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How many people wake up every day with a burning desire to pay you and to help you achieve financially? If you are looking for the cavalry or the reinforcements to come and encourage you, you are going to be waiting along time because they aren’t coming…

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” – Andrew Carnegie

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets measured gets improved.” – Peter Drucker

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Begin with the end in mind.” – Stephen Covey

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You need to overcome the tug of people against you as you reach for high goals.” – George Patton






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Good morning, country. My name is Clay Clark. I am the former US SBA entrepreneur of the year and current business coaching. What was that? Yes, I am the former us if ba entrepreneur of the year.

Yeah. Was with Oral Roberts University and I found myself no longer go to oral Roberts University at the result of math. They’ll mythology that Richard Roberts didn’t think with super great about his sale and his Fatima built to leave and I thought to myself, I have to be even so I was kicked out of [email protected].

That did well. I’m sold a debit business. Started a business called pretty perfect. It’s now called party pro. A epic photography fears and Clark Realty Group. Make your life epic. Epic Marketing and consulting, elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge, et cetera, et Cetera, et cetera. Now Paul Hood is a CPA who has thousands of clients all over the Tulsa area, just like you were talking about, Clara Moore, Bartlesville Tulsa. Uh, he’s serving thousands of clients just like you. And the reason why we take time out of our schedule every week is because we want to help you. And so today’s title, today’s topic is going to sound harsh. It’s going to seem mean, um, because it is both harsh and mean, but it’s meaning to help you, but it is mean, but it’s meeting to help you. So here’s Today’s show title and, uh, I’m going to give it to you.

Hey baby alive, baby alive and get ready. Get some duct tape out, chuck. Take your head, get ready, get a pillow brace for impact. Get a seatbelt, put a helmet on.

No one cares, which is why you must. Today’s title is no one cares. Nobody cares. You’re life is not a Disney movie. Nobody cares if you have success. Nobody cares if you don’t. Nobody cares. Now I happen to believe, and in Jesus Christ, that’s my business coaching worldview. I believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible. If you don’t not banging on your, all I’m saying is that nobody cares on the planet earth that I know about, so I’m going to just give you an example of my life and I want Paul to break this down. Think about this. How many people wake up today? How many people woke up to, how many people woke up today with a burning desire to pay you and to help you achieve financially? How many people woke up today and said, Paul, are you waking up? It’s time to work out.

Paul. How many people say, Sean, are you saving money? This is Sean. I don’t know who you are as a church and I just feel this desire to call this number and never call this number, or do you. Are you sean? Sean? Yes, I am your friend, Angel Guy, and I just feel inspired to remind you to set goals. This has never happened ever. Andrew. Andrew. Hey, I just wanted to call you real quick. Hey, I know you’re newly married, this is your not your angel, just your neighbor Darin appear and Kieffer and I wanted to see are you doing a good job saving money? Are you. I mean, are you just have never met you before? I just feel the need to encourage you. Does that ever happened? Never happened. Actually Paul, it doesn’t happen.

No. Hey, I’ve got a great story teller. I had this. He came, he heard us on the radio and he came in for his hour of power for free to come in and ask some questions.

I want my story music real quick so you can check, you can show the story and you have all the time you need. I told the story of music to set the tonality, right?

That’s what we got. Okay, continue. So here’s the story I about had the lap. So this is young guy. He’s 21 years old, he’s coming into me and he says Paul. So I’m trying to set goals and I’m saving. I’m going to college at the same time and I’m saving $250 a week. A thousand dollars a month at 21. Yes. And here’s the funny part of the story. He said, I’ve got an older brother. My older brother’s a doctor. My older brother’s advice financially is a stop, saving and enjoy life. He literally advised his younger brother, planning for the future to quit being proactive to saving. This guy’s a doctor.

Uh, well, uh, this just in from the spirit of Harry Carey, the former announcer for the Chicago cubs.

Not a move, bro. It’s a movement. I said you ignore that. And then I, I told him to go to Dave Ramsey study about the 2:18 year olds that save and one of them started at 18 and say for 10 years and the other one waited until he was waited to those 10 years, but say for 30 years, the 18 year old that started saving early, had more money at retirement

construction on this pool. Why don’t we invite this doctor over so we can see the pool that I pulled out of my ace after not having saved any money?

That’s exactly right. I told him, go show her your brother that and slap him in the face and say business, but literally that’s the advice this young man got from his quote unquote successful brother is don’t plan. Don’t say enjoy life while you got it.

What if, if if you’re, if his brother, whoever it is, isn’t it? If this doctor not available to help you with your financial planning needs and hood Cpas, is not available to help you with your financial needs, I would recommend that you call this guy or we have an audio clip from one of our listeners out there who is available to coach any of the listeners financially. Should the doctor not be available and should Paul Hood with CPA’s not be available. This is the odd. He called it in. I said, listen, we’ve got we’ve to, we’ve showed to do here, so I’m going to have to let you go, but we recorded the call. This is what? This is a plan. This is plan and see you got the a team in life. A team is Paul Hood. He’ll help you plan financially. The bd team is this Dr. Guy who encouraged us not to save and the C business coaching team should that Dr. be available. This man is available for you and here. Here was his advice earlier today to a member of the hood nation who could not reach Paul or the plan b. This is the c team of financial advice.

Lot of pressure. You got to rise above it. You’ve got a harness and the good energy warrant out the bat harness energy block that feel the flow happy. Feel it. It’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse. It goes up and down and around. Circular Circle with the music, the flow, all good things.

So we’re talking today about the concept that no one cares. I mean, if you’re out there listening, I want you to. I want you to write down the following words, the following words, and I’ll give you some time to write them down. So let me get some music read because I don’t have to be like this pressure, this tension where it’s

pressure to write down the words. Here’s the words. You should.

Smart goals. Write down the phrase smart goals, how you spell it.

Of course.

Oh, nice. I know the next Gen Z. No.

Okay, so now here’s what you did. And then another next words. Write down our specific, specific, measurable, Measurable,


You go to fast, actionable, realistic.

What’d you say? I don’t understand. Realistic. Thank you. Have you say it three times? Why you say it three times final. Timely. Finally. Timely. Right on. Timely, timely. Should I write it down now?

No. Later? Yes. Write it down timely. All right, so specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, timely. Paul, when you’re setting a big goal for your family, your faith, your finances, your fitness, your friendships, and your fun, why do you have to make sure they are specific?

Well, specific is it means you can actually focus on it. When you come in and say, what’s your goal? I want to be. I want to be happy. Okay, well what does that mean? When he be happy, I want to be happy. Does that mean you. I don’t want bronchitis. Who knows what the crap, you know? I don’t want to die

in a plane crash. I don’t know. Specific goal would be I want to be able to enjoy my family by spending time a. You maybe only working three days a week by the time I’m 45 or 55. That’s specific saying, I want to be happy. You can’t. You can’t. That’s the first step because if it’s not specific, you can’t measure it. I help a lot of entrepreneurs do this and this is how I would encourage all the business coaching listeners to do this. I would get out a calendar that has Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I know the next part, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Get out your calendar and Shauna one, I want you to kind of break down why you feel like this would be an important idea. Get out your calendar and then on your calendar scheduled time, block it into your calendar for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendships, and your fun.

And then in, in, in, in each block, write down how much money it costs. So as an example, Friday nights I tend to take my daughters, are the kids on dates. If we do that, we go on a date on Friday. Uh, so we went to Dave and busters yesterday and it was $40. Forty $2, I’m sorry for the tokens for the girls, the twins. And then for my meal it was like 26 bucks plus a tip. So we’ll call it 100 bucks. But it’s in the calendar and I have it blocked off with the time, but I know what it costs and I have for every hour of my day I have the blocks. I block out my schedule. I make my schedule for my faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship, fun. I want to get your take on that. Sean. Why does it, why does it mean you could read all these self help books, but why do you have to actually get a calendar and block out time?

Well, uh, I go back to Napoleon Hill and he says that 95 percent of people are drifting aimlessly through life with no definite chief aim or purpose and not even, uh, the knowledge that they would need one. So if you are one of the five percent of people who actually wants to accomplish things and has written goals down, the next logical step that is to figure out when it’s gonna happen and how much it’s gonna cost you and you know, put constraints on that very specific time blocks in the calendar so that you can see and know ahead of time what it is that you need to do to actually achieve those goals on a weekly and daily basis. This isn’t some material out in the future thing. It’s like it has to come down to now. Now, Paul Hood, Andrew Carnegie, the, uh, the man who grew up started, we started working age 13, age 12 to support his family, went on to become the world’s wealthiest man. He writes, if you want to be happy, you set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes. Why does that calendar have to be inspirational and why does it have to be filled with things you actually want to do, Paul?

Well, you got to be motivated. Oh, and actually that’s wrong. I mean, people think that you have to be motivated, you have to be inspired before you take action, but the reality is is if you will be specific and you have it written down, you can create. You can create action, which then will lead to motivation. Instead of just getting up in the morning and saying, what do I want to do today? Oh, I’m not motivated, I’m going to go back to sleep. If you’ve got a preplanned, what you’re going to do, whether you’re motivated or not, you take action, which then starts the motivation. So if you’ve got those that if you’ve got those specific goals written down in that task that you’re going to do, you don’t have to be motivated and you’re taking steps towards your goal.

You know, Paul, according to the Federal Federal Reserve, the average American has less than $400 saved regardless of income or age. The average American has less than $400 saved regardless of income or age. And so recently, um, Paul was asked to give a commencement address at a school, we won’t disclose the name of the school and, and Paul wasn’t available and so they thought we’ll just go alphabetically in the high school yearbook and we’ll just call the next guy. And so they look for Paul Hood. The next guy wasn’t available. They just keep going alphabetically. And because statistically it is probable that according to Forbes, 70 percent of people hate their jobs in the average American has less than $400 saved there. They’re taking a gamble because they could have booked anybody. I mean, if you’re just going alphabetically through the yearbook trying to find someone to give the commencement address, it could get crazy.

Well, long story short, they settled on a speaker. There was a few names down from yours in the yearbook and this is what he had to say to the high school graduating class. He’d been out of High School for about 20, about 32 years. And he just, he never set smart goals. He never set specific goals, measurable goals, actionable goals, realistic goals, timely goals, and he just found himself at the age of 50 1:52, about 50 pounds overweight, about $50 overdrafted. And uh, this is what he had to say to the commencement address. It got a little business coaching awkward, but, uh, we have a little audio of what he said to the graduating class of a poll. What high school did you graduate from there? Bartlesville Highschool. Nineteen 85. And apparently after the commencement address they asked him to be like the plan b commencement guys. This is after the actual commencement address. Most people had gone home and he held up a he. He said, hey, if you’re looking for a plan b commencement address, if you weren’t wowed by that one, I’d like to meet you guys in the cafeteria to give my pep talk. And so this is a plan c commencement address delivered after the commencement address at Paul hodes high school. And we have audio from a random person who is not setting specific goals in their life. This is what he had to say to a group of 18 year old, soon to be graduates.

Are you? Kids are probably saying to yourselves, Hey, I’m going to go out and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around and put it in my pocket. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably gonna. Find out as you go out there that you’re not going to amount to Jack Squat.

Not so harsh, but it’s true. It is rough. So if you’re not intentional about planning your goals, you’re probably not going to amount to Jack Squat. You heard it here. If you want to be proactive about your life and your finances, go to hood CPAS. Com today. That’s [inaudible] CPAS DOT com. To schedule your one on one consultation with Tulsa’s number one CPA in every way. That’s hood CPAS

DOT com. Make it tip. Fitness is dominate because I’ve got bad news. I don’t take you. Talk about me. I can take that up. That up. Scoreboards, my Gilda. Show forced back. I wasn’t young.


Oh, you have a location in Bartlesville. I do one in Claremore. Yes, one in Tulsa, the Sir you have thousands of clients and we’re talking today about setting smart goals. Before we get back into today’s training, can you share with us how you, uh, grew from the very beginning to where you are now? I mean, did you just drift into the acquisition of multiple accounting practices? Did you just wake up one day and think to yourself, well, there are the Doritos and there’s an accounting practice that I own. I will just go there instead of it. And I mean, did what, how did you, how did you go because you grew up poor, did you not? I mean, you grew up poor, right?

I did single mom, she worked two, three jobs, worked all the time, had to help take care of my brothers, you know, if you ask people that have known me from back then it’s luck, you know? Yeah. I just kind of fell into it. No, I worked my tail off and was very deliberate in what I did. And I actually grew through acquisition play. Um, I looked for opportunities in my field and, and today the average CPA clay is almost 70 years old. They have no transition plan and this is not a dating show, but if it was a dating show, you’re saying that he asked you out there listening right now, the average DPA, 70 years old, it’s hot, the effect is broke. They can’t see you, they have no idea what you look like. You could pretend to be whatever. You could put a photo up there from 20 years ago on your account and you won’t even know whether you were the real deal or not. I mean, you, if you’re out there and you a 65 year old lady and you’re looking for a 50 year old man who might not be able to hear what you’re saying. I mean that could help your relationship. I mean, he couldn’t even hear you if you open said he won’t even know. Okay. Sorry. Back to you. Yeah.

Well, you know, you look for opportunities and the opportunity is. The reality is is most people in America were even including CPAS, are trained to be good technician, so they’ve got a good business, but they’re working their tail off, so you’ll six, seven days a week. They don’t understand the principles of scaling. They don’t understand the principles of, of leveraging time and leveraging people leveraging money. And so I’ve learned these things, not from college clay, not from my friends, not from my business coaching family, but I’ve learned a lot through acquisition and I’ve at what they did would study what they did. I would integrate their practice into my practice and, and it allowed me to grow to about six, seven times what the average firm that has the number of partners that I have. Then I met you. And so you are teaching me how to go from successful to systematic held a scale. And so we’ve grown through acquisition. Um, and uh, it’s been, it’s so far so great. Rolled in in. The exciting thing is clay. It’s unlimited, but you know what I believe in life. Anybody can be successful. They just have to figure out. They have to have the desired. Then they have to be able to be willing to put the effort in and that’s what we do. That’s what I love what I do. Getting up every morning and night. My job is to help other people become successful.

This is not a political show, but do you think even Republicans can be successful?

It’s uh, yeah. I, you know, most of them. I think there’s a few I’ve met

probably can’t. Just, just curious. I want to get that out there. I want to make sure that. What about, what about Democrats can even Democrats.

I’m going to just kind of hold my tongue on that one.

What about, what about any of the 70 old accountants out there listening right now? I’m just kidding. Okay, so now we’re going to talk about sex specific goals, specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely goals. A Peter Drucker, the legendary management expert rights. What gets measured gets improved. A Stephen Covey, a best selling author, writes begin with the end in mind that my favorite, notable quotable I want to break down in this segment is from George Patton. Uh, this guy was a legendary military leader. He writes, you need to overcome the tug of people against you as you reach for high goals, and so he would have jason on today’s show. Jason is these super manager of the elephant in the room, which means he manages three locations. And so, Jason, I want to read this notable quotable to you one more time and I’ll kind of read it in sort of a metaphysical kind of way so you can really just soak it up. I don’t have you break it down, what it means to you and how it relates to what you’re going through right now. Here we go to the tug of people against you as you reach full high goals.

Okay, so Jason, well, how I break that down is the quote that I always hear is your network is your net worth. And with me having to manage three locations, my day starts out, I get up at four or 4:30, I go to a meeting at six and then I’m not scheduled to work at until nine, but there are things that I know I can get done. So I go in at 7:30. Having that huge gap of time in my morning takes away from, I don’t know, social interactions, anything like that. Then I’m at work until about five, 5:30, and then there’s free time. In the meantime, I have people who will either try to call or text or email. I want to get my attention, but I know that if I want to potentially move up to franchise sales in the future is I need to be sticking to actionable goals. And so what I do is I stick to my routine. I get up at four, 4:30. I go in and get my stuff knocked out and I cut out any type of distraction that’s gonna. Keep me from getting to where

I want to go. And this is the thing we did today. We were talking because I have to go to Denver here and I’m just a few words, would be like two weeks or so. We’re going to finish our franchise disclosure documents. Then we’ll start selling franchises for elephant in the room. It’s been out almost a six and a half year journey. And uh, my partner John Barnett says, Hey, you know, when the franchisees fly to Tulsa for discovery day to decide whether they want to buy an elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge, a lot of people want to get financial freedom and time freedom and they’re just looking for a business they can buy just like you did with your accounting practice where you can acquire a lot of people want to buy a business. And a John Kelly said, Jason’s perfect. He’d be great, he’d be great.

And there’s a commission that, that goes to the person who’s, who’s leading those discovery days. Um, my wife, separate conversation, she says, oh, Jason will be perfect. But these are like unprompted, separate conversations that are happening. Um, so I heard my wife say it, I heard I heard. And then it was, I was asked to me again, was asked, hey, do you think that Jason will be a good fit? I’m like, absolutely, but I don’t say that because, uh, Jason’s background, his skin color has family relationships. I don’t say it because of anybody he knows. I say it because of the kind of character that he brings to the workplace each and every day, but Jason talks to me about the tug of people against you when you went from being one of the employees to becoming a manager. I know none of the people now that you work with ever pretend to call in sick or ever play little games with scheduling or try to create drama, but the business coaching people in the past that you use to manage, you manage a lot of people. Man. Tell. Talk to me about how crazy it can get during the day if you’re not careful. Oh, it gets nuts. A case in point yesterday we had two people call out automatically. We had too many employees scheduled at one location, so we had to try and shift that around people calling in late. Clients coming in late, but you just have to kind of, you know, put your big boy pants on and handle it. And it happens everyday, every day. Can we talk about crabs? You know, can we talk about crabs perhaps? Yeah. I’m a fan of crustaceans. I love the recto skeletons. It’s amazing.

So there there’s a story in, in Jason, you might comment on this. There’s a story that with crab people like other, I don’t know if they’re called fishermen, that the people that catch crabs walk up crappy, but yeah. Yeah. So if you’ve got a basket and you put one crab in it, you got to put a lid on it, but if you put a second crab, you can take the lid off because every time one crab tries to climb out, another crab will reach up and grab it and pull it back down.

Yeah, this is true. It is true. And so that’s what that’s. Have you had that, you know, if you have, you had people, what are you working so hard? You really need to enjoy life, quit saving, quit putting in effort, you know, they try to pull you back down. Have you experienced that? Oh absolutely.

And in my younger days I thought, Oh, you know, I really do want to enjoy the time that I have. I want to have some time freedom. I just want to have fun, but I didn’t realize that fun has to be earned, like you have to plan for fun and it can’t just be spontaneous and so now it comes to the point where people are like, Oh hey, let’s go on this extended vacation just for the fun of it and like, well, that’s not actionable.

That doesn’t feed into my goals. If I work a couple months longer, a couple more hours just grind. I know that eventually I’ll be able to take that extended time and nothing to worry about. The security crabs, trying to find good footage of crabs pulling each other down. A fascinating what you can find here, but  it’s weird. They attack each other. They pull each other down. You say, does crabs are weird? Crabs are nicer than humans though, like Kim, but you know, humans are more intentional about pulling each other down and the cramps. I think so too. Zig Ziglar said, if you do today what others won’t, you’ll be able to do tomorrow with others can’t and that is a. I read that one.

Well wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Let me, let me just grab my grey matter. Duct tape, duct tape my head back together. Okay. Will you repeat that one more time? That blew my mind.

Sure. If you do today, what others will not, you can do tomorrow. What others can not. I think I get it one more time please. I’m trying to really understand it. If you do today, what others will not, you can do tomorrow. What others cannot. Ziegler. Oh, the Zz, Zz top. That’s some good stuff there, but it’s true. You know, those are. Those aren’t just words. If you and I don’t care what whether you’re trying to play catch. If you’re in high school and you want to play college football, you’ll, some people you know, you can have success through just God given talent through being lucky or hard work. The point is anybody can have success. Quit making excuses. There is, there are no valid excuses. Do what you gotta do. I mean, I’ve seen people with no legs on, on, on, uh, on the facebook that ran marathons.

Thinking about this next week, we’re going to be interviewing Phil Pressey, a guy who’s played in the NBA for three seasons. He’s now, we’ll be trying out the Oklahoma City thunder for tryout number two. They asked him to come in and work out. He’s definitely not six feet tall. He’s a good friend of mine. It looks like he has a very legit shot of being the backup point guard for the, uh, the Oklahoma City thunder this year. Awesome. And then we have Jim Stovall, a man who went blind and then became a multimillionaire. So Jim stovall will be on the show next week. And uh, he went blind and then he became a multimillionaire. So if you want to catch that podcast, go to thrive time But if you want to get a business coaching free book, I mean, how many people out there want to get a free book? That’s a good book. You know, Warren Buffet only has one authorized biography. He’s only authorized the writing of one book about his life. And that book is called snowball. And if you don’t get a free copy of Warren Buffett’s only authorized book, snowball and a free consultation with Paul Hoods, you can become proactive about your finances. Go to hood CPAS DOT com. That’s [inaudible] dot com. And schedule your one on one consultation with Tulsa accounting sensation Paul Hood. Get the book, get the [email protected].


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