How to Optimize Your Headshots and Your Personal Online Photo Search Results

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Have you ever Googled yourself? What showed up in the search results? If you have ever wanted to improve your online visual reputation, search results and overall photographic profile you will enjoy this podcast.

  1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Searching for “Clay Clark”
  2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – See (Within 16 months of working with us they’ve been able to franchise)
  3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – (The guys who’ve invested in Twitter, Square, Google,, AirBNB, etc.)
  4. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Headshots
    1. Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple) –
    2. Sarah Blakely (Founder of SPANX) –
    3. Oprah Winfrey (Founder of Oprah Network) –
    4. Russell Simmons – American entrepreneur, producer, and author.
  5. Note – People will “Google Search” your name and you want for them to find flattering branded images of you when you do.
  6. ACTION ITEM – Google search your own name and see what comes up top in Google search results.
  7. ACTION ITEM – Schedule a photo shoot for headshots A. bring 3 different outfits B. Find 3 headshots that you like



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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one best business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group, that you did it and your contact information to android drive time show.Com, alright, trap, nation! Welcome back to the conversation. I was clay clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year, and it is my goal to make your financial worries disappear and make sure every day feels like a mardi gras catch up. When you win in the game of business, it is fun. Is it not? It’s awesome so much you can do sales cures. What ails right like no matter what problem you’re having fun in life and business, if you can just get more revenue and more money coming in, it’s a lot easier and more fun to solve those problems. So what are we talking about now? Coaching clients is that you’ve got to schedule a session together, high quality headshots of the ownership products and services. This is a big idea. This is my idea that if you, if you get this idea, you win. If you don’t get to like this idea, you lose people, will google search your name and you and they will want to find pictures of you. People google search your name. So I want you right now. The listener I want you right now you do and do it and do it in the meeting right now on your on your phone. What are you do? Google pull up the computer. Your coach can help you pull it up on the computer. People will google search your name and you want for them to find flattering branded images of you and what you do. This is so important. So. Just think about that. So I’m going to google search my name, clay, clark, apparently there’s a clay, alder, brown, triple storage unit, that’s not related to me to tulsa people. Article comes up, then linkedin comes up there. Then it’s the thrive time show with the reviews. Then we have drive. Time should I come.

Then we have make your life epic. Do we have cross of world? We have. The channel is all running for mayor there. I am running for mayor nice. So that’s a pretty nice thing that I’m running for mayor in the deck comes up top right, so I’m going to guess I search that and that pull it up and there it is running for mayor, show, notes. Chapel. I’ll, put that on the best business coach show notes. Here. Let me pull that up real fast here, we’ll get that david people what happens is people are not going to they’re not going to look for the stuff that you want them to look for they’re, just going to look for your name and then I’m going to click on images. Now this is good. People are out there. Judgemental I mean world i, know you’re, not judgemental, but other people are judgemental, judge and combination. Because, there’s a picture of me picture of me, I hate the picture to laugh that was taken by somebody else, I’m really picky on a picture that hate that pictures like your senior photo i. He looked at me like why you that? Why did you make me stand like that? I do like the school does not look like there’s a biochemist, but that does light have had people asking me like. Are you a biochemist that has happened and I don’t think I am? But if you look there’s a lot of pictures of of me now and I’m working on right now as I’m updating you just got once a year, I’m, updating, more photos and I’ll tag, the photos with my name in it. So when people search for me, i, don’t find what I want them to find. Clark’s wife I want to make sure the right things come up, I’m, aware of so what you need to do is you’re going to need to go to website right now called sushi fork. Com, as example, sushi pork.Com, making me hungry sushi pulling it up here.

Okay and we did all their website work and we can all their editing and it built everything and there they are the it’s so appealing, and it just looks well done all the photos look good and we took all those photos. So sushi port.Com is an example. It’s really important all your photos. Look that good. When we also another example, if you look at a company called it’s k, pcb.Com, okay, this is kleiner perkins. Would you pull them up here at? This is just big if you click on team you’re able to see headshots of all their team, and if you have core members of your team that aren’t going away their backshall partners I would highly recommend that you would get photos of them on your site if there, if their partners, if they’re, not partners i, would not put them on your website and check. Why would you not want to put photos of your entire team on your website because you’re going to have to turn over you’re going to have people that are leaving in the middle or lower levels of your business? And it’s just another thing that up as a business owner you will most likely forget to do, and then somebody will see how I wanted to work with sarah or sara hasn’t been here for a year and a half I haven’t updated the website yet so only want to stick with those people that are tt. Members are leaders or best business coach management or whatever that may be so. Here’s another example. Examples here on the show notes, so you know coach to walk you through this, but we have to have. This is steve jobs last portrait settings. This is the last time that he pose for a photo before his death.

You can see the headshots and headshots need to be tight because a relationship is built through the eyes, and this is what I’ve been trying to convey to photographers for certain things with wedding photographers, all about gathering, a photo of the bride and her dress I get it you like to listen. If you’re taking a photo of my cranium look into my eyes eyes up here, not built up chin-up right i, don’t know if my body was a an asset. Trust me I would say here’s the deal is the founder of spanx. Now she knows what she’s working with and sara blakely stays in great shape and she’s a sharp woman to her. She typically does waist up headshot and she also does the proverbial tight shots as well, but I want to make sure the listeners are getting his eye. Google sara, blakely, who’s, sara, blakely she’s, the woman who became a billionaire, the youngest, so she’s, the youngest person to ever become a billionaire female. Would you look in her shot? She understands that she’s in shape in a product is helping women look shapely, so she always does photos of her that are maybe a little bit more revealing than somebody else, because she feels like her entire body, tells the story, not just your hat. It’s intentional right. It’s not an accidental waist up weird head shot. It looks like it was supposed to be that when I see a lot of best business coach dudes that are not in shape and or women that are not in shape, who sang for the headshots I want a full body shot while I’m sitting on my couch? No, you don’t know you don’t know. Sauce oprah winfrey is a wonderful woman, great lady of obviously a mogul, a multi-millionaire, a billionaire, a very successful media person per head shot. She typically does from chest up because she knows that’s flattering for her. Oprah winfrey does not typically do full body headshots, which is why they’re called head shy, but you shot high quality photos of you. Have a restaurant like sushi port to a great photos of your food. If it’s a business, you want great quality photos of yourself, but when people google search your name, you want for them to find flattery images of your brand and of you when they do that, all right, so google search your own name, see what comes up top and then you want to schedule a photoshoot with your thrive business coach. Do you want to schedule a photoshoot for the headshot headshot will cost like 3 grand for grand to grand the photographer the videographer will take like a month to get them back to you, they hassle with lighting. For ever now we have a studio setup for you. It’s included in your business, coaching where they are scholarship, klein or not.

It’s included, $3,000 value included in what you do. Literally. All you need to do is just pick out. It’s three of those headshots that you really like has to bring them in and we can match him for. You got to bring at least three outfits to the shoot and if you don’t know what to wear talk to your coach, your coach to help make sure that you are dressed for assassin, I think a lot of people when they’re doing their photo shoots. They don’t think about that. They don’t think about dressing for success. They think about just keeping it real right. So let me give you an example:if you google search google, search, russell, simmons, russell simmons is one of my favorite best business coach or entrepreneurs out there really really neat guy, but you do a google search for muscle and strength, not richardson, russell’s, okay, I’m, sorry, sorry, google, search, russell, simmons and you go to images. You see the one with him or with the yankee and I’ll put it there, a headshot right there cuz. He wants to always be portrayed like that. Any dress is sharp. He always has a a bow tie on or a nice vest or something but russell simmons dresses casual. Yes, we always looks intentional and I can’t tell you how many times we scheduled a photoshoot for a member of the thrive nation and they go well I apologize, I’m, running late, I didn’t know what to wear so here, I am and I’m just wearing this chuck. Please help anybody out. There was a contractor, a business owner somebody out there who was tempted to dress in a way it’s not positive or or flattering will. If you, if you wear uniform everyday, let’s say:you’ve got a colored polo with your logo or whatever on it will I earn that thing today, I think before you come back okay, if not, if you’re like me, I used to pour concrete all the time whenever I had a hyena powered meeting or something with some owners. I was just kept a long, sleeve shirt and suit jacket, no just change and throw it on real, quick. Keep it hanging up. So just jeans and a blazer or it looks good. I know this is going to be a longer process for you. You might want to have your makeup professionally done and are you might want to get your hair done? A certain way and I know, there’s a lot more levels of intricacy in detail that goes into it for a female clients through, but work with your coach they’re going to schedule time and then try to schedule a time of the day when you’re at your best you’re somebody who doesn’t do well in the mornings category play coming up. Groggy try not to schedule your shoot first thing in the morning baby good afternoon right. We want you to look your best to just as an action item. Google your name in google. Do a google search for your own name and see what comes up cuz.


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