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Are you looking for ways to grow your sales? Do not let your sales system be dependent on YOU. Join the best business coach team, Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner for the specific action steps you can implement to increase sales and scale your business.

STEP 1 – Block Out 1 Hour Per Day of Meta-Time to Work On Your Business

  1. META DEFINITION – In the original Greek, Meta means above, and beyond
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time. What gets scheduled gets done.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed over 40,000 employees at the same time)
  3. AMPLE EXAMPLE of META TIME MUSIC – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcU6w1Pr5gc

STEP 2 – Block Out Alpha-Time to Execute Your Plan

  1. ALPHA DEFINITION – Warrior, get-it-done mindset
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney (Co-founder of Walt Disney)

Today as the best business coach team out there, we’re talking about a specifically how to increase your sales by 700% this year. How do you do it? I mean? How do you, if your listing today and you own a business? What are seven steps that you could take that would increase your sales of your existing business by 700%. Start up these moves will work as well, but if your existing company, so let me just clarify what I mean I can who who qualifies for this conversation? Well I’ve been cooking businesses for years. So if you sell a real product that solves a real problem for your real real ideal unlikely buyers, then this conversation is for you. If you are a startup, it’s trying to sell a new thing and convince the world to change their habits or can transform the world to revolutionize the world. Did you my friend these? These tips probably are not all applicable for you again. If you have a company like one of the brands, I work as the best business coach program on the planet, with is called phone doctors phone. Give me the location to the phone doctors, how they certainly didn’t invent the concept of phones, nor did they invent the concept of fixing phones and what day did innovate is the coming up with the most efficient way to fix most phone size or the founder of the business saw a trend that I was becoming an avalanche where people everybody remember when it, when everybody didn’t have a cell phone, you were back in the day when everyone did not have a smartphone like if you had a smartphone, you were awesome, are going to college at oral, roberts university in 1999, and there was one girl in particular who had a cell phone, and it was one of those ones that looks like a military-issued like backpack kind of an apparatus. I mean this thing was massive, was almost like she pulled out like a brick. It appeared to be like a brick wade like as much as a brick weigh, isn’t in a backpack here to pull it out and it was like a big deal to make a cell phone call and the screen was green and you know he was a dial tone kind of punch dial. It felt like you were dialing a home phone, but it was a mobile phone and he had a big antenna on your car, so you could broadcast and make the phone calls and connect with a cell phone tower, and it was a big deal we’ll now everybody has a cell phone alex eiser looked out there.

For probably entrepreneurship at is at its core is is looking for a problem and he saw there’s a problem. People have these cell phones and they created almost a dependency for the cell phone, so people today, it’s like they didn’t need the cell phone lot of people say they can’t live without it. They do their banking on their cell phone. They they they don’t even have the phone numbers of people they know anywhere outside of their self i. Think about that. When was the last time that you remembered somebody’s phone number back in the day when you could remember a phone number, I mean that was that was a that was a great place and take a look at this example right now. If you want to call my good friend to rich the peach rich, the petrous is my friend’s father, market patriots, the petrous. His phone number is 918-698-0625 and just call him and tell him he’s a great guy i. Remember that girl gave you the phone number. You remember that never read write that number down you actually new people’s addresses. You actually knew how to navigate around you could do basic math average person could do. Basic math was like when the average person to do basic math realize people are becoming more and more dependent upon their phones are starting to use their phones all the time when their phones crash it’s almost an emergency, in fact they need a doctor. They can’t just call a phone repair business that might take from a specialist they need to get over there and they’re in their car. Aka there, ambulance and drive on over to phone doctors get that phone fixed in about an hour. I mean that’s up. That was a powerful idea. He had execute the system, and so now he’s fixing phone he’s actually doing this. It’s not a a serious if you’re in that category, we are kind of like alex eiser, the entrepreneur who started a phone doctors or if you’re like a full package media, a brand I work with as part of our best business coach program out of dallas, where they did not invent thomas cross in the founder, hidden vent, the concept of taking photos, photography, taking video footage or or making a flyers for real estate agents. I mean real estate agents of always needed flyers in photography and micro website. They need that totally market the property, but he saw a niche and realized it was being under service. It was, it was actually being met by other photographers in the area, but he realized he could do it better and faster. That’s a great way to find a a business to start is looking for a problem that you can solve see if you already have problem that you can solve for your ideal unlikely, but you already have existing company you’re a 7 move, seven steps to absolutely increase your sales by 700% to work on your brand block out meta time comes from the greek word, meaning above you’ve got to block out meta time to work on your business on your life.

You have to do it. You can’t just be operating only in the urgent vital, so vital quadrant of business growth example for elephant in the room are men’s grooming lounge every morning that I do this with all my company by block out an hour a day to think about. Each business need to think about how can I improve the business by 2%. Today, we’ve been doing this for 6 years in a row 7 days a week of waking up everyday and asking yourself. How can you improve the business by 2% over time? You have some great innovations I have some great ways that you can do. Think you’re great you just means it means it speaking. I’m obsessing about the business for an hour a day of its metime, think about how can I improve the business and open the room? You’ll be a video of the epiphany that most men just want to be able to book an appointment and forget about it now if we can get our stylist all of them any really great stylist, but if we can convince all of them to never be sick or they never call in sick. That would be great. We have this idea that, if what, if what, if guys, could prepay for the haircut and do a membership model, if I will give him a discount for doing so, because the hair business, the amount of people that don’t show up for their haircuts is truly incredible. I think people don’t necessarily something to respect the stylist and realize that when you book an appointment, the stylist, they don’t have any income coming in. If you cancel i, don’t think people realize that, and so we realized that the stylist their income, every hair business goes up and down up and down. If it rains, people cancel their appointments, knows people can syrup on top of the stylist or income goes up and down up and down before the person trying to schedule a haircut they’ve got to call somebody at the store level. They have to pick up the phone and call stylist anybody out. There wants to get your haircut, you have to call a stylist and then the stylist has to do what they have to like to stop cutting somebody’s hair and answer the phone if they’re cutting their hair they’re. Talking about your family, your kids, whatever you’re getting haircut next thing, you know they say, excuse me:i got to go, get that best business coach phone and then go back and forth the cutting your hair and being interrupted. Answering the phone answer, the phone answer, the door, cutting your hair, i, open the door for new customer answer, the phone cutting her hair and it’s frustrating for everybody.

So we created a model where we actually don’t have a phone that rings in the elephant in the room store. So if you call an elephant in the room, store you’re, not actually calling the store, you’re calling the call center and what is the call center do? The call center is setting appointments for people like you, so you’re calling to get your hair cut. Our call center is setting appointments for our for our ideal unlikely buyers, and that way are our ideal, like the buyers can immediately schedule haircut and they can pre-book it as a reoccurring event and the people cutting hair never interrupted and they can focus on providing you a premium haircut experience and I didn’t have that idea during the middle of the day. Why cuz? My brain is an alpha moto at that point, alpha like that warrior mindset. So during the day, whenever I experienced a problem that I see in the business I don’t try to solve it right then, but I try to do is just write down the problem. You say right on the problem during the day and then in the morning when I do is then the in my meta time in the morning, typically between 3 a.M. And 4 a.M. I, think about the business I think about how can I solve this problem one time so that I saw it every time, in. Today we had a situation where money was pulled out of the wrong account for one of the businesses it in that can’t happen. So I got to figure out how do I stop that process or processes of the canadians say, encourage you to do step one out there. If you want to fix yourself by 700%, you need to, during the day, write down all the issues that you in your position right down the issue. If a sales rep on your best business coach team does a poor call if your website loads too slow, if you’re not able to charge people quick enough, you know if you were invoicing. People so takes too long to get paid if your manager is not on top of it. If you as a leader, aren’t on top of it, if you’re just struggling to whatever it is you want to identify everyday ask yourself:what’s your biggest limiting factors are in the day to do a problem or any fish in sea write that down but step one is you got to block out time every single day for mettaton I have never met and I will never meet and entrepreneur who is successful? That does not block out meditime. Some people call this meditation time and they want to make it a religious thing. Okay, fine! You can call it prayer time. I just know that I got up the other day and might meta time now. My med of time consist of me. Listening to a sata waves fade away is worth it will say. The waves are like sound waves that I kind of you to be like positive energy as one of the best business coach program founders, i, also listen to if I’m doing your paperwork again, they’re called by naural beats and what I’ll do is I’ll, go ahead and put a link on the show notes to eight hours of binaural beats.

So that way, all the listeners you can have an ample example of what I’m listening to this is an example of meta time, music. But the idea is it what you want it so I can go to a spa. You know when you just want it like escape from the norm in the monotony of the busyness of the day. Do you want to mentally transport yourself to a place in time or nothing urgent? Other people call this prayer time. I’m, not conjuring up the spirits I’m not doing nothing. Bizarre do it. So it sounds bizarre I’m, a judeo-christian, so I believe that all of the ideas that I get are given directly to me by god. That’s what I believe all good ideas are given to me by god. It is up to me to write them down and act upon. I, do not believe that I’m conjuring up spirits and all that kind of weird stuff I just want to silence my alpha brain long enough to be receptive to what god’s trying to tell me. Some people call that prayer time I caught me at a time:i, don’t care what you call it, but I know that thing really good ideas, I believe all come from the trinity. That’s my world! You believe that they come from the ether as the point hill road from lee cockrell form executive, vice president that wants manage 40,000 employees and employers. He said you either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time. What gets scheduled gets done guys this guy has 40,000 employees. At the same time, he’s saying you got to schedule time, cuz what you get, what your schedule gets done, but you got to pay now or pay later. If you choose not to do it, you gotta pay later so I would highly recommend every single listening right now that you block out time for your man of time. I would also recommend that you go to thrive time, show on itunes and leave a subjective review. You know tell us how we’re doing would love to help you or you can email us any business question that you have right now today. Do you need help growing your business? Take the challenge. That’s right time. We are the best business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at thrivetime show.Com, welcome back to the conversation is the thrivetime show on your radio. My name is clay clark I am the former ussba entrepreneur of the year sent here on a mission to get you into a great financial position. However, in order to do that, in order to get you into a great spot, financially you and i, if we’re going to become successful, we’ve got to be coachable. We got, we just have to be coachable. We have to be able to receive feedback from a source of wisdom in a given area.

So if you want to get in the best shape possible and you go meet with a a fitness trainer and explains to you that you need to become an enemy of carbs, you need to just eat meat and vegetables. It’s if he tells you that and then you were told to read. You know that the china study read that book or read wheat belly, and you start learning that weed to causes your body to produce insulin which produces fat and just start to like read all these things and know all these things that you watch the ted talks about it, and then you get another book that goes with tilikum part 2 series of the china study and you go out there and you get the new, the newest book by the news, fitness guru, the jillian michaels book and today got the jillian michaels book going on. You got the wheat belly book going on. You got you got the china study I mean you have really got your knowledge up to a certain woman. You really taken the time, increase your knowledge base, because you think that learning is our menu. You think that you think that learning is learning. You’ve probably been told (not from the best business coach team) that you believe cuz college I mean they give you a degree. You know they reward test-taking right, they don’t reward implementation, they reward testic. So what happens is if you’re, not careful? You begin to develop a mindset. I just call it ted talks the ted talks mine, said where you poop. You begin to fall asleep, believe that the more you know, the more you know, is going to continue just to helping you earn more and more money. But that’s true the more you learn the better. It is for you, it’s good, it’s true. It’s learning new ideas as powerful, but then walt disney, animated, walt disney was here right now. One I mean he would be a pretty old do. At this point, the walt disney has a notable quotable I want to read to you and I I know it can sound defensive, but it was pretty well I mean his company did fairly well he’s the guy behind the emmaus house. This is what walt disney would say to you. He was here. He would say the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Think about that for a second. The way to get started is to quit talking and to begin. Do not see that right there. That’s that’s a tough deal, because when the co-founder of walt disney enterprises right for the co-founder of walt disney, it tells you that you got to quit talking and begin doing. That also means you got to quit maybe learning everything there is to know you actually implement that stuff until the court topic today is what are the seven steps to increase your sales by 700%. Stay tuned for more best business coach advice.

What, my man, my lady, my friend, my dear friend, you must step 1 block out meta time to work on your branch. Every time you have a problem during the day you write down on your notepad, always carry notepad with you. We have a problem, write it down during the day where the problem then step one. You want to block out time at the meta time to work on your brain work above your bed. You got a block out an hour a day. You got to do this. You have to do that. I just see so many people that want to skip that step. They don’t want to block out an hour everyday because it take what everyday. Yes everyday. If you waited up as your quarterback in the nfl and you are not terrible you’re going to be watching game film, every game, every game, you’re watching game film. If you’re an nba player, you have to work out everyday if you’re a winter olympic athlete you have to work out except for the people, do do do curly, but apparently they practice. So it’s still sport, but the point is you have to you have to get the consistency. Is the issue for a lot of folks knowing what to do, but the consistency so step one. You got a block out that made of time an hour a day to work above the reactionary aspects of the business step to you got to block you alpha time to execute your plan like our best business coach team does. You just have to block out enough time to execute your plan. You have to do it. So I was looking at my to-do list today. I thought this would be a good example for you guys and that’s. Why have my credit, my to do list pulled up here and all my to do list? There’s things that you know that are pretty sexy sexy they are, but does it just things I wrote down on my to do list that are I believe to be very sexy. People ask what is it? What is it, what produces the financial wins for you and doctors, don’t know, i, think it’s this kind of sexy stuff, okay, so sexy thing number one is i, have to figure out the speaking of that I’m doing on march 6th its march 6th 2013 I got to figure 2990, not going back in time since march 6th 2018 I have got to figure that out today, specifically, who is going to be going with me to that speaking event for kirk fryer and farmers insurance who’s going with me, and what are we going to get the entire best business coach team everybody when we get there? You know, because we have a checklist in system I’m, going to pretty much bring a lot of the same things you always bring, but I want to mix it up a little bit, make kind of special, so who’s going with me and when they, when we go, what are we going to give everybody? You know where we going to go to give everybody? That’s on my to-do list today. The next thing is paul pressey, my dear friend, who used to play basketball for the milwaukee bucks in the san antonio spurs.

He called me so I’m going to call him back because it’s all my schedule now coach calvert, my dear friend, was score basketball, long-term client that score bball. But. What you’re looking to see your kids to basketball camp to improve their skills? You really should check out scourby ball.Com their first, your first accessioner scourby balls, always free, and you should check it out:scorpio ball.Com, but but don’t calvert. He wants to know about me making a screen to tell his clients of more about the dvd series he has I got to optimize. One of my companies are working with the tip top k-9 folks are optimized, their website. I got to optimize vic, the landing page for them. They have another company that works with its neuropathy neuropathy neuropathy neuropathy, to help him do that, and then my dear friend aaron and his has referred me a friend who needs help. They need help growing their business and so aaron and his long-time client friend with a shaw homes. He has a friend who needs help until he referred him over I got a call that justin is going to justin. He wants to open up an elephant in the room in dallas. He keeps calling me-and he wants me to call him back and then meet the orthodontist that I work with I can’t meet him. I can’t meet on a specific day. Cuz I’ll be in owensboro, open up the church that we’ve been called to help until I have to you have to do all that too. When you have to think about it, I mean you got to be a big about what are all the things I have to do today to improve my life or the or to become the person. I want to be here to get where I want to go, but then you got to block out a specific time to call the preserve actually put it in my calendar to call the person like it. You know to 10 p.M. I’m, calling this person at 3:10 p.M. I’m, calling that person I have text. You block it into my account. If I don’t do it, it won’t happen. I think a lot of people believe we somehow I think these things are magically going to come together, not cuz, we’re stupid, but they were busy and the difference between busyness in business. A business is designed to serve you and it’s spelled with an I that buys all about you. Helping in business is designed to serve you busy. This means you, you don’t really know your. Why you’re just busy-and you don’t know why the courage you to move beyond busyness of the move into the business and i, encourage you to find the the drive time show on itunes during the break subscribe to the podcast and leave us an objective review and you can come to the best business coach workshop there is!


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