How To Organize Your Day (with Former EVP of Disney, Lee Cockrell)

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Are your days crazy? Do you feel like your hair’s on fire all of the time? Lee Cockrell (Former VP of Walt Disney World Resorts and Time Management Guru) will get into the detail of living the life you want.

How do you organize your day?

  1. Block out time on your calendar
  2. Have 1 to-do list
    1. Prioritize the most important things on your list you need to get done today.
  3. Ask yourself what areas of yesterday are are not currently happy with.
    1. Get those items off of your schedule
  4. Don’t hire “Can’t Do” people
    1. Can’t Do people actually believe their excuses.
  5. Get those low energy people out of your office.
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you do not take the time to plan out the life you want then you will end up living a life you don’t want.” – Lee Cockrell
  7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Most people have time to do what they want to do but not what they should do.” – Lee Cockrell
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Presenting the world’s only best business coach led business school without the bs and I’ll be the sea. Show me the help. You sleep, bright, red, nation. Welcome! Back to the conversation, my name is clay clark of the former uss, be a entrepreneur of the year sit here on a mission to get you into a great financial position this past weekend and we had so many people, so many drivers that asked this question to myself at the doctor’s he had asked. How do you organize your day? How? How do you want a very practical level get so much done in a very limited window of time, and so at the best business coach workshop we went very very deep into it. We explain the specifics of building to-do lists in in in how did how to say no to things and what things you should say yes to and when you should schedule your team training and when you should be updating your social media when you should be burning your advertisements and when you subtract your numbers and a lot of details, but we also had the pleasure of interviewing lee cockrell. He was the former executive vice president, who wants managed walt, disney world, so I thought you know what we should do since somebody want the conference wanted to know about time management. Maybe we should allow great folks, like yourself to hear directly from lee cockrell himself and tonality further. Do the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts, who wants manager over 40,000 people, explains to us how he recommends that you organize your day, orchestra? Why it’s so important to know when and where you will plan out your day. Well, I think you have to think this through I have a few little strategies. Everyday I would spend 5 10 15 minutes. I got to work at around 6:15 and I spend 15-20 minutes ago. I need your time and place where you would do it and I just nobody to bother you and nobody calls you and nobody text you I tell people I have for my email before you wake up just so. You know if you get up early to get more. You, just you’re, just more efficient at what you doing. If you just came back from two weeks. Vacation, your name i, need to spend an hour on sunday around a half getting going through your email figure out where you got to go, but that sound the average morning, routine i, would say 10-15 minutes and where am I going to do this, where we going to be free of distractions.

To make this happen, if you have 3 kids at home and I wake up about time, you do in the morning, 6. It all depends on how quiet you need a quiet place where you can think and not be interrupted, and people won’t bother you the minute. You walk into your best business coach workplace. It’s chaos start your day, 10 or 12 hour day. You have no plan and you use you forget to do a couple things that really important your boss gets on. Your case got to have a quiet place and you pick that place out. Everybody can pick it out a different place during this next portion of the actual interview, I’ll lee cockrell explains to us why you want to look at your life every morning and ask yourself what part of my day yesterday it was awful and if you don’t like it think about it on a daily basis. How can you get that stuff off your schedule for the person who makes you crazy? How do you get them off your schedule? There’s a task. You don’t like. How do you get it off your schedule? How do you design the life you want to live and instead of just accepting the life you have by default interview with leacock, you basically encourage everyone to start asking themselves, something that first could see negative it says. And what areas are you not happy? Can you talk about why it’s so important I think people just get stuck in this and they accept unhappiness or they accept bad health or they accept us not having the right contacts and I accept all this stuff, and if you can, if you’ll sit down and tell yourself, okay, I am not happy with my health, then what you going to do about it, so you got to schedule, it won’t happen.

Is it hurt like working out? You know you got all these things. If you don’t get balance or rhythm in your life, you’re, not spending got it the right amount of time with your children ride time, with your wife out of town with your health right time with your investments, you got it all. This comes together to create a either a pretty good life or pretty sad life. If you don’t keep, if you let one of those get away from me, if you get really rich and you lose your family, will you lose your health and let me tell you one thing:you’re going to have the biggest regret about. Everybody is, if you lose your health, and you could have done something about it, because you just didn’t think you could find the time in anchorage if you’re watching this right now too kind of create that sense of urgency right now. I, don’t wait for it to get bad with your health or your finances. Are your marriage or whatever that situation is go ahead right now and ask yourself this question. I’ve talked with countless driver so far, who are on the best business coach website, who have told us that they’re did just buy carving out in 15 minutes a day just to stay 15 minutes that they’ve been able to to learn. Stop that’s helping change your life, so we have one. Lady has been able to almost double her business this year and I got to talk to you today.

Who’s been able to go from being a school teacher to being a very, very successful entrepreneur of just my schedule that time for 15 minutes a day to learn what would you say to the person who says 15 minutes a day tomorrow, I just i, just don’t have the time. I just can’t buy what I would say they fall into this category of can’t do attitude. The problem is with those can’t. They were going to talk about my thing little bit, but can’t do people actually believe their excuses. They believe it call rob lowe! That’s why I don’t hire can’t do people cuz, you can’t change them they’re already there. They believe it I need to hire people who believe they can change and they do have impact and don’t underestimate what you can do in life and raise expectations for yourself and for your people and raise your expectations. Do I have a to-do list. We all make a list of all the things we need to do, but we need to prioritize them to the first is urgent got to get a second is vinyl and the third is important. So in your mind, what is urgent mean again virgenes it’s been imposed by you or it’s been imposed by your boss or your wife, or one of your people called you and said. I need to hear from you by 10 this morning. Cuz I need to have an advance on my pay and please call me right away. That’s cute, you know sergeant, so those are pretty simple to urgent cuz. There are determined, or by sometime today it’s got to get done, can’t wait till next week.

The second category in that is stuff. That needs to be done, but maybe not today, you know. If you don’t start on bottle, tell you know most people know who don’t do the big things cuz, they don’t get started vital love. You can I want to write a new book, it’s vital that I get started. So if you want to write a book. Right so today, all I’m going to do is one Thing:i’m going to talk to a publisher about it or I’m, going to think of a title in the chapter. Titles cuts off then next day, I’m going to do this next time. You know about 150 things over a year. It’s not there’s nothing back in your life. Urgent has to happen today or in vital sort of like the next priority in your life, and the payoff is big is important, but knows our routine things. You know you got to get your car in to have the oil changed. You got to get your air conditioner fixed for the summer’s coming you’ve got to get the scheduling done by friday is when you’ve seen people come to work, good people and have huge time management issues. What kind of things do you see that people start to do the weird kind of stuff for unproductive things? Don’t take the time out to prioritize things? One on one thing they do is lay it on all their work. Thrive nation we come back. Lee cockrell explains even more in-depth how to design the life you want to live and how to manage your time effectively. This is the best business coach friend former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts are used to manage 40,000 people stay, do agenda world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective best business coach review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to invoice thrivetime show.Com all right, right, nation!

The question I want to ask:you is:have you ever struggled with managing your time? Have you ever found yourself or you just don’t have to say you can’t seem to find a good enough hours in the day to get something done, I mean you are a business coach. You met a lot of people at the conference and, if you had to say what kind of break it into a chart and say, okay, this percentage of the attendees ask this question this percentage ask this:i would save as a pie, chart I’d, say. Probably 25% of the questions were related to sales, probably 20%. Right percent related to marketing and in busy generating leads I’d, say maybe 10% where to go towards accounting, although they’re probably should be more I would say, there’s a few percentage of questions that were asked about a lot higher. If you write 20% of best business coach people to hire, people find the right, people could fit versus ali. Everybody wanted to know how to man your cock, yeah, i, would say of all the people in between the sessions that I talk to you, I mean. Probably 80% of the people are trying to figure out how to scale on duplicate themselves. They can have time for him, so we heard a bunch of that. So what we wanted to do is we wanted to take the audio from a recent interview. I had with lee cockrell, and we want to keep it up and make it available for the thrive nation. Lee Cockrell is the former executive vice president of walt disney world resort, who wants managed over 40,000 people and so explain to you in great detail why you have to schedule a specific time to get anything done? Let me going to walmart to get yourself. Some socks which I’m doing today, you have to put it on your to-do list to go to michael’s to get some framed. You got to put it on your to-do list. If you want to go and get your oil changed in your car, which I’m doing today, you want to get that on your to-do list. If you’re going to make an outline for a radio show which we did today, you want to put that on your to-do list.

Anything that does not get scheduled does not happen, and it’s a profound thought when you begin to realize, did that help her out proper found it. Instead, if you do not take the time to plan your day every single day, you will lose, it lose consistently you’ll you lose because you’ll miss deadlines. Your little treasure you’ll drift, build rib because you’re paying bills on time, you’re not attending your kids games are missing them, you’re, not turning your dreams into reality and lee. Cockrell did such a good job of creating the magic at walt disney world as there is there senior leadership there for over a decade. So now that lee cockrell former vice president of walt disney world resorts teachers, everybody how to manage your time more effectively set a timer for, is you say, schedule specific times to get your to-do list done solely? Why do you have to schedule a specific best business coach time? Does a bunch of things I have to do? I put it on my to do list, but why do I have to think about it and go when am I going to do this? Why isn’t I’d say the main thing is schedule the priorities in your life? It’s a big thing, so I schedule, my exercise. That’s priority, I schedule meetings with my finance guy cuz. It’s important me to go over and see how he’s doing what we’re doing. I scheduled time with my family. My family comes over and sunday we schedule and we invite them over with when I wrote this book or any book I write every morning from about 8 to 10:30, send my schedule block it out. You write two and a half hours a day, the discipline to do that. Then you have a book that even in my schedule, you know if you got a big thing to do, and it’s on your to-do list down here, move it up and I’m scheduled with yourself. You talk a lot about this. You see I’ve heard you say on the stage I heard you say in interviews, I’ve heard you stay and we’ve talked is not just how it is it’s how you want as I you make it. Can you explain a little bit about your thoughts on this all the time i. Just so you know, i, don’t feel good and I’m way too much, but I guess that’s the way. It is that’s not the way that there’s nothing quite the way it it’s the way you let things be the way they are. If you let your kids run around and being crazy and not have good manners and and attend school and do their homework.

Why don’t you know how kids are it’s just the way it is now it’s the way it is for some parents, but it’s not for the ones you want to keep that under control, effective routine, still feel a little chaotic. As you get in the habit of planning your day, you should look to establish an effective and efficient routine. Here’s why abraham lincoln and slavery, and he famous for writing reasons, but he says, give me 2 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first for sharpening the axe. Why is it so important to everyone? We ask themselves if what they are doing right now is the most efficient and effective be done before they go out there and start chopping down a tree with an unsharpened ionic. If you ask yourself and reflect, are you as sharp as you should be? Do you know as much as you should be and stephen covey said the same thing sharpen the saw you know keep up go back to school. Take a course you don’t have an excuse for not learning today there it is websites by 15. If you watch one best business coach video that day, that would be an hour and a half a week of your learning an hour and a half a week, everybody at the top of their craft or their game has a routine. They have a system routine. Why is it so important to have a routine? And why is it so hard for people to make a review about larry bird? They said after practice was over. He couldn’t thousand shots to take off an airplane. Do you want the pilot to follow a routine? Is it important whether the flaps are up or down? Does it matter? If you want to do you want to die, southwest said:there’s the best way to land a plane. Let’s just do it that way. I, just don’t everybody pick it up. I’ll go for it today and I think we can do it in the fly. I, don’t know where the flaps are and routine. That’s why I my life routine? We talked about me it’s about routine, it’s about getting consistency, i! Think it’s just people don’t understand the concept of and i, don’t think they understand how powerful is travertine. Learn to say no and say:no often:okay, here’s a big one. It’s not humanly possible to do everything for everyone, but it is possible to do what you need to do. Saying no can be hard. But here is the time management magician talking about learning, to say no so vital that they learn to say no to first. Think about where you going to spend your time and then it’s easier to say no and then you can tell people why people say they would like to have to come to this meeting at 11, I’ll be 2 hours, long and i. Look at what the subject I’m not coming I’m going to send my other guy I might have my secretary come and take notice. I’m not doing it are people say:leave we’d like for you to come to dinner on wednesday night I’ll be over around 11:30, or so you know we can’t come out.

I mean I need. My rest. I got to be to work at 6 in the morning and we’re not going to an event that late and I tell him why? Because if you know what you’re going to do, then you know what you want to do you get when you when you say no, you tell people no, and you tell me why, because you’ve already planned out major play o by jenna, do we planning and then, when things come into that that are not in line with your plan, you’re able to say no, because I can’t speak there tomorrow morning at 8 a.M. Because I’m going to go to bed at this time and aren’t even committed to this or I can’t go to that dinner till 11, because I have to be up at 6 or if you’ve already planned, even more danger on destiny. You say that time management is the act of controlling the events in your life leave. What do you mean by this lot of people just go through life and my wake up in the morning. The next thing you know they’re 65 years old and i, know what happened. Time goes by quick and really i. Don’t know. One quote we had in the book was said that you know, if you don’t take the time to plan and control your life, the life you want you’re, going to spend a lot of time living a life. You do not want, because you just can’t let things happen to have every every one of us has control over the things we do where we spend our time how we get it done, what we focus on what are priorities in my life and i? Don’t think the average best business coach person even think about this, because I want to get your feedback, but I was juggling three jobs. I was working at applebee’s I’ll, try the worst waiter that they’ve ever had time to get anything proactively done and my time I know that I just always felt overwhelmed. But in your book you say most people have time to do what they want to do, but do but not what they should do good most people have time to do what they want to do, but not what they should. Do you mean by that all you can use a simple example of people not exercising, but they actually do spend an hour watching tv station? Are you put you make your choices? We got this under 68 hours. I got to spend some people spend too long on the phone.

They don’t know how to hang up. They don’t like how to get to the point that I want her to be candid:straightforward, save another 15 minutes or 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Here it has up. You can save an hour to add a pretty easily in 5 and 6 8 minutes segments and i. Just don’t think people understand the concept. I, don’t think the main reason I think a lot of people like to be organized I’ve never had a course nobody’s ever talk to him about it. It’s just the way it is and I mean I have time management course or a class. But it’s kind of like the most important thing you need to learn. Writing me. It is and I think high school should start teaching our 10th 11th and 12th grade or even maybe earlier, to help students understand. You got to learn to schedule thanks cuz, soon you’re going to go to college or be out on your own and your mother’s not going to be there to make your bad and to look after you and you know anything about it being organizing this when I’m, focusing on the right things, I mean common sense tells you that it’s pretty important, my friends at sleek cockrell, the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts. Search up I’m best business coach clay clark. It is always 3 to


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