NY Times Best-Selling Author Bob Goff | The Importance of Remembering to Love Everyone Always

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Bob Goff, the New York Times Best-Selling author of the book Love Does and an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University stops by the share the importance of remembering to love always, the art of mentorship and his overall philosophy towards helping those in need around him.

  1. Some people ask me why I listen to Pastor TD Jakes every morning?
  2. Other people who know me and all of the business deals that I’m involved in, don’t ask me that as much.
  3. My friends, the reason that I listen to Pastor TD Jakes on a daily basis is that nearly everyday as I attempt to manage a team in a world where the U.S. Chamber and CBS News report that over 75% of employees steal and over 81% of employees lie on their resume, I have to keep in mind that it’s important to love people who are often times unlovable and to forgive people that are often unforgivable. So on today’s show, I am honored to invite on New York Times best-selling author by the name of Bob Goff who is devoted to teaching people the importance to love everyone always and who has devoted his entire life to

Gold – NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Make The List. Make The Call” – Bob Goff

Website – https://bobgoff.com/

Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Goff

To learn more about how Bob is helping change the world and educate children go to www.lovedoes.org

  1. Alright Thrive Nation on today’s show we are interviewing a former lawyer turned  New York Times Best-Selling author of the book, Love Does by the name of Bob Goff. Throughout Bob’s career he has worked as an adjunct professor at Point Loma Nazarene University where he taught classes on business law, and he’s also taught as an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University in both the law school and the graduate degree programs. In 2018, Bob launched the Dream Big Framework, which is a curriculum and workshop designed to motivate people to accomplish their biggest dreams and ambitions.
  2. Bob, welcome onto The Thrivetime Show, how are you sir!?
  3. Bob, during today’s interview I would really love to tap into the wisdom found in your book, Love Does. Bob at its’ core, what is Love Does truly about?
    1. There are a lot of people that are waiting for more indicators before you actually do something. So I wanted to write about the idea the love “does”. It doesn’t think about it, it actually does.
  4. FUN FACT – Bob traveled from San Diego to Seattle every day.
  5. What is your process for writing the book?
    1. I send myself about 150 emails throughout the day about things that ping me and thoughts that I have. When I get home I will look at all of the emails and figure out how to make everything true? That is a big deal for me, to make sure everything is true.
  6. Bob, we’ve interviewed many best-selling authors and many have shared with us how challenging it can be to get an agent and a traditional publisher interested in a book project. How to you find an agent and earn your book deal?
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Make The List. Make The Call” – Bob Goff
    2. I sent a manuscript to a guy that worked for a publishing company and he just so happened to get out on jury duty. He got board and read the book and then called me and said “We want it!”.
    3. Try everything. Do every idea you can think of to get in front of the people you are trying to get in front of.
  7. Bob, I’ve heard you say that a man by the name of Brad Quick spoke into your life the importance of being on time…can you share this story with our listeners?
    1. I am that guy. I am the on time guy because 30 years ago Brad Quick told me “Bob, you’re that guy.” he was telling me that I was the on time guy and so I stayed the “on time guy”.
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A man has no right to occupy another man’s time unnecessarily.” – John D. Rockefeller (The world’s wealthiest man during his lifetime who grew up poor and began working full-time as a teenage to support his mother)
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Consistency breeds familiarity, familiarity breeds confidence, and confidence breeds sales.” – Jay Conrad Levinson (American business writer, known as author of the 1984 book Guerrilla marketing.)
  8. I’ve heard you say that “God is not wowed when we go across an ocean. I think HE is dazzled when you go across the street.” What do you mean by this?
  9. I’ve heard you say that, “It would be shame if we were known of but not known by the people who were truly around us.” What do you mean by this?
    1. You can boil it down to “be famous with your family”. Be famous with the people you spend time with and not only a bunch of strangers.
  10. Bob, why are you so driven to help others unlock their potential to love and be loved greater?
    1. There is just something so cool about helping people that will never know your name. If you want applaus, join the circus. I want to live out my faith in practical ways but I do not need praise for it.
  11. Bob, explain why you are passionate about teaching people to not put off living out of fear or thought that you can’t do it?
  12. Bob, why are you passionate about having a child-like faith?
  13. Bob, you are a New York Times best-selling author, yet you actually put your cell phone number in the back of your book. Bob, what gives you the audacity to do that?
    1. I just wanted to be more available. I can make a small difference in people’s lives by speaking to them for a short period of time.
  14. What action item can the listeners take today?
    1. Run home to the person you love most and give them a hug and ask them how they are doing and how their day was.
    2. Check out www.lovedoes.org for more info.


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