Pt 2 – The Persistence of Pederson (Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach and 2018 Super Bowl Champion)

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How to know when to give up or keep grinding? On this episode of the Thrivetime Show Clay and Z will continue to break down the life of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and how he chose to keep grinding

  1. You must be intentional with your time and money
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    1. 1993 – Age 25 – CUT #5 – When Scott Mitchell was able to return to the Dolphins as the team’s starter, Pederson was again released by the Dolphins as they chose to go with Steve DeBerg and third string quarterback, Hugh Millen.
    2. 1994 – Age 26 – Pederson was signed by the Dolphins on April 16th, yet again. However, this time he earned a chance to play with the Dolphins for the entire year. He was able to spend the entire 1994 year on the Miami Dolphins’ team as their third-string quarterback playing behind Marino and Bernie Kosar.
    3. 1995 – Age 27 – On February 15th, 1995 Pederson was selected by the Carolina Panthers in the 22nd round of the expansion draft.
    4. 1995 – Age 27 – Pederson was not signed by the Panthers and decided to yet again with the World League to play for Germany’s, Rhein Fire of NFL Europe.
    5. 1995 – Age 27 – Pederson yet again re-signs with the Dolphins again during June of 1995.


  • 1995 – Age 27 – CUT #6 – After losing his roster spot to Dan McGwire, Pederson was again waived by the Miami Dolphins.


    1. 1995 – Age 27 – When Dan Marino suffered a knee injury during a week 6 game, Pederson was resigned to serve as the team’s third string quarterback behind Bernie Kosar and Dan MCGuire


  • 1995 – Age 27 – CUT #7 – Pederson was again released by the Miami Dolphins after Dan Marino made his return during week 9.


To the Packers He Goes
  1. 1995 – Age 27 – Signed to the Green Bay Packers because their backup quarterback Ty Detmer suffered a season ending injury and the team’s starter, Brett Favre experienced a minor injury. Pederson served as the Packer’s third screen backup quarterback.
  1. 1996 – Age 28 – Pederson served as the Green Bay Packers third string quarterback and did get an opportunity to play in one game where he was unable to record any statistics. During this season he did receive a Super Bowl ring when the Packers beat the New England Patriots.
  2. In 1997 – Age 29 – He signed a two year contract with the Packers where he was again used as the team’s third string quarterback and place kick holder (In both American football and Canadian football, the holder is person who receives the actual football / snap from the long snapper during field goals or extra point attempts).
  3. 1998 – Age 30 – He finally got his chance to shine during a week 5 blowout loss to the Minnesota Vikings where he was brought in to play during the games final five minutes. During this game he threw for two touchdowns. However, during this game, Pederson broke his jaw during the game and was not allowed to play for the next four NFL games.
  4. 1998 – Age 30 – He finally got his chance to shine during a week 5 blowout loss to the Minnesota Vikings. However, during the game he broke his jaw and wasn’t able to play for the next 4 games because of it.

Landing a Big Contract at the Age of 31

  1. 1999 – Age 31 – Pederson signed a $4.5 million contract deal with the Philadelphia Eagles on February 18th, 1999 to become the team’s starting quarterback of choice under the new head coach, Andy Reid was Pederson’s quarterback coach in Green Bay.
  2. 1999 – Age 31 – As the starting quarterback of the Eagles he lead the team to a 2 wins and 7 losses record with a 51% completion rate.
  3. 1999 – Age 31 – The Eagle’s replaced Pederson with their first round draft pick Donovan McNabb after Pederson bruised this throwing shoulder versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  4. 2000 – Age 32 – Cut #8 – Pederson was released by the Eagles on August 28, 2000.

When do you know to push on or if it is time to give up

  1. When analyzing an organization you must start with the head
    1. The leader sets the culture
  2. Before you give up make sure you exhausted everything?
  1. Define
  2. Act
  3. Measure
  4. Refine


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