No One Respects a Lazy, Late, Un-Disciplined and Ignorant Boss – How to Inspire Your Team – A Knowledge Bomb

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Discover Napoleon Hill’s 11 Attributes of all Successful Leaders. Learning how to become an inspirational leader.

1) Unwavering Courage

2) Self-Control

FUN FACT – “Past statistics have shown that in the U.S. 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.” –

FUN FACT – “78 percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner.” – 5 Myths About Cheating

FUN FACT – “75% of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.” –

FUN FACT – “9.4 percent of the population—had used an illicit drug in the past month.” –

FACT – “4 to 6 million people, would be considered problem gamblers, people whose gambling affects their everyday lives.” –

FACT – “One in eight American adults is an alcoholic.” –

FACT – The average American watches 5 hours of TV per day. –

FACT – “ The average American spends will spend more than five years of your life on social media.”


FACT – “Facebook has 50 minutes of your time each day.” –

FACT – New research found that our memory capacity, ability to process data, and general intelligence improves significantly when our smartphone is completely out of sight — in a bag or another room altogether. Think that turning it on silent, face down, will remedy the problem? Nope. The mere sight of the phone diminishes your cognitive resources.  

Here’s another disturbing stat: This tally seems to increase daily, but by one study’s count, the typical smartphone user interacts with their phone around 85 times per day. And this often includes middle-of-the-night checks for work emails and new “likes.” –

3) A Keen Sense Of Justice

4) Definiteness of Decision

5) Definiteness of Plans

6) The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For

7) A Pleasing Personality

8) Sympathy and Understanding

9) Mastery of Detail

R.U. Darby Story –

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10) Willingness to Assume Full Responsibility

  1. Believe
  2. Listen
  3. Answer
  4. Satisfy/Solve
  5. Trust

11) Co-operation

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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and your podcast download. Now on today’s show, what we’re doing is we’re teaching you a, it’s another edition of, of what we call the knowledge bombs. Now the knowledge bombs or 10 minute segments, uh, we try to make them 10 minutes. I think the last one was 30 minutes, but it’s a 10 minute segments, like 30 to 32 minutes. It’s a show where we break down something that I’ve noticed as a business coach and a business owner during the week that I feel like everyone should know and I try to teach it and a, and a very succinct format. So I try to give you a notable quotable, a story and action items so you can immediately apply this in your life and business. And we had a thriver out there by the name of claire who sent us an email asking us a question there. Chuck, can you read the question from Claire? I’m a member of the thrive community.

Claire says, when a client wants to inspire their team, but they don’t know how, what are some suggestions for a good starting point? Suggestions for continual learning or growth for a client. All right. We’ll Napoleon hill spent his entire life researching why some companies fail and why other companies succeed. He was commissioned to do so in 19. Oh, eight by the world’s wealthiest man, Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie said, Mr. Napoleon Hill, will you write a book teaching the world how to become successful, if you will. I will give you the golden key access behind the scenes vip access to me, my life, and all my companies. Napoleon Hill said yes. He then was introduced to Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, to re William Wrigley to the people of the time who were the leaders. Napoleon hill was the speech writer. Guys think about this. Napoleon hill was the coach for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president of the most powerful country in the world.

Napoleon Hill was the coach. He was the coach for Oral Roberts University, and so he distilled. There are 11 reasons why people will follow their boss. This is why the boss must recruit people. This is why the boss must recruit people. Okay? This is why the boss is the lightening rod that attracts the people. Lighting rod attracts lightning. Okay? Benjamin Franklin created that thing. You put it on top of your house. When a storm comes, the lightning hits the Rod, not your house. That’s the idea. The lightening is the employees are attracted to the lightning rod. They want to be around somebody who has these 11 traits. Yes, so I want you to do during the show, as you’re listening, I want you to write down each trait and if you are terrible at it or great at it, you should know. So want you to rate yourself on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the best, one being the worst on each of these areas, right?

So I am going to have Eric Reid, the notable quotable. I’m going to have John explained what he believed. This means from his perspective as the man who runs the operations for the thrive time show. And then I’m going to pontificate with little Monday morning quarterbacking on each and every point. So Eric Chubb, please read the first attribute of all successful leaders who inspire their team on a day to day basis. The first one on the list would be unwavering courage. John, what, what? When you hear the phrase unwavering courage, what does that, what does it look like for you? Unwavering courage. Well, you just have to have confidence in knowing where you’re going. So you as the leader have to know this is where I’m taking the company and you either share the vision or you don’t. And so if you hire people that share your vision that you have to have that courage every single day to go towards that big goal that you cast for them.

So as an example of that, I decided today to not work with a cannabis dispensary. Yet again, true, uh, the other day, yet again, had a client reach out to us who’s completely is it to potential client completely out of his mind and willing to pay, uses dad’s money to start a business that at no point could possibly work. And I said, can’t do it, so what do you mean you can’t do? You’re a coaching program. I was like, it’s just not a good fit. It’s. I know where I’m going and therefore people want to follow someone who knows what they’re going. Nobody wants to follow someone who doesn’t know where they’re going. Right? Period. Self control is the next attributes. Shop. I want to get your take on this. Why? Why will employees not work for a boss who can’t show up on time, can’t do their homework, can’t get that crap done.

Why will they not work for someone who cannot get their crap together? Because, well, think about it. Who would write if you can’t show up on time, you can’t control yourself to make better decisions the night before. What other things are you doing in your life? Is it any wonder that people in Communist countries, they have to build walls around communist countries to keep the people in plain and in free countries, they build. A lot of times they build walls to keep people out. That even though someone has the title of dictator Supreme Leader, no one likes Kim. That is a great, great example. I have a client, is a good client, great client to have a growing business, great heart, but I know for a fact that before working for working with us and trying to grow their business, I’m not gonna mention their name right now, but they lacked in this department right here and he told me a story a few months ago that before he started with a program, every day when his team would show up for work, he felt like he needed to lock the door behind them to keep them in because he was so scared that they were going to quit and what he realized after coming to a conference and after meeting all the other people there that it was.

It was his fault. He was not showing up early. He was not planning. Their Day was showing up to craziness so everybody wanted to quit, but that was so funny that you mentioned that like building a wall. He would literally lock the door to keep the employees in. I want to get John’s take on this before I really bring the room down with some really, really negative but true facts. John. I was just going to say, if you want to hire superstars that are going to help grow your company, those people are not going to work for somebody that’s continually late or lazy or can’t do their job. So like how are you going to hold them accountable for something that you, yourself cannot do. It just, I’m telling you, it just freaks people out. We’ve seen this so many times. I remember John One, one meeting, I don’t remember this, but we had a meeting working with a client and the client should have like 30 minutes late to their staff meeting, which by the way, you just don’t do that.

Everyone’s made a mistake and if you do your own it, but this is like the normal pattern. It’s almost like, hey, what time are we gonna? Start this meeting today. And the guy begins going on a rant about how he is the Kim Jong Boone of the business. True story and I’m not kidding. And he was actually advocating that Kim Jong Boone had total control and that if you don’t want to be here, uh, he’s the Kim Jong Un, he actually cited Kim Jong Goon as an example of what good leadership looks like before then really taking the meeting to a next level and advocating and advocating. Having an extramarital affair and respect is like what in the world, like you’ve been watching too many like g unit themed movies. You got to stop doing that. So now I’m going to give everybody out there, uh, the reasons why most people are out of control. So if you’re listening right now and you say, well, this doesn’t apply to me, that’s fine. You can skip right ahead. But if maybe you want to circle one of these right? One of these done according to psychology today, 50 percent of marriages end end in a divorce. If you have a divorce life tip for you, you will lose half of your money.

Really? Wow. That was deep. How much money do I lose? Will actually courts usually rule and behalf of the female. So if you’re a male author, you probably lose over half, so if you can keep a happy home, do it. The next 78 percent of men interviewed by Washington Post admit to cheating on their current partner. So if he can’t keep it in your pants, you’re going to learn a new little dance routine called. This is me being broke. This is me. It’s called the baroque dance. What if you wear a kilt? Still got the baroque dance. Hmm. If you have a kilt, you don’t want to fall on people, that’s a huge issue. Or do you? Okay, you might kill them. So this is your stats here though. Seventy five percent of employees steal from the workplace. John, how many times have you seen a business owner that you’ve met?

We met with them. We could use to shadow me. Before you manage the team, you were part of the whole process where you’ll see a business owner openly admit. They’ll say, hey, I got a bad review on Google and I haven’t really fulfilled the job. I kind of technically took their money and ran, but what’s the best way to bury it in Google have mean how many times have you seen or I’m not an actual doctor, but what’s the best way to bury my. My record, my non. We have a guy who do. The guy was not a doctor telling people he is a doctor and he asked us. He asked us, this guy was based in Florida and he says, how can we hide my resume? I mean, that’s a real. That’s a real. It had bad reviews on Angie’s list. Can you get rid of those for me?

Call Angie it out. Nine point four percent of the American population. This is all in the show notes. Point four percent of the American population. One out of 10 people that your kids one at a 10 people that your kids. No one at a 10. One of your kids have friends. Their parents. One, a 10 of them is on drugs. Nine point four percent of the American population is on elicit drugs, but that’s good because it’s better than the 78 percent of people that are cheating on their spouses or the 75 percent of people that steal from the workplace. Wow. This is a really positive. It’s uplifting. Oh, artifacts. Offensive. I didn’t realize the facts were offensive. Oh, okay. Now four to 6 million people in America are daily problem gamblers. They just gambled. I shared the story on a previous show, but I was driving to our downtown office.

I drove to our downtown office and back from our riverwalk office is probably a year ago to grab something and I’m driving back. I was getting like a decorative frame. I was picking up my last bit of the stuff from our downtown office is probably about two years ago. Time flies, but I’d been. I was driving back and forth picking my last of my stuff and I saw two of our clients that vehicles, their vans were parked there at the casino and these guys are like, our cards not gone through it. We just can’t afford it, and the guy comes in for his meeting late by about 20 minutes he throws down his keys in on it. He’s got like receipts from the casino with his lunch he had or something. And his wife called and said, hey, it’s such and such there. Um, I didn’t know if he’d made the meeting.

I was worried. It looks like someone’s using our card at the casino. So. So I bring up in the meeting to the guys at, Hey, your wife called Warren to nose. Looks like someone’s using a company card at the casino. What’s going to say I, I listen. That’s my business aggressive. What’s in it? This is the guy that also can’t keep employees. I have no problem keeping employees. One in eight Americans drink during the day. One of the eight Americans is an alcoholic. When innovate, did you know the average American watches five hours of TV per day? That is mind boggling. I did. You know that the average American now spends 50 minutes a day on just facebook 50. Again, mind boggling. Yeah, we suck. I know people that actually have. Well, one guy talked to a client that helped him dramatically. This guy said, he goes, my biggest breakthrough is I used to watch netflix through like, what do you mean through?

He’s like, well, I used to watch it and then the move that acute up next, I’d watch that and to move that kid up next. I’d watched that and so like you telling me just to stay off Netflix like I got like three hours a night back. That’s a true story. So the next leadership trait, to keep people to inspire people, you have to have a keen sense of justice. What does that mean to you? Chip? That means that you no right or wrong and you reward right and you discouraged wrong within your garden of Zen and with if you never stopped doing a group interview and you never stopped advertising, it’s very easy to fire bad clients sets into fire, bad employees. That is so huge. If you don’t, if you, if you don’t have enough leads coming in, it’s very high to be high and mighty about your values when you can’t fire a client because you can’t afford to take every single one.

Right? So again, keen sense of justice group interview and the Grit and an ongoing marketing. We’ll fix that for you. Move for definite is a decision. John, why can you not work for someone who constantly vacillates with the decision making process? Well, it just means that you don’t know your clear goal, so like we keep talking about this where if you know where you’re going and the company’s going, then you can decide things much like if that’s your north star, then it’s so much easier on a day to day basis on a decision to decision basis to say yes or no, right or wrong, et cetera. Move number five, this is character trait number five of all successful leaders. They have a definite plans. Chuck, why does it freak people out to work for a boss who changes their plan? Right? Talking about their decisions. Now we’re talking about their, their comprehensive plan have like a one year plan, but it changes every week, so one year plan every week there’s a new rollout is an idea of the week.

Well, when you’ve got a players and B players, they’re planning their lives around their work, so they’re trying to follow that plan that you have going and when you’re going from eight in the office to Canada. Here we go. I’ll take her down there. Or Oklahoma hate. By the way, this morning, new update. Did you guys get the memo? We’re moving to Cincinnati. Exactly. Now my wife and I will be working together closely or you’ll never see her again. I don’t know. Who knows Jamar? That doesn’t mean you can’t pin it within your business. I don’t want people to take daily. Crazy. That’s crazy. That’s right. You’ve got to make the plan and then stick to the plan. Plan your work and then work your plan. Character attribute number six, successful entrepreneurs, successful leaders, people that can inspire people. They have the habit of doing more than paid for.

They have the habit of doing more than they were paid for. They personally have the habit and then their team echoes. Yeah. What if you are the kind of boss that always screws people, your team Echos in? Oh No. So why can’t you work for a boss that always seems to miss that? You know, every day they have like a 9:00 AM meeting and they just can’t make it because something came up. Why cannot not work there, John, when we have a boss who has a 9:00 AM meeting and it’s all staff meeting, it’s very important. Everyone’s there and he just can’t make it. He’s running behind. He just, he just can’t do it. Well, if you just Karl Malone it so you know, mail it in the mail man. Yeah. Thank you joe. Which is the irony because Karl Malone really nailed. Never mailed it in the mail. Man.

He was known as the mailman. Fine. But I’m just saying it’s an irony that the male 9 million in works on multiple levels so that we could actually spend 20 minutes digesting this, but anyway, but he’d been in podcast. Yeah. You just have to, you just have to know where you’re going. You have to know how to inspire your team, you have to have like a plan for everybody. So if you’re just changing your plan on a weekly basis, then your team doesn’t have a plan so they don’t know, like, because their whole goal is to follow you. Right. So you’re the business owner, you’re the visionary, you’re the founder. So they came on board because of you. And so if you’re changing your plane all the time, they don’t like it breaks the brain that cannot handle that. And I try not to change our plan more than about once a year.

But I think every time I do John, when I have like an adjustment, I think I watch your head go quiet. Cause it’s like I try not to ever really. But I understand in my mind I tried to ever announce our plan until I really thought through it, you know? And uh, I told you today about the Puerto Rico move. Yep. And uh, so I’ve been thinking about that for probably four months, you know, and it was because we were having John Lee Dumas on the podcast who’s on our list of dream 100, so we have put them on the list. Yup. And I thought, you know, John Lee Dumas moved to Puerto Rico because of the tax savings tons and uh, you can reduce your tax rate to five percent by moving to Puerto Rico. And I love his hustle and I thought, you know, I’m going to look into why he did that.

Really spend a lot of time investing into that idea and uh, talk to my, my wife. And she was like, I’d be interested. I go, what? Because normally it’s like an immediate shutdown. So I. So then I thought, you know, let’s just book a trip and when does it slow down for us? Why don’t we go during this time? So again, if we did decide to operate at a Puerto Rico with the business, I don’t want it to like, shock anybody. Like I don’t have to shock you that like, wow, we have a Puerto Rico office. But it needs to be like, hey, this is what we’re thinking about, but I had to go through it in my head and really resolve it before bringing it up because it freaks people out. If you have an idea every day, and I just want you to know, I betted that idea around in my head for probably four months before speaking of it today, I just say that like if, if your team knows where you’re going, then so much more.

It’s so much easier for them to overdeliver on a day to day basis because they know the goal. So it’s now a common goal, right? So now they’re going to do more than what they’re paid for it that this is a good thing to this. Number six, you had a habit of doing more than paid for this. Enacts the law of reciprocity. So with your team, if you’re doing more for your team, right? If, if, if you train your team to do more than they’re paid for, then the client will refer you. So it’s actually kind of a selfish move. Now the next move, and I agree with that, the next move is a pleasing personality and I would just like to praise John on the today’s show. I think this is the area of John that improved the most since having worked here. I think that’s the most is you have actually been very intentional about like trying to be likable and you’ve never been an unlikable guy, but you’re focused so people can perceive you as being antisocial because you’re focused.

You know when you’re focused, you got headphones on, you’re working. People perceive you as being unlikable, so you found the ability to set boundaries and allow yourself to stay focused. But to let people know, hey, if you have a question, come to me and he’s grown into a management role where he can hold people accountable and still have them like that. Like him. And that’s a hard thing to do. John, I want to get your take on developing a pleasing personality with the team and how intentional you’ve been about doing that. Yeah. It’s all about knowing their goals. You know, so like they’re like your employee’s individual. So every single person that you employ is going to have a very specific goal that they’re working towards, right? And so the reason why they came to you and they decided to be your employee is because they view you as a way to reach those goals. And so you as the manager, as the business owner, you have to be really intentional about saying, hey, I recognize those goals, I understand those goals. I’m going to help you get to those goals. And uh, like we as a company can grow together. Move Eight. Uh, again, I asked you the listener to rate yourself on a scale of one to 10 on these areas. And a character attribute number eight was the hardest for me.


To manage. It was the hardest for me to get better at. It was the one I used to rank myself the lowest. And by the way, I have read Napoleon Hill’s laws of success so many times, and every time I’d go through the book and I’d rate myself on these areas because I’m telling you, it’s so. It’s so important for you to know, for you to be aware of what everyone else knows. You have to know your weakness. You’ve got to know your Achilles heel. In my weakness number. Oh, Joe was sympathy and understanding. I repeat sympathy and understanding

the idea

that you could feel


because you’re happy. You have to break up with your boyfriend because he’s a socialist. Doesn’t make any sense to me, so I have broken up with many boyfriends, girlfriends. Oh, sorry. Chug, Chug, Chug, chug, Chug, chug. Let me. Let me. Let’s, let’s, let’s have a private conversation right now between you and the hundreds of thousands of listeners and John. Let’s just keep this private and the rules are always the same. I don’t want the listeners to share this with any more than just two or three people

and then the people that you refer to, I don’t want them to feel sorry. My phone to use job. I just, I just want to say you would fully intimate details of that Jacuzzi. Rhonda would you have done if you violated the truth and you have the world into your love, and I told people I would never disclose what you hit tried to do. I’m trying to say something fun with you. Have the whole time. I would know that’s what happened. I was out the hot tub, which is what you go to a local hotels circle.

Nobody interrupt for momentum of this story because it’s story is so good. It’s where you go to a local hotel and you go there and you pick a Hilton hotel, the Marriott and you show up there and you just been. You’ve been driving in your car listening to that fax the phone with you, been driving their new video. Kenny G, G and so you. You get out. You get out of that, that innate you have. Hey, what room are you staying in? Sometimes, but they only said that because you look like you, like you ain’t staying over time, you begin to master the fifth and you look like you’ll stay in there. You look at your care and you just follow somebody who’s walking into that hot tub, they got the security card and let them into that tool to area and you just download them and you just get in there and next thing you know, you’re in that hot tub and you won’t even stay in there.

You just swim in there. Once you do, then a lot of times if you get more bold than you start to attend a wedding, if you ain’t got it to 100 tables there, how do you know the bride? You think, how do you know the bride and you access official for them? Because then they’re like, no, no, that. I know the bride. We know we’ve. We’ve pumped it pointed. I was in the hot tub out there, hot tub and it’s you violated. They have in your health, but you liked when you said, hey dude, if you want, do you want a Vondra and neighbor when the deep end of the day do they do and I promised you that would never speak of that publicly

because I knew what you meant when you said, hey, do you want to rendezvous? And the deep to the pool, I know what you meant. And I said no, and you brought it up on the show, but seriously, sympathy and understanding this is the issue. I made it. I was dating a girl and relationship was going well and she brings up, hey, in order for us to move white, my dad’s not happy with you. And I said, why? He goes, well, my dad just doesn’t approve of your career choice. And I go, what do you mind? Career choices. I’m like 17. She says, well, do you want to become a dj? And I, by the way, at age 17 already had multiple guys working with me. We were grown. And uh, she’s like, he’s not impressed. He thinks it’s like a really tacky career. And I go, well, I don’t like your dad.

And she was like, but you didn’t have to, he has to like you for me to marry you, you. And I’m like, well then let’s not get married, Adios. Muchacho. And it was like the end of like a longterm thing if you want. Then in college I would always take girls on the date for one date and uh, you know, after one date I’d usually try to end it, you know, because it wasn’t a good fit. But it’s like in business, I see a lot of people like they get all emotional where they’d been dating this boyfriend or girlfriend for six months and now they live together and even they realize they’re married to or dating an idiot, you know, uh, dating and you’re dating an idiot by the way, if you marry an idiot and produce kids, that’s where it gets weird because then it’s like, what do you do? But if you’re dating an idiot, you still have time to bail out. But you seem like, well, we live together and you hear weird things like, well we share a closet. If we broke up, I don’t know what I would have shared a closet to chips, stomach, stomach, chuck.

Can I say something though for Real? I’m going to come in on the other side of this and I want to say yes. Obviously I agree with with this list here, but I think a lot of business owners and managers have too much sympathy and understanding and they let their team get away with too much because they like put their selves in their shoes, but if they were in their shoes, they will get the job done anyway and that’s why they’re the owner or manager and they said, don’t do that

on this list. There’s 11 things you need to circle the things you write down, the things that you struggle with the most. Rate yourself on a scale of one to 10, mastery of detail on minute 23 of this 10 minute podcast, Jonathan Kelly. I honestly feel like that is your. That’s my super power. Both of us focus and obsess about details. Would you agree that that is your superpower is obsessing about the details? Yeah, so you always had the quote, and you’ll have to say the exact quote where it’s like most people get bored but you bore down. Yeah, and it’s. I was trying to simplify the book mastery by Robert Greene where he explains that most people struggle with boredom when really they need to board down was the, did the teaching principal second, the great people, great people bore down average. People struggle with boredom. Yes. True. And so just like everybody struggles with the new idea, you know, we’ve talked about this on different podcasts and things, different knowledge bombs.

Everybody wants to focus on the new because it’s exciting. It’s awesome. Like, oh, let’s go focus on the new thing. I know like it’s so much, it’s harder, sure, but it’s so much more profitable to focus on the one thing that you’re really good at and just like focus on that and obsess about that and just become a mastery at that. One thing. The thing about details that I noticed with business owners and managers in general is you feel like you’re in such a hurry. There’s so many burning fires going on, but the mastering the details, it really doesn’t take that long and it requires meditation, right man, and it’s like the extra five minutes, right? You’re working on something for 45 minutes and then you stop short of naming it correctly for the extra 35 seconds that it would take. So if you take the extra two minutes to extra three minutes to do the job correctly and master the details down the line, it will be of so much value. So what’s the. What’s the story about the. The

gold mine where they actually stopped like five feet. We’ll have you read thinking grow rich. Napoleon Hill shares the story, but what happened was is there’s a guy named e Dot w Darby d a R, b, y cheply can put on the show notes, but what happened was the true story, he actually became one of the world’s most successful life insurance salespeople. What happened was he was, he found a vein of gold and he heard, oh my gosh, look, there’s so much gold here. And he thought to himself, Gosh, if there’s this much golden our first dig, how much gold is there if I really get after it? So he bought the nicest equipment and he began to dig. And by the way, I think of that story, John, probably everyday, at least once, especially with thrive because thrive is like dj connection, which is like Fedex, which is like espn.

It’s like a longterm thing. And uh, um, so what happened was, is that did the guy begins to dig in unaware of how persistence works. He doesn’t find gold on the second dig with the fancy machines and he’s got payments he’s making for the machines. Dig Three D, four D, five d, six priests. He realizes, Gosh, I’m not finding any gold at all. So he decides this sucks. This is stupid. I wasted my time. So he sells the gold mining equipment to a junk man and the junk man takes the equipment and he’s aware of how gold veins work, but he’d never had money to buy the equipment and he says, you’re sure you want to sell it buddy? And the guy goes, yeah, I’m done. I’m done with this whole goal thing. The junk man is going, this guy’s a freaking idiot. This is awesome. So he takes the gold equipment. He begins to Dick and he finds gold three feet deeper than where the other guy stopped for eew. Darby stopped. He found gold. That’s like a goldmine. So Darby heard the news and the stories and a chat. By the way, the listener, we have a listen to that, just called in as a result of that last comment and they called in and luckily we have a call screener who screens field. They just said your comment just made them say

it was for John. Thank you. I am your boss.

So what happens is, is this guy doing. So what happens is, is he hears the headlines. This guy strikes it rich and finds a lot of gold, and so he was like, how could this possibly happen? He meets the guy, he says, what happened? And the guy says, like I told you I wanted to buy the gear I just dug deeper than you did, and I found it right, and people don’t know the stories though. Fedex, they don’t know that Fedex took over a decade to make a profit. They don’t know that espn took over eight years to make a profit. They don’t know that Amazon took over five years to make a profit. They don’t know these stories because all you hear is some 20 year old got rich or some multilevel person who’s totally bs thing by the way, on facebook, totally taking pictures of a leased car and further least pool talking about how they made time freedom and six minutes not telling you they have to call every single person and convince them to auto ship a product they don’t want every single month to keep their bubble business alive.

We’re making video four times a day, a day. So again, what happened is, is Darby recognized, Gosh, I quit before I could have made my success. So Darby promised himself I’m never, ever, ever, ever, ever going to stop again. So he started selling life insurance and he became one of the world’s most successful life insurance sales people. Now we have one client out there that has not stopped and is not gonna stop. And somebody chuck, because chuck, this is the kind of thing where this person is doing such a good job she deserves. I think it might be time for some.

Oh, here we go. Here we go. Now

give them the date line

Florida, a gallows crushing google reviews for Google reviews, asking their real customers for real objective reviews. And as of the time of today’s podcast, they have 477 google reviews and they are blowing up like the Hindenburg, but not in a bad way. These guys are like red pepper. Crushed. Hey, these guys are bringing in the dough. Pizza Dough, get us. These guys are like a vocal gay bi. I used to go to. It was called Pepperoni’s. Girls shot up. I don’t know why you took it to a different level. I was gonna say was it to say that that was in me? First of all, the girl sausages, they this local gay by where I used to walk by on the way to work because I always walked to work and it was always open and successful. Don’t know what to do with that. Let’s move pedal.

Ronnie’s moral of the story is well, ah, so anyway, after I would go by the gay bar, I’m forte, I would, I would, I would offer it have now principle number 10 of successful leaders that will actually be able to inspire their team. You must have a willingness to assume full responsibility. Every freaking time someone complains for elephant in the room, the buck stops with you forever. Until John, I had to call these people and say, it’s my fault. It’s my fault every single time. And John, you’re probably used to that. I don’t know if you’ve done that call yet, but it’s like, hey, it’s my fault. I’m sorry. Can you tell me what happened? The guy will go, I’ve been coming here for years, prior to three years now. I said, okay, so probably 35 haircuts. Thirty. Yeah, because yeah, for three years and the last haircut I received was terrible and I will say l, I listened a answer.

So I say, so what you’re saying is that you’re frustrated that I told our team, mangled your mop? And he goes, yes, I go to s satisfy. I say, so if you were me, what do you think the best thing is to do that? We made one critical haircut mistake. We ruined your hair. We’ve had 35 good haircuts in one bed haircut. What do you think is the most, what do you think is the right thing for me to do? What do you think in the client? I would say nine out of 10 times is very reasonable. Very reason nine 90 10. I remember this conversation just recently. A Guy said, I just think it’s reasonable if I get my next haircut free. And I said that was one of them. I always went up, you, hey, why don’t we refund you for the last haircut?

And give you a free haircut, and the guy’s like, yeah, we’ll give you the free haircut and I’ll give you your money back. It was now, hey, thanks dude. Now what is that guy going out and saying to his friend, t, the final part is trust. I say, you didn’t know something. That woman who cut your hair that made the mistake or that guy they didn’t make the mistake I did. My name is Clay Clark, c l a Y C l a r k. that’s my name, Clay Clark. I made the mistake. So if you do choose to complain online, I’d like if you complained about me personally because I can handle it, but she is a young woman who’s a single mom and she made a mistake and so don’t complain about her police complaint on me. I said all the time. And you know what happens if you actually have that conversation with the client.

Seriously happens all the time. You don’t to do. You know what the reaction is? Every time they feel the opposite of how they did it. Probably the beginning of the call, right in that system. I did not invent it, it’s called last chick fil a has a system called last. Other companies have a system called blast blast is what I believe it’s blast. Is the system used by chick filet and last? Is the system used by the yum brands? It’s like a KFC, Taco Bell, that kind of thing. So the only difference is the first step is belief. Believe, listen, answer said, ask satisfying. Trust. John, you had a hot take. I’m in 33 of those 10 minute podcast. I was just going to say, I’ll Brag on clay Clark here for a second. This is a weird twist here. Um, but the moment that calves, those calves are never told him this, but the moment that I was like, Hey, I’m here for life, right?

Was I had just started a, the advertising for all of the companies, right? All our clients. And uh, I made a huge mistake and I spent, it was like $500 on a social media campaign and it was underneath a different clients card. So what happened was we accidentally charged one client the, we charged the incorrect client. And so therefore, if you’re a client, you know, and you’ve had a $500 charge that you didn’t improve, you can be frustrated and right. And so clay calls me up and says, Hey, this was a mistake. And so I looked it up. I was like, yeah, it’s 100 percent on me. And so he’s like, Hey, I’m going to take this one. So he closed. The client goes, hey, it’s in. I was on the call, he goes, this was 100 percent my fault, no one else’s, this is my fault.

And so like clay taught me. So after the call he tells me, he goes, hey, as a leader you have to take the losses, you have to take the responsibility for all of the things and then you have to build up the team for the winds, personalize the loss of socialized to do that all the time. And we have one lady recently that, uh, I felt bad, but she is in charge of scheduling video shoots. And a client was just being very, very direct. I’m saying, Hey, um, I got a call from this person and they scheduled a video shoot for me on this day and then no one showed up and I said two things. If there is a problem, it’s 100 percent my fault, but let me pull up Google now. Google sheets, we use Google sheets that allows you to see when changes were made, you can track the changes, right?

John, you can always see what was last put on the document. Yep. This just happened by the way, John, last Wednesday. That was one where I came over and said, hey, I need to sit here for a minute and talk to you about this. So the idea was that this person on your team called to schedule a shoot and no one showed up. That was the statement made and it wasn’t made by the owner. It was made by the owner’s spouse and it was kinda like weird. It was just this weird like, hey, we were there and no one showed up. But you could tell it was like very. They were mad. So I said, hey, if there was a problem, it’s 100 percent my fault, so let me go sort it out. So I go walk over by John. I sit down, I’m like, Hey, do you know the status of this shoot?

What’s going on? Do you know about this shoot? And you’re like, well we’ve already shot this shoe. This other shoot hasn’t happened. I’m like, okay. So we’d go in there, you can track changes on Google and I show the client, hey, it looks like actually looks like. And if I said the word wrong, that’s my fault, but looks like I typed on here that it was gonna be this date and it looks like you wrote down a different one. They go, oh gosh, that’s my fault. I’m sorry. And they owned it and they gave me a little man hug on the way out. But it was crazy. If I would, if I would have not started by believing that they were right listening to what they said. If you push back asking for what happened and trying to solve the problem by owning it, then that would have been like an argument and I and I just refuse to get.

And I told you, Jonathan, this person just like a weird thing. I don’t want to argue with this person. I gotta I gotta get up and I get it because I just. It was. That’s the process that you got to believe. Listen, answer, satisfied, trust. It’s the opposite because the world teaches you this system. Ship don’t believe, never listen, never provide a clear answer. Never ever, ever let someone else win. Never let them be satisfied. And by the way, gossip about it later. So there’s no trust. Okay? You do that. Yes. Now move number 11, cooperation. This is a huge thing. Final move on. Move on. Minute 36 of our 10 minute bucket cooperation. Um, you really, really do have to get other people to cooperate with you. And good luck. If you don’t share their values, how are they going to know whether they share your values?

If you don’t share your values, I put my values on the wall he does and John, you remember the day where I had just absolutely lost it with a certain partner and I’m like, I’m writing every value I have on the wall with chalk today and if you remember that I was there, but Robert did mean I’m running all of them because I was so tired of the passive aggressive crap and so I wrote everything that I believe that they don’t believe on a wall. All of it I know on multiple walls and making. And how many more times did that person come to the office? I think like twice maybe. Once it was like all of a sudden ghost town. They were like, I uncomfortable because it was like I put the things on why I’m telling you if you don’t put your walls or if you don’t put your values where someone can see it, whether it be on the walls or in the overhead music.

I mean hobby lobby. I mean you can’t not know they’re a Christian owned company. I mean Howard Schultz with starbucks, you can’t know you. It’s impossible for you to not know that he’s in favor of and he’s in favor of the gay and lesbian movement. You absolutely could not work for starbucks without knowing his worldview. It’s just impossible. You couldn’t work for a the duck dynasty folks without knowing their worldview. You couldn’t. I mean, seriously though, you couldn’t do it. I mean, you guys watch espn. Have you guys watched espn recently? It’s been a while. Yes. I won’t take the show to a super political level, but have you not noticed there’s a certain political worldview now? Have you seen it? I haven’t been watching. I don’t know. Okay. Well I’m just saying yes. Knitter. Well, ESPN, ESPN. I’m serious. I’m serious though. Espn right now and for the first time in, I mean this is in your history.

The last probably five, six years they’ve started doing this where you’ll see like certain broadcasters that have a pretty good following all of a sudden not have a job because they’ll say that a player should stand and all of a sudden it’s like and wrong politically correct answer for you and I, you’re, you’re seeing the. It’s like a, hey, we really respect anybody’s opinion as long as it’s left of center and as long as it’s left of center, we really respect everyone’s opinions and you, you see it though through their actions since I’m just saying out there, if you are a right of center centre pundant and you want to go work for espn, what are you doing? I mean you want to go work for Glenn back or Fox, you don’t want to go work for espn if you’re right of center and if you’re left of center, don’t go work at hobby lobby and then argue with them about their values.

So John, if people don’t know your values, they cannot cooperate with you. And what would it talk to me about how on a daily basis you try to tell the team or show the team your values or through our weekly meetings or our books or walls or how do we show the team our values so they can then cooperate with us or decide whether we’re not a good fit? Yeah, so every person that comes on board actually is printed out with a family values is what we call it and it’s clearly dictated on what we stand for and where we’re going as a company and so if they don’t align with that, then they will very quickly realize that they do not align with that and they will not be an employee that much longer. Can I tell you about the person no longer works for the elephant room?

Call Center was a fun story. I watched this person listened to our. Our handbook. Daisy gave him the handbook and said, can you listen to the hand, but we have an audio handbook and the person’s listening and their facial expressions sounded like this. They’re like whatever. And they acted like they hate it. Like they, they were discussed and there’s a part on the handbook that talks about how you can’t dress like an idiot and here’s what dressing like an idiot looks like. And I watched him and I’m like, Hey, where are you at on the handbook? And I came home. I told Vanessa, that guy’s hates us. And it’s interesting how you can pick it up because I’m telling you, you’re, you’re, you should have a polarizing culture, otherwise people won’t know where they stand, where they want to work for you or with you, and you need to be polarizing immediately so there’s no sense wasting their time or your time.

So you need to let them know what those values are. So thrive nation, if you’re out there and you’re saying, gosh, nobody is, or specifically claire, if you’re emailing us the question, when clients want to inspire their team, they don’t know how, what our suggestion for good starting point, your client or your team, whoever you’re referencing, your, your client have you’re working with or your coaching, they need to go through these 11 points and rate themselves on a scale of one to 10 in any area where they’re obviously deficient. They need to get that. At least if you. By the way, if you’re struggling in one of these areas, just Britain just bring it up to a team. Everybody loves a self deprecating boss and Shep, nobody’s perfect, but we’ve all had a boss who’s really good. That’s right. And they’re not good at everything and they just openly joke about it.

It’s self deprecation and that makes it palatable. But when your boss shows up 27 minutes late for every meeting and it acts like it didn’t happen, it just will not work. It’s the worst because you’re trying to emulate somebody and you’re trying to learn, especially if you’re a younger person and you’re in the workforce for the first time. You’re trying to find a mentor. So will you make sure we get this podcast to Ms Dot Claire? Yes. And thrive nation, if you have any questions, you have to be a subscriber. So if you subscribe to the thrive time show podcast, yeah, that’s part of subscribing. But if you’re actually a member of the thrive time show vip community, we only have 2,500 students. That gives you exclusive access to our in person workshops, all of the videos, and you can email us any of your questions to [email protected], but you got to be a $19 a month subscriber.

Why do you, why do you guys only have 2,500 spots? Because I’m not interested in having an insincere relationship with a million people, I would like to have a sincere relationship with 2,500 people and we can only fit a couple hundred people into a podcast. Now, millions of people can listen to the podcasts and I do want a mentor, but as far as I’m helping and having an individual interaction, you can only do that if you are a member of the thrive nation, which you can become for the low, low price of $19 a month. You can sign up [email protected]. Thrive time If we are booked out, will tell you, and you can come back another month in trier. We’ll add you to the waiting list. If any further. I do three, two, one, boom.


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