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Sadly, when a business loses money each and every week, it affects people’s ability to sleep. It affects people’s ability to pay the bills to be able to provide for their family. And so then the owner of the company works more and more hours in an attempt to get caught up to get out of the hole. But a lot of times if you’re taking the wrong action steps and doing the wrong activity, as you work harder and work faster, you’re actually digging yourself a bigger hole. Well, on today’s show, we’re going to share with you a positive testimonial from a real thriver out there by the name of Roy. Now Roy started a company called RC auto specialists and his first company did very, very well. So we thought, Hey, let’s open up a second company. And once he opened up the second company, that’s where the problems started because despite the nice build out the nice location, the garage beat lost money each and every week.

A friend of his referred them to me and said, Hey, look, clay Clark can help you to fix your business. And as a credit to Roy, he has been a diligent doer since day one. So asked him if he’d be willing to come up and share his story with great people like you at our last in person workshop. And Roy said yes. And I’m telling you, when you hear the story, it is going to be empowering. It’s going to be inspiring and you’re going to know that you have what it takes to get out of that rut that you’re finding yourself in right now with your business. Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce the show, but this show dyes to may eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 Moke time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the thrive time show. [inaudible]


Can you come up here? Let’s hear for Roy with Roy’s garage. Yes. Alright, and can we grab this guy Mike there? Jason, let’s grab Roy and Mike. We don’t want to bring them up here in a passive aggressive way and not give them a mic. Okay, here we go. It’s like the Wu Tang clan. We all need a Mike. Alright, here we go. Now Roy has a business called the garage, which is based in broken arrow and he’s also has a business called RC auto specialists. Roy, can you tell them what these two businesses do? Other auto repair businesses? I was a mechanic for a till I was 47 and started the first shop and it went very well and had trouble keeping up with it. I was actually a micromanager. Hell, it was eating me. And so I

Finally got out of that and started another one that ate $1,200 a week for three years. So

Some of y’all are freedom. Better define what it means to eat $1,200 a week.

It’s not fun to say, it’s not fatal, but it’s sure uncomfortable. So I reached out to clay through a friend of a friend and I was at the point where I’d done everything I know to do and couldn’t go much further edit. Eaton had almost savings and $150,000 line of credit. So I was there thank God I didn’t quit.

He was at such a low point that he listened to me. It was bad. It was bad. Oh no. So Roy started diligently implementing the systems that we teach here. I’m at the garage. I think we did a lot of interior decorating. We did, we kinda changed the brand. We kept the same name, kept the same logo, but we changed a lot of the interior print pieces. We started serving cookies to customers. Right. we became obsessive about getting reviews. We came up with a no brainer. We have, we’d never have stopped optimizing the website. And what happened in the last two weeks, cause you were in California, Roy was gone for how many weeks were you gone there? A little over two weeks. What were you doing those two weeks?

Being in a show from banker for my family.

Okay. And then what happened with the sales while you were gone?

Well, last week we we hit a 79,000 and some change in one week between the two shops. So as a world record and I wasn’t here. And so that was an amazing thing.

Booty came back. We had them hitting the gong and high five the team here. Now for those of you that might have questions cause I would like to start with some of your questions for Roy. He’s implemented this, we’ve been working together for about a year. Two years. November 17. Okay. Two years. Actually I’m number one that Roy did that I know we could not have grown his company without doing is we installed the call recording, which you already had I believe, but you started listening to the calls. Yeah, actually listened to them. It helped a lot. And when the first time you listened to the calls, you know I did. Who here? Had a mom and a dad and you can go back to third grade mentally. I remember third grade, third grade, you’re kind of starting to figure out what, what’s happening and then you’re going, I wonder what mom and dad are doing an Oh no. And you got scarred for life cause you walked in on your parents and even to this day you don’t look your parents in the eye because you’re like I should not have seen that. I should have. That’s kind of like listening to your calls. Is it not

Very eye opening. It’s a, you get to know what’s really going on at your store and it’s very important.

But I mean seriously, if you don’t listen to your calls, I 100% of the time, 100% of time, not 5% or 10% a hundred percent of the time, your business will be suffering dramatically if you don’t listen to the calls. Now, if you have a, who here has a brick and mortar business where you have your humans interact with people face to face? Who has that? Okay, so if you put cameras up in your hypothetically got a pharmacy or something it’s amazing the lack of professionalism that happens as soon as you leave. But when the cameras are up, it rises immediately. So clarity voice is what we recommend for the call recording. What do we recommend for the video right now? What’s the best one that we’ve been recommending most recently? You can get REO link or you can get nest cameras. Okay. And that’ll fix everything because what people say is much different than what they do.

Andrew Carnegie said, the older I get, the less I listen to what people say, the more I watch what they do. I’m also Roy serves cookies, fresh bake cookies at the garage. Correct. And I’m here. Here’s so many people go. I went in to an automotive repair shop expecting steel popcorn, right. And coffee with flotation devices and a sarcastic man with dirty fingers. You know what I mean? The guy, he’s like, well, I’ll tell you what, it probably makes it from 1200 1,309. Okay. Nine, $900, that kind of thing. And so they get a fresh baked cookies. It’s clean, it’s nice. It’s called the garage. It’s in broken arrow. Really a nice, beautiful building. Great. What else? Roy, what else do you feel like you’ve attributed some of your growth to? I I read books now. It’s amazing what that would do. But another thing that helped me so much was I pay him to beat me with a stick once a week and a so I get my stuff done cause cause I don’t want to be the goof.

So I mean I’m not saying this Roy’s here, we only have 160 business coaching clients and we’re just, that’s, I don’t ever want to grow beyond that because I like to know the people we’re working with. But Roy’s probably in that top 15%. How old are you Roy? A 59 but I’m low mileage. One owner? No, Roy, can you explain where you go every weekend? Usually a Marina Del Rey, California. So you fly every weekend to California on what day of the week? Friday with your wife. Wife? Yes. Juicy. Oh cool. That is, he like lives this Forrest Gump life where it’s just gonna make sense. It’s like I go to California every weekend. It’s awesome. How cool would that be able to be? You are here like what, four days a week and then you’re gone? Yes. And that’s his goal. So let’s get into this real quick.

The business exists to serve who? Marshall you. So in this packet, these case studies of real people don’t let their goals, my goals, my don’t let me put that on you because Roy told me I like to go to California and that’s why I like to do. And you, you’re not open on Saturdays, right? Correct. And if I brought up that we could probably make more money if we were open on Saturdays, I don’t like it. So I didn’t want my employees to have to work on Saturday either. So we just don’t. So I’m just trying to explain it. He literally, it does not open on set. How many of you have you got your [inaudible] if you get your vehicle repaired would probably go on the weekend like a Saturday. And he’s like, Oh, that’s cool. That’s cool. I’m gonna shut it down. Because his goals are to what?

Spend time with your wife. Correct? Yeah. You faith and family are huge for you right now for the Dell, Rick. So I talked to them. We have a different religious, really neat people and their goal is to make a Rab money like crazy copious amounts of cash, like print that thing like Gutenberg, just print, print, print, print, [inaudible] because they don’t have any kids and they just want to make a lot of money. Am I right? So nothing wrong with it, but a business exists to serve you. So let’s write this down here on page number and I’m going to keep you up there for just another minute. Let’s go to page number eight, page number eight. All right, so I want you to do an Andrew, I need to queue up some music here. If you can cue up song bird by Kenny G I think, I think that should make it awkward.

It wasn’t like sitting with a bunch of adults listening to songbird and preferably if you can find the video on YouTube where he’s actually playing, that makes it even more awkward. If you can cue that up, we’re going to do, is Marshall’s gonna lead you through filling out this page, page number eight, because the business exists to serve who get martialed. Yes. So the business exists to serve what you, okay, so that right there is a what? What is that thing, Marshall, that big, that big robot, 13 foot man made of the 13 systems that we’re going through today and the business exists to serve you. He keeps saying that I’m stuck in a loop. It’s like a psychological problem. So why, the reason why I’m saying it is because culture says a business exists to serve the customer, the employees, the customer, the community. I don’t give a crap better community. I’m being serious. I don’t care at all. Our community is going to hell seriously. Our community raised our taxes so that we can have a city park that I’m never going to go to cause people are there.


I have camp Clark and chicken palace. I live behind a wall. I don’t see anyone at all ever. And I’ll just keep moving further East if I have to. I just wanna avoid people. People who have some crazy going on. That’s okay. You guys are great people. But you know what I mean? You don’t, you know some people. And how many of you employ more than 50 people? 20 people. You who employs more than 10 people? Okay. How do you employ more than five people? How many of you know this is true? Washington post reports at 78% of men surveyed. You should write that down and don’t believe me. Research at Washington post says 78% of men surveyed said they had an affair.

I don’t want to talk to those people. 78% right there. Now Washington post inc magazine did a study that said, what percentage of people lie on their resumes? 85% don’t want to see those people either. And then the us chamber says that 75% of employees do what? 75% of employees steal from Prezi. Those people either, which means that 75% of people on the low end, I don’t want to see him. I don’t have any affairs, don’t have any wife drought in there. Been married 18 years. They had no drama, no issues, no addictions, no weird vices. I just go back there and pet my silky chickens and have a blasty blast. Have no idea what’s going on on social media. I’m not going to get into an argument with you about a wall or not a wall. I don’t care. I’ve got a big wall.

I like that wall. The Vatican has a wall. I like my wall. If you don’t like a wall, that’s cool, but you just can’t come over. I like my little thing, but the business exists to serve who you are. I’m not kidding. So people say, well, but clay, I’m trying to make all my employees happy. You can’t do it now. Zappos, Tony Shea. That’s right. I said he’s going to hire based upon his values and higher upbeat motivational people. And if that’s not you, he’ll who fire you. So he loves his employees and I love my employees too, but I’m saying a business doesn’t exist as externally the employees or to serve the community or to serve unless you want it to. So once you do is think about your goals. Marshall, let’s, let’s look at that little pyramid there. It’s not a pyramid scheme, but there is a pyramid. Let’s rise through the goals as he plays Kenny G. It’s the F six

Goals. Okay? So these are the six areas of your life that you gotta be intentional about scheduling some type of goals for. So this is your faith, your family, your finances, your friendships, your fitness and your fun. Okay? So specifically, faith goals, faith goals. You got to write down, when are you working on your faith goals every single week.

Why did you pause? It’s too weird. It’s too weird. It’s too weird. So here’s the deal. Faith though, you have to have goals for your faith specifically. You need to write down here on this specific time, I’m going to pick it on Roy. Faith goals. Roy, do you mind sharing what your faith is? Can you do that as, okay. I’m a Christian. How controversial I’m born. Again, matter of fact, I’m having a bad day. I start out there. Well at least I’m not going to hell, you know, not go down. So, and some of you aren’t and that’s okay. I’m not going to ever beat you up. But what I’m saying is, for me, I right here, my goal is I listen to TD Jakes every morning. So when you write down the time and what now maybe you say, I’m going to go to church once a Sunday.

Maybe you say I go to my mosque, maybe you go to your word tabernacle. What about just whatever it is between you and the man upstairs. But if you don’t schedule it, it won’t get done. Does that make sense? So I’m just trying to make sure you get this idea. Elephant in the room, our haircut chain, we’re closed on Sundays. Why? Because I want our employees to have off on Sunday. Now I could make more money by being open on Sunday. Like Roy could make more money. But it’s up to you. You could have a seven day a week business. My partner has a seven day a week business. But what gets scheduled gets done. So I wanna make sure right now, think about your life and I’m asking you when each week will you spend time with your faith. All right. Now the secondary is what?

Marshall family goals. And at last count a, are you married? I’m not married. You have to look. Are you going to get married? I would like to get married someday. Are you ever recruiting today? I’m recruiting today. Okay, nice. So, and right now you’re a single man. Yep. How many kids would you like to have ideally? I would like to have two or three kids. Okay, so you have a specific goal in your mind? Yes. Okay. Let’s talk about family. How many people here have more than two kids? Three. Four. Now we’re getting into, into the Mormon territory. Five. Five. Find anybody more than five. Okay. How many, how many kids do you guys have? Eight. See, now that’s the old show. Let’s hear from SEO now. Now it’s rude to do that. But some of you here eight and you go boom. Cause some of you don’t like, yeah, like one kid and you’re like, that’s too many.

I like five kids. No, I couldn’t do six or so. Maybe I could. But you guys, I look, I think that’s amazing for me. I’ve always wanted to have five kids. I don’t know why, but I had a specific goal. All right? But I know my goals for my family, so I set specific times that I’m done working as an example for me, I do not turn my phone on at all from Friday at three it’s off all the way until Monday. That’s a family thing. I do no phone all weekend. Why? Because I don’t want to be harassed.

How many of you, again, manage employees? People will text you stuff like, I’m drunk. Is there any way so I can fill in for me? I don’t want to know about that until Monday. You know what I mean? That’s my little just piece thing. I do. Okay. But my family goal. So you gotta write down family time. What are you going to spend time with family? Marcia, when do you spend time with your family? I go over to my parent’s house from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM every Sunday. Okay. And I’m asking you rhetorically, when do you have family time? I didn’t schedule family time until I was 28 years old. I’m 38 now. How many of you have ever really built your business and had a lot of money and then found that your family now hates you. That’s not good. Don’t do that. So it’s, it’s possible to not with your family with it. How important is, are is your, your wife and your kids and your wife and your daughter. And just talk to me about the importance of where that is at this point in your life right now. Family.

Yeah. I mean it’s a, it’s the reason I do everything. And so to make money and blow that off and then end up at the end of your life that the only thing that made any difference that was real, you blew off for some money. And so those goals are a really big deal that you work on all five every day, set a time in the morning and just do some disciplines. And it’s these little decisions that make a little bit of difference if you do them every day, make that difference thousands of times and it just moves your, your life. So it’s very important. And most people that you see are doing really good. They all do about the same thing. They all have similar habits. Again, after I started reading books, it was amazing. But anyway, so

Now fuel or fossil fuel. How many of you when you fill up with gas, you go for the 87 you Sam, just get 87 that’s cool. 87 octane. 87 how many of you are like, I’m going 91 cause I’m premium. I’m extra. I deserve it. I there. Okay, but when you fill up your car, does anybody here get emotional about it? Gas. Price. There are some people though, I don’t know these people. I’ve heard there are some people who are passionate about fossil fuels. They got so good. I love it. This is all I wanted in my life was this fossil fuel pump. Tucson. I know, I know. Pump again, I don’t know people like that. That’s how I feel about a business personally. To me, a business is just fuel to do what I want. You feel me Roy? Numbers looking at the numbers, how often do you look at the numbers? Now?

I look at them at least every two days and then at Friday, every Friday I go over my numbers and I look at ’em, you know, I track all of them. Didn’t do that before

I was a mechanic running a business and that that’s what it looked like. So we track every week that stats together and you’re getting like last week from, from Google of probably 12 to 15 people came in for the first time. Right. And then it’s like fine. Then you could, if you track though, like I think you got like eight referrals or something like that. Like most weeks he gets seven or eight referrals. You know, if your business is doing well, like for your supplement company, you guys will know. Because if for every person who finds you from your ads, if three people buy it from a referral, you know you’ve got that by reality going, you know? But we track that and it’s so important. You look at your numbers every single week. The business is designed to serve you. That’s why we have our 13 foot man serving champagne. Yes. Because the business is designed to serve you. It’s why we have a ice sculpture over there that is melting throughout the day. Clay, can you explain the concept of the melting ice sculpture? Yeah. Well, you have this [inaudible] sculpture, F six sculpture and stands for faith, family finance, fitness, friendship, fun. And the reason why I order one for every workshop is that eventually it’ll melt, thus symbolizing your death.

So it’s going to melt and then it’s done and you’re gonna die. Yo, Whoa. To quote Drake, right? Yolo, you only live once. The point is, we need to be intentional because if not, you’re going to wake up and go, crap, I’m 50 crap, I’m 60 and we can get in this hypnotic rhythm of just going to work, go to church, go home, go to work, go to church, go home, go to work, go to church, go home. I’m 50 go to work, go to church. I’m 60 you go to work, right? But you can decide right now to change the trajectory of your life forever. Let’s hear it for Roy. Let’s hear for Roy folks. Yes. And Roy will be available for a little Q and a action there. I’m gonna take that mic from him. Sure. Robia avail. If you want to ask him any questions a little bit later and I’m not trying to trip.

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