Purple Cows, No-Brainers and Rapping Flight Attendants

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Are you struggling to generate leads? Clay Clark breaks down the dark art of creating “Purple Cows,” “No-Brainers” and Rapping Flight Attendants that are proven to generate a DRAMATIC increase in leads from your ideal and likely buyers.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You’re either a Purple Cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice.” – Seth Godin (The best-selling author of The Purple Cow who once sold his company YoYoDyne. In 1998, he sold Yoyodyne to Yahoo! for about $30 million and became Yahoo’s vice president of direct marketing.)

AMPLE EXAMPLES of No-Brainers:

  1. www.DrZoellner.com
  2. www.EITRLounge.com
  3. www.GuitarCenter.com
  4. www.HobbyLobby.com

$1 for your first haircut – Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge –


$99 for 1 Pair of Stylish Eyeglasses and An Eye Exam for Only $99 – https://drzoellner.com/

The Lean Mean Grill Machine – http://www.georgeforemancooking.com/

Cash4Gold.com – http://cash4gold.com/

FUN FACT: “The concept for the grill was created by Michael Boehm of Batavia, Illinois. The original intention was to create an indoor grill that would provide a unique benefit of cooking on both sides at once. A second key benefit was to reduce the fat content of hamburgers and other meats by draining away the fat into a separate reservoir. Michael Boehm designed the product with a floating hinge and slanted grilling surface to accommodate foods of different thicknesses and drain fat away from the food. Engineering work was done by Bob Johnson. Bob and Mike brought a JVC camcorder and a sample of the product in bright yellow to the office of Barbara Westfield at Salton. The video was played showing fat dripping down from the grill into the collection tray. They presented the product as THE FAJITA EXPRESS. The fajita grill had been promoted at industry trade shows in the early 1990s, but received little interest.”

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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show on your radio and your podcast

download. And today we are teaching how to make effective no-brainers. Now, you might be saying to yourself, what is a no-brainer? No brainer is a deal that is so good and offer that is so good that your potential ideal and likely buyers simply cannot say no. Let me start off with a notable quotable from Seth Godin. Seth Godin is the best selling author of be purple cow. He will be on our podcast here during the month of November. He famously sold his company, Yoyodyne. That’s why. Oh, why? Oh, dine. Dui any to yahoo for a reported $30,000,000 back in the day back in 1998 when things were great back in the day before everybody had a smartphone on their bodies back in the day when yellow pages were still a thing, we’ll sit selling the company. He was asked by Yahoo to come on board and to be one of their executives.

He did a fine job and now he has a perennial, a consistent in Evergreen bestselling author. His name is Seth Godin, and he writes, you’re either a purple cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice. So let me just give you some no-brainers. As an example, if you’re driving down the road and you see a billboard that says, first haircut, $1, no catch, no catches, first dollar, you know, first, first haircut, $1. Treat yourself to a premium haircut experience. First haircut is a dollar a. aren’t you likely to pull over? If your hair is starting to, you’re getting into getting into that Yeti phase. You’re transitioning from being a well-groomed man into a Yeti or an extra, maybe a star wars movie. You could double as a wookie. You have so much net. It tells the world you don’t care.

Would you be willing to pull, pull over and try out the hair if you knew that it was a $1 haircut with a money back guarantee. Well, another example is Dr Robert Zellner, my partner, the optometrist, he has had the same no-brainer offer, which you can find at Dr Robert Zelner’s website here. I’m pulling up right now in the show notes, so we pull it up real quick here. Feel free to pull it up there as well. Thrive nations, Dr Zelner’s is the name of his optometry clinic and let’s pull up the website here. It’s Dr. [inaudible] dot com, Z o e l l n e r Dot com and there you will see it. He is home of the $99 deal. You get one pair of stylish eyeglasses and an eye exam for only 19 or sorry for only $99. Let me, let me, let me try it again.

Home of the $99 deal, get one pair of stylish eyeglasses and an eye exam for only $99. That’s a hot deal. That’s a no brainer, you know, at the mall, a lot of times I’ll go to the mall with the kids or my wife and they have these samples where they’re going to give you an ample sample. It’s not enough to fill you up, but enough to make you hungry. And they say, would you like a sample? And they’ll have a sample of some sort of Kung Pao chicken or some kind of Asian cuisine. And if I have two pieces on the little, a little Kebab, you know, they had little toothpick Kebab. If I have two samples I’m in, I’m in. So what are examples of no brainers? One would be the buy one get one free. That’s always a move. A businesses have used that for year, for years.

A Guitar Center, one of my favorite places to shop at, they do a no-brainer all the time. They always have a green tag special, a red tag special, a clearance special at end of the year. Special. Uh, going back to school special, they always have a special and I know that the prices are pretty much always the same, but it just feels more special. Let’s do another example. Let’s go to Guitar Center Dot Com. Everybody. Let’s go to Guitar Center Dot Com. I’m pulling it up. If you’re, if, if it’s possible for you to go there right now, I’d encourage you to pull it up. So you go there and let’s look for dj gear because I was a DJ. Let’s look. Let’s look. Let’s look for DJ equipment. It’s called Dj gear as a disc jockey gear. You pull it up there. They’ve got a special that popped up here.

Let me, let me give to you. So right now as an example, you could go ahead and purchase the pioneer Dj [inaudible], Dj Controller for the Serato Dj pro. And this is normally a certain price, but for today it’s only $999. Oh, what a hot deal. I mean it’s a hot deal and they’re gonna throw in as six month, no financing deal. So six months is six months of no payments. That’s incredible deal, right? I mean, you know, maybe it’s always a good deal, but maybe now it’s even a better deal or Jbl speakers, you know, maybe thinking about getting a jbl speaker. Uh, I love Jbl speakers. Love to buy Jbl speakers and right now there was a Jbl. It’s washed. It’s a Yamaha p, a package that’s normally 1000, $199. But for right now it’s only 1090 $9. Again, it’s these discounts. Um, they’ve got the JBL link, Tint, Voice Activated Bluetooth Speaker.

Normally $149 now, just 99 95 hobby lobby every week. They’ve got a crazy discount going on hobby. Have you been to hobby lobby? Have you been to hobby? Is anybody out there about the hobby lobby? If you go into hobby lobby, they always have a special half off on the frames. Forty percent off of Halloween stuff. Right now I’m on hobby lobby.com. Forty percent off of Halloween specials. Well, thrive nation. How do they possibly offer these discounts and make any money? Well, here’s the deal. They can, they cranked up the prices before offering the limited time offer. What? Yes. They have cranked up the prices previous to lowering the prices. What points? What? Wait, wait a second. So you’re trying to tell me that hobby lobby has raised the prices and order to then go back in, but with the prices? Absolutely. Yes. So you tried to tell me that guitar center has previously raised the prices only to then lower the prices?

Yes. Yes, yes. That’s what I’m saying. Hey, are you trying to tell me that? Do a lot of companies will raise their prices and then they’ll actually just lowered them at a discount to create a sense of urgency? Yes. That’s how it works. This is how it works. Or are you trying to tell you that people today are dumb enough to fall for the old raised the prices? Lower prices move? Yes. I used to work at target back in the day and electronics department and you know what my job was to do from time to time as it related to pricing. My job was to raise the prices on the TV so that we could lower the prices on the TV. This is how it works. This is how it works. You’ve got to have a no-brainer. A deal that’s so hot. Elephant in the room, our deal is it’s a dollar for the first haircut with a one with a money back guarantee.

It’s a dollar for your first haircut, a dollar. It’s a dollar is a dollar for the first haircut. And why is it a dollar for the first haircut? It’s a dollar for the first haircut because I assume that you get you. Did you already get your haircut somewhere else? I mean, maybe I’m wrong, but I assume that you already get your haircut somewhere else. I assume you’re not just sitting around going, Gosh, I wish there was a company that cut people’s hair. This, Justin, I assume that you’re getting your haircut anyway, so I have to make you a so hot, so incredible, so good that you can simply not resist the tractor beam power of a deal. That good that my friend is called a no brainer deal. You want another example of a no-brainer, let me give it to you. Money back guarantee. That’s a no-brainer.

You say, I will get it done on time as a contractor or your money back guarantee. There’s one contractor I worked with years ago. This deal was so hot, it worked for him. It was so good. The deal was, hey, I will get your project on time and on budget. If for some reason I am behind, I’m going to find myself $500 a day that I’m behind and it’s in the contract of $500 per day refund and this is a guy who’s doing projects that averaged a ticket of $20,000. We’re talking about he’s. He’s basically giving back all of his profit. If he’s late and you say, well, how can I afford to do that? We can afford to do that because he was on time. He got things done on time. He always promised a day that he knew he could get it done by and he always got it done early. Another no brainer would be having a celebrity pitcher product having a celebrity pitcher product. Do you guys remember when George Foreman was pitching products? You’re everyone. George Foreman was pitching products. I do remember that. The lean mean grill machines.

This is my George Foreman, feminist sized grilled. That zoom. It’s my George Foreman grill that cooks Panco. It’s my George Foreman baking oven and to make it. Oh No, no. It’s actually my omelet. Mega doesn’t make. No, it isn’t. It’s a grill down guides. You all right? It’s my five with five removable cooking place, so it makes all of your favorite foods and it’s the next generation.

You remember when Ed Mcmahon and Mc Hammer teamed up to pitch cash for gold? I mean, what was their purple cow? Everybody out. There’s a ton of companies out there that we’re buying gold. Remember that when the economy was cratering and people were looking to turn to gold as a form of hard currency, every business and every local town, it’s like every jeweler was saying, we buy gold, we’ll buy gold. The price of gold was skyrocketing. Remember that people were, were fearful that are a currency, would completely lose its value, and so we turned to who, who, who was our trusted source that we turn to to tell us where to sell our gold assets. Oh No, we didn’t turn to a financial advisor. No, no. We did not turn to a. A name we can trust in the world of currency. We didn’t turn to Mr Greenspan or Mr Bernanki. What we did. We. No, no, no. We didn’t turn to any of the Federal Reserve chairman of of years past. We didn’t turn to a former president. We didn’t turn to a former executive of the bank of America for advice. We turned to mc hammer and Ed Mcmahon. Why? Because they stood out because Seth Godin, again, he writes, he writes, your either a purple cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice

money. Time. Now’s the time to send you run for cash. I can get cash, but is going with me wearing a gold medallion microphone. My goal, my goal golf club, my goal, sledgehammer, baby. Boom. My goal, my goal, my goal for placement. We Melton gold cash the number four gold.com. My friend

economy is crowded. We are in a crowded and cluttered. We’re world of commerce. We’re in a crowded and cluttered world of commerce where everybody’s competing for your attention, their Internet ads. There are billboard ads, there are mailers, and if you don’t stand out in this cluttered world of commerce, you’re going to be forgotten. You’re going to be missed. You’re going to be invisible. And that’s what Seth Godin was talking about when he wrote, and I repeat. Yet again, you’re either a purple cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice. So what you have to do today, you have to decide whether you’re going to be the buy one. Get One free guy, whether you’re going to be the, uh, get your first service free person. Maybe you’re the lady out there that wants to do the $1 service. Maybe you want to do freemium like dropbox where the service itself is free.

When you start or linked in is free. When you start, facebook is free. When you start and there’s premium services you can pay for on facebook, but it’s free to start it’s freemium, maybe want to do try it before you buy it. Maybe you want to do samples, maybe you want to do money back guarantees. Maybe you want to have deep discounts or maybe you want to have a key endorsement from George Foreman, the George Foreman. Lean mean grill machines. Story is is pretty incredible. I’m not sure if you’re aware of the lean mean grill machine story, so I’m going to assume that you’re not, but I think when you understand the story, it will. It will. It will blow your mind to maybe forever change the way that you think. This grill was created by a guy by the name of Michael Bowman, b o e h m Michael Boehm, and bought a via Illinois Michael Bowman and bought a via Illinois.

If you live in Illinois, and I’m mispronouncing that, I apologize, but his. His original intention was to create an indoor grill that would actually provide a unique kind of the, the, the, the unique benefits of being able to cook a cooking on both sides at one time. He wanted to be able to cook the meat on both sides at one time. The second key benefit that, that Michael bomb a created when he created the original lean mean grill machine was it reduced the fat content of the hamburgers and other meats by draining away the fat into a separate container. Michael Boehm and designed the product with this floating hinge and a slanted grilling service to accommodate foods, have different, uh, sizes, widths, heights, thicknesses, and to drain away the fat from the actual food. Now, the engineering was done by a guy by the name of Bob Johnson.

So Bob and Mike brought a jvc camcorder and a sample of the product and a bright, uh, in, in, in bright yellow to the office of somebody’s name of Barbara, Westfield at a company called Selten. The video is played showing the fat dripping away from the grill into the collection tray. And they presented the product as the Fajita Express, what the product was once called the Fajita express that the lean meat grill machine was once called the Fajitas Express. Yes, the Fajita grill had been promoted at industry trade shows and early nineties, but received very little interest. You understand? This product was introduced in the early nineties, but nothing was working. So what happened was after going to travel to several trade shows and after over a year of trying to pitch the product, they realized that they needed a purple cow. They needed a way to stand out in the cluttered world of commerce.

And so here’s what they did. They went to George Foreman, they went to George Foreman went to big George. This is a guy who won the heavyweight championship of the world as a boxer. They went to him. Did they go to him first? No, chuck back. She went to Hulk Hogan First Hulkamania baby. They went to them. And again, this is a product that was originally called the Fajita Express. Okay. And they didn’t have a purple cow. So they went out there to pitch the commercial. In the early nineties, after a year of trying to pitch their little recording of this at trade shows, pitching this to people too, friends trade tradeshows to potential buyers, they realized we got nothing. So they pitched it to hulk Hogan. He goes, ah, say pitched it again. No Way. The George Foreman in 1994, now here’s the deal. They could not afford to pay George Foreman. They couldn’t afford to pay him.

So in 2006 they decided to, you know, here’s what gonna do. We’re going to go ahead and have a George Foreman and Jackie Chan produced this George Foreman and Jackie Chan. They’re going to produce this. They agreed in 2004, but it really started getting traction in 2006 and we’re going to pay him essentially commissioned only every listener out there. Chip, every listener out there who’s invented a product, they could do this move, right? You could do commission only. It’s a thing. People are willing to do it. If they, if they see the vision there, they need. They’re in a spot where they need it and it makes sense. Why wouldn’t they? So George Foreman says, you know what, I like this idea. So George Foreman begins pitching it. The dude sold over a hundred million units on a commission only basis $100 million. So if you’re out there today and you’re saying, I don’t know how to create an effective no-brainer, I’m trying to give you examples of how you can do this effective ways that you can do this, but you not having an effective no brainer.

Chop is a lot like getting on an airplane. You ever been on an airplane before where the person is making announcements, the overhead announcements and you’re not listening at all? Oh yeah. Yeah. Seriously. Do. Do you like stop everything you’re doing and listened and listened typically or honestly, do you continue doing what you’re doing or do you ever just stop what you’re doing and you say to yourself, this is critical information. I should stop what I’m doing. I should pay attention. I have stopped that. I was doing one time and every time after that for 20 years I haven’t. So I’m going to do is I’m going to read to the listeners the overhead information. I recently bought at a southwest flight and I realized that the southwest flight attendant that I had was exceptional and they got everyone to pay attention, but I’m going to tell you how they did it because this is how it started and this is how they got our attention. Does that sound fair? Chip? I like it. Okay, here we go. This is the typical announcement you’re going to hear on an o on our flight, your overhead announcements. If you bought a 7:37 flight on United Airlines, American Airlines, they’re all going to basically sound the same and universally no one is paying attention. Much like nobody’s paying attention to your ads unless you have an effective no brainer. November, southwest airlines, they’re very good at getting your attention and so when I was on the flight recently, I noticed that the flight attendant said, ladies and gentlemen

like that, and they made it sound. There’s feedback and all of a sudden everybody paying attention. Yeah, and I thought that’s a good move because previously none of us were paying attention. What is it? So I’m going to do is I’m going to play for. I’m gonna read for you the typical overhead announcements and now I’m going to play for you what one super creative southwest airlines flight attendant does on his flights to get the attention of the passengers. So this is how it sounds.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our rapid rewards members or customers or the Southwest Airlines flight 77, seven service to Tulsa, Oklahoma. The fight, is it serving you today? Are Charles Amanda at the Mid Cabinet? My name is Clay Clark and I’ll be serving up or to show the African economy will be serving coffee, soft drinks, juice and coffee, alcoholic beverages, and premium nonalcoholic beverages. Maybe you’ve purchased with a credit card. We also accept coupons for alcoholic beverages. Please refer to the menu and the seat back pocket for selections in prices. You can now connect with your small portable electronic devices on the onboard wireless communication system. So for, I apologize, my CPU connection cut out there for a second. Small portable electronic devices including cell phones, tablets, ereaders, electronic games, and MP. Three players may be used in the airplane mode for all phases of flag to or functions may must be turned off once before didn’t treat is closed. Please refer to the flight service page of Spirit magazine for more information regarding the use of a portable electronic device.

No, it’s made attention. I wasn’t paying attention just now. Everyone’s drifted and they’ll either going to ask critical questions like, should you find yourself sitting in this seat of an emergency exit row? You’ll need to make sure that you verbally committed to and then new people aren’t in pain. This means if the plane has a crash landing or an emergency, you have to be responsible for opening the door in case of an emergency evacuation. Hundreds of peoples, but nobody’s paying attention right now. Without any further ado, I’m going to play for the listeners out there. What a purple cow sounds like. This is how your advertisement needs to sound. This is what your advertisement needs to do. Your ad needs to break out of the clutter because no one is listening to the overhead announcements on a plane. Nobody’s listening to your ads. You’ve got to break out of the clutter. The only guaranteed way to lose is to be conservative. Here you’ve got to break out of the clutter of commerce, and now that he further ado back to my example example that your human mind can handle of a southwest flight attendant, getting your attention

for Southwest Airlines, flight 72 service to Oklahoma City. Those of you that are flown us before know that we do things a little bit differently here. Southwest. Some of us sell job’s the same. Some of us just stand there and look. Beautiful. High unfortunately can do none of those. So here’s the one thing that I do know how to do. We’re going to shake things up a little bit. I need a little audience participation. Otherwise this is not gonna. Go over well at all. So here’s what I need, especially you guys in the front because you know what’s coming. All right, I need a beat. All right? All I need you to do a stomp and clap and I’m going to do the rest because I just. I’ve had five flights today and I just cannot do the regular boring announcement again. Otherwise I’m going to put myself to sleep. So you guys with me? All right, so give me a stomp, clap, clap. Come on, stomp, clap, clap. There you go. Keep that going.

Three slash 17 on. This was the flight attendants on board serving you today. So recent in the middle. David in the back. My Name is David. I’m here to tell you that shortly after. Take off first things first, their soft drinks and coffee to quench your thirst, but if the one another kind of drink, then just holler. Alcoholic beverage is a p $4. If a monster energy drink is your plan, that a, b, three titles and you get the whole kit, we won’t take your cash. You got to pay the plastic it. You have a pupil and that’s fantastic. We know you’re ready to get to new places. Open up the band, pull their weight, your suitcases, camera, y’all. Items go under the seat in front of you, so none of us things by your feet. If you have a seat on the road with the zipper going to talk to you, you might as well expect it. You got to help us in case we need you hit it on one of them. We’re going to research you before we leave. Our advice is put away electronic devices. Fasten your seat belt. Then put your phrase up, press the button to make the seat back. Raise up, sit back, relax. Have a good time. It’s almost time to go. So I’m done with the Ron. Thank you for the fact that I wasn’t ignored. This is southwest airlines. Welcome on board.

People cheering for the announcements

attendant. Why does it have over 2 million views? It’s because it’s not conservative, but jump. That’s the only guaranteed way to lose is to create something that’s not going to get 2 million views.

That’s right. And if you want to be remarked about, you have to be remarkable. And that’s what that was. He took a certain, you know, vanilla bland thing that most people deliver and he made it something like Steve Martin says he made it to where they could not ignore him and they gave him a round of applause afterwards.

So if you’re out there listening today, the question I have for you is, what is your purple cow going to be? Seth Godin writes again, he says, you’re either a purple cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice. It’s absolutely critical that you come up with your purple cow today, and if you download the boom book, which you can download for free today at thrive time, show.com. We list out for you a ton of different no brainer options that have been proven to work for different industries and if you can find that on chapter six of the boom book, which is a related to step number four called determine your unique value proposition. I know you have the capacity and the tenacity to succeed. I also know that you probably know of at least one person out there who needs to hear. Today’s message says, we’re out there optimizing our lives. It would mean the world to me. If you would share today’s podcast with at least one friend, peer, family members, maybe even your closest enemy, I don’t know. Share it to them via text, shirt to him via twitter. Share it to him via facebook and shelf. We want to end today’s show with a boom. Are you ready? Here we go. Three, two, one.


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