Passionately Being Wrong Doesn’t Make You Right

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Most people are wrong about everything in a world where 90% of startups fail, 70% of people hate their job and 70% of men don’t like their spouses.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” – Proverbs 13:20

NOTABLE QUOTABLE: “I was literally told this is impossible and I’m a huge liar,” Musk says of the early days of Tesla. “But I have a car and you can drive it. This is not like a frigging unicorn. It’s real. Go for a drive. It’s amazing. How can you be in denial?”

An unfortunate fact of human nature is that when people make up their mind about something, they tend not to change it – even when confronted with facts to the contrary. “It’s very unscientific,” Musk says. “There’s this thing called physics, which is this scientific method that’s really quite effective for figuring out the truth.”

The scientific method is a phrase Musk uses often when asked how he came up with an idea, solved a problem or chose to start a business. – 

How Google Works

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How Humanity Works | The Group Interview

FUN FACT – “Past statistics have shown that in the U.S. 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.” –

FUN FACT – “78 percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner.” – 5 Myths About Cheating

FUN FACT – “17 percent of couples are content in their partner.” –

How Reviews Work

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours.” – Dale Carnegie
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.” ― Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

How Advertising Works

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The 500 fastest growing businesses in America spend 11% of their budget on advertising.” – Michael Levine (The PR consultant of choice for Nike, Pizza Hut, Prince, Michael Jackson, Charlton Heston, President Clinton, etc.) 

How Time Management Works

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You must say no to grow.” – Pastor Craig Groeschel (The pastor of the largest protestant church in America)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The quality of your life is directly affected by how and where you spend your time.” – The former executive vice president of Walt Disney World Resorts – Lee Cockerell 

How Cold-Calling Works | How the Dream 100 System Works

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Only 3% of any market is in the “buying mode” now.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Be strategic, call them all until they cry, buy or die.” – Clay Clark
    1. Richard Branson – Started his empire cold-calling out of the phonebook businesses to sell them advertising.
    2. Clay Clark – Started by cold-calling some of the biggest corporations in America to book their holiday parties.
      1. Step 1 – Created a Dream 100 list
      2. Step 2 – Created a sales script for your team to use when calling every month
      3. Step 3 – Send out a mailer every single month
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  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I went to Google, typed in San Francisco chauffeur or San Francisco limousine, I just filled out an excel sheet and I just started dialing for dollars, right? First ten guys I called, three of them hung up before I got a few words out, a few of them would listen for like 45 seconds and then hung up, and three of them said ‘I’m interested, let’s meet.’. And if you’re cold calling and three out of ten say ‘let’s meet’, you’ve got something.” – Travis Kalanick (Founder of Uber)
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Being Passionately Wrong Doesn't Make Your Right Thrivetime Show Slides

On today’s edition of the business conferences thrive time show. We talk about why being passionate about something doesn’t mean that you’re right about something and why being passionately wrong does it make you right? Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, it’s now time for another edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast. Download.

The show has the power to be a game-changer for you. But Jason, I had some housekeeping I wanted to share with the thrive nation real quick here. Let’s hear it. Many, many people at the last in person business conferences. Uh, I don’t know how I got on the conversation. I’m not sure when w when it started or where it started, but it seems like a lot of people came up to me and let me know. They did not know that we have more podcasts than what you can just find in the iTunes feed. This is true because the iTunes feed I think only shows a hundred podcasts and we have right now just under 1700 shows. So I just want to make sure a lot, if you’re out there and you’re going, oh my gosh, where can I find these? All you do is just go, just go to thrive time

Just go to thrive time and there you can play the podcast and find all of them. Cause we have every week nine shows we put out. So also I have almost a thousand other shows that have not. I haven’t even started editing yet. Re recordings. We’ve done interviews, we’ve done. So I want to make sure everybody knows, we have a lot of shows there that you can find. You can find those at thrive time, but let’s go ahead and start off on today’s topic. Today’s topic is passionately being wrong. Doesn’t make your right. Oh, Dr Brick. Have you ever found yourself being passionately wrong about something? Uh, I know I have. Yes. Especially the young, my younger career, earlier days I thought all brides wanted massive fog machines at their wedding. If they don’t, I’m in trouble. I thought though, I remember I started DJ connection and uh, I told Vanessa, I’ve got to buy my wife a, at the time girlfriend was, we were starting the business. We gotta get a fog machine. I mean the hot deal, like the ones that use it, the club when I’m being at the club, it’s the Martin foggers. You hit down that button pretty soon. The room is like perfect conditions for lasers and lights and yeah, I thought that is the hot move. So I bought the fogger for way too much money, probably $1,000 right at my first wedding. True Story. And I hit that button.

do you know what happened there, Dr Brick? It just continued to fill with fog. Right. And then the fire alarm went off. Oh. And then the bride yelled at me. She couldn’t even see her spouse. And then for our wedding, I thought, no, no, no, no, no. We want it though for our wedding. So I talked to the Holiday Inn, select to their management crew and I said, hey, I’m going to use a fogger at my wedding reception and I want you guys to be prepared for it, right? Make sure the alarms don’t go off or whatever. And they absolutely will. It turns out they can’t do anything. They didn’t. So we’re dancing to her first. Uh, it was a, a Lionel Richie a do it to me one more time. That was our song. And we’re dancing to that song and sure enough, here it comes, Eh, Eh, and it happened and I was passionately wrong.

Uh, but I want it to be right. And it didn’t make it right. So I had it been s I handle that situation. I think she just realized it’s par for the course, right? It has begun. This is how it is, how my life is good as it was, how my life is going to go. Ah, I think that’s probably when she had that moment. Uh, I had that realization for the 47th time. So again, this just in being passionately wrong, passionately wrong, does not make you right, Jason, to be Reuben, passionately wrong about something. Uh, yeah. Okay. My hair was blonde for like three years, maybe serious. Yeah. That was not the move, but I thought, oh, you know, keep it going. Can you explain to the a thrive nation what you look like and maybe why the blonde look is the natural look.

Um, well, OK, so the, the closest representation, if you Google Lewis Hamilton, I looked kind of like that guy in Barack Obama. I’ll take it. You’re kind of like a mom. The a MC at the blonde hair look. Yup. Turned out it wasn’t a move. It was not a move. People were going, it doesn’t seem natural. No, not at all. Dr [inaudible], you read something that you’re, you are passionately wrong. Especially when we talk about marriage. There’s lots of things I’ve been passionately wrong about and my wife’s happy to tell you that I was wrong. Okay. So we’ve all, we’ve all been thrown in there about something. Okay. So what we’re going to do today is I coach clients. I help businesses grow. And Jason, we have seen this over and over and over where a client reaches out for help or they attend a business conference and they’re a 45 years old, right?

50 years old. And they’re a business. They’re a good person. Yeah. But their business is not doing very well. It’s a not succeed. And you know, they’re a home builder. They’re a doctor, they’re a dentist. Whatever. They build a good home, they build a good uh, uh, home. The homes they built are good. They’re a doctor. They’re, they’re, they’re, they do a good job with their patients. There are dentists, they’re very good with the teeth that people say, my incisors are amazing. Thank you so much. My bias cuss. But it’s, the whole deal is going, it’s great. I love my front teeth. It just, Oh, they’re so good. They’re so clean. It’s just, well, look, my teeth, we’ve all had, we’ve all had seen a great dentist, a great doctor, a great lawyer, a great southern, but it turns out there’s so much more to growing a successful company than just being good at being a doctor.

That’s true. And so they’ll come up to me at the business conference and they’ll say, hey, ah, I know that yet. That’s what you’re saying right now. I know you’re saying to me that’s how Google works. But I heard on a bomb they did. That’s not how it works, right? My partner, my friend, um, someone I know in my life who’s my cousin, my sister, my neighbor, my partner, my, my husband, my wife, somebody who knows nothing about business and somebody who’s not top and Google says this is how it works. So I would just say, if you Google, if you’re out there today and you Google Tulsa men’s haircuts, that’s example one that I know what I’m talking about and how Google works. You see the elephant in the room comes up top. Or if you Google Burj Najarian, that’s the personal assistant for Bill Bellacheck, B e r j Najarian.

Or if you Google Bill Bella checks number one fan. That’s my newest thing here. Dr Brian, I’m pretty excited on this one. So if you Google a bill Bellacheck, let’s see, Bill Belicheck, I’m typing bill Belichick’s number one fan. Oh yes. See top and Google. So I know what I’m talking about there. Um, if you Google Tulsa optometrists, you’ll see Dr Zelner’s top and Google. We know what we’re talking about, right? This show is free. So we’re giving you a free show teaching you what to do at the business conferences. We have a scholarship, so the tickets are 250 bucks. But let’s just say that you want to attend right now and you’re in a tight spot. All you gotta do is leave us a review on iTunes or Google maps and citizens screenshot and you can attend to thing for $37 to steals. It’s a great, great deal, but at the same time, but at the same time you have to implement what you’re learning.

Oh yeah. Imitation’s huge. And I find people get passionate. Dr Breck when they’re wrong. Yeah, very. Why help me? I’m trying to help us tell me. Sometimes, you know, if you yell out or people just back off so you can be wrong, but yet you’re the loudest boys. So you know the truth. The people that are right, just don’t get hurt. Uh, Jason, can you do me a favor? Yes. Can you help me with some math here? You tell him I will do my best. What percentage of startups fail according to to Forbes team? Do you remember a 90% and the most conservative, most optimistic estimates say eight out of 10. Mm. Dr Breck, uh, psychology today shows that 70% of men don’t like their spouse. 70%. That’s not that encouraging. That’s not encouraged. Magazine shows 85% of people lie on their resumes. 85%. If you’re an employer, you believe that number? I actually do. Yeah. It’s sad. But I do the hell the US chamber shows that 75% of people steal from the workplace. Yeah. So the thing is most people are passionate about

going the wrong way. Move the game of life. Just going the wrong way. Having a good time, Huh? Huh? People are going the wrong way. They don’t know where they’re going, but they’re passionately going the wrong.

Well, people are going the wrong way. People are going the wrong way. The vast majority of people are wrong about everything. The vast majority of people are wrong. Not You, not you, the listening, the vast majority of people are wrong about everything. So we’re going to do on today’s show is we’re going to attack the problem areas where we get the most pushback from humanity and where the average person, it’s 100% wrong and we are correct, but because most people are wrong, you are taking a vote. You’re saying, oh, how many of you think that Google works this way and the hands go up because the vast majority people are wrong. 85% of people say this is how Google works cause they’re all wrong. So that we take a vote and you say, hey, how many of you think it works this way? They’re wrong, they’re wrong.

They are so wrong. This is why when I look at my royalty checks and my checks, I get off of things and the income sources I have, this is why, this is why I have a check that I found in my wallet the other day for $1,600 and I don’t even remember getting it. And this is why. This is why, this is why I can go to Atwoods and buy things I want. This is why go to Guitar Center and buy what I want. This is why I have copious amounts of money to do it. I want to do, it’s because I am right. And I don’t care about arguing with you. I, I’m doing this show to help you. But if you want to argue with me about the earth’s gravitational pole, I don’t know what to do. If you’re going, oh, gravity isn’t real, it doesn’t affect me.

Get outta here. Get outta here. Just because you’re passionate about trying out for the NBA doesn’t mean you’re good. So Jason, please read the first excerpt. These flat earth folks. Flatters Kyrie. By the way, if you’re getting any type of life tips at all from Kyrie Irving, there’s something wrong. Now, the rolling stone, uh, interviewed Elon Musk and we’re gonna read an excerpt from the rolling stones, just stone interview with Elon Musk. And I would like to break it down line by line with my good friend, Dr Breck. So Jason, please read the excerpt. Elon Musk says, I was literally told this is impossible and I’m a huge liar. Must says of the early days of Tesla, but I have a car and you can drive it. This is not like a frigging Unicorn. It’s real. Go for a drive. It’s amazing. How can you be in denial and unfortunate in fact of human nature is that when people make up their mind about something, they tend not to change it.

True. Even when confronted in, uh, with facts, uh, to the country. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, whoa. So much. So Dr. Brock, he’s saying in the early days of Tesla, he has a car, right? He’s driving it. He, it’s right there in front of them. It’s real. As they’re interviewing, you can hit the in safe mode and accelerated saying crazy. Yeah, I didn’t sane it. You ever get a chance to watch the insane mode of the go on Youtube today and type in insane mode and watch the Tesla, the acceleration power, the power curve is like a 45 degree angle. Exactly. It’s never stops. It’s nuts. The harder you push the pedal, the faster gifs, and you can see the a self driving car features. You can see how little fuel it uses, but it’s real. But people are saying to Ilan, he’s a liar. Even though it’s a real freaking really hard exist.

He goes on to talk about how an unfortunate fact of human nature is that when people make up their mind about something, they tend not to change it. Even when confronted with the facts to the contrary. I hate that so bad. It’s very unscientific. I live in this world. People, people look at me and tell me, you know, chiropractor doesn’t work. Okay. So I say, okay, so Dr Breck, what is something that you’ve discovered that people are wrong about consistently? Well, just that, I mean, you know, people will tell me, well, I don’t believe in chiropractors. I’m like, well, I’m standing right in front of you. I’m a chiropractor. Um, but yeah, the chiropractic doesn’t work. And so, uh, you know, I mean, we’ve been able to help thousands and thousands of patients. Um, and yet people will tell me on a very consistent basis, um, that it doesn’t work.

Jason, you’re a business coach or consultant. I’d like to get your take on this. Um, what are the things that people are wrong about consistently but they are just passionate. Thus, as a coach, it’s a weird thing because people are paying you to teach them the proven path. You’ve been up to the top of the mountain. You’ve seen clients at our business conferences like [inaudible] homes dramatically growing their company going from like 35 million to his fic, $58 million in two years. You see companies like papa gallows in Florida just dramatically growing. Companies like papa gallows by the way, it’s grown like 40%. It’s nuts. You see like del Rick to went from a startup to making $100,000 a month of profit. You see people like tip top canine who’ve gone from one location to nine and you have all these examples, but when you show it to somebody, they go, I don’t know if it works.

Yeah, that doesn’t really, how often does that happen? What are the biggest pushback here is you see over and over. So that happens quite often. I hear the phrase, well, I’m in a different industry or that much, throw that move out. I’m in a different industry, right? But one of the biggest push backs I always get is people telling me that, oh, you can’t have a consistently planned schedule. And it blows my mind because if you’re running a business, how do you not have a schedule every day that you’re doing something right or even in your personal life? So then I pull up my Google, I pull up your Google calendar and I show them you actually can. And if you put things on there and don’t change it, that’s how you have a consistent schedule. Oh my gosh. Your plan accordingly based off of what you know you need to get done for the, Oh, you’re hitting the Hawk now let me, let me tell you something else.

I got a lot of pushback on. We’re going to go through all these areas. There are many, many areas I get pushed back on. We’re getting to tackle the most common today. And we’re going to, we’re going to do it and we’re, we’re gonna do is we’re gonna, we’re gonna say, you know what, we’re going to just lay it out there for you. We want to help you grow. But I’m gonna start with one of my first areas that I, I get, I just, Oh, I just, hopefully this helps somebody cause I know it’s going to offend somebody. Okay. In the Bible, there’s this book called the Bible. Proverbs 1320, it writes, walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. Now let’s say you don’t believe in the Bible. Okay? Let’s just take about this. Whoever you spend your time with, right?

Whoever you spend your time with could impact your level of happiness. Let me do an example. Um, I have taken, I’ve been on a lot of trips, a lot of trips, uh, committed, you know, nice places. San Diego, been to Mexico, been to Canada, been to Brazil, been to Honduras, been to Trinidad, been there, okay. Done that. And when I go with my wife, it doesn’t matter where we go, it’s always good because she’s there and I like my wife. Now there are certain people, people out there that no matter what thing we are doing or no matter where we go, it’s awful because they’re there, right? They have drama all the time. So when I tell people, I say, look, I usually use Christian verses on Christians and then I don’t use Christian verses on non-Christians. Okay. So if you’re not a Christian, I’d probably quote some Tim Ferriss for you and Tim Ferriss talks about how we become the average of the five people that we associate with the most.

Right? Uh, okay. Your network is your net worth, that kind of stuff. But walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. Notice the Bible doesn’t put a disclaimer and say, except in the case of your family, have you noticed that the Bible doesn’t do that? It does. Dr Brick. Some people though will say, clay, I’m just having a hard time right now with my business. And I said, why? And they said, well, my, my son isn’t, isn’t getting it done. He’s not making the calls. My wife isn’t making the calls. My husband is not making the calls. He’s not, my wife’s not doing the accounting. My husband will not do the accounting. My son will not build the website. Right. They won’t make the call. Somebody that they know, a family or a friend will not do the job.

Right. And I will bring up this idea, well, you should fire them or, or do not hire them in the first place and they’re going, Bingo. Are you telling me that my spouse of 20 years who does my accounting should be fired? And I’m like, well yeah, he’s terrible at his job. Just pay him like to do nothing. Like to collect like the king of England or something. Just get him Outta here. The King of England has no power. Tunes runs around being the king. Yeah, well they’re paying him for the land. There we go. But I’m just saying is you’ve got to at some point have that realization if there’s an idiot working for you. Right. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them. Right, right. Dr. Briggs, is it mean to not spend time with certain people? No. But why do people think it’s me and Jason?

Why helped me? I don’t even know. I don’t even get, I’ve never in my entire life ever. I remember when I was in high school, a girl named Maria [inaudible] was having a huge party. Huge, huge party plasty blast. And I thought Maria was nice lady, but the other people that were going, I didn’t want to be there. Right. So I was like the only kid in my class that didn’t go. Like, why, why aren’t you going? I’d rather be down here and drawing and reading books. I, in high school I spent a lot of time just drawing, reading books, working on my DJ business. I’d rather do that than go to a party to hang out with people like New Year’s. Every year people are like, do you want to go out for new years? No, I don’t ever go out for New Year’s. Why? Cause I don’t care that the rest of the world wants to watch the ball drop.

I want to go to bed because I am a grown man. I want to go to bed at nine o’clock and wake up at three every single day and I don’t care what, I don’t care what Ryan Seacrest is doing. I don’t care. I’m not into the rest of the world. Does going to watch the ball drop. The rest of the world hates their jobs. 70% of people, according to Gout, hate their jobs. 85% of people are lying on resumes. Why? Because they’re waking up hammered at 3:00 PM on the first. I don’t do that. Right. People think it’s crazy though that I don’t participate in these things. I just, Jason, why do people find it so hard to kick fools out of their lives? Well, and I actually just giving like a real human testimonial to that. Um, I struggled with that when I first started working for you because that was the first job that I had where I had to make sure that I was on 100% of the time.

Like previous Jason employee mindset. Jason was like very passive show up at just enough time to get to my desk and clock in and then go through the motions, hated being there and then go hang out with friends. But there’d be instances that would come up, like friends would want to go to some bar or they want to go do something. And even though I knew in my core I didn’t want to do that cause I hate the bar scene. I hate random people, I hate certain people. Uh, I wanted to be a good friend and so I’d go out and do it and then I would hate it the whole time. And then I realized after I got home I got no enjoyment out of that. Nothing productive got done. Once I started cutting that stuff out of my life, I was able to do better at my job and learn 10 times more.

It’s amazing. Like yesterday as an example, my son was deejaying and my job is to his dad to get them there and I let him DJ and he kind of wants to do his own thing. Right. But as a dad, I need to be there. So I have an option a, I can go outside and watch this block party happen and probably run into random people that I don’t want to talk to, right? Or I can sit in my homer with the air conditioning on and work on a book. So I sat in the humble a book. You obviously chose door number two. Not because I don’t like all people just because I don’t like it. Not because you don’t love your son, right? It’s my son’s DJ. He wants to do his own thing. That’s cool. And I just have to get a book done and I have no desire to meet random people and to talk about the weather and how human it is, right?

I just don’t want to do that. So again, I’m asking you today if you want to become successful, what’s an area of your life right now where you are passionately wrong and you know you’re wrong and we’re going to help you work through it? Okay. So this is the next passionate area that I, I see people being wrong about a is how Google works. [inaudible] I think people feel like Google is like, uh, a woo woo thing that is impossible to solve. So, Jason, we have a checklist here. I’m gonna have you read off the items on the checklist. Speaking as a, as a non technical minded person. Yes. Um, I, I’m not very tech savvy. I think part of it is that you make it seem so simple how Google actually works. I mean, the four aspects of how it works, it just all of a sudden takes all the mystery out of it.

It seems just too, it can’t be that easy. It can’t be that simple. Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna teach you the four big, uh, things that the four big variables that impact Google’s rank. And then I’m gonna have Jason go deep into this thing called canonical compliance. Okay? So there’s four variables to impact your rank in Google. Okay. The first is whoever has the most objective reviews under Google map two, it’s whoever has the most, uh, organic, original html text, the most organic, the most original words, the most words that are original and relating to your topic, the most words and the most reviews. Got It. Now, variable number three is the most mobile compliance mean does it work well on a mobile phone? And the fourth is the most canonical compliance or the most Google compliance. So again, just repeating for taking notes to as the most organic, the most objective reviews, the most objective, real reviews from real customers.

That’s one. Two is it’s most relevant content that texts the most, the most words on the site. All right? The third is the most canonical compliance, and the fourth is the most mobile compliance. And you might say, well, how do I know if it’s mobile compliance? Just type in to Google right now. Uh, I’d say what? Just email me to info at thrive time, email info at thrive time, I’ll have my team run a 37 point analysis on your website. And I’ll tell you what is wrong with your website and what’s right with it, and we’ll help you, uh, learn what to do. But now we’re going to go deep dive into the checklist, all the variables that make a website canonically compliant. Yes. So Jason, let’s go with the variable number one and read the complete definition with a lot of a, a passion.

So no one falls asleep. God’s learning about the things that should keep you awake at night. Like, thanks. I’m gonna go right. Okay, Jason. Step number one, host your website with reliable hosting service. If your website is hosted with an unreliable hosting service, you will rank lower in the search engines. We recommend using don’t host your website with some local Genki hosting provider who lives in his mom’s basement right now. Your website, when it comes when someone Google searches your website or they go to your website. If the website is down a lot, it’s crashed a lot. It’s an unreliable a lot. Google will rank it more low in the search engines or rank it lower. Why? Why Dr? Breck. Why do you think Google would rank websites and lower in the search engines that don’t work consistently? Just a bad experience for their customer.

That’s just him. You know, I mean, I think that’s Google wants the best experience for the user and so if they type in a site and it doesn’t pop up, now they’re upset and they may, um, inadvertently blame Google. Let’s just say that. Let’s say you had a chair and you had a house. He had four or five chairs and one chair in particular. Whenever you’d sit down on it, it would collapse. Have you been to my house? Would you, would you rank that as your favorite chair? No, no, no. I’ve got a friend that you had five or six friends and every time you called one friend, he said, I’ll be there at five. But he always ghosted. Who would be your favorite friend if you were ranking them? Google is just looking for consistency. Jason, move on to barrel number two, variable number to host your website with the fastest package that you can afford.

Google really cares about how long it takes for your website to load. Why? Because people get impatient. And we’ll quickly move on to another website. If your website takes too long to load. On January 17th, 2018 Google formally announced the speed update, Google’s plan called for or called for them to slowly roll out the new search engine ranking criteria to give web developers plenty of time to make their websites load much faster. To test the speed of your websites. Go to, and we can include this link on the show notes. We’ll put it on the show notes. Yep. So just just do a Google search for um, Google page speed test and you’ll, you’ll find it. Okay. Oh, and we’ll put it on the show notes. But the point is, Dr Breck, why would Google want a website to load more quickly? Because we are not patient people and I’m just as guilty as anybody, but people are not patient. We are microwave society. Everything is instant. I want it now. I want it. Yesterday I went to a local restaurant the other day through the drive through with my son.

Yeah. Go through there. I was like, I’m calm, I’m chill, I’m pulling romantic, I’m excited about this Burger Cause Burger is what I want. Or the person comes through the speaker welcome. And I’m like, yeah, I’d like to get a a junior hamburger for him, junior hamburger for me. And they said Blah Blah Blah. And I go, yeah, and again, junior hamburger. And they said, well then I’m going, I’m thinking to myself,

I got to get out of here and I left. Yup. Why did you go inpatient? The hamburger wasn’t worth the hassle anymore. I’m just the person. I was like third or fourth pastor. Cool. I’m just it. What are you using? A megaphone back there. All right, so we’re moving on to variable number three. Number three, you build your website on the wordpress platform. Build your word, build your website and the word plus on the wordpress platform. Just the other day, just the other day, I had a beautiful young man, just a, just a great American, just probably somebody’s son, probably a child of God. Somebody who just matters who was so freaking wrong and made me crazy. Cause I want to launch the website for them to get them top and Google and he’s like, yeah, but I built it on wix and I want it to work this way.

You reading a headline and the first chapter of a book does not replace actually knowing what works. Listen, search engine for dummies by Bruce Clay. It is endorsed by Google. Check it out. Search engine for dummies. All right, bye. It’s Bruce Bruce or s e o inc. That would be Gary Grant. These are companies that I hired. They charge between eight to $10,000 a month to optimize website. They work with brands like sandals. They work with brands like oxy fresh. They work with brands like uh, uh, you know that uh, let’s take it like, Oh let me pull up the list real quick cause this, this right here, I want to just give a big list of the brands they work with. That way everybody here can just know what I’m talking about. So I’m going to Bruce Clay, not com giving you specific examples that your mind can handle.

Okay. I’m pulling up so Dr Brett can seize my accountability partner. Here we go. This is Bruce Clay, the weather channel. Have you heard of the Web Academy sports and some very, a recognizable logos here. Toyota. Yep. Ebay target, Home Depot, Netflix. I’ve heard of them. Ll Bean. I just feel like these are companies we may have heard of in the past. These are, these are, these are the heavy hitters. These are serious players. Okay, let me, let me pull up a Gary Grant. This is SEO Inc. Okay. These are real companies that really get companies to topical. A SC Johnson family company. We talked about, been hooked on sandals. Ah, let me talk about, uh, let’s pull up one here. Um, 20th Century Fox. I’ve heard. Yep. Definitely heard of them. Ah, seeing a couple of Frederick’s of Hollywood. I have no idea what that is. Nope, I’m done. What Dennis, what did he wire?

Uh, no fear. All I’m saying is these are real companies, real brands, and I’ve paid these companies to work with me. I’ve read all the books, read, read how Google works by Eric Schmidt. Read that book, read SEO Inc Arrieta a search engine for dummies by Bruce Clay. Read that book. Uh, read the honest seduction reduct book. Um, read the art of SEO re debt book and then implement it diligently since 99, 2000. Better yet, I would say don’t read those books and just actually do it. I mean, do what you say, just do it. You’ve already read those books. And the thing is, is I didn’t feel the need to read the books because I trusted that you’ve read those books and I know you have, which is why, which, and I am so glad that my website is no longer in obscurity. How am I, how much as a percentage?

Dr Breck, Dr [inaudible] dot com, by the way, Dr B r e c A chiropractor. How much a larger has your, how much has your company grown as a percentage in the past 18 months. 200% we’ve doubled. If you’re out there today, I just feel, and I had no web presence. I was literally lost in complete obscurity online or I just didn’t have an, an online presence. I feel like there’s somebody out there that says, yeah, I know. I know, but stop having that thought. But that’s fine. I understand. I understand. There’s just certain people, but this particular young man, I want to finish this tangent. This guy, he’s like, I built this on wix and Google’s different. I’m like, have you read this? This is the same young man who’s explaining to me cause he was [inaudible] he attended the meeting cause his boss couldn’t be there.

He explained to me that he takes hallucinogenic drugs on the weekends. Okay. This is the same man who was explaining to me that the most recent girl he met on Tinder, um, we’re going on. This is the same. Let me get Outta here. If your number one way to meet people as Tinder, you’re a jackass and you’ve got to quit coming to meetings and I tried to tell your boss what a jackass you are, which makes me not like to, but, right. All right. And I want to help people actually winning in life. You just, if you want to get to the top of Google, implement this stuff and quit telling me about your hallucinogenic drugs and meeting people on Tinder. Don’t drink tiger’s blood. You’re not winning. Just tuck this implant the moon, Jason, let’s go to moving variable number three, variable number three. So yes, so three is host your site on wordpress.

Why? Because it is the best software out of the box. Uh, if you hire coders to custom build your website on PHP, you will end up hating your life as a result of having a website that nobody can update other than the entitled nefarious employees who now have the ability to hold you hostage. Trust us here, we have personally coached hundreds of clients and every time our coaching clients have a custom built website, every time the business owner at some point has been held hostage by the employee who’s the only person who knows how to update the custom built non search engine friendly and ridiculously complicated website. Building your website on wordpress puts the power back in your hands as a business owner because you can update the website yourself if you have to. Dr Breck, I can relate web guy who would not return your calls, who’s holding you hostage and he can’t seem to find the passwords.

Yes. Has this happened to you? This happened well and even worse with a friend, it’s there it is. You know, so a friend is very nicely going to help me out and yet it never happens and I can’t get ahold of him when I need to. He was that, that one of six, that ghosted, right, and I think we figured out there and you are saying, gosh, I can relate to this. Stop doing the wrong thing over and over. Get out of the addictive loop of losing. Stop having your daughter or son who has a degree from OSU or Oru or oh, you are some place where they don’t teach how search engines work. Could having them build your website, stop it. Go to SEO Inc com right now. Go to SEO Inc com right now. Go to SEO.

Oh No, go go to Bruce and look at the fruits of their efforts and stop going in the wrong way. I just,

Jason, I, I don’t know what, I don’t know what to do is I feel like a lot of people, we want to know what to do [inaudible] but then when we actually get told what to do, we don’t want to do it. You know, I just

can’t handle the truth. You can’t handle the truth. I feel I can’t handle the truth. You can’t handle the truth

because I think it’s easier to have a friend do your website and put up with their jack ass theory. And then to say the economy’s tight. Dr Brick, how many times have you seen a chiropractor [inaudible] attic aren’t going education event. Oh, who has explained to you that the reason why there are businesses failing is because of the economy? Honestly, every single uh, uh, relicensing and you know, continuing education seminar that I’ve been to has had those people, every single one. You know, the only coach in the NFL who’s not a member of the coaches association. Let me take a guess. And you know why? Because he’s not messing around with jackass theory. Winning. He’s right and everyone else is wrong and he knows it. Yup. I know it might seem tough to listen to a podcast taught by a man who says that most people are wrong about most things most of the time.

But I am telling you that is the reality. 85% of people are at least wrong about the resume, right? I mean, I was relying on the resume. According to INC magazine, at least 75% of people are wrong about their views on thievery because they’re stealing from the workplace. True. And at least seven out of 10 men are wrong according to the Washington Post because they’re cheating on their spouse. By the way, by the way, if he tells you he just fell down and that’s not, that’s not enough. But I’m just telling you, you, I see this a lot people, they’re not implementing the moves because it’s there. You have somebody in them in the back, some in the peripheral, somebody who’s, who’s going to, I built the website and I heard that’s not how it works at all. Get out of here, man. Why do people hate the Patriots?

Because they win all the freaking time. Why do people hate the Yankees? Cause they win all the freaking time. Why do people, because it’s easier. There’s a bigger crowd gathered around called mediocrity. That’s a great crowd. It is the crowded mediocrity. They have no plans for what they’re going to eat today. Well let’s, let’s do this. If you’re listening today and you want to lose a bunch of weight, I’m going to give you a challenge. If you want to lose a bunch of weight, this, I want to give you a challenge. Refused to eat anything except for organic chicken and organic vegetables and water for the next seven days and see how many people it pisses off. Yeah, watch it. Yup. Watch seriously will piss people off. And they said, do you want any cake? Uh, no. I’m just going to have some organic chicken and I’m gonna have some vegetable. But thank you so much Mrs. Smith. Thank you so much,

honey. I don’t, how can we not have any of the cake? We all want to be fat together. Come on. Have some cake.

Mohammed’s cool. I just want to have, I just want to have, uh, organic chicken and organic vegetables. I brought my own today. Yeah,

but come on, you’ll do what you want though. Do you want some ice

grade? Come on. No, no. Uncle, uncle Larry. I just want to have my Oregon. It pisses people. [inaudible] really does. Yeah. Oh, it pisses him off. Well, he goes back to what we were talking about this morning. It’s, it doesn’t have to do with your diet. It’s the fact that you’re consistent. And the second that somebody sees somebody consistent for a week at the shorter, or even like a few days, like there’s something about you that I hate and I can’t put my finger on it. It’s because you have something that’s planned and you follow it and they don’t. If you tell, I get zigzag as an example. My schedule is the same every week and it really pisses people off. They’re like, so you mean you have family time every Sunday at six? Yeah. But what about going out to dinner this one time with somebody? Nope. So you may need, do your group interview every Wednesday at 6:00 PM when you personally host it in 5:00 PM when someone else does.

Yep. You mean you do it every week? Ah Huh. Yeah. He, we need to do a podcast every day. No, actually I do it nine times a week. Really snuck in two days. So you mean that you never go out with other men? Nope. Why? Because my wife’s not there. Do you mean that you don’t ever go clubbing with dudes? Nope. Why? Because my wife’s not there. Do you? It makes people crazy. It really does. People hate consistency. Jason, move onto the next variable of the Google search engine compliance number four, build a mobile friendly website. What is a mobile friendly website? Check your website’s mobile compliance at Um, let’s see here. Um, and that’s it. That’s it. Check your mobile compliance. Okay. Now again, you just got to make sure you do it. You gotta do it. We never force the quattro. Jason. Move number five. What’s rule number five? Install https encryption onto your websites. Like I, I’d like for you, I’d like for you if you can for a second, pretend that you’re Obama and you’re reading this. Action number five. Ooh, okay. The fifth variable. Okay, I’m going to queue up so we’ll kind of have the Obama kind of music that I think that Obama will do my best. This is how I would ever, ever Obama talks. This is what I hear. So this is where we go.

Go for it. Now. Each d d B s encryption onto your website. Https encryption stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure. What does that mean? Https? Some Gretchen makes your website more difficult for bad people to hack. Thus making it tougher for very bad people to crash your website and to use your website as a way to steal the personal information of your valuable clients and patriots. Google ranks, websites hire who have invested the additional money needed to add https encryption to their website. How many times would you use Google if every time their search results sent you to a website I’ve had been Hecht into by cyber criminals and Internet packers and you repeat that last line over and over like hip hop and repeat. Gone. We got 20 more seconds. How many times would you use Google if every time their search results sent you to a website that had been hacked into by cyber criminals and internet packers? One more time. Bring it.

How many times would you use Google if every time there are search results sent to you to a website that had been hacked into by cyber criminals and Internet hackers?

Oh, [inaudible].

That was excellent. Pretty good. It’s all in the pauses, so it’s the https encryption. Yup. You got to add that, but Dr Breck, I don’t want to, that’s what you continue to not, when I hear people say, I don’t want to spend the $80 I don’t care if you want to. Sometimes I questioned my sanity as to why I want to help people. Yeah. The more you talk about it this morning, the more I’m wondering why you want to continue to help people. My wife asks me all the time, why do you do this yourself? I don’t know. I see the success of Cola too worth it. You’ll see the success in tip top canine. It’s worth it. I see. Full pull, full package media towards it. Um, I noticed that Jesus got killed the age of 33 for being a rights. I’m like, I kind of dodged the bullet, but I don’t know how old Martin Luther King Jr was when he got killed, but that he wasn’t very old.

How old was he when he got killed with a cow? How old? How old? How old? How old was MLK when he died? Let’s pull that up. Let’s find the stat. 39 frank. I’m right there. Huh? Stop today. Shop. The doors are locked, right? I mean, I’m just trying to tell you I’ve had, I’ve had so many people over the years come to me for advice. Uh, one lady about three years ago, this was a, this is a real, real, real, that fabulous situation. She worked with at the time, doesn’t now, and she says, Hey, I’m thinking about moving in with a guy who’s got four kids and she’s like, at the time at 22 in, this guy’s like 40 yes. I wanted to know what parenting advice would you have for me? I want to know you’d Vanessa at five kids. I just wanted to know what advisers and I said she didn’t really want to know.

You’re going to ruin your life. You’re going to ruin that thing. I mean, you got to get out of there. What are you doing? She’s like, well, I’ve worked. Just worked really close and I’m like, no, no, no. I don’t know what’s going on right now. But you’re already sleeping with Maria. She goes, what? You’re already sleeping with them, right? Yes. Well, if you let people test drive first, that also decreases your chances of success. You you have to run, you got to get out. He had to run. It didn’t go over well. Sometimes when people, you give them the truth, they don’t like it. It’s very true. So oftentimes, most times, almost all the time, there was a pastor I worked with years ago who, uh, was, you know, in the Bible, and again, if you’re listening out there and you happen to be a gay, not gay part, gay part, not gay, you’re saying, I dunno, I sometimes I just wake up, I don’t even know.

Um, the Bible has a certain stance on it, right? Right. So if you’re a Christian and you use the Bible as your rule book, then you should be consistent with that. And if you’re not, then you shouldn’t be. But I talked to a pastor years ago and I said, hey, um, what’s going on? He’s, he was all troubled. And he said, Paul, the Bible says this and I want to say that, but I can’t because it might offend this person. And I’m like, well, then you shouldn’t be a pastor. It’s like, well, but people would get offended. I’m like, then you shouldn’t be a pastor. Well, I’m gonna come, you should be like a truth Sayer, a hope giver, a community organizer, a whatever you want to do, but you can’t go to church. And then like adjust the Bible to play to the crowds cause people want to Santa Clause.

People want Santa Claus. They do. When you tell someone they have to have https encryption on their site. Oh, it upsets people. Why? I don’t understand. Jason, can you read the next variable? Please install the search engine optimization plugin into your website. What is Yoast? Yoast SEO is the best wordpress plugin on the planet when it comes to search engine optimization. Yost was built and designed in a way to make sure to make search engine optimization approachable for the every man and thus we love Yoast. Yoast makes it possible for people who are not complete nerds to proactively manage the search engine optimization other way wasting us. You’re saying install the Yoast search engine plugin optimization plugin into my website? Yup. Why? Well, how are you going to get articles on there? So you’re saying that this is the most search engine compliant plugin on the planet to true, thus we use it.

That’s the one to use a different plugin, a different feature on my site to optimize it. What if I don’t like Yoast one, I don’t even think you know, Yoast to like that. So you can’t judge them this just in to, if you don’t want to use Yoast thin, you don’t want to when it’s as simple as that. But I think, I think people want to fight about this as well. People just inherently want to do something that’s different and wrong. I don’t understand why it’s like Bobby, don’t eat that ice cream. Got It mom. And as soon as you’re told not to do it right all you want and you’re a little third grade boy mind is that ice cream. Don’t look down. Everybody loosen it. Yeah. Cleavage. It’s a weird thing. It’s true. It’s around, it’s around us. It’s we, we, we, it’s around us and you notice it to presence and you say, ah, don’t look, come on.

It’s a thing. It’s just, yeah, it’s a bad deal. Anyway, so I’m just saying there are certain things you shouldn’t look at, but you kind of want to, you shouldn’t eat, but you kind of want to, you know, you gotta put on yells but you’re kinda like, yeah, but I want to do something else. Alright, so we’re moving on to variable number seven, Jason, what’s that seven uniquely optimize every Meta title tag on every page of your website real quick. Are you saying that they have to write different words for every single Meta title on every page of their website? So what I’m saying, why do people hate that part so much? Because they don’t want to do something different. Like why can’t I just use the same name? It’s the same website. Pay. Same brand, right. It’s too hard. I don’t like to write, continue or continue.

I’m gonna find you some epic music. Read it, read it nice and slow cause our listeners can’t see me to just soak in the, the fruits. Okay. Should we go? We were just Kinda, I got the music right. Here we go. Got It. Uniquely optimize every Mehta title tag on every page of your websites. The title tag is simply a hypertext markup language, html elements on a website that specifies to search engines. What a particular webpage is all about. Stop at SEO Moz, we say that the best practice for title tag link is to keep titles under 70 characters and an example would be full package media, vertical, Barnes, Dallas, real estate, photography, vertical bar (972) 885-8823.

Why Jason? Do people not want to make every single title tag unique? [inaudible] they either feel like they’re not original enough and they can’t come up with a new idea. It’s too hard to sit down and think of a new idea or it is too time consuming. I told you today about the new book I’m working on. I said the worst part about writing a book. Proposals. What? Jason Writing? The fricking book proposal. Yup. No, it’s terrible. All right. Let me move on to the Ochoco variable number. It’ll make your website great. Uniquely optimize every meta-description on every page of your website. The meta-description is simply part of the hypertext markup language. Again, html code that provides a brief summary about a webpage search engines like Google usually show the meta-description in search engine results. There we go. Don’t make your Meta description more than 160 characters in length.

Why do you have to follow all these rules? Because if you don’t, Google is not going to rank you and nobody’s going to find you because everybody uses Google. Oh, don’t make your meta-description more than 160 characters in length. So an ample example, just Google today, Dallas real estate photography, and you can see full package media and we’d go back to the title. You can’t make your title. You can’t make your title more than 70 characters. Clay, who made these rules? Google do. It’s their world. It’s their in it, right? But you’re like, well, I don’t want to use it though. I heard from a friend of mine, listen, it turns out it pays a pays really well to being an internet charlatan. It ran around given people, it does half a serious job. When you give people thoughts, when you give people, um, a life tips that don’t work, but it seems plausible. People love it. They do. They do. Let me, let me just cue up this audio real quick and tell me what Dr Brett, you, you tell me when you’re going to call bs first. Okay. Okay, I’m going to cue up. Let me get, let me get it going here real quick here. So here we go. You know what I like a lot more than materialistic things.

Knowledge. In fact, I’m a lot more proud of these seven new bookshelves that I had to get installed to hold 2000 new books that I bought. It’s like the billionaire Warren Buffet says, the more you learn, the more you earn. Now maybe you’ve seen my tedx talk where I talk about how I read a book a day. You know, I read a book a day,

my meters going up higher and higher. In fact, we’re getting there. The real reason I book a day. Do you believe that Tai Lopez reads a book every single day? No, I do not. But it’s it seem, it seems true, doesn’t it? It kinda, you kind of want it to seem true, right? It kind of once you kind of want it to be real, well I know I’m not reading a book a day, so he’s succeeding. So maybe that’s the difference. Maybe that’s what makes it plausible is he’s gotta be doing something. I’m not. And that’s the difference. If you want to see this video, just type in Tai Lopez Lamborghini, and I know you do

this Lamborghini here is that it’s a reminder, a reminder that dreams are still possible. Because it wasn’t that long ago that I was in a little town across the country sleeping on a couch in a mobile home with only $47 in my bank account. I didn’t have a college degree. I had no opportunities. But you know what? Something happened that changed my life. I bumped into a mentor.

We want, we want this to be true. We do because we don’t want to think about 70 characters in our title tag, right? That would require work. That other Tai Lopez video, let’s watch this one. Here we go.

And what

jet? Like this. All right. Why? No, no. Wait, what? I like more than flying in a private jet like this. My books.

Okay. Real quick. I want to make sure that we’re breaking down this audio here. Here we go. This is ty Lopez. Dr Brett, can you describe what’s what you’re saying here on the screen? All right. So what I’m seeing on the screen is a, it looks to be a private jet and there are some beautiful women that are accompanying ty Lopez. Uh, it looks like it has an associate back behind the ladies. Um, but very much featuring the beautiful women in the video versus the books that he, how would you be on a private? How often would anybody be on a private jet with three women who are showcasing cleavage while reading books? How often? Well, like you, I’m a married man, so I’m never going to be on that plane. Right. Let me hit play here. I’m gonna play this for you.

You know what I like more than flying in a private jet like this? My books, this book books actually not, but actually not. I just lied to you, but I told you I lied earlier. I do bring books with me because we were just talking a little bit earlier on off. The question was how to figure out what you should do with your life, like your destiny, what you’re meant to do, what your purpose is. And I find that’s the most common question. And I was just thinking about it when I was get at

here. There’s no freaking way that that is what they were talking. I find that’s the most common question. There’s never been a single client that’s been like claim. What’s my destiny? No, it’s the focus on building their business. They don’t. All right, so we’re moving onto variable number nine but read it nice and slow cause we’ve got to let this soak into our Chris. It’s a long one. So strap in, uniquely optimize the keywords on every page of your website. Got It. Meta keywords are a very specific kind of Meditech that will show up in the eight or the hypertext markup language, html code on web pages in these will tell the search engines what the webpage is really all about. An example of specific keyword optimization would be Berge and Assurion. You may be thinking who is [inaudible]? It’s B, e. R. J. [inaudible], j. A. R. I. A. N. He is the, uh, he serves as the director as the New England patriots, director of football and the chief of staff for the legendary coach bill Bellicheck, who’s won a total of eight super bowl titles since beginning his coaching career in the national football league.

So if you’re out there today and you’re searching for Burj Najarian, there’s a high probability that, that you know who burns Najarian is therefore, I wanted to come up top for him because he’s the man who tells me I cannot interview bill Belichick. He’s the guy. Yup. And the reason why bill Belichick is successful is because he won’t do interviews with people like me. So I am standing in the way. If, if I were to interview Bill Belichick, they probably would not win the Superbowl and they’d be like, things were going well, but then we did that interview with that clay guy and we’d got distracted. And I’m being serious though, Bill Belichick does not do interviews that he doesn’t have to do. Right. Um, you know, that’s how we win. Okay. Probably a big deal for like the very top in, uh, you know, daily show to get an interview with bill bill and yet I’m not going to get interviewed anytime soon.

I’ll tell you this though. Verge, I’m coming for you buddy. I’m going to keep asking because the more I ask first, you’re going to kind of hate me and you’ll dislike him. You can’t get annoyed. But then he starts to become kind of endearing and after probably six or seven years of follow up and you’re starting to kind of go, I like this guy. I like this, this crazy stupid guy from Tulsa and then it’s going to happen. Now Elon Musk has a notable quotable this just in from our Home Office. Elon Musk says, some people don’t like change but you need to change. He says some people don’t like to change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster. So if your website’s not ranking top and Google might be costing you thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars, just just go to thrive time, today and watch some of the testimonials. It’s truly unbelievable. It’s UN, it’s unbelievable. It’s, it is something that is hard to believe, right? How much success, let me just queue up an audio clip real quick from somebody who is a member. Remember the thrive nation. This is a home builder. Aaron anti-ice. Here we go. Hi, I’m Aaron antice with Shaw homes. I first

heard about clay through a mortgage lender here in town who had told me what a great job he had been doing for them. And uh, I actually noticed he was driving a Lamborghini all of a sudden. So I was willing to listen.

So Aaron is a Oh guys building homes. He said, a friend of his is doing really well financially and he said, what are you doing? The friend Steve Currington said, I work with clay and we’ll continue,

have a good things to say about the system that clay put in place with us. And it’s just been an incredible experience. I am very glad that we met and had the opportunity to work with clay.

So is there up 12 times more leads in four months, 12 times more leads. Another example, this is the a a Jen Allen with body central. Uh, they’ve gone from three locations to eight locations in the last two years just by diligently implementing the systems and processes to get right. Perhaps you’re somebody who needs more emotion to your testimonial. You need something a little more emotional. This is a Barbie cookies. This is a, uh, a single mom growing a company that’s now absolutely doing well thriving. Listen to this one. Wait, can this year’s sales for this week?

So this is the same week last year. Do you see the difference? What,

where’s that, sorry, I can’t really tell. One is Michael, can you, can we just, as I was going to get to Jason, could you kind of pull this in maybe just so you can see, it’s kind of pull it that way. It’s get the link that’s more of a lead. I can’t tell that the link. Right. It’s hard to tell. Okay, so that was the last year sales. Yep.

Was last year sales and the total is a near $4,711 and 73 cents. Same Week. This year, 2015 the total is read at my goal. 11,300 1350

oh whoa.

And that was 2015 I’ve been doing this for a long time, which is why I look so old. Jason Continue. What’s the next variable, right? The next variable is going to make a lot of people mad, so I apologize in advance, but you have to create 1000 words of original and relevant texts or content per page on your website. Terrible. What a jerk. What am I possibly gonna talk about for a, how can I possibly put a thousand words on my contact page? How could I possibly put a thousand words in my about us page and when am I going to have the time to write a thousand words? Do you know how busy I am? I’m so busy, so busy. I know what you can do. If you’ve got an iPhone, you can download the dragon dictation app and you can just talk for 10 to 15 minutes.

Okay, I’m at a low point in my life. What are the, what are the three you were to give me? Give me a couple of ways that I can write a thousand words of content per page so you could sit down and type it up yourself. Okay. Or You could get a, a any form of dictation app, which just allows you to talk directly into your phone, the and extended microphone, a headset, and it will record and type out everything that you’re saying. That way you don’t have to sit, you can just kind of do a stream of consciousness speaking, or you can record a podcast, talk at length about things that you know, and then transcribe it using the Timmy software. Okay. So one is you could write the content yourself or two. You can record the audio and transcribe it using the Timmy software.

Yeah, if you do that. Uh, today, when you Google Search Tulsa, if you Google search, broken Arrow automotive repair. Dr Breck, I’m gonna Google it real quick. You can tell me who comes up. Do you live in Bro? Broken Arrow. Are you Tulsa and Tulsa? Your Tulsa can, but if you lived in broken Arrow and I know you don’t, but if you’re a big fan, broken your auto-repair, um, who comes up top and Google right now? What do you see right there at c? Grammarly? Let’s see here. The garage, the garage shop. Oh, there we go. And then organically you’ve got Yelp and then there you go. You see them again? The garage Ba, the garage comes up top and Google. Is it Jason? Because we like Roy so much when we do, we do like him so much. But is that why he comes up top? No, it’s because Google likes him so much and Google likes him because he plays by their rules. He’s got a crap load of content and he has more reviews than this competition. You know, uh, his sales went from $60,000 and six from $60,667 during one month last year to now $102,000 this year. Let me play the auditors, Roy x, sharing how doing these things has impacted his business.

What’s up thrive nation. Aaron Chub here with Roy. We have a little bit of news for you guys. [inaudible] it’s now what? May 31st and six 21 you’ve been closed for 20 minutes. No, it’s now June’s. Let’s run the numbers for May. Let’s see what he’s got. Oh, one oh two eight 37 what’s the last year to date? 1-021-028-THIRTY seven this year. Last year was 60,006 67

Whoa, whoa. That’s up. What? 70% I mean, that’s a big number there. I mean, that’s not quite doubled. I mean, that’s, Oh Jason, keep on reading already. So the next step, create a Google search engine compliant dot XML site map on your website. Anybody out there saying, well, I’m not technical, we’ll get technical or hire somebody who is technical. Come on, man. I just see a lot of dads who are like, well, I’m just not, you know, I’m going through another divorce and I’m just not a faithful person. I’m just not a faithful person who is the way I was rem serious. I’ve met with people who’ve told me they say clam going through another divorce and I just wanna know what tips do you have? And I’m going, how did that happen again? They go, well, I’m just not a faithful guy. You’re not a faithful guy.

What do you mean we don’t, you know, my father wasn’t faithful to him. My mom and I’m not faithful and I just, I come from a long line of, of, uh, unfaithful men. I just wanna know what are your tips? There is no tips. Stop putting your penis inside people. You’re not married to stop it. Stop. Stop it. Stop it. Now it’s hard for me to not put my penis and people I’m not married to. I come from a long line of Perpetual Penis, put hers in the wrong place. Stop it. Just stop doing that. Unbelievable. You can’t have your life controlled by your unit. Come on. Quit being the unit bomber. Seriously. It’s unbelievable. It’s so it just, I see. I see men who are acting like they’re a 16 year old in heat or something. Here, stop acting like a monkey man. Get serious about your life, Jason.

Continue. All right, so what does an XML sitemap XML stands for? Extensible markup language. Whoa. A quality XML sitemap serves as a map of your website, which allows the Google search engine to find all of the important pages located within your website. But I don’t want to build an XML sitemap. Well, you have to know otherwise. Google can’t navigate. Okay, I’m just going to get that in there. As a website owner, unless you hate money, you really want Google to be able to crawl, find and rank all of the important pages on your website. [inaudible] dot com has tools that will actually generate Google compliant dot XML site maps for you. Don’t worry, you can do this. Put somebody out there. Does it want, does it want to do it? Because it’s hard and I’m just telling Ya, I took Algebra three times. Okay, took my act three times to get into college.

Things could be hard, but you still have to do whatever you have to do, right? You got to do it. Jason, move on to variable number 12 variable number 12 create a Google search engine compliant html site map so much like an XML site map. A hypertext markup language site map allows the people who visit your website to easily navigate your website, so the difference is html users can view it XML, that’s all index by Google. There it is. Sitemap should be located at the bottom of your website. It should be labeled as a in quotations site map. Hiding your site map for any reason is a bad idea because Google assumes that if you are hiding your sitemap, you’ll probably trying to hide something. Don’t change the background of your website to be the same color as your sitemaps font or do any trickery here.

You want to make sure that your website can easily be found at the bottom of the website. Jason, what is the next variable that it makes our website canonically or Google compliant? So 13 if you ever want to sell something to humans on the planet earth, you must make or you must make your contact information easy to find why? Well, because if you are sales based and you have a phone number, people kind of have to know what that phone number is. Thus you want to make your phone number easily available to find either at the top right or at the bottom of the website with the coaching your web developer forced them to make your phone number a click to call phone number so that users on your website who are using a mobile phone on the planet earth can simply click the number to call Dr. Brock.

Have you noticed that people want to typically call you to schedule their first? It’s a great thing. It’s a great thing. I love how it works. I’ve worked with so many web developers who are clever and you’re like, well, why? What I’m doing, the international changing. So I’ve kinda hidden the number. It’s the new thing people are doing is get outta here man. Lets the new thing I have heard, well I’m going to stick with the thing that’s working. I’ve heard web developers tell me, well the reason why I didn’t put the website, the phone number easily find bubbles because some artistic reason just get outta here. Make them dig a little deeper into the website so they can find it. If you are out there today and you’re going, listen man you guys are overwhelming me today. That’s Kinda what I want to do, right?

Because I want you to know it requires detailed thought. So for sake of time if you’re saying, I don’t know if my website is canonically compliant, just email us right now to info at thrive time, email us to info at thrive time, and we will run a battery of tests on your website to tell you what’s wrong with it. And Dr Breck has it helped you grow your company? It has. It definitely has. It’s so great. It’s so crazy. Great. I just encourage you, if you’re out there and you’re passionately wrong about how Google works, make a change. Now, Jason, let’s move on to the next area where people where humanity is usually perpetually wrong. I think humanity is perpetually wrong about humanity. Very much so. No. So, um, Dr Breck yes. Uh, can you tell me, uh, is it shocking to you that 75% of employees admit to stealing from the workplace?

Uh, yeah. That is shocking. It is. Yeah. Is it shocking? The 85% of people lie on resumes? It’s sad and it’s very, you know, I don’t know if it’s shocking, but it’s very sad I would say. And I agree. Um, but Jason, can you explain, why do we do a group interview here every Wednesday at 6:00 PM one, it is a huge time saver. Instead, like let’s say we have 27 interested applicants, we can knock it out in an hour as opposed to spending half of a work week interviewing each individual person for an hour by themselves. So a recap how the group interview works. Okay. By default, you get resumes sent to you and you read them, right? Oh, you read those things and you can spend hours and hours and hours reading those pieces of fictional literature during that. And then you’re like, oh, I’ve found the perfect one. This this guy, this lady, this lady right here. She seems great. She’ll headshot with her sound, got the degree going on, got the 3.9 GPA, your wow. She, she’s gonna be a perfect nurse practitioner. The perfect assistant, the perfect sales person, the perfect search engine person. We had a guy from MIT, MIT, MIT, the MIT. We had somebody from Carnegie Mellon. I remember that, who was posed to be the best web developer of all time. And you know what? I’m gonna hit save real quick because this, this Tundra here, epic, I hate to lose

the show began with some fun, fun son who just wants it and

we’re back. We’ve survived the a monsoon out there. We’re, we’re back. And now we’re talking about this group interview idea. Now by default, most people are reading people’s resumes and then who to interview one-on-one, right? So you have 40 applicants, you’re reading 40 resumes and they’re meeting 40 people one-on-one. Right? Why Jason? Is that an antique waste of time? Epic. It’s an [inaudible]. It’s a huge waste of time because again, your time is valuable. That’s time you can spend doing something else. Working on your business, optimizing your website. Start with that first idea. Yeah. Do you truly believe that your time is valuable? That’s the question I’d ask you right now. Thrive nation. I mean, do you, I believe time is our most important asset. That’s the filter I run everything through. So yesterday, a member of my family accidentally locked their keys in their car [inaudible] and I did, I called Papa Lock and you know why?

Because I’d rather pay $75 for them to come and do it while I’m editing a book. Right? And to spend an hour of my time because I’m not good at it, I’ll probably break the window in the process and I’d rather, I value my time more than my money. Right? So you have to, as an entrepreneur, value your time. So reading resumes is just, you got to stop. Then you interview them all at one time. Jason, why? Well, um, it’s a really easy way to find who the UNICORNS or outliers are. Cause typically people in a group setting, only the people who are Alphas and a players are going to come to the front of the line. That’s true. And you’re able to hit and assess everybody. You’re able to look at them and see if they’re actively engaged. One of the really cool things that you do is you’ll ask a question as you’re going through and then we’ll just ask a random person like you don’t need to be looking at him.

Just asked me, does that make sense? Or do you have any questions? And then the people who have questions, you know, are engaged and the people who don’t have no reason to be there, I will walk everybody through the actual words I say during our group interview real fast. [inaudible] so first off, the interview starts at 6:00 PM. So anybody who’s late, I don’t ask them to leave. I just mentally pretend they left. Right? So I don’t, I don’t invest my time there. Cause if you’re late to a job interview, if you’re not early, that’s the problem. If you’re not first, you’re last. So last week we had, I think, you know, I don’t know make up a number, but around 20 people confirmed to be at the interview and I think we had its normal six or seven people that actually showed up on time. Right. And of those six or seven, you know, uh, two or three were not argumentative and were nice people who had their crap together.

Um, then I said, okay, well guys, welcome to the interview. My name is Clay Clark. I am, uh, the owner of this particular business. And uh, I, phew, I’ve view that people are our most important asset. And so I like to make sure that I decide which people join our team. I want to team with the best players wins and I wanna make sure I’m looking for the best players. So, uh, but I don’t like to ask you insincere questions. I don’t like to say what’s your biggest weakness cause then you’re going to say, well, my biggest weakness is just carrying too much. I work too hard, too hard, and I’m going to go. Okay, well then tell me about a work situation where you had to work through adversity and like, oh, well my last job, we were at a critical deadline. It was mission critical.

And what I did is I just, because of my integrity and my commitment to the church, to the team, to the initiative I pushed through and I was able to achieve maximum success in a win-win way with a team. And I’m going to go, oh, that’s great. Tell me about your last job. Why are you leaving? I’m leaving because my last job that I loved and my boss that I loved, um, just at this point, uh, we have dis, I’ve decided to take my career in a different direction. I’m not not, you know, I want to go in a different direction and it’s just as insincere. But when I say, ask me any questions you want, all of a sudden people ask me real questions and I can figure out whether they’re a good fit or not based upon how their mind works. It’s amazing.

And then if, uh, find one or two people that we like and we do every week, we have them shadow. Right? Why do we have them shadow for a couple hours? Jason, why don’t we have them to come shadow the next day or as soon as they can. One just so they can get a good understanding of it. Cause you, you talk a lot about, you bring them into like what the culture of the office is, how like the day to day job works, but then they get a chance to see it. So they get to see everything from sales to graphic design to SEO and they get to meet all the teammates. Right. It makes it all more tangible, more real. But then also at the same time you can vet that person, see if they’re paying attention. Like we’ve had plenty of shadows that have come through elephant in the room.

Yeah. And their whole job was just to watch me work. I’ll explain some things to them of course. And then I want them to ask me questions, but the people who don’t ask me questions or the people I turn around and they’re just texting like, okay, I realize now you may have done really well in the interview, but you’re not going to cut it and I realize there’s somebody out there who’s a Christian. I get it and you’re saying as a Christian, I don’t want to speak negativity over my life. That’s fine. I’m just telling you the facts. Washington Post is saying 78% of the men have cheated on their partner. That means 78% of the people applying for jobs for you who are men are cheaters. 75% of people steal from the workplace. That means 75% of the job candidates you’re talking to steal it just what it is. It’s not negative. It’s just reality. Those thieving unit bombers, it’s reality and I just think when you struggled to deal with how reality works, life is tough. Yes. You just embrace how reality works. It’s awesome. The group interview shall set you free. Now, the next area where I get a lot of pushback on people struggle with is getting Google reviews. Dr Breck. Yes. Ah, why don’t consumers, patients, clients, whatever by default give you a positive Google review or give you a Google review at all unless you ask.

I think people are probably very well intentioned, but they just have busy lives and uh, if they’re not passionate about it, then they’re not going to leave you a review. And the people that naturally are passionate about your business are those who are upset. And so if they’re going to naturally leave a review, it’s going to naturally be very negative. So Dale Carnegie, um, who wrote how to win friends and influence people, he wrote when with people, remember, you’re not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity. Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours. [inaudible] right? It’s so important you understand that you have to appeal to people’s, um, motive and you say, hey, you know, at a Dr Breck, Dr [inaudible], e c We pride ourselves on doing the best service possible. And it would mean the world to me.

If you would leave us an objective review today to tell Tulsa how we’re doing. Right? But you got to, but you got to ask, if you don’t ask what happens? Nothing. Jason, I hear people say, why do I always have to ask, aren’t you have a hundred reviews? Why can’t I stop? Well, two things. He can’t stop because the first thing that your competitor notices, because people track this. I mean, I helped my clients track it every week. I have a couple people that on their weekly tallies, they want to know where their direct competitor is at because if we’ve grown and we were double theirs, they want to make sure that they keep an eye on the competitor because all it takes for somebody to outrank you is to have more reviews. So you want to make sure that you’re always staying ahead of the competition but to, if Google realizes that a business stops getting reviews or stopped uploading content, it looks at that website is inactive.

Someone took a bad website, it stops ranking it. So if you’re not consistent, Google will then kick you off the front page and your competitors. Again, we’re going to be out ranking you. If you stop getting Google reviews, we’ll get all of your leads. You know papa gallows just hit 1000 in five reviews last night. Beautiful. That’s great. They are top and Google. They are top in Google. It’s just so critically important that you go out there and you ask people for reviews. You have to do it and I just think there’s somebody out there saying, well can I email people and ask them, no, it doesn’t work. Why doesn’t it work? When you email people Jason and ask them for reviews, we’ll tell you the only emails that I check come through my important file and the only way that they can do that is that they come from you, John or one of our like vendors.

Everything else is spam. I will go through my inbox every day, but if it comes from anything marketing related, which I was that dummy, I have this, I’ve had the same email address for the past. What, 10 years? Yeah. You’re setting up an account like, Hey, do you want to receive newsletters? Sure, sure. And now I’ve got, oh yeah, thousands that I don’t read and it’s no offense to them. I’m just not going to do it. And so I mean, just to speak to what you were saying, it’s people won’t read them. I had a, a business conferences I spoke at years ago and I did a funny, funny thing you said a lazy gentleman. I like to do something real quick. I’d like for you to write down the number of emails approximately in your inbox approximately. And if the number that you write down is the number that I’ve written down here, you’ll win a $500 prize, right?

I’m going to give you $500 of cash. If the number that you wrote down is closest to the number that I have written down here, because we’re just taking a little survey, but don’t, don’t put your hand up. Don’t, don’t tell me, just write down the number on a piece of paper and bring it up here. So everyone just brought 200 people there. Everyone’s writing down the number and they’re writing down. So I said, folks, I’m now going to read off how many emails people have their inbox. I’m not gonna read their name, but I am gonna read off how many, just so that we can all kind of have a Kumbaya moment. So email number one in box number one 627 reviews or something where it’s two 227 emails, right? I’m like, okay, inbox number two here, 1000 whatever. Inbox number three, 400 inbox box number, five, 700 inbox.

And we start realizing the average person has hundreds of unresponded to emails fuss when they get an email from you. The last thing they wanna do is go, okay, I’ll take time out of my schedule and you get outta here. You can’t automate that crap. You’ve got to ask people, and when dealing with people, remember you’re not dealing with creatures of logic. It’s so true, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity. Now, Jason, what happens if you’ve sent somebody a text, automate a text after every service and says, how was our service? Why is that not a good idea? What’s not a good idea? Because when you’re one of the main reasons you want to ask face to face or over the phone, if that’s your last resort is if you realize that the person was genuinely wowed like an elephant in the room, we ask everybody who is leaving.

They look like they had a blast, the blast, they have a good haircut, a great smile, you know there enjoyed it. You can learn from them, but if you automate that, what’s going to happen is people will not leave a review unless they’re mad. Yup. Okay. Next pushback area I deal with. We’ve got a few more we’re getting tackled today. Yeah. How advertising works. See a lot of people, not are not our our listeners, but other people who shape, well, advertising doesn’t work. I never click on those ads. Right. And I’m like, okay, okay. I’d be too hard to even, I hear it. It’s, it’s like, it’s, I can’t even really explain, um, what happens in my mind. I just want to hear it. I’m, I’m kinda going

[inaudible] Luu I am your boss. I,

I just, I don’t know how to process it because I’ve been in business since I was 16 years old. So when you buy ads, like a yellow page ad, trust me, you’re going to get leads. Oh yeah. And then when you get leads, if you do a good job, if you do a good job, then people should want to come back and tell their friends. So when you say, well, yeah, most of our business comes from word of mouth. That’s how it’s supposed to work. It’s supposed to work that way. You should have most of your business from word of mouth, initiate them somewhere, right. They gotta get onboard somewhere, but why would I advertise that? Come on, stop it. Stop saying that. I share this story a lot and hopefully this works for the listeners out there. I bought a yellow page ad years ago for $2,500 a month approximately.

My wife and I turned off our air conditioning and our heat and we sold the vehicle so we could have a yellow page ad. We ran that ad as we did in Bopa called B, o. P. H a Boca was her name and she got married at the Royal Dragon and she got married to a guy named Ryan and she wanted to know them. Do you know both friends? Yes. Yes. Come on. Yeah. Yes. I’ve known him for years. Yes, yes, yes. Probably about eight, nine years I’ve known both been right. Yes. To quote Carlton Pearson. Yes, yes. Talking about, yes. When he said her name, I was like, surely it’s not the same Boba or you can’t be that many boats. I can tell you their last name right now, but I won’t on there. Okay, let me, let me just, let me do this. I’m just going to cue this up, right Suzanne

farther along, folks will understand how that happened. No. Yes. Oh, here we go. [inaudible] how’s that possible? [inaudible] sunshine. Here we go. [inaudible] come on. How is it possible that balance? I don’t even understand that it just happened. That right there is a unicorn event. I cannot believe that Dr Breck knows Ryan and Bopa.

That’s, that’s great people. Hot Point is I DJ their wedding [inaudible] and at their wedding other people attended the wedding who were happy. Yeah, and somehow, oh, lady by the name of Aaron Reed who worked at Tulsa National Bank. [inaudible] calls me, she says, Hey, I’m looking for a DJ. Heard you’re good. Boom. Referral referral. Then from that wedding forest and Christie Forrest was a Sapulpa firefighter at Christie. Sorry, Christie. I don’t want a black dad. I can’t read what you did, but she did something very important. And by the way, that’s not, that’s not just a sexist that that’s sad that I can’t remember everyone’s profession, but the point. So she used me for her wedding and then Kip who’s the president of Tulsa National Bank, he was happy and he used us, which led somehow to a referral to um, the, the a Unit Corp who officed at 71st and Lewis at the time.

And they hired me, which somehow led to the United steak and poultry event and to the Ameristar event. All of those came from a referral that initially came from the seed called advertising. Jason, where do you get the most pushback about advertising? So just like you said, people not from our clients but from other people. No, no, no. Just from other people. It’s, a lot of people think that ads don’t work. And so my personal challenge is if you, so like let’s say you’re not searching for like a keyword, you’re searching for a business, right? And you’re skipping the map. You just want to find something on Google. You put the name in, what do you do? You Click the first one that pops up on the page. Everybody who does that run that search again. And before you click look to the left, you’re going to see a green ad box.

So you think you’re going to the actual website, which you are, but you’re clicking the ad. So the ad works. It’s right there. Why the ad puts it at the top of the page for more relevance. I don’t click ads. Yes you do. Okay. Yes you do. Fine. All right, so now, so now. Okay, so let me get the advertising themes. We’ll make sure we’re getting this advertising concept. Michael Levine, the PR consultant of choice for Nike, Prince Michael Jackson, Charlton Heston, President Clinton, a bestselling author, Michael Levine, Michael Levine, who we’ve had speak at our business conferences. V Michael Levine, drew. He’s intense. Uh, he says the fastest 500, he says, the 500 fastest growing companies in America. The research shows they’re dropping 11% of their budget on advertising. [inaudible] 11% that’s nothing. The average American business though spins like very little, which is why most businesses fail. You’ve got to advertise Coumba Ah, Coumba Ya. I hate fighting with you. Goomba Yo, don’t be broke anymore. Dolby Bro. I just, there’s so many people that are just passionate about doing the wrong thing. Passionately being wrong doesn’t make you right. Nope. It makes you passionately broke. That’s what happens. I just, this is pat. It’s a passion for being wrong. Them let me, TD Jakes, the a famous evangelist, a bestselling author, he has this to say about why exceptional people struggle to communicate with mediocre people.

Jesus. Who is exceptional is having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking, people is always going to be conflict.

There’s always going to be conflict when exceptional people are in the presence of ordinary people. Now, here’s what’s cool. Everybody here who is ordinary, all of us were who are ordinary. We can all choose to be extra ordinary simply by putting that extra effort and diligently implementing proven systems. But if you won’t implement the systems, you’re going to get the results. But nothing’s worse than what in their results and knowing what to do and just not doing it. Why? Why is that so bad when you’re going to, I mean, you’re going to stay where you’re at and that’s what’s going to happen. I think it’s like a soul sucking thing when you know what to do and you don’t do it, it’s gotta be high. But I think there’s an excitement about going, oh, if I go to this seminar and I learned what to do, this will change everything.

No seats, not school. Nope. Nope. Just learning crap and putting it back on a piece of paper and getting an a, I hate almost everything school, but I hate that they give you a reward for passing a test and for not doing anything. For not actually doing it. Yeah. Oh, here you go. I’m working. Students, we’re going to grade you on based on your ability to regurgitate information. So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to, I’ll say something and you guys say it back and then if you do, if you say what I say, then I’ll give you an a what it’s like. Okay. In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Everybody. Now in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Great. You get ne why? Cause you’re good at memorization and in the future you might do well on jeopardy. Now go out there.

That could be lucrative, but that is not how the world works in a business. It’s about implementation, not just education. You’ve got to learn how to apply what you’re learning. Uh, to quote Napoleon Hill action is the real measure of intelligence. Now, Jason, I hear a lot of people pushing back about cold calling and the dream 100 system. Oh yeah, it’s the final area I want to tackle today. Cold calling and the dream 100 system. Jason explained what cold calling is and what the dream 100 system is not going to have those two ideas fit together. So one cold calling is what everybody says, the archaic idea of finding a list of leads and then you calling them to offer your business. Setting up meetings in order to get consultations estimates in order to generate the final sales close and how it relates to the dream.

100 is the dream 100 is the list of 100 people that could make your business by saying yes, you want to make a list of the vendors that you want to refer. You have the clients you want to have on your radio show or the interviewees. You want to have the venue, the vineyard, the vendors that you want to refer you. The ideal clients you to make a list of a hundred clients that if you were to work with him it would change your life, right? 100 referral sources that could change your life. Maybe the stores you want to get your product into. You got to make a list of your hundred dream. When I say dream to, I’m talking about unbelievable like game changing. Don’t, I’m not talking about a week dream. I’m talking about a huge dream, like if you landed these referrals, you would be rich.

I’m not, don’t make a list. Don’t make a dream 100 list where it’s like your homeys that know ye from high school. I’m talking about put some, put some life, change life changing types of a referrals. As an example, back in the day when I ran DJ connection, I wanted to get Foshee Anjos to refer me [inaudible]. It’s a bridal store. Now why would I want to get Foshee on Yanos to refer me Dr Breck loud. I want a bridal store to refer me. If I have a DJ company, DJ why would I want this? [inaudible] from me is your big. I would assume when your biggest revenue sources is wedding, so

as a DJ and so if the, the place where the brides are going to get the dresses is saying, Hey, this is the guy to use now you’re in, you’re in like Flint. I wanted to get the the fuss. I know the river man, little bit to beat the business that I wanted to get the VA to get the unlimited soup and the salad and the red, the database sticks. But I wanted to get the referrals from a dealer from afar. She Imams and I go in there and talk to Jennifer and I say, we reverted on me. Yeah, I think her maiden name was like Evan at Occi or something. Jennifer Thompson now. But at the time it was kind of a having to do with g. And I said, ah, Jennifer, could I get it verified or not? And she says,

no. And she says, you’re a telling an accent is bad. It’s awful. It’s furthermore, it’s offensive. Furthermore, stop. You know. But no, I went in there, I asked her, would you have, I’m a DJ company, it’s called DJ Love it if you’d refer me. And I remember her looking at me nicely and says, uh,

no. [inaudible]

I’m going, come on baby. Come on. Don’t, don’t call me baby. And I’m, I knew I didn’t say that part, but I did. She didn’t say no. And I thought to myself, getting in my van and van SAS drove him. I got my van, I’m going, I’m going to come back. But just to tell you kind of the time in place of this, this is a Dr Dre, the a, it was, it was the newest album cause Dr Dre, um, had the, it was the newest album. It was the next in the next episode was that was out at the time. Never that it was the a, it was with Dr Dre. Cause Dr Dre would do an album like every 10 years. And this wasn’t known the chronic too. Here we go. It’s, this is, I was like,

tell me like car, listen to this and I’m going, frick got a subwoofer on. She just told me, know what she means by that. I wonder what she means by that. So I turned, I turned it a little bit louder because I wanted to really get that Dr Dre going and then I realized that

met, no, nope. So I went back to her and the other a hundred people on my list every week. Yeah. Now why, why Jason? Would I go back every week because consistency matters. And if somebody says no and you feel shot down and you don’t pursue it a second time, then you’re just losing. Cause uh, what’s, uh, what’s the statistics? Somebody has to click an ad how many times? 4.7 times before a month and time to the retargeting playbook. So it’s the same thing in real life. If you go to someone and they say no, ask again. And then eventually they’ll realize that you are serious and they will realize that their business means something to you because you’ve come to them repeatedly asking for referral. Should I get my blue suit on? Get my red tie on again. White shirt going back to go see Jennifer with thought. She knows, she’s like, get out of my car. I’m going, I got this. I walk in, there’s no music, there’s no soundtrack to no motivation. And she says, no, not thinking. Frick, frick, man, frick.


So I went back and I read Napoleon Hill’s book, think and grow rich again reading that book. I’m just going to these a hundred venues over and over. I went to the renaissance freaking hotel over and over, talked to Don. Don, do you know Don [inaudible]? I don’t. I keep thinking these unicorn moments or just having to know. I don’t know. I do my best friends. Okay. So anyway, I might go there to Foshee honors and I go to the Renaissance Hotel and I’ve got five oaks over there with Randy Randy, or five oaks or renaissance [inaudible]. Then I got a tarp chap, got a tarp chapel, got five oaks in renaissance, confess Yanas keep going in the circle, and then eventually the Renaissance Hotel called back and they said, are you saying that you’re willing to DJ for any bride that we have one event for free and one event for our staff to show what you can do?

I said, yes, yes, yes, yes. And then they said, okay, we’ll do a free event. And Jason, I deejayed the crap out of that staff party for the Renaissance Hotel. Oh yeah. I got put on a laser show. People were loving it, they were feeling it. And you know what happened? They started referring me. But you know what would have happened by entropy by default, by sitting around, by lamenting, by complaining, by putting off the rejection, what would have happened? Nothing would have happened, right? Thing would have happened. We wouldn’t be listening to you today. True. You got to stay consistent. And I believe this, and for those of you who need to put a spiritual spin on it to get it, I’m on your team. I believe that I’ve read, I’ve read the Bible a lot and I know that in the Bible, proverbs ten four it says, God blesses the hands of the diligent.

Proverbs 10 14 says that now diligence. What does that word mean? Diligence means the steady application of effort. Steady the steady application. He says, Lazy Hands Make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. So I’ve always just put my head down. I go back, I go back, I go back, I keep going back. I go back, I’ll go, keep going back. I go back, I keep going back. I keep going back and I go back and I keep going back and then all of a sudden it’s like the seeds that I was sowing are now being watered. And then I get a harvest. Like don’t stop. I called them all till they cry, buy or die. Yup. And I don’t know how to put this, that seed within you, but I do know that in the Bible, um, God is pretty intense about work ethic. It says in exodus and genesis in genesis book, exodus and Genesis, that we’re to work six days per week and restless Sabbath work.

And in the Hebrew language and the Hebrew language, the Bible was originally written in the Old Testament, written in the Hebrew language. The word work means to worship. All right. So proverbs 10 forces, lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. But work as unto the Lord is a concept that uh, Collagen’s three 2124 reads, whatever it, you do, work at it with all of your heart as working for the Lord, not for Human Masters, Aka Jennifer Pashi autos. Since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Wow. That’s good. You should repeat that. Is that in a book? Did you write that? Your sale? That’s really nice. It’s the button,

the number one bestseller of all authenticity. I need some fricking echoes here. Here we go. Here you go. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not for human masters. Since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ. You are surveys.

Yes, mega points. Negative points. Holy Cow. Take us to church. You’ve got to put your hand to the freaking plow. Now you’ve got to execute. You’ve got to implement. It’s the time to get sweaty is now. You are ready to get sweaty. Quit reading the books. Implement. Stop hiding behind your degrees and smoking trees. Get up. Do something. I’m serious. I get so frustrated. Quick. Tell me about your anxiety. Maybe I need pat. Stop it. Every freaking doctor in America will prescribe for you pot because it’s profitable. You’ve got to get out there and shut up and implement. You got to implement,

you’ve got to implement. You have got to implement. You’ve got to put your hand to the plow. You’ve got to listen to this Steve jobs quote right about now.

You, you have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing. And it’s totally,

really true. And the reason was

is because it’s so hard that if you don’t, any rational person would give up. It’s really hard and you have to do it over a sustained period of time. So if you don’t love it, if you’re not having fun doing it, you don’t really love it, uh, you’re going to give up. And that’s what happens to most people actually, if you really look at, at, at the ones that ended up being successful unquote in the eyes of society and the ones that didn’t, oftentimes it’s the ones that are successful, loved what they did so they could persevere.

You know, when it got really tough. Oh, for Jesus who is exceptional? What is having a conversation with orders and having a conversation with your ordinary stuff. An ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking people, there’s always going to be conflict.

Right now you’re having a conversation in your mind between the ordinary self and the extra ordinary self. And you have to decide who’s going to win. You’ve got to get unstuck. Dr Breck, there’s so many people that get stuck. How do we get stuck? How do we get unstuck? You are one stuck. You got unstuck, Dr Brick. How did you get unstuck? I honestly get tired of losing. I just got sick and tired of losing and so, uh, I just had to make a decision to do something differently and that was the one of biggest things was actually implementing what I was learning. Uh, hiring a coach going in a different direction. To me it was the embarrassment of being a, a professional who it’s, it’s hard to argue you’re professional when you don’t get paid very much at all or anything. And being a DJ with a lot of equipment, right?

And a lot of fog machines and a lot of CDs and no clients [inaudible] that embarrassment or as I like to say to that m bare ass moment of just having my bare ass out there for everyone to see that I got nothing, right? I mean that, that’s bad. That’s a bad spot. Right? And that’s what drove me to get on stuck. I don’t know what drives you, but you cannot get stuck. Jason, what happens when you get stuck and you say, I did my best. Like when you didn’t do your best, but you say, I did my best. What happens? Well, you giving yourself false confidence and so the next time you approach something, your best gets less and less. And what happens if you, if you start to celebrate non wins, but say there wins as an example. What if, what if you, um, celebrate likes on Facebook versus actual deals?

Like what if you get those Dr Wreck, you’ve seen this before. [inaudible] marketing people love that. Yeah. You celebrate how clean your site looks. Celebrate your new business cards. That’s a win. That’s all. I got. New Business Cards. Now we’re on to something. Now we’re onto something. No, it’s only a win for the company that, that friend of the cards, I’m going to cue up this sample of Dane Cook talking about I did my best. Yeah. And then Jason, I want you to preach the good news as we recover from this. Okay. As to the difference between doing your best and actually getting results, I want you to praise a client that’s actually getting results. Think of a client in your mind, your client. Oh yeah, me too. We were cleaning out some things yesterday at home and my wife came across a, um, an old schedule book of mine.

Yeah. And she was like, look at this. You had like five patients that day. Five is like all day. Fine. That is terrible. Yeah. She goes, but look how far you’ve gone. How many do you, how many patients does your practice see on a daily basis? Now on average it’s about 60, 65. Wow. Well, I’m going to, I’m going to hit a, I mean a high day is about 71 or so. On average the about 60. You’ve moved beyond doing your best. You’ve moved into a place where you’re actually getting results. That’s where we want to get all clients too. Here’s a little audio sample.

Then as you’re crying, what happens is it starts to feel good that you’re crying like that. We do. As you latch onto one phrase that you just repeat over and over again, just something that means something to you. You’re like, I did my best. I did my best.

Oh, you can’t, you can’t. You can’t go out there and just keep saying, I did my best. I did my best, I did my best. You have to actually get results. Jason, talk to us about a client that’s either your client or someone else’s client, somebody that you know about, a real success story, who moved beyond just doing their best. So, um, one of my personal clients and I, I shouted them out ad Nauseum, but I have to do it because she doesn’t just do her best. She gets results. And that’s Christina with angel touch, auto body and a repair. Yes. Born Massachusets. The woman grinds, she does her best every day by having a consistent schedule, a to do list. She asks for reviews. She does constant followup and she herself has mentioned like, I ask her, you know, hey, if somebody doesn’t give you a Google review, what do you do?

She goes, well, we asked for Facebook reviews, but I don’t play the game of just talking about like, she goes, I tried that before. Likes won’t get me anywhere. I know that I have to actually get leads. So she advertises, she asked for reviews, she’s super consistent and she, but she never just says, oh, I did my best and got nothing done. She says, I did my best and then crushed everything. Uh, three final examples to build up your faith. That cold calling or dream 100 marketing actually works. One, uh, Travis Kalanick who started Uber Rights. I went to Google, typed in San Francisco chauffeur or San Francisco limousine. I just filled out an excel sheet. Just started dialing for dollars, right? First 10 guys, I called, three of them hung up before I got a few words out. A few of them would listen for like 45 seconds and then hung up and three of them said, I’m interested.

Let’s meet. And if you’re cold calling in, three out of 10 say, let’s meet. You’ve got something right. Three out of 10 is a very high number. It is another example, Ryan tedder, who I went to college with, an oral Roberts University. Um, Ryan has a hit show now called song land, by the way. He’s now a TV producer too. That show is, it’s unbelievable right now. I’ve had four episodes. I’ve watched [inaudible] and they’ve had three hit songs that have hit the top or near the top of iTunes charts already will come from that. It’s unbelievable. It’s a great show where you can watch a unknown songwriters pitch their songs to celebrity producers and then they get to choose which song they’re going to produce for a hit artist. So people like John Legend and will I am. I’ve actually turned the songs written by an unknown artist into a song that they’re actually featuring on their albums right now. It is, it’s awesome. Well, let me cue up this, uh, interview with, uh, Ryan from the today show

and I would literally then work my way up.

Here we go. Here we go. This is him. I called the complaint hall. This is Ryan tedder explaining that gate. Ryan’s explaining how he cold called his way to a start in the music industry. Here we go, ted or his first break

with the back of every CD that you’d buy or DVD, there’d be a number if you have issues or whatever calls them complaints. I’d call the complaint hotline. Somebody would pick up eventually after like a hundred calls. How can I help you? Oh, and I would say, I’d say, Oh, I’m sorry, I was, I was on the phone with HR human resources and I think that they misconnected me crafty and I would literally then work my way up. I would, they would keep, oh, I’m sorry. Cause they always feel so bad. Right? And then they would connect me up to the, eventually I’m talking with the head of HR of paramount pictures from a dorm room in Tulsa. I got a call from dreamworks one day that was their Nashville office and they had just opened a record label and a publishing company and they’re like, we want you to work for the publishing company of dreamworks through complaint hotline. I ended up in Nashville. That’s unbelievable.

That’s how it works though. That is how you get the deals. Another example, all Lorie Montag my friend, she carried a product called, she created a product called the slap watch and here is Lori [inaudible] product and your look right on the Ellen show. Here we go. [inaudible] are we going to keep that up?

Oh, that’s really something else that I’ve found that is actually really, really cool. These things, have you seen these things? These are called the slap watch and what you do, cause sometimes you don’t have time to buckle. Oh, watch on. You just got to go and you just do that and then it just gets right put on your hand. Yeah,

there it is. There. Lori Mont Tag Tulsa’s very own Lori Mod tag of Montana photography featured on Ellen. Here’s another one. Here’s another one. Here we go. This is where, that’s an interview with me. That’s probably, let’s, can we get another one here? Let me get it. I’ve got it. I think I have it right around the corner. This would be the slap

for our core products. The thought exchange. You, what’s your favorite thing is the coolest thing ever. This is called a slap watch. It’s 19 [email protected] Hoda. The little things that you can take the watch head out and change the bands as much as you want and you can take it to the beach, to the beach, to the pool run. Take it off. [inaudible] visit belt with this.

Tulsa is very own on the, on the, uh, Kathy Lee and Hoda show. It’s just, if you’re out there today and you have ambition, meaning you have an aim and a mission, I encourage you, you can achieve success, but you’ve got to take action. That is my passion is to help you get unstuck, but passionately being wrong. Does it make you right now? Uh, we have a question from a thriver that just emailed us here this morning. This is Dr Tim and Tuscaloosa and he writes, I’d love to hear these comments on this too. I was wondering if you could discuss market segmentation and targeting, how big of a market do you need to make this work on the Internet where you have billions of people or even New York City where you have millions of people, niche segmentation makes sense. But if there aren’t many any competitors in your town, you probably don’t need to jump to sub specializing.

I was also curious if z targeted one specific market segment and why will thrive nation? We’re, I promise we will answer that show. I answer that question on a future show, but I guess because he’s not here today, we should probably wait to answer that when he’s here. But Dr Tim, thank you for sitting in the question and we will answer that question on a future show and we’d like to add each and every show with a boom. And so, uh, Jason, are you prepared to end with a book? I’m so hyped, Dr Breck, are you prepared? I am ready. He is prepared. All right, now let me further, I do three, two, one, boom.


all right, let’s just say that you’re out there listening today and you have a website for your business. The question I would have for you is, are you getting the most number of leads possible? Are you ranking? Hi. Wow. Touching the canvas. Can’t feel my face or are you ranking? Whoa. And the Google

search engine results are going to ask, are you ranking high?


Or are you ranking low on the Google search engine search result? Take a moment today and do a Google search with keywords that you want to come up top four and see where you are ranking.

We have a Josh Sperl, a CPA from Canada, and we have Dr. Timothy Johnson here from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Uh, Josh spurl. How in the heck are you doing? Pretty good clay yourself? I’m doing well man. Doing well here. I, I, uh, we’re not broadcasting from the man cave studios as normal, so we’ve got a little bit of background noise there to contend with. But we’re here and I wanted to see if you could share with the thrive nation approximately how long you and I have been working together and how that’s impacted the number of inbound leads that you’re generating as a result of your Google search engine ranking in internet marketing.

Well, we’ve been working together, clay now for almost a year is about a year ago. I came out to my first business conferences and then we, uh, uh, started with the business coaching program shortly after that. And you know, our, our, our Google leads have gone from, you know, something that we would generate, um, you know, maybe one or two or three leads a year to, you know, we’re talking about three to nine leads every single week.

And now we have Dr. Timothy Johnson in the box from Alabama. Tuscaloosa. Yes, I’m at southern eye consultants. It’s in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We heard about you on the podcast and I had a lot of trepidation at first about getting involved, just making sure it was legit, but all my expectations have been exceeded. What concerns did you have about our legitimacy or lack thereof? I was just concerned about, uh, backend, uh, upselling, um, what I was getting into and that’s what I’ve found my entire career. I had been, I had you guys been to a Dr Tim, had you been to other business conferences or had other industry coaching before? Cause I had hired a lot of them frankly, and I, I’ve just found I’d spent [inaudible] I would be lying if I said hundreds of thousands. It’s been more than that. Oh, we uh, we hired somebody to do our website right before we found you. Yeah. And it was three or four months of your coaching service and they, we still haven’t launched that website yet. Oh, beautiful. Beautiful. So if somebody out there is thinking about filling out the form, they, if someone’s thinking about emailing us to info at thrive time, it’s info at thrive time, and they have a little bit of hesitation. She’s a little bit, I don’t know, just a little bit. Uh, uh, what, what advice would you have for them? Dr Tim? First of all, come to one of

the business conferences you’ll see that he may dress like bill Bellacheck, but he, uh, he, my wife’s a pats fan, so that was a real selling point. Nice. She thought you were a Hobo, but I said, no, he’s just bill Belichick. And she goes, okay, you can go. Um, but it’s also a month, a month, so try it. And if you don’t like it, cancel.

That deserves a mega point. So again, what is your, how has your sales gone up? Have you, have you increased your sales? I mean, where, where’s your financial as I’m asking the hard number here, but as a percentage, how much are you up since, since you started with the program? What, four months ago?

Yeah. Versus now our sales have gone up 20% we’re looking to scale southern eye consultants and, uh, are just the number of patients who come in cause they found us on Google has gone up a lot. I text you once a week that you paid for yourself just in somebody’s walking in. So, oh,

oh, so good. It’s so good. If you’re out there today and you feel stuck, just email us to info at thrive time. info at thrive time, Let us begin to do a deep dive analysis on your website. We’ll, we’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. We do a 37 point audit of your website, art member of our team, we’ll call you. They’ll go over it with you. They’ll break it down, you’ll understand what you need to do to improve. I’ll give you the final words here guys. So let’s start with you a a captain Sperl, uh, Josh spiral CPA, uh, as Captain Canada and as a man who’s been to two workshops now we got a audience picture, a half million people listening here. What would, what is the advice that you would tell them?

I think they got to come out too. They got to come up to a workshop and you know, what’s the best one that, uh, that I’ve ever seen? You know, I find that most of the business conferences I’ve been to, you’re sitting around all day for one good idea and you’re getting a good idea every single hour at these business conferences.

Dr Tim, what is the, a word of encouragement, maybe discouragement, maybe the motivation, maybe the, the verbal tasering. Uh, what advice would you give for the listeners

there today? I’d say the worst idea you can do is not starting now. Just call and start now and you’ll be better off for it.

You heard them right there. Thrive nation. Go to info at thrive time, Email us to info at thrive time. Allow us to do a free 37 point analysis of your website. We’ll tell you what’s wrong. We’ll tell you how to fix it. If you’re not ranking high enough in those Google search engine results, it will literally cost your company millions and millions and millions of dollars. But don’t take my word for it. Uh, go to thrive time, and click on the testimonials button. And as of the time of this recording, we have over 1000 video reviews from my clients I’ve had from 2008 up until now for business conferences attendees. You, you’re just, you’re just an email away from a game changing, uh, US becoming a game changing success story. Email us today at info, at thrive time,, and we’d like to end every show and every, a shameless testimonial session where the boom. And so now with that, he further do three, two, one, boom.


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