NBA Great David Robinson Explains How to Develop an Ethical Corporate Culture

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2-time Gold Medal Winning Olympic athlete, David Robinson explains how to create a high-ethics corporate culture.

Perhaps you have a business right now and your business coach has grown to where it’s really beyond, just you, you gone from just me to we there’s, maybe 20 of you 30 of u-100 of you I mean there’s more than just you. It’s gone it’s grown from me to we. How do you then begin to build an ethical corporate culture and drink? Today’s interview with david robinson I asked him specifically, because you know david robinson is a guy who was the nba hall of fame player? Yes, he was olympic gold. Medal-winning athlete get what’s going on to have more success off the court that on the court in the game of business and i, like he’s just known for being a baha’i ethics, high-standard entrepreneur and person and I am just infinitely curious about how he’s been able to develop a culture that has matched his ethics as opposed to adapting to the ethics of the world. He has created a culture with the admiral fund, where the culture of the company has matched his ethics versus adapting his ethics to the culture of the world. We’re going to break down the interview that I had with david robinson on how to create a high ethics, corporate culture. Well, I think you’re super qualified to talk about this, and so I’m excited to get your feedback on this cuz. You played in the nba for 14 seasons and a bad rap and some reason a good rap and others, but their players who are interesting characters and the league is known for having some great character, people and then there’s also. Sometimes the music that is played in the locker rooms, in the things that are set in the quarter are so profound that some parents kind of cover their kids ears at the game, and so you see both extremes. You carried yourself in an ethical way during your career i, try to business ethics, ethically i! Guess we can resolve in these. These teaching people how to set up a corporate culture define what the word ethical mean. Ethical well, i, think i. Think one of my business coach mentors when I came to san antonio was mcdermott general mcdermott build us. A huge organization was a phenomenal player in building san antonio into the city that it is today and what is his rule that he live by?

Was the golden rule do unto others as you would have them do, unto you and he he built his whole organization around that rule and i. Think that’s a great example of what corporate culture should be. People who know me know that my faith is a big, a big part of who I am and and how I approach things, but that doesn’t mean everyone else shares my faith, but but there are certain rules as as human beings as a society that we should follow in and treating other people like you want to be treated I think is a phenomenal place to start. So if you want to define what an ethical culture is I would say you could build your whole business around that that idea to if, if I’m the customer, how do I want to treated and and and proceed that way? And if you could teach everyone in your organization that mentality then I think you have a great culture for somebody watching this just trying to give kind of devil’s advocate perspective of this and you’re very self-disciplined as a business coach, or at least that’s the rumor, so you’re a guy who’s all about high expectations and reaching for something more and preston. Preston, don’t stop! So if you were going to just say, I came to work for you. If somehow I was able to sneak in your organization, you hired me I would guess that you would want to push me because you would want to be pushed that’s just my no i. Don’t think. That’s necessarily the case. I think you need to i, wouldn’t want someone to try to turn me into something I’m. Not so i. Think that that’s what that’s? What you have to understand is that you know my personal rules is always put a person in a position where he can succeed and some people have michael jordan type. Talent I got to just let it go, but some people have you know the reserve type talent and that guy can still bring something to the table. You can still be a very, very valuable part of your organization.

I mean steve. Kerr was not known as this great. You know, superstar who dominated everyone, but he had a role and he did it extremely well.. If you put steve in the right situation. He was going to kill you. So that’s my goal. Every single person around me, whether it’s a teammate or an employee I’m, going to figure out what they can do well I’m, going to try to put them in a place where they can be successful and and let them go in that row, survive I’m, a small business owner and I again, I average one is 10 employees or less right and let’s say that I’m hiring right now. Okay, so i, don’t know, what’s down at chick-fil-a and I’m, hiring right now and I’m. Looking for a extroverted business coach person to work the work the front, it’s kind of a shame on me:sort of deals:the owner. If I hire somebody who’s an introvert and wanted to be the extrovert dealing with customers that right yeah.That would be what you eat. Certainly is you need to find what their abilities are, what their talents are? Yeah. You certainly don’t want to put someone if the guy’s, not a shooter, don’t put them on the perimeter and make sure he understands that in and he can, you know, play within the role of the office


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