Nailing and Then Scaling a Successful Roofing and Home Improvement Business

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If you already have a successful business but need to learn how to scale it and remove yourself from the day to day aspect then this Thrivetime Show podcast is for you. Clay Clark is teaching the steps to create systems so that you can achieve time freedom.


  1. Get Copy of the BOOM Book – Free copy of the ebook –
  1. Book Your Attendance at Our Next In Person Workshop
    1. Book attendance to workshop –
  1. Create / Optimize Google Map
    1. Name
    2. Photos
    3. 100 reviews as soon as possible
    4. How to get reviews
  1. Optimize Your Website
    1. Canonical compliance
      1. Keyword focus: Louisville Roofing
      2. Create wordpress-based website with the following optimized variables
      3. Title Tag – Louisville Roofing | Allen Home Improvement and Roofing
      4. Description – Find the best and highest rated Louisville roofing specialists today at Allen Home Improvement. Give us a call to schedule your free quote today at (502) 447-6572.
      5. Add HTTPS to website
      6. Create optimized HTML sitemap
      7. Create optimize .xml sitemap
      8. Create the 300 pages of content
    1. Most content
      1. – 8 pages
      2. – 9 pages
      3. – 111 pages
      4. Allen Home Improvement – 300 pages of content – 1,000 words of content
        1. $12 per article (after 24 per month)
    1. Most reviews (Get 100 reviews as soon as possible)
      1. Allen Home Improvement – Gather 1,000 reviews (get 1 per day)
    1. Most mobile compliance
      1. Allen Home Improvement – Create mobile compliant website
  • Create Compelling No-Brainer Offer
    1. OFFER: We’ll Beat Any Competitor’s Price by 10%
    2. DESCRIPTION: Roof with the best. The highest and most reviewed roofing company in Louisville, Kentucky.

Segment 2

FUN FACT: MYSTIC STATISTIC – National GDP Growth Rate – 4th quarter 2017: 2.9 percent

  • Create About Us Video
    1. What is your name and where are you from?
    2. How did you first get started with Allen Home Improvement?
    3. What is the no-brainer offer that you are offering?
    4. Why are you passionate about your customers?
    5. How can your company help your customers?
    6. What services do you offer?
    7. What is the no-brainer offer that you are offering?
    8. If I’m watching this video right now what do you want for me to do?

Segment 3 & 4

  • Multi-Legged Marketing Stool
    1. Google Adwords with No-Brainer Offer (Don’t do this until 100 reviews)
      1. Pay Per Click
    2. Gather the Most Reviews (1 Per Day)
    3. Retargeting Ads
      1. BOOK – The Retargeting Playbook: How to Turn Web-Window Shoppers into Customers
    4. Advertisement
      1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – YouTube Stats: Site Has 1 Billion Active Users Each Month. March 21 (Reuters) – Google Inc’s YouTube said 1 billion unique users were now visiting the video-sharing website every month, or nearly one out of every two people on the Internet.
    5. Allen Home Improvement – On-Going Search Engine Optimization
      1. Rules of Thumb:
        1. Add 1,000 words of unique content per month
        2. Add HTML content per month
        3. Weave in your keyword 5 times per 1,000 words
        4. Correct metadata (title, description, keyword)

Segment 5

  • Create Inbound Call Scripts
  • Install Call Recording
    2. Mobile Phone
      1. Tape-a-call – iPhone
      2. Call Recorder – Android
  • Create Weekly Job Posts
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate
    2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.

Segment 6

  • Post On Craigslist / Indeed Every Week
    1. What if I am already fully staffed?
    2. What if I can’t afford to hire somebody right now?
    3. What if I’m too busy?

Segment 7

  • Install Group Interview Process
    1. Must have fertile soil to plant your new hires
    2. Give them the sunshine and water they need
    3. You must pull the weeds (fire bad people)
    4. At Harvest time share the fruits with the employee (Promotion, bonus, raise in pay, etc).

Segment 8

  • Install Shadowing Process

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Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the business conferences universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot, as hell ppp, the cnib, the sea that was teaching piston seal trucks like to know more welcome back to the next time show on your radio. My name is clyde clark and the former ussba entrepreneur of the year, and today we are helping to build a path, the proven path for growing, a multimillion-dollar roofing company and then on the second hour of the show, we’re going to be really diving in deeply into the details related to building a path for a business owner out there. That does cabinets, cabinetry work, but all the principles were teaching today can be applied to pretty much every listener out there, because every business conferences is more similar than it is different. True, every business is much more similar than it is different than one kind of business. You can really begin growing, any kind of it. So it’s kind of tea of this scenario. Here so we have a company called louisville, kentucky and I won’t mention a specific name of the business conferences company. I want to make sure we keep it private between the person, emailing us for the question and they leave the show itself. I want to try, never divulge the company’s name, but a guy by the name of greg who’s in louisville kentucky has a roofing company in truck. There is a travesty that is occurring right now by travis you doing the research for today show no to me what the travesty inside like to know. What this travesty is my man in ruleville, mr. Greg yep. He has a business, that’s been around and was talking to me on the phone I said:hey how many clients have you worked with in the past?

That would be happy to share with you. Don’t share the experience. How many people have you worked in the past could be happy to share their business conferences experience and say you know:how happy were you with greg and his roofing company? How many people do you think would have a positive thing to say yeah. He says a man over 2,000, so I’m looking online and search for louisville, roofing, cuz I’m going to do a search here for louisville. U l o? U is v. I l, l e roofing roofing in my do a search for local roofing I find that one of his competitors comes up top in the first top three of the google search results with only 17 reviews. That’s too I can see it and I noticed that the company that comes up top itself in the google search results only had 9 pages of content to it. This means 880 even better see what this means is that our main man is actually really really good at his job, but nobody believes him and nobody’s going to find him unless he gets to the top of the google search engine. Why? Why is it that, if somebody has been around for years, they have over 200 happy clients, they worked with and i, but if they don’t have the most reviews and they had the most content, why is it like? They almost don’t exist? Well, because everybody’s looking online to find everything, surgeons plastics are at everything right, roofing included, and so if business conferences people are looking on rent online for louisville roofers roofers in louisville, whatever this keyword that that the potential buyer is searching-and you don’t show up anywhere-they are just flat not going to know who you are, but I have found, sadly enough, but very common commonly. Is that most people believe in their industry that consumers are not taking to google searches before they caught? That is so true, and it’s never true that that’s the case. Y’all homes show homes is now selling over $1000000 of homes per day.

That’s so cursed as a result of google search engine results, phone doctors, if you google, search, tulsa iphone repair another one of our clients is top in google. Absolutely blowing up growing dramatically. Full package media in dallas texas is doing great and there’s a real estate photography company that one, it’s blowing my float tank business is the company is called h2oasis, float center and tea house here in tulsa oklahoma and if they have and what they have are these float tanks and what it is. It’s a pool that has a 700 lb of epsom salt in water, that’s heated to the same temperature of your skin and you float up out of it in the dark, and so there is zero sensation. Zero input coming into your brain from your surrounding environment and people find it relaxing meditative a place where they can really shut everything else down and focus on what they’re trying to accomplish in their lives, and so we’ve gotten her to the top of google. How many leads is she getting now he’s getting 20 to 30 leves a week. Tell me what she getting before zero online leaves before i. Think about that leads before we turn the business conferences ads on how much you spent in the last couple weeks, irrigation company, we worked with that all said. He should be overwhelmed with blades. Yes, a huge amount of numbers, but I think victoria is working with business conferences passengers morning. I feel like I know that, speaking of you know what industries, if you think it might not be your industry, we here, like these professional industries beer I talk about it, so you know tomorrow and hand surgeons, and then you said, I did that’s a children’s dentistry, yes google. What is over and they’re getting deals from google west carter over there told me the other day and one of our meetings, hey, you know you were right.

I had two headed to tell you guys. This I was sitting across from a few business owners that are starting a new venture and said was hey how’d you hear about it. We got decades of experience, doctorate degrees, all the stuff. In the guy said, you got nothing, really good google review, so we thought we could go on and on and on I mean i. Think I want to go on and on about the body central in tucson arizona sound. Does a t-shirt, kristen jesus anybody out there. If you have a business and you’re trying to get more business conferences leads. Please implement the systems that were teaching you and our coaches will help you directly one-on-one implement the systems until it’s down to greg. This download the boom book for the boom book for free. The boom book is an action plan in book form. It is like a playbook if you will. The start here book is where all the nitty-gritty details, 550 pages of details, to be exact and the systems in the action to playbook is the boom books. You got to get ahold of this thing. It’s going to teach you everything you need to know to get these systems in place book number to check. What’s the number to book your attendance at our next in-person workshop, nothing so I think the boom book is the curriculum for the workshop, like i, said nothing extra included the action plan for the 2-day 15 hour business conferences.

So we’re literally going to sit there with you and show you how to write a script and show you the best practice for hiring and how to train an even want to do when you need to fire somebody or start some duplicate yourself in the business. The workshop is where we actually show you guys in person how to do it and the one of the best parts about the workshop is the interactive format. We keep it to a captain number of 80 to 85 gas. Would you say clay, and that way it was out of control by 275 gas was awesome, but I’m not going to be as hard to answer. We think we answered all the business conferences questions. Yes, but it was very hard to get to everybody and running the brakes and go to a 45-minute training, sprint and there’s a 15 minute break. That’s right things that we hear over and over and over again is the fact that it’s not some 10,000 person, upsell festival, but you’re. Actually taking the time to answer, are real business questions to meijer your google map, your google. My business listing will help you do this, but you have to get a hundred reviews as soon as possible. Hundreds of happy clients will a it’s going to the fastest thing you can do to get to the top of the search engine. Results is get google reviews that you are a hundred percent in control of this all of the other variables your coach can help. You are thrive time show team will help you build. Your website will go over that in a little bit, but you got to get to a hundred of us, because at that point the law of credibility is just over a hundred people.

We just looked competition there around, like 22177 google search. Travesty is absolutely a truck, says:it’s upsetting that you’re, not already,, google remodel me up. 17 reviews come on man, you got hundreds of happy customers, you’ve got to beat them in the google search engine results number for. If you’ve got to create a franchise agreement, you got to create a website that is compliant with google now. This is a big thing. I want to point out there a lot of business owners that reach out to us. They have business conferences franchise words not possible for them to optimize their website because they have a franchise agreement in place. We had many people reach out to his recently have said:hey. Could you optimize my website and we said we can’t, because you have a franchise which prohibits us from being able to update your website for youth group, but for those of you who have the autonomy and the ability to update your website, I’d highly recommend that you would switch over to a I highly recommend you tell you have to. Must you have to update your website to a wordpress based website as soon as possible, and you have to get the most content on your website as possible.

There’s a lot of details into that at the tall outlined in the boom book, which every listener can download for free servicing right now and i. Don’t know what it means to be canonical compliance, good good company cuz. Nobody really knows that. We first started working with him and you can download it right now at thrive time show.Com. So you want to go and get your website updated. The competition I did research on the top three people in your market as it relates to content production, and it looks like the number one competitor in your market has just under 100 pages of content and I would recommend that you as soon as possible, create 300 pages of content content than your competition. That just shows how much more business conferences dominant you are in that field. They’re looking for the biggest book in a library right, that’s what google is looking for and then once your competition, your field, like the main character from braveheart. Nothing and other reason, is that once your competition find out they’re going to be wondering how you’re taking over them, how you top of them on the google results, and so when they find out you just they want to be tomorrow, you want to demoralize them. Yes, you want to get more reviews and much more content than your competition.

I move number 5! You want to create a no-brainer. What’s a no-brainer is an offer for your product or service. That is so good. Your brain just shuts off and you have to take advantage of it. A good example would be h2oasis float center. We were talking about it’s about 85 to $90, for your first float and a t so we’re offering at first-time floaters at the $45 special toriel service of choice for a google or a new start for dupont for dr. Zoellner. For the thrive time, show.Com offices total in a conversation and cons forget the classic clean. Comprobar listeners out there. Looking for a great high quality, janitorial service, janitorial services charge you more to do a deep, clean on your high traffic flooring up to $1,000 a month, they’re going to include this service for free with all of their new customers. Okay, just tell him that the drive time should have sent you going to get $1,000 value included in your service, get ahold of them at v, classic clean.Com, v, classic clean.Com, or call him at +91-867-120-4691. 867-120-4661. Com give him a call. Checking out today tell missy and clay sent you attend the world’s best business conferences, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing. His group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, all right, right, patient and specifically a gentleman by the name of greg out there in louisville kentucky. We appreciate you for tuning in and we want to help. You grow a successful company. Now one of the questions we get asked all the time from drivers out. There is hey. How do I grow my business quickly, I mean get rich, quick minds about how do I grow my company faster than average. Now, according to the research that out there today, the entire united states economy is growing at a rate, that’s less than 3%.

So 2.9% is the gross domestic product. Growth right now will put that on the show. Not so you can see the average growth of the average american company, but a lot of our listeners have reached out to friends and family at work to order it or two clients they reached out to companies like phone, doctors or companies like a full package media companies like shaw homes in the last a question:how much are you guys actually growing when you work with the thrive time? Show program for awhile:how much are you actually grow in your don’t reach out 2 morrow and lai pediatric dentistry ortho reach out to patrick and lie I orthodontics so which of these companies because they know the business is the doctors and I have our cells are growing with the reach out to these other brands and I’ll say gosh? How much are you guys actually growing and when they reach out to them, they always end up calling is going? Oh, my gosh. Did you know that the guy full package said he went from a start up to a hundred and $10,000 a month? Did you know that one of your clients at their grow by 45% of year I mean the growth that our clients have a simply outstanding in comparison to the national growth rate? You a proven path to get where you want to go. That is next. This next move that you have to use to grow is you must keep create a no-brainer business conferences offer that is so good that your competitors simply cannot win and that buyers ideal likely buyers simply cannot resist filling out your forms, picking up the phone, or at least taking some kind of call to action when they interact with the advertising for the first time and allen, home, improvement and roofing, and the ddd description text that goes with the offer, as well as the cold action.

Okay, so will beat any competitor’s price by 10% roof with the best the highest and most reviewed reviewed roofing company in louisville kentucky, and the call to action is called to get your free quote today. So, let’s break it down the offer price by 10% offer for anybody out there who can truly offer and honor that kind of a deal because I want. It shows your client that you’re willing to meet them you’re trying to go see want to make a win-win right. That’s the whole. One of the main rules is have a win-win with every relationship and then also everybody shopping for price like who’s not going to want to hear what you have to say, if you’re saying I’ll, be there, anybody by 10%, if that’s the no-brainer okay, will give me a ride. Let’s see what we can do now. The description goes underneath the offer talk to me about this description description, one more time and break it, break down the power of the best, the highest and most reviewed roofing company in louisville, kentucky, instant credibility, man, they’re, going to google search you and they’re going to see it and they’re going to see why all of these people are doing business and continue to do business and I get all these good reviews might as well give him a shot. That’s why I was in the top 10 of itunes right now, where last time you checked making right now in the itunes business conferences charts there I know we’re not number one right now, I think I’ll we have, they were losing to harvard right now they were behind harvard i. Think we’re behind I want to say tim ferriss right now, I was over behind dave ramsey’s net top 10 of the itunes charts and I’d love to get an idea where we’re at right there, where we’re at right now for the listener up here, and then we will come right back to that.

Okay, I would say is that, because you can type in thrive time, show reviews and find close to 500 google reviews from happy people like you and over 1500 reviews and total when you count in the youtube advertisements, and you count in the on youtube we advertise a lot right. But then people will find us online to attend our workshop until we have youtube reviews up there and when you can are youtube reviews with wells other up with her itunes reviews and our business coach reviews on our google map, and we have over 1500 reviews right now and so that helps people have faith in the program and faith in themselves that it’s a good investment of their time to attend. Our in-person workshops in those ideas are absolutely powerful. According to 88% of people now trust online reviews, if you’re listening right now, I would encourage you not to believe what I’m saying into google search what percentage of people read reviews and then the word for 88% of people today read those reviews. It’s absolutely powerful, a call to action on the sunnis no-brainer business conferences offer with this thing right. This is just something that needs to tell them. What to do. It says call to get your free quote today and that’s what you want to do. If you want to go that roofing company, that’s how you do it! This is the system. This is how it works and I promise you that if you commit these moves, it will absolutely work for you and will change your life for the better. Why do we have to create an about us video? The about us video is to show people who you guys are okay, it’s to show him that if your you know competing against the walmart to the faceless corporations, you trust your service or your product enough to put your name and your face actually on it. So it’s a good way to act. To get people to know, convey your message, your heart, what you guys are doing with your business. Why you’re in business in the first place that we would like to ask you when we’re shooting your test when I was hoping, we shoot your video, we should have been there with you. We should have testimonial video with you for your own company or we shouldn’t about us video for your own business conferences company. We should any kind of video for your own company.

Most people struggle on video when they’re not asked questions right. When you’re asked questions, we can edit your answers into a cohesive statement that makes sense you have to memorize a script like a lot of people. Take her to have to memorize lines. You don’t have to do that. So, let’s go and read the questions we be asking I mr. Greg the interview him for his a video, but don’t share the name of his company. So you’ll say what is your name and where you from kyle little tip. Whenever you answer these questions, you don’t want to just say we’ll just say:thomas from alaska. Okay, you got to say hey, my name is greg. I’m with such and such home improvement center, edit, that you know these business conferences questions are going to be in the video. So you want to make sure I’m going to restate that question. So what is your name and where you from the next question is how did you first get started with blank company raider offer that you’re offering the next one is. Why are you passionate about your customers? The next is:how can your company help your customers? How can your company help your customers? The next is. What services do you offer? The next question is:what’s a no-brainer offer the dropping again right and if I’m watching this video right now, what do you want for me to do and we ended up the video.

We ended up all the answers to your questions. You will make a compelling video that will produce more online leads for you, a client with coach of the car that you actually coach, directly whip. That’s true, imaging or just a great guys are great coaching clients, they’re great sponsors, and what they do is they actually will drop off your office supplies and printer supplies at a deeply discounted rate. So you can save time and money don’t have to go to office depot. To pick up your office supplies, you can save time and money check. What’s your website? What’s your phone number, what’s a no-brainer onyx imaging.Com onyx onyx imaging.Com 918-627-6611 your one-stop-shop for business eat when heat. When your printer goes down the teams that surround you got to get ahold of these guys, they will come out and fix. Your printer, though, bring you a loaner there. Tulsa manufactured ink cartridges are 60 to 70% cheaper with a lifetime. Warranty get ahold of you guys, I’m telling you it’ll be the best choice. You’ve made in a long time attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business conferences coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. We were talking about it before the break. We were really want to play as a lot of listeners out there. This is exciting. Give me the this podcast that I’m listening to right now is now in the top 10 of all business podcast in the world. I said:hey, hey, hey! This is this is good, but we need to check right now to make sure we’re still in the top 10 or to see we’re actually running right now, so jump on right now in the itunes charts for the section of business is planet.

Money number 3 is that dave ramsey, show world or I probably will do one more 6 number sex number 6 chop. You know every year when I watch the nba playoffs when I watch the nfl nfl season, always remember the people that get 6th right like last year, the nfl nfl best records of 2018 I think we all know who finish 6 right. It’s kind of common knowledge right right, I mean think about you, but I mean I’d rather years, I would know like 2017 major, league baseball. What team finished with the six best record of houston astros? Are you serious? I could have been all right now focus on your starting lineup, the sixth man of the year goes to so again. Are we appreciate you for helping us get in here up a business in louisville kentucky, where he does home remodeling and roofing walking in through the proven patrick. We talked about this video move. Number 7 chef he’s got to do these moves to make his phone when he’s as a marketing, so he’s got to create a multi lagged marketing still. Why does he have to create a multi-level marketing still not just a one-legged marketing to a three-legged marketing to a minimum? If you got a uni lagged marketing stool? What does that mean? Like 1 legs only have one avenue for people to become a lead or two, you know present themselves as an ideal and likely you’re not that leg out your whole business conferences will come crashing down.

So you got to have three legs to this marketing stool. You knock out by. They got the way I’m going to come over. I’ll come at you like a tornado teeth and fingernails i, don’t know what that is, but I did appreciate that I want that to happen. One of those legs gets knocked out from under you’ve got to the balance on. While you rebuild another third legs that make sense. Yes, okay, so here we go legs of mark recommend hear from mr. Greg and louisville kentucky number one is adwords google adwords with a no-brainer. Okay, that we talk literally have to come up with that with your coach will help you find a no-brainer, but the google adwords are the ads that come up at the very top of the google search result above the map in minecraft, open google. You can but little fire here. It’s got a little signifier I guess it says the word add next to it at the very very top, and your coach will help you figure out what it costs per click to be top of the google search engine ranks for edwards mountain I’ll chop tree with edwards. Nobody really trust adwords until you have how many reviews 40 minimum, but you got to get to a hundred. Why? Because he’s going to trust you you’re clicking at just an ad like business conferences people, know that it’s up there, but the whole goal is to get in front of them before you organically, ranking right, so that the one they click on you and they do their research on you. They see a bunch of testimonial videos, they see google reviews. They see. All of these things showing at that you are a credible business, is into the first point, but you have to get one google review everyday truck to get one review every day you got to commit to it, it’s sustainable! You can actually do it. So it’s something that you can obtain and also google wants to see that consistency.

So they don’t want to see you go, get a hundred reviews in 5 days and then not get any for 6 more months. That’s not going to help you out as far as google that looks scammy to google, if that, if that makes sense, so you want to commit to one a day and then after a year, you’re going to have hundreds of reviews, hundreds of reviews did the reviews. After you get out there I’m going to one-up you, so you can name a client and I’ll one-up. You do it. So you go for all right. Luke owen’s at the hub gym, just celebrated 200, google reviews. If you google, search, broken, arrow, gyms guess who comes up to g y m s, not j. I m s, not not engine luke, the truth. He sent us an unbelievable business conferences message. The other day he said the first time in years. In a decade he was able to enjoy a day off or what on the business, not in the business luke freak, it owens big, shout out to you but I would have went up. You look I’ll, give you the mlk dentistry morrow and lai l a I r, o y and kitterman street view google tulsa pediatric dentistry. These homies have over 300 reviews, eric chapter topping google for the word tulsa pediatric, dentistry hoasis has over a hundred seventy-five reviews now I believe I’ll make it up and check. I can’t do that, 300 and whatever you said tomorrow night. That’s awesome, but they are completely dominating the entire industry, about 20 to 30 leave the week client 11 locations. What do you have, iphone repairs? That is not bore reviews on that, but it’s if it’s a good story, intern of ours, john tom night shout out to john, tom and his partner is buddy-have started a real estate, photography company in chicago, big city, big market. They are top in chicago organic search results and the map listing of companies all in that’s a great story because he wants to become a comedian in the business just fuels at exactly. Is it to be able to get in their business conferences vehicle to get them? They’re not sure we have one of our listeners out there, who is doesn’t have just a vehicle to get them it is it something that he’s passionate about its paul hood with hood cpas.

Com, encourage you to rate your accountant on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most counted, the history of the world and one being the most reactive account and debra. How proactive is your account is already super proactive and that’s great, but if you want to have somebody take a second set of a second look at it, you would help somebody figure out how you can reduce your tax liability. We all want to pay exactly what we owe and no more nothing more, nothing less help you strategize your retirement in your planning, go to hood cpas., took cpa.Com when you fill out the form he’s going to send you a free copy of warren buffett’s book snowball, warren buffett’s only authorized biography and he’ll schedule one hour of his time or what are the team members time to meet with you about your accounting? That’s hood cpas. Got one broadcasting live from the center of the universe, presenting the world’s only business school without the bs, with optometrist and entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, and he ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk, radio, 1170 clark and the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and I have been sent here on a business conferences mission to get you into a great financial position and took out there listening all the show is interactive, I mean you can email us your questions to info at thrive time, show.Com and I know it can be intimidating. Now that we’re no top 10 on itunes and people, you might be listening right now from atlanta united listening from south korea, you might be listening from canada, but I don’t want you to be afraid to email us to info at thrive time, show.Com we’re still the same guys. Still the same people work didn’t know us before we moved up and I to make sure. But he knows you can email us.

The info at drivetime should I calm. It will answer your questions and we have a driver out there in a louisville kentucky by the name of greg, who has a roofing and home improvement company and he wants to know how to grow his company. Is it or just now, turning inward step number seven of his proven path or walk in and through? You were talking about the marketing systems that he has to have in place to grow his company in the first move. If you got to have adwords running for you once you have a hundred reviews what’s adwords, and why do you not want to turn on the adwords advertisements it? So you have at least 100 reviews. So adwords are the search results that come up at the very, very top of the search of a google search above the map. Above everything is being well stop doing that cuz they’re not going to give you what you need so go to google search for you know, louisville roofers! These ads are going to come up above the business conferences map listing, and so you don’t want to go ahead and invest in these ads and tell you how minimum 40, but you want to get to 100 as soon as possible, I’ll reviews because it doesn’t matter people click on these ads and there’s no credibility out there. There’s no google trail, there’s no reviews for you. It’s just a waste of your money, so you want to be smart about where you’re spending your money trick.

Sports in the marketing stools has to commit the gathering at least one google review per day in sisseton see play into the part of how you rank in google. Why do you want to commit to getting one review a day not like 50 at 1 at once, and then never get a google review again? Will google is looking for these high quality surgery and if it seems really scammy, if all the sudden you show up on their search, results, start coming up nelson boom within a week and got 50 60 70 and then no more and I missed it. I was born yesterday and my website. We just launched it and explosive reviews in the first couple hours and haven’t got any reviews since that time, but it’s really not trust you, you and your you want to trust a potatoes. It becomes harder and harder to trust. A man with a mullet. True, there’s people out there to have malts are very trustworthy, but over time I mean it’s harder and harder to do. If you know somebody and they grow out of mullet over time, it becomes more difficult for you to trust them. The longer that mullet gets did you have a moment and any time in your life I did when I was a kid really. It was a business conferences rat tail at when it’s like 5 and then I spread it on my dad had one I want to be like my dad didn’t:have them sit on the back of the bus with the older girls they like to play with it, but really it was fun you girls, are you sure they were girls. I’m positive I was talking about retargeting ads are the ads that follow you around the internet, so you’re searching online for me and he’s looking to buy like some shotgun shells or something or my wife’s looking for parasaur shoes and then all the sudden I’m over at espn or cnn or fox news and i, see ads for these exact items that I’ve been searching for it. Those are we targeting at so a good example of this. If you want to check it out his go to harry’s, razors., gov harrys.Com and look at harry’s razors and then pull up a couple web sites and surfer on fox, news, cnn and you’re going to see those ads pop up almost immediately and how does that work that magic? This is I want to make sure we get this and roll is working with all of these at exchanges.

So,. Let’s make sure you get this. If you have espn right, doesn’t have the time needed to pick up the phone and say thank you for calling espn, and then they take a call from a reference as I’d like to advertise like $6 a week on your on your website. You know for anybody, who’s ever been to my website before, and then they don’t have time to do that trip northern or to cnn. Nor does fox, nor does gbtv, nor does the blaze. Nor does any big website wall street, journal exchange. The xchange basically allows anybody. Who’s ever been to your website before, to have a line of code downloaded onto their browser with or without them. Knowing and then that that that code it goes on to their home computer browser and it follows them around all the sites they go to in all of the web sites out there that are part of this exchange. The exchange data and your ads appear within milliseconds so gives the impression that your website is everywhere and then you must be really on top of things and that you’re advertising with some massive brands of looks like you, are kind of a big deal until there’s a book called the, retargeting playbook, which is a phenomenal business conferences book. I want to put a link to it on the show notes, targeting playbook, and that explains how we targeting advertisements, work and adroll.Com is a company based out of ireland that has made it very, very, very affordable, i, said very, very, very, very affordable for you to advertise and all these different sites that, along agreement without a contract back in the day when I first was doing retargeting ads. I know. If you noticed, you had to pay money to a company and sign a contract to do ads for extended period of time. If you ever advertised with yellow pages back in the day when it was a thing or tv, advertisements were all used to having a contract of of some sort. This is a non-contract. This is a month to month, deal with absolutely awesome. The next movie want to do is youtube advertising trip.

Why do you want to do youtube advertising? For one thing, people are going to be out there searching for how to fix my roof, how to fix a hole in my roof. So if you pop up right before that, video right for the geographic area where you guys operate in talking about how don’t take the risk into your own hands will help you out with your insurance claim, whatever you’re going to do to get those people. Those youtube ads are huge because everybody is searching on youtube and google for everything. Now, there’s a lot of statistics out there that you can. You can find reuters, that’s one of the publication’s out there that it does it’s kind of like the associated press reuters estimate right now. I’ll put this on the show notes they are chapped. They estimate right now that a billion unique users visit youtube per month. That’s crazy. A billion a billion, the american population is about 330 million. So that means that you have a billion people three times the american population is using youtube on a consistent basis to search for unique thing. All people look up to youtube now and search for, like you said, like a diy project like how to install cabinets where the watch a td, jakes video like i, do every morning. Where do I go to watch espn? Now you can watch espn on youtube. You can watch cnn on youtube to watch fox news on youtube youtube is taking over television, but it’s in the ad that you are going to see when you’re on youtube are based upon your search, preference, your history and you we can help you code it out, so that the advertisement are only shown to your ideal unlikely buyers when they’re on youtube for marketing I recommend here for our home improvement and roofing company out there in louisville kentucky is ongoing search engine, optimization, I recommended for the business conferences guy. We do a minimum of 300 pages of content to be topping google put on going I’d recommend every single.

It’s not there. You put at least 50 pages of unique content on your website every month. Why do you have to have 50 pages of content amount on your website and how much? How many words do you have to have on every page thousand words of original content on every page, and the reason you want to add that you 50 a month is just like with the google reviews. Google doesn’t want to see somebody throw up a site within 1 or 2 months and have hundreds of pages of content and then nothing new to it ever again. So they’re looking for consistency and then also you’re going to want to diversify your keywords right once you’re dominating for one or two business conferences key words, then you can move to the next into the next, maybe move to a different town, so you just want to always continually be adding content to your website. So here are just a little rules of thumb, 120 thousand words of content per page. Why does google want you to do? It needs to be html content? What’s html hypertext, markup language kinda, just get that you don’t know what to do. Our car code will help you and you got to leave in your keywords at least 5 times per 1000 words, and then once you do, that you have to have correct metadata. Metadata would be that be like your title, tag. Debbie, your description, that be your keywords and your coach can help you do that. We teach you how to do this at your at the workshops to so nobody out there was going to leave our workshop feeling overwhelmed.

Like you, don’t know what to do. It’s so important. You take the step, no trip. If you’re out there, you go cash it or what how much even some financial freedom I’m, finally getting to where I want to go financially and now you got that beautiful day in a beautiful pool, yeah and all of a sudden the mosquitoes are invading that perfect deck and that perfect pool you can’t handle you can’t put up with mosquitoes in your mojito. You can’t jump, you got eliminate those passing. How do I listen to do with termites in your ear mites can’t have that happen so get all the platinum pest & lawn today at platinum pest control.Com, they’re, doing $200 off a termite treatment and free inspection. So you know that 10 to 20 years after something being built, 70% chance that termites have infected everything 918-376-0857 get ready to enter the thrive time show. Yes, it is all about you that we bring the bowl. Welcome back to the conversation is for the big shot up specifically to you, mr. Gregg, in louisville kentucky and your friend up and over to us. It’s always an honor to serve a member of the thrive nation, but specifically it’s kind of business conferences fun. When friends begin referring friends and in that’s what’s happening with our our program, we’re having so many people that are having success and I feel like I think I do have to do a better job of bragging on our clients. I think I should be almost every segment cuz there’s. So many of these folks, but body central out there in tucson arizona there, a physical therapy company-and these guys are absolutely growing. Big shout out to jennifer allen super excited for you. I thought that the tulsa oilers semi princess the professional hockey teams that are there, a minor league hockey teams are kind of like their protein, but they’re not wear your feeder league into the nhl, the national hockey league and you guys are based in tulsa oklahoma. It was so exciting I’m last year and the year before, to see them set.

Attendance records was awesome each year and a non hockeytown like tulsa oklahoma to you, mr. Taylor, and your team, as you start to generate, leads even teaching greg and all the listeners out there. We would teach me how to generate more leads if you have a home improvement business or a roofing company. Now the next steps are working off the assumption. What you have marketing marketing, just a competition for people’s attention. True marketing is a competition for people’s attention. Once you begin to get people’s attention and they start to fill out your forms and you begin to escape from the norm. You begin to a stand out as a leader in your market as a as an authority as the person that people look too indoor marketplace now we have to begin converting those leads that does potential dollars into actual paying customers I see. Unfortunately, a lot of companies that get stuck here, because they’re unwilling to implement the following moose and search up I would like for you to explain why a lot of listeners, not our listener listener listener to today show its listeners to you know, shows where a friend who listens to our show. Faithfully has shared the business conferences podcast with them, and those people are put right back right. Why do so many people push back about move number 8? What is move number 8? Why are so many people pushing back about move number 812 to create inbound call stripping? Okay, so makes scripts for inbound calls I want to do it. Well, it’s something that you have to do. If you want to scale yourself and some streets different that that’s what I hear a lot is when we’re introducing this idea is yes, you, like the things in your head, that you do they do complicated.

But the thing is:there’s proven pass in equations that work. Nobody could possibly write a script for a home, remodeling or roofing I am. It is impossible to put a big deal background in literature. In the background just know it can be done and your coach is going to help you do it with the proven formula that we work with on multiple industries and then you know your ear team members they’re going to push back they’re going to see what I just I can’t read a script. I watch a movie come on.. Why are you yelling at me? Cuz, it’s scripted be able to scale your duplicate yourself scale yourself, past yourself, and your coach is going to help you make a proven sales scripts early and i, reaching out to them to make donations and students reaching out to oral roberts university, trying to schedule a college weekend visit, and so they called me and hired our team to help them write all of their scripts. Me we’ve worked with hewlett-packard on writing scripts for a call center hewlett packard I mean work. All riley’s, auto parts ordered some big. Damn a tag university the big companies have you ever called chop, american, express or american airlines or southwest airlines enterprise, enterprise rental cars call may be recorded. Absolutely they never have that message. I thought about that, because they’re not recording their calls for quality assurance company mentality. You, if you’re going to scale your sales process or people answering your phone number nine move number 9 here is you absolutely have to install call recording you’re, not you’re, going to have to sit there and walk or sit and listen to them to know what they’re saying? Otherwise, you absolutely have to have call recording, so you can train with it and you can course-correct with it. You can have quality assurance with it. It’s just an absolute must, listen to reach out today and I thought it was kind of fun.

They said I would like to shadow clay clark for a day in his work day. If it’s actually a thing, I heard you mention that one of your podcast I wanted to know. If it’s actually a thing, why is it so valuable when someone shadows I’m one of our sylvia bi-weekly or weekly sales training meeting with our staff, and we had a gentleman shadow me today and are the business owner and he came to our all sales team, trailer training about 12 to 15 sales professionals at one time he came to that meeting today? Why did he come to the meet he’s already successful because it’s continuing education he’s looking how he can train his next round of leaders right he’s looking to learn the best practice learn from be a pirate, not a pioneer, learn from business conferences mentors, not mistakes! That’s why he’s there? Can you explain what one of our sales training meetings look like? Workout calls? Yes, we do. Yes, we do that, but how do we use recorded calls in our sales training meeting, so you actually pull up the script so that everybody can see it right and then you play the calls. It’s so crazy thing and you find out if people are sticking to the script and if not, you find out if there’s weird spots in the script or if not, we talked about it before, but with our coaching program. We have a script. We we practice will be over here when did I just going to find k I’m in ark we had a guy always wanted to be a customer for elephant in the room, and this guy showed up 15 minutes late for his haircut, I wear a men’s grooming business and we are perpetually booked out to the front desk lady.

Let him know I’m. So sorry, we can’t get you in today, but we’re already booked out, and this guy just starts hurling, f-bombs epithets and cursing on the phone to one of our car wraps, and it was very helpful for them to know that we got their back and we heard the call and I coach them through what comes to coach them and all of the representatives through how to handle that particular situation in the future right I’m. Also, we had a member of our sales team that just did an awesome job on a car I mean they paid latest. We have inbound person, it was very interested in attending one of our workshops and they are reached out. They filled out the form and one of our representatives called them answered all the questions and chuck. It was very powerful for them to get validation that business conferences day that they were doing things the right way, and this is also the way you’re going to prove those scripts you’re not going to know how that scrapes creatine you’re not going to know how those groups are performing unless you’re, actually listening to those calls that your team is making. So let’s go ahead and mention again the call recording systems that we actually recommend for all the listeners out there so clarity voice for your office phone. You got to go to the clarity. Voice.Com spell that clarity voice calling for my mobile phone. My sales representative, using a mobile telephone telephone sales on sales know he got sales on sales sales. People on cell phones come on what you’re doing is you’re you’re you’re a fast thinker and in what you do. Is you go so fast?

It takes me it takes me. Usually it’s the end of the show and we put up on the podcast player. That’s when I get most of your job when you wake up in middle of night laughing as I was listening to your jokes on the way to louisville kentucky. Here landing in evansville, we got rerouted to louisville kentucky, so I had to drive from louisville kentucky to owensboro animal that I can actually say:i have to drop john. The associate pastor continues to have to pick me up a random airport to drive in the middle of the night back because you probably don’t know I do when I hear the shows. I was listening for quality control, but it’s always funny or to me when I hear it this time, because I don’t pick up on your witty things like sales on sales I just now a full two and a half minutes after you said it get it, but I don’t have permission to laugh until I hear it later. So I can hear it again for the first time feel better when you don’t laugh anyway. So it’s okay for your iphone, that’s an app! You can use iphone or an app called call recorder for android tapeacall for iphone or call recorder for android box here with a winter’s in at king tulsa attorney. In my humble opinion, the law firm of choice for the joyce meyer ministries td jake’s ministries craig, rochelle’s ministries. Is it going to work with joel osteen west carter? Why do all the candidates out there have to never out all the clients out there all the listeners out there? Why do they never needed, never stop recruiting people? Why do they have to just continually recruit people from now? Until the end of time, your attorney withdraw some business first reason to do this is because, if you don’t sometimes you get stuck with a bad employee for no reason other than you have no one to replace hostage. So then you are held hostage with either a cancerous employee or just a bad performer, because you don’t have any what else to take their position. True, I have a fun is story that happened just today about this about it, a salty employees. Member of what am I doing a great job at work in which early just flip the switch today and went off at her manager.

Laser show like crazy. This woman is just unloading today, I mean this person has been here consistently late like once a week there late, but that’s a manageable thing, not another. You know it’s not the end of the world thing they’re late to get to work, but they don’t make the clients wait or anything. You know a little bit inaccurate, but this person just lost their mind today. What do I do when I said well? Do we have a candidate in the pipeline and he’s absolutely I got a really good one today and I supposedly got a fire when ready and we didn’t have the clients with the potential candidates ready, we would be doing a disservice to our clients, because we would not be able to replace people. The river of life cannot be stagnant at business conferences. You must have fresh want to what’s the percentage of people not employed, which means it’s becoming harder and harder to find good kick out there. That’s huge, say it again. Right now, there’s more people looking for jobs that actually have jobs, so people are working there in jobs and as opposed to a couple of years ago, but there are a lot of people out there searching for job, so there’s less qualified candidates looking right now, which means it’s harder to find good employees, a very, very good friend of mine, who is a multi multi-millionaire, probably approaching a billion dollar net worth, and he said this in confidence. I can’t handle about what industries. It says. Click clark I said why he was mad I think the unemployment rate should be 5, times, higher and I said I want it to be 5 times higher is the billion-dollar company. The biggest reason why we can’t grow more is because people are so terrible at their jobs, but we need people more than they want a job, so they have to hire me time to just have to like.

So we can expand any more in good conscience. Cuz. We don’t want to hire any idiots and I’ll. Tell you what guy out there, who just does not tolerate idiots chapters that client out there. He is it an advertiser. This show it’s dr. Sibley, that’s right before work, chiropractor choice for wayne gretzky, the great one hockey league hall of fame. On all time, great scoring leader chose dr. Silva website. What’s his phone number costa rica soccer john, sibley., com, dr, j, o h, n s, I b l e y, can call him at 918-749-5741 mention the drive time, show free chiropractic adjustment and x-ray 918-749-5741 he’s worth the trip to guam get ready to enter the thrive time, show 321 boom nation. Welcome back to the conversation answering a question from a thriver out. There I’ll buy the name of greg who’s in louisville kentucky, and so it might be saying:hey man, i, don’t know! If you’re aware of this man, but louisville kentucky and tulsa off the coast of bixby cast jump it can you show west carter right now on itunes, where we rank and I wanted to see. This was eyeballs out here. Wesley carter is an attorney. He does not have the capacity to to lie about these things. So west carter, you get. You see who’s in front of us I’d like for you to report on the microphone. You can still chat microphone and you can do a live report here and tell us who’s ahead of us on the itunes charts right now, the world of business so they’re just over for the number 353 / 530,000 podcasts in the world and west that to the head of us right now. Please read off who’s ahead of us. We have to npr, shows planet money and how I built this dave ramsey. The master key is a wizard and he’s a business owner, love that guy he’s ahead of us. Tim ferriss show tim ferriss i, listen to the show, often tim, ferriss big, shout out to you and start-up worlds world, that’s a great podcast, and then there we are. Did you see with your own eyes with my own two eyeballs? Your wife misses.

What’s hurts because you have been sharing this with your friends, so one of our listeners, paul arnold, paul arnold just today-and you hurt me talk to him on the phone eric arnold bowl arnold referred us to his friend out there and his friend is like dude I’ve been looking. You guys up. Paul’s been talking about me. Tell me what what you guys did it right and he’s been dealing with some internet charlatan company that kept talking in circles and talk to him about this? These esoteric vague concept and I just showed him in about an hour how the internet works and now we’re going to walk him. Greg and all the listeners through the proven path to grow a home improvement and roofing company in to make it very very successful. Hold this next step your check. We cannot skip this step. You got to post your now hiring ads every single week on indeed, and craigslist got to you’ve got to get out in front of these candidates, and it has to be every single week because, if you’re looking for that unicorn a player that person that you know is just going to change your business and they happen to get laid off or get fed up with her boss on the week where you’re, not posting or nah, you know you’re having that interview, then you’re not going to find them is going to take you that much longer to find those good people. That’s the perfect time to be looking for somebody because you’re, not in a rush or in a crisis or chaotic mode. I used to fall into this trap with the concrete company. All the time I need.

You I need to feel that you feel what I’m saying I need to feel. Like you understand what I’m saying I’m already fully stacked i, don’t feel it and you’re saying that you were you used to be in the in the construction world. Yes, you could relate to this. Yes, because I would have a full staff, iview hiring as a one-time event and now I’m done and then guess what the lead guys. The employees there humans and some of them go crazy. They just spin out of orbit every once in awhile and i, have no back-up plan so now I’m out doing their job and my job with no time to recruit. So if you’re fully staffed, you got to do that. Weekly interview that way you can have a catalog of awesome candidates whenever you do need that next person and you’re not obligated to hire anybody just because hats, what if I can’t afford to hire somebody right now shopping? You just be candid with the person and tell them hey. You are awesome you’re at the top of my list, I’m, actually not hiring right at this moment. If you find something go for it, take it don’t don’t turn anything down for me, but I will be getting a hold of you as soon as I’m ready to fill that position. But if I think what you’re saying is complete and utter folded, ash. Well, then, what? If? What? If I think it’s not possible to interview people right now, cuz I’m so busy. What if I’m a matriculated more the finest university and I feel like what you’re saying is is rubbish. Then you need to go ahead and stay broke and poor and not have any time for him. I see people all the time. I’m too busy to do interviews come on man. You can’t I do that. You can’t be that person. You cannot be that person because you’ll never be able to grow. You always have vnc players. You always have people that are going to screw you over as soon as you turn around. So you absolutely must do this. Every single week, interview in process hell, yeah i, know in the legal business owners, king law, firm 25 people, so you have a who who works directly for you?

How does that work at me or what what positions work for you? We have three partners, and so are you kind of take on the managing partner role, because my other two partners are done it for 30 years so I’ve taken over recently, chairman of the day today, I have an office administrator got it. We have all the attorneys and paralegals underneath. Are you hiring anybody right now we are okay. What position are you looking to hire for right? Now we are hiring paralegals. You know we just had somebody today that reached out to us whose fiance listens to our show. All the time want to be styles, to elephant in the room, so I give you the floor to share what what position are you hiring for what kind of education do you have to have to fit? What you’re looking for as a paralegal? Well, I personally, am a believer that I can teach you what you need to know to be a good parent legal. As long as you come in with a good work ethic in your bright, so I’m are paralegals work about 40 hour weeks to standard work week is nothing crazy, like I have to stop typing letters and making appointments and secretarial work. You know it’s very non manual labor work in a great atmosphere. How much money can I make if I’m a paralegal working for winter, with no experience you’re looking at starting somewhere complete benefits package? Would you pay health? We contribute to your 401k somewhere in the neighborhood attorney, he’s out there hiring the great people of tulsa a great staff out there doing this week. I mean you’re.

Talking about this is a rockstar the past week, or so that’s just been killing it. Yeah I have i, have to actually win they’re, both at the exact for and I just described higher than right out of college in the last six to eight months, no experience in the legal field, one her name is keanu, I y a n. U I like it, her family is nigerian well, and so she was born in nigeria. She came over here and she is not my personal assistant and she has been a rockstar and the other one is shelby. Who is we started a program or trying to get more google reviews? Yes, and shelby has been my top performer and shout out shelby can I cuz. This isn’t an okay time to mention some I buy a deep secret I wanted to share with you guys for a long time. I’m nigerian I knew it. I am sure everybody knows nobody cares i, don’t have any proof of it. I just feel that way, right and I’d appreciate if he has a treat me like one of you guys, still:okay, i, just absolutely okay. I just want to point that I’m, not caucasian I might look pale. The albino nigerian right this, just a don’t, don’t don’t go to answers.Com, don’t verify if we just take them to the group. The group interview process, we said we have to have in place, so we come back with marshall morris to explain why we have to have the group interview process in place. It’s not just the idea of doing it, having chaos and see what I’ve seen I’ve seen. People have a group interview where they don’t have a process in place, and it is crazy. You have to have a process in place that has a process in place. What day, do it’s williams contract in shape? If you need to add on to your university fiona university out there or a pharmacy or maybe a vet clinic or if you have an annex on a jail I want to pick you up if you own a jail, and you want to add an annex on these, are your guy have a church in expanded? You have a commercial building when expanding these guys do commercial building, chapel, hill, dash khan.Com

will – c o n. Com, williams contracting, 918-682-5511 918-682-5511. Their goal is to give owners of realistic budget within 3 days, attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, big shout out to you i, appreciate you for having the courage to reach out and want to know how to take your business to the next level were talking today, specifically about how to grow, how to grow your home improvement and roofing company, and is it one of these final two steps you have to take I want to make sure that everybody gets this to work. Commencement means to begin weird. It doesn’t mean that you’re done with college and is an entreprenuer. These first 13 steps you have to take our other going to get you into orbit is what I would call it orbit is where you are sustainably more profitable that you were before you found us, but once you get there, you absolutely cannot stop doing the ongoing activity. It’s like having a garden and marshall once you have a garden of employees, so to speak, or a garden with your business that garden I mean you’re going to go to lowes you’re going to go to at which way to go. Some local place you’re going to get those those seed. What you have plan a garden there and at your home to get to carter house, we kill everything we touch that screen and when you plant a pine tree I take three quarters of made it. You know, but you plant the tree and have to water it consistently, and even though we did water the trees consistently, we follow the rules we planted trees that were about 6 ft tall when he planted them. Some of them didn’t make it ready cause. Just sometimes things don’t work out, but we are aware of which ones that didn’t make it, and so we have pulled those out uprooted. The ones did make it to an employee, comes into your garden so to speak, and you want to give him fertile soil. You want to give him a chance to really be successful. I want you to put this on.

The show notes explained that fertile soil. You want to have a fertile soil opportunity, please people. The second thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you provide them nutrients? You need to give them sunshine give him access to sunshine. This is so big the nutrients to give him to that the sunshine of water. They need what little? What martial talk about this in a second, then, what you want to do is you want to pull the weeds around they’re, going to try to choke off the light. Give a new employee that comes in and they’re super star they’re starting to sprout they’re growing, but you have these weeds around them that are trying to choke off their life and then, finally, once aaa, it’s harvest time where you start to have an employee that it’s sprouting they’re growing they’re producing fruit. What you want to do what you want to share in that harvest with the employee, you know what to let him just get ripen rotten you want to. You want to make sure they they can blossom move on to it. Maybe they can, they can spread seeds in different departments and they can grow, and it’s it’s an exciting thing when you think about it, but a lot of employees a lot of entrepreneurs out there, a lot of it happens if they don’t understand. A lot of employees are choking off that new growth that new life, the ring into the business of march.

Let’s talk about the group interview process. What time do we do? Our group interview process at thrive every week to a group interview process is 5 p.M. Every wednesday and it has been for years fertile soil where the things you do that lets people know that hey this is a place. I would actually want to work. Well, I’m going to take a step back before fertile soil. Okay, you got it till the soil took me about 2. Okay, I love you talk about is creating an environment. That is a part of your core values. It’s part of the culture, it’s part of what you believe in, and so you have to create an environment in which to invite other people to come in and see if there are good fit. So that’s the first thing is tilling the soil, and then you got to provide fertile soil. I called his combo okay. Now your compost in the business and I hope no, not poop, but this is learning from past bad experiences. So I know when clay when you’re going through the burning the hiring process, when your first fright learning the ways of dr. Zoellner, you probably made some not so intelligent decisions and hiring-or maybe things that you could have done better and it was incorrect. I did that for years without read, the resumes I would hire base to base in the resumes and not based on the character of the person and a lot of times to hike the high character, person right side, very accurate resume, which looks less impressive than the low character person who hypes up a resume. That’s based on charlotte in ism, and so I used to not interview the candidates. To just read resumes and make decisions based upon those, and it was a bad hiring move. This is my bad compost is. What you realize is the same person that showing up late to the group interview is also the person that’s lying on the resumes right.

Okay, and so you learn from all these a bad experiences. This is the compost and then you got to provide nutrients. You want to bring somebody on board. You actually have to provide them. The resources, the training, the the fruit, the the watering to allow them to grow noticed noticed this. Before elephant in the room, we’ve been speeding up the rate at which were hiring right now, cuz, we need it. We need to hire 11 new people right now. You got to pray just to keep up with the demand. Doing is anybody who applies out all immediately? We have them shadow jay-z in the call center, if she likes them after an hour. She hasn’t shadow me and then immediately I’m, sending them out to one of the stores to shadow. Have three different people. Look at him real, quick and see if they’re a good fit, but only if they show up to the initial interview on time or early right right interview when we do a group interview every week what percentage of the week and it’s even show up on time for that group interview. So this is what happens, is about 70 people will apply throughout the week, then 35 of them about half will say they’ll, be there and then I would say. Probably 15 actually show up right in of those 15. Only 2 or saying humans group interview, you got to make sure that your dress to impress at the owner that you are compelling the people want to work for you if people would want to be on your team that you’re speaking with confidence that you know what you’re doing and have a plan in your coach can help you make that plan.

But then what you hire somebody marshall you got to give me an ongoing training. That motivation does words of wisdom, a compensation plan to make sense, talk to me about compensation, compensation, expectations right and communication. Why do you have to communicate those three things:compensation, communication expectations? You got to communicate those three things so that they know what the merit is or what the stick is. What is the stick? If I do my job? How much can you incentivize me if I don’t do my job? What are the consequences and then you got to hold them accountable to that? Why do you have to pull the weeds? What do you have to fire? The bad folks, can’t you just keep a few high skill low character? What happens is none of your a player’s want to work with bnc players? They don’t want to work with 8 players. They want to work with cd player so that they appear to be the a players in so what happened. This is b players, higher, see players and see players, hardy players and all the way down to see players until what you want to do. If you want to prune all the weeds around a player’s free to the employee, maybe do a profit-share, maybe you do a bonus? Maybe you do benefits, but you want to take care of your people. If you don’t do that, I’m telling you the morale of your staff, just gets bad stand. If you want to go to a place where they, the staff has incredible around where the people there are absolutely obsessed with repairing ford mobiles. You want to visit our friends and our show sponsors rc, auto, specialists, rc, auto specialists, these guys they do they. They fix battery issues, they do fleet, service lighting lighting and wiper blades transmission, heat and air system, suspension and alignment.

If you have a ford vehicle that needs repair, these guys have over 80 years of combined experience at our good friends at rc, auto, specialists., comets, rc, auto specialists,. You can call him at 918-872-8115, that’s 918-872-8115, and you call them today and schedule a free consultation or a free look at your vehicle they’re, going to give you a free copy of my book. Thrive, you get a free copy of my book and the best ford automotive repair service in town at rc, auto, specialists., com broadcasting for the center of the universe and the thrive15.Com world headquarters of time show all right back to the conversation. It is the drive time show on your radio. My name is the father of five human kids and helping people like you to grow. A successful company is what I’m all about. In specifically, we have a member of the thrive community today that reached out to us from louisville kentucky. His name is paul arnold and paul said I have a friend of mine greg, who has a home improvement company and a roofing company in this guy’s business is great he’s doing things for for a long long time, and he just doesn’t know how to generate online revenue. He doesn’t know how to take his company to next level until I was sharing with greg today the the proven path that, if he’ll implement this system for 18 months, he will for sure triple his revenue and i. Don’t think a lot of people realize that in 18 months you can do that tomorrow. So I’m going to do is I’m going to let you conjure up think about a success story with one of your coaching clients implement the system and no matter what story that is. My story will be better and then chop you can want up us marshal go for both of you. Is it at that cool? We’re going to brag on our clients here are listener. Greg who’s not not been to the program before his friend has so he’s hearing it second-hand. So if you can go ahead and kind of share this one client, it’s really really turned on a nitrous oxide. So this is this client right here is done.

Phenomenally I love bragging on them. Okay, because it’s a husband and wife team they’re down in new orleans, and they do clinical research and it’s tyler and rachel down in new orleans with del rich research. They do a phenomenal job in that they’ve been diligent to the program for about i, would say 22 months now, and their business has just grown like crazy and I was talking to them today, where they don’t i, don’t have to talk to them on a weekly basis. Hey you need to knock this out. Hey knock this out. They just they just get it done every single week and because of that, they put themselves in a position to be having the time. Freedom and the financial freedom say something about franchising to think about franchising in cells, cool man. Now they are completely hands off the business. Okay, they’re, making more money than they ever have their door. Have a six figures in a month in a month, in a month of process, by using a prophet 6 months, talking about a hundred thousand profit, that’s like noah, moses, benny, hinn, oral, roberts I mean that’s a lot of traffic. Are we fixing relationship? You guys are are are on facebook? You can’t do tomorrow. Anyway, we’ve got to st, peter and paul. We can’t do buddha. Is there a problem? You could mix it up here? What do you like a lawyer or something? That’s a good? That’s a good. Can I read the definition of a prophet real, quick just for the lasers out of there, because that you would or proclaimer of the will of god I’m not want to argue with an attorney but I’m going to say they’re going to do so you’re going to do it online and lose in a court of law to west, carters, winters and king of the best law firm in tulsa? That’s a lot! It’s a lot of a lot of dollars of profit. Cash, cash, ola, greenbacks, greenbacks lettuce, cheddar one climb right there, you’re bragging on delridge research. What’s your website, I c h, t delta, that’s a good question:we’ve been through it, but that is something that we can get into.

When we go down there. Is it stan, 400,000, prophet I can tell you off there. Okay, so research.Com now 3d this guy laney he’s in oklahoma city, who does 3d scanning in 3d printing and this guy been operating for 5 or 6 years, and he was doing really well, but he just had no time, for you is already four thousand times better than we marshall tell his story. So I was going to say anything but I agree about the last 10 months is that over the last 2 months, he’s actually broken sales records, and on top of that, he’s keeping way more of that money than he was keeping so he’s making a lot of profit while he’s doing that and the big big part, that’s really awesome for him is he now has a fully engaged team that is accountable to his system that help him create the system that he didn’t have, and they have a weekly meeting at the guys actually enjoy getting up at 7 a.M. They they’re talking to each other they’re communicating they’re getting more done and they’ve ever done in the past, a good story building himself to freedom by being able to delegate the incoming calls through scripting and recording and training and all of their jobs are getting done faster and more profitable than they ever have in past 5 years. I hope it’s better than it was just the one up there once upon a time and never once upon a time in the city of tulsa oklahoma, better on life support, they were cracked or broken, they need help to be fixed and he says you know what guys guys, listen I’m a phone doctor, so he starts fixing the buzzer reputation as being the phone doctor he’s fixing phones, phones became smart with little help of steve jobs, while back all of a sudden. Smart phones are not like the number one person device. People have. Everybody has one or two or three gets a lot of coaching lot of mentorship.

Now, 11 stores later my client alex eyes are going to franchising, phone doctors and if you’re, not there, you $100,000 a year that might be a business model. You want to invest in that’s phone, doctors and I’ll. Tell you the guys. Brandon is solid, the name it doesn’t have it as cryptic of a of a potential meeting as as delricht it doesn’t. He doesn’t have kind of a eastern coast, name like it’s crazy, because he doesn’t work on phones and he’s not a doctor. So I didn’t look at it objectively. It’s I believe in the middle between your stories. There I definitely had a marshalls store. Marshalls subject matter was better, so I think that everybody’s me, the growth was phenomenal but didn’t waste any of your kind of in his tone. It was like it was a kind of a weasel eat own. It’s sarah marshall. The story, he sure was a great story when I drink carriers are good words to west carter. The final step here you want to have someone shadow, you that’s what I might be asking this can I see if someone comes to shadow me for an hour at work, do I have to pay them. Is it legal? Can I do if somebody’s out there and they have someone shot of the demonstrate they can actually code they can actually put on a muffler. They can actually do what they claim to do. Is it legal to have them come in there and maybe demonstrate for now or what they can do that even legal if they’re providing services for you, you have to pay them for that time, some random project, that’s not for the clients as a coat just make sure he knows.

If it doesn’t work out it legal to punch him, you can put them whenever you like, as long as it’s not for in a legal reason to get fit. Yes, I’m tired of looking at your face. I, don’t like your attitude! Any of those are going on right now about the change in the way they hire people. Are you talking about? Well, there’s a gentleman in the twin cities that they are looking at. That’s historically been known for an area, that’s challenge with community relations with their peace officers and a lot of violence in any way, just a lot of struggles there until they are and have been. Looking at the past few years, I saw something on it. The other days and had a lot of success, character based hiring for their sheriff’s department, and so, instead of looking at your resume, they take me to we’re going to hire people with good character and integrity and will teach you how to be a sheriff, and they had a lot of good luck with that living, hiring people with their values and their core beliefs that they want to be in a community and then teaching them how to do the job.

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