OriginClear’s Riggs Eckelberry | How to Turn Cat Urine Into Drinking Water and How to Solve the World’s Water Crisis

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Riggs Eckelberry of OriginClear explains why only 20% of the dirty water is ever treated, why India doesn’t have enough clean drinking water, and what we can do about it

Riggs Eckelberry explains:

How you can buy a system for $50,000 that will allow you drink pond water. 


$12,000 you can drink cat urine

How to turn animal manure into drinking water and why you can no longer afford to take water for granted.

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Topic: Constant Reinvention | How to get out of the loop of “doing the same thing over and over again”

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  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes! Thrivetime Nation on today’s show we are interviewing Riggs Eckelberry who is disrupting the trillion-dollar BIG WATER industry that has fallen behind the times and is affecting the health of millions. Riggs, welcome onto the show, how are you sir?
  2. Riggs Eckelberry , I know that you’ve had a ton of success at this point in your career, but I would love to start off at the very beginning of your career. What was your life like growing up and where did you grow up?
  3. When did you first figure out what you wanted to do professionally?
  4. When did you first feel like you were truly beginning to gain traction with your career?
  5. Riggs Eckelberry , my understanding is that Global water services is a trillion dollar market, and yet only 20% of sewage is ever treated – in some countries, as little as 5%! So this can and should be a 5 trillion dollar market for services alone…
  6. Riggs, I would love for you to share about the Water infrastructure on the planet…how can it be improved from your perspective?
  7. Riggs, share with us about the Managed Water Services?
  8. Riggs Eckelberry , how bad is the water crisis?
  9. What are a few of your daily habits that you believe have allowed you to achieve success?
  10. What mentor has made the biggest impact on your career thus far?
  11. What has been the biggest adversity that you’ve had to fight through during your career?
  12. We find that most successful entrepreneurs tend to have idiosyncrasies that are actually their super powers…what idiosyncrasy do you have?
  13. What message or principle that you wish you could teach everyone?
  14. What is a principle or concept that you teach people most that VERY FEW people actually ever apply?
  15. What are a couple of books that you believe that all of our listeners should read?
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Edward, I, I realized you were passionate about scheduling this meeting, so what do you got? Well, clay, we all know that you’ve got 15 kids. Now. What if you could convert all of the cut pee into drinkable water? You can live forever. That is true. If I could convert all of my cat urine into drinking water, that’s Roy. I would never have to buy water again. Oh, and it is so possible. Today’s guest has worked on a series of.com tech success story.

Now he’s the CEO of a company called origin clear. What’s origin? Clear origin? Clear creates water purification devices that would allow me to actually convert pond water on my property into drinking water. Why would you want to do that? He sells products that can actually convert human excrement and animal excrement into clean drinking water. You know, I’ve always wanted to do that. This guy explains to you on today’s show how for $12,000 I can now convert cat pee

Into drinkable water. This is awesome. His name is Riggs Eckelberry, and he’s helping to solve the world’s water crisis.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. On today’s show, we are interviewing a man

Who believes that we can no longer take water for granted. And his name is rRiggs Eckelberry. Welcome onto the show. How are you sir?

Clay, I’m honored and happy to be here.

Okay. I live in Oklahoma. I have a well on my property. I have a pool in my backyard. I take two showers a day. I am the worst water user guy out there, but I do have Wells on my own property, that kind of thing. So I, I want to get your take about the water crisis right away. Let’s, let’s start there. How big of the Christ, how big of a, of a crisis do we have? What percentage of the problem am I personally a? Walk us through the water crisis.

Yes. Well actually we’re going to blame you for everything. Yes. I knew it. I knew it. Okay, I’m ready anyway. So you know, people believe that, that, that, you know, share this. Sometimes the shortages of water and sometimes it’s too much water as in flooding. But in general they’re pretty happy with the way water is. But the reality is that only 20% of the dirty water is ever treated in the world. Now that’s 70% for developed countries. But then of course in the rest of the world is more like 5% so overall only one out of five gallons of water is treated that is dirty, the remainder gets put in the ground, it gets thrown in the rivers, oceans, it’s a mess.

So talk to me about the parts of the world where water is the scarcest where maybe you could be having water Wars right now. Maybe they are happening right now. What are the parts of the world? Educate us where parts of the world, where the water shortage is dire.

Okay, well India as opposed to child for water problems because as just one example, something like 20th thousand people die each year whose job it is to personally clean up the sewers. That’s literally killing people who go clean sewers. Wow. Now they’re spending huge spending $90 billion on a massive hydrological project up in the Himalayas, but they’re not spending any money down, you know, in Bombay and other places like that where, you know, literally billions of people are clustered and the water is disgusting. And they know it, they know it full well. There’s not, it’s not something that they, that they’re proud about. They need a lot of help. Now in case of India, they just don’t have the money for massive central infrastructure things because they’re already spending it on trying to save their water table up North. What they really need is compact modular water treatment systems.

That itself you know, closed loop. And we, we, that’s one of our specialties. I won’t get into that yet. But the point I’m making is the technology is there to make each business and each house fully able to treat its own water and be completely in a sense off the grid. And that’s an amazing thing because the water grid itself is either nonexistent as an India or like in the U S is falling apart. People don’t realize that, that, you know, the water system we have, New York has a wonderful water system. It was built in the 19th century. Today it’s still okay, but many parts of the country are relying on infrastructure that is literally falling apart. You’re hearing about water mains busting. Well, every time a water main bursts, that means that that city can no longer treat dirty water. And it has to say to these businesses, you treat your water, we’ll take your clean water.

So for the listeners out there that don’t believe you, I am the only person that has a microphone right now. So I’m going to ask rude questions on behalf of the listeners that, that do, you know, are saying they don’t believe you. They don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Can you walk us through your background, cause I, I’ve looked into it and I know that, you know what you’re talking about. You certainly don’t need my endorsement, but can you explain to listeners out there a little bit about your and your,

How long you’ve been investigating and studying this water crisis? Well, it’s very good question because, you know, I, I was raised as a, what they call a corporate brat. So, you know, lived ah, all over the Caribbean and and Europe and so forth. And then I got involved in a nonprofit space, which frankly clay was an amazing education because you don’t get paid almost anything, but you get to do a whole bunch of things. And one of the things I learned was how to be a ship captain. And later I was all over the South Pacific on these tramp steamers. And I got to know so much about Asia and how people really live that I came back with an understanding that, you know, in America we’re pretty well off. We’d kind of, we think we’re in trouble and we are in many ways, but you know, the rest of the world is operating in a completely different level.

What was then exciting about my life is that I hit the.com and the.com for me was a revelation. Now prior to the.com I was doing computer work and, and that was great, but computing was really being done as a way to be a glorified accounting ledger. But when the internet came along that was using computers for communication and for commerce and that, as you know, we see it, it’s transformed everything. And I lived that. In fact, I was, you know, you’ve heard of WebEx while I was instrumental in WebEx being born because I was, you know, at the right place in the right time. And so I’ve been involved in so many interesting changes in how business is done. And you know what, it’s always just fine until the day it’s not right. It’s so you can know it. Like for example, WebEx, screen-sharing, you didn’t have to screen-share until the day.

Wow. We really, you know, we are remote, but we need to see a spreadsheet together and we need it right now. Oh, okay. Webex is here. So the intersection of need and supply, it’s a timing issue. Right? So moving fast forward. How the heck did I end up in the water industry? Well, I was busy taking software company public and that was successful in the early two thousands. It was called cyber defender cyber defender. Okay. And it went onto the NASDAQ. At the time I was like, Hmm, cyber defender has, you know well I, I decided as usual that I knew more than the CEO did. Everybody thinks they are, they’re better than the CEO. And I was one of them. So I decided I needed to become a CEO and I had a fund that thought that was a good idea.

Bless their hearts. So they said, well, you know, Riggs Eckelberry. Yeah. You know, you’ve got the background and you have been a number two a couple times and this and that. You’ve been ship captain, you name it, so you’re ready to start running things. Great. now we think the green is hot and in fact, what’s really hard is algae, algae for bio fuels. Oh yeah. And and it was such a sexy concept, clay that I was on all of the TV shows. Stuart Varney called me algae mountain. I’ll call you G Matt on today’s show. We’re interviewing algae. Matt. Exactly. It was great because people like who, who knew, wow, I’ll chew for biofuels. The problem is, is that we had the, the algae to succeed had to have had to compete with fossil fuels at $120 a barrel price. Well, we know what happened to that.

That went to 30 bucks. Good biology. It became a science project overnight. So the company that you see now was really started for a different business altogether. Cool. One thing that a number of companies, for example, a major NASDAQ company Solazyme just went belly up over night when the algae thing fell apart, we pivoted, we found a way to adapt. And that is part of the story of this company. It comes from my own history, which is, you know what? Right now we’re going to take stock of the current situation and we’re going to fix it. And I’m, I’m minded about Elon Musk. And when he started, he started Tesla, Annie. And he actually thought that he could find a car from the existing industry and they, they, they bought a Lotus Ilan and they put a bunch of computer batteries in there and he says, the whole thing was a disaster.

It just barely held together and they just had to make the decision. That’s it. We’re starting fresh from the ground up. And it was, you know, others might’ve just gone on and on and on and tried and tried and tried and tried and many do. But that’s not how you make a transformative company. So in our case, we found how our algae harvesting technology could be used to harvest the bad stuff from the water as a simple who knew? Right? And before we knew it, we were actually doing a harvesting quote unquote, of contaminants from water. And that became what was called electro water separation. Really, really important technology for when you’re dealing with high solids effluence like manure. It’s very hard to get water out them. And you’re right, cause it’s mostly solid. Frack water, the Palm oil residue that it comes out of Malaysia that just, it’s just this slurry, right? Well it clogs every filter known to man. So how do you get the water out? You reacted out using electricity and that was electro water separation is if in fact tomorrow I’m going to Spain to for grand opening of a manure effluent treatment system that has been proven to work fabulously in Spain.

Well Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. You’re saying you’re going to take manure and you’re going to turn it into water. You’ll take the water out of manure.

Correct. So now you have a zero waste proposition where you have water on one side and potentially very high grade fertilizer. It’s not chemical, it’s or, or you know, it’s natural. It’s a want. You wouldn’t say organic, but it comes from no beasts as opposed to chemicals. Very high quality. In fact, gardeners love that, that that natural stuff. Anyway the fertilizer has value and the water has value to put back into washing the stalls out and so forth. So plenty of use for water on a pig farm for sure. And guess what? Spain is the number three producer of pork in the world after China and the U S wow. Massive, massive. These guys have got a mobile pig poop treatment system and they’re going from the manure lagoon to manure lagoon. Okay. They treated right.

I have, I’m Ron burgundy. Ron burgundy is not known for being an expert on solving the world’s water crisis, the world’s water problems. But I’m going to cue up but an audio clip from Ron burgundy and you tell me if this is a good tip for all the listeners out there who are worried about the water crisis. Okay. Riggs Eckelberry. I’m gonna come to acute up, but just let, let, let, let it flow and I want to get your feedback. So here we go. Probably my best tip is tip number eight. Always keep bags of your own poop collected throughout your stay and just have it ready. Do you, is that a good tip?

Well, it might be good in like an end of times scenario, right? You’re right. Right now I think we’re okay. The real problem is of course as they know, you know, a couple of years ago, hurricane went through the Carolinas and all those men, your lagoons overflowed and God, you don’t want to be cleaning up a neighborhood with all that horrible old, you know, it’s been sitting there for months, right? It’s just the crusty stuff known. How do you deal with it? Well, fortunately these, these various farms and there’s hundreds of them in Spain, do not have to have a full time system. They just keep putting in the lagoon. And then around comes the, the, the guy, the from this company that, that, that the licensed our technology and does it. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to show up there and we’re going to do the obligatory, you know, shaking the hands, speaking Spanish, et cetera.

And I’ll do my best and then we’re, but the important thing is is we’re going to get a license back from them. See, they’re our licensee, but now we’re going to license the whole application back for the rest of the world. So they’ll keep doing what they do in Spain, but they figured out how to take our technology and apply it to a specific vertical. And that is pure gold because in Wisconsin, they have dairy farms. They have huge production of course in in China. And so all, and we, we happen to have a major subsidiary in China. So all of these, what we like to do is extract these killer apps. See, there’s a techie, techie speaking me, the killer apps that will then transform industries. Because if you’re going to make change happen, it’s got to be with transformation. Just like how Amazon did his thing or Tesla a whole new way.

Did you see how Alibaba is? Singles day did $30 billion in one day. It’s wild, wild God. That is amazing. And how did they do it? By putting a platform in place that could permit these transformative activities. That’s what we’re trying to do here with origin clear rigs. I went onto your website here onto origin, clear.com, and I clicked on the, about us section. And man, I’m telling you, you are you a male model? Is that what’s going on? Is that your background? Well, I, fortunately I’m married up, so I’ve got a, I’ve got a ma, my wife is more beautiful and talented than me. Thank God you’re like a really, really a, a sharp mr. Clean as I would describe you, you’re now you up here, you apparently you’ve had some success in the tech industry. And again, I’m not asking you to prove to me that you’re the real deal, but a lot of people are just kind of, you know, naturally skeptical.

You don’t have half a million listeners and most of our listeners are business owners and so they go whatever. And it wouldn’t, you took these companies public, did you make at least $7 and 25 cents? So you made some money on those. I mean, what, what, what, what tech companies were you involved in? Just to the listeners out there can have a little more context. Okay. Well, there was a period in the internet when literally I’d show up in a company and foremost later we’d be sold. Right. That happened. These were companies that sold themselves to companies like earth web or a be free is a big company in the internet. I also did yellowpages.com which got sold successfully to a consortium of bell bell companies. And then I was a, I was involved in the creation of WebEx because there I was in this crazy company called the quarterdeck, which tried to launch 28 internet products, failed at all of them, but they had a seed of some great companies and one of them became WebEx.

So how many employees work with you now? I mean, does it, you have people all over the world and you give people a kind of a look into origin clear as it is based in the U S or all over the world. How many employees do you have? Yeah, well, you know, we are very, very small at the corporate level is half a dozen of us. But in Texas we have more like 24 people and then we, we have virtual till. We have more in the, in the middle Atlantic. And then we have a network of licensees. That makes sense. Licensing is great because it doesn’t go core. It doesn’t require a lot of people, but it’s also very profitable because the people you’re licensing to are hopefully doing the commercializing. Now unfortunately, licensing is slow. It takes a while for people to get their act together, which is why our current activity and what we’re most focused on is acquiring more companies to add to what we’ve gotten. So we’ve done two of these already. Now we hope to do, you know, at least two more in the, in in 2020. And so we’re going to, because it’s going to take legs, it’s going to, sorry, it’s a boots on the ground to actually make change happen in water. So acquire companies and then find the technology pearls in those companies and redistribute them on a growing network. And that’s our strategy. You know, we have on today’s show,

We have a guest who flew in from Florida. One of my longterm clients who is flew in from Florida, he owns a company called Papa gallows. It’s a wonderful a pizzeria and they’re opening up a breakfast, a business next door, another other breakfast restaurant called morning glory. And Dave, you live right there by the ocean. I mean you can see the ocean from your, your, your restaurant. Am I correct there sir? Yeah, it’s right out our back door. Oh, you can. Oh, can you adjust that mic for him just so it’s a little bit lower for him right there. Oh yeah. Okay. Candles, our videographer and our mic guy. Okay. So could you just play how close to the ocean you are? Out our backdoor, it’s maybe 50 feet to the surf. Okay. So if he would want to filter his water and his salt water and make it drinking water, is that possible? Could you sell Dave something that could desalinate ocean water and turn it into drinking water? Is that a thing?

Well, yeah, but I’ll have to say that desalination is probably the last thing you want to do. Only if you’re Israel and you’re forced to do it and they have, they’ve, there’ve been wonderful innovators with desalination but in America, whereas Israel recycles 90% of their water and the next one down is Spain with 20% where do you think the U S is at in terms of percent recycling? Oh, probably zero or low one. We actually get 1% recycling. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. We’re probably rounded up. It’s probably rounded up. But the truth is, is that the first thing we should do is we cycle. Now the problem with recycling is that your friend, you know the water from his rest tromp flows to the water district. It doesn’t get reused. And once it goes to the local water district, they do whatever they do with it. He just never going to come back on upstream for him to reuse.

But if you have your own water treatment system, and we’re right now, we’re talking to a very, very innovative hotel chain that wants to show their guests a, that they have ultra premium water and even for the showers, because all ladies want to add that that really nice water so their hair doesn’t turn green or whatever. And then they also want to be able to reuse their water on the plants and all the golf courses and so forth. It’s very virtuous and it dramatically reduces their water bill. You can only do that if you do your own treatment the minute you send it downstream to the municipality, you’ve given up that capability. So if we want to recycle, we have to do our own water treatment.

How much does a car, I just bought 39 acres. It has a pond on it and a Lake is in the back of it, but it’s not on my, there’s Lake adjoining to it. But my, my property has a big pond on it. If I wanted to drink my pond water, what could, what can you sell me that I could buy that will allow me to drink pond water? That’s one of my life goals is to drink pond water.

Well, my only question is does a river run through it?

No, no, no, no. This just in from our home office. It does not. And that is a great question. Okay. Okay. So talk to me about it. How can I drink my pond water?

Well, you know, upon water can be cleaned. The only issue is that you, for example, you can go buy your home a nice system from the Pelican people that you know, does whole home water treatment. Yeah. Now generally though, you’re try, you starting with municipal water, which is pretty clean to start with. Your pond water is going to have, you know, the good old algae in it. It’s going to have suspended solids, going to bacteria, et cetera. So let me give you an example. A microbrewery, we sell complete systems to craft breweries and they come in for $50,000. They can treat their water incoming so it’s nice and clean. They can purify the water that they’re using and reuse it for things like washing downs, you know, the, the brewery vessels and so forth. And they get a 50% uptick in reuse. So they’re treating their dirty water.

That brewery water is roughly like the pond water. You’re talking about 50 60 K I can for 50 or 60 grand, I can buy a thing that allows me to drink pond water and a lot of it too. What’s the thing called? Well, it’s, it’s called a a water purification system. Oh, well, you know, technically it’s a WWTP wastewater treatment plant. WWTP can you sell this on your website? We have, you see, we sell to the industrial oil, so we have really dorky names for things. So if you want our website and you look under products, you’ll see modular water systems now and you’ll see your purified water, so forth and waste water treatment plants. And we do, here’s the cool thing. The other day we, we announced this case study of what we did in the near Pittsburgh with an automotive dealership that was able to move out into rural land that had no connection to sewage.

They paid almost nothing for the land, but they spent $130,000 on a closed loop. Blackwater reflush system. Try to say that five times in a row and that closed loop, Blackwater reflush system enabled them to be disconnected from the sewer and therefore buy that land super cheap. Well, what’s the value of that land? Now they have a huge dealership right where they had none. So there’s a lot of real estate value in being able to, you know, put in like that pond that that property had with the pond. If you don’t have to connect to the sewer rigs, that’s a good thing. I’m on your website right now and I’ve got a trigger finger that wants to buy this thing. Tell me how to get there. I’m on the product section. I’m a dense man. I’m a summer. I took algebra three times. I’ve started several multimillion dollar companies just by being a grinder.

Tell me where I need to, what do I need to click on? There’s so many options here. I got the wastewater system, there’s closed loop, there’s closed loop case study. There’s, what do I need to buy? We’re working. I buy saying, Oh you, you should go to the closed loop system right there and it’s got a nice little, Oh, all right, right. They got request information. Right. And you could also call so it’s, Oh, we see all these cool dorky pictures of, of utility buildings and so forth. It’s a sexy doesn’t it? It looks really cool, dude. I’ll tell you this seriously. I’m like kind of an in times prepper, but I know if the

End times did in fact happen. The last thing that would have helped me is prepping for the end times. But I just like to buy, I like to drill Wells. I like to be self sufficient. I have the little games, like I tried to go see how many weeks in a row I can not leave my door, my office or my house. Like go anywhere else. I’m just that kind of guy. So for 50 grand, you’re telling me I could start purifying my, my new pond,

No question. And here’s the good news because you did that. You didn’t have to connect the sewer. And by the way, forget septic systems septics are out out. They’re out, they fail, they put they’re responsible for viral and bacterial illnesses all over the country. They, they harm the groundwater. So, and increasingly, FHA loans will not cover alone if you, if you have a septic. So you’re going to have to go with a closed loop, black water flushing system. And there you go.

Okay. Now the next question, we have Wells. There’s a, well, I drilled my wife, I say I, I’m a tutor. That was a, that was a dishonest, I did not drill. I watched my wife drill it. My wife’s like a barbarian Tarzan woman. She drilled this well and in the back of our house, because I live here, I get to say we did it, but I did nothing. I, I, she did herself. She’s a barbarian of a woman, a beautiful barbarian. Just super strong Viking woman. She wrote back, they’re doing it herself. Can we then purify our, our well water and drink that stuff too?

Absolutely. There’s Oh, advanced your vast purification and if you want to operate above and beyond Clearwater and you know, the way you get to that is very simple. You simply go to the products purification systems at the top featured purification systems and you look all of the beautiful pictures of all, again, only an engineer would love these pictures. Get to the bottom purification systems product page. Here’s a picture of two kids drinking from a drinking fountain, enjoying their, their drinks and a, it walks you through and you can get a quote right there. Bang, get a quote for ultra filtration, all that wonderful technology stuff.

Hey, real quick, I am looking at all these pictures and it’s not polite to argue with the guests, but these are some sexy pictures. I mean, look at this. This is like a big old apparatus of some kind. There’s two dudes standing there and talking about this onsite zero liquid discharge ZLD applications enabled. I mean this is like, it’s like the Victoria secret of, of a water filtration here. I mean this is a gorgeous site. I don’t know what your deal is. Riggs Eckelberry. This is if you have a complex or something. This is a beautiful site. I mean,

I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is some great stuff. I mean, Jared, I’m going to have to be on this website for weeks. Now look at this. They’re really exciting me with your talk. I’m going to have to report back. But truthfully, this website is being dramatically improved because one of the things we want to do is to make it possible for people. I personally hate the request information thing that sucks. It should have. Bill is like act on the spot. The next generation of this, which is very soon is real time quoting real time chatting and w some of our product lines have that. But I believe that these days people want to know right away what’s this darn thing going to cost me right now. And here’s the parameters, little website calculator and we’re off and running. Are you coming to a Tulsa anytime soon? Is that in the your schedule going to Spain? I never listing off some exotic places. Are you coming to Tulsa soon? Well, I can go to Spain, but not Tulsa. Come on, listen, listen. Here we are in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And on December 13th and 14th, I’ve got a Michael Levine. He is the PR consultant for pizza hot and Nike and for Michael Jackson and Prince and president Bush and president Clinton, Michael Levine. If you Google search, Michael Levine public relations,

He’ll be there. We have a lady named Jill Donovan. He’ll be speaking at our conference. She’s growing a company from one person herself to now employ 127 women there. And then we’ve got a 250, almost 300 business owners there who combined have about a two and a half billion dollar valuation between the small business owners. You need to come to Tulsa and tell our audience about this cause Jared, this is a cool thing. You’d want to buy this, wouldn’t you? Oh absolutely. Sign me up. This is great. I’m serious. This is hot. Oh yeah, you need to, if you go to thrive time, show.com check it out. And if you can get out to a conference, I’m telling you, I would love to have you as our audience. You’re going to love rich people love this kind of stuff. This is the kind of stuff that we like.

I’m on, I’m on. Listen, I am, I will speak in a moments notice. I have just have to say that the 14th happens to be spoken for by the 13th. I’m there. I’m there.

Okay. So we get off, I’ll give you my cell phone number and you can talk it over with your you know, better half or whatever it looks like. And then I’ll give you my cell phone and we can just coordinate the details cause you’re, you’re gonna, I mean this is your audience. I am fired up. My wife is probably gonna buy from you right there. And that’s, that’s who she is. She’s, she’s all about, we just bought this property and she informed me that we’re adding a house on the property. I have like a dream home I live in now. And she informed me that we are building a house on the property too and she’s all about this self-reliance sort of thing. And it’s, I kind of married like Joanna from chip and Joanna tell my wife kind of looks and acts, but she’s into this like self-reliance thing right now. I think you could, I think you could probably upseller

Well, I’m looking at your site and I love the how to, how do we stack up a table?

Okay. Now now let’s talk about this real quick with your business here for people out there who want to get involved, who want to know, what

Could I do with this information? What are the products that the average person out there make it $100,000 a year? Okay. So our average listener makes $100,000 a year. Clearly more than the average American, but we’re not talking about multi multimillionaires, okay? We’re talking about people who have came from nothing. They’ve built a company, they’ve built a business from a certain level up to a certain level. What are some things they could buy from you that could help them become more self reliant or to have cleaner water for their restaurant or their business or give us some stuff we can buy.

Well, you know, if you say 100,000 average, then that’s a means that there are a few that are doing a little bit better than that. And we, we are actually always talking to entrepreneurs, small to medium business people who are interested in doing something interesting in their portfolio that is not the usual you know, bow stuff. And if they’re interested, there’s an invest directly in origin clear button at the very top of this website. They’re really, really welcome to talk to us. Excellent investment in what we think is a booming company now if they also have a water need, we’re interested in knowing is the, is the local city telling you that you’re going to have to reduce your own arsenic? Right. So are they, do they have their own businesses and what kind of problems do they have? We were talking to businesses, so industrial, agricultural, commercial. Do you have you know home housing development and in California, a 200 home housing development that puts in their own half-million-dollar system, pays for it in one year by watering the lawn and the golf course. So that’s the kind of thing that we’d love to talk to. And we’re available to discuss commercial opportunities anytime and of course join us to invest. You’ll enjoy the experience of being part of this cool company. That’s I think on the way up.

Well brother, I appreciate you being on this show. I, it’s, it’s been I just have one final question. I have a 14 cats, 14 cats, and a lot of people would say, and I always tell people, if you, if you meet somebody who has 15 cats, they have a problem. 14 cats though, that’s healthy. You know, it’s not weird. So with 14 cats, can I purify the cat urine into drinking water and what do I need to buy to do that?

Well, actually, you know, again, just don’t you just flush it down the toilet. I mean, this is your home, right?

Right. But I’m just saying if I want, I want to drive. I have goals, I have big goals. People talk about goals. I have goals, I want to drink pond water and I’m being serious. I want to do that. And I also want to be able to purify the cat urine. So how do I do it? Okay,

So what’s happening is that this is a brand new world of closed loop water treatment for the home. In other words, you are treating your own water, able to reuse it, and also you’re treating the incoming water from the city. And that price point for those, it is going to be around 12 $15,000 more than your typical water purification system. That’s two to six. But that thing will mean that you completely off the grid

In one of these horrible septic tanks. So, okay, so I’m just making, I’m making notes here. I got to tell my wife this tonight. So my wife has jury duty today by the way. So when we were going to reconnect about a lot of things today, but one, I’m going to tell her for 12 grand, we can drink our cat urine. And because we have, you know, so many cats, I mean this is like here, this provides an endless source of sustenance. You now no two, four 50 grand. We can drink pond water. And third, if it really gets bad, we can turn animal manure into drinking water because we have so many chickens out there. I’ll just get myself a, a, a kind of a pitcher. I’ll fill that up with,

With you know chicken poop and I’ll put it, I’ll shove it in my machine, I’ll hit the weather. I hit the blend button or the enter button and it purees the poop into a nicer, clear water. Yes. Well, and I’m also thinking of the fact that once you have purified a and concentrated cat, you’re in, you could probably market that as a health product on that. On that. Yes. Yes.

Such a great show. Riggs Eckelberry. You’re my, you’re my favorite. You’re my favorite. Thank you so much, man. I appreciate you being on the show.

Clay, it’s a great pleasure and happy to be around. I’ll come by until so I can’t wait

And now without any further ado, free to look.


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