The Portland Boom – A Lyrical Miracle

Show Notes

Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs | Thrivetime Show - Portland Skyline

It’s the Thrivetime Show let YOUR boom begin,

Where we drop knowledge bombs for you and Portland


Teach you the proven systems to  make your ends…

So you can produce the greenery like all of Oregon


Soon we’ll call you Franklin, cause you got Benjamins

Call you Ben plural cuz you just bought a Benz,


And then you’ll be bragging to wife and kidz

That you’re wallets overweight, but it used to be thinz,


Bombs away, this Clay broadcasting with the Zen,

With a focus locked in like San Quentin….


Can I getta B to the O, O to M

You’ve heard the rumors, he is I and I is him.


He be the Z and I be the C

Now let’s teach some business skills from Clay to Z

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