Pt. 2 – The Tip Top K9 Story

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Learn how business coach client Ryan Wimpey grew Tip Top K9 from a startup for a business that generates over $750,000 per year.

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Get ready to enter the thrive time, show 3 2 1, all right click clock in before ussba entrepreneur of the year sent here on a mission to get you into a great financial position and we’re here interviewing business coach client ryan with tip top k-9, just a great american, a great local business owner and we’re getting into really this whole tip top k9 story. There’s so many people out there that want to start and grow a successful company, but they they kind of, don’t know where to start, and then they see somebody like you, who’s kind of gone beyond the startup phase. Tonight, you’re opening in multiple locations, I kind of want to know the story behind the story, so I’m going to just start with the basics here. What’s your full name, and what’s your current role with a tip top k9 i? Don’t give me that bs politically correct answer that we’re all looking for okay? Well, my name is ryan wimpy and my current role is on the training manager. I train our head trainers, that’s basically what I’m doing I trained her head trainers, but also train our new locations. Trainers, trainers as well originally from I mean. Are you from a place where people going to grow up to tennessee from a place that they grow up? You know teaching their young folks how to train dogs and beans even like an alaskan village would say I’m here from tulsa oklahoma group of mountain dwelling, people that live in alaska, where they train their kids to train dogs. No, not really grandpa was a dog trainer and he taught your daddy dog trainers in and out, like you’re going to go. When did your name really right now? How did you? How did you first start? The company was like give me into the mind to the week:1 I mean:did you say that I do have a credit card and I do see a dog over there? Let me buy a device to train the dog a bone, or did you want me? What was the business coach process of funding the startup yeah? Well, the people I was working for they moved.

They moved so I either go back to a full-time job of purchasing and i. Don’t have a part-time gig of dog training or i. Try to do doctor in full time so you’re interning working for free for a dog training, company and they’re paying me so I was like. Do they keep paying you after the movie where these now so then? What happened is so what happened is then I’m like okay, i? Don’t have enough money to start my own thing right now so I this was 10 years ago, so the internet wasn’t as fast as it is now so I opened up, seven browsers and I filled out all the forms on credit cards, so I filled out seven forms at the same time, and it’s me all the same time. I’ve done this before literally pull up all the forms and you hit submit at the same time and you literally, we can approve all the same time. It’s going to move it move. It was a move. I did like in like two thousand and one cuz I mean I’m, answering my phone I’m doing everything on my own schedule. So how long you been training dogs over to 10 years professionally, before that doing it not professionally novice? That’s an obvious as an amateur amateur radio arm wrestling career as an amateur. He just walks up to me and that’s just how it is. Then that would be more like semi-pro me right now. Let’s do this to build his confidence. My forearms are powerful person, my wife, her name is rachel lindsay and does she also come from a long line of dog training professionals who were raised in the alaskan territories? Rhema bible school here in broken, arrow oklahoma in greek chop, does rain melt method of the rainbow stand for dog training school? It turns out that it’s a trained dog training expert, his what’s an international church dog training, church bible school in the, but it’s really at the front for dog trained dog training. So yet again, okay, so you ran the bible school bible school quote:quote school bible school together for 4 years now. Did she think it’s I think it’s crazy that you have dogs?

Were you training at the time when you first started dating at the time we were dating? She was actually scared dog that way more than her, but to start with, because the system is really good and it gives you feel confident, but to start with, she was acting like i. Had a great dane at my house is like a hundred forty pounds and she’s like terrified of it. It’s a small business coach horse. You have it. If you haven’t met rachel 101 things that you shouldn’t do as a podcast host radio show host, you should never look at a woman and then guess their weight. You should never say like what is a job in step. You’re welcome back to the electron show hear what it is. I’d be guessing the weight of anybody hear you right there. So you look like on a 197 willets 207 to 14237. Spirit is okay. Now you ma’am I literally weigh 197 yeah, but I mean it could be a thing of the fair we offer to go out weights or what oh, my gosh you’re. So your wife is smaller than a great. Dane is smaller than that. Yeah I told you it’s not that, but I didn’t say, like your wife is smaller than jabba. The hutt I didn’t say that stupid. This is a small human okay. Okay, so I don’t know. If, in the future, I mean, do you plan on getting into professional weight guessing at the fair? Do you guys plan on expanding and different territories? What is your big vision for tip top k-9 to 24 months, the next 24 months, the next 12 months, we’re on our way to opened up 10 new locations across the u.S.

Yeah, and so there’s a lot of dog trainers out there that, to put it like politically correct, these suck, sir mr. Sinister, the dyson vacuum over 15 years developed just game-changing suction technology, which is why he was the and now a billionaire is that we were talking about people with no systems, no real actual knowledge, there just kind of charging people and doing what they’re also mixed with a little bit of red redneck guy, and he went to his house this was awhile ago and she was like why it was so, and so he he models his class. After the dog whisperer know, what do you learn to hold on? Let me show you what my dog learned and she comes back with a it’s going to 14 inch piece of like tractor chain link chain link and I was like her hand, and she starts shaking it in her hand, and I was like what are you? What are you doing man? What are the tips to train your dog? What you want to do you want get a bus at old, decommission, bus, public, school bus, you park that thing on your lawn, you let a tree grow through it, and then you and when you train your dogs, you make sure you don’t put on a shirt. Would you wear tight business coach pants? She likes those. So, so top me to make the noise and then throw it at the dogs. If somebody wants to buy a tip top business work. What’s your website? What’s your phone number, they want to learn more about buying a tip top location. Tip top k9.Com is t, I p t o p k9.Com, and then our phone number is 918-991-8634. Alright, if you want to buy a tip top k-9 business, that’s how you do it. They do


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