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In part 2 of a Thriver’s question about staying positive when your business is growing but your life hasn’t changed yet. Business coach Clay Clark is breaking down the moves you need to know to stay positive and why you need to do it.

Part 2 – Dealing with People That Won’t Follow Your Systems

  1. Determine the tradeoffs that you are willing to make
  2. Schedule time for human combat
  3. Determine what you give a crap about
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Public hangings are teaching moments. Every company has to do it. A teaching moment is worth a thousand CEO speeches. CEOs can talk and blab each day about culture, but the employees all know who the jerks are. They could name the jerks for you. It’s just cultural. People just don’t want to do it.” – Jack Welch (The CEO of GE who once grew the company by 4,000%)
  4. Z’s rules of letting someone go:
    1. Keep it simple
    2. Say only “It’s Just Not Working Out”
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it.” – Dale Carnegie (best-selling author)
    4. How to keep yourself together when you feel like things are crazy…
      1. Tell yourself “It’s Showtime”.

How To Deal With Humans That Will Not Follow Your Business Systems

  1. You will put up with that jackassery as long as you want to
    1. Dr Z Method of dealing with someone not getting things done
      1. What do I need to to get you do the job I am paying you to do?
      2. If there is hope – Do the things they say would help them
      3. If they continue to slack then fire them on your time (when you have a replacement).
    2. Run every decision through the filter of
      1. What is best for the brand/business?
      2. Remember – Employees are in it for what’s best for them.

This is the thrive time show on your radio or podcast download, and many of you have taken advantage of our open invitation where you can email us to [email protected] and we will answer your questions and we have one thriver who we happen to sassy on an ongoing basis. I got the name of mr. Luke. He owns the hub, gym in broken, arrow and he’s actually inside the studio today, so I am actually super super excited. This is to me the highlight of my week, because I want to help luke and people like look in the questions luke asked was. My business is printing positive, but my personal situation hasn’t changed. Yet how do you stay positive until it tips are giving him so far as I know, your break-even point in keep that in your mind’s eye with what do I have to do to get there to 5 yards before the end zone. Most people quit five feet before the end zone. Three feet from gold people usually quit. Now here are three tips:i want to give to to luke I want, have z break them down it’s what you got to determine the time of the day that you’re going to engage in human, combat and I mean this sincerely, because you now have two scripts that are written. You know have a large gorilla, inflatable gorillas eat that he puts on main street. It draws a crowd. He has scripps network in ads at work, see the leads come in, they got the gorilla. Two drawers leads, I’ve got a script to do, and now it’s about. Will people use the script, and you know what the answer is:people won’t use the script, so my advice, because I cannot stress to you how much it pisses me off when somebody who you’re paying refuses to do what you’re supposed to do and I mean this, and this might sound horrible to you. But I mean this cuz I I come from that place, I’m, not sure. When did you learn how to say the letter r? How old are you I was in the 2nd grade sixth grade before i? Learn how to talk in a way that was consistently. Why wasn’t stuttering and consistently, and so the kids would always make fun of me and kids. You see it in in in life with kids. They usually pick on the weakest gets terrible, but you see it. They always make fun of the kid who has a learning. Disability i, see it all the time, then, as an adult people pick on the weakest, you see it all the time in life in nature. You see animals pick on the weakest and because you are a naturally empathic person and I built a dj business or business conferences. I thought what I would do was bill prince, so I would try. You treat them like they’re my buddies, and they would since that.

She, almost like a primal thing that you know this guy wants to be our buddy, what screw it in man? They would take advantage of me every day every weekend, every every moment I’m not kidding, they would just see they knew they had to be work at 9. They show up at 9:10, 920 930. They realized they could talk back to my wife, cuz i. Wouldn’t tell him not to this is or go back 15 years ago. They would talk back to my wife. We would write him a check for $173 and they would say vanessa I thought it was $200, they knew. Vanessa was empathic and I was too and they would just sit there and talk loudly to her. They would talk very aggressively to my wife and talk aggressively to me and vanessa to reduce the conflict with your okay I’m. Sorry, we’ll pay apologize, I apologize, i, don’t want to use the script i, don’t feel like I’m being micromanaged and I would say I’m so sorry to make you feel that way. If you don’t want to use the script, just do what works best for you, but they could sense that I was a weaker source than they were and they would take advantage of me and I feel like that’s. What I’m here in here that is very accurate, so I feel like he’s. A good dude have a good jack wilkins book. Winning has a great chapter in there. They talked about a good public execution. How wonderful that is for the corporation and I would challenge you right now, don’t say their name, but who’s. Your weakest person think about him. Think about him and I would I describe the temperament of the weakest, because it would be beneficial for the listeners. This is a real situation without yogurt describing their their gender or their their age. What kind of temperament of the weakest of the one who’s the most intentionally non-compliant, sure and and I can identify with this because it used to be how I carry myself right. It is always. You know that yours, you’re sure you are would be a great thing about it. It will continue continue to affect the rest of your staff, the rest of your business conferences or organization, and so that’s why I would challenge you right now and remember. The rules on letting someone go is keep it simple, and you say just this phrase, and that phrase is it’s:just not working out you’re fired, leave, cuz they’re going to want to know what all they did wrong. They want going to want to know how they can be a better person for my next job. Could use help me out and tell me what I was doing wrong or maybe coach do it? That’s that is a trap that was caught you hours of aggravation, because, whatever you say to them, they will point out every other time.

That’s happened in the office. You talk about you being late, okay, I’m having a negative attitude, will billy does to you talk about not following script when nancy I don’t even know if she knows where the scripture is I mean whatever you justification for I didn’t know, you really want it. I thought was more like a guideline. Whatever you say, they’re going to come back with something since going to blow your mind up and can I have the time of this to get this I had a family member who asked to borrow my car and I no longer live in my car to people I’ll just rent them a car I learned that of decade ago. It took me, though, about a decade to figure that out, so they could borrow my car and I’m. Not I cannot make up the situation they first back up into my mercedes. Then they go forward into the hummer bus hitting both cars. They do not tell me that they have hit both cars. Then they proceeded to go on their will marry way. They bring the car back on e. They don’t apologize for hitting both cars, which means a total of 3 cars have been hit and they would bring it back on eat. I can’t even begin a conversation that would teach what don’t be an idiot don’t be a jerk, be honest, be on time and I can’t even go on to the show again. There’s no need to have that conversation. It’s more of like hey, you’re, fired it’s not working out for moving. It’s just not working out. That’s the key phrase that you say that will save hours of your time, because you’ve already decided you might even decided right now. Cuz I see your brain. Your brain working on, oh yeah, I’ll! Do it when I supposed to do now, then you said kind of deeper concept that I’m matter fact I was talking about just today to somebody, and that is how do I stay happy and motivated through the the the storms of business life. You know and an indent as you get to the end zone and you’re not quite to the end zone. How do you keep yourself happy and motivated cheerful and full of joy, and you know how you do it? How you do it? Are you coming with the nike logo, the swoosh right, a really cool catch phrase if they put underneath that a few years ago and I said to myself that is powerful and it says three words:just do it. What happened in life luke is at 90 i, don’t know if our natural inclination is to go to life and say man, how happy would I be if I won the lottery? How happy would I be if xyz happened man? If, if someone treats me this way, I’ll be so happy, you know because otherwise I’m sad right someone’s being mean to me. It makes me sad i.

Don’t have enough money, it makes me sad me. Those external forces affect us and I get that, but it’s up to us if you wait or waiting for something to make you cheerful to make you happy to put join your heart. You missed the boat and explains that there’s so many people there waiting for this perfect situation to feel happy or the sperm situation to fire. Someone of the perfect timing to do to make the move to go on the vacation, to do the thing to celebrate life to have and what he says. Inaction breeds doubt and fear, but action brings confidence and courage. If you want to conquer the fear, do not sit home and think about it. Just do it. I had a silly saying that I had in the back of my mind, because there’s a component of you know being the leader by looking at you and every is measuring their energy off of you, write everybody’s being in war I hate to tell you this you’re probably being went to that day. Alright sure somebody’s watching you cuz you’re, the head right, the body listen to the head and will happen is that something is a component of it where you fake it till you make it another word, even if you’re, not in the best of moods. Even if someone did back of your car that day, you needed, you got a speeding ticket on the way to work. Even if you had a check whatever it is, you you have to sometimes fake it and I get that like i, totally get that as a leader of businesses and people looking at you and and I’d, have it sometimes my fake smile when is best as I could but I look silly saying back in the day and I would take a deep breath trying to throw everything out of my brain that I could and I would say to myself. It’s showtime I just did that today and actually said the exact price today. Did you really today i? Do it almost every night since I’ve learned that from you I say all the time is one of your 10 business rules and i? Do this all the time I’ll just give example. Today everything in life in the business was going great, was going really really good. Things are really really good today and we have a person who I wanted to be a thrive business, coach client and they in the meeting to see this isn’t even during the client in the pre-meeting verbally abused their spouse. To the point that she and the pete member of our team began weeping in the offices to decline. I did not want to have that conversation but sure, but again, if somebody is yelling at their spouse to that level in public, not even the filters gone what’s going on at home, I’m talking like tears coming up and this guy just like are you kidding me I’m, like i? Don’t know what to do here so I had to like revoke their ability to do what they wanted to do.

A lost the privilege to be a potential client I hear that I don’t care what city you’re calling me from in this case. I, don’t i, don’t care if you call me from a different coast and you’re a big deal and your market, and you want to be a client cuz you’re the best in your industry. If you’re going to be like yell at your spouse, to the point where your spouse has to send the phone at time out, I need to go that bad on the first call. I don’t want a second call, I had to say showtime get to reset. You had to reset your sim mixmaster, marshall and i. We had to deal with that previous to recording right now, so this has just happened in the last hour. So mr. Harley’s, to get in the show notes, ready, i, said:okay, you keep working that I’m going to go. I got in the car drove up to research. You know I like to do most of my dirty work on the way to reasor’s yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah I made that person feel I said just not working out. It should not working out rage and he’s rage. Rage in the cage, I would just say, is an action item. We come back to want to be I want it. We come back, I want to really dive into which I did, but I think it might be the root issue and there might be other issues, but julie was people that won’t follow your systems doing with the people that just want to talk about them. Knowing what to do, they just refuse to do it because they’re so many ridiculous, self-help books that make you feel like a bad leader. If you can’t convince everyone to do it, like it’s your fault, because the people won’t do it, I want to reverse that I want to talk about d determining the time in your personal schedule. Doctors eat for human kombat, because you wanted a absolute when you do in the morning before you go to bed. I want to get your when you have cuz I know you have to deal with it might be on suits, are firing. Somebody or tough conversations I want to know what kind of doctor is dr.. Z, engage in those uncomfortable human kombat, conversation stages right time, show under radio and your business conferences.

Remember my days back in the drawer room to treat the flu like the temple of doom well with the pouch that try to consume hope for the future that I can pursue. What I can conclude that you have what it takes. If you want to hear youtube get ready to enter the thrive time, show 321 boom sba entrepreneur of the year georgia, with my partner and good friend, dr. Robert, zoellner, hello, thrive nation. I. Don’t know that I’m high on dayquil. Yet can you get high on get like a summer on days? Is that it you get low? Is it you get low blow your damn you’re like to get low, get low? That’s what happens when you go see. Twilight, show today. So that’s good sounds good. You look good I present for you. You look so good by parmalee name of luke in the booth. Today he actually owns a company called the hub gym and the question:how frustrating is it for you when people choose willingly to not do what they’re supposed to do, but they act like they just didn’t know they act like they weren’t aware or they ask you a bunch of questions, but you know that they are not mildly retarded and they have actually chosen. What’s going through your mind when someone refuses to follow your call script for your system and what what’s going through your mind? Well, first, it’s not it’s not that it’s not hidden, it’s very blatant. They just say yeah we were slacking or with it’s almost a very intentional is direct. It’s not something that they try to hide it or make excuses for I want to see how it feels. Could you pretend for a second that you work for dr. Z, of course, and that doctors he followed up with you and you found out that you didn’t call the leads I want it I want to go through that says you have to take the center in okay. Learn more about our business conferences today. So when you came up to you and your offices, you hired him to do sales, and he just told you that he forgot to call them. Ever since I chose not to use it. I got lolz I’m too busy. Just too many things happening in in the business. You know too many people coming in just didn’t have time. How do you handle it? Sir? Well I hears it. Here’s my tell everybody that asked me this question. I say you’re going to put up with that. Jackass read cuz, that’s what it is as long as you want to. So what are the words you would say when you cuz he’s got high water mark? It was okay. I have reached the threshold, give somebody out to the specific words that if someone said I did not have the time to call the call leads. What would you say so what do I need to do will fill in the name? What do I need to do? Billy? What? What do I need to do to get you to do the job, I’ve, hired and I’m, paying you to do what? What do I need to do? What can I do to better I feel like I I struggle with anxiety and there’s so many things it if you are walking in the optometry clinic-and it’s like you want me to greet those people, and you also me to call and I don’t know what the priority is.

Well. Okay, so I’ll help you I’ll draw out with priorities are okay, so you want. You want clear, direction, I’m, proud, he’s right, i, just i! Just don’t know it’s like if someone walks and do you answer the phone or you greet the person, I i, just i, just struggle with that. But I understand now here again where what kind of mixing mixing it, because he hired a guy to do sales. Outgoing calls right and I’ll be heading to do anything else, but obviously you probably did. But the point is:is that what I do then it if I’m trying to if i, think, there’s a sliver of hope I can salvage this person do I eat if I think that I’m not ready to fire them? Cuz I haven’t retired someone something or how do I make them the best I can for the next 2 or 3 weeks. Cuz. That’s usually when I’m thinking this point right, b a, very honest with you, because you never let somebody go unless it’s on your time and your time, and you got somebody else stepping into that spot. Unless you want to make those outgoing called so and that’s not a bad deal to, but you know obviously, you’re busy run the business conferences work on the business and all that good stuff, so I would sit down to what what can I do? I put it back on me and have them then explain and then I would do those things and then hopefully hold them accountable, but I would in my mind if someone claimed it comes to me with that mindset, and it’s not the first time it’s happened, then I would say to myself. Why am I putting up with this? What’s wrong with you know, I don’t have to work best. For that you would I tell everybody is the filter you need to run it through is what’s best for the business and having that dude in that spot is that, what’s best for the business john barnett, one of my good friends, he always says, what’s best for the brand and oxyfresh the same concept right, so someone will say:i didn’t know that I couldn’t run those franchise, compliant advertisements and I’ve already signed a contract with a big tv tv station is already produced the commercial. You know what the $16,000 commitment and you don’t want me to have to like, lose all that money right. I mean you know what I mean in the in the nose.

A member of his team would say at this point they would say:well, I’m, sorry that you chose to go against our franchise disclosure document. We find it very clear. It’s written that you signed it. We read it. We reviewed it, and so what’s best for the brand is to not run those commercials, because at the moment I let you run this commercial I got to put all those franchisees run those commercials and it killed the brand and the like. So you’re telling me I’m a lose 16 thousand dollars that are lose your franchise right. So you could lose a lot more, but to have a good day, I mean it’s a certain point. You realize there’s no negotiation exactly, and so it some point you have to cut your losses, get somebody else in there getting trained and you don’t want things loot that I find what happens in a you going to visit 12 year old business is that a year ago you started a new journey. You know you went and you find a business coach and you went and you started working on your processes. You started working on implementing new things into your business that had been wrecked, but your business and anytime. You do that. You get a lot of kickback for people that have already been there. I don’t know how much of this is from people that are previous to starting with thrive or how much of this is people after you started with private event for me today, I really do think the base sense weakness and him and compassion they do and they attack him. That’s what I think that’s what I think the deal is they sent compassionate go for at least genuinely 11 guy, like that I think they sent compassion until you’ve managed you had managers of yours sure who I’m sure been picked on by employees at sent a this person’s compassionate yeah I mean employees for what’s best for them and they’re going to always try to manipulate the situation as to what’s best for them. It is I mean if they, if they get a better job, but they have to leave tomorrow to do it. Don’t do it every single time, every single time if it means giving your two week notice or not getting that job? Guess what you’re getting that job sure you know if it’s twice the money I spent benefits would work for us no go well. I’ll tell my boss, i! Won’t be there tomorrow in the company and I’m sure that the person who you work for owns the company to I want you to give a two week notice. You don’t burn a bridge and then I say weeks. You know, i, don’t want you here. You know I’ll pay for the two weeks or whatever the bill is going to be as the people almost 9 out of 10 times, we’ll see I’ll start tomorrow, you a message to write, write it so helpful. Of course you know. All of what was being said is definitely relevant helpful for sure. What’s your next biggest limiting factor anything. What’s the next thing where you say, this constantly is a thorn in my side. What he thinks about that I’m going to tell people while they can get two free tickets for business conferences.

You do that and he’s search for thrive time show on google, okay click on the itunes or stitcher link, and literally all you have to do-is subscribe to the podcast rate and review and screenshot that thing and send it to info at thrive time. She’ll give us a jacket review right claims. Everything and then screenshot it with your contact info to info at thrive time. Show.Com, you get two free business conferences tickets, either normally $99 +, $198 I owe you plus add 42 that for two copies of the boom book at $20, a piece and will have 8 tickets left. That’s it that’s about you and how you get it for 203. Take action during the commercial break, renovate tickets left 8 z in spanish. That’s the break. Get your tickets right now! I’m excited for looks next question:don’t go away


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