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Ryan Wimpey (one of the best business coach clients) with Tip Top K9 breaks down the most frequently asked questions he gets as a dog trainer.

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Get ready to enter the best business coach thrive time, show 3 2 1 dwight clark in the former united states small business administration, entrepreneur of the year sit here on a mission to get you into a great financial position. It is rare, is rare, it’s not common. We get to sit down with an actual entrepreneur that is being successful in getting to ask them some of the questions behind the question. Their business model actually works. A lot of people talk about all my my business is super successful we do. Is we have a unique approach to best business coach experience over or I mean I can’t tell you how many times jeff is a business coach, I’ve sat down with somebody who sells insurance or the real estate agent else. That’s what makes your company unique! You know what what what what differentiates you? What is fine, it’s like we just will do it and I’ll give you weren’t done right, will knock it out with the most professional. The most professional would like. Bro fessional would like this make up like eastern estonian. Compliments about yourself. You ryan with tip top k-9, the founder of tip top k-9. What does it actually take to learn to train a dog as soon as I want to buy a location to become a tip top k-9 owner a business owner of a tip top location? What does it actually take to learn how to train. How many hours of training we talking about at least like 200 hours of training, for most people were looking like 4 to 6 weeks to actually be proficient and really know what to do and how to handle on a dog 4 to 6 weeks.

Yet so is there a shortcut of me can’t wait like an hour know what you’re going to not learn very much, but what, if I’ve read a bunch of leather bound books about how life works and I just wanted to be able to train dogs really well, as opposed to going to college for 2 years and learning some of the trade? You want to watch a youtube video, well you’re, going to get a small education. Okay, so tell me the most places are what dogs are impossible to train me. What dog out there you look at that darling and you search up what kind of dog do you think would be impossible to wawa or something would be hard. They always look like their eyes are just kind of bugged out like there’s, not really paying attention did any of those really little best business coach guys can be really hard, but the hardest we’ve had her, the actual, not dogs, any wolf, hybrid, oh I was like nice, but I think hard at it or not. I swear I swear, I can just talk with you were mad or a dog. That’s definitely want to order some inbred dogs, north of an inbred or line bread west. What I’m not even read my father is my brother about that I forgot. He has a dog real truth in everything. We do have a lot of family in arkansas with him. He doesn’t know if it was a family tree website ancestry.Com with you on that website, and we noticed that the treatment for cat just straight telephone pole, you look like a pitbull. Why would you want a dog like that? You can’t train. Why would anybody get a pitbull in a lot of pitbulls? We’ve had a lot of the most at 98% of pit bulls that we trainer awesome good dogs. We do have some dogs are out like fighting lines and those when it’s a genetically linked to aggression. That’s that’s harder to fix. So what are the most common questions? People have for the people. Ask you about dog. What are the question for bill said you consistently? Could you have to train pit bulls and like a wheel of training pitbull between tons of them? Are you serious, yeah i, don’t understand this little push-back listen. Silly I was just in owensboro kentucky, true story. Pastor’s wife tell me the story about a member of the church. I guess a dog ate her face off the dog literally attacked the face, ripped off the face killed.

Her husband swear to god I swear to god, you look up, the dog bites more dogs, wolf hybrids are biting a ton of people chows or biting a ton of people, and then, like weiner dogs, chihuahuas eat your face. Add two people ask all the time are pitbulls containing. What else do you train aggressive dogs or do you have to train aggressive dogs? And yes, we have dogs, that’s i, love, training, aggressive dogs, cuz. We don’t want to see dogs get put down. Did you say some dogs have a genetic? They have a lineage of aggression, aggression which means mom and dad are aggressive dogs, and some people are breeding dogs that are actually aggressive. Is it on purpose, they’re, taking an address of mom and dad and african boerboel, african mastiff and there’s a brazilian mastiff and they have genetic link. Aggression like to see a boerboel boerboel mastiff, it’s just like a massive like tuna, town. What’s that dog it’s a russian bear dog. I was talking to the talking to the pastor’s wife about this. Since she was like yeah I know, somebody has a whatever dog and it says it was crazy. Massive dog, it’s huge. It’s like over 200 pounds, okay, okay, so I’m, not a big dog got some time coming up with these. You know entry-level dog, but how long does it take you at tip, top k-9 to actually trina. Suppose i, give you a dog what age should the dog be when I bring it to you a question it? How long does it take you to train the dog so normally, with most dogs in 3 or 4 weeks, we can only train a dog.

Have them coming off. Please stop jumping loose leash, walking doing it stays everything 3 to 4 weeks right now and everyday, that I come home from work and eats my things that I hold the to be fresh on. Fido threatens me:i become a recluse because the dog will not stay peeing, jumping being crazy, running away. What’s to old will actually, from the last thrive conference we had a guy hit, a nine-year-old wiener dog nine-year-old little nine-year-old wiener dogs live, they can go 14 15 and it was aggressive and he was like literally I can’t have guests over my little, weiner dogs going crazy. He barks incessantly. He goes after people stuff like that, and so wishing upon results. Just after the first lesson, I have a best business coach question that probably no one’s ever asked you before, because all animal lovers, why in the world, would anybody with a rational mind, want to have a dog, home, depot i, seriously I’m interested I’ve, never seen that people love dogs out there and I’m? Just not one of those people’s I want to ask you. Why would anybody cuz I got me somebody listening right now, who’s on the verge of getting a dog or not getting a dog, their training, not buddy, like you, gave me a gift. I would be mad at you, the rest, your life or the dog’s life, terrible person, i! Really don’t no matter! What, if you put your wife in the dog in the car in the trunk, and you lock them in the open it an hour later, the dog still happy to see you right. That’s why I told me that he does not care how hard he doesn’t care about anything that dog loves.

You and it’s just I mean like i, can’t explain like why you want a dog book after I recommend you did not get a dog. It’s okay, we have my wife is a dog that was a stray dog. Skyrim. Do is run around and get my wife to want to get my car because it was like on the major like it was on the turnpike. My wife gets, the dog brings it home and I milly walked in and I’m like. What did you do? What did you want to hire you guys to train my dog because it’s being a little terrorist or I’m, looking to maybe buy a tip top k-9 business or location for myself? Walk me through the steps for creating my own dog right, or maybe you know putting my foot in the water in learning more about buying a tip top k-9 location. If you want to train your own dog and you just need to go to our website, tip top k9.Com or give us a call 918-991-8634 if you go to website just fill out the form and will do a $1 first lesson we come out and talk with you. $1 first lesson is there and then, if you’re interested in a best business coach location same thing, give us a call or visit us online. Fill form and then what we need to do is we set up a shadow come out we meet with you. We actually have you worked dogs like next week. I have two people coming out and we’re going to actually work dogs with them. You can make just so you’re clear to make six figures a year, training dogs, but if they don’t want to invest the time to train you to train dogs if they wouldn’t like working with, you know very selective and if you would like working, the dogs already have been disqualified. I fill out the form they found out with me. They tell us that I can’t even chat on a tip top k-9 business just go to tip top k9.Com again, that’s tip top k9. Com, and if you want to learn how to actually train your dog, do you want them just just a train, your dog for you to just go to tip top k9, can tip top, k9., comments, kids at 3, or that first $1. First lesson against kids that first $1 first lesson at tips:k9.. Stay tuned


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