Why You Need to Add Https to Your Website

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What is HTTPS? What is CloudFlare? Why does installing HTTPS and CloudFlare on your website cause your website to rank higher in search engines? Clay Clark gets nerdy and breaks down the specific steps needed to install HTTPS and CloudFlare on your website while explaining why you even need to do it.

  1. How to get to the top of Google search engine
    1. Most Google reviews
    2. Most mobile compliance
    3. Most Google Canonical Rule compliance
    4. Most content
  2. HTTPS is a secure socket layer of load that encrypts your website and Google loves it, which is why is ranks sites higher that use HTTPS encryption.
    1. DEFINITION – HTTPS enables encrypted communication and secure connection between a remote user and the primary web server.
    2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – https://www.youtube.com
  3. CloudFlare is a tool that makes websites load faster which Google loves and thus they will rank your website higher because of this.
  4. ACTION ITEM – Install https on your website – purchase from GoDaddy.com for $100 or less per year.
  5. ACTION ITEM – Install CloudFlare.com on your website – $25 per month or less average


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Audio Transcription

What testing for the center of the business coaching universe and the thrive15. Com world headquarters? Oh yeah, that’s right! No, more podcast download chop! That is getting to become overwhelming for me, I’m dealing with it right now, but getting better at it. But when you think about we talked about on the show. Probably it was a week ago. Maybe we talked about it, but how many people can you? Can you look up the seating capacity of wrigley field wrigley, field chicago, and it is the home of the chicago cubs, the legendary home of obviously the late great harry caray of ryne sandberg andre, dawson, ray c’s funny how many people can sit in that stadium 40, 1268, souls, downloading this podcast every month then go to that game out of here, which means that you guys the thrive nation are beginning to share this with your friends and family and so have you for it. I would just say:i appreciate you for doing that, but I can also ask you to do I got my mask. You do one more thing that one big ass today email us one question any practical business question you have to info at thrive. Time should I come as into it drive time, show. Com, because one one question that you ask you might feel like that question is so stupid. They probably it’s a stupid question, question right now, because I know this will answer one person question, but I bet you there is 2000 people listen to go. Oh my gosh I did not know that. So we’re going to be talking about adding https and cloudflare to your website to make it load a bit faster, an increase that google ranking. Okay, well, I’m, going to teach you a lot of things real fast. If you can take notes to keep up your google rank, say website based upon whatever site they think is the most relevant. The relevancy score is determined by four primary variables are four things that determine your rank. The number one is never has the most google reviews.

Whoever has the most reviews on yelp no google. Why does google owns google server? Has the most business coaching google reviews to it’s? Whoever has the most mobile compliant website doesn’t work on mobile if it doesn’t work on mobile, then google’s not going to like it you’ve got to make sure that it works on mobile. The third is it to whoever has the most canonical compliance canonical. They follow google’s established rules for ranking website, and the 4th is:where has the most content? So if you hire us to be your business, coaches will help with a canonical compliance and we’re going to help you with writing content. If you need help, but we cannot help you with reviews. We cannot help you with certain aspects of the business, because that’s what you have to do you get the reviews. We can help you with mobile compliance. We can help you with canonical. Can compliance. We can help you with the most content, but we can’t help you with reviews. You got to get your own reviews baby, so here’s the deal I want. You done all those things. Google’s, always wind optimize, the user experience, and so there are two things that really irritate users and I’m going to list them for you and I’m going to fix. Want is people hate, slow websites? Now you know how it is. You can go to your website and it just. How long can you typically chop go to website before you’re frustrated load, so slow, 2, 1/2 seconds the problem, but I’m like that? So if you are not, you know where of how this works. You really really want to go to your website and see how long it takes to load. So you want to test your website’s speed now, as your company gets more content than you have to make your site faster. This is it’s what you’re never done with that part. Okay, so here are the two things that you can do to make your side faster right now one is you can embed a piece of code on your website called cloud flare cloudflare now your coach?

Can we look at if you’re a client, we look at your website every month and then I personally will determine what things we need to do to make your site faster, because I really do obsess about it. I want to make sure my clients are doing well, but I want to make sure you get how cloud player works and make sure mobile applications faster and safer, and it’s almost like a strobe light for your company’s website. So let me give example, is it say you’re trying to log on to the site and the site is hosted in tulsa, oklahoma and tulsa has a business coaching tornado and the servers in tulsa go out? There has a hundred and twenty to data centers around the world, and so it’s constantly posting. So even if the site looks like it’s down in tulsa, it wouldn’t be down anywhere else, because it’s so many all redundancy. So many copies of your website exist, that’s smart! So it’s never down, then what cloudflare does is they actually go out there and they will sure your site is loading as fast as possible by taking little small pictures of your site and says submitting it to google and rapid-fire, seeing a faster version of your site. There’s a lot of technology can check out a cloud player.Com explain to you how it works, but this is technology used to cost big companies, thousands and thousands of dollars, and now it doesn’t, it’s called cloudflare.Com. The basic price is about 20 bucks a month and is absolutely a game-changer, but it doesn’t matter at all if you’re not committed to a content writing regiment right.

So, if you’re not top and google anyway, it doesn’t matter so it’s like it’s be it be like putting on a business coaching countertop onto new construction before you frame the house, it just weird. So the next thing you can do to make your site ranked higher in google is to add a thing called http encryption give an example of it. If you go to youtube.Com youtube.Com, when you go to youtube.Com you’ll, see at the beginning of the web, address you’ll, see https and then you’ll see colon forward, slash forward, slash, ww.W. Youtube.Com. Will the http is a hypertext transfer protocol and what it is is it is an encryption layer that goes on your website that helps make your website less susceptible to be hacked by hackers. Hackers, and so google says you know what sites that are less likely to be hacked we’d like that to rank higher, but it’s like a micro, little small adjustment. It moves your, side up by like 1% or 2% better than 3% right, but you wouldn’t want to do that. If you draw small business and every penny counts you what you want to do and cloudflare in https before you commit to content yeah, because that’s going to be the most important thing you can do, google reviews and content charles were watching the old star trek. You don’t start taking the kid, but yes a little bit in a while, though is like oxygen, so cash flows an oxygen.

You must have it and scotty in a gym and always say:hey, scotty i. Need you to get me to need you to turn off the shields. I need to turn on the photon torpedoes. Yes, i. Remember always freaking doing things like he’s like lifting somehow something. Let me shoot the klingons come I can’t. Do it just turn on the turn off the arguing? Yes he’s always it was. The point is, he has to run down there shulman org chart. This is how you doing listen, I’m in charge, but they didn’t have enough power for some reason to shoot the shield and turn on the air shieldon and shoot the photon torpedoes and businesses typically don’t have enough time and their schedule or money to do all of the seo items at one time. So right now, you need to get your site to be canonical compliant need to get free mobile compliant. You got to write the most content and get reviews. If you’re doing all those things, then I would, as a business coaching professional, endorse cloudflare and https and load faster and fire using http encryption


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