Pt 2: Vaccinate Yourself Against the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene (Laws 3 & 4)

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Clay Clark breaks down the Laws of Power #3 and #4 as observed and described by New York Times best-selling author Robert Greene. During this podcast, he explains why many believe it is so important to conceal your intentions and the importance of always saying less than necessary.

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DEFINITION – Vaccine – A substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.

Law 3: Conceal your intentions.  

  1. What are your views of the ethics of this?
  2. When is it used?
  3. How to protect yourself from people trying to manipulate you?
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you are going, to tell the truth, you better be funny.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who used to manage over 40,000 employees and 1,000,000 guests per week)
  5. Story: Employees blackmail you by springing things on you like a raise at the most inconvenient times.  This is why you should always be interviewing every single week so that you always have new talent and no employee can put you in a bad position.

Law 4: Always say less than necessary.  

  1. What are your views on the ethics of this?
  2. When is it used?
  3. How to protect yourself from people trying to manipulate you?
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Have more than you show, speak less than you know.” – William Shakespeare
  5. Story: Clay wears a hoodie and Boom hat with baggy jeans on planes, at work, in stores, which keeps people from pitching him. It is like reverse networking.
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Audio Transcription

And back to a show, that’s cooler than the other side of the business coaching pillow he’s the thrive time business coach show the, business bureau provided the fuel to make. You want to go with him to start up a big tomball that will teach you. The system to increase ship. List to optimize cells multiply the truth out of paper. My name is next to me:it’s easy on staples and you can too, if you unplug the cable drive nation. Welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and podcast downloads. They were breaking down a book called 48 laws of power. The book is by robert greene and it is deep. It is a book that is been a red by many many world leaders and a lot of people use these moves to takeadvantage of you. So it’s my hope and my prayer that I can introduce you to all 48 moves so that you can vaccinate yourself against the most vaccination is a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases? It’s prepared, though, from the causative agent of the disease. You have to get a soil sample of the disease to infect vaccinate yourself against the dis. You see you want to make sure you get a little business coaching sample that you’re human mind can handle. You want to do some examples of the human mind can handle. So that way you blown away I mean I will just tell you this next move law, 3 conceal your intentions, yeah the first time that I heard this move in the book. 48 laws of power I thought to myself this movedirty, but this move is used all of the time so I’m going to give you an example:lee cockrell, the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts. He says:if you’re going to tell the truth, you better be funny. I see you do this very well. If you aren’t going to tell the truth, you better be funny. He man has 40,000 employees had a million gas per week.

So, here’s the dealthat they’re, not following the systems. The initial reaction for 80% 90% of population is what steve did you manage people? What do you mean it’s a justification. I thought met with a a personal, a personal items like a personal emotional business coaching outbursts. They say so you’re saying that I didn’t fall. My check list you’re, like yeah, yeah i, just noticed you didn’t do it. They are you calling me out I work so hard I’m here everyday is a justification. I do this is my move. That I do is when I go in, because I understand how it works. I’m, going to tell somebody directly what the problem is:rightbut I’m also going to have a back-up plan, I’m, always recruiting people to like tonight. Steve at our group interview. We have over a hundred people today showing up applying for jobs to have so many people show me the companies we are involved with we own or partners with we’re all hiring right now, cuz we’re growing steve, yes, see what what position are you hiring for right now, we’re hiring for our inside sales for a call center, so we’re making a lot of calls on different lead systems that we work with are much points per hour, we’re paid $10 an hour plus commission cuz. We we pay on it. We learn stride rite weekly pay based on performance, not just based on showing up as a decent job working for either an hour or more hiring. If you making 10 or 12, you play won’t work here very long week, minimum which comes out to about to pull this up real fast here, I’ll pull up the math herethis is like $33,000 a year, so we’re talking about here for elephant the room.

If you know somebody who cuts hair for men or you cut hair for men, you can apply to day that job is a job, is $12 per hour, plus you get commissions on average you’re, making $30 an hour for that job. So I’m talking about you can be making like $50,000 a year cutting hair. So if you’re listening right now-and you know somebody who cuts men’s hair or would be open to the idea of making $50,000 a year cutting hair, you can apply today at ait ourlounge.Com. So, when I go in and tell somebody that they’re not following the systems, I have to make sure steve that I have a backup, and you know why steve I have to make sure I have a backup when I tell somebody how they’re doing you have to be prepared for the fact that they’re not going to receive it well and they’re going to either their business coaching performances going to go to the gutteror. It already hasn’t. That’s why you have a conversation or they’re going to leave I’m, not advocating that you conceal your intentions, I’m just telling you the person you’re. Managing, probably it’s. Let me give me example. This is a hot and fresh one that just happened here in the past 3 weeks. To me, are you ready for the steve is going to blow your mind? Are you ready for this I’m ready, they say. I wanted to see if I could go on vacation for a week seems like a really safe ideas. Question you know, and so I say you know, hey no problem, no problem you put in the requested in advance what’s up to go on vacation and what someone goes on vacation, just throwing this out there for you. What times are looking for another job, they’re, not actually on vacation they’re, just looking for another job, because you help me count, the person says:i cannot come back to work I’m. So sorry, I can’t be back on monday I can’t I want I want.

I was out this way. I can be back on monday, because I’m dealing with some catch-up work to do, which is yet another sign of i. Have another job I’m doing something else right, and so then they come to work and they say:i got to be honest with you. I have accepted another position and I’m going to be moving on unless I can get a raise, I’m going to need to make more forgot. That just recently happened now. This is my favorite. This is one of my favorite movies. Recently it was a friday, no steve, as you know, and I’ll come please. We let our team only works monday through thursday at the dr office is right like at 6 or 12 hour days. So we working out 4 days a week is alaria. Stop my tv comes to me. I hate. To do this to you on a friday, cuz I know that, like that I work with no one else, works bright and they just hate to do this to you. But if I can’t get a raise, you know right now, just like an extra $3 now I have to take another job. My wife is beating me up geez I’m, going to miss you. It seems sincere, but really what he’s doing is he saying I’m blackmailing you and if you can’t give me to raise and mediately I’m going to go ahead and move on yeah I said:hey no problem, it’s all good, no big deal! You just have to take that new job, and this guy then says it’s so funny. He says:i don’t want to break this to you, but like the other guy, that also does my job he’s in the same bind we both need to raise. So if we both can’t get this a pay increase, we’re going to have to like quit working like today and I want to put you in a bind, because in this position is only like three of us to do that:job, ouch, but because steve I never stop interviewing and because I see vendors that pull this dip latest move on me because he contracted business coaching plates move on me. The key to inoculating yourself to vaccinate yourself against the 48 laws of power is to constantly make sure you’re, always interviewing new employees. You’re constantly marketing’s. You have a lot of new customers. You never want to get a spot steve.

We have only one option because that’s the only time the 48 laws of power work at the price options always went from 48 laws of power, which is always say always say less than necessary. I remember my days back in the drawer room to the showroom like the temple of doom over well with the couch that try to consume but hope for the future that I can pursue. What I can conclude that you have what it takes. If you want you to success, and now is your time get ready to ever that thrive time show all about you. Welcome back to the conversation to drive time to show on your radio and podcast download. I am fired up today, because I’m trying to inoculate you against the 48 laws of power to 48 laws of power is a new york, times best-selling book written by robert, greene and steve. Could you pass the book to me real quick? If you get here, I want to just read sort of the inside covers of the listeners know what this book is all about. Okay, this is by robert greene. The national bestseller people love this book, and it’s this book basically breaks down specifically the business coaching moves that people are using all around you all of the time to gain power, because so many people don’t have it in an eternal outlook people, don’t have the outlook that they’re literally is heaven or hell good or bad. They don’t feel like earthly actions will have any consequence on their eternal life into their willing to do whatever it takes. It’s like the mindset of get rich or die trying to do whatever I have to do it like the hustlers creed. It’s like the scam artist, the con-artists, a manifesto, so to speak. Cuz imma do whatever it takes to make the money I want to make.

So in this book explains it’s unbelievable, immoral, cunning, ruthless and destructive. This piercing, work., still 3,000 years of history of power in 48, well, explain explicated laws and attention-grabbing and its design and and as it is its content. This bold volume outlines the laws of power and, in their unvarnished, is essence size in the philosophies of machiavelli and teaching you how people screw you all the time, so the next law of power than trying to vaccinate you again so you’ll never be screwed, always say less than necessary. Oh yeah, william shakespeare, william shakespeare, the the famous playwright he said have more than you show, speak less than you know, kind of rhymes, steve. Think about this. In the context of real estate in real estate, let’s say you’re going to buy a house you’re going to buy a property in your very wealthy I mean you’re, going to buy a house dude you’re, going to stay there to be your neighbor and grace done. Okay. This show right now and you want to buy a house in gray stuff and you and you you’re, business coaching wealthy and send me a states of I want to be. Is it to call the estates will happen if steve is in your neighborhood, if someone’s to buy a the biggest house in your neighborhood? What is that cost? Roughly the biggest house I’m probably be w in a million and a half, so I’m, not quite small size, but the smallest house would be like 400-450. Probably explain this to you. If you don’t want to get screwed and you go in, and the real estate agent says to you, the agent representing the house, so yep and you’re a baller I mean dude.

You have crazy cash, you have so much cheddar, it’s like you’re, it’s like you’re, a macaroni company I mean you have just cheddar everywhere. It’s like you, you you, my friend, are at. You are just cheese, yo gotti’s net worth in that shed what happened to the real estate agent would say to you so what you do for a living now you said this answer:i, don’t really do a lot, I mean my father. He wasn’t business and I just want to get a house now. If you said it like that, are you a redneck and then they would say so? Can you afford to buy this house? Will just barely, but the bank says I’m pre-approved the bank tells me the bank tells man out in this is what your bankers in i, don’t i, think he’s a quick, quick and he’s up, but he’s at not aaron, cleveland and I’ll. Tell you what he’s up he’s. You said that the real estate agents going to go back to the buyer or to the seller I mean think about this. Here’s the deal the guy wants to buy your house, it says he’s pre-approved and I’ve seen it. I know he is yeah, and this guy I mean he is at the business coaching car. He drove here is the most beat-up vehicle. If this is a real estate move, but I want to give all the listeners distilled yeah I’ve actually done. This move I’ve actually literally done. This move I had a brown van that had the door that was ripped off play connection I used to have dj connection.Com. We provided entertainment 4000 of weddings per year and for their vehicle, wouldn’t work so I buy of late model old beat-up vehicles that if your car didn’t work I would let you use it for the weekend. I roll up to this nice house with a beat-up van that door. The real estate agent is like a sir to you.

What are you looking for? Are you looking to buy a house? Well, I’ll. Tell you what I’m looking to buy this house I got this yeah you’re pre-approved! Well barely, but I am by the grace of business coaching god. You know what happens if they then go back to the 70s I hate this guy can barely do it, but I think you should like. Take the offer the yard cuz, he be the, brood I’ve, seen it a good guy, but I’m just telling you like i, don’t know how he’s at now. If you go-and you say this, though cuz you don’t understand this rule and you say more than necessary and you go in they say. So. What are you do? You know the real estate agents is. So what are you doing? He said well, I own, a company called i, make your life epic, it’s a marketing, firm, I owned the thrive time show it’s a radio show broadcasted in portland oregon in tulsa, oklahoma and downloaded by a hundred thousand people a month and also I have an elephant, the room with the men’s grooming lounge franchise and, furthermore, I represent the largest home builder in oklahoma, helping them with their marketing. You know:there’s a carpet cleaning franchise with over a hundred 27,000 reviews and the fastest growing franchises in the world and I help them with their sales, and things are just really good. You know yeah they. Let me tell you what they’re not going to do not going to negotiate with you very much on people actually, if you call to buy a piece of land and you’re calling on behalf of a big organization, let me tell you what they’re pretty firm on that price. It’s worth it necessary. What typically happens in the world of world of this planet?

We live on what happens when you say more than necessary you it’s, like you, show your car, just like william shakespeare said you know have more than you show and speak less than you know it because you’re, you know it’s like when you’re playing poker. You know it’s like flipping your cards and letting everybody know what you’re doing, and you just don’t necessarily want to do that unless you just want to overpay for stuff all the time less. You just always want people to know every single trick and move, and there’s people like that clay will tell you everything you ever didn’t want to know about that. Do you know why I no longer dress up? Do you understand why why don’t dress up? Have you talked about this before why I no longer wear the blue suit and the red tie and white shirt? You know this. What I know that part of what I know is that you had a goal that when you hit a certain thing, you were going to no longer do it. That’s 40% of the reason why I want to know the real reason then, but don’t like only me and you listeners I was in the song downloading those paired of people pitching me on a new investment on a new thing. People treating me differently when we go out to eat I’m, so tired of people looking at me as a mark is like here comes clay clark. Please get him to give us a hundred thousand bucks everybody’s. Pitching me all the time there, a hoodie sweatshirt hoodie on and I’ve got my shorts on and I will have. People are like. How do you want to speak to him at all I just pumped into business coaching client mathis brothers carl is now the only person who speaks to me. What else is like this joker’s wearing shorts that look like they’re? There are like hip, hop shorts and he’s got a blue hat on and he’s wearing a hoodie disguise. Probably an idiot cancel people prejudge you all of the time.

My wife calls my shorts culottes. If you look up the word culottes and then you’ll have a good laugh there, a mike, spence they’re, basically like we’re shorts, meets pants. As far as you can go and still be a short cuz, they cover most of my leg. I have very little of my calves showing up with my shorts, but people don’t ditch me anymore. It’s like reverse networking people have you noticed this steve, it’s like when you and I don’t leave the office and I wear a hoodie. It’s like i, don’t get picture to move but steve. When you got that fancy mortgage company and you got that nice car when you drive up to anywhere near lamborghini, do people not always treat you differently? It’s absolutely packed someone who will go on named. We were john and i. Last friday after these auction, we cruising down the turnpike and I said: hey, let’s see if we can get any of these cops. Are racist and that’s just like we literally had a business coaching tulsa county sheriff’s deputy, who gave us the waif like hey, get out like he literally rolled down his window and he said get on it and I got it on video, so he says it’s a whole different world by cat is because people treat you differently. Based on that, you don’t to say, I have a see this video. Still too we come back. We’re talking about. So much depends on your reputation. Stay 2


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