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Have you overextended yourself on your marketing? Learn the proven system for creating a 3-legged marketing stool that will help you scalably bring in more leads for your business from the best business coach tandem in the world.

STEP 5 – Create Your 3-Legged Marketing Stool

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” – Seth Godin (Best-selling author)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Fortune 500 companies spend 11% of their gross revenue on advertising. Small businesses choose to stay small by spending 4% or less of their gross revenue on advertising.” – Michael Levine (The PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, Nike, Pizza Hut, Cameron Diaz, the Clintons and the Bushes, Charlton Heston, etc.)
    1. The Tulsa Mattress Guy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4_EUhhP94I
    2. The Biker Fox – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Dt77wzu5S0
    3. Dental Depot – https://www.dentaldepot.net/tulsa/
    4. OXIFresh.com – World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner – 125,724 Reviews
    5. AMPLE EXAMPLE – TipTopK9.com
  1. Google Search Engine Optimization
  2. Objective Review Gathering from Ideal and Likely Buyers
  3. Retargeting Advertisements
  4. Targeted Facebook Advertisements
  5. Targeted Google Adwords
  6. Targeted Youtube Advertisements
  7. Valpak Mailers
    1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – EITRLounge.com
  1. Google Search Engine Optimization
  2. Objective Review Gathering from Ideal and Likely Buyers
  3. Retargeting Advertisements
  4. Targeted Facebook Advertisements
  5. Targeted Google Adwords
  6. Targeted Youtube Advertisements
  7. Valpak Mailers

STEP 6 – Create Your Sales Conversion Workflow

  1. White Board Setup (5 Foot Whiteboard)
  2. Create Pre-written Autoresponder Email
  3. Create Pre-written Autoresponder Text
  4. Call Sales Leads Using the Script
  5. Setup Call Recording
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you can’t sell your business will go to hell.” – Clay Clark (Former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and Member of the Forbes Coaching Council)

Need a marketing firm? our best business coach program offers better and faster results for half the cost of any other marketing firm, learn more at thrive time show.Com. Radio I am super excited to be here with you, thrive, nation, because I know that we have a divine appointment today. I choose not to believe that it’s a random circumstance that your ear hole has connected with. Our speakers are recording i, guess I’ll, be your speaker, so I don’t think it’s random that your earhole has slept with your speakers and our audio programming I mean I really do believe in divine appointment, so I bet too many people I’ve met too many people which, by the way, you can verify this by doing a google search for thrive time show reviews I’ve met too many people that have told me that attending our best business coach workshop changed their life. To believe that what I’m saying is just just, do you know nothing is puffery i, don’t i, don’t think it’s free I think it is an actual fact based claim with a life-changing program, but I also know we can’t help you unless we get a chance to know you. So I encourage you to don’t be a stranger. I always feel free to engage with a shoot us. An email to info at drivetime, shut. Up, will answer any of your questions and today’s question me the driver that hey, if you could just take the 7 steps, i, don’t know where they got the number 7 practice number 7 in the bible is indicated to be the perfect number, so I think that’s probably where they were coming, but where they were coming from. With that question, what are seven steps that I can take to increase my sales by 700% time should I come and you can listen to the podcast and diversion of today show, seven steps to increase your sales by 70%, and you shall find the answer. So here is step. 5legged marketing stool is the best selling author, who actually was a very successful entrepreneur before becoming a best-selling author who built the company that he sold to yahoo from millions of dollars, and so he says, marketing is a contest for people’s attention is marketing is a is. It is a contest for people’s attention. What marketing is a contest for people’s marketing is a what contest for people’s attention. What it means is that you have to get people to notice you that’s the first step in building over think that it all worked up about it and I’ll give example about a complicated idea here. Okay, you just need to find three ways that are sustainable to attract your ideal unlikely buyer.

It’s going to take just a second I’m, going to a simple youtube Search i’m, going to type in 101st to 101st and memorial and I’m going to type in a hundred first memorial mattress guy, because the mattress guy on the first memorial he gets in from that mattress every single day and he waves at the traffic that he’s hired I’m, not sure how many days a week. He does it and this is one best business coach podcast that loves it, but he does it very, very consistently and I’m going to go ahead and put a link on the show notes. So you can see an example of a purple cow in action. Purple cow in action I will also tight purple cow in action and I’ll put the tulsa mattress guys. I will label it. This guy is absolutely an ample example that the human mind can handle of a purple cow. So what you want to do in marketing, as you want to create a purple cap, you want to create a value proposition or a form of mark in the makes you stand out, because if you don’t stand out your invisible, if you’re not memberyou, been forgotten about your invisible. If people don’t remember, even if you don’t stand out, another example, I can think of would be the b train. You know the train, it’s it’s! A dentist train off of memorial in tulsa dentist in tulsa, that’s very, very much into the the did. The old dentist see, let me type it. It’s like the dental dental depot. There we go to dental depot and it’s on memorial, the dental depot memorial, tulsa I’ll, put I’ll, put a link to that, because the dental depot is absolutely a brand that works in wide. Why do we know about it? Because it’s a freaking train in front of the business, and why is there a training for this is what is the train have to do with dentistry i? Don’t know that there is a best business coach connection, I think it’s just. It stands out and that’s how I remember it I mean krispy kreme you go in thereand at what do you see? What do you remember? Last time you went to the dental depot or west of the krispy kreme krispy kreme. Last time you remember they’re, making fresh donuts right in front of you, then, with the assembly line was making those donuts right in front of you right. So what you want to do is you want to be the purple cow in your industry? Don’t don’t move on past go here. This is the next step you got to do that you can’t you have to have a purple couch another example:the oxi fresh and oxi fresh. We are the world’s greenest carpet cleaner. What does that mean in a world where environmentalism is becoming the new religion? We are the world’s greenest carpet cleaner. That’s what jonathan barnett is built. I mean we use significantly less less water, significantly less water than our competition. So we are the world’s greatest carpet cleaner and we have a hundred and twenty hundred twenty five thousand. Seven hundred and twenty four reviews on google as of right nowwhich, means that we are now topping google in the world as a result of having the most reviews.

So how does that matter to you? How does applicable to you? How do you use these texts? Elephant in the room with you one more example: elephant in the room. Your first haircut is just a dollar. That’s are purple cow right! That’s our purple cow! Someone says I need another best business coach podcast example. I just I need another one I’m starting to get it but I need. Another example. Is elephant the room? It’s tulsa’s best, men’s grooming experience in my opinion, but the first haircut is just a dollar and by the way, if you want to learn more about franchising, just go to eitr lounge.Com, it won’t come in and dallas once we open in here in jacksonville, florida, 3 and florida i. Believe we have one in venice, beach I mean i, don’t need stuff is happening with elephant in the room and I work with tip top k9by. The way people make about $4,000 a week of prophet training dogs i, mean, after paying your whole team for grand a week, we’re talking like 200 grand a year or more training. I, don’t even up there. Certain dentist out there making 200000 you I work a lot of medical professionals over the years and I’m convinced there’s a lot of doctors in are pulling into hundred grand a year, so tip top k-9. If you want to learn more about licensing one of their locations, just reach out to tip top k9.Com today, I mean that’s a that’s a powerful business, but all of these business is at the core of a scalable model. They all have what a unique value proposition. They all have what they all have:a purple cow. You have to have a purple cab if you don’t have a purple cow you’re not going to be able to move on to this is the this is the step here is a step. 5 you’ve got to have a three-legged marketing stool seth go to the best-selling author. He said. Marketing is a contest for people’s attention to as an example. If you don’t freaking know what to do, if you have a business today and you don’t know what thei don’t know, what to do by a massive choo-choo train by a train painted purple put it on your business for no particular reason just do it. How about those crazy, otto river, the penguins at tulsa zoo used to have the pic crazy, penguins, penguins, dooby, dooby, doo, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah dah. If you’re not familiar with billy madison in that movie every time, he sees it. Aaa penguin, he sings strangers in the night, exchanging glances we were strangers in the night. That’s what you want a penguin and bring your presence you put on. If you put a penguin in front of your companypeople going to notice it I promise you you just got to draw a crowd, you got to stand out baby. You got to stand out now. Here’s a best business coach deep thought for you, michael levine! This is a pr consultant up choice for clay clark for everybody. This is a pr consultant, for. Let me read them off here for now in disguise he’s so legendary! It’s amazing! It’s amazing! We got a chance to become a friend of the guy and work with a guy to make for pizza hut for nike for cameron diaz for prince, the clintons for charleston is charlton heston. He says this is what he said.

He says the average fortune 500 company. He worked with he’s a basement how much of their gross revenue on advertising. If you had to guess tribe nation, what’s that number? What’s the average, what you thinking is, is it 1%? Is it 2%? Is it 0%? It’s 11%, 11% 11 / said why are you yelling? It’s 11% i, don’t understand what you’re saying11%, hey man i, don’t really hear really good out of both my ears, but if you could say that again, what was that number 11%? That seems like a large number 11%. Absolutely it’s a huge number. It just seems like it’s totally out of control. I, just don’t understand how it’s possible. It’s 11% or 11% 11% of your gross budget on marketing and you’re, just a start up and you got to find a way to do it. Yet to find like a partner and investor a credit card, a neighbor, you can liquidate your items that are in a garage sale. You could minimize your best business coach overhead by moving into an apartment. You can let your idea become stillborn as a result of not marketing properly. You got to do it, but if you are going to market for all that is holy, you got to have a purple cow in there. So many people out there who are wanting to not offend anybody or not to upset anybody I want that idea to be validated by everybody especially the best business coach program team. You can’t do that. If you’re going to stand out, you’ve got to have a purple couch and if you don’t have a purple cowboy, what’s a purple count, a purple cow means that seth godin theory is that if you’re driving down the road-and there were a bunch of cows, I’m, not sure what to say, you’re driving on the way to okmulgee okmulgee in route to dallas, so you’re driving to okmulgee when you’re driving through it movie, you notice account. No, you don’t why, because you’ve seen cows before, maybe your kids would see a cow and yell at mom and dad’s account, but most people don’t do that, because you’re an adult and it’s begun to become normal to you and you’ll, be you’ve, been desensitized to the wonder and the measurement of a large cow right. So what you do is you do nothing? You just keep driving, but if you did paint a cow purple, if you had a cow and you painted that cow purple, do you know what would happen if everybody would remember the cow? And you know why that everyone would remember the account why? Why would they remember the count? Because they would, they would say, I’ve, never seen a purple cow I only feel that they would say that out loud.

They would just do the whole rubbernecking thing. If you see a car on the side of the road that stopped most people, don’t they don’t really, you know get too emotional bad. They just tend to slow down and look at it. You know the 10 to look at it. It’s just you just i, don’t i, don’t know how to explain this to other than it’s just. Don’t fight the feeling baby. You know that a purple calworks you got to paint that paint that cow purple so that it stands out from the clutter in the monotony of boring marketing and i, see so many customers (not our best business coach podcast listeners), so many companies own tea brands paying these ridiculous marketing firms, thousands and thousands of dollars to make a logo as if your logo is going to save you. Your logo is one small part of the whole thing. You’ve got to jump out. You got to be the purple cow, there’s a blue whale and could do why the crap do. We all know about the blue whale in catoosa, but we all know there’s a guy sitting, biker fox, if you guys seen biker fox, have you seen this guy? He calls himself the biker fox, the biker, fox tulsa. You need a ride, the bike, and why do we all know about the biker fox? You know it ain’t because he’s always riding a bicycle and we see him everywhere and says become sort of an iconic figure in tulsa sore than inner inner city. Legendaries. In is urban legend. To this point, the biker fox. You want your company to become the purple cow. There’s a an unbelievable company in tulsa called burncoat that serves barbecue and you don’t they do everyday when they sell out all their barbecue. They shut down so they’re only open until they run out of barbecue. That’s kind of what you purple cow. It’s kind of weird right. There hours are we’re open from when we start until we run at a barbecue, you want to create a purple cow live listed them there on the show notes, for today we come back. I will teach you the next step to grow your business by 700% vichy. Are you a business owner? Is it time to update your professional headshots or to get this year’s family photos taken at the right time?

She’ll professional photography department wants to thank you for listening and wants to take your family photos or professional headshots for free to schedule and claim your $1,000 free photo session email as your contact information to info at drivetime shield.Com. This promotion is only valid for the first one ever listens to schedule your session. Oh wow, thanks for the big sponsors, paul hood with hood cpa. Now we have free family photo tulsa or at least the first hundred best business coach people to take advantage of the offer. So if you’re listening right now and you’re a business owner-and you want to get those free family photos, all you have to do is email info at drivetime show.Com, and they shall be yours. It’s an exciting time for the american history, they’re, not thrive nation. We aren’t. We responded to the question of driver who I think they’re, probably a biblical person based upon this question, but they ask they said what are the seven steps to increase my sales by 700% 7 is the number of perfection, as indicated from the bible, and you probably heard doctors on a reference that from time to time, supply what’s fueling the question so I shall answer the question. I’ve already answered the first five steps, but now we’re on the step. 6 create your sales conversion workflow now this is. These are the three steps you got to do and there’s a little kind of a bonus step here:okay, but just work with me on this, you got to do. These are three best business coach steps within the step 7 step down. It’s like sub-points, underneath the point. So here is the the the step 6 you got to create your sales conversion workflow. You got to create your sales conversion, workflow know. If you don’t do this, then you’re, you’re kind of screwed and it’s okay-i mean it’s alright I mean maybe you’re into maybe you’re into that I mean maybe you’re eating a big bob vila fan, and you don’t you don’t care about financial success? Minutes. How, you quantify, maybe you say you know I view. My business success is more of like a metaphysical kind of thing. You know I’m not really into like the financial side. For me that says more about the community in in you, don’t just job, but you need to get together with buuren on thursday nights and just bitched about our financial brought the lack of success, assuming that we just love to get together and really when our wives realize that we don’t have any money. You know we. We love thinking about innovative ways. We could support our family. You know that’s exciting. For me, that might be. This is failing because it just run out to break you know somewhere, not interested in sales. You know we don’t we don’t do it that way. As a proud member of the broken arrow chamber, all I really care about addie in her development of the former downtown. To me, that’s all I care about and if I do say, just put my head on a but I just put my name on a brick. You know when the roads are, we do, and they just said you know. Hopefully my kids remember that there’s a guy freaking time and never made any money. You know,, maybe that’s why I’m just getting to that! You know kids i, want you to know the reason why I’m with you guys, you know for a few hours a week, but the other 90 hours I’m, always at work.

It’s cuz i, don’t value money, I value, just doing a stupid, tedious task and it turns out they’re no longer building the pyramids cuz. If they were going to build the pyramids again, they were looking for slave labor i. Do that I’d sacrifice my body to build a meaningless tasks that no one will ever remember my name, that’s what I want to stand for is passing no seriously. You want to make more sales right right right. Why are you yelling all the time? Because you shock somebody to wake up here, home skillet? What’s up sweet people are in this in this rhythm of losing the rhythm of losing it go to work, go to church, go home and go to work, go to church go to work yesterday, I go to work, I go to church and I go home last night, i, don’t know cuz I’m living wake up. So here we go for it yourself, conversion workflow, some point one! You want to get a whiteboard and set that up and I’m talking about a big huge like a five foot whiteboard, not this my ear mites at somebody free, okay and you’re, right down on the whiteboard, the following steps:autoresponder emails step, one draw square and put it in the square autoresponder email step to draw a square that pre-written autoresponder text draw a square that right step for step on the board. Here says all sales leads using script. Cole sales leads call. Sales leads using the script. If you have a prescription to make a script. But again you get a whiteboard on that board. You put a square that says best business coach autoresponder email and ask:where is an autoresponder text and another one that says call sales leads you using the script, then you setup call recording you ask yourself such deep and spiritual questions on a daily basis as an iced it deletes get called today. Yeah, you any start off like that. That’s like guys that deletes get called today or we’re all sorts of excuses like oh i, wasn’t really sure what the priority was. You know, I wasn’t sure you know. I was like the winter olympics are on and it was like this lady came up and she wanted to know about. Curling and I was like oh, my gosh I’m from wisconsin, and it was like what kind of cheese do you like and then I went home? Are you going to call the freaking weeds in the people on your team and want to do anything but call the lead? I swear to you. If you ever run a business, these people will not want to call the leads they’re going to say:hey guys, did you send the email to the client you’re, the one who just filled out the form oh yeah we were going to, but what’s the priority I was I was trying to figure. Do you want me to let greet the customers as they come in or do you want me to call the freaking blades ask guys, did you send out the text message and they’re going to say all I wanted to go, but I got a little busy. You know it was. It was crazy, but the packers they’re, having like a brett, favre or union thing and I got caught up on the facebook and I was like all you know.

What’s the priority you mean come on:it’s not that complicated, ridiculously effective management, but according to forbes and i, have the statistic:i share all the time at conferences:i, have it printed on the walls in the office, but according to forbes, almost a third of all sales leads, never even get called, or that doesn’t sound like a natural thing. This is a weird thing that your business is a different culture than everybody else know most call please at least a third of never called him at all. The pride by your die, because I hate to tell you but winter is coming on. Meez winter is coming for your business. If you can’t sell your business will go to hell, it will just go to hell and all your good intentions and all your chamber memberships and all your better business bureau and all your innovation and all your best business coach ideas, all your visions of grandeur. All your big ideas, that’s all going to just go into the porta potty of life. I mean it’s like getting all dressed up for a wedding reception right I’m at this is what not calling your sales leads. Is like it’s like getting dressed up for a wedding reception and then having your bride-to-be hop inside a porta-potty, locking her in it and knocking over the porta potty. That’s what it’s like! If you don’t call your lead, it’s like getting dressed up in the wedding gown, getting the gown, getting the perfect fit book in the reception, getting a limo, getting the flowers getting those things book and then asking the price. Kids me cool photo here in the type of porta-potty she’s taking that smells terrific and you take her into the porta potty and you tip it over and you lock you lock around and you tip her over. That’s what it’s like your business. Don’t do it find a way to get your team to call the freaking late getting you got to do it and it was sometimes you have to encourage him. Sometimes you have to fire him and remove him from the best business coach team, but you got to record the calls that you know if they are calling. The leads are not that right. There is a game-changing step or somebody somebody out there, that’s good. It is good. You got back from the break I’m going to talk to about the next step. You need to take to grow your business by 700% this year. Stages of drive time show on your radio


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