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How does one business owner generate over $750,000 per year training dogs? Listen in as Clay Clark interviews business coaching client, Ryan Wimpey of Tip Top K9.

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Get ready to enter the business coaching thrive time show 3 2 1, alright, america I might have clay clark welcome back, and we are here interviewing today with a man the myth, the legend, the guy who has brought he’s, keeps bees beyond little bow wow. He is the founder of tip top k-9 shirt on the bow wow nice. Thank you for bringing your mastery of business coaching, hip hop, off knowledge and incredible professionally a little over 10 years now. So how did you get started? Training those dogs well i, had a dog that I couldn’t do anything with it until I was reaching out to other trainers, and then I eventually ended up in turning working for free for another trainer for about 6 months or so wait till you got your hole in the door working for free paid. You something I know for a lot of rangers. It takes a long time to train someone new because they don’t have any methods or anything. So it’s not worth it for them to pay me even like $8 an hour to do something they’re going to be able to do in like 2 hours and take me like 15 since I know what I’m doing so. You began your quest by working for free and then how did you wind it become more than just a hobby when do I become a thing where you said you know what I could probably charge for this, so I can make some money with this I realized. Hey I have a full-time job as a purchasing agent and I’m, making more part-time night and weekends was it mean to be a purchasing agent know that means I get orders that come in sales guys go out and they sell power tools and construction supply equipment like that, and then I’m matching those orders, what we need for inventory and sending it off to different companies. So now that you have tip top and it is a business coaching client and it’s it’s, it’s it’s around for 10 years.

What makes the tip top experience different from the other dog training companies out there? What does a lot of difference is actually so. First off being our customer experience, most dog trainers. They, like dogs, more than people, and so they give their customers are pretty bad. Customer experience wait a minute most of the trainers like dogs, more than people jump. Is this? Are you tracking? What does this make sense to you chapter? Does that I can understand that yeah I hate you i, don’t hate most people i, don’t hate people I just dislike most people that are not business coaching clients have that makes people. That’s what that’s a broad brush. That’s awesome he’s okay. So how do you like? How is your overall philosophy of dog training may be different than for most dog training comes i, know that you train people by the people skills, but what makes you profoundly different for everybody else across the country is based off transference, which is an unconscious redirection of feelings from one person to another. So, basically everything I do anything in our tip. Top method of dog training is transferable, which means, if I can do it. Anyone else can do it. I’ve had 9 year old girls, training dogs, 95 year old woman. That was able to take our system and run with it.

So, basically anything I can do with the dog. I can transfer it to someone else. You set yourself up for an obvious joke, and so I must now do it. You’re telling me that you were able to teach a 95 year old woman to not only train a dog but to simultaneously run i, find that to be business coaching unbelievable, I see what you did there. Did you give her tennis balls for the walker I mean? Did you give the she was running the system? She was the walker. The dog up, I just wanted to make sure that you gave the woman with the walker that got the tennis balls for the bottom of this part of which are basically loring. Dogs in the behaviors are lowering to sit with treat they’re using their treat to lower the doctor, nor wardingham and then the other side. You have your negative reinforcement trainers which they’re using some sort of a negative, whether it be a pinch collar high-powered shock collar choke chain, pinch collar, high-powered shock collar pinch color, is the metal collar with prongs, are about an inch-and-a-half prongs that when you pull on the leash they dig into the dog’s neck pinch. Oh yeah! That’s what it does that make sense to one of these podcast workshop, you’re wearing out of dogs, pinch collar, that that’s something you don’t do. What else do not do high-powered shock collar shock made to stop dogs from chasing cattle or chasing horses ran? So basically it’s like lightning bolt. It’s like an electric fence around dog’s neck and you press the button and couldn’t kill a dog no, but it can really mess him up really I mean. Maybe if you put one on a little bitty dog, you can get my heart attack or something crazy like that to interrogate terrorist slight pause, not good. It’s wait! So what about for 11 year old, kids that are unruly, not listen to their parents or if you just had one for like, say, aubrey? Okay, so we’re not using the high-powered shock collars were not using the pinch grocery, not using a choke chain, it’s basically a metal chain. So it’s a metal chain that goes around the dog’s neck. When you pull it it just jokes, a dog, those actually kill more dogs than any other dog came to out there, to the the trachea or the arteries in the neck. Speaking of trachea, no brainer offer that you’re making it was $1 for the first lesson, segway meet with you.

What part of that seems unbelievable? He sent for $1 hill train your dog. The first time does that does that? Are we obviously we go now i, don’t believe it. You should probably just go on tip top k9.,. Look at some of the testimonials rated to tip, top, k-9 and I’m. There I mean what what is the catch? What’s the gimmick, ultimately business coaching client ryan? What’s the what’s the deal dollar lesson is not a dollar anymore. I knew I knew it was a bit more. So we’re not like a $60 class right now, but you can meet with people right during the dog for a dollar one. Choose. The right package and the packages are you different options for different folks yeah. We do group classes private lessons. Borden trains are doggie boot camps.

Are we taking train the dog? Those are probably are most popular, but right now the ranging anywhere from four hundred four okay I got 3 final question for you. If I want to go to schedule, my first consultation with you guys, how do I do it? You just go on the website, tip top k9.Com and that’s just the letter k in the normal 9 or you can call us at 918-991-8634 and I’ll. Let’s say I want to get one of those industrial-strength shock collars there for a business coaching steve green. He does want to be a bother. How do I get one of those I want to buy those for can go to amazon and they have 100 know cuz I know the dogs are horrified and everybody during the break, go to tip top k9.Com again, its tip top k-9 cop


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