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As a result of the devastating effects of ALS, Stephen could not walk or talk, but he did write the best-selling book, A Brief History of Time in his attempt to explain space, time and the very existence of God.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically.” – Stephen Hawking

1988 – Age 46 – At the age of 46, Stephen became an international celebrity as a result of his writing of a book title, A Brief History of Time.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.” – Stephen Hawking

  1. This book became the anthem of atheists and agnostics everywhere because it explained time, the very existence of God and the future and space.
  2. This publication spent over four years at the top of the London Sunday Times’ best-seller list.
  3. Since the book was released, it has sold a total of more than 10 million copies.
  4. DEEP THOUGHT – If Stephen can write a book using only his cheek, what excuse do you and I have for not taking the action needed to achieve our goals?


1990 – Age 48 – Hawking left his wife, Jane, for one of his nurses, Elaine Mason.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it.” – Stephen Hawking

1995 – Age 53 – When Hawking married his mistress it put a strain on his relationship with his two children who did not like Elaine whom they believed closed their father off from others.

1995 – Age 53 and beyond – For the rest of Stephen’s life he required 24-hour nursing assistance. After losing his voice as a result of the life-saving tracheotomy, news of the surgery spread around the world. For a short period of time, Hawking was then forced to communicate using a spelling card which allowed him to indicate the letters that he wanted to use with the lift of his eyebrows.

However, Martin King, a physicist who had worked closely with Stephen contacted a California-based company by the name of Word Plus. This company had a created a device that made it possible for a people to select words and commands using a hand clicker. King was then able to speak with the CEO of Words Plus, Walter Woltosz. It was then that Martin King asked if the software that their company was creating could help a physics professor in England who was struggling with ALS.  Walter asked Martin if he was asking on behalf of Stephen Hawking, but Martin King said that he could not give out the name without permission.

The system was first controlled by an Apple II computer which was then linked to a speech synthesizer made by a company called Speech Plus. This system was then modified by David Mason, the engineer, and husband of one of Hawking’s nurses. This new system allowed Stephen to communicate at a rate of 15 words per minute.

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To claim your tickets to the business conferences thrive time show to date an erected business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the drivetime, show on itunes, leave it injected review and send as confirmation and input drivetime show.Com to claim your star international star registry. We can’t help you drive time show on your radio. You want to miss the entirety of today show, because we’re going to get into the, life and times of stephen hawking. If you missed any earlier segment, you want to stick around cuz I’m, telling you what this story is powerful. Where can I get into the not-so-good part? So here is age. 37 he’s already confined to a wheelchair and he decide you want me to do. I have an opportunity to go, do a business trip, and so he eat kinkos on business trips. He has a child during this time. Is it sees confined to a wheelchair, but he still traveling to business conferences, working communicating barely verbally. His speech is very slurred, but he has like interpreters in beulah,, translate what he’s saying he’s still giving lectures age 43 that was dumb to do another trip. I. Do this all the time he goes there, he cannot stop choking and he has an infection caused from pneumonia. Next thing you know they have to call the ambulance. The paramedics, these people pulling out of a theater and his wife jane decided to go ahead and keep him on life support and to fly him to one of the. Only facilities in the world is a hospital in cambridge called aiden, brooks or addenbrooke’s. They fly him out there when he, when he lands there, they went out to his wife, were the only places in the world that can stop infection like this over to save him. If you do want to save him, we need to cut a hole in his neck right now and we can insert a tube in his windpipe or the wise. My main man will die.

The only way he communicates with the world is so he can’t move his body can’t move a single part of his body. He will wake up into him in his body. Are you down wow I’m, headed out that it’s pretty intense, so i? Can you read the definition of tracheotomy in the front of your neck and into your windpipe, the trachea, the term for the surgical procedure to create this opening is a tracheotomy. This is not good. He wakes up in 2 minutes on body. Ask when asked about that time in his life. This is what he said using his cheek. You see he typed the words that appeared on the screen that were then spoken through a voice simulator using his cheek, because the good folks at in tell her to story and made a microprocessors made a possible. This is what he said. He says my advice to other disabled people would be concentrate on things. Your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well and don’t regret the things interferes with don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically z. That’s that’s a powerful business conferences word. Everybody I think. There’s somebody out there who says you know:i, don’t have a big budget, so I’m not going to start that business i, don’t have a formal education, so I’m not qualified to manage my team, ii and i. Think that’s where people become one chore preneurs. They think they look at what they don’t have they don’t take stock of and consider see what they do have talked to the listeners out there who are made battling that I think everyone of us was into me. Every single one of us has a reason to not be successful. You know we weren’t loved enough for one cared for a nap, but you need to write indication too tall for too, tall or too short or too big around were too skinny or too you know. I, don’t know that I have to drive I’m, not i, don’t know that the self-discipline-and you know i-think it’s been watching netflix for the rest of my life and I just check out would tell you you’re justified in doing that. Are all valid, valid I’m struggling to. Why don’t we all struggle together?

Yes, list lament. What’s what we’ll do is let sarah grievances and focus on things. We can’t control the remainder of our lives chuck. You know this. Is the story really touches with me because my uncle and hope you guys know this, but my uncle’s a quadriplegic and has been for about 20 years? My mom’s brother and I’ve never heard the man say a negative business conferences word and he’s very very funny. He started a few businesses he’s bought a bunch of rental properties from this, but people need to think about and hear these I think this is a powerful thing, because if you don’t know that there’s a lot of people off has a worse situation than you write, really easy to feel sorry for yourself and luckily for me and my immediate family we’ve had all the trials and tribulations at my uncle’s gone through as a quadriplegic. The kind of ground that and keep us grounded stephen became an international celebrity to the common man, now not just a science world, but to the common man when he wrote a book called a brief history of time. This book became the anthem of atheists and agnostics everywhere, because it explained it explained that the very existence of god, the future of space does publication, went spent over 4 years. On top of the london times bestseller, new, york, times and descents, this book was released. It is sold over 10 million, copies and I’m. Just tell me this:if, if, if you, if you can stephen hawking and if that guy could ride the book, what do you agree with the contents of the book or not? You can write a book using only his cheek.

What excuse do you and I have for not doing anything on the list? We buy anything really where we say. Well, you know I’m too busy. Don’t have the time during the skills you know, I don’t have a chip in my cheeks are like, as I can right now. This is the part where I I start to disagree with my main man in this is the pits on the show anytime. I have fax I support it with quotes and stat. So anytime, I have an opinion. I just say it’s an opinion. So this is an opinion. So here we go. I am what your day of christian marshall. This is my dick, so I believe in the bible is and irrefutable word of god. It is supposed to be the forever irrefutable, never changing the word of a literal word of god. This is so am I missing something for those people out there. Who would you do christians are in the bible. Are you supposed as a christian? Are you supposed to be able to pick and choose verses of the bible you’re not done with milk, the checks out, that’s christianity I’m, not a christian and therefore I would but I think I am a christian. Therefore, I do believe in the literal. Absolute interpretation of the literal, meaning of the bible i, do believe. That’s irrefutable business conferences every part of it was inspired by god. That’s that’s why I believe you might say I might be to you just a series of good books or parables whatever that is to you, but I believe the only way to get to heaven is through christ now. I do believe that it talks about in the bible to get age of accountability and that christ christ came to the earth to die for mankind and that so whoever should believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. I do believe that and I also do believe that god will be the judge. So I am of the belief that you know I might say:cash 5 year old, died and never heard about christ in the amazon. Do they go to heaven i? Believe god will judge the person again. All I’m saying is. He was in open, super motivated super super motivated super animated super focused and committed atheist, and he tried to convince people to become atheist. He was very outspoken about it, so this isn’t that I have if he convinced what many people believed to be to commit to 10 million people to no longer believe, in christ. In my mind he could have been spiritually as bad as adolf hitler, my gosh wow. You went there now, if you don’t believe in a literal interpretation, the bible that you could say, no people just keep people different in the world views and no big deal I’m just going to say that’s what I believe that if you do believe that it is bad to be a heretic another example, my dear friend, carlton pearson, used to be a pastor.

Now he’s a heretic, he no longer speaks about christian, he speaks of universalism and he believes the bible just a suggestion and all the books are too and stuff. You said well, if carlton lead somebody to away from their faith. That might be really awful, so you’re saying that your dear friend, even though the proximity of pretty clothes that he may in fact be as bad as hitler I would say. Yes, because I do believe that lead people to hell are in fact that you’re in a ranting today rare form rare form, brown sugar in your oatmeal this morning is that was happening sitting people to enable eat there is no god is okay. Then it’s not a bad deal. I’m, just saying i. Everything up to this point, I said inspiring. That’s incredible! This is the part where I said well I’m think about it is we go back to history and we study-and we’ve done this before you made a whole month for we study very famous business conferences people who were all podcast review. Our radio show it sometimes have fun with it. A lot of famous person from the past will die sektor life and what there’s not many men with dissected there hasn’t been a part of their life. That I said, including myself, sending everybody we all have. We all have areas of our life that are perfect, I’m, just saying that if it is a judeo-christian which I am if I’m up on a stage advocating that you should renounce your faith or your stupid, then I think that i, according to the bible, have a lot of personal interactive conversations with the great creator and I feel like the referee of life. God will probably have a pretty rough conversation that you can back your way in the middle. You could go that you’re, crazy i. Didn’t really want me. What’s your take on well, I mean it’s 10 million copies sold in one book of one book, many of which are pro. He had how many best selling books, 15, epic, really really good, and so and so I have not read a brief history of time, but you’re, saying that it goes so far as to explain agnosticism. Yes, he is an atheist. Some eggnog you’re, saying hey, listen, I am kind of like any believe to be true, I believe in some kind of creating a short. Is he saying that yours, no creator and absolutely no creator righteous contrary to my beliefs? Do you believe that that’s cool know and I’ll make you get into more detail? I like that I’m just going around the horn air jump? What’s your take the listeners out? There are thinking of the lizards around,. Let see one of us all because are you just saying I’m just saying you I believe in a literal interpretation of the actual judeo-christian, bible and I realized that right there lose it least, half the business conferences audience, I’m saying i, don’t believe it’s something where it’s like! Well, you know to pick and choose parts I’m, just saying how I interpret the bible pastor brian gibson is currently my pastor and I would say for a deeper discussion of the bible go see him.

But what is your take on this as a person who zoom in america business, coach i, would say that interesting subject matter, you should never talk. Radio show that maybe I don’t know man, that’s kind of a hard question right like if, if this one book can completely shake your faith, then does that say something about you or to be fair? It’s right, ongoing dialogue from that agent of you to say that I am the kind of person that, if you are an atheist, I am tote on to let you do that and I would walk up to know you’re going to hell. I wouldn’t do it, but what I would do is if you asked me what you want, this radio show does asking for opinions. Sometimes you say:i, don’t like you at all. Sometimes I do I’m, giving you in a bit I’m not going to give you that i. Think a lot of politicians give you that vanilla right well, I could see your point so see here we go. You got a minute and a half of the section here we have enough to defend at least the other half of the audience got half weave. When you send me as his theory of the black holes in your camping this and that I don’t agree with what he’s doing and-and you know the pied piper that led people in the wrong direction is something that you know you don’t have to call you don’t have to answer for, but one thing I’ve learned is:it is i, try not to judge I’m, non-judgemental and-and so you know, it’s kind of like people have people got to work out their own deal and I don’t go around saying:hey, you’re, right, you’re, wrong, you’re, wrong, you’re, right, I’m, right and I would not even I agree with you on this I would just say. I put my job on this shows become like the charles barkley, a basketball. If you ask charles hey what do you think about that small forwards game week that guys wear that? Guy is incredible that take on things you wouldn’t know what to do on tnt, because ernie johnson’s, basically the most vanilla middle of the road i, can see your business conferences point.

Guy he’s great at tina questions for charles and kenny smith charles, bombastic radio. We’re talking about stephen hawking attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review clean your tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, the struggling to the podcast and their kids are having their they’re. Just are saying. This is a you know, I think I enjoy when we break down a man’s life that you like a little bit more than stephen hawking i, do not know it’s fun. To have that kind of that yin and yang push and pull, which is a sidebar side. Note I think the 20 hours that you put in prepping for today showing dig into this man’s life, so I want you to be before you can become a member of our family, one of his books and was like hey. His book like proves that your religion is just totally like. You know it’s it’s it’s it’s. It’s kind of crazy libertarians are cleaning to your guns and your gold, and you guys are crazy. White and red socialism is the new move. Also sent me a crystal to remind me that, like god is in the universe and it’s all-and you know that it’s exposed to some nerves, today. Just I’m, going through time marshall imagine earlier in the show he admitted that he didn’t want to be nude in his own sauna. That’s the reason he doesn’t want to be. Noodles cuz he’s a little edgy i, don’t know what the most famous 2 / being a cosmetologist and a best-selling author, as well as a physicist chuck. What is a cosmetologist cosmetologist business conferences studies, the formation this and science of the origin and development of the universe, so stephen, hawking age, 21 tips, credit-based he’s confined to a wheelchair. Since age 37 I mean since age 27 can barely passed away until this year in 1998 his wife, who made the decision to not allow him to the doctors, asked you listen, he needs to have a tracheotomy or he’s going to die.

He is out he’s out there, the guys out in a coma. Do you want to watch? Stephen hawking was traveling to geneva the guys in a coma. She says that the doctor say:listen to save him, we’re going to need to keep him on this breathing machine and fly him to a hospital and give him a tracheotomy which will put a a breathing tube in his throat. Hill no longer speak again or do you want us to pull the plug? She says:don’t pull the plug. She goes on to say the only thing that kept her alive to capture going to get to keep her motivated was believing in a good god. If you go on youtube, you can watch james story as the life of mr. Hawking shares the story. So thank you. The age of 48. He stole a couple best selling books, so he talks into the machine I’m, leaving you for my nurse elaine mason I would like to ask you marshall. Okay, what are your thoughts cuz again? He was very open that the only reason he stayed married and didn’t tell her that he was not a believer. He didn’t timed it, so he wouldn’t be outspoken about his atheistic views or his views about moving on until he had the money from the book that she edited he waited until that book took off. Then he made sure he went ahead and sure that it’s, what are your thoughts, because we watch the movie or read the business conferences timeline and again they were both participants in that conversation, I would get your editorial looking at this for the first time, do you I mean? Are you what are your thoughts? Well, here’s.

The thing is I think with the core values of christianity. You understand, which is my cam, where I would side with you on this is there is if you believe that you’re going to be judged at the end of your life, go to heaven or go to hell. You would act accordingly, agnosticism franco and you’ve written a best-selling book. Because of that you don’t share those same core values right. So therefore, you’re going to act as selfishly immorally is possible in order to have and enjoy that life, which is exactly what looks like a at david in the bible. If your to christians out there, you was known as a man after god’s own heart, but yet z, he had a lot of faux. Paws I have a lot of four paws moses. He killed a man had a lot of women killing a man’s. Pretty rough I mean you know. So, what’s your take on this part of the life of stephen hawking I got to shovel a shovel listeners are not aware of his life I’m. Just sharing the time line here, but I understand it is a business man. Just looking at this is a business deal he did. He did. He did the business to plan it out when it up, he was, it might say, is whatever, but you know what check in at the end, at the end of the deal he was the one laughing I mean he got the money, he got the nurse and he moved on in life. It was it right. Was it right? That’s for everybody else to debate out there, I’m not going to judge I am not a judger. If you break it down as a business deal. How many times does a businessman do something and it hurts this competition right? It hurts the people that are out in competition. She might argue is that is that the christian thing to do if you, if you keep saying it’s so wonderful, that it pulls business, way. Competitors and one of them goes out of business conferences and guess what they can’t pay their their car gets repoed their kids get thrown out of private school and have to move to a single-wide you’re doing what you’re doing is you’re asking the tough questions. That’s what I found for what year and a half specialize in asking the tough questions that most people don’t ask alright as what he did. He goes on to say. Give me the feedback on that. You were conveniently skipped over that. I know that you do I know you do it!

That’s what girls sparkly does I’m going to call you out on her goal to put a man on holmes road, because you out clever them in your business deal. This is my my pay cut a deep question. They want to hear I think that business is definitely more like war than it is like a sports come on I love, it i. You know, I love that and I would say that when you run a business there are so many issues during the day that are just unbelievably difficult decisions to make, and so this is how I would look at it. Isn’t. Capitalism of the market works is working peating out there for people, $2 and all I know is i. Can hang my hat on proverbs 10:4. They said god blesses the hand of the diligent, which means the study, application of business conferences effort, and if you want make your best offer in the competition makes their best offer. The customer gets to decide and i. Guess that would be god bless in the hand of the diligent so I guess. Whoever works the hardest grinder that to gets to win, but isn’t life really business? It’s cool. Whale sounds for all our folks. Sorry trump give it a hot private, hot early, great whales,


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