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Do you find yourself feeling perpetually obligated and having to do things that you don’t want to do? Learn how to get your time back and how to avoid obligations by having the occasional tough conversation. 

  1. Can I borrow that book?
    1. A powerful Entrepreneur would have boundaries and say “I will purchase the book for you”
    2. You are never going to get it back
      1. They don’t care about the book 
      2. You have to remind them to give it back to you
    3. Say “No”
  2. Can I borrow your shirt?
    1. You know that you won’t ever get it back
    2. People feel obligated to say yes to everything. You don’t have to.
  3. Do you want to come over?
    1. “Do you mind if I live with you for a few weeks?”
    2. It is a process to say “no”
    3. It should get to a point to where you say “no” all of the time
    4. You have to have an accountability partner.
  4. Can I borrow a company card?
    1. If you own the business, it is coming out of your pocket whether you like it or not.
    2. Everyone who works for you loves to spend their money.
  5. Do you want to join this men’s group?
    1. Thanks, but… No Thanks…
    2. “Don’t you want to leave a legacy?”
      1. The world’s wealthiest man couldn’t leave a legacy.
    3. We talk about being intentional with our success and finances. Ask yourself:
      1. Does this fit in my lane?
    4. My talent is creating wealth so that I can create funds for the people in the jungle.
  6. Can I sleep with your wife?
    1. There are many people who like to switch up wives
    2. You are the average of who you spend your time around. If you let the creepy couple in, you become the creepy couple.
    3. If you run with the dogs, you will get fleas.
    4. Your peer group has such a large pull on you.

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