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Is it bad to be eccentric? Was Benjamin Franklin eccentric? Was George Washington Carver eccentric? Is it possible to be successful without being eccentric? Clay Clark breaks down the harsh reality that you must find a deep burning maniacal obsession with something if you aspire to ever truly be great at anything.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The number one excuse that I hear people say for not getting things done is that I ran out of time.” – Lee Cockerell
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day, report shows”
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” – George Washington Carver
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” – Benjamin Franklin
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In life, everybody faces choices between doing what’s popular, easy, and wrong vs. doing what’s lonely, difficult, and right. These decisions intensify when you run a company, because the consequences get magnified 1,000 fold. As in life, the excuses for CEOs making the wrong choice are always plentiful.” – Ben Horowitz
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One of life’s fundamental truths states, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ As kids we get used to asking for things, but somehow we lose this ability in adulthood. We come up with all sorts of excuses and reasons to avoid any possibility of criticism or rejection.” – Jack Canfield
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. Any time you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity. An important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people. Consider this: Never receive counsel from unproductive people. Never discuss your problems with someone incapable of contributing to the solution, because those who never succeed themselves are always first to tell you how. Not everyone has a right to speak into your life. Don’t follow anyone who’s not going anywhere.” – Colin Powell (An American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. During his military career, Powell also served as National Security Advisor (1987–1989), as Commander of the U.S. Army Forces Command (1989) and as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff(1989–1993), holding the latter position during the Persian Gulf War. Powell was the first, and so far the only, Jamaican American to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was the 65th United States Secretary of State, serving under U.S. President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005, the first black person to serve in that position.)
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Grabbed the duck tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind-expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach, Clay Clark.

Alright guys, we’re talking on this segment about the importance of embracing this harsh truth. All right. There’s no excuse the centric people always just loose. Well, what does it mean to be centric? Centric is the median of the. It’s the average. East centric means unconventional, slightly strange. Maybe somebody who is displaying a disproportional amount of interest or focus in one thing a Napoleon Hill, the best selling author writes about the importance of having a white hot burning desire for your definite chief. Aim a. Some people call it a magnificent obsession, but you have to be obsessed and enthusiastic about something at a level that doesn’t make sense for most people. Most people don’t have an abnormal level of success, which is why their worldview is centric. Most people, according to Gallup, 70 percent of Americans hate their jobs. According to Forbes, 90 percent of startups fail startup businesses and 80 percent of businesses fail, so the vast majority of people aren’t happy with their success that they’re having in their given sport.

They’re given career. They’re given anything, and so if you’re going to be the kind of person who has tremendous and above average success in any area, it’s going to require you to put in irregular and abnormal and uncommon and unconventional, a strange and extraordinary, a freakish, a bizarre and outlandish amount of energy into that calling and or task. You have to start to abuse your. Your job as a, as a calling, the Latin word for vocation, the word, the word vocation comes from the original Latin word, which means a calling that a person is especially drawn toward and when you meet anybody who’s abnormally successful, they feel called to do what they do. They’re obsessed with the achievement of success and that is why people that are measured and people who are focused on balance and people that are focused on being the middle and never offending everybody and never wanting to spend too much time obsessing on any particular thing.

They never get great at anything. You think about Lebron James. I mean I’m sure he’s successful in a lot of areas of his life, but the guy is obsessed on dominating the game of basketball. It wasn’t like he was playing, you know, at the college level, multiple sports. Now in high school he did play a few different sports, but eventually he had to focus in on a particular sport. So I’m asking you today, in what area of your life do you need to be East centric about do you need to obsess about and so that you can stay happily married or or be the kind of person that could get married and stay happily married. You want to set boundaries on it so that way there’s your maniacally focused on one thing. As a result of saying no to. A lot of things you’re going to have to say no to a lot of things.

If you want to become great at anything, you must become any centric person. So this is the tough knowledge here. Okay, I’m going to read the notable quotable clay stairs. You’re going to break it down. I read the next notable quotable chop. You break it down. These are all hard truths that relate to embracing the concept that there is no excuse, people that just aren’t willing to be maniacally focused on one thing. People that don’t have that white hot burning desire for success cannot win. Nature cannot be tricked. You just have to focus your energy and attention and be just obsessed if you want to become successful. So notable. Quotable number one comes into US fresh and hot from Mr Lee. Cockerell Lee was the former executive vice president of Walt Disney world resorts. He wants managed 40,000 employees and he said the number one excuse that I hear people say for not getting things done is that I ran out of time.

Clay stares. Help the listeners out there who are running out of time, where can we find the time? Time. You’ve got to schedule the time. Clay, you will never find the time people saying that all the. I just can’t find the time. Can’t find the time. You will never find the time. You have to make the time. If you want to get something done, it’s got to be scheduled. Make the time by saying no, that’s a good one. Now, according to the New York Post, Nielsen, the average Americans watching five point two hours of TV per night. According to psychology today, the average American is spending two point three hours per day on their smartphone. You got to say no to something. If you’re going to free up that time, that right there, it could have saved you seven hours a day, 10 hours a day just by not watching TV and turning off those apps and things on your phone that are constantly interrupting you.

Now, chuck, the next notable quotable comes in hot and fresh from George Washington carver. A man who could have had a lot of, a lot of excuses because he grew up with a lot of abuses. He grew up as a slave, didn’t know his dad, didn’t know his birthday, but he’s a self taught botanist who revolutionized the agricultural industry. He says, 99 percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. Chop Chop. If we’re saying, okay, what do I do with this information? If I have the habit of making excuses, if I’m being honest with myself, I have the habit of making excuses. What can we do with this information? Well, first of all, you’ve got to see the world as it is, not as you wish it to be or want it to be. And, and, uh, one thing to do is start measuring your results so you can refine your plan.

So be proactive. Measure what you have going on. Compare that to what you want it to be, getting you to your goals and refine your plan. Don’t just coast and drift through the day and life and just make up excuses because if you can change the plan, you can fix the problem and you can win. Now, Benjamin Franklin, the inventor of the flexible catheter, you have flood helping refine true deal. The inventor of the postal system. We know today, the guy who cured the financing from the French that we use to beat the English during the. During the war. The guy who invented the flexible catheter, Franklin. What was it before their new favorite? It was probably an inflexible catheter. Oh Wow. Got To get to that one. Okay, so we’re finished with a little pressure real quick. I was able to. I typically will ask our guests before the show if this is okay, but I embedded a microphone deep inside the cranium of clay stairs and this is what his mind just said when I divulged and explained to him that Benjamin Franklin did in fact create the first flexible catheter. This is what his mind just said,

like I picked the wrong week, like I picked the wrong week.

All right, so here we go. Benjamin Franklin says is, he says he that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. What does that mean, sir? On the exclusive side? Clay, I was a man of excuses for years. I was a man of excuses. I was a man that I always, I think that for me, I wrapped it around. Well, I’m an idea guy. I’m a visionary. I’m a visionary and the big picture, and anytime somebody tried to hold me accountable, I always kind of wrap that around while you’re trying to pull me down into the weeds. No, I’m, I’m much more of a big thinker guy and clay. I found excuses for my excuses. And uh, and eventually I found of course, much later in life as you know, uh, I, I found the, the path out of that trap. I found the path out of always finding excuses and man, the, the answer to that type of lifestyle, that type of thinking is just accountability and having somebody in your life that is helping you walk down a path and is holding you accountable to that path. Ben Horowitz, the best selling author of the hard thing about hard things, and a man who sold his company for over a billion dollars to Hewlett Packard writes in life. Everybody faces choices between doing what’s popular and wrong versus doing what’s lonely, difficult and write. These decisions intensify when you run a company because the consequences get magnified a thousand fold as in life. The excuses for ceos making the wrong choice are always plentiful. Chop, why is it so tough to make the right call? Sometimes

if what you’ve got to realize is that even if you do make the wrong call, you’re going to have failures in life, in business, and you have to know that the business and the choices that you make within it, they don’t equal or define who you are as a person, so you’ve just got to understand what your big goal is, your why, why you’re doing this in the first place. Getting up everyday, trying to grow this business, and then use the goal as your fuel to get back up off the ground. When you fall off the horse

back on it. Jack Canfield bestselling author writes one of life’s fundamental truth states ask and you shall receive as kids would get used to asking for things, but somehow we lose this ability and adulthood, we’d come up with all sorts of excuses and reasons to avoid any possibility of criticism or rejection. If you fear rejection out there today, you will lose. If you will just embrace the fact that failure is a pre requisite to success. Failure is a is is on the path to success. Failure is just a stepping stone to your ultimate success. You will do well. Colin Powell chimes in the first African American Secretary of state. He writes, the less you associated with some people, the more your life will improve. Anytime you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity. An important attribute in successful people is they’re inpatients with negative thinking and negative acting.

People consider this, never received counsel from unproductive. People never discuss your problems with someone in capable of contributing to their solution because those who will never succeed themselves will always first tell you how not everyone has the right to speak into your life. Don’t follow people that are not going anywhere. Boom. That was knowledge bombs everywhere. Fantastic that you’re out there today and you’re saying, you know what? I want to take my life to the next level. Don’t be a stranger. Book your tickets to the thrive time show workshop today. Go to thrive time Click on the conferences button and pay him. You can book your tickets. If we’re an interesting kind of a tight budget or you just want to be resourceful and saved money, subscribe to the thrive time. Show on itunes. Leave us an objective review and email us proof that you did so to info at thrive time. That’s a screenshot of your itunes review. You can email it to us today at info at thrive time., and if you’re out there listening and you’re saying, I’m getting all excited here, but I need someone to help me with my accounting. Well, I encourage you to put on the brakes. Go on over to [inaudible] dot com and schedule a free consultation. They’re going to give you a free copy of Warren Buffett’s only authorized biography, a book called snowball, and you get a one hour free consultation with a CPA that can help you get your taxes and accounting in order. Well, without any further ado, here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.


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