President Trump, “The Case for Pardoning Roger Stone” | How Both Roger Stone & General Flynn Were Falsely Charged for Crimes They Did Not Commit

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Roger Stone shares why he should never have been arrested and why he believes that he deserves a pardon from President Donald J. Trump.

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    1. Roger Stone for the average person who doesn’t really understand you and who you are, I would love for you to briefly share your background?
    2. Roger, how would you describe your relationship to President Donald J. Trump?
    3. Roger, why did the President commute your sentence? 
      1. NOTE: President commuted my sentence in a courageous act of both mercy and justice. The President did so because I did not get a fair trial based on misconduct by the Judge, the Jury Forewoman , and the prosecutors and Bill Barr’s DOJ.
    4. Why are you seeking a full pardon from President Donald J. Trump?
    5. Roger why were you arrested and why was your home raided by 29 heavily armed agents?
    6. Roger, how did CNN know that you were going to be arrested and how did they show up 14 minutes before the FBI to video your arrest?
    7. Roger Stone We also learned through Rod Rosenstein’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Mueller’s investigation into me did not begin until September 2017, two months after Mueller concluded that there was no Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. 
    8. Why hasn’t Rosenstein been prosecuted for lying to Congress?
      1. NOTES: Rosenstein also lied to the Committee under oath that when he said he did not approve the investigation into my affairs, as the document authorizing that investigation is signed by Mr. Rosenstein.  Strangely,  Rosenstein has not been prosecuted for lying to Congress.
    9. After Judge Jackson ordered me to a covid-infested prison ,The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals  ruled that contrary to all legal precedent, contrary to current DOJ and Bureau of Prisons policy, without regard to my age or health and based on the false claim that the correctional facility they wanted to send me COVID-19 infested prison . I was essentially handed a death sentence. WHILE THE PRESIDENT DID COMMUTE MY SENTENCE HE DID NOT PARDON ME
      1. HERE IS THE SHOCKER  -On midnight on election day the US Department of Justice released the last remaining  unredacted of the Mueller report regarding Stone confirming that the Special Counsel had no evidence whatsoever of collaboration or coordination between Stone and WikiLeaks, the Russians and the Trump Campaign.They also concluded that even if they had found such evidence my actions would have been perfectly legal Under the first minute amendment and I could not have been prosecuted for them. Judge Jackson withheld this information from my lawyers because it destroys the legal premises for the bogus charges did bring against me . While the Washington post, the New York Times CNN MSNBC NBC the Wall Street Journal and many many others publicly accused me of collusion with WikiLeaks which they claimed was the same as  collusion with the Russians. When the Mueller report prove that this was false only BuzzFeed in the Washington Examiner reported That I had been vindicated
      1. When Steve Bannon’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee was declassified, we also learned that his sworn testimony before the House Committee specifically contradicts his sworn testimony at my trial. In fact, GW University’s Professor, Jonathan Turley, said, ““There does appear a glaring and irreconcilable conflict in what Bannon stated in testimony before Congress and the court. What is striking is that this was not a peripheral point but one of the main areas of inquiry,” He has two diametrically opposite sworn statements in a high-profile controversy with dozens of attorneys in attendance,
  • Roger Stone The Prosecutors had a legal obligation to inform us that Bannon was under investigation during the time he was testifying against me- their failure to do so was a violation of my Brady rights. My lawyers could have use this information to impeach banging on the stand
  • The Washington Post reported that three Senior Department of Justice officials specifically deny the false claim by Prosecutor Aaron Zelinksy in his sworn testimony before the House Judiciary Committee -that he had been subjected to political pressure regarding my sentence. Isn’t that “Lying to Congress?”
  • I only reluctantly dropped the appeal of my conviction. While the willful misconduct of the jury forewoman who attacked me by name in social media postings in 2019, kept these posts on a private setting during jury selection and the trial and deleted them afterwards -would have been among the strongest issues on appeal. The judge’s pretrial ruling that I could not raise the issue of misconduct by the Special Council, the FBI, the DOJ or any member of Congress was also highly unconstitutional. Despite these strong legal arguments, it became clear to me that the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals was so politicized that I could never get a new trial and, even if I had won a new trial it would have been before the same judge who demonstrated her bias repeatedly.

In view of all of this; I hope the President will consider granting a Pardon so that I can clear my name.

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