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Although it’s a lot harder to own a business than most people think, it’s not impossible to create both time and financial freedom for you and your family. On today’s show, the owner of Accolades Exterior shares his story on how he was able to diligently implement the proven systems and processes as a result of business coaching.

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The business coaching system actually works if you diligently implement the system. When you reach out to us for one-on-one business coaching, we have a methodical system that works. We’re going to email you testimonials and case studies from real people just like you who wants felt stuck with their business, who are now actually growing a real business, talking about feelings and emotions. We’re talking about real business owners who’ve had real success. We’re going to send those case studies to you. Then we’re going to schedule a phone call with you on that phone call. We’re going to go over the program, the cost associated with it, what’s expected from you, what’s expected from us, what we can all expect from each other. We’re gonna verify that we’re on the same page and if we are going to unite together to get you where you want to be, if we are a good fit, if you think we’re a good fit, then we’re going to schedule a 13 point assessment with a member of our business coaching team. After that 13 point assessment, we will then make a customized business plan to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. And then we’re going to actually help you diligently implement and execute this proven path. This system works, but nothing will work unless you do on today’s show a proven case study from a real thing.

Robert, just like you ladies and gentleman, family and friend time, forget about the rock. [inaudible] I think the bullpens on the floor you can do it. Hello. Hello,

this is Claire Uner. I am representing the leadership initiative along with the thrive time show. And here we have Stuart Weikel. Um, Hello Stewart. Hi Claire. How are you doing on this wonderful day? I’m having a good one. Good. Well Stewart, I want to ask you a couple of questions because you have been with our business coaching program for almost going on three months. Okay. And I just want to ask you some questions of what’s been going well. Um, but sir, what is it that you do and where are you currently located? Okay. Uh, uh, I’m in Austin, Texas, and, uh, the company is called accolade exteriors. We’re a window, a dealership, and we, we install what we sell. So windows, patio doors, we do a lot of, uh, replacement work. Uh, we also do other exterior work like siding, paint and things that Kinda go along with.

Okay, great. And you started the business coaching program back, um, in November, correct? Yes. Okay. And how was it that you got into coaching? Like was it through a workshop, a business conference, or how did you know? So I came to the, the October conference, uh, in late 2018, uh, and I had gotten there through some friends. It turns out like I knew people involved from, from long, long ago, but that’s not really how I ended up there. But, uh, I, I was sitting in conference and Kinda the, the takeaway, the immediate takeaway was, was that, you know, when we talk about a B, c players, um, I had kind of let myself become a c player, B player and my own business. And, uh, it was a just pretty startling, you know, realization that I’ve gotta I gotta step it up, I gotta be working harder, I gotta be working differently.

And, uh, yeah. Okay. And so how has the business coaching helped you up to this point? Yeah, uh, it’s helped me take a different perspective. Uh, I had gotten in, in this business, I bought the business. Uh, it was an existing company. I rebranded it. Uh, I had a lot of things in mind that I wanted to do. This was in, uh, at the end of first quarter 2017 came in with energy and excitement, what have you, and you know, I was out of corporate America before and, uh, had entrepreneurial leanings bents and what have you. And you know, it’s a simple business on the surface, but it’s anything but simple to get it done well. And it’s just what I didn’t know at the time. Everyday was a new realization and, uh, it’s just a lot harder to own your own business than I ever imagined.

Now, now I know, uh, so you know, from a, from a time standpoint there, when I first came to the conference, I guess it’d been about a year and a half that I had the business and I was, I was reaching a point of just frustration and not really having, not having the success that I’d hope for. Um, and, and just kind of losing steam, really, really getting into a, a frustrated place where I wasn’t effective. And, um, you know, I wasn’t doing what I knew I needed to do, but there was just so much to do and I was just, I was stuck. Um, so business coaching, you know, it’s an obvious thing you need, you need help, you need somebody to, to, to kind of, you need advice, you need guidance. Cause there’s really, you know, being on your own. Um, it’s a lonely place and, and um, it, it helps to have somebody who’s helped others through the same sorts of things that you’ve been going through.

Um, it forces you to just take a different perspective and, um, you know, the, the, the real frustration I think for me was that there was just so much that I wanted to get done and wanted to do, but going through it in an orderly way and being deliberate and measured about what we’re going to tackle now, um, that really helps. The coaching is a Lens, I guess, uh, to, to look through and to kind of view your business through, you know, another set of eyes and it, it just forces you to have a different perspective and you’re not lost in your day to day. Yeah, absolutely. What would you say have been some specific wins since being coached? So time management is a big piece of that. Um, you know, one of the early emphases in the, in the program is, you know, how are you spending your time being very, um, um, plan oriented and action oriented, you know, setting aside the time you need to do to get meaningful things done.

Um, so that’s been a, when there’s a, you know, I’m getting up earlier, I, you know, part of my being frustrated was I wasn’t really getting to work early enough and getting my day going. Uh, so, you know, that’s a, when I’m more productive, just by virtue of being accountable that I’m gonna run my day a different way. Um, it’s helping with, um, uh, you know, just life too outside of work. Um, my wife came to the second conference, we came back for, uh, the December conference and having her there, um, kinda hearing the same thing and onboard with me, it’s really helped, um, kind of share the vision and, and, and the priorities. Yeah. And then from a business standpoint, you know, we’re, we’re seeing, uh, leads wake up, you know, historically this business has been really, really slow in January and I was coming out of 2018 not momentum wise where we wanted to be.

And I was really worried about being, you know, just stuck and dead in January. And we’ve, uh, we’re working on our revenue, but we have a lot of opportunity and it’s more than we had last year at this time. Awesome. And so that’s amazing answer. What would be your encouragement to someone who’s thinking about business coaching or even, yeah. Yeah. Well, one of the things that I really like about this program is that it takes something that I was already spending money on that was actually pretty, pretty. Frustratingly wasn’t getting me what I wanted. Um, but, but you know, there’s the SEO Service, there’s the, the uh, you know, the, the, the digital branding and digital piece of it. That’s a lot to get done. Um, so I’m able to take that cost that I was already spending and for not a whole lot more add on this really, you know, a key thing that’s forcing me to, to work differently and causing me to, to, uh, you know, run my business in a much tighter way. And so I think it’s a great package. Thank you so much for your time. Good luck getting that Google review and maybe two. You should go for a two, a number of tonight.

Thank you Claire. You have a wonderful rest of your day. You too. Thanks a lot. Bye Bye.

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[iAll right. Let’s just say that you’re out there listening today and you have a website for your business. The question I would have for you is, are you getting the most number of leads possible? Are you ranking high? Wow, I’m touching the canvas. Can’t feel my face or are you ranking? Whoa, and the Google search engine results are going to ask, are you ranking high or are you ranking low on the Google search engine, a search result? Take a moment today and do a Google search with key words that you want to come up top four and see where you are ranking. We have a Josh Sperl, a CPA from Canada, and we have Dr. Timothy Johnson here from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Uh, Josh sperl. How in the heck are you doing? Pretty good clay yourself? I’m doing well man. Dude. Doing well here. I, I, uh, we’re not broadcasting from the man cave studios as normal, so I’ve got a little bit of background noise there to contend with, but we’re here and I wanted to see if you could share with the thrive nation approximately how long you and I have been working together and how that’s impacted the number of inbound leads that you’re generating as a result of your Google search engine ranking and internet marketing.

Well, we’ve been working together, clay now for almost a year is about a year ago. I came out to my first business conference and then we, uh, uh, started with the coaching program shortly after that. And you know, our, our, our Google leads have gone from, you know, something that we would generate, um, you know, maybe one or two or three leads a year to, you know, we’re talking about three to nine leads every single week.

And now we have Dr. Timothy Johnson in the box from Alabama. Tuscaloosa.

Yeah. So I’m at southern eye consultants. It’s in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We heard about you on the podcast and I had a lot of trepidation at first about getting involved, just making sure it was legit, but all my expectations have been exceeded. What concerns did you have about our legitimacy or lack thereof? Uh, I was just concerned about, uh, backend upselling. Um, what I was getting into.

No, that’s what I’ve found my entire career. I had been. Had you guys been to a doctor, Tim, had you been to other workshops or had other industry coaching before? Cause I, I had hired a lot of them, frankly, and I, I’ve just found I’d spent it. I would be lying if I said hundreds of thousands. It’s been more than,

oh, we a, we hired somebody to do our website right before we found you. Yeah. And it was three or four months of your coaching service and they, we still haven’t launched that website yet. Oh, beautiful. Yeah. Beautiful.

So if somebody out there is thinking about filling out the form that if someone’s thinking about emailing us to info at thrive time, it’s info at thrive time, and they have a little bit of hesitation. She’s a little bit, I don’t know, just a little bit. Uh, uh, what, what advice would you have for them?

Dr Tim? First of all, come to one of the business conferences you’ll see that he may dress like bill Bellacheck but he uh, but he, my wife’s a pats fan, so that was a real selling point. Nice. She thought you were a Hobo, but I said, no, he’s just bill Belichick. She goes, okay, you can go. Um, but it’s also a month, a month. So try it. And if you don’t like it, cancel.

That deserves a mega point. So again, what is work? Has Your sales gone up? Have you, have you increased your sales? I mean, where, where’s your financial as, I’m asking the hard number here, but as a percentage, how much are you up since, since you started with the program? What, four months ago versus now?

Our sales have gone up 20% we’re looking to scale southern eye consultants and uh, are just the number of patients who come in cause they found us on Google has gone up a lot. I text you once a week. You paid for yourself just in somebody walking in. So, oh,

oh so good. It’s so good. If you’re out there today and you feel stuck, just email us to info at thrive time. info at thrive time, Let us begin to do a deep dive analysis on your website. We’ll, we’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. We do a 37 point audit of your website, art member of our team. We’ll call you. They’ll go over it with you, they’ll break it down, you’ll understand what you need to do to improve. I’ll give you the final to here guys. So I’ll start with you. A Captain Sperl, uh, Josh Sparrow, CPA, uh, as Captain Canada and as a man who has been to two workshops now we’ve got audience picture, half million people listening here. What would, what is the advice that you would tell them?

I think they got to come out too. They got to come out to a workshop and you know, what’s the best one that, uh, that I’ve ever seen? You know, I find that most of the workshops I’ve been to, you’re sitting around all day for one good idea and you’re getting a good idea every single hour. These workshops,

Tim, what is the, a word of encouragement? Maybe discouragement, maybe the motivation may be the, the verbal tasering. Uh, what advice would you give for the listeners out there today?

I’d say the worst idea you can do is not starting now. Just call and start now and you’ll be better off for it.

You heard them right there. Thrive nation. Go to info at thrive time, Email us to info at thrive time. Allow us to do a free 37 point analysis of your website. We’ll tell you what’s wrong. We’ll tell you how to fix it. If you’re not ranking high enough in those Google’s search engine results, it will literally cost your company millions and millions and millions of dollars. But don’t take my word for it. Uh, go to thrive time, and click on the testimonials button. And as of the time of this recording, we have over 1000 video reviews from my clients I’ve had from 2008 up until now for business conference attendees. You, you’re just, you’re just an email away from a game changing, uh, US becoming a game changing success store. Email us today at info, at thrive time,, and we’d like to end every show and every shameless testimonial session where the boom. And so now with that, he further ed do three, two, one, boom.


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