that microphone cuz. If you don’t talk right into the michael, app invites very sensitive. So can you introduce yourself to the tribe, nation daniel maisy I go to the united states military academy and I am a runner for their track and cross-country team on 10%. You barely on the team I like to think I’m doing that good. Are you winning on the varsity team? Yes, of course you’re there and you’re on varsity?

So what do you want to do with your with your life? What you want to do I mean right now. What do you want? What do you want to do exit took 10 years now? What you want to be doing? It would be awesome to be an engineer and if I had any talent or mental capacity, I would probably do that too. I just started something I want to ask you what questions do you have for me? Doctors and I we’ve been blessed to be water, businesses that are successful and I’d like to open it up. You can ask me anything, there’s nothing to tell about yesterday. Actually your enthusiasm and expression, you do things and accomplishments is very exciting to me and I just want to know how can I as an athlete in my future, endeavors no apply that more than my own life I have a goal that doesn’t end. So my goal is to mentor millions. So my goal is to be the world’s best father. My goal is to the world’s best husband, so it doesn’t end so because of that everyday, when we have a thriver the emails in a thank you card, I’m taking okay, that’s one! There’s like a lot of thank yous. We get mail. Thank you cards, but I’m like for not even like what percentage is 1 of a million again chapel you need is a husband. I’ve asked you so many dads that are honestly better fathers, better husband and I meet these guys. Are you such a good husband so setting a goal?

That’s big i, don’t compete with with the joneses or the guy next door. I can paint with the great’s I only compete with goats. I only want to compete with people that are great., so, I would say right now. You need to set those expectations like super super high, and then, when people ask you, when you run across the finish line owens curious about the training and preparation you did to get to the finish line, but when you cross the finish line will put a mic in your face. Will interview you and they’ll say why’d, you do it for me, I always point up the christ and I always say look I am a totally jacked of human and i. Wasn’t a christian 2007 I make a lot of bad choices. I never listened to my gut because my gut is satan and my butt but I just say, and in my wife’s great and I have people in and I’m just telling you when you point back to the source, when you put back to the source, then you can be an inspiration to people that that would be my my tips for you really deep. Like ice cream, you were mentioning earlier about your big to go. How can you go to ways you can engage that more effectively? Other people maybe pay best business podcasts attention. Remember your ideas of the thing is when you read or you’re studying on shuffle show you when we get off the show today how I highlight books and he’ll tell you show how I tabom, because I will fall asleep while reading I don’t retain things very well, but I have taught myself over the years to aggressively highlight and I write in the margins what it means to me real time on every page and when I get done with the book.

I promise. You wouldn’t want to borrow that book. Cuz. It’s on what to me and helps me and I it gets baked into my head. I got the rock brain. I got an auger down into my best business podcasts cranium for stuff to get stuck now to get things stuck in. Your head is just to say it over and over and over and over hypothetical you drive a ford automobile and your automobile need some repairs. You need auto specialist, auto, specialist, yucca, appetizer research shows you have to say the same thing like 45 times for to get stuck in some rc auto specialists. Com auto, specialist, rc, auto, specialists, auto specialist at rc. Auto specialists


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