Owning The Day | W.O.R.K. Ethic – Part 2

Show Notes

You must own and win each day if you want to become successful.  Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner teach you the importance of following up with your team and how to inspire them while at work.

ACTION STEP – As a manager, you have to find a weekly time to huddle with the team and build them up when they deserve. You must make sure that the team is not drifting.


  1. Employers – Do more than the customer paid you to do.
  2. Employees – Get to work first and do more than you are paid to do.

O – Own your day.


“All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” – Proverbs 14:23

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets scheduled gets done.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 employees and managed to stay HAPPILY married to the same incredible woman the entire time)

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Audio Transcription

Do you need help growing your business? Take the business coaching challenge. That’s right time. Business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at drivetime show.Com job i, got to be honest with a listener. Today was kind of embarrassing cuz I’m in the restroom there at the thrive time show world headquarters. Naturally, the moderate to mid, mid level, classy guy too low class I’m going to meet him. Yes, I hold one thing:i I try to make sure that everyone knows in the business coaching office that I would never confuse a urinal with a drinking fountain. Recently the urinals at the drive time show world headquarters e. They been so clean, I mean it and it’s like there’s a mint at the bottom of the treaty of the water, and you think about the conference is there’s hundreds of people there in line looking for water, coffee and i, go I know a shortcut, so I can take a left over the porcelain, palace and I’m starting to get that I get that that love lost. Looking at that urinal going it’s going to go down. I’ve got to use this as a drinking fountain, because I need parts for like at least an hour, there’s a line at the why they speak in 15 minutes for nothing. Man just made him just in all of the cleanliness that they classic clean, janitorial service has provided for our offices and you don’t show up looking to hire any any cleaning company right, but we wanted to hire a cleaning companies work with google. They worked with dupont new star who start service at stealing your stuff. Now that happens, it happens, but we hired the best way to clean. What’s the phone number to put the cats, are you going to get ahold of these guys? You can call them at 918-671-2046 again, that’s 918-671-2046 or check out their website.

You can send him a message over there on their website at v, classic clean.Com and they’re. Actually, first time, customers are going to include free, deep, clean on your floors, but if you got high traffic tile they’re going to buff that stuff for you, plus 671-2046. Quote on my optometry appointment, so that’s kind of cool classic, cleaners, classic clean poop off the tile, so nice that you could just drink from them. It’s true! That’s enough quote you like that quote:i like that quote to question before about how long do you told for somebody who you’re not moving along and then ethic and then during the business coaching break apart and i, had such a great little conversation? Let’s, let’s relive that for second, because I think it in any job. You have to have clear parameters, what you’re expecting from it, where you want to go and i. Think ryan tedder probably had that with timberland. How long should you work for an business coaching employer before you get recognized? That’s the question and that’s it great job is to be pretty soon. I recognize, like i, think I know your name now like like more like marshalls business. If we would a survey, the bride’s after the wedding, we send the survey and we’d ask him on a scale of 1 to 10 how happy with the service you know, I’m, not an eight nine, 10, 9 or 10. You got a bonus right into my dad would calculate those on them on the sheet and there’s a ranking. If you’re, the top 10 I would know your name, if not I would review q you have for me. It’s all about. Are you you know when someone says, for instance, I save my vision is not doing well when the questions we always ask is, is it getting better or is it getting worse?

Okay, it. So that’s one thing I would ask an employee is:is it getting better or is it getting worse or you moving more towards your goal or not, or do you still feel stagner moving backwards and, and that is it, you that’s kind of got you I’ve looked at yearling is an assessed that and paul brought up great example of a having a star employee that was going to quit. To tell that story, again. She didn’t deal was, and she didn’t know that I thought I knew she was a star, employee and play you said and z you said many times. Should an 8 players going to get bored if they’re not moving forward, and so she came to me miss shelby love, you shelby doing a great job. She came to me and said you know, I think it’s time for me to move on and I said, we’ll wait. What what’s? What’s the difference in my business coaching mind, I got this plan for shelby and and I just hadn’t done a good job of communicated to her, and so we talked for awhile and boom we’re moving forward and she’s staying with us, but she had to take that initiative because you never know you know there’s what’s going on in either either the bosses or the there until you got a bridge that subject and-and she did a great job, but I really appreciate that this is a big teaching moment for anybody out there with just like paul hood. We have multiple offices just to give the elephant room in multiple locations. Oxyfresh got a team in denver, yet teams over the world, one of the big boy, a big things you got to do as a leader and I know, paul doesn’t know I do have. Even when you try to do it. Some of you might, you might miss it and she’s gotta find a way for their direct manager to look him in the eyes and huddle up every week. Don’t have to be like for our meetings, but you gotta kind of football I’m, a huge fan.

Obviously a brett favre I always talk about brett favre, I love, tom, brady, i, love. Anybody who can joe montana play bring the huddle together, but one of the things that joe montana could do. I heard scottie pippen recently talking about michael jordan. He said you getting the huddle you’re down by three points and mj would look at you and say we’re going to win, get all my back get on get on my back set that screen. Let’s go for full court press business coaching defense, let’s go, but when you look around the huddle-and you see doubt in someone’s eyes work with me on this-was there somebody listening right now he’s trying to do is be a conference phone and you can’t somebody who’s. The source of wisdom has to look at the purse of the eyes every week and make sure drifting doesn’t happen once the drifting begins. It can get kind of scary and so for elephant in the room item manager, who was in charge of man in the three different stores for while they’re in this guy, wasn’t doing that and so I had a key member. My team, just like with paul hood this person reached out to me and said:hey I’m thinking about moving on and I said. Did you not think your valued? What’s going on? They said no I hadn’t heard and their manager wasn’t keeping the pulse, and you can see you have people that work with your dr. Robert zoellner and associates in business coaching empire. Four at the holiday party mean what 10 years 20 + 20 + kylie, who manages your optometry clinic by the mall, is the same kylie that was my wife’s boss 18 years ago. So how do you keep people in games like that? You take good care of them. Somebody else. Will you give them? You know you can talk to them and whenever they do a great job, you let him know you know you and then what you do with wooden white wyland is my keep employees I try to find out what their love languages are, words of affirmation and just walking up to them and said you’re, awesome, you’re, great you’re, doing a great job well done high five and fist bump. When you touch my feet, my feet rubbed lot of times. You can just simple things like that:can encourage them along. Of course, you have to keep giving them raises.

You have to keep giving them financial reasons to be there. You know it’s not send me more more motivated by that some people more motivated by time off, or you have to find that out when we come back. Paul hoods going to be bad and even more into this, this rich cut this rich concept of how do you retain at top quality people? How do you keep people engaged for years, but before we do that? What type of something and this whole shows about time, freedom and financial freedom rights in the way to do? That is one more money. Two is you quit doing things that require your business coaching time and so I looked around the office and I realized your self? Why am I going to office depot staples, probably shouldn’t be going to office depot to buy ink and toner and paper and office supplies know. I should probably automated make a make a one-time decision to get the office supplies I needed a fraction of retail cost. That’s why we called onyx imaging at so nyx imaging.Com chocolate syrup phone number, 918-627-6611, that’s 918-627-6611., imaging.Com doctors. He said you are now entering the dojo, mojo and I thrive. Time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can check. I! Guess you can. This is click clock on the mic and can topical castano, pinochet and I’m focused on the mission beach the skills and get to the plans forecast balance to the left, portland I’m going to pay. You can do it. Yes, you can dance, and now, my friends, you got to dance to see. It, and I’ll be to see her yes, and now it’s like fat man down.

Welcome back to the conversation, because, my time showing it, your radio were talking today about a subject: rihanna, the famous philosopher, the modern-day hey, i, really i, think she’s, probably what a leader of a man and sage sage she says:work work, work, work, work, you gotta work, work, work work:where do we said? Yes? Yes, we we get it when in 2, weeks. We know we should do a song about work. We tried to show about where we should probably do. We should probably just obsessed about business coaching work in the way she does and upon further review. It appears as though the closer you get to abnormally successful people, the more you’ll discover they all have a rise & grind mentality. Their secret is there’s no secret, so now this is the next contact. Ww.W work as unto the lord o on your day, proverbs 14:23 from states all hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. That’s worth repeating. All hard work brings a profit or talk only leads to poverty lee cockrell who’s, not featured in the bible, but he used to manage walt disney world resorts. He wrote what gets scheduled gets done, enter the story of eric chuff. The group interview I believe I check. How did you hear about the drivetime craigslist craigslist posting on craigslist? Thank you, craig craigslist, craigslist I am so he went on to craig’s list. He fills out the pills at a for mixing and he’s at he’s at a group interview. True, he claimed to have been somebody who ran a business before marshall said this guy’s run a business before and like to work here. He likes what we’re doing like to work here at the business coaching place and I as I do with every single person I care, not what they say:i just watch what they do.

So he shadow me around. I said the credit card processor doesn’t work, fix it and I’ll tell you why I asked you to do it. It’s because people that can’t fix a credit card processor with no previous experience won’t make it as a coach, but you got to figure it out. If you can’t figure it out, they couldn’t figure it out. I know you weren’t a business owner. Well, that’s what I did for my parents with the construction company was anytime. They had any issue. They couldn’t pick her up at you like 10 minutes before I asked you to fix that true. What are you thinking at that point yet going on walk, walk us through your beer, pick your path through the labyrinth to become a business cooking. So to start out obviously went to the group. Interview came like clay said and did the shadow first thing. You have you guys before that you actually had me crawl up underneath your desk, which is not an office. It’s weird, the entire open areas normal and work on some kind of plug them in a suit I’m. Looking all sharp and I’m like okay, so I just take the jack scott shop at break whatever it was. You were asking me to fix. That’s true and I ended up getting on the phone with your wife. That’s who I never met, but thank you for going because I said you guys bank information to talk to the credit card information to a stranger, and then we got on the phone and we knocked it all out. You said you wanted to work company organization. You said you were a business owner trying to figure out as soon as possible. What do you were not really bad? 2 weeks, ago. Yeah young woman apply for elephant room claims that she can be a stylist school okay and so I thought that’s great. So why don’t we send you, the broken arrow location?

You know to go ahead and do a demo cut she’s. What does that mean? I said what will do is will walk up to one of our local business coaching customers, most hey mister. How would you like to get a haircut for free today and will pay you $37 will pay you $37 for a haircut, and you know a lot of guys you like absolutely not, but someone go yeah cool shirt in training, so we do that and as soon as that conversation happened, this person locks up, then we think I’d prefer if you go ahead and cut the hair until this all out of it. So then I talk to the person. What’s going on, what’s going on? Well, i, don’t actually have my license, not good that this is how it works. I need to working with you for about 30 days or so 45 days, and they are you fire on the unemployment action going on there. People that that’s their whole deal is I apply for jobs. They try to get in this involved and they took it paid for and then they do, you discover who they are, but at that point you got to do unemployment sisters actually like an entire group of people. That’s their moves just going from job to job interview again. I would just say you could talk about the boy that got here, but you can’t do it I’m going to discovery and i, don’t care what position you’re applying for me to kotor who applied to were you here when they replied from a-z? He graduate he’s a graduate in a phd program in coding and remembers. He said what do you like to do? You know when you’re not coming so I like to party party i, like it I like it to do the party so I sit down. I said:hey man? Could you go ahead and code this out and i? Want you to come? Get the coffee down, take a little break and he could not go. He could go to bed, but you can’t talk phd from a prestigious business school, so you choose one of all the tasks that you’ve done since you work with us. Okay, so I started search engine, optimization articles, then I started optimeyes in the back into websites in uploading, no idea, then I started doing sales calls for epic photography before you sold it.

Then I was shadowing you for months and months. At a time, while doing the sales calls right, then I learned to do in produce the business coaching thrive time show never had experience ever had to smoke a shot. Video and drone for all the clients for months manage the gear for epic. Photography learn how to thin transfer from all the video setup that we different drive time show to building a radio studio now you’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do, which is helping companies grow with companies like the keystone. So, however, those guys are absolutely growing, they’re killing it. They had their best summer ever of their rental fleet. Last year, their competition can’t be open to anything. What are you guys doing? The shepherd the shepherd of automotives going to shepherd shepherd emotive, oklahoma, city he’s been grindin hustling for 12 years and now he’s finally hitting those systems getting them in place. Where he’s starting to be able to move himself out of the business and hire some new people to help him with her yet go talking about last segment, they had another record business coaching month last month and they beat their previous all-time record by 21% as having a record mind, if you got season, you don’t want to be inside you typically that’s why you put a roof over yourself under yourself. Could you fix? Could you fix a damaged roof? Is that something we could do roofing for sure could and if you need to get ahold of those guys, you got to call him at 918-747-7141 again 918-747-7141, because guess what chicken butt that’s exactly right and they can fix that too, since 1962 to 1962 no 1992 post next concert for type of work ethic is our regret.

Nothing give it. Your all talk to me about. What’s going on in your head during a typical work day, could you send me somebody who pedal-to-the-metal let’s go? Let’s go, let’s do this walk what’s going on in your mind? Well, what’s going on my mind, is what’s the next task? What do I got to get done next and who needs me next and anna and I really revalue waiting? What am I doing right now, though, I shouldn’t be doing paint clay can I request a little bit. We talked about I want to make sure with employees and I didn’t I’m, not saying go to your boss and say I deserve I deserve. I deserve I deserve it deserve, because you know the last one. You said you work, you don’t talk, and it’s really the person who who ask for nothing deserves everything. Now, there’s nothing wrong with going to like shelby came to me and said hey. This is I really need to move on. Because of this, she didn’t come back and say:well you need to give me this and you need to give me that and I z I think you, you got you and chloe both agree, an employee that comes up and starts demanding, but you want to defensive immediately but employee that comes up and says you know I really liked working here that you’re going to recognize their their skills in their stats as the a player who becomes intitle.

That is the toughest to deal with, because you want to keep them. You want to keep their skills they’re great, what they’re doing, but then they get entitled and they they feel like I was so now they have innovate. They didn’t get in touch with mixing like they should. Let you know what you you need me. You need business coaching, money, you need me and you know what I don’t feel the love as much as I should because I’m a big deal, okay and that that to work, that’s the worst, the worst. What I’m going to say, I’m kind of a big deal from the break I want to get into this concept. Really dive down deep blues concert, this concept of regretting nothing and giving it your all, because all you have is one life that we know about I mean some people believe in reincarnation, but the ideas of you, if you have one life you know about you, might as well just go for it, so they just dropped I’m, feeling lucky radio


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