Pastor Greg Locke | It Was Pastors That Birthed This Nation (The Black Robe Regiment) | Without Church There Is No United States

Show Notes

Pastor Greg Locke breaks down 12 conviction and faith-building knowledge bombs about the inseparable connection America has between church and states. 

EVENT: From Health Freedom Nashville – Featuring Roger Stone, Mikki Willis (Producer of Plandemic), Mike Smith (Producer of Out of Shadows), Pastor Greg Locke, Pastor Ben Graham, TN Senator Mark Pody, TN Legislators, Health Freedom Advocates and Ty and Charlene Bollinger along with other Freedom Fighters! WATCH Pastor Greg Locke in Action:  

  1. Pastor Greg Locke Why Is It OK to Keep Your Church Open – “They Will Be Serving Frosties In the Lake of Fire Before Greg Locke Ever Shuts Down His Church Because A Buck-Wild Tyrannical Government Told Him To.”  
  2. It Was Pastors That Birthed This Nation (The Black Robe Regiment)
  3. We Don’t Need More Government, We Need More God
  4. Pastor Greg Locke Our Nation is Butchering Babies and Calling it Women’s Healthcare
  5. Churches Are Afraid of Speaking Out Because They Don’t Want to Lose Their 501C3 Status
  6. If We Don’t Call Out Corrupt Politics We Are Not Going to Have a Platform to Share the Gospel
  7. Speak Out Against the Nonsense of Political Correctness
  8. Pastor Greg Locke Boldness and Courage is Contagious
  9. John the Baptist Had the Personality of a Rock
  10. God Give Us Some Fresh Voices and Voices of Courage
  11. This Nation Was Birthed in a Revival Meeting
  12. “Any Church in the United States in America That Is Still Closed is Pastored by a Coward.” – Pastor Greg Locke
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