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 Having opened over 400 locations in less than 10 years, OXI Fresh is celebrating the sustained success of the brand and franchise brand developer Matt Kline joins us to point out specific BIG wins happening across the system.

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We’re going to win with every single facet. We’re going to win so much. You may even get tired of winning and you’ll say, please, please, it’s too much winning. We can’t take it anymore, mr president, it’s too much. And I’ll say, no, it isn’t. We have to keep winning. We have to win more. We’re gonna win more.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. I am super excited about today’s show,

Matt Klein. You have great things going on right now at Oxi fresh show today. We have you for about 10 minutes before you have to get back after. But welcome onto the show, sir.

Thank you very much. I’m excited to be here. Would you get,

Well, I want to talk to you about this thing called the tipping point there. Matt. Malcolm Gladwell’s written about it and it’s kind of where things change when things get easier because you have established a certain momentum after years and years of grinding. Could you explain about the number 400 and why that’s so special to the Oxi fresh family today?

Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, with every franchise you want to be able to grow and scale your business but scale it, right? A lot of franchisee franchise companies, I’ve made the mistake of growing too fast. But we want to have some, some benchmarks. Right? Long time ago we were able to at a hundred units, there are very few franchise companies out there that ever do that. Certainly, that ever do it in the first like 10 years, right? So we’ve been able to really kind of knock it out of the park. Four hundreds of good number. I mean, 400 for us means that, you know, we have 400 locations in the country operating and running the business. So the bigger we get, the more national movie comes in terms of a brand. So it’s super helpful for our franchisees across the country.

It’s super helpful for our individual customers out there. So like if a customer moves across the country, there’s very likely they’re going to be able to still utilize Oxi fresh. So 400, just a number that, you know, it takes a long time to add a hundred units and so 400 was our next goal and we were able to do that. So we’re pretty excited. We’ve had a very good month. We got a franchisee to come in and really kind of explode a brand new franchise with growth. So yeah, 400 is, and we’re super excited about that.

Well, what I wanted to do today was give you the floor and the opportunity to celebrate maybe, maybe three big wins, because I know it’s, what’s happening right now is, you know, there’s a lot of people who listen to this show each and every week. There’s people that have met you at trade shows all across the country. There are people that have used your services to clean carpet. And what’s happening is people are looking up going, Oh wow, there’s an Oxi fresh over here. There’s an Oxi fresh over there. There’s an Oxi fresh everywhere. I better reserve my territory before we run out. I mean, cause if we’re under $60,000, you can buy a business model that can really change your life there. Go ahead and brag on three great winds within the Oxi fresh franchise system today before you get back to doing great things in Denver, Colorado.

Yeah. So the first one I want to talk to ’em they actually were technicians of a current franchisee about four months ago. They decided to purchase their own franchise in the greater LA market. They went from one territory to two very quickly. They’re booking almost 40 something jobs a week right now. Probably our fastest growing in terms of new franchisees. It’s a brother combination the Hongs and they are absolutely killing it. So they’re doing everything right. They’re growing their business. They’re very involved with the home office, but for them to start and become, you know, from technicians to owners to now being one of our fastest-growing franchisees that takes a lot of ’em that takes us a lot of effort and steel that they deserve a lot of that credit. Cause that’s a pretty drastic change in the last six months from doing jobs underneath the franchisee to become an owner to becoming one of the fastest-growing franchises. So they do deserve a big Pat on the back.

And where are they located? These guys located?

They’re they’re Northern orange County and they also just scaled to their second territory over in the Northern San Diego market too.

Beautiful. And the last name is hall. The last name is Hong. H. O. N. G.

Yup. Yup. So I worked with David Hong and his brother and and surely Hong is the, is the, the whites. So yeah, they’re, they’re they’re kind of a three headed monster out there.

We’re banging the Hong in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the hung family. Banging the gong for the home.

Yeah. Okay. There we go. That’s a weird, Matt. Get ready for wind number two.

Fire Oxi fresh is my friend. Okay. Tell us the next, the next big wind going on.

Yes. We have a gentleman, John GABAA Monte in the greater Seattle market. I’ve talked about him before. Very good guy. Has a very good service background. He was in the service for 20 something years got out became a franchisee a little over a year ago. He just expanded to a second territory in Seattle. He’s just a great business guy. He works hard. He’s a very good support platform for the rest of our franchisees. So it’s always great to have a, a current franchisee expand to an additional territory. So we’re, we’re super excited about John. He’s got great things in his future. And it’s another win for, for one of our military franchisees,

Big wins, celebrating another big win for us.

All right now I don’t know if we can handle the, the trifecta recognition. Prepare yourself psychologically.

Let me think about this. Very, very few businesses. Think about this. According to Forbes, nine out of 10 startups fail, nine and a 10 startups fail. And nobody likes that statistic. But nine out of 10 startup businesses fail. Think about this for a second. In our country, just, just over 9% of Americans will ever start a business, which means you have a 0.009 chance of success if you’re looking at the stats out there. And Oxi fresh is not only sustained and been financially successful in one location, but they’ve gone, they’ve gone on to open over 400 locations in less than 10 years. Matt, is that very common?

It’s not very common. You can look at a bunch of different stats out there. The vast, vast majority of franchise businesses do not ever get over a hundred units. So we were able to get over on 310 years and we’re going on 400. So we are we’re right at that point. So we we’re exceeding expectations of the average franchising company.

Awesome. Well we’ll share with us just one more win before we let you get back to doing great things in beautiful Denver, Colorado.


Yeah. So we have Derek and in appeal there in the Western part of Baltimore, Maryland, they’ve been a franchisee just under a year. A very good couple owners. They’re very driven. One of them maintain or they both maintain a job and run the franchise. They’ve been successful enough to essentially right now as we speak, they’re signing the papers to essentially acquire their second territory, but they’re actually buying one of their neighbors out come home called a transfer a resale. So they’re super aggressive there. Their goal is to own most of the majority of, of the Western part of, of Baltimore and they’re successfully doing it. So we’re very happy for them. A very good couple of working hard and they’re getting to their goals a little faster than they expected.

Oh, big growth in Baltimore, baby thrive nation up. I have, I’m on fire. I’m feeling good. Yes.

Okay. Matt Klein, for anybody out there who wants to buy an Oxi fresh, if they go to thrive time show.com, forward slash Oxi fresh, it’s thrive time, show.com, forward slash Oxi fresh and they have the financial capacity to come up with a, let’s call it $60,000 and they have the tenacity needed to withstand it. They fill out the form at thrive time, show.com, forward slash Oxi fresh. What happens next?

Yes, you’re going to get put into a either myself or, or Mike. In terms of being able to just talk to us, we’re going to learn a little bit about you and we’re going to have a conversation. Learn about what your goals are. Go through Rocky fresh. We’ve got many conversations. Document sharing gets you to a point of clarity and if this seems to be a good fit, I, we’ll bring you out to Colorado and make this thing happen. But first and foremost, we just want to talk to you and see if if Oxford’s may be a good fit for you and your goals,

Matt and his team will go over your goals, the roles the franchise will play and because it is regulated by the federal government, there’s a thing called a franchise disclosure document that you guys have to update every year that fully discloses all of the information that the federal trade commission wants you to disclose. So Thrivers it’s different than any, any other business plan you’ve ever seen out there. Franchising truly is a great way to do business. Matt Klein, thank you for carving out time out of your busy schedule today and I wish you the very best of my friend. And again, thank you for joining us.

Absolutely. I appreciate the opportunity for everyone out there. I’ve, I’m so grateful to be able to be on this show and hope that I get to speak to you sometime down the road.

Can’t wait to see it in December, my friend.

You got it.

Take care.


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Carlos cloud and I am

From Anaheim, California. I originally heard about it through Robert Redmond, which is my business coach. And he offered it to me for free in one of our sessions. I own TCP commercial contractors. I was just looking to learn better systems and better ways to structure my company to support growth was very exciting very energetic motivating and an inspiring, a lot of good people, a lot of place, good place to network. Clay’s very funny, a lot of jokes. Constantly laughing and, but making good points and setting examples. One of the most valuable things is just not beating around the Bush about getting rid of people that need to get out of the company. People that’s costing you money. A lot of people are outfit herself and shouldn’t be patient and you don’t want a, those types of people ruin in your dream. My favorite aspect of the the workshop is, is that the notes in the book and everything set up to where if you do miss something and there’s always a backup way to get to it, well, they are missing out on all the stuff that they think they know, but they don’t know. And just having the atmosphere and the circle of people around you that’s gonna influence you and help you and teach you the systems that you’re gonna need to know to get yourself to the next one.

So my name is John Kelly. I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I, so I heard about the thrive time workshop through clay stairs at leadership initiative. So I’m a general contractor. We do commercial residential work and I’m just looking to refine my business and learn some of the steps to do that. So Clay’s office in the team is awesome. They really know their stuff. They have great culture, awesome place, place, presentation style is super cool. He makes it a lot of fun, but, but at the same time, you can tell he really knows his stuff. He really does. His homework. I think the biggest takeaway that I have from the conferences, just, it’s really important to be disciplined and disciplined in a lot of areas. You gotta be disciplined with your time, you gotta be disciplined in the way you manage. And that’s super important.

So I think for people not attaining the conference, they’re really missing a great opportunity to learn a whole lot about business and they’re missing, they’re missing the experience of learning in a fun way. Everyone needs attend the conference because you get opportunity to see that it’s real. You talked to the coaches and you talk to the leadership, you know, from week to week, but you actually get to see companies that have been through it and just, it makes the whole experience real. My name is Kevin Schaffer and I run a auto repair business in humble, Texas. I heard about the thrive time business workshop from Roy Coxall RC auto works RC auto in broken arrow and also the garage auto repair in broken arrow. I have an auto repair shop in humble, Texas, but was looking for better ways to manage. I’m a micromanager, so I’m looking for ways to hire and delegate my operation little bore.

And I’ve learned quite a bit already. Yeah, the atmosphere is awesome. It, it pulls you in if you’re, if you’re hungry for an answer, it makes you want to learn. But the thing just, it just, the way he, the way he gives you the information, it’s like he wants you to have it and it’s easy to receive. I love it. Some people might take it as offensive, but I like it because it, it’s, it’s practical and it shows you he’s a real person. So I liked that. I liked dealing with real people. I think one of the probably want to eat best things I’ve learned so far is the fact that not to take everything personal and put your feelings aside and get to work. I think working with Clay’s like hiring another employee and for what they’re charging is very minimal. So where could you hire an employee that you get that much information from? And so I’m looking forward to it. Get you out of your comfort zone. And help you be objective and look at what you’re doing and how you’re running your operation every day. I think it’s very important to do that even on a continuous basis.

My name is Ron Curtis and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I actually consult here with Harley. He’s my coach and so he let me know about it. And so I’ve been here I own a music Academy here in Tulsa. It’s called Curtis music Academy. And I, I’m looking to hire some employees. And so that’s the main takeaway from this conference, the atmosphere of this conference. It’s awesome. Actually. I was just thinking when I walked in I was like, man, this smell is awesome. Like I want to find out what incense they have here so I can put it in my, in my building. So I found out it’s actually wood-burning incense, but no, it’s just a cool vibe here. It’s awesome place. Presentation style is awesome. He’s, he’s pretty funny. And yeah, he’s just energetic, so it’s, it’s a fun, it’s a fun time.

It’s hard for me to wake up super early and get here by seven, but with the music pumping, it’s not too bad. So that’s, so probably one of the most valuable things that I’ve learned here is just the hiring process and how to find quality people to, to help run the business. So yeah, if, if you’re, if you’re not able to come to a workshop, you’re missing out. There’s just a lot of content here that that’s going to help you grow your business. Yeah, I think everybody should attend one, at least one thrive time workshop, just so that you can, you can hear from other businesses on how you know, the steps that they’ve taken to grow their business so that you can implement the same thing.

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