Power of the Mastermind (Part 2)

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Allying yourself with a group of people who have committed themselves to working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective will make you almost unstoppable and Clay Clark explains why.

The Power of the Mastermind

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. Success does not come without the cooperation of others.” – Napoleon Hill (American self-help author. He is known best for his book Think and Grow Rich which is among the 10 best selling self-help books of all time.)

  1. Camping with the masterminds
    1. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/96334879510359612

Weddings – list out the flow of the bride from start to finish.

  1. Then find out how to connect with the other masterminds in the same industry and work out a deal for referrals with them. (So Clay built “Tulsa Bridal Association” with the other masterminds)
  2. Jewelry
  3. Wedding Gown
    1. Jennifer Thompson – Facchiano’s – 918-381-8697
  4. Venue
    1. Kitty Dishman – Golf Club of Oklahoma
    2. Summit Club
  5. Catering
  6. Florist
    1. Leigh Martin
  7. Disk Jockey
    1. DJ Connection
  8. Photographers
    1. Lori Montag with Montag Photography
      1. Black Linens
      2. Equipment
      3. Training
  9. Limousine
  10. MYSTIC STATISTIC – Only 15% of the world’s one billion full-time workers are engaged at work. It is significantly better in the U.S., at around 30% engaged, but this still means that roughly 70% of American workers aren’t engaged. It would change the world if we did better.
    1. http://news.gallup.com/opinion/chairman/212045/world-broken-workplace.aspx?g_source=position1&g_medium=related&g_campaign=tiles
  11. MYSTIC STATISTIC – Why half of Americans can’t come up with $400 in an emergency


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To claim your tickets to the business podcasts thrive time show to date an erected business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the drive time, show on itunes, leave it injected review and send as confirmation and input drivetime show.Com to claim your star international star registry. We can’t help you alright. What’s the drive time show on your radio and podcast download, and we were talking about the power of the mastermind, not the mayans I’ve. Never ever done a show with you about this I’m kind of excited to go deep into the do it well. The mastermind is a concept that was first written about in the book called the, bible, okay, so jesus hung out with these 12 guys will call them apostles cuz the bible called them. Apostles are 12 of these guys falling aroundand. They wanted to spread the message of christ turns out. They did it so well we’re still talking about it. Today. Today now napoleon hill road a little book called think and grow rich grow rich started because napoleon hill was an author. He actually wrote for ladies home journal amongst other publications, and he thought I wonder if it’s possible for anybody out there to achieve financial riches, and so he reached out through I’m sure, just showing up cold calling harassment to the world’s wealthiest man in the world’s wealthiest man was andrew carnegie and john. D rockefeller went back and forth.

Both of them did not graduate from college. Both of them are self-made. Carnegie made his money through the steel industry and carnegie was a man who did not believe in the judeo-christian faith. He was a guy who believed the end of a lot of other had faith, but not in thejudeo-christian sense. There’s a guy by the name of bessemer henry bessemer was basically the people of the time thought that he was a demon in the conjuring up spirits, because he could take minerals and turn it into steel. They thought this guy is up his horrible he’s a he’s. A he’s got to be a demon because he’s making steel and carnegie because card was not a christian. He thought well. If, if I need to team up with the witch doctor to make steel I’ll do it so he actually, then he was attracted to bessemer, because bessemer was now cast, and so he teamed up with bessemer and he said here’s the business podcasts deal. You know how to makesteel and I know what I’m doing over here in the railroad industry, and if I could take my ability to distribute these materials we could have. We could we own the whole thing man. We can actually make the steel ship, the steel. We would have the whole game domination, and so they teamed up. It was a conversation started with a conversation. These two people who got together the alliance of two people who got together with the common goal of total domination in the top wealth in carnegie, begin to make other relationships.

Other deals with other people carnegie began to reach out to a guy by the name of mr. Henry ford, and he says:hey henry, here’s the dealyou make cars you’re going to need metal steel. You need these things. I will give you a sweet deal, a sweet deonica great deal as long as you agree to only buy your raw materials from me and henry says:okay cool. He says here’s the deal, though you need to meet my good friend, my good friend roy, and he says roy roy, so henry ford introduces carnegie to royce’s roy, who is roy firestone tire guy that you can find I shall put up on the big screen or chips. You can see this, but this would be andrew. Carnegie opens on the show notes to this week:andrew carnegiehenry ford and let’s go with thomas edison camping, so these guys would get together here they are camping and it would get together and they would sit down and they would discuss how they were going to dominate the world. What a cool camping outing to go on. This is how things are done. This is how the world works, so I decided, cuz, i, I grew up, poor didn’t have any wealth or connections. I thought you know what I need to apply. What I’m learning in this book, think and grow rich by napoleon hill in the book, think and grow rich, writes the mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more mine’s working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. Success does not come without the cooperation of others, so check out of sheet of paper and I decided to go ahead and write down the following thing.

So I wrote down the word weddings put on the word:weddings i, put on the show, notesreally, weird weddings and I thought about who does weddings and I thought. There’s there’s photographers cake out that photographers who does? Who else? Who else does weddings? Jewelers? Yes, jewelers, okay, so jewelers a bride will typically get a ring before they get married. The good engagement rings jewelers. What is the bride book? The right away? She books a venue right away:okay, just booked the venue and then she typically goes out there and get the catering and then she typically gets a florist, maybe floor and she didn’t get to photographer and then they typically get a limo after all, that and I’m a dj. So the dj probably fits in there between of floral and the timeline of things are probably at the jeweler first to bring first then I get the venue. Then they get the cater and then they start making a list of who I know turns out I knew nobody i. Do nobody on that list, except for the business podcasts photographer, so I wrote down the name, lori montag, so I started with the tools I had lori montague, with montag photography over there 81st and mingo I go to lori and I said lori.

Could you refer me all the weddings that you do like what a bride comes in and is looking for a disc jockey? Could you refer them? Should I have some reservations, reservations. She says you guys aren’t very good pick up seeing you dj, not very good and i, don’t want to risk my reputation cuz. If I refer you and you screw up that wedding. It comes back on me, so you need to improve. I said what do I need to do? She said you need to go ahead and get the nice linens. So I wrote this down. So I said nice. Linens, what else do I need to go to the nights linens? Maybe black linen that’s? Okay. What else do I need? She said you need to get nicer equipment, it just needs to be nicer and what you need to do. If you need to train your guys cuz, everyone needs to have be better and I said:okay, cooli went back and train the guys got black linens, the better equipment came back. She said I’d be happy to refer you, but she said this is how it works. For me, i, don’t passively wait for someone to ask if you’re looking for a dj I’m going to ask every single time, I need you to commit every single time that you’re going to do the same thing. For me she said. So if you meet with a bride and groom about their wedding, you’re going to say, do you need a photographer to and if they say yes, then you’re going to refer me and if they said they already have a business podcasts photographer you’re going to say, will you talk to lori montague yet and I’m going to say you’re going to say will know before you totally come? If you haven’t paid a deposit, you should go check out lori, so I started doing this and I got referral every week from lord montague and I sent her one of her with this one, then lori I said lori.

Who is a florist? You know she says we’ll leave. Martin is the florist and I said here’s the deal you need to go meet lori? Are you going to sleep so I’m at lee, then I thought that guess who I know anybody who’s in the wedding, gown business, the wedding, gown and I realized I didn’t put you said, I have a friend and her name is jennifer thompson and she has a company called facchiano’s and I said. Okay will do you think she prefer me? She was she’s from new, york, she’s kind of bulldog and I’m pretty positive. She will not refer you as to why she was cuz you’re, not that good. Yet no, but you don’t understand, like this, woman has seen the best disc jockey that new york has so, if you’re going to get a referral from her you’re going to have to go there and so I meet with jennifer thompson, her number is she still in business today. Her number is 918-381-8697 nice at 691-8381, valves and I know this because I referred the woman for the coast of the decade, so I met with her I had to dj an event for free for her business podcasts husband to show. I was actually good and pretty soon I got 3 referrals every week from the bridal store, at least just for the bridal store. I got one or two from the florist in probably three or four from the photographer, because all of our businesses are growing. Will then I talked to jennifer I said what venues would you recommend for the golf club of oklahoma dishman over there at the, golf club of oklahoma expensive place to have your wedding ring and the summit club? You need to go to the summit.

Club the summit couple refer, you and I still need to do. We need to sweetie i, make this formal to be called at the tulsa bridal association, no chip. Do you have any idea why we only allowed one person of every industry into this association? You know why that henry ford was the only automotive automobile manufacturer in the mastermind of addison and edison was the only coming to produce the light bulbs in that little network group. In my car. He was the only steel guide. You know why it was exclusive to 1 chapter. Keep inviting from being a thing right. You guys can refer each other, you can, that is dennis burke, los, okay okay. The reason. Why is because the napoleon hill principle says the mastermind, alliance or mess with the best buy printable consist of alliance of two or more mine’s working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common goal, and our goal was to destroy the competition friend to book all of the weddings and so I built this I called the people started the wedding this week start calling the wedding cartel I am not kidding, we would i, would book 80 weddings a business podcasts weekend and probably 40 of them would come for me for us, because we were so tight. Niched and thing was, if any of my guys screwed up when they would hold me accountable, they would call me and say:hey your guys, didn’t do a great job tonight, you’re going to have to call that bride, make it right, but I would call them and say:hey, you’re, the cake delivery. Wasn’t very good tonight. Just didn’t look good I’m just telling the bride commented. We need to get on that and it said he looked out for each other. We police teach other, we hold each other accountable and it was like an iron sharpens. Iron cut, it was I was awesome. It right. That’s how I built the wedding show in the power of the mastermind. For me, check was a game-changer well and if you’re out there-and nobody else has a business owner is going to give you candid feedback set.

Clients or customers are going to give you feedback, but you don’t always know if that’s actually true, if they’re trying to scheme over on you or whatever. But if you have a group of these people that you’re not competing with like clay saying a group of masterminds and it ended that candid feedback can be worth millions of dollars, they can help. You fix a hole in your system early on your game that can help you grow exponentially over the next 6 8 10 12 month. Did we honor show because I don’t like to spend most americans now. This is according to gallup. This is not my opinion will cited 70% of americans hate, their jobs, 70% 7-0 at 70%, / 52% of americans, according to the federal reserve, has light, have less than $400 saved. I can’t relate to that i. Don’t know what it’s like to spend my night watching. The view the voice. I, don’t know what it’s like to wake up everyday irritated about my job. If I didn’t like my job, i, wouldn’t walk to oklahoma city I couldn’t get a different job. I’d go train dogs. If people don’t want to spend enough money, training, kids, i, go train dogs. How to switch industries I would I think life is not what it is. It’s what you make it and that’s why I like surrounding myself with people like dr. Sabrina, dr. Tilley, you use the power of the mastermind in your career to grow. City chiropractic in your other ventures, whatever the mind of man, can conceive and believe he can achieve. I’ve used the mastermind just to bring all of my people in my office together, so we business podcasts mastermind together and we think of new ways that we can help people and get more people under care. That’s what we do with a mastermind to talk about grand lake and some of the cool people you’ve met from having that home in grand, lake and kind of how that mastermind.

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According to the best selling a self-help author of all time, napoleon hill I understand this idea. Think and grow rich is the book that you will find in the library or in the personal collection of more millionaires than any other book out there, and that books sales were only surpassed it is. It was the number one self-help book of all time in the sales were only surpassed body, chicken soup for the soul series of books, and so that just sold millions and millions of copies. And it’s because that book was the years of study in the decades studying the world’s wealthiest people interviewing them personally, and he put it all in the one book he distilled all of the secrets, all the moves, all the systems all into one book called think and grow rich, and in that book he discusses the mastermind. He introduces the reader to a concept called the mastermind, and he says, if you look at the basis of any accumulation of wealth of business podcasts, you will discover the mastermind is at work now. The mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more mine’s working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a comment of a common definite objective.

Success does not come with all the coop fathers and I think a lot of people just just when I was growing the wedding business i, don’t think they understood this cuz. Some would call me and go have liked it be in the bridal association I hear that’s a great referral group and the thing is we only allow one photographer and they’re like how can you do that? You can’t? Why can’t you allow other photographers, because the entire purpose of our mastermind is we have one common objective and that is to have total domination to the one photographer who’s in our group. I am maniacally focused on seeing that she does well financially and I am obsessed with making sure that every single bride that is looking for a hotel accommodations gets referred to the renaissance hotel because to lisa samuels has my back and I have hers, and if you’re looking for a venue, I wanted to all go to golf club of oklahoma to because katie dishman is obsessed with helping me and obsessed with helping her and if they’re, looking for a jeweler I’m obsessed with making sure that joel david gets all the referrals and he’s obsessed making sure that I get all the referrals.

I am not in existence to be copacetic bureaucratic organization filled with a bunch of vendors of every category. I am not interested in in diluting our focus. I am maniacally focused on achieving financial success as a result of exclusively referring. The members of our group is not a random collection of humans who got together as a result of randomness as a result of geography as results of family ties i, just wanna make sure that the listeners understand is the only people that come into the mancave are people that are here for the purposes of achieving success. If I cannot help them grow their business and they cannot help our listeners, you cannot come to the man cave. That’s why I build a wall all around my property. Nobody else comes in. This is not a place where people who I’m related to come is that a place where people that I just randomly meet come. This is not a place where high school reunions occur. I have for the business podcasts poor. I have no interest in surrounding myself with these people at all. Ever that’s why I’m so happy all the time. That’s why I look like this is since I don’t have any idiots in my life at all, there’s not a single person in my life ever ever comes into my day, but i, don’t like I fire all clients i, don’t like i, literally get out of our building. I. Do not like you, it’s not hyperbolic. This is the guy that I fired the decline. I fired the bar business. He had some deals going, so we are helping a client to client doing very well financially bring somebody whose friend-and he comes in and say the word curmudgeon may be super negative or negative. Super rudy was upset cuz he got lost, even though we gave him the right direction. He shows up late, shows up late and basically proceeded to argue with the first three things that clay says to him before the meeting even starts starts he’s late. He starts arguing he’s super bad. He cannot find the riverwalk yells at one of our teacher that you argue strongly with robert and robert watch it, happened one.

This is a new client and then have to keep arguing with you. This is robert than you both of us, both of us to make sure that’s where I mentally done with you right person. I have time for that crap. So he said I’m going to call you hey blank name. You answer you’re not going to like me and I’m not going to like you, so we’re not going to do business together and we’re not that it was a good meeting. It was guaranteed better business. We have no clients. We work with that. I do not lie. I know it’s awesome. I! Don’t have to take your business. I don’t have to i. Can kick you out? You don’t have to you. Don’t have to become a client, see that’s how it works. It’s in the sandy thing, you’re the best people that fought for our freedom, you’re free to fire family members. You don’t have to hang out with them. Just cuz you’re related to him. You don’t have to know so if they work for you, you’re still free to fire him fire up chosen to move to grand lake or to buy a lake house at grand lake. What kind of neighbors do you have their that beautiful home on grand like a lot of my patients in my friends? Okay, go and a lot of other chiropractic doctors and we get together and we have a group and we bring an idea that will help the whole group. So that’s what we do so I brought like I talked about hand, signals the hand signals I mean it went. Viral, went all over the united states that simple little thought about using your hands, and then we talked about staff and how to handle staff and make sure that they were on board and had the big idea.

So is a chiropractor your try to communicate to your staff when the when the next client appointment is next patient appointment is, and you developed the hand signal system correct, you taught it to the other, guys correct and it took off and it went wild when you guys get together and have your towels your mastermind sessions. Do you spend a lot of time, lamenting and complaining about the weather? No lottery ticket addiction. Call politics argue with each other about your political world. These do you argue business podcasts, religion, we do and we try to help each other. This is sucker. Keep keep telling us about it. Why don’t we just try to help each other, and the measure of a good friend is how much you can make their business grow. So if I can help them and their business is growing, then I’ve done my job, cuz I know they’re going to do the same thing for me to do the same thing for me and we talked about efficiency, getting people in your office and getting them out of your office expeditiously. So so we get a min. We get him out. We respect your time. We do a good job while you’re there, but you don’t have to camp there until we come back we’re going to bring her some mastermind secrets with the thrive nation imma give you some of my my life hacks. So my move I used to get stuff done today, too.


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