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Do you need to have some tough conversations with your team? If so then you have to listen in to this segment of the best business coach podcast, Thrivetime Show and Clay Clark and Dr Z breakdown what they do as they prepare to have those tough conversations.

  1. How do you prepare yourself to have tough conversations with employees?
    1. Doctor Zoellner – Role play and practice the conversation before you have it.
    2. Eric Chupp – Gather all of the facts then act.
    3. Clay Clark – Embrace the tradeoffs that are going to happen as a result of the conversation.
    4. Marshall Morris – If you are firing them it needs to be public.
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Public hangings are teaching moments. Every company has to do it. A teaching moment is worth a thousand CEO speeches. CEOs can talk and blab each day about culture, but the employees all know who the jerks are. They could name the jerks for you. It’s just cultural. People just don’t want to do it.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)

Alright, welcome back to a special best business coach podcast edition of the fastest anything from clay to z. Now here’s one of the things a lot of times on the radio show. We don’t have enough enough time to answer every single question because we have a two-hour show in the first segment has to be 14 minutes and 8:50 and there’s like time constraint so on this podcast we’re going to be as much time as little time as we need to to answer this question. So this is the question z I want to start with you and I want to get eric church business coach. When you hear your quest, your answer to this as well as your take on this marshall morris question is: how do you prepare yourself to have tough conversations with employees z? Are you communicating from myspace like he saying it was a difficult best business coach conversation, pretend like you’re, calling from space to thinks it’s a car up here. Second Thing:i’m lonely in a bonus thing: you’re fired it’s, just not working out I’m going behind the moon right now, in the first few times you do it you’re going to be you’re going to be armpits going to be wet. You going to be so kind of shaken you’re going to be the tough questions in the tough issues. You don’t want to talk about because they’re, tough and really don’t set up in the pic in the first few times you do it it’s it’s difficult to you, role-play in the mirror to yourself i. Actually you find many timesyou many many times and what’s wrong, you like you, can go, don’t leave for you to stay there, stay, don’t go, don’t go and you have a mole that needs to be looked at and you’re fired and I could ask my family. They catch me numerous time talking to myself. Don’t know if I do it and you know what you think you can you practice and then you know what then we never did the showtime with time to actually do it. You know what you’ve done before you rush him i. Don’t let me get it when you fire somebody?

What do you say what you like? It’s just, not working out, it’s just not working out work it out. You can do this, you can do in a medical practice. We could call the doctor I’d like the door okay. So that’s how you do it your all play with yourself. You do. You have to be first best business coach podcast, we’ve ever done. It’s been a good run where that fun, if you play station, prepare for it. Okay, obviously like was, he just said role play and then you need to know all the facts. So do the research find out what you need to know before you get into that situation? Cuz, you don’t want to get put on your heels in that situation. She didn’t know what you’re there to talk about go through like he said, have that role playing moment but know what you’re there to talk about and then don’t deviate from that cuz they’re, the employee or whoever it is they’re going to try and change the subject from best business coach programs or even Tulsa marketing. They’re going to try and mix it up on you, but no fax and stick to the static today, our manager, denver downtown elephant the room store is a very hard worker, does a very, very good job and we had a member of the team reach out and make a claim about the person. That’s not true, so I reached out to multiple members of the team and I didn’t see it up where it’s a weird rumor thing. I just said:hey how’s it going with the new person I want to see how they doing a good job and I said. Well just so. You know this person’s been late. Multiple times, I’ve talked to her for this person to delete multiple times. I checked the camera. The person who played multiple times so then I talk to the person in question and I realize it’s at 8. I realize your concern. But as long as you continue to be on time, you won’t have a problem and she goes.

Oh I’ve never been late and I realized boom. You lied to me. I gather the facts. The managers correct boom, and so now I got all the information in because I want to have a tough conversation, I’m going to choose the time that is convenient for me, it’s the time that is convenient for me is after we find replacement. It is competent and confident and then I will let that person go by saying it’s just not working out and because I’ve been role playing in the bathroom for several hours, say I feel confident in that he said it’s a hundred percent right and that’s that’s how you do what you have to role-play. That conversation your mind. The other thing you have to do is you have to be very clear that you know the best business coach trade-offs you have to embrace the trade-off, so you have to go into the conversation and bracing. The worst case scenario and I mean this because I very real scenario that happened this was years ago, but it was on the week of thanksgiving and you hate to fire somebody before the holiday. It’s it’s tough to look at tuesday and i, committed to myself I’m not going to fire this person winners holidays every month. So what do you say? Valentine’s day, groundhog, st, patrick’s day-is right. Around the corner was to april’s happy thanksgiving cuz. It’s not convenient for me, I’m, going to wait till after shark, but their behavior, that of dj show on the tuesday before thanksgiving, and they did such a bad job. It should have laid the refused to call the system they’re going to do an argument with a client and I’m like to have to go as to happen to have the person that came to unload their gear and I said:hey intertek at your final check.

It’s not working out if you unloaded on them and the person said bye already embraced what would happen if a person decide? This is pretty social media before the big thing, but they decided that they would wage email, jihad, on me by are you brace? These things happen when you fire somebody before a holiday, get ready for the call from the spouse, get ready for everyone that they know get ready for the call from their friends get ready for the the skunk i, wouldn’t see them at the store and I was there with my aunt and uncle and guess who’s in the checkout line right behind that person, I just think I in you and I i. Just when you fire somebody on embrace that that trade-off comes with it, we have to ask which is a bigger stress, a bigger problem. Is it not firing the person is that the bigger stress or the bigger stress firing them in the consequences you have to make that decision. If you’re willing to put up with somebody cuz, they offer you tremendous sales production but they’re cantankerous in a jerk and that’s a choice. You’ve made that’s what I hear best business coach professionals or doctors, say all the time you got to run it through the filter of what’s best for the business and then how much you want to put up with that. Have people all the time explain this horrible employee, but yet they give them such and such it’s the pendulum, your that they’re so bad over here in some areas, but yet they do so much good for their business and I said what do I do if I go, will you can put up with as much as long as you want to you know you going to put up with the negative stuff as long as you want to, because you know:there’s other people out there that will give you the positive stuff without that negative stuff. But that’s good! That’s true cause you to have to work. You have to go, find them trained them, raise them up in your organization, so that’s work and when you’re ready to do that work and get rid of the negative, then you’ll do it otherwise keep your mouth shut and you can I skype the people that are in a bad marriage play and they’re talking about being abused by their cell and they just all the time.

That’s all I talk about. You know you’re like just need to stop talking about her. Do something about it because you’re wearing me out, you know. Maybe this is speaking to you. I see people often times, but they’ll do is go plane if they’ll complain about their present condition accessible. Don’t complain excessively put a lot of energy into complaining about their current. Yes, yes, point where they are emotionally drained. Yes, they’re physically drained actually getting physically ill as a result of just saying the same narrative over for 10 years, 20 years whatever, and they have nothing left. No energy left to make a change and barely any to listen to the best business coach podcast so and I will just use myself as an example in this I used to go to a church where the praise and worship music was, in my opinion, in the way the pastor preached was awful too, but I did not have the courage to say to my spouse:hey I am literally I pride myself on yawning I’m going to bed 9 hours before the service start getting prepped I’m, taking red bull I’m drinking red bull to stay awake on the way to the service unit. Under that condition, I almost can’t stay where he puts me into a board of induced coma and so I would just kind of complain about it, but not have the cojones to make the change and then one day it occurred to me I’m. Actually, my spiritual development, my spiritual nourishment, my relationship with god, is literally being affected. I am avoiding church two out of four weeks a month. Cuz I can’t stand the way. The guy preaches and I can’t stand the praise and worship, and so we made a change and guess what I’ve loved it ever since so taking that energy that you would spend towards complaining and putting it into something constructive is absolutely power for the marshall. You have a hot take in a hot-air yourself. I’m, going to take the offencive stance on this ole boy nt up account set made famous by my main man, jack welch, a inspiration to the best business coach team here, give it to us, took general electric, company general electric group by 4000 % doctors on her, because I know that at some point, so he talks about private floggings versus public hanging prepared to have tough conversations with employees. And how do you know whether or not that conversation needs to be a private, fogging or public hanging in so for everybody I’m, going to tee up the quote and then I’d like for you to respond to a doctor’s eat, jack welch says public hangings are teaching moment. Every company has to do it. A teaching moment is worth a thousand ceo speech as ceo in the lab each day about culture, but employees all know who the jerks are. They could name the jerks for you, it’s just cultural people. Just don’t want to do it. This is jack welch and he goes on to say. Public hanging is an awful expression, but it is what leadership is all about. It teaches others what you will tolerate and what you won’t tolerate. There’s no other way around that you have three or four people who are horses, something and you get them out of the place in the game. Changes I’ll guarantee it. So he goes so far as to say he will guarantee it guarantee or three or four people that are a horse’s dairy, dairy air. You watch your mouth watch your mouth watch.

You watch I’ll, get you a mirror, but this is. This is what the top conversation is in. So how do you know whether or not this is a tough conversation? You need to be public or private. That’s it repeat that again, if you’re firing them and need to be public, if you, if you think, there’s some redemptive value in that person is wrong, you can try to keep them you going to try to do the old I’m going to give you another chance and alteration correction been you do that privately and that’s as simple as that girl at the meetings and i. Don’t look. Maybe was there that day when she freaked out-and you said girl, i, don’t know. If you were there a group meeting navigate to the meeting, we all bring it into like a boom 321 poe and everybody is all about the vision. I mean we work for creating great income with stylus they’re, making almost double what you’re making any other hair business in town cuz. We have a membership model and they’re doing great right now. I should be I should call up on the room. I mean if your, if you work at supercuts right now or sports clips you’ll make almost 70% more with somebody who will be the membership model until it happens. Is that when it rains or snows, we don’t have slow days. It’s the same everyday cuz we have. Five thousand people are members coming in and it’s system driven that we teach as the best business coach team. So it’s fast. What happens if one of our managers tried to speak in the meeting, and he says what guys we need to do is we need to make sure executing the script and she goes and then so he says that you should have late and he’s talking. He said he’s talking to these eight or nine people in it says:hey I need to make sure when leads come in from the site. You called him immediately and she didn’t say nothing, and so at that point I realize that she was challenging his authority. We have about 45 employees at that meeting weekly meeting we probably got 40 sometimes and i. Do it every week it’s training, we break them up into small team, so you train with the south tulsa team to downtown tonight. Over see it but I watched her, do it and you could see it in the group dynamic that she was going for cuz. She wanted to see if it would go unquestioned, sure, and so another manager said, hey and I think I keep rat comments to yourself private she supposed to whatever you.

You can just see until i, say:okay, guys, guys guys guys i, don’t know if you guys can sense. What’s, happening, here out of the marsh appear in the room, I think I was but I said what we have is somebody needs to be fired, and so I would like to just give a round of applause to amber. Amber you’re fired yes, yes and I’m clapping, and nobody else is clapping lights and phenomenal, and you you is not working out you’re doing whatever you’re doing is not working out and I love the facial expressions. Thank you. So much and bye, bye, she’s, really i, hope. I, don’t I’m going to put in a book and read everyday i, get the hell out of here and sochi, like I’m, not kidding. She was just livid and john was present, like in 10 type lot of that I planned it cuz it’s person getting worse and worse. Every meeting on it I want to show what happens to a public public since that time it’s been 18 months ago, toma to push back ever and people still refer to it so the other day I’m out there getting a mystery shopping and guess who’s cutting the hair. Next to me and that person-and you know what she did-the mail client client Says:i’d like to get a tattoo on the side, with a yardage and she’s marking her climbing. She can’t see me cuz. She seated behind me facing the other way and I look in the mirror. We made that eye contact and she knows what happened. But it’s awesome. Oh yeah, they’re great, that’s that’s how they are and unless you’re a life coach I eat. If your business is life coaching  not best business coach program, calls me ask you if your inner child were here today, how was your mom at her how’d? Your dad church here when you’re allowed I want you, and i? Want you to stay dropped repeatedly as a child, but I want you to look on ancestry.Com i. Want you to see what tree doesn’t fork now it’s time for the second cuz. You know what is your uncle your sister here in matter, you’re a person and you matter is life coaching. If you own a business you’re, not a life coach i. Take what there’s a there’s a lot of great people out there. Lots of great people uncle is her mother trailer for 12 years and didn’t even know what to get your sister I mean that’s the kind of crap that drives maury povich and only reason that people watch the show is there’s a certain percentage of population and I’ll go in a true hey. Do you have at least one psycho and your family jeff your grandmother by the time, your grandmother, you have the right to be crazy. If I have a person or family family event years ago were all gathered around it’s the one time of the year. Were you show christ’s love and you let cousin eddie come over who is not the best business coach and he’s explaining about how his car has been repossessed and had to serve some jail time just a few days you just irate about you, know:i can’t believe that it would happen. Is they took the car they took? My truck is I need electrician, contractor and i.

Just it’s so frustrating i, just I can’t just sit there all call me and I’m just like not going to listen, I’m not going to talk to I’m just going to like not my head in your closet. If I was too young to understand questions, they said that this person like 50 and he goes-they took my car since she said why why they do that is cuz I didn’t pay my tickets. This is what he says. I’ll never forget this. She said well, why didn’t you 6:15? Why didn’t you pay amigos cuz, that’s what they want you to do. Illuminati strikes again, but he’s actually a fan of that. He believes that kind of stuff. So I thought:how do you prepare yourself to have tough conversations, 1 roleplay, the best business coach situation? So when you get there, you don’t if you prepared you’re, not going to fall, if I don’t give yourself the easy stuff, I mean when your roleplaying give yourself back to hard question. You don’t get dinner, we don’t fight with you to shop. I mean your self a few times saying things that aren’t true, embrace the trade-offs that are going to happen as a result of the conversation. Just there’s good and bad is positive. When can you prune a tree? Certain branches are dead, but the tree growth. So when you, when you fire, somebody upset some people, but it makes her videos happy 4th. March amour says: if you’re firing them, then they know it needs to be public. Any talks about public hangings and jack welch telling you that public hangings are teaching moments and every he has to do it. If you ever have a question for the best business coach team, take the time to just email us to info at thrive time, show.Com and if you ever want to grow your business and take it to the next level. We encourage you to find the thrive time show on itunes to search for thrive. Time. Show on itunes subscribe to podcast leave us an objective review and we will send you two free conference tickets to our april conference can just email us your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com and i. I really would encourage you not to waste your time. Read the reviews from thousands of people who attended our workshops. I just type in thrive time show video reviews. You can find real people talking about their real experiences, we’re honored to serve you thrive, nation and I hope it didn’t give me to get too rowdy on this episode of the you leave the drive time show podcast, edition and free one help


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