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Clay Clark and Dr. Breck team up to teach you how to grow your business by implementing the Profound C.R.A.P. including: Creates Revenue, Repeatable, Actionable And Profit Creating Systems 

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  1. Create a no-brainer
  2. Gather objective reviews
  3. Create a WOW  experience


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You’re either a purple cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice. Seth Godin, the bestselling author of the Purple Cow.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrivetime show on your radio and podcast download. I am so excited and I just can’t hide it cause I know, I know. I know. This show is going to make you more money. So on today’s business conferences show we’re talking about the purple cow and we’re going to talk about some profound crap, Dr Breck, some profound crap on today’s show. That’s great. So if you’re out there listening today and you’re saying, why aren’t people buying? If you own a business and you’ve ever asked yourself, why are people buying this is this, this is the show for you. Now, if you’ve never asked yourself, why aren’t people buying and you own a business, you’re in trouble. All right? So you gotta ask yourself, why aren’t people buying? And there are three main reasons why people don’t buy.

All right? So Dr Breck, let’s use your business as an example. Dr Dr B r e C You are a chiropractor based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am. How long have you been a chiropractor in Tulsa, Oklahoma? 15 years. 15 years. Yup. We’re on our 16th year now. And uh, you know, you do ongoing education. We, uh, you are very committed to your craft. I am. Um, but do you feel like as a chiropractor you’ve gotten dramatically better in the last 24 months? No. So you feel like you’re, the quality of care you’ve always delivered has been consistent. Yes. So you don’t, you don’t feel like you’ve, your, your quality of care has improved 200% in the last 24 nights? No. Okay. I would love to be able to do that. But your revenue’s gone up by, my revenue has improved. So your revenues doubled, but the quality of your care hasn’t doubled.

Correct. Okay. So if you’re out there listening right now, I want you to ask yourself, why is doctor brick growing? Cause you see this is where I lose a lot of people. They say I’ve got to focus on quality, quality, quality caught. Yes, you have to focus on quality. Yes, yes. The audio quality of this show has to be at a certain level. That is true. But clay, it’s the quality. Get outta here. You need to focus on these three moves we’re talking about that, that profound crap that people don’t teach at business conferences school, right? So move number one, you’ve got to have no brainer. I know Dr Breck, tell us about the no brainer that you have over there. Dr at our office. You can come in for no cost, no obligation. It’s a free consultation, exam, X-ray if necessary. A therapy and adjustment all at no cost.

No obligation. Okay, so you’re saying that I can come in for the first exam. Andrew, you ever been to a chiropractor? Andrew? Uh, not officially. No. Okay. So let’s say you, let’s say you got a little car action. A little, a little little fender bender. Okay. Okay. Got It. Speaking that over you. I’m just saying I’ll eventually, statistically and juristically it is a probability that somebody out there, everybody out there, all of us will get into a fender bender of some kind during our lifetime, which is why I drive a hummer. Cause it doesn’t really bother you. No, seriously. About what? A year ago, I guess it was, I was getting off of a, uh, the creek and a guy driving a commercial vehicle, commercial van. Um, you know, gave me a little love tap accidentally have to stop and he hit me and uh, so he, I get out of my car and he’s like, oh my gosh, I am so sorry.

He, you could tell it was his business. Sure. His vehicle. Oh my gosh. I am so sorry. Do you want to exchange insurance? I, Oh, I’m so sorry. I was running behind to, to get to a job and I just, oh no, no, it’s cool. He says it’s cool. I said, yeah, it’s cool. It’s cool. He goes, really, dude, this day’s got tons of miles on it. 250,000 right? Great Guy, let’s move on. And he’s like, let’s go. I mean, seriously, cause it’s, it’s the Hamada who doesn’t matter in the next one I get, it’s going to be an hand, h the original, each one. Or you can buy one. Ooh, I saw one just the other day. And the guy’s like, hey, you should look at that. And I go, I might be more than I need, but you might be the guy who needs it and it’s bright red.

So when you get to go see it, when you get into a car accident of some kind, okay, you’re going to want to find a chiropractor. And when you do, you’re gonna get an adjustment kind of checkup from the neck up and the neck down that spine in line. And so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna reach out, you’re gonna get, you’re gonna do a little Google search probably. And most people search for the highest rated and most reviewed vendor. Whether you believe whether you know you do it or not consciously thrive nation subconsciously. This is what we all do. We always look for the highest, uh, the couple with the highest ratings and the most reviews. Dr Breck, how many reviews do you have right now, man? Uh, we’ve got about 275. So think about this again. If you’re out there today, what is your no brainer?

I can’t come up with a no brainer. I want to ask everyone at my staff their opinion. Quit running your business or your practice by consensus. Quit doing that. Your business is not a democracy. It is a benevolent dictatorship and you are Kim Jong-UN of your business. All right? And it’s your job to be nice to your people, uh, and take care of your people. But you are the benevolent dictator. Just please have a better haircut. Go to elephant in the room. Get a better haircut than the Kim Jong and don’t do anything to Kim’s young and does. Their point is you are a benevolent dictator of your business. You are not Trump tastic, you’re not trying to get a group of elected officials voted on by the people. This is not a, uh, running a business is a dictatorship. Okay? So you’ve got to go out there and you, you who, who you, you, the business owner have to come up with a no brainer.

Now some big, some people Andrew have said, I’m, I’m stuck. I can’t come up with a no brainer. I can’t do it. Yup. So I have, I’ve written down the Osho who were eight no brainers that have been proven to move your business and take your company to the next level. From page one 11 of the boom book here. So here we go. So no brainer. Number one is buy one, get one free. Why does that move work? Why does it work, Andrew? A buy one, get one free because they, it’s better value for your dollar. Get to have one. You’re just thinking, I might as well get one now. I mean, I did it with the fireworks yesterday. Sure. Wonder the fireworks stand, right? Well if you get these Roman candles, you get one free. Now, I don’t even know what the original price of the one, they could have doubled the price of the one to give me the other one free.

But you know what, I don’t care. Did you feel better about it? I did cause I pictured myself going right. So that’s why I bought them. Now there’s the $1 first purchase. Now Dr Brick, you tried out the elephant in the room? I did. Tell us about your first experience at the elephant in the room. It’s grooming lounge with three locations to serve you and Tulsa. I went to the 91st and yellow location a had a great experience. They welcomed me in, um, had a wonderful haircut. Um, did the uh, paraffin hand dip, had the scout massage, um, hot towel over the beard and face. Um, it was wonderful and that cost me $1 and I have been a client ever since. But you tried it out for a dollar? I did, yeah. It only cost me a dollar where you’re getting your hair cut somewhere else.

Before that I was. And so you weren’t running around looking like a Yeti or like an extra from the Joe dirt show. You are a guy who was already getting your hair cut and you thought, you know what, I’m going to go in to the mop chop shop and I’m going to get my wig adjusted. I’m going to get my lettuce cut cause it’s a dollar. It’s a dollar. I mean worst case scenario, I go, how are you? I met Matt, I leave. You’ve worst-case that you wasted dollar and you Holler, you said it’s terrible. I mean you can’t get a cheaper haircut at the beauty college. You’d been, by the way, beauty college. I mean you’re gonna you, they’re going to whack that. Let me tell you about experiences from to because they’re going to whack that mall. All right, so again, step number one here, right or no brainer.

Number one, bow, bow, bow. No brainer. Okay, no, no, no brainer. Option number one is buy one, get one free. Number two is the $1 first purchase, right? Number three, freemium. That’s like Dropbox or linkedin or Facebook. It’s free to start, but then if you want to add features to it, it’s no longer for free. It’s free for the basic and you charge more for the extra features. Fours try you before you buy it. Try it before you buy it. Try. Hey, you want to test drive this car? Yeah, I do. Okay, now you’re buying it. Hey, you want to try? You want to walk through this model home? Yeah, let’s try it. Hey, you want to stay in this a business conferences timeshare, you know for a couple of days we’ll give you free show tickets and a yeah, and we’ll give you free access to the unlimited buffet.

And by the way, if you, if you, if you say buffet like boo fe, you probably really liked that timeshare tour so much that you probably said yes. And now you have the timeshare tour and the buffet and you can’t get out of bed. Save Your Life. Dr Greg Durban pulled in by the tractor beam of the, the lore of the free tickets, the free show tickets, and then you’ve gone to a timeshare tour. We did that once. Did you buy? No, I mean, did you get clothes? I have an iron will. My wife, she, she started, they started [inaudible] high pressure sales culture of all time. We went from one stage to the next to the next to the next. Yeah. They just would not give up. If you’re out there today and you have a worked for a time shirt company successfully, please email me today at info at thrive time showed up there on the job here.

We are there as a job for you. You can sell that crap up hill. Let me tell you what, you have a place you’ll, you’ll skyrocket here. That’s unbelievable. I think it’d be easier to sell a, I’m a devout Muslim cleric. The idea of Christianity than it would be to sell a timeshare. I mean, if you could sell a timeshare, you are. I mean, if you, that’s like selling, you know, sand to the people in the Middle East there. That’s like selling snowed Eskimos. I mean, that is an impressive sales pitch. All right, so now you have the money back guarantee. Now Andrew, why is that such a powerful idea? The money back guarantee? Yeah. Because it’s a no risk and you can go into a, you can go into working with the company without risking losing anything. That’s it. I mean not correct. So if you’re out there today, you might say, well clay, what’s an example of a money back guarantee?

I’m okay. Okay, let’s talk about this. There are a lot of places, a lot of places, a lot of bakeries I can think of I’ve seen in, in New York, uh, where it’s money back guarantee, um, on the, on the food they provide, they say, hey, you’re going to love the food. It’s money back guarantee. When I started my company called DJ connection, I didn’t have money back guarantee settled DJ your wedding. And if you’re not happy, it’s tree. Um, F with mark, with our photography company, we used to do that for bridles and engagements. We will shoot your bridal or engagement for free. We’ll shoot your wedding. And if you’re not happy, it’s free money back guarantee. It’s a powerful deal. A quick trip has guaranteed castling. That’s true. And I have no idea what that means. If you ever have a problem with your engine that’s related to the gas, they’re on the hook for it.

Now here’s the deal. I know, I know. Well you just said is correct cause I’ve read their history book. Yeah. I’m just saying to you, the listener out there, just seeing the words guaranteed. Doesn’t that mean something to them, but doesn’t it value? I always buy my gas at quick trip one, I want to support a local company too. I feel confident that, hey, if there’s a problem, they’re going to stand behind that and I think subconsciously you’re probably more conscious than most people. I think subconsciously people are going, Ooh, this gasoline is guaranteed and you go, what does that, what does it mean Carl? I don’t know, but it’s scary. It will be there. I think it just feels good. I think about Tommy boy when you say money back guarantee now. Okay, so now then we have take the butcher’s word for it. No, no. We have samples. Samples are great. Samples. A tap into this idea. You worked at Chick-fil-a, Andrew, right?

Did. How well did the samples work at Chick-fil-a? The samples were great and we would actually just walk around handing out samples of doing products of just different sauces and just people would get back in line and buy products. Tell me what kind of products make me hungry. Oh Geez. So we would have the uh, the superfood salad and it’s like a Kale with a vinegar, maple vinegarette with dried cram into all the details and you’d go into exactly what it had into it and the flavors and everything. Handing out the cup with a generous size sample and then give it to them and then they would eat it and get back in line. What other kind of samples did you do, Andrew? Oh, just sauce. Samples. Chocolately sauce. They’d give you all an Asian sauce. Just got to get the nuggets. Yeah. You gave you full nuggets for how many nuggets? I don’t know. It’s been easy. One. We’re generous. Yeah, on eight and keep, just keep going. Triangles work. Yup.

If you’re out there today, come on man. You’ve got to do samples. You got to do the $1 first purchase. If you’re a [inaudible] example, if you’re a an an architect or a home builder, give people a free three d rendering of the space before they have to buy or not for that to decide to give them a free 3d design before you make them decide. If you’re an attorney out there, give them a free one hour consultation. If you’re confident in the quality, that sample is going to pull them in you. What you have been competent of your [email protected] for how many years have you been confident of your quality as a Cairo practice? 15 plus years now, and you’ve grown this year by how much? 200% 200% last 24 months in the last 24 months, the guy has doubled his business without doubling his quality.

But you are confident of offering the no brainer. Now there’s somebody out there who sang cause I’ve had people say this to me. None of our listeners have ever said this, but people I know, I’ve said this to me, they’ve said, here’s the deal. I don’t want to do a money back guarantee because what if they’re not happy? I’m going, well then that’s a problem. You got to make them happy. No, seriously, there wasn’t. There was a contractor in town, this was the no brand of to help them come up with unbelievable. And if you know this guy, fight a wet fish and slap him with it, this is the thing. This guy, he says, clay, I need more sales. And I said, okay, let’s do it. Let’s get reviews. So he goes and gets reviews from his happy customers. He knocked it out. Cool.

Step two, we’re going to offer a, an unbelievable deal. We’re going to say we’re going to beat any contractors prices in Tulsa checked. We did that. We’re gonna do that. Then we’re going to offer an on time on budget guarantee. So every day we’re late, which would be huge because we’re going to get user never on time, right? For everyday we’re late, we’re giving you $200 back, right? So he’s excited. His phones ring and he’s getting deals. Hot deals. First deal, he’s on top of it, right? Second deal. Third deal, somewhere around the fifth or sixth deal, he comes to me and says, clay, here’s the deal. I am in a bad spot. That’s why you and Matt Spicer, why all this one customer like it’s like $6,000. And I’m like, how? He goes, well I got, I just, I guess I just forgot about that job.

Or maybe you forgot about the job. No, I just was working on this job and I was written behind and I just went on this vacation with the family and I just, so you ghosted your client and now they, now they are saying you owe them six grand. He’s like, well yeah, but I’m not going to pay him that. I said, why not? He says, cause I’m, I’m, I can’t pay 6,000. I’m like, well that’s the guarantee, right? Then income, the bad reviews, et cetera. So don’t make a guarantee you can’t, uh, commit to. Now the final two moves for the no brainer would be deep discounts. Just say 70% off your first purchase, half off your first purchase. Do some sort of deal where it’s $99 for your first pair of glasses and exam sounds a lot like Dr Zelner do something like that.

Do something baby do just come on baby, do a nice no brainer. Now move out. Show number eight is get a celebrity endorsement because ever heard of this thing called the a Andrew the Fajita. Do you own a, a Fajita Express? You own one, Andrew? Uh, I own something similar. You don’t know if he, he didn’t express like a quiz in art. Panini press. And the point is the Fajita express was a, a, a product that no one wanted to buy. As I’m saying, I’m not familiar with the Fajita Express, but then this guy, the guy who was selling the paid express, he says, I’m so tired of being broke. I’m so tired of not having any money. I’m so tired of trying to sell the Fajita express slow. So he reaches out to George Foreman, but first he reached out to Hulk Hogan. Okay. Come on, brother brings it out to whole Hogan and Hulk Hogan is sa is going. I don’t, I don’t know if, uh, I, I’m interested in this Gig. You know, I don’t know if I want to be the Fajita express guy. Hope number hoke Hogan though could have had the, the deal. He could, he could’ve had the deal, but he said no and I’ll tell you what, why he said No. He said no cause he was super busy doing this. Let me queue it up. You just [inaudible]

I’m aware of hop destiny. This is going to take its course. Brothers brawl, brothers, crock brothers, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother and brought her brother, her brother for life, brother. We’ve been hanging and banging brother, brother, brother, brother, brother’s brother. [inaudible] thousand leads under the seat. It’s a nice place to deposit somebody. Brother, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother. They’ll be trying to drink their own sweat to start five brother and brother, brother, brother.

He had a lot going on. He didn’t have time. He didn’t have a time to pitch the Fajita exp

brother’s brother, Vietnam 20 years ago. Whoa, my brother, brother, brother, brother, brother and brother. I love him like a brother.

He didn’t have time to do this. He didn’t have time to market the feed express, but George Foreman and dead. And let me tell you why he had nothing going on because George Foreman, I don’t like to realize this. George Foreman retired from boxing to become a pastor. It’s in his book called God in my corner. He retired from boxing to become a pastor and he found out that his financial advisers had taken all of his money, all of his money. So then he was kind of broke and then Meineke reached out and said, hey, would you want to do a commercial? Right? But you got a smile. And he’s Kinda like, I don’t know if I want to smile, because he’s always been an intense guy. Never really smiled in the ring or on camera. And he’s an intense dude. And his wife convinced him to do it.

That led to a Nike commercial he did for Poe, Jackson. It was about the book, the Bono’s series, and that led to the lifetime deal with Meineke. And then to the lean mean grill machine. Now we buy it because of the celebrity endorsement and the man has a beautiful smile, beautiful smile, and I believe he’s a very wealthy, a celebrity too, and well worth over $600 million created a whole new stream of wealth. This had nothing to do with boxing, but if you’re out there though, right, and you’re going, I’m not selling anything. Step one, you’ve got to have a no brainer because Seth Godin writes here, he says, in a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing in a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible. My friends, we are talking about some profound crap here. So one, you got to have the no brainer going on.

All right, you gotta gotta have the no brainer gotta have that. You can’t move on. You got to have it. Now, step two, you got to have the most reviews. Objective reviews, Dr [inaudible], why do we have to get the most objective, actual reviews from real people? Which it turns out, by the way, a great way to get reviews is to offer the free first adjustment free first service. If you don’t have a lot of reviews, offer a free sample, a free first service to get those reviews. But how have the reviews impacted your bottom line, Dr Brick? Well, we’ve, we’ve clearly grown but um, more people are finding us online than they ever have. And then even though we’re primarily a referral based business, one of the things that we’re finding is that people are still doing the research before they come in before they commit to coming in and taking us on as a, as their chiropractor of choice.

And so, um, even if they don’t initially hear about us from Google, uh, they’d definitely want to do their homework before they buy. And so those reviews, um, that’s, that’s a huge part of other people telling our story. The, the social proof of, um, happy customers passing the word on. So one, you have to create a no brainer. Step one, step two, you must gather objective reviews, gather objective reviews. Now the third move, the third move is you have got to create a wow experience. A wow. When you create a wow, people refer people. Now you must create a wow experience, which is [email protected] at your brick and mortar chiropractic center, you are doing what? Yesterday, Dr Rick, we were renovating the bathroom for our, uh, our guest bathroom. Cause you want people to walk in there and go wow. Yeah. Talk to brick life.

Quick question here. Quick question is your bathroom. It’s so good. I don’t ever want to leave and I just want to know how do I get over the anxiety of leaving the bathroom. You know, you want your bathroom to be good, the whole experience to be great. Um, we feel like we’re doing a phenomenal job in most all of the areas, but the aesthetic could improve and so we wanted to improve it. You’re improving the throne room cause you’re great guy. Yeah, that’s what you’re doing. We want to pay attention to the details. When you, um, you remember the scene from Star Wars where Princess Leia, uh, gives Han Solo and Luke their award. You remember the end? It’s, it’s uh, it’s the star wars. It’s like the end of the movie and they get in the, what was that scene where it’s like that the ending of the movie and they line up and they get their stuff right. They get their acoustic, you right, you’re the senior Andrew during the season.

And this is why the audio of me walking into Dr Pricks bathroom. I walked in there, I went in the bathroom, I’m going, is this the Taj Mahal or is this the lobby? Look to my left, my right front desk ladies, they’re nice ladies. Some of the guys they measure who he is. Dr Breck sitting in a patient. I’m walking in there and I’m going, I don’t want to, but I feel compelled. And so the bathroom mix looks like a wookie sound. It’s like pulling me in there and I, and I’m, I’m finding myself wanting to go into the bathroom and again, I don’t even have to go but it says it. My body is saying, and so I, I look, I’m like, hey Mr or sir, do you have an appointment? I said, no, I have just felt a yearning and a burning and a churning in my lower intestine and I just feel the need to do some things in there and I’m going to go in there and I’m going to, I’m going to test it out. So I go in there and I, let’s just say made a deposit and I wash my hands for a good five minutes, like a good doctor. Should I come out of there and I’m going, wow, this right here makes me want to refer this place. And I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you why. What did you do to that one?

Your bathroom has to be great. Yeah. Every part of your business has to be great. Don’t do it. You’ve got to create a no brainer. Get those objective reviews and you’ve got to create a wow experience. Now I’m going to list off the things that go into making the wow experience and hopefully you can keep up and if not, listen to this show a bunch of times. Here we go. Create a smell that your customers like that they want when they first walk in. Fresh cookies, burning pinion, smoked barbecue, do something. Otherwise by default, after someone goes in that bathroom, it’s gonna leave a, a scent that, that, uh, it’s not undesirable. Undesirable. So you want to be intentional about the smell. Ask yourself what the smell is going on in my business, what the smell, the smell, what the smell. Next you want to create a playlist that will appeal to your ideal and likely buyers.

Yes, I hear it all the time. People go to e I t R and they click on clay Clark radio all the time. I know business owners all across this country who actually listen to our playlist in their businesses. That’s why I made it available. If you could just go to EITR and you click on clay Clark radio, you can listen to all the songs. And Andrew, do I not personally choose all the songs you do? Y uh, just so that they’re all positive and they’re all upbeat and motivating and it’s not a bunch of drown like drowning a negative. Uh, you don’t want you to need the monies. What’s, yeah, no, we don’t want to have negative ways. Dr Breck, what would happen if we were not intentional about the playlist over there at thrive? What would happen you think? What do you want to think? Oh, good. Well, I mean, you know, somebody’s a person number one would come in and one

like death metal and this, this is what happened when I ran DJ connection back in the day. True Story. I walk into one of the presentation officers one day and this is what’s being played overhead in our consultation rooms. That while someone’s booking their wedding, meeting with them or not booking their wedding, now, no, this is not going to work. This is what your daughter’s going to walk down the aisle to. Oh yeah. This cannot be your overhead music for your peer business where you’re meeting with brides and grooms, you’ve got a bomb.

You gotta be intentional, right? Absolutely. I go into a lot of repair shops and they’re listening to a crazy music. Had I done it? Didn’t it? Debt, debt, debt. Excuse me ma’am. How can I help you with your muffler? Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah at Dah Dah. You know you don’t, you don’t want, you don’t want like limp biscuit playing. Let’s break some stuff. You don’t want that kind of music being played in your lobby. Okay, now we move on. You’ve got to have an intentional inbound phone script and an intentional outbound script. Why Andrew? Do you have to have a prewritten inbound script and a prewritten outbound script for consistency and training. So that way when you a scale, when you hire somebody they can be saying the exact same thing that you would want them to say. And so you can train them on it.

Know why do you have to have a prewritten text message that you send all your customers and a pre-written email. Andrew. So, cause I’m making a list here. I’ve got to have a smell. Yep. Playlist, two phone script. Inbound three outbound script for pre written text message and pre-read an email. Oh, why do I have to have it? Prewritten a because if you don’t pre-write it, it’s going to be different all the time. And if someone else is doing it, they’re going to say exactly what you don’t want them to say Dr Breck, why do I have to have a voice message that I personally leave that makes sense or that I, that I look out on that I oversee that I, that I micromanage. Why do I have to make sure that the voicemail that every single customer gets makes sense the same. I mean you want that consistency.

It’s your brand. Um, you want the quality to be as high as possible. If you want to have excellence, you’ve got overseas. There’s a guy I had to call the other day. I had to, I had call them, is it, I’m working on a particular business deal and they’re like, you have to call this guy, this guy to get the blessing to do the deal, you know? And this guy is voicemail. We’re talking like I’m recording this show right now. I’m not sure what you’re going to hear this guy. I’m not sure when I, um, this show will be released, but I’m recording this show here almost July 1st. Yeah. What Day is it? Today’s the 30th the 30th June 30th. Yeah. And this guy and this guy. And this guy’s voicemail is this, it’s like you’ve reached the voicemail of, of his name’s not Craig. Okay. But you leave, you’ve left the, I reached the voicemail of Craig.

I’ll be out of town here. I’ll be back here December 1st. December 1st we’ll be back here and a thank you leader message after the beep, wait for it. And it’s just like when you’re waiting, wait for it. Wait. It’s like waiting awkward. And I’m going, this guy has had this voicemail at this bank for who knows how long. It’s just unbelievable. So you gotta be intentional about that six months hopefully. Yeah. Brutal. You got to quit pride from last year too, right? Right. No, you have to create uniforms. Dr Breck, why do you have to be intentional about the scrubs or the uniforms or what the people were inside Dr Breck Dotcom? Well, in my business, um, yeah, we do wear scrubs and if I don’t dictate what those scrubs are going to look like, we’re going to end up with a loony tunes and I’m tweety birds and butterflies and all sorts of stuff that looks like a complete, um, just shoveled mess.

And I like it to look nice and uniform. And so each day we have a certain color of scrubs that we were there. All the same color. Everybody looks nice, everybody’s sharp. We don’t have stripes and Polka dots and everything. Here it is, it’s solid colors. It looks great now. Now the next thing you have to do is you have to dictate, again, these are systems you want to put in place to while your customers. You want to dictate what amount of samples or demonstrations or or free product demos or showcases can be shown to customers who while they’re waiting or when they first get there. If you have a restaurant and you want everyone to buy more of the whatever, a dessert item, everyone should be given a sample of the whatever dessert item, what’s happening. Think about that if you want. I think we overcomplicate it.

If you own a restaurant and you want everybody to have your new fancy Fudge Brownie, whatever you might say to yourself, well, what’s app on name? Oh, we’re not selling a lot of things. I know what we should do. We should offer ample samples, right? Why would we want to offer Dr Bragg a sample of our Brownie fudge? Whatever the heck if we want to sell it. Because when people try it, they want to buy it that they see that the deal. I mean, you know my mouth mouth’s already watering you talking about it. I know this is an imaginary dessert. Now the next move, you want to develop an experience unlike anybody else. So maybe you’re the restaurant with the flying roles. Maybe you’re like crispy cream with the doughnut assembly line. What’s the name of the restaurant at the flying rolls. Lambert. Lambert’s. Okay.

Ma maybe your like a dixies review that place in Branson where Dolly Parton runs that thing and yeah. Yeah, but running ostriches and stuff like, oh, you’re seeing that place? Yes, I have. I have not real have you seen it? Perhaps? Yeah, we’ve been before. You want to just create an experience that people like, think about, um, build a bear is another example where you, it’s weird, but you pay them for them to make you build your own bag. Good bear. So you pay the, you’re like, what do you guys sell? How we sell a bear stuffed animals? Okay, well who does the work you do? Okay, I’ll pay for that. You’ll pay extra for it on Bowie. Like Fuddrucker’s Oh, extra. Make your own hamburger. And now I’m not, I’m not ripping the rain forest cafe. If you’re out there listening to the rainforest cafe and you’re an adult and you love the rainforest cafe.

If you’re an adult and you said, I love, I love the rainforest cafe. Well that’s probably a deeper discussion that we’re going to have to have offline, but I’m going to tell you this. I’ve been there multiple times and it’s not that good. The food. Yeah, but you know why you go there. The cause, the experience, yet the kit, the kids love it. Now, if you’re an adult man, you’re a 45 year old man. You are a grown man and you’re saying, I loved at rainforest cafe. I go there all the time. Then I would say, why don’t you and I do a dream date? We’ll go to rainforest cafe and then build a bear. That’s all I’m saying is that like that’s an experience though. Okay. Now the next thing you want to do, be intentional about this is you want to create a distinctive physical office space, which is why you’ve turned your lobby into the Taj Mahal.

It’s, which is why your bathroom, you put that nice tile in there, right? That tile, I’ll tell say probably that towel. Yeah. That tile makes people want to stay well and the wound can be a problem. He’s turning there awaiting. People aren’t going there and they [inaudible] they go into the bathroom and the doctor Rick, they, they walk into your facility and they went in there for a good three hours and you’re going, are you okay in there? Carl? You okay? Carl? Carl, are you okay Carl? Yeah, I’m just wanting to stick around for a while. This tile is amazing. I’m going waiting for my second bowel cycle. I mean, people just don’t want to leave that people deliberately. That’s the problem. People, Carl, Carl, you know on Google you can go into Google maps and it shows you how long people approximately spend at arrest.

At a business. The Warren Theater. Alright, I’ll pull it up. Let’s put the Lauren theater. Let me see. It’s the Warren Theater and Tulsa’s. Very nice. But again, yeah, great experience. Great. Tell listeners here and you can push a button and the, the uh, I guess you can call them a waiter or waitress. Um, the attendant will come get your order bringing your food and you don’t miss a beat of the movie. Tell the listeners out there, describe to the listeners out there what the Warren theater is all about. Dr Breck. Cause I don’t think a lot of people know what the borne theater is all about. It will, it’s about that amazing experience. So they do have different size theater screenings. You can just ran out one a room for you and your 50 closest friends or you can have the balcony seating with the, um, there’s a 21 and over bar, uh, outside the room.

And, and uh, you can have a seat and push a button and an attendant brings you food directly to you. And it’s not just like concession food. I mean it’s, it’s quality food, quality food and Nice chairs refill your drink. I mean, right now I’m showing these guys have 3,407 reviews, 4.7 rating. They’re great. Uh, but it shows, it shows, you know, the average person spends about two to three hours there cause they’re watching a movie. I’ll tell you this, people are spending two or three hours in your bathroom. That’s amazing. And I did not put a movie screen on that. That’s unbelievable. I mean there’s people out there who, you know, seriously, they, they wait to go to the restroom until they can get to quick trip. Right. They’ll, they’ll drive, they’ll drive by a shell. They’re driving by a shell, they’re going to drive bikes.

When you go into a shell, it’s like stepping inside the third world country. You need like a tetanus shot and you just, you feel like you should shoot like a video about like saving the wild life and you’re like, why is McGuire in here and why is there a [inaudible] just feel it. It’s like going into the Amazon and you go to a shell bathroom when you’re, when you’re being imitated, you know you’re doing something right. And I don’t know if you’ve been Oklahoma City, but they don’t have quick trips. But they do have on cue, on cue, on cue trip, you know, very similar aesthetic, great bathrooms and on cue turns out people will go to the gas station with the better bathrooms. Absolutely. Bill draft terms, 10 other stations turns out, turns out. So I’m just saying to you, be intentional about these things.

Now if you’re gonna pass out business cards, this might be a tip for somebody out there. Make them memorable or don’t pass them out. What? Maybe make them metal. You can make metal carts. That’s what I’ve done for years. You could do wooden cards. You could, uh, you can people have volleyball with your name on it. I don’t know. But you want to make sure that your cards are memorable, not cheap. Flimsy, gross. Weird. Now you want to offer, we talked about this, you wanna offer samples to your customers. But the final move to final move you want do is if you can put up a massive iconic landmark in front of your business, like a in Tulsa. If you make a donation to the Tulsa Zoo or if you made a donation to the Tulsa Zoo back in the day, right? You would get a penguin, you can put in front of your business.

Right. And I encouraged many of my clients to do that. Cause now when you drive by their businesses, you see that penguin and you’re thinking to yourself, do B you do you do. You start thinking about strangers and the right exchanging glances. We were strangers in the night. If you haven’t seen Billy Madison, then you wouldn’t understand this reference. But Billy Madison would day Drake to the point of delirium and then he would always see penguins and he’s like, Oh Penguin, Huh? Where are you going? Peng? So again, but those penguins, they’re, they’re memorable. When you see, I remember one that was dressed up as the two parent or painted up as the tooth fairy. And I thought of a dentist. You remember? I do remember that. I’m going to play the audio so you guys can, this is a Billy Madison. Um, he thinks he’s walking in on his girlfriend having an affair with the penguin. Yeah, this is the scene cause this dude, here we go.

As he was calling, so sorry to interrupt. That’s a scene number one and there’s there a scene here where he’s chasing the penguin around. He’s drinking by the pool and he sees the penguin. Okay. What we got here, here, penguin is back again. Mr Madison did not penguin. You can do much sand today then no penguin, landscapers tell him there’s not a penguin. It’s too hot for a penguin to be just walking around here and back to the scouts. Just trying to chase the pinging around on a golf cart. That’s immediately what I think of when I see a penguin, but then I remember the business. So if you’re out there today, we’re talking about some profound cramp. I encourage you again, one, create a no brainer to get those objective reviews and three, create a wow experience. Now you might say, clay, what does profound crap stand for?

It stands for this. It’s the stuff that creates revenue. Ones seat. You see crappy swell crap. C, R, a. P. C, it creates revenue. Dr Brick, why do you as a business owner have to focus on the crap that creates revenue? Because at the end of the day, I want to get paid for what I do. I’ve got the overhead, I’ve got people that are counting on me and I’m in business to make some money as well as help people. But what do people typically focus on at the ongoing education events for chiropractors that you’ve had to go to, you’ve had to suffer through them for years. Do they talk about the profound crap? Well, they’re talking about crap. I just don’t think it’s the same stuff. Um, so yeah, I mean it’s all doom and gloom. It’s negativity. So this is, we’re talking about how to dramatically increase your sales.

Okay. One, you’ve got to focus on the stuff we just talked about that creates revenue too. It has to be repeatable, right? You spoke crap c or a PC or has to be repeatable. Why does it have to be repeatable? Dr Brick will say, you can scale. So it’s systematized so that it can grow. It can be repeated. It can be, you know, done consistently ongoing, actionable. C R a p. Actionable. Why does it have to be actionable? Why can’t it just be theoretical stuff where you go? So as a result of this, we do. I know what we do now. We have a new, a lot of these seminars teach you to go now as a result of this eight hour seminar, we now know how to ask ourself the good questions to create a culture that matters, right? Look at the penguin over there.

No, but you, you, you’ve got to focus on actual stuff. Why is that? To be actionable, Dr Marek, you have to be able to do it. You have to put it into action. Otherwise it doesn’t do you any good. I mean, only what gets done matters. Now, the final aspect of profound crap is this one. See, it creates revenue. Two, it’s repeatable. Three, it’s actionable for its profit. Creating Y. Andrew, does it have to be profitable and not just something that creates more revenue? Why do we have to focus on profitability, Andrew? Because you do have overhead. You have expenses, you have employees,

you have, uh, things you have to pay for. And if you’re not making profit, you’re going backwards. And like, that’s the scoreboard. Like that’s if you’re supposed to be going up, not down or sideways. So, but you’ve seen this Andrew, where you’ve worked with business owners that have a lot of gross revenue but no profits. How is that possible? Uh, because they’re not looking, they’re not being proactive. They’re not looking forward. They’re looking backwards and then seeing where their money went. They’re not looking forward to see, they’re not, you know, they’re not focusing on selling. They’re not focusing on upselling or not focusing on the revenue producing activities. They’re not getting the Google reviews or the video testimonials. Dr Breck, talk to me about this. How is it possible to do a lot

revenue and not have a lot of profit? Well, I think a lot of times if you’re asleep at the wheel, you know, I mean, you’re not, uh, focusing on the details and little things. Um, you know, you’ve got things priced incorrectly. Um, you are giving away too much. Um, so the samples may be more than what like, like the example of the a contractor, you know, that guarantee may have been a little too steep if he couldn’t fulfill the job orders in the right timing, uh, or had a better knowledge of, of visibility to knowing he was going to scale up when this came out. Um, and so, uh, yeah, I mean you’ve got to know those margins and that’s where life happens in the details. If you’re out there today and you are saying, I don’t like the details or you’re going to lose Dr [inaudible] 100% right there, it’s the details that matter.

It’s the details. People say, clay, how are your businesses able to succeed? Man, I am focused on those details. I am, I am obsessed about what that on hold music. I am obsessed about the on hold music. I obsess about the smells at the business conferences. I obsess about the pinion smells. I obsess about every detail and every single part of the website. That’s wrong. I own it. It’s my fault. I don’t delegate that. I look at that. I obsess on that. Ask John and Devin, I asked myself, why does that look like that? I don’t think we need to change that and I obsessed on it and why other people are out thinking about whatever they think about maybe chasing the penguin around the pool. I’m thinking about how can we make my business 2% better this week? So again, if you’re out there today and you want to make your business dramatically more successful, if you want to dramatically increase the revenue of your real business, you have to start implementing the profound crap we talked on today’s show.

Everything that you’re doing has to create revenue. It must be repeatable, it must be actionable and it must be profit creating. And now with any further ado, we’ll [inaudible], but before we do that, well, and I would like to add to that, just you know, if somebody missed that point that you just made, if you can increase your business 2% each, I mean it’s a small margin, but you know what I mean? Could be huge depending on the size of your business. But I mean if you can do that week after week at the end of the year, you’ve increased over 100% I mean that’s huge. It’s huge. I just think people don’t like the idea of getting better over time. I think people want to get rich real fast and as we talked about with the contractor, if you can’t handle it, you know, don’t get all that food off the buffet.

I just don’t. I mean if you don’t want to you, we’ve all done that before as a high schooler or something, you’re like, oh, I’m not off a the morning and get you. I love crab legs. I’ll get all the crab legs they have. They may get all the, if all of a sudden you’ve got a tray filled, the 48 crab legs, four of them. [inaudible] I didn’t get any. I didn’t know they fill on my plate. It was the penguin he told me to. Anyways, so I just encourage you today to implement the profound crap we taught them. Today’s show. Also, I encourage you, get your spine in line, get the check-up from the neck up and on down the spine. Get that spinal health in order to checkout Dr Brackets, D R B r e c And I know most of our listeners are in, are in Florida, California and we are in Australia.

We have listeners in South Korea, Canada. Let me tell you this, it’s almost worth the trip to get adjusted by Dr [inaudible]. I mean we see people from all over the place. How far that was the farthest somebody is traveling right now regularly to see you. Um, about two hours. Two hours. Yeah. So I mean if you’re out there within a 200 region listening to the today show, get on over there to Dr Breck, D R B r e c Where the first adjustment, the first exam, the first extra, that’s all free. That’s the no brainer. He’s got the reviews because he’s got an attitude. He’s got a swag, he’s got a d. They deliver on what they say. They’ve got an ambience. They have an aura, they have an environment. People like, that’s what they had those great reviews and it created an business conferences like experience. The Taj Mahal of bathrooms, that tile will make you want to get to get down to business and you can read an entire USA today. You’ll just be there. You’ll be there for a while because of that tile. I’m going say you won’t want to leave. You’re going to come out there like the new Socrates of 2019 so educated. Go in there with a book, bring an Encyclopedia Britannica series, get that you are. Please don’t know if you want to go. It’s worth just holding it and wait till you get the doctor to try to drive. That tile will make you want to stay a while and now that any further I do three, two, one, boom.


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