Nothing Happens Without Action from You | How to File a Lawsuit and How to Get a Mortgage

Show Notes

Attorney James DeCristofaro and million-dollar mortgage lender Steve Currington join us to share how to file a lawsuit and how to get a mortgage.

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Step 1 – Email [email protected] 

Step 2 – Talk with Attorney James Decristofaro 

Step 3 – Gather the complaint documentation

Step 4 – Determine what entities to sue and how to file it and where to file it

Step 5 – File it

Budget – $2,000 

Step 1 – Apply for a mortgage at 

Step 2 – Guaranteed Rate will recommend the right loan package for you

Step 3 – A mortgage bankers will speak with you to clarify the details

Step 4 – Steve will provide you with a pre-approval letter

Step 5 – Find a house

Step 6 – Close on the loan

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