Pt. 2 – The Million Dollar Podcast | Search Engine Optimization with the Father of Search Engine Optimization, Bruce Clay

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Did you know that not being top in Google search in results is costing you millions? Learn how to dominate search engine results during part 2 of this epic interview with the Father of Search Engine Optimization, Bruce Clay.  

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  1. The complexity of search engine optimization can be overwhelming which is why our team uses checklists for everything, can you speak about the overall complexity of search engine optimization and why it requires diligence and focus?
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In the future, the great division will be between those who have trained themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them — those who can acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them and can never focus enough to learn.” – Robert Greene, Mastery
  1. FUN FACT – Bruce Clay’s search engine optimization course is 4.5 Days Long
    1. Bruce’s course costs: $2,495*
  2. FUN FACT – Bruce Clay’s search engine optimization checklist has 300 points.
  3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Clay Clark | Business Coach / Speaker of Choice for Maytag University
  4. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Las Vegas Motivational Speaker | Clay Clark at Make Your Life Epic
  5. FUN FACT – Bruce Clay works with clients that can afford a few thousand dollars all the way to a million dollars per month.
  6. FUN FACT – Bruce Clay has clients that write digital checks to him monthly (companies are investing over one million dollars per month into search engine optimization)

What Makes It Hard to Get to the Top of Search Engines for Certain Keywords and Easy for Others?

  1. What makes it hard to get to the top of the Google search results for one keyword but easy to rank for another?
    1. It has a lot to do with your competition. It also has to do with whether or not you understand what Google is expecting for that keyword. If I am an e-commerce site and I try to rank for information it will be harder.
  2. Everyone wants to be in the top of Google but no one is willing to put in the work or the finances to do so. Teach us the process and why it costs money.
  3. FUN FACT – Oxi Fresh received 246 reviews in 4 days, 61.5 per day 8.8.18 – 8.12.18

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Keyword: Mortgages – What would the cost be to win?

  1. Bankrate – You would have to spend around $13,000,000 in articles to beat
  2. Total Lending Concepts – You would have to spend $472,000 in articles to beat Steve Currington and Total Lending Concepts

How Search Engine Optimization Can Change Your Life

  1. From your perspective how can search engine optimization change a business owner’s life?
  2. When companies get to the top of Search Engine results, they often sell their company.
  3. For the listeners out there, share with us a look into your personal life and something that most people do not know about you.
  4. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
    1. I have a difficult time spending much time on the internet because I am constantly dissecting everything I look at.
    2. I have recently gotten married. So I enjoy spending time with my wife and our family.  What entrepreneurs do you look up to?
      1. I look up to people who have done it, succeeded, and redone it again.
  5. What struggles did you have to overcome en route to building your success?
  6. What is digital marketing and can it really help businesses?
  7. Where do most entrepreneurs get it wrong when it comes to Search Engine Optimization?
  8. How do you know which keywords to optimize for?
  9. In the world of Search Engine Optimization, change is a constant, how do you adapt your strategies to this change?
  10. Why does every aspiring entrepreneur need to read this book?
  11. What is something that you would do with your business if you were 100% confident that it would not fail?
  12. What online resources would you recommend to entrepreneurs?
  13. What is the best coaching and advice you could give to entrepreneurs?

1 Hour 23 Minutes – The Father of Search Engine Optimization Shares His New Product and 3 Books That He Would Recommend

  1. Other than Search Engine Optimization All-In-One for Dummies, What is the #1 book that every entrepreneur who is listening needs to read?
    1. BOOK Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t  – Vern Harnesh
    2. BOOK – Master the Matrix: 7 Essentials for Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations  – Susan Finerty
    3. BOOK – The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable
  2. Tell us about this great new SEO product you have?
    1. DEFINITION MAGICIAN – API = Application Programming Interface
  3. How many keywords can you optimize for on one page?
  4. Why is it better to go after local terms versus national?
  5. Talk to us about Long-tail keywords and why they are easier to “win” over short-tail


  1. Go to and download the Start Here book for free and read the SEO Manifesto portion.
  2. Buy SEO for Dummies and keep the copy on your desk because you will be contacted by charlatan companies promising the world.
    1. BOOK – Search Engine for Dummies

What does your website need to look like to be SEO compliant:

    1. Type in the following to see our businesses and clients
      1. Tulsa Mortgages
      2. Tulsa Cookies
      3. Tulsa Men’s haircuts
      4. Broken Arrow Gyms
      5. Oklahoma City Auto Repair
  1. Variable #1 – Reviews – Must get to 100 reviews as soon as possible (40 before ads will be trusted)
  2. Variable #2 – Canonical Compliance – WordPress with the Yoast plug-in
  3. Variable #3 – Most Content  
  4. Variable #4 – Most Mobile Compliance
      1. BOOKS –
        1. Search Engine for Dummies – Bruce Clay


  • Retargeting Playbook – Adam Berke, Gregory Fulton, and Lauren Vaccarello
  • How Google Works – Eric Schmidt
  • The Honest Seduction – Scott Brinker, Anna Talerico, and Justin Talerico
  • Get Rich Click – Ostrofsky


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Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

They should. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the business coaching thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former United States Small Business Administration entrepreneur of the year for the great state of Oklahoma where we’re broadcasting right here from the center of the universe and chip on today’s show, we are interviewing the, uh, this is part two of our interview with the center of these search engine optimization universe. So good. The father of be search engine optimization industry, the bestselling author of search engine for dummies. Wow. Ladies and gentlemen, we have Bruce Clay on today’s show and it was weird how you kept calling him dad and father and Papa and all those things. I was cool. I liked it. It was kind of a whole darth vader thing. I feel like I feel like he is my father. I mean this guy really, really does know what he’s talking about as relates to search engine optimization. And so as we jump into part two of this interview with Bruce Clay, he’s now breaking down why I kind of had a simplify search engine. It can be very complicated and very overwhelming, and he explains his processes for simplifying the dark art of search engine optimization.

Nope. Now

Bruce, I want to talk to you now about simplifying the complexity of search engine optimization. We were arguably the father of search engine optimization or the best selling author of search engine for dummies. You’re, you’re the guru. You are the Yoda of search engine optimization. And so I wanna I wanna. I wanna read you a notable quotable from Robert Greene, the bestselling author of mastery and that I want to read you. I want to ask you a question. He says in the future, the great division will be between those who have trained themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them, those who get acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them. And that could ever focus enough to learn my friend. That complexity of search engine optimization for many people, myself included, can be overwhelming, which is why at the thrive time show, our team uses checklists for everything. We have checklists to help us manage the complexity of the diligence required and the focus required to optimize our own websites. Can you talk to about why the complexity of search engine optimization can be overwhelming? For most people,

the entire environment is overwhelming before you even get the search engine optimization. Usually a, you can have your website built on any number of technology platforms, a wordpress being an example, you can build it in. It could be ecommerce, it could be informational, it could be I’m just designing it to be a business card versus this is my living. You have the complexity of that environment. Then on top of that, when you get into the complexity of Seo, seo is so many things. Uh, I think I mentioned to you before, I teach a course on Seo. It’s a classroom course. I think it’s rated. It’s a top classroom course out there. It’s four and a half days and I know darn well every time I start, people are curious about what you could possibly talk about performer and a half days, and then at the end of it they want to know if there’s a follow on course and it’s because it’s so complex that it has so many moving parts that it’s overwhelming when we do our projects. Going to your checklist item, we have 300 items on our proprietary checklist. We keep them to ourselves, don’t get me wrong. Uh, but that’s how we end up getting people in the top three.

How many items are on your checklist? How many? Three over 300. I want to make sure our listeners get this. Um, I wrote a book called start here, that’s an Amazon bestseller. And uh, with my partner Jonathan Kelly, we put together a part of it called the Seo Manifesto and it is a very simplified version of how to optimize your website for small business owners. And that our checklist is not 300 points. And I’ll tell you why it’s not 300 points because bruce, there’s very few organizations or companies like yours that can handle a 300 point checklist, but you guys do. I mean, that’s what you guys do. You’re known for, if you’ve got a website out there, I mean bruce, who’s the ideal client for you? What kind of person out there as the perfect fit to be a business coaching client of Bruce Clay, search engine optimization client?

Well, under normal circumstances it would be any industry, mid sized or larger and midsized is a matter of interpretation. If you can afford a few thousand dollars a month to a million, I’m an impact. We’ve had both.

Chuck, I just want to make sure that we can do a quick time out here tutorial to make sure that everybody’s grasping to big things. He just explained what Bruce Clay, his internal search engine optimization checklist that he uses for his clients has 300 points on 300. I have hired his company before. I have invested thousands upon thousands of dollars paying Mr Bruce Clay and it was well worth it. Now, if you want to attend his course, we put a link to in the show notes, it’s $2,495 to attend the course and you know why his course does not cost them more money. You would speculate as to why he does not charge more for his course. He’s not a hug. Well, I know you may to get Steve going against going to guess. Um, I think that’s part of it. Yes. But what else? What else? There’s one more. There’s one more reason why he doesn’t charge more.

Why doesn’t charge more? Because nobody can do it. Once he teaches you how to do it. There’s nobody that can do it. Which is why he just said point number two, he said that he charges clients thousands of dollars a month or, or it’s up to a million dollars a month. Seven figures. Yeah. So I’m just trying to explain this to you. Um, my companies. Let’s say elephant in the room, you said, clay, what is it really worth to you to be top in Google? Well, let me just give an example. When I grew dj, no exaggeration, we many weekends would do 80 weddings, 80 weddings. Now chipwiches let’s look at this conservative. Okay. Did. Because we had about 35 percent of our events that came from the Internet. All right, so I’m going to take 80 times point three, five and that would be 28 and my profit per show was about $167 in my performance.

Okay? Okay. So that means it was worth $4,676 for me a week to be top in Google. That’s pretty good. That’s pretty good. So if you’re out there listening, I’m going to ask, I encourage you to ask yourself this before we get back into the interview. What would it be worth for you to be top in internet search results? What would it, what would it be worth for you? What is the value of that? You know, I actually got paid to speak for a maytag university multiple years to the international community bankers association event and we’ll, we’ll put links, triplets, put links to maytag university to arm speaking there so people can verify that it did, in fact happen. Let’s also put a link to me speaking in Las Vegas and people can see that one, they would pay. Steve Groups will pay me and have paid me 20 grand, 15 grand to go speak and to teach an all day workshop on how search engines work.

Steve, why is it so imperative for all the small business owners, for other organizations, for all the churches, for anybody out there to be top in Google for the Internet search terms that your ideal and likely buyers are looking for? Well, if you want to win, then you need to be at the top of Google when people search for what you’re selling. So if you’re not at the top of Google, then you’re probably on page three and page four or maybe page 20. How would you process this idea, steve? This is one that, this is something I hear all the time, not from our listeners. This is from, I talked about on yesterday’s show, but I really feel like I should talk about it one more time because I think somebody might have missed yesterday’s show and I thought, well maybe somebody heard it yesterday, but it didn’t really fully sink in. This is what I hear a lot.

We are clay. I’ll tell you what, we get all our business word of and so we don’t need to know the Internet. We are, we get all of our business here. Chip from, from Nina, for, from the board. You know, that’s how we always did it. And I’m a, and I know I sound like a redneck for this particular segment, but I’ll tell you this, I’m a surgeon, narrow. I got, I’m a neuro surgeon and uh, one of the things people don’t do is they don’t go on the Internet to find Nero surgeons now. They don’t go on the Internet to find, you know, a cosmetic surgeons because with a new is a new word map and that’s just how it’s always been. An ortho down test as well because I got the time. I’ll I straight on tab on my hands. I became a Nero surgeon and now I’m also an Ortho Dante fact.

I’m kind of a professional. Therefore I only operate off of word of mouth. I mean I entirely. I’ll tell you this, I mean chip, I ask all my customers, I’ll say, how did you hear about it? If I ever had someone say the Internet now and that’s why I don’t optimize my website because you see each other three people were pushed find me on the Internet and then I would have definitely invested the money into an internet because no one ever finds me on it and I pulled a report. One of them Google things we’ve alerts do will I found is that nobody had actually found me on the Internet, so I’m not going to invest money in my website. I agree with you. Now chip, I got another thing I’m working on is a little bit more controversial, but witches, if you burn a, which you know because how do you know if she’s a witch? Well, this slope where she’s made out of wood. Yeah, so what you do is you burn people who need it and then if they’ve been burned then there, uh, which I mean, if they burn kind of slowly than they weren’t, which lists.

I mean this is the kind of stupid logic I hear all the time. Series is the lack of love. I hear this all the time. I was way into that conversation. Know you had a client did sit. They burned witches. Moses, I am not, I am not exaggerating. I had a neurosurgeon I worked with in Denver and is what the guy says. He goes, clay, none of my clients, we have a lot of patients and I’ve never had a patient find us on the Internet because you’re not on the Internet. It’s very simple. Find you there. And then they pulled their business coaching ad words report because they feel like they know, but there’s been about four minutes. I’m going on to ad words on Google and they’ve done a research report and they realize that they’ve got none of their business comes from search engine optimization.

So then they say, so therefore I should not invest in search engine optimization. Was trying to think of it like a parallel, but I can’t even know. And we, we, we as a company, we only take on 160 clients. Okay. So can’t possibly work with anymore because there’s so much work that goes into search engine optimization and if you have a $500,000 a year business up to probably a $3,000,000 to filing in our business, we’re a great fit for you. But if you have a company like oxy fresh or a huge brand and you want to take it to the top of it, if you type in carpet cleaning quotes, Oxi fresh is now number one in the world. Yeah. But if so, if you want to be top and you want to spend some real money to get your real national brand to top in Google, Bruce Clay and his team are absolutely the best.

They’re the best and they’re going to have a 300 point checklist. But he’s. He said this, I want to make sure we’re getting this. He’s going to charge you thousands of dollars per month up to up to a million dollars a month. So if you’re out there and you’re saying to yourself, you know what, I want to be top in the Google search engine results, I would highly recommend without reservation that just start by getting the book search engine for Dummies by Bruce Clay. Get that book, or if you’re somebody who you learn more kind of a hands on, you like to interact and ask questions, I would encourage you to book your tickets for our thrive time show in person two day workshop. It takes place on the, on the left coast of the Arkansas River here in Beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma at our 20,000 square foot facility. And, uh, if you want to get your tickets for free, all you have to do is subscribe to the thrive time show on itunes and then leave us an objective review. So subscribe to the thrive time. Show on Itunes, leave us in objective review, and then email us your review to [email protected]. So you subscribe on Itunes, leave us an objective review emails, proof he did it to info at thrive time, And uh, we will give you those free tickets. So when we get back from the break more with our exclusive interview with the father of search engine optimization and the bestselling author of search engine

for dumped Bruce Clay, three, two, one. Boom. You are now entering the Dojo of Mojo. And the thrive time show, thrive time. Show on the microphone. What is this top of the charts in the category of business driven down on business topics like we are a dentist. You need to shift over the past that you might get motion sick rather pin pad to the nab in three, two, one. Here come the business, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. We’re interviewing

Bruce Clay, the best selling author of search engine for dummies. And arguably the father of search engine optimization. His name is Mr Bruce Clay, the bestselling author of search engine for dummies. And, uh, as we hopped back into the interview, this is where bruce is explaining what kind of client would be ideal to work with him or what kind of clients he prefers to work with and what kind of clients he will not work. Search engine optimization is not an event. It is an ongoing process. And so bruce explains the right kind of people that are the right fit for these search engine optimization process that he does because his process has been proven to work and he just kind of explain the criteria for who would be an ideal and likely buyer for both he and his organization.

Uh, if you can afford a few thousand dollars a month to a million, um, and in fact we’ve had both then it’s something that we would be able to handle. We don’t really say that we only deal with large companies and get snobbish about it. That, that isn’t what we do. We pick customers that are able to realize their life is changing if this is able to be done for them. And we get a lot of reward for that. We’ve had clients for 15 years, they’re just totally enamored with the fact that they’re being taken care of.

What are the brands I work with with the coaching relationship and I’m a partner with the founder of Oxi fresh, but you know, we’re top in google for the phrase carpet cleaning quotes. We have 137,000 Google reviews and we have 400 locations and I can tell you the vast majority of the business comes in from the Internet for that company. And uh, it’s a game changing thing, but I just wanna make sure I’m understanding what you just said. You’re saying if someone’s willing to spend a few thousand dollars, so let’s say someone’s willing to spend like 3000 or $2,000 a month on just search engine that might be a good fit, but you had companies that have invested millions of dollars in search engine optimization.

Yeah, I have people writing six digit checks monthly,

six digit checks monthly. So thrive nation, you might say. What kind of sick frequent do that? Uh, I don’t know. I mean there, there’s a company called that is top when you type in blinds and Bruce, do you mean these are big companies that make a ton of money as a result of being top in Google? Because back in the day, if you had a question you used to go, dear God, Oh, could you help me think of that? The answer to this question, if you lived in a field and Des Moines, Iowa, you say, Dear God could show me where you’d ask your mom and your dad. Now people that go to google to search for everything. I mean, being top in Google is believably important. Being top in all the search engines is very important, and so bruce, I have a list of questions, kind of a rapid fire. I’m going to fire off just a bunch of questions for you and this will be kind of our lightening round. Okay, so here, here we go. What makes it hard to get the top of Google search results for one keyword but easy to rank for another?

Well, that’s mostly your competition. If the competition for this key word is less aggressive, uh, it’s a lot easier. That’s an easy answer. The second part is probably got a lot to do with whether or not you understand what Google is expecting for that keyword in. It may be that your site is more what Google expects already. Whereas for other terms and maybe some work, if I want to rank for a term that is information, but I’m an ecommerce site that’s gonna be more work, so it’s a match between your content and what Google thinks everybody wants and it’s a different match elsewhere. Um, as to whether or not you have competitors that are asleep at the wheel or not.

I want to ask you this, bruce, because the next question to me is one that I see people asking me all the time personally and I’m want to get your take on this because you are the father of search engine optimization. Everybody wants to be to the top of Google. Let me think. I think everybody, every man, every business owner wants to be top in Google. I have yet to meet people that say, well, you know, overall I want to be at the bottom of Google because I don’t want anybody to find me. I’m trying to bury my secrets. My company on page four now, people want to be the top of Google, but very few people want to invest the work or the finances to get to the top of Google. Can you explain where your business coaching money goes? Let’s say that I hire a search engine optimization company. Where does the money go when you’re paying? I mean, what kind of stuff are the people doing to optimize a website? If you’re paying, you know, you’re from $10,000 a month to optimize a website. I mean, where does that money go? I mean, what, what, what? What is your team doing with their time to optimize a website?

Well, in my environment, the team is multilayer. We actually have a service layer and then an engineering layer, so the service later are people who are called program managers and they’re the primary point of contact for the clients because when you’re being aggressive in Seo, you’re going to have frequent customer contact, they’re going to send you emails off and you’re going to be doing an awful lot more when they have a project than what we do is we build an agile team behind them and the agile team is probably well over 80 percent of the effort that we put into a project and they are doing deep research. They’re analyzing your site, they’re determining what Google has changed. They’re looking at your competitors. They are evaluating your competition to determine if they have content you don’t have. Maybe that’s why the ranking. We look at the speed and performance of your servers.

We determine whether or not the search engine spiders are able to get to your pages and spider you. Because if you can’t get spidered you’re not in the index. We’re looking at, as I said, 300 items. Um, and that takes time. Most people don’t understand. They think that, okay, out on the web there’s some of these quickie, a little utilities where you put in your url and it tells you everything that’s wrong with it. If it were that easy, everybody would be fixed and it isn’t that easy because going the final step, it’s like the 80 slash 20 role. That final 20 percent takes 80 percent of your effort, so logically we have retainer programs and we determine what is an optimal speed based upon what the client has asked for and we just spend the time where the squeaky wheel is where there is something that’s going to give them the best bang for their buck and the best traffic and conversion and and basically search mileage and that is the way we spend our time.

So the people aren’t just sitting around saying, I want to be top of Google. We want our client to be top of Google. We need them to be top of Google. There was actually a recipe. There’s a system, there is a strategy. It’s not just luck. Are you saying it’s not just luck, Mr Bruce Clay.

Oh, it’s absolutely not just luck.

We returned, Bruce Clay breaks down how to get to the top of the Internet search results. How do you get to the top of the Google search engine results? The father of the search engine

causation industry breaks it down when we get back on the world’s best business workshop, led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to [email protected].

Jump in a world where not being top in Google, it’s like wearing pants. There is only one book on search engine optimization. Kids in a world we’re not being tough and poop. It’s like going to work without pants. There was only one father of search engine optimization and when you host an itunes top 10 podcast and you have no discernible talent, and when do you get an opportunity to enter the of search engine optimization? You get strangely nervous and even get to sweat. Cry a lot too. Probably opened up too much there. But now, ladies and gentleman, without any further ado, back to my exclusive premium platinum edition, it’s super humble interview with the father of search engine optimization and the best selling author

such a for dummies. The man I called daddy come across as weird. But that’s just the thought that I’m the ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome back. I guess I’ve already welcomed it, but we’re going to go back to time really bubbling this for the point is of I’m so nervous to interview idea of friend Mr Bruce.

The people aren’t just sitting around saying, I want to be top of Google. We want our client to be top of Google. We need them to be top of Google. There is actually a recipe. There’s a system, there is a strategy. It’s not just luck. Are you saying it’s not just luck, Mr Bruce Clay.

Oh, it’s absolutely not just luck. It is definitely a methodology. That’s what we refer to it as, um, and we have a pretty much a, a way of analyzing sites determining what’s wrong, architecting repairs, getting them fixed. Uh, and we actually saw that as an audit project. Uh, that’s, you know, just a couple months long where we tear your site apart and tell you all the stuff that needs to be fixed. The, we do that on our own projects. We do it on our own sites. We ranked for a reason and our clients rank for a reason. If we’re actually operating on word of mouth, which we typically do, and people come to us because they’ve heard about what we can do a, we can’t afford really to not achieve. So we’re, we’re paying attention all the time. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t sit around also going, we really want this, but um, you know, it’s one thing to want it and it’s another thing to do it. And so our teams are focused on results.

You, uh, uh, bruce in your book, search engine optimization, search engine optimization for dummies, the 560 page plus book. I mean, that book is so detailed and a, but why? I mean, why does it even matter? Well, search engine optimization can change a business owners life. Can you explain? I’m not asking you to divulge a personal, a client’s personal information or if there’s a story you’re at liberty to, I’d love to hear, but how has search engine optimization absolutely changed the lives of people that have decided to invest in it and to become top, we’re in the top three of search engine results for certain keywords.

Well, as a couple of examples, and I’m talking like many examples, in our case, we have gotten sites to rank at the top sometimes in six months, sometimes a year, sometimes longer, and usually what actually happens is they sell the company, so obviously that money is life changing. They get it to the top and somebody wants it and so they saw it and move on and costs. Again,

I’m not asking for a client that you’ve actually helped that to his sold the company, but can you think of some examples of people that you know or organizations you’ve heard of that have sold their company from results of each engine? I mean, I know is a famous example, but could you think of it because you’re in this every single day?

Right? I’m the, it really matters a lot. We had one client, they were, they were rather big. They were in the automotive space. Uh, they had one point 7 million visitors a month or a website that’s pretty big. Wow. They brought us in. We did a year and a half restructuring of their entire 12 million page website. Took a while. It was very nice for us. Uh, but at the end of it, when they flipped the switch and the site went live, they jumped to 16 point $4, million uniques a month. That’s a lot of visitors. It is. And 16 million visitors changed their lives. They were originally in a lead Gen business where they would get visitors and sell them to auto industries. They switched it entirely to a business coaching ad network where people would buy ads on their website and they made so much more money doing that. And then about four months later they sold it for a fortune. So, uh, but they were one of the top rank sites in that automotive space. So that’s an example. We’re a 900 percent increase in traffic on most websites. Sam, that would change anybody’s life.

So what, what do you enjoy doing when you’re not optimizing websites? A lot of our listeners are going, okay, Bruce Clay, this guy is the father of search engine optimization, the author of searching for dummies, the guy who arguably invented the search engine optimization industry. Can you share with the listeners kind of a look into your, your personal life and, and something that most people maybe don’t know about you or things you enjoy doing when you’re not changing people’s lives by optimizing their websites?

Well, yes and no. The one problem with search engine optimization is it’s almost impossible to look at anybody’s website without mentally dissecting it price. So it becomes really difficult to spend much time on the Internet. Um, I’m recently married. Oh well I spend a lot of time with my amazingly beautiful wife. Congratulations there Mr Bruce. Yay. But I’ll tell you, this is something I’m really enjoying a watch a lot of movies or um, we were kind of into crossword puzzles. Oh Wow. And then she has her kids and I have mine. So family’s important and uh, it’s actually sort of a strange thing. I have become a somewhat disconnected when I get home on Friday nights. I set my computer down, it’s in a backpack and I don’t take it out until Sunday. Amen. That is different. I never used to do that. So I think. I think there’s multiple layers you can just really enjoy disconnecting. You don’t have to do a whole lot else. You’re just enjoying it.

Well, so what entrepreneurs do you look up to?


thrive nation. When we return, we’re going to go back into the mind and Mr Bruce Clay, the father of a search engine optimization industry and the best selling author of the incredible book search engine for dummies. Search engine optimization for dummies. If you’ve not yet purchased your coffee, I encourage you to buy one today. Search engine optimization for dummies. Bruce Clay actually wrote that book for me. Dusty, let’s do it again. I think you dedicated search engine optimization for dummies for both of was dedicated to them. I feel like I’m the lead inspiration. That true.

Stay tuned.

Entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show.


Welcome back to our exclusive interview with Bruce Clay, the founder of search engine optimization industry, and the best selling author of search engine for dummies. During this portion of the interview, I’m asking Bruce about new projects he’s working on and kind of a deeper look into the personal life of the founder of the search engine optimization industry.

In my industry, there are certainly some have really performed well, but they have had a, a specific exit strategy from day one. I enjoy people who have a built two successful businesses or one business built twice. Um, one of the things I’m doing for instance, is I built a successful business I got in early. I’m one of the really, I consider myself to be one of the founders of a billion dollar multi national digital movement. I feel that way and having succeeded at that. The next thing I am doing is I’m really developing a lot of software, almost like I’m building a new business within my business. And that software is a very, very close to release. It’s gonna be great. But, uh, it’s sort of a reinvention and I, I like that. So when I look at others, I look at people that have succeeded and then re invented it and succeeded again and they’ve done it without being rude or I’m angry all the time in the process. They’ve succeeded because they deserve to succeed. And those are the kinds of people I like a, I read books all the time and um, you know, that it’s all about what you’re doing right now. I’m spending a moderate amount of time on business books. So,

so let, let me ask you this. Business books I want, I want to get into, I want to, I want to make sure you have time to get into your new product. You’re developing into kind of the details of that. And I also want to ask you, I want to tap into your wisdom. What are a few books that you’ve read? You’re an avid reader, you’re an entrepreneur, you’re the father of search engine optimization. What are a few books you’ve read where you think to yourself, gosh, everybody should read this book.

Well, the three that I will recommend, I, I read scaling up, that’s a verne harnish book. Uh, I think that if you’re looking for a way to be more organized as a business, you should do that. That’s important to our organization because we’re an agile team business. Uh, I read the book mastering the maid Matrix. I’m mastering the matrix, master the Matrix. It’s by Susan Finnerty I think trying to remember, um, and then one of the best, easiest reading books that I’ve read is the five dysfunctions of a team and it is really about team building. So between scaling up, which is organization, um, daily Huddles, a KPI management, uh, you know, having the big rock, if you will, than understanding how to manage in a matrix environment. And then team building those three books I think together are ideal for almost any, any business of any size. And those are the ones that I would say are probably the best that I’ve read. Um, but bruce, that I have this little.

Oh, I’m sorry to interrupt you either dead. We’ll skype delay there, my friend back to you.

Then I have this other area where I get into actually practicing this stuff. We have a business consultant and I have, I do a lot of consultants, I have a lot of consultants in to help me. And um, mostly because it’s just a lot of work to manage five international offices. So, uh, I, I use help and I think that that is a change for a lot of small businessmen and you know, the larger environment, you really have to look for your peers that will help you the most. But anyhow, that’s where I’m at.

So, so tell us about this new seo product you’re developing or what you can tell. I know it’s going to be something you’ve spent a lot of time on. I’m certainly not asking you to divulge your secrets of this new search engine product, but, uh, for anybody’s ever read your book search engine for dummies or who’s familiar with, uh, Bruce Clay, the founder of the search engine optimization industry. We were all excited to know about this business coaching new product. What do you, what do you make it?

Well, we have developed, um, some technology patent pending, really advanced and we have made a product which is an api layer that will work with any content management system. This is the primary concept for as many people out there that are doing seos. There’s 100 people doing content. Here’s 100 writers for every one competent Seo. And so what we did is we built a tool that helps people do seo as writers, uh, one of our first releases for the tool first flavors, if you will, is that it integrates as a plugin right into wordpress because there’s 56 million blogs. So while you’re writing content for your website, you can

see why you’re writing content. You could kind of maybe see whether it’s, whether it’s compliant or not, or whether you’re doing a good job or not, or kind of give you tips along the way or what, what, how does that work?

Well, there’s a lot of businesses have plugins in a lot of the plugins just run on your desktop. They’re not really analyzing anything. Ours is software as a service and therefore we can actually spider websites. We can spider your competition. Uh, we can see that you don’t have enough words based upon your competition in the number of words. They have a. So we have taken logically a what would be black and white television and made it color. We have taken the information available at the fingertips of the author of content and we have given them the power to see it as it is closer to the real internet once it’s published, which is really remarkable. And then we pull in all of the analytics data so that you can actually see how well your content is performing on a writer by writer basis blog post by blog, post, page by page basis. And that particular product. I know I’m a little insane here, but we’re offering it at under $25 a month for each domain, which means that every blogger in the world is probably going to use it. And then you know, if you’re really caring that you could publish a blog post and it goes right to the top. This is a mandatory kind of a tool. So I’m just anxious to get it out. It is a imminent, imminent

brewers final tests. You’re, you’re messing with me, bruce. I’m a huge fan of your stuff, man. I’m buying. I’m buying what Bruce Clay is selling. I’m a customer of yours. I’ve used you guys were happy with the services and the results that you’ve generated. I’m honored to have the father of search engine optimization on today’s podcast serve Kika. When can I buy it?

Where can I buy? Can you buy it? Yes. When we’re come on, give to. Okay. Here’s what we’re doing. It’s 25 a month. Yup. We’re offering a 40 percent discount. Presale. Oh, first work. And I get it. Don’t tease. What am I website? Uh, bruce I’m sorry, slash seo slash wp bruce, z o slash wp. And it’ll take you to not only will it take you to a form that you can fill out, it’ll actually show you a seven minute video about what the product can do. Oh,

Bruce, bruce, you’re blowing my mind. I have three final questions for you. Then I’m gonna. Let you get back to dominating the world. And to doing what it is that you do that has allowed you to become the father of search engine optimization. So those are my final three questions for you. Question one, how many keywords can you optimize for on one

page of a website? Well, it falls into two categories. A unique keywords you really should operate on. One theme right around one topic. You can have multiple variants. They’re called variance. Different ways of saying the same word, like smiling and smiles. Okay, so you can have multiple variants and you typically would have several if you only had one, you look like a spammer. We have some of our pages optimized and ranking in the top 10 for up to 16 keywords. So I’m not sure that the average site will ever have a problem getting ranked for you know, half a dozen. We typically recommend that more than a half dozen you. You’re going to need a bunch of content and a whole lot of

structure. We return more with our exclusive interview with Bruce Clay. He found her these search engine optimization industry

to claim your tickets to the thrive time show today. Interactive Business Workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the thrive time. Show on Itunes, leave an objective review, and send us confirmation that [email protected] to claim your star in the national star registry. We can’t help you.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the business coaching conversation. It is the thrive time show on your radio and podcast downloads. Now, on today’s show, what we’re doing is we’re interviewing Bruce Clay, the father of the search engine optimization industry, and we’re asking him now why it would be better for a local small business to focus on local search engine optimization keywords as opposed to a national keywords. I’m chuck. Can you explain on a very basic level for the listeners out there who are maybe not as familiar with what search engine optimization is, what a key word is all about. We say key words. What does that mean? And it Kinda tucked us about local keywords and national keyword. So a key word is going to be one of the words that the people are literally typing into Google to find you or what you do or your product.

So like Tulsa mortgages, mortgages will be sending, somebody would type in to find Steve Currington and total lending. That’s all you’d fund. And that’s all. That’s all he’d find unless you type the word mortgages and you’re going for it, you’re going to win it, but you’re not quite top in the nation yet. So you’d want to have people searching for Tulsa mortgages top in the nation, but people just don’t know, right? Yeah. Well yeah, the billboard in the woods. But same thing with luke owens and the hub jam broken arrow. Jim’s a though that keyword jam is going to be a lot harder to win. So you want to optimize for that local version first. So as an example, if you’re out there trying to be top for the word mortgage, right now I’m the number one website that comes up top. And search engines pretty consistently is a mortgage calculator and bank rate and wikipedia.

So you might say to yourself, well, what would I have to do if I wanted to beat bank rate a well to beat bank rate right now you would need 34,000, 300 pages of content. Wow. And so if you were going to hire a Bruce Clay to do that on the low end, his articles are about $200 a piece. So if you took a $600,000, that’s like, no, no, no, no. You would need, um, now you would need, let me pull this up here. And niner in there. We’ll do it. Doing math on a radio show is not advised, but I’m doing it. So here we go. I’m doing the math here. Um, it would cost you 6 million, $860,000, uh, to, to be competitive. Um, but to actually when, um, you would actually be spending close to $13,000,000 go. So $13,000,000. Now if you want to be Steve Currington and, and you can’t because we only work with one company in each niche.

But if you did want to, um, right now, let me pull this up real quick here. Twelve hundred and six. You need 1,206. I don’t know, I’m just guessing how many pages I have right now. Let’s see. Let’s turn to give an example. You would need right now. Um, you would need 2000, 300 articles to beat Steve Right now. And I want to put this on the show notes for the listeners. Get that arm again. If you wanted to beat a bank rate, you need to invest close to $13 million dollars of search engine content at 200 plus dollars in article two to beat a bank rate. And to beat Steve Currington right now, again, you would need to have a. let’s see here. And again, is this what if you were to hire bruce clay’s team, do a $200 an article you would have. And this is something Steve, I’m sure you can share this with the team here, uh, at total lending concepts so they can see kind of what it would cost here.

So to beat Steve Right now in Google, if you were to hire Bruce Clay, it would be $472,000. That’s what he would charge you per article. His team, if they’re writing content for you, they charge $100. Uh, on a previous segment of today’s interview, Bruce Clay explained that his team, if they were going to write articles for you, they would charge you approximately $200 per article on the low end. So to beat Steve Currington in the Google search engine results, if you were to hire a search engine optimization from a, for the going rate of $200 per article, minimum a conservatively, you would spend $472,000. That all heres paying a search engine optimization firm to beat you. And that would just be to beat me in Tulsa, right? So you can see where search engine optimization can be expensive if you’re not willing to produce your own content internally. And that’s just something to think about. Let it swirl around in your cranium. Before we get back into this interview with Bruce Clay about why you’d want to focus on local terms versus national terms. Steve, do you have a hot take there? Well, I was going to say, I’d like to point out that I think I paid

you a lot less to get to the same place. And so I think that’s one of the benefits of working with thrive is most search engine companies do charge you a lot, a lot of money to get to the top of Google and I know we didn’t spend for 72 but were there

because you guys, uh, uh, definitely, uh, we’re able to tap into our team’s ability to write content and you also did a lot of your own podcasts which we’re able to transcribe and that produced content for you as well. So thrive nation, without any further ado, back to our exclusive interview with Bruce Clay, the founder of the search engine optimization industry, and the best selling author of search engine optimization for dummies. Okay. I have two final questions. Uh, why is it better? I work with a lot of small businesses. Why is it better to the average small business, a small business, I’m saying $500,000 a year of gross revenue or less. Why is it better for the average small business owner to go after local search engine optimization as opposed to national search engine optimization?

Well, in general, national is competing more against brands, whereas local, the brand typically doesn’t have the bandwidth to penetrate every local market. So there’s a competitive advantage if you are able to be local. A great many businesses are not national. There’s no reason to pretend like you are because you’re not going to want to deliver nationally. And so you’re going to want to understand what your service region is and just focus on that. And you can focus on that in a great many ways. Uh, if you’re a local business right now, uh, you should write this down. Google business coaching or home services, check it out. It’s a new service. It’s not available everywhere coming from Google and it’s an amazing opportunity to get your site premier Li presented in Google. So all those things make sense on a local level. If you’re trying to be national, just understand this is going to be a battle. You’re against brands, you’re against everybody everywhere and that’s just the way it is.

I want to explain this to listeners real quick. I worked with a, a business years ago, a bakery and she wanted to be top in the world for the phrase cakes specifically, Bruce Julian top in the world for the term wedding cakes. And I pulled it up and I showed her what the competition looked like and I said, let’s listen. Let’s focus on optimizing for Tulsa wedding cakes. What? We got her to the top of Google and probably six months working with her and she really wanted her partner just didn’t want to pay attention and didn’t want to understand how search engines work. And Bruce, they are there. They are currently still spinning, just hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to be top for Google and they’re almost out of money now for the phrase wedding cakes. And they’re not close man. They’re like on page four or something, you know. Uh, and, and the thing is they can’t even service. So they got an online order for, you know, from New York or something. They couldn’t even do it, you know what I mean? They couldn’t mail a wedding cake. I mean, can you explain what kind of businesses cannot actually be national? Which ones can be.

A good example that I commonly use is a plumber, a plumber. Of course you can visit your house, but he’s not going to travel to New York to fix anything. Uh, things that are inexpensive, those are more difficult. Uh, because national is a more expensive proposition. It takes longer to rank. So you really have to be careful about the value and return on investment for your product. If it has virtually no delivery problem, then you’re fine. We had a client that sold chocolate, not fountains, just chop. Oh, okay. Very good. And it was great and it was beautiful and they had a local contracts that are hotels and they were really, really cooking and they decided they wanted to go national. So they, one of the first things they did is they sent me a sample and it would, when it got to me, it was a box of molten chocolate because it was summer, so it is clear that sometimes, uh, you just don’t have a product that should be sold nationally.

Now having said that, I think that it’s always prudent to dominate your area and then expand, unless it is clear that you have some form of recognition already nationally. I just want to make sure that nobody just wastes money doing it. I think that local is so much easier and there’s more tools for local. Google prefers local in my local area. I rank at the top even though I don’t sell locally just because I have paid attention to how to do that, I can probably get anybody to rank locally. It’s a little bit longer process to rank nationally.

Now, bruce, my final question for you today is talk to me about the difference between long tail keywords and short tail keywords and why long tail keywords are easier to win than short tail key words.

Okay. There is what you’re calling short tail keywords is commonly also known as a head term head term. Got It. They are used interchangeably. A head term is usually a one or two word phrase that describes simply a topic, right? Like chocolate fountain got you’re really talking about on a long tail is things that are three, four or five word phrases that describe a specific type of chocolate fountain or a specific use for a chocolate fountain where the number of competitors for those longer term phrases are far fewer. I think that many times people will say, oh, there’s all these searches for this particular term without recognizing that people search and then they don’t go there. I’m going to give you an example. If I can, uh, the word hammer, I think everybody knows what a hammer is. But here I am in La and I do a search for hammer.

And the number one result is the Armand Hammer Museum at Ucla. The number two item is a vitamin. The number three item is a bowling ball, and the number four item is Mc Hammer. Not a single one of them or what you were probably looking for, so when there’s ambiguity in there, the ambiguity is far more rampant on what’s called a head term because Google doesn’t necessarily know what hammer you’re talking about. Whereas if I said hammer or claw hammer or ball peen hammer or hammer with long handle at weighs over five pounds. Those are long tail keywords. They are more specific to the mission of the visitor. They have a higher probability being closer to the conversion point and you can write about those a lot easier because you know exactly what that product is. Instead of having two guesses to what I would put for hammer and I think that it’s easier to rank for a long tail. I think it’s faster to get rankings show up in Google for a long tail. I also have many years of experience where if you can rank for many long tail keywords, then it’s easier to rank for the head terms.

We always are constantly have had terms where we’ll get you ranked for a one term phrase. It’ll take you maybe a year and a half, but we can do it, but the way we do it is we focus on the long tail first and then build expertise and then you can rank for the short term nation. Obviously today we’re talking about how to do more effective marketing and how to generate more customers through search engine optimization, but another way to save both time and money is to have an accountant on staying on top of your books. If you’re looking for a proactive accounting firm, I encourage you to check out hood Cpas Dotcom today. One of our great show sponsors. What CPA You are now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show. All right, thrive nation. Back to our exclusive interview with Bruce Clay, he fathered the search engine optimization industry.

Bruce, you are the the arguably the father of search engine optimization. You are factually for sure not my opinion. You are the best selling author of the search engine optimization for dummies. You are a man who’s worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet. My friend, I cannot express to you how much we appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to come on to the thrive time show, so my friend on behalf of the, the, the, the thrive nation and everybody out to other small business owners and mid, mid level companies and all the hundreds of thousands of people that download this podcast. Thank you for coming onto the show. Well, thank you very much for having me and bruce. Uh, good luck with your incredible new wife. There are. We’re excited for you and, uh, and if you ever want to be on the show again, especially when the product comes out, I know you’re, you’re preselling your search engine optimization product right now, but when it comes out, if you want to do an update or you know, tell us how it’s going. Please feel free to don’t know, to not be a stranger. And Andy, you have just been a pleasure to interview as I knew you would be. Well, thank you very much. Hey, take care and have a great day.

All right. Thrive nation. That was Bruce Clay. Check out his book, search engine optimization for dummies, and what I want to do now is I want to spend the rest of the show making sure that every single listener do you leave today. Show knowing how search engine optimization works. And so I wanna I want to give you some tools. I want to give you a lot of free stuff and help you. So action. Step number one, chef, I want to put this on the show notes. Is all the listeners out there. I would encourage you today to go to thrive time and to download these start here book we have for free. Go to thrive time You can download my Amazon best selling book. Start here. And in that book I have a thing called the search engine manifesto, the search engine optimization manifesto, and I would encourage you to download again the start here, book for free from thrive time

Download that book. That way you have a cliff notes version of, um, of how to optimize a website. But I would recommend that everybody invest the $15 to $20. I’m sure you could find one right now on We’ll put a link to it on the show notes by search engine optimization for dummies by search engine optimization for dummies and have it on your desk. I mean keep it there because you’re going to run into search engine charlatans all the time. I mean, how many people, Steve, how often do you get an email from some company usually based in India or the Middle East or China that is reaching out to you to say that they can do search engine optimization for as little as $199 a month, multiple times a day. It happens all the time, every day, every single day, multiple times a day. Right, and so I want to make sure all the listeners get this.

Once you begin to move up in search engine optimization rank, she’ll get more emails from companies who are targeting companies that are on the first two pages of Google search engine results and they’re going to have very compelling arguments. A lot of them use fear to sell. A lot of them will reach out to you and try to scare you. Oh, if Google sees this on your website, who, oo, you can be in trouble. I noticed that you had an error on one of your pages. I’m like, well, I have thousands of pages so it’s not duplicate pricing. Next to think that one of them might have an error. So let’s focus on the big four variables that you need to have optimized to get to the top of the search engine results. Variable number one, your website must be a Google canonically compliant website.

And you might say, what does that mean? Um, we would recommend that you would build your website in wordpress it. Well, why would you want to build your website in wordpress? WordPress is a site that is the best out of the box. Search engine friendly format it, it’d be Kinda like a building a car, let’s say. And let’s say the car check, what kind of vehicle, what kind of truck do you do drive these days? A, a Florida f-150 king ranch. Okay. So here we go. So it’s a Ford F one. A lot of stickers on it too. It looks great. Thanks. Do you haul a lot of stuff in that vehicle? I mean, do you haul all things from a to B with that thing? Only when I have to. Okay. Well, if you, um, let’s say that the, the, the, the chassis of that vehicle.

I’m just to, of trying to compare Ford vehicles, but uh, I used to drive a 1989 a not so dent resistant Ford escort and if the hatchback and that thing that the chassis of that vehicle is not built to carry the weight that it f150 is so in the event that we put too much weight into the Ford escort or just simply could not handle the weight. And when you build a website you want to build it on the right foundation. It would be like putting rebar in the concrete. Um, on your. Let’s say if you’re building a home, you want to put rebar in the concrete. Chuck, you did concrete. That’s right. Why do you put rebar in the concrete to hold everything together? The concrete is a, has a very strong, uh, compression strength. But it doesn’t hold together well if it cracks in the rebar inside, it holds it.

It’s like the skeleton of the business coaching concrete. So you want to build the proper skeleton for your website and that would be using wordpress. You want to start off with a good foundation now after you build your site. And by the way, if you’re, if you’re saying, I don’t know where, where are you getting all this information from? Well, one, I wrote a book on it. You get it’s called start here. And in that book we write these search engine optimization manifesto. But if you don’t believe me, if you don’t want me to cite myself, fine, I’ll give you five books you can recommend, I’d recommend for you. Go. You go to the work, you can read these books, search engine optimization for dummies. Oh, who’s that? Um, this would be a Bruce Clay. Also, the retargeting playbook by Adam Burke is a great book. How Google works by the CEO written by the CEO of Google itself.

Uh, Eric Schmidt, and then get rich click by mark. Oh, Strahovski. And that’s the only book that I know of. It’s endorsed by the cofounder of apple himself, Mr Wazniak and the honest seduction. So again, search engine optimization for dummies. We’ll put this all in the show notes, retargeting playbook, how Google works, the honest seduction and get rich click. Those are the books I’d recommend that you read to understand that, but just build your site from the very beginning with the right format, the right chassis, make your website Google Canonical compliant. If your site is built on a different platform, heaven help yet, and heaven’s gonna need to help you because Google doesn’t like it. And that’s what we do as part of our business coaching program. We can help you fix your website right away. Now, the second variable that you want to be a very, uh, aware of if you want to get to the top of Google search engine results is you have to have the most mobile compliance, the most mobile compliant.

So when we come back from the break, we’re going to get more into mobile compliance and what that looks like. We’d actually be happy to do a mobile compliance, a test, or a checkup for you. So if you just email us to info at thrive time,, email us your contact information in your website to [email protected]. We’d be happy to do a free diagnostic exam on your website to tell you what you’re doing well and what’s wrong with it. Right? We will be happy to do that for you. Also, chuck, we’re giving away a lot of free stuff to freestyle. If you’re listening right now and you’re saying to yourself, you know, I want a free printer if have like a free laser copier. By that we have multiple these copiers in our thrive time show offices and I want to say both time and money on getting my office and printer supplies. Chubb, how can our listeners benefit not only one of our show sponsors but themselves, my friend.

So tell us a own business by the name of onyx imaging. They’re your one stop business shop for all your business needs. Steve Currington, you can check them [email protected], but right now if you buy your printer supplies and office supplies and use them for printer service, they’re going to give you a free copier printer at no charge. Okay. What does it jump? Did you just say?

Surely you can’t be serious. What does it print? I’ve don’t call me Shirley

and coffee and coffee. Printer Copier for free. All you gotta do is buy the price match. They have online ordering. They didn’t get the same and next day delivery go to onyx or call them at nine. One eight, six, two seven, six, six. One, one nine. One eight, six, two, seven, six, six. One. One. Onyx

A chump. You know, hooked on Onyx works for me and you know, see abroad to get that booty down smack. That is not their slogan and that’s not what they say, but check him out. It’s onyx What’s going to onyx They both time and money today.

Make sure you never miss a broadcast by signing up for the thrive time show podcast. And back to a show that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. It’s the Thrive Time Business Coaching Show,

Dr. Clay Clark to thrive nation. If you have started from the bottom, I’ll be google search engine ranks and you want to get your website to the top.

I’ll be search engine results. I’d encourage you to get a pen and a pad and get ready as we enter into these search engine optimization lab. On the first part of today’s show, we had the father of the search engine optimization industry and the bestselling author of search engine optimization for dummies on the show. And now we’re breaking down what he’s been teaching into. Very actionable steps for all the listeners out there. So step number one, you’ve got to convert your website to wordpress. You just have to do it. Quit screwing around, not doing it. I don’t care how much money you chuck. How often do you hear people say, Oh, I just finished building a site and I’ve spent a ton of money and I built it on this particular platform and I don’t want to switch it to wordpress all the time, but clay, I just built this awesome triple size billboard in the middle of the woods behind your house out here.

It’s right. I got to keep it. I wouldn’t see it. Yeah, that’s the problem. So it’s unfortunate and it happens, but that’s just part of doing business. They. You’ve got to build a search engine compliant website now. Right now, you got to start now. Build it in wordpress if you want our team to help you. We don’t do just one off projects. We have 160 clients. That’s all we do is we do. We’re like, we work with a client with business coaching. We also tackle their search engine, their web, their graphic design, their print pieces, their videography. We do it all. It’s a turnkey system. We don’t do just standalone websites. Did I tell you about my new hot rod? No. It’s custom. It has no wheels. No, it’s beautiful though. It looks great. It just doesn’t have. I just had them on purpose, not put wheels on it so nobody can see it.

That’s kind of. It’s kind of like having a website with it. It can’t be found. Just. It might look nice, but it won’t go anywhere. Okay, so now will you got to do is you got to have the most mobile compliance. Now your site has to work well in mobile because this just in from our Home Office. Steve, are you aware of this? Most people today are using smartphones. Shut it. No, I’ve actually been out to the airport. I went to the park, to the mall and in all instances I’ve noticed that people are. They’re carrying these smartphone device, every single person and they’re on them all the time. What you’re going to eat, people walk into a fountain or something because they’re on there. I wouldn’t doubt it. They using a smartphone. I dude, the other day walked into the door turning just Bam right into the.

Was one of my favorite things. Yeah, so I would just say this is people are always using their smartphone. Yeah, and they’re always on Google and they’re always searching for the products and services that they are looking to buy for. They’re looking for the answers to the problems they have and so I just want to give you some examples there. Thrive nation of, of of people you could check out there. If you type in Tulsa mortgages, you’re going to find Steve Currington on the. On the. He’s obviously on today’s show, we’re going to find his website there in the search results. So if you type in Tulsa cookies, you’re gonna find barbee cookies. So again, this is a real business coaching system that works and you’re going to generate a ton of business doing it, but I don’t think a lot of people take the time to realize how much of a game changing thing this could be in your life if you do get to the top of search engine results. And so we had one of our thrivers we’d like to have them on the show and possible a stop by the studio and I asked them if they’d be willing to hop on the show and share about how much they’ve grown as a result of implementing the proven systems that we teach. Ladies and gentlemen, this is our interview with Erin and the marketing director for Oklahoma’s now largest home building business.

Hi, I’m Aaron with Shaw homes. I first heard about clay through a mortgage lender here in town who had told me what a great job he had been doing for them. And uh, I actually noticed he was driving the Lamborghini all of a sudden. So I was willing to listen. Uh, in my career I’ve sold a little over $800, million dollars in real estate. So honestly I thought I kind of knew everything about marketing and homes. And then I met clay and my perception of what I knew and what I could do definitely changed after doing $800, million in sales over a 15 year career. I really thought I knew what I was doing. I’ve been managing a large team of salespeople for the last 10 years here with Shaw homes and I mean, we’ve been a company that’s been in business for 35 years.

We’ve become one of the largest builders in the Tulsa area. And uh, that was without clase. So when I came to know clay, I really thought, man, there’s not much more I need to know, but I’m willing to listen. The interesting thing is our internet leads from our website has actually in a four month period of time, has gone from somewhere around 10 to 15 leads in a month to a hundred and 80 internet leads in a month just from the few things that he showed us how to implement that I honestly, probably never would have come up with on my own. So, uh, I got a lot of good things to say about the system that clay put in place with us. And it’s just been an incredible experience. I am very glad that we met and had the opportunity to work with clay. So the interaction with the team and with clay on a weekly basis is honestly very enlightening.

One of the things that I love about clay’s perspective on things is that he doesn’t come from my industry. He’s not somebody who’s in the home building industry. I’ve listened to all the experts in my field. Our company has paid for me to go to seminars, international builders’ shows, all kinds of places where I’ve had the opportunity to learn from the experts in my industry, but the thing that I’ve found working with clay is that he comes from such a broad spectrum of working with so many different types of businesses that he has a perspective that’s difficult for me to gain because I get so entrenched in what I do. I’m not paying attention to what other leading industry experts are doing and clay really brings that perspective. For me. It is very valuable time every week when I get that hour with them. From my perspective, the reason that any business owner who’s thinking about hooking up with thrive needs to definitely consider it is because the results that we’ve gotten in a very short period of time are honestly monumental.

It has really exceeded my wildest expectation of what he might be able to do. I came in skeptical because I’m very pragmatic and as I’ve gone through the process over just a few months, I’ve realized it’s probably one of the best moves we’ve ever made. I think a lot of people probably feel like they don’t need a business or marketing consultant because they maybe are a little bit prideful and like to think they know everything. I know that’s how I felt coming in. I mean we’re a big company that’s definitely one of the largest in town and so we kind of felt like we knew what we were doing and I think for a lot of people they let their ego get in the way of listening to somebody that might have a better or different perspective than theirs. I would just really encourage you, if you’re thinking about working with clay, I mean the thing is it’s month to month, go give it a try and see what happens.

I think in the 35 year history of Shaw homes, this is probably the best thing that’s happened to us and I know if you give them a shot, I think you’ll feel the same way. I know for me, the thing I would have missed out on if I didn’t work with clay is I have missed out on literally in 1800 percent increase in our internet leads going from 10 a month to a hundred and $80 a month. That would have been a huge financial decision to just decide not to give it a shot. I would absolutely recommend clay Clark to anybody who’s thinking about working with somebody in marketing. I would skip over anybody else you were thinking about and I would go straight to clay and his team. I guarantee you’re not going to regret it because we haven’t get ready to enter the thrive time. Show on talk radio. 11 70. All right. Thrive nation. Welcome.

Go back to these special edition, the Bruce Clay. Addition of these search engine optimization conversation. The Bruce Clay is the father of the search engine optimization industry. He was on the earlier part of today’s show. If you’re just tuning in on the radio and you missed the earlier segments, go to thrive time Click on the podcast buttons and, uh, the podcast button and look for this interview with Bruce Clay. Bruce Clay is the father of the search engine optimization industry, the bestselling author of search engine for dummies. And we are now as we wrap up today’s show, we’re breaking down the big four variables, big action steps that every single listener, and that includes you. You need to take, if you want to make the amount of money that you want to make. Okay? And then also to provide more and more proof. This is not a, uh, a charlatan thing.

We’re providing facts. So you know, this is not fiction. I, we’re giving you examples, testimonials, I mean, everything is sighted. You can find all of [email protected]. Click on the podcast button. So we’re talking about variable number one. You’ve got to fix today. You’ve got to convert your website to a Google canonically compliant website. You have to switch your website today over to wordpress, stopped not switching over to wordpress. It what the crap is going on. Why would you listen to a show about growing your business and then not take the action steps? I don’t understand it.

Now. The other thing that’s crazy to me whenever we get pushed back on this idea is that a lot of people out there always looking for that automated solution. This is actually it. It normally doesn’t exist, but wordpress, they automatically update. You don’t have to have a custom coder. You don’t have to have somebody just working on your website. Twenty four slash seven, where does a lot of that for you and that’s kind of the point. So

step number one, switched to a wordpress based website and use the yoast plugin y o l a s t y o a s to use the yoast plugin for wordpress to make sure website is mobile compliant. How do I know my websites mobile compliant? Just email us [email protected]. Send us a link to your website and your contact info and my team will run an exhaustive, a diagnostic test on your website to see what’s going on and we can help you. Now the third, the third variable, Steve, you’ve got to get google reviews. Oh yeah. Why do you have to get verifiable? Google reviews. Why do you have to do that? If you want to optimize your website, your local small business, why do you have to do it? Well, it’s part of the components of what Google looks at when you’re ranking in the local search results.

And so wait, if you’re trying to rank locally for any term, the more reviews you have coupled with the canonical compliant to your website, coupled with the content on your website will help you rank. Furthermore, recently, furthermore, just like in two of our different markets, um, I got, I got phone calls from people who said they found us and read our reviews. Oh, and that’s why they called us mortgages. Yeah. I had a realtor call me that said it was for pet puppies. It was total lending concepts. Your mortgage company. Yeah. Those people who aren’t familiar, you have a location in Tulsa, a Colorado Springs Pueblo, Alamosa. What’s the website? What’s your website? UH, Steve So they can go there to learn more about you or Tulsa listeners out there looking for a mortgage. It’s a real company and you’ve got real, real clients as a result of them really finding you in Google chat.

Yeah, and the importance of the Google reviews is that the map is shows up above the organic listings, like it’s at the top of the page and you want to get more of using your competition to show up on that map. Can I continue piling on? Please? Pilot. According to Forbes, 88 percent of people read Google reviews before attending your church service, before attending your seminar. What? Before buying something before 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews more than a personal recommendation now mindblowing mindlessly, mindlessly, and another. Another deep thought is Google wants to make sure that only sites that are relevant come up top. So it’s their way to vet to make sure that you’re not a scammer, right? Because they’re very hard to get google reviews, so you need to get google reviews objective, google reviews from your ideal and likely and last thing since we’re a pilot on here, yes, this is like the thing as the business owner, you literally have the most control over.

You can work with us at the thrive time show to optimize your website and everything, but you and your team can go get google reviews and it will ask absolutely move the needle you don’t want to do. I want to brag on one of our listeners out there and I want to play a testimonial from Keith who proudly served our country in the United States military and who now owns a company called witness security. And I get a witness. He and his son Tyler, have diligently been asking for objective reviews. They’ve been writing content. They reached out to us at a. After a workshop, they asked us to convert their site to wordpress and they’re now bringing in more deals than they’ve ever brought in before in their entire life. So now that any further I do back to our interview, uh, our testimonial here from a, can I get a witness, witness security, Keith and tyler. My name is Keith and my company has witnessed security here in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the past 18 months. We’ve been working with clay, you know, our growth was averaging pretty close to 10,000 a month on a regular basis. You know, shortly thereafter we doubled that to close to 20,000 and now we’re close to 40,000 on a regular basis. Every month. Class helped us increase our sales in every aspect when it comes to the calls that come in to our business. Helping us to hire people to be able to do that and follow a good script, you know, setting up the appointments and how we do them when we go into the appointment, the sales pitch and how we do it, you know. And then from then on forth just to Seo and everything he’s done has increased our sales exponentially. Class helped us grow our business and the aspects of individuals you know, how to hire people, how to manage people, how to necessarily a organized our business, how to structure, you know, the functioning of our business.

Though we’ve been in business for close to nine years at that time, clay has revamped everything we’ve do with his business coaching, you know, to a much more better operational business than what it ever was before. We’re going to the class a little bit different than what you’d find in most. You know, clay pushes you to the point you get out of your comfort zone and as long as you continue to do what he asks you to do, you will continue to grow. But if you don’t, then you won’t. We heard about clay Clark on the radio. My son heard it on the radio and med list. Been listened to it for a couple of weeks and said I’ve listened to it. Gave him a call and was in day or so, Arizona, gave me a call and we came in for an interview. He’s helped us in our search engine optimization by helping us with the actual google ratings.

When it comes to being placed on the map in multiple locations so that we dominate the industry, you know, on the map as well as organically so that when people are searching and variety of different words, we always pop up on multiple locations on the first page, you know, that of which you did it. A long process, but it works very well and no google how their algorithms work. It doesn’t change in what he does. So we all are always on top. Claire’s restructured everything we did when it comes to selling, uh, the security systems, you know, being a local company, we do things quite a bit different. And by doing so in restructuring and everything he did in the nine years that I was in business trying to do it on my own, he came up with a package deal and within less than 10 minutes and revamped everything we do. You’re looking for come into clay Clark for asking them to help you grow your business. I can guarantee it’ll be a success if you follow through with what he says, you know, you have to follow through with what he says in order to make it work, and so you have to come to the table making sure that you’re going to do what he says, be teachable and you will be successful.

But Chuck, what if I sell pizzas and I live in Florida? Will search engine optimization work for me too? Absolutely, and so now that any further ado, yet another testimonial coming in hot from beautiful and Sunny Florida.

Hi, this is David Trisha rich company from Satellite Beach, Florida. The winds we’ve had since we started with completed group interviews. We were fully staffed. We’ve received over 100 google reviews, increasingly google rating, and we now have more money in the bank. Have you ever had a good night?

Now, chuck, what? What? What happened? So if I’m a person who makes fresh baked cookies, will search engine optimization work for me, freshly baked will work for you. Well, without any further ado, back to a testimonial video from barbee cookies.


This year’s sales for this week.

So this is the same week last year. Do you see the difference?

Was there? I can’t really tell. One is Michael, can you. Can we just want to get it? Jason, could you kind of pull this end maybe just so you can see it. It’s kind of pull it that way. It’s get the link that’s more of a lead. Can’t tell that the link. It’s hard to tell. Okay. So that’s last year. Sales

last year. Sales and the total is a near $4,711 and seventy three cents. Same Week. This year, 2015. The total is and read it. My goal,

one 11,300. 13 50. Oh, on believable

thrive nation. Search engine optimization works. But to quote the incredible Maya Angelou, nothing works unless you do so. If you have a functional mind, now is the time to become aggressive and proactive about your search engine optimization. You can begin the conversation by going to thrive time today and booking your tickets to the next in person. Thrive time show workshop, or you can continue hanging out at the bottom of the Internet where you go to Barry Thinks, oh, if you kill somebody, hide them at the bottom of page two on the Internet search results because nobody, nobody will find the body thrive nation. That’s my encouraging word, and without any further ado, let’s wrap this show up. My friends. Three. To


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