Moving Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs | Waging War on the Poverty Mindset (Part 4)

Show Notes

Clay Clark and Aaron Antis (a man who has personally sold over $800 million of real estate throughout his lifetime) team up to teach how to move beyond your self-perceived limits.

  1. Set aside the self-limiting beliefs holding you back. –
  2. Get a mentor –


MYSTIC STATISTIC – Nine out of ten startups will fail. This is a hard and bleak truth, but one that you’d do well to meditate on. Entrepreneurs may even want to write their failure post-mortem before they launch their business.


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Before I knew how to build business systems that were not

dependent upon on me. I used to pride myself on working at

each and every tradeshow that our team went to. My wallet

was happy, but my wife was not. Now I know that you can

truly have both time and financial freedom. You can build a

business model that is capable of working without you.”

– Clay Clark (3-Time Algebra-taker and the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year)

  1. Eliminate “bad luck” from your vocabulary. –

Know your main purpose. –

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Audio Transcription

Do you need help growing your business? Take the business coach help challenge. That’s right time. Business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at drivetime show.Com, all right there I bet you welcome back to the conversation, we’re talking about waging war on the poverty mindset and specifically how to set aside these limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You are yourself to be held back by this. Limiting beliefs know you do not allow yourself to be held back. You got to set aside these limiting beliefs, voice of joy. We have another notable quotable from page 23 of amazon best-selling book start here which all the listeners can download for free at the halftime show. What. Is it my friend, but it’s termination and commitment to unrelenting pursuit of your goal, a commitment to business coach help excellence that will enable you to attain the success you seek. This is mario andretti, the retired italian-american world champion racing driver. Talking to you, i, don’t care what successful person to talk to i? Don’t care who you talk to they’re all going to tell you. You’ve got to find a mentor now to make sure we can we get what the word mentor mean so we’re on the same page or the word mentorship implies an ongoing sustainable relationship. This is not you paying 18 grand at some seminar for some wizard to show you the path to success, an hour of power.

This is not you paying some wise consulting to come to your office for a week for a long time in a team in the show home smokes and it’s like when you’re executing a strategy, do we not have implementation questions absolutely I just got together and had a strategic planning session once a year. That’s not mentorship! It’s the sustainability. I want to get aaron and genesis take on what your mentorship looked like as you had that did the founder of the sound of one of the partners, i, guess of toll brothers home building companies in the world for actually be top home building company in the world, one toll, brothers mentoring. You i, wanted to share the entire segment. What that relationship look like did you guys meet? What kind of stuff did you go over? That’s it, that’s it. What does mentorship look like what really what was awesome about it is this man actually lived 5 doors down from the business coach help house that I grew up in so I got the awesome opportunity to go down to his home as he started a new business after he left toll, brothers and I just basically camped out at his house until the point at which I started noticing, like as he was putting his pajamas on that he was kind of like getting a little uncomfortable with me being in his bedroom with him and his wife time to be there in the morning, but I always showed up earlier. Just in case I got a little bit of extra time with him, because I found it so valuable. The other thing I did was. Whenever we talkin, you recognize moments of him. Dropping wisdom and I was always taking notes. I tried to make sure I always had something to write on with me, so that when I heard him say something that I felt like was profound, I was taking notes of it and so I it was awesome. I got to be around him when he was going to go to an appointment, I used to ask him, can I just come, I promise to be silent. I just want to watch you and provide business coach help, and what you do in this appointment funny is that people who are not successful would want to know how much he’s going to pay them.

They be like wow how much my getting paid to shadow you I could have died and care at all. I wasn’t even talking about what I was going to get paid. In fact, I felt like i, was having the opportunity to literally get a phd in real estate and I wasn’t having having to pay for it. You know sauce with clifton taulbert he’s the guy who mentored me he’s got an african-american or the first african americans west of the mississippi sippy to open a bank. He introduced the stairmaster to the world as the marketing guy behind the stairmaster i. Remember this one time I go to his office. Cuz I want to see out of it and we go there and I show up at his office there off of lewis. It was like where I 44, meats and lewis in tulsa and I show up, and he looks at me and he says we’re doing those earrings and I said well we’re in my ear. You know we’re going to southern hills never actually been to a country club. So we go in the hoppers mercedes I have never been in a mercedes, never been in a mercedes and I go there to the place where the guy at southern hills, who offered to take your coat, never had that happen, wasn’t sure what he wanted. Why does he want my bro go to the bathroom? Is a guy trying to wash my hands, give me mints and stuff and I’m like I hate tipping you? Where did we sit down to eat and start from use the outside fork and I’m going what multiple forks I’m confused anyway? We work through this process and I said to clifton what was like your secret to success of the stairmaster every single day, I committed myself to making a hundred calls a day and every weekend going to business coach help trade show while I worked at the bank all my vacation days, all my time off, I would go to the trade shows to pitch the stairmaster. How many weeks did you do that, because three years before I finally got my first order from a person is in the military and I said so? Was it a huge or he doesn’t ordered one and I said well? How did you ship it? You know what you and your team do this it will.

My team, which is me i, put in the truck and I drove to annapolis, which is in maryland from tulsa oklahoma to personally deliver it to the guy flies back from this trade show to an apple to clifton, with the eagles I put in my truck and drove sir, and he says really because what I want to make sure the delivery was perfect picture of any questions. I want to be here to shay. Have the stairmaster work cuz? It was a foreign concept to me that people would want to walk on a staircase that leads to nowhere for healthy, and so he showed up that was willing to do whatever it takes a long story. Short. The guy placed an order for millions of units. Clifton taulbert then became a best-selling author. His life was made into a movie called once upon a time when we were colored so I get back to his office and I noticed that his office. He has all the awards he’s been given on display and I’m like. Why are these on display they’re? Not for me, it’s for other people to see so in the lobby. Walk in that lobby. They can see what my career, because it a tapestry of how I got here and click. If I could melt all these trophies down and or just in melted, they were gold, trophies I can melt them down and get cash. That would be a lot of cash for a lot of times, honorarium, which is a being asked to speak for the author of the guess and you don’t get paid, but to those business coach help trophies put them out, and so today my lobby at put out trophies I’ve gotten true awards. Because I’m a genius, but because I was able to learn from a mentor. So we don’t have a mint or I would encourage you to take the challenge and book your tickets for next in person drive time show workshop a perceived ceiling has a perceived roof on their successful. You can. You can burst right through that in the elements have caused your roof to know you don’t like hail damage, may birth right through the other way into your house. It rains come down and the floods go off the rails come down and say what up? What I want to call him at 918-747-7141? Again, that’s 918-747-7141 or go to messick roofing.Com, it’s messick, roofing.Com 1962.

What were you doing? I was negative. Like 30 years old free birth, karasick roofing was founded, oklahoma company give him a call, tell him clay and doctors. He said you what’s that website, one more time:roofing messick, roofing.Com I’m, going to go that way:attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your business coach help contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, all right through our nation will get back to the conversation. Is the drive time show on your radio and we’re waging war on the poverty mindset, and there might be somebody out there who has financial freedom, but you don’t have time for them. So you are a slave to your own. Business am I say you might be. Let me just give you some hard statistics for you. According to forbes forbes magazine 9 out of 10 business owners that started as mine at night, 10 startups fail. So we had a colosseum filled with a thousand people. 900 of my stand up right now, if you ever start a business with a thousand business owner standing up, I said here’s the deal. If you have failed, please sit down that be 9 out of 10 pain. If I said now off the of the one out of 10, if we have, if we have a hundred people, still standing those of you that have any kind of timeframe about like if you work less then 60 hours a week, please stand.

We would now be down to about 50 people out of a thousand. Now, if I said, if you work less than 60 hours a week and you’re saving money actually getting ahead, please remain standing. We will be down to about 10 out of those a thousand. You know why it’s because of these limiting these self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and so, if you will turn with me through 25 of the start here, booked an amazon best-selling book that I give away the eat the e-book version of it for free. It’s. My book start here. You can get the book for free I took out there today he’s actually a loyal listener in las vegas nevada, a top attorney. He said dude this book is the best business book. I’ve ever read I’m telling you this book right here, it’s hot sauce. It took me over a decade to write the book. How to read you a notable quotable from the book. Just me writing to you before. I knew how to build business coach help systems that were not dependent upon me. I used to pride myself on working each and every trade show that our team went to my wallet was was was happy, but my wife was not now I know that you can truly have both time and financial freedom. You can build a business model that is capable of working without you and search up people that sick I have to do everything myself, but i. Think about who is oklahoma’s largest home builder was one of the largest home builders in oklahoma and i. Think of what was jabba, the hutt build houses, big big cities, a big easy, losing a whole house of himself is one of the largest home builders in oklahoma in the guy that handles all of their marketing is here with us on the show today, aaron antissa sold over 800 million dollars of real estate throughout his life.

So how is it possible that you and your brother who’s the ceo of the company? How are you able to build more homes than any other builder out there, but yet you’re not actually ever swinging a hammer how it that would be the answer of business systems? Yes, if I had to go swing the hammer and install the tile and do all of those things I could never. We could never be as successful as we are. So the the key thing is, you know you get a bus full of people and you get each person in the bus in the right seat, doing the right thing and you got a guy, that’s driving the bus, and then you got another person say this. I have bad luck, I find a good people. I’ve had a very hard time. I gave a bad bad luck. Finding good people, no no i, wouldn’t say that hard work always trumps. Bad luck, I would even say that I was on facebook and so I’m trying to get more focus 50 you focus now and I just want to make sure you said you would stay in the us I was I was talking about bad luck, I asked you a question and you would respond and I’m mediately / attention to facebook. It’s a cathartic thing. I do about 85 times a day. According to the tooth icollege e, today I buy 85 times a day, I’m interrupted by my smartphone, with most actually turned out. Making me duh, but I just want to ask you the same question again. Please something bad luck for somebody who isn’t a hard worker. Bad luck turns into a brick wall when all it has to be is a small speed bump. So when you come up against a fire in your business, it’s like. Oh, my gosh I got to put this fire out today, instead of just getting focused in on this, the mental aspect of it and and just stressing yourself out.

Instead, we go after installing a system or a process so that fire never comes back again. It’s like a fire i. Think of like hot and timmy hotis is awesome. I said hi matt hot and it’s like hot to the touch and I think to myself like hot tub. Who are we really and are we aligned the file mine set mines, number 16 that you must embrace if you are going to wage war on poverty going to become an enemy of average, if you’re going to move beyond just surviving if you’re going to start driving, you got to know your main purpose. I’m going to share with the list, as my main purpose and I want. Erin andrews was shaw homes to ship to share his. My main purpose is to mentor millions of diligent doors of diligent doors. I am not trying to convince knuckleheads that I am right. I just went to the scoreboard. Look at the company’s you know, I’m, all about like I’m, not going to debate with you. People like I just think that you’re a terrible person because you’re saying that 75% of employees are stealing from the workplace, i, don’t say just google search, cbs, news, us chamber and i-don’t want to just cuz you’re right though, but it’s just a terrible mindset to have a cousin on the bad part. 85% of people you know, are lying on their resumes, I just cuz you’re naked. It might industries different. It’s amazing how the business coach help teacher appears when the student is ready, so I know that there’s are certain randomness, that people search the radio when they find the show that they begin to download. That’s what I was looking right, and so, if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for I’m here for you, but if you’re somebody is like I just want to listen to argue, I decided, I’m going to call in and send a hateful emails. It’s cool man, just you know, go to a different station, go to a different show. It’s awesome!

Are you discouraging us from listening to our show the proactive and so diligent doors realize that right now, interest rates are, as are at historically low level. They realize that you know what what I’m paying in rent right now. It just say that you’re paying a reasonable a reasonable example you’re paying $1,100 a month of rent $1,200 a month of rent, and let’s say that’s what you’re spending right now 11 to 12 hours a month of rent, aaron, antis shaw homes could I buy a new shaw home potential right now you could get a brand new, 3 or 4 bedroom home, but yes, on your own piece of land with your own garage, you can park in on like an apartment, and on top of that, every single thing in it is new and under warranty, which they actually it’s not home. So we have the best home builder warranty in tulsa, you get a 10-year structural warranty, a two-year mechanicals warranty, and only one year business coach help everything you guys are giving away. I think right now it’s at $15,000 and upgrades. If it is that still a deal still going on. Yes, we currently actually it’s. We have $10,000 in free, upgrade it, and then, on top of that, we have 14 upgrades that are most popular upgrades that you can purchase for just $1 in our office. We have worked with multiple home builders over the years and every single time we’ve done it I’ve had to say I would not buy a house when that person I’ve had to walk away. Cuz marketing is a magnifier. Being serious. Marketing is a magnifier to eat you just it’s competition for people’s attention, but I can’t market something i, don’t believe in so is a coach I just had to say:i have to part ways with you, my right-hand man, my number to john kelly, jonathan kelly.

He has seen the process over and over and over, and so he and his wife stephanie decided to buy a new home. Where do they go to homes.Com,? Yet if you’re thinking about buying a new home, what’s the first step non-committal? What’s the first step, all the winners kentucky? Actually we start with information. Cuz I find that the best way for somebody to make a good decision, especially when it’s such a big decision, is just to gather information. So we do a model home tour every saturday morning at 9, sunday at 6 and monday at 6. Where you just come. There’s no pricing, no pressure. All it is, is a tour of some beautifully decorated, model homes cuz, who doesn’t love to see that check it out right now at shaw homes.Com. If you throw out the form you schedule, a consultation imma give you a free copy of my book, thrive sibley for going to shaw, homes.Com and scheduling your free consultation I’m going to drivetime.Com. We have for tools to help you. We have one-on-one business coaching in person, workshops with thousands of videos. You can access a library there and we have the podcast. We got tons of podcasts available for you at drivetime show.Com and it was any further adue 3 2 is the bronco show on the radio about youtube all about you. That would bring the boom


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