Office Efficiency Enhancement

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Is your office operating at optimal efficiency? Learn the proven tips and best practices to get your office and employees producing more accurate work, more efficiently. Clay Clark breaks down these steps in this segment!

Step 47 – Office Efficiency Enhancement

  • Save most of your passwords in a place that is easily accessible


      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The overwhelming majority of clients that I have worked with over the years could not find their passwords for anything ever before working with us” – Clay Clark
  • Install two monitors for all desks minimum


      1. FACT – Having two monitors on the desk of each employee will improve the average employee’s efficiency by 50% or more (allows them to see how two pieces of information relate to each other, allows them to drag information from one screen to the other, etc.) – Randy Pausch – Computer Science Professor at Carnegie Mellon explains this phenomenon during the last lecture he delivered on effective time management before he died from cancer –  
  • Automate health food delivery


      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You will save nearly 1 hour or more per day if you simply have your food delivered to your office. For many executives who make $150 per hour, it’s costing them nearly $160 per day to each lunch if you factor in the time involved in driving to get the lunch and the cost of the actual meal.” – Clay Clark
  • Automate coffee, water and beverage delivery for your team


      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Your teammates should not have to leave your office to grab a beverage or to grab coffee. Every time they leave your office outside of their assigned break times it is costing you money.” – Clay Clark
  • Automate your savings (3% of your gross income)
  • Automate your emergency savings (3% of your gross income)
  • Schedule email time


      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you are constantly responding to emails during the workday, you are becoming a reactive person who is responding to do lists that are being created by other people who don’t work for you.” – Clay Clark


  • Create a master contact list / database for all employees
  • Create a master contact list for all vendors
  • Physically label everything so that no one on your team will ever have to look for anything again
  • Train to create redundancy for all positions
  • Create redundancy backups for operation critical equipment


      1. Buy an office generator (out of own customers don’t care about the weather patterns in your city)
      2. Buy a backup internet connection for the office


  • Digitally organize all of your files so that you never have to look for a digital file again
  • Create the folders
  • Main Folder – Example – DJ Connection


        1. 1 – Marketing
        2. 2 – Sales
        3. 3 – Customer Service
        4. 4 – Product / Service Delivery
        5. 5 – Quality Control
        6. 6 – Human Resources
        7. 7 – Accounting
        8. 8 – Public Relations
        9. 9 – Real Estate
        10. 10 – Legal
        11. 11 – History
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com all right side makes you welcome back to the podcast edition in the radio. Show broadcast edition of the thrive time show, and we are here to help you wear a business coach show and our entire goal is to help you grow a successful company. It’s on the show. Today we have eric church up a business coach and we have marshall morris d, the co-author of the amazon best-selling book out. There called start here which is always available. He makes them available free to download for free. If you go to thrive time should I come. You can download the e-book version of that book at any time or if you want to buy it, you can obviously buy it on amazon. Now business coach step 47 were talking about today with office efficiency, enhancement, efficiency enhancement, so I’m going to list off the step and I’m going to have marshall explain how to implement that thing. The next step and eric chupp explain how to implement that. They may be issues you see. Clients have with doing it step number one to make your office more efficient, save most of your passwords in a place that is easily accessible. Save most of your passwords that is easily accessible to all of your passwords is because I might be one sensitive password.

You want to share right, but you want to put them all in one place, anything previous to working with us marshall (business coach). So you got to save all the passwords because you’re going to need a ton of different services, a ton of different accounts for different things that you use within your business and if you’re spending all of the time trying to follow up with people track down a password. Nobody knows what it is. Every time you hire somebody, you got to give them the password every time you fire somebody. You got to change the password if you’re spending all of your time with passwords you’re, not spending your time selling something. So you need to save all of your passwords on a place. The way that we do it is a online file-storage. You save the password you listed as version 1 and every time that you add a new password, you updated to version 2 or version 3 or version 4, and then all of the passwords in one place, and so now the action step is hey. Marshall I need you to go post on hood sweet, this cool text from a thriver. We got in your like all right, i, don’t need! We don’t need to talk about the username and the password to log into hootsuite. It’s just saved in the place where everything is and there’s a program out there called lastpass. You could use that if you want no reason I’m, not a pro lastpass person is because I typically find that the issue of not being able to find the passwords is not the issue. The issue was that you’re chronically disorganized so I’m trying to help you organize now.

The second thing you want to do to increase your office efficiency dramatically is to install two monitors for all workstations minimum. Having two monitors on a desk of each employee will improve the average employees efficiency by 50%. Randy pausch was a computer science, professor at carnegie mellon institute. In before he passed away. He wrote a book called the last lecture and he delivered it because it was dying of cancer and he was early forties and he wanted to teach people how to be more efficient and one of the ways you can do. It is to have two monitors on all of your desk. Just jump. It helps you being such a pepsi, be so much more fish. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing if you’re working on your business coach computer and you have that second monitor. Let’s say you got a spreadsheet, you can have the spreadsheet up, and then you can look stuff up on the internet and the other one. You can watch a how to video on how to work a software on your other screen. Every client that I’ve implemented this with that I told him hey. You got to go, get another they’re, cheap, now, they’re, so cheap compared in the past. You can get your people a second monitor. They have to every single one of them. Come back and said:i cannot believe how much faster my employees are working and the employees love it too. It’s so much easier to have your know if you’re, if you’re, all the time on your email, it’s just right there for you and I’m going to fire through a bunch of these cuz. There are so many efficiency tips for giving you want to make the coffee, water and beverage delivery for your team. All your teammates should not have to leave your office to grab a cup of coffee. So if you want to argue with me about it as a business coach, fine, but you should do it. The next is save 3%, just save 3% of your gross income. Talk to your financial planner, talk to yourself, talk to your bank or whatever you have to do just pull 3% of your income and put it into a savings and that way, you’re good, that’s called savings. Your house, you buy opportunities in the future. Then you want to automate your emergency savings. So that’s another 3%, so you always want to say:3%. You always will have an emergency. The next did you want to schedule. Time is pacific time to deal with your email marshall. Why do you have to schedule a specific time everyday to deal with your email, because I’ve seen a lot of business owners that what they will try to do is answer all the emails real time as they’re coming in in in there, for they never get anything done.

Okay. So if you’re always engaged, if you’re always designated your time for email time, then you’re not mentally present in what it is that you’re doing I’m, making those sound effects to distract you in the listener’s. Because that’s what happens on the smartphones people said it would have notifications and every time I see this a lot to be working with us and I’ll get one of the phone once and then they just got it. That’s not what you have. That’s, not how you want to do anything about those things. The next business coach move. If you want to create a master contact list in database of all your employees, you should be able to get ahold of all your employees. You should have one list of all the phone numbers of all your employees are easy to get ahold of these people to master contact list for all the vendors you work with. You know if you wanted a pink it shouldn’t, be an urban legend as to who is your getting your ink from you want to have all of your vendors list it. So people can find them. You would have physically label everything so that no one on your team ever has to look for anything.

You know where is that cord? Where is that cable where’s that adapter? You want to be able to find things quickly? You want a next move if you want to train your team, so you have at least two people trained in every area. You want to create redundancies. We have at least two people on your team. Who can do anything next move? You want to create redundancy backups for a critical operations, so an elephant in the room as we begin to franchise, will be buying a generator. So if the phones go out in tulsa cuz we’re here do not have power. People in dallas, don’t care, I mean the franchisees or supporting in florida aren’t going to care. If the phones go out in tulsa, so you got to have redundancies for equipment like internet connections or office generators for anything. That’s operation, critical in the final move here, marshall that we had there so many other movies. With this, the final mood I want to hit on and give you time to to pontificate about business coach educate about. Is you want to digitally organize all your files so that you never have to look for anything again? All your files, you got to organize everything, save it to the cloud, save it to dropbox, save it to google drive. You got to organize the files, so all of the marketing material should be in the marketing folder. All the sales material should be in sales folder. All of the customer service material should be in the customer, service. And, so on and so forth. All of the product and service delivery checklist should be in the file at the quality. Control material should be in the quality control files.

Human resources should be in the human resource. Accounting should be in the counting folder public relations should be in the public and save as 7bq x. – underscore does all kinds of gibberish I have no idea. I have no idea what that file is companies, critical documents shouldn’t be saying:i spilled a diet coke on the computer right now and you, if you lost a computer i, have to lose the majority of it. I’m asking you right now, if you’re listening and if you lose your computer, if it would cause you to lose most of your business systems, you need to do this today in your release. Coach, like at the break your business coach will help you no help. You do that. I promise you I’ve worked as many clients. It takes almost an entire day to do it once they do it. You get the mind for another piece of mind. Your business will not blow up


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