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In a world where 75% of employees steal from the workplace and 85% of candidates lie on their resumes, not everyone deserves to be heard.

FUN FACT – “75% of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.” – https://www.cbsnews.com/news/employee-theft-are-you-blind-to-it/

FUN FACT – “85% of candidates lie on their resumes.” – https://www.inc.com/jt-odonnell/staggering-85-of-job-applicants-lying-on-resumes-.html 

“FUN FACT – “9 out of 10 businesses fail.” – https://www.forbes.com/sites/neilpatel/2015/01/16/90-of-startups-will-fail-heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-10/#759e68b66679 

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” – Proverbs – 13:20

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Earmuffs. Not everyone deserves to be heard. What? Yeah, you got to put it in your mouth sometimes because not everybody deserves to be heard.

Grab the duct tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind-expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach. Clay Clark.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Dr Breck, welcome onto the show. How are you doing this morning, my friend? I’m doing great. Click. Thanks for having me. Hey, I am a, I’m having a great week. My understanding is your week might be a better than my week because your pool is now open. Am I right? Is Your Pool opens right there? It’s where it close. So do we have water in the pool? We have water in the pool. It’s water’s in the pool. What are the final stages that we have to lock down to open up the, the incredible a wasteless at Dr Brex backyard? Here we have to get the business coaching chemistry right, but other than that, we’re ready. The chemistry is that like you in the in the chemicals need to agree on things or you gotta set the set the mood set the tone. Oh Wow.

Light some candles. Okay. Oh Wow. I didn’t know this. Now, you know, the chlorine, the the calcium, the hardness, the, the Ph balance in the water. So right now it’s basically just a really big bathtub. And I talk to me about the Ph balance. Educate us and all the people out there that don’t have a pool. Educate us about the chemicals, the Ph balance, what, what, what that means. We’ll sit in ground recently replastered pool. And so to take care of that surface you have to have the right Ph. You’ve got to have the right water hardness for the, for the rest of the chemistry, the, the chlorine to do its proper job to keep the algae growth down. And so what happens if you, if you don’t have the right balance, when it gets nasty quick here, here in Oklahoma at least it gets, it gets really nasty quick.

You get a couple of leaves and debris in the pool and that’s organic matter that the algae can eat off of. And the next thing you know, you’ve got a nice green, a cesspool instead of a, a fun oasis, a little swamp instead of splash of the swamp. So now you’re saying that you, do you have a guy that comes by and does this for you or do you do this yourself? Well, we had to have it redone, like the whole pool has been renovated and why and so somebody else did they renovate it? Well we bought the house as a foreclosure and there was a lot of deferred maintenance. And so every so often there is a need to do this. And it was past due time. Like what kind of stuff you did replace the tile he had to put, we did some Stoneworks and tile work.

They replastered the surface. So that was a nice process of about an inch, inch and a half thick cause a black around your pool. A rock patio deck. Oh, cool. But it’s Kinda hot on your feet. You had, did you have to renovate that at all or is that had to be worked on some cause we had some pipes break sometime before we own the house. And so yeah they did all that. But otherwise the regular maintenance stuff I take care of. There’s so much to unpack here. So you bought your house out of a four out of a foreclosure? I did, yeah. And I like to get a good deal and I’m not asking you to share your address with the listeners now, Dr. Todd. And that’s where we’re not going to go there. And I am in the ballpark. Okay. 70 and Harvard. Okay. And so you go you just, you, you and your wife decide you want to buy a foreclosure.

That, what was your process like for buying the foreclosure? We did a lot of online searching, a lot of online. So just, you know, it was, where do you go to search for online? Foreclosures? well there wasn’t any specific place. But I would be on Realtor, I’d be on Zillow. How did you know it was in foreclosure? You can just find out the, through some of the information, if it’s, you know, bank owned, there’s, there’s a lack of of details and things that you start to figure it out. And the price point is, is definitely better than it should be for the size of it. I’m not asking that the, the price of the house, I’m just gonna ask you as a percentage. How much of a discount did you get on that house? Oh goodness. Probably about a 50%.

50% yeah. I think you bought a house 50% maybe a little more than that. I think we got it. Awesome. 45, $47 a square foot. No Way. Oh, I don’t know you. So you got the thing happen. I’ve been paying for it ever since, but yeah, that’s impressive project around every corner. That’s impressive. So you bought the thing, you got it half off your list, you’re in the business coaching house. How long have you been in the house? Just six years now. When you were going through the process of buying the house, did you have anybody who told you it’s not a good idea to buy a foreclosure? I did. Oh, don’t, don’t buy a foreclosure. It’s a bad idea. Who, and I’m not asking you to name names, but what kind of people, what people in your life were telling you it’s a bad idea to buy a foreclosure?

Well, I think some that just wanted to hear their own, their own voice. Did you have people specifically say this too? Yeah, I also had some that I think that we’re a well intentioned, but you know, looking out for my best interest not to pat, I had one that told me this is a real bad idea. I think they might’ve had another client or a different idea on the back burner. Family members going to interrupt. Some family members said, you know, I think this may be a money pit. You might want to walk away. Do you have, do you have anybody else tell you, hey, you shouldn’t buy a foreclosure? No, no, no. See. Okay. Then I didn’t wanna make sure that could be a fit. Some friends that were kind of cautiously given that information. Okay. I see. It’s some friends I mentioning this because today’s show is called earmuffs.

Not everyone deserves to be hurt. Right now, I’m just going to throw out this idea. For the listeners out there, I’m just gonna throw it out, throw it out, and you can just, you just, just, maybe you don’t like today’s show and you say, I don’t, I don’t like what you’re thrown out. That’s fine. You can boomerang back some negativity, but this is what I’m saying. Remember they need to put on the earmuffs. This is what I’m saying. US Chamber of Commerce right now is showing that right now, according to the US Chamber of Commerce and CBS News, 75% of employees steal from the workplace. Say Most Do. So repeatedly. Yeah. All right, so think about that for a second. Wow. That’s positive thing. Okay. Now think about this other fun, positive stat. 85% of job candidates, candidates are, are lying on their resumes according to INC magazine. And Forbes is reporting that nine out of 10 businesses fail nine out of 10.

So if you look at it just objectively, conservatively, at least 85% of people are wrong. Everything, right? Because 85% of people are lying on resumes, 75% are still from the workplace. I mean, Jason, would you with stats like this, would you agree that at least seven and a 10 people do not know what they’re talking about with the stats to back it up? Absolutely. But also with personal experience, I realized, Oh yeah, that’s so here’s facts. So I’m gonna give you some, some examples of what I’m talking about today and we’ll, we’ll just kinda work through this together. So one, if you’re out there listening today and you’re thinking about buying a house, okay, you’re thinking about buying a house and you’re thinking about buying a foreclosure as Dr Breck just mentioned. That’s a great idea if you have enough cash or can pull enough cash out of the house to renovate it.

But I, I don’t know anybody listening to this show who shouldn’t buy a house out of foreclosure if you can. Why? Why am I saying that? Cause you’re buying money. You’re paying 50 cents and getting a dollar. That’s a hot deal. I thought so. It’s a smoking deal. Why would anybody not do that? I’ll tell you why. Because there’s family people in your life who are going, no, you should buy a brand new house. You shouldn’t look at one out of foreclosure. You know their listen to me. Listen to me. Debt is a great way to build wealth. I mean Dr Brick, is it possible to earn $100,000 of equity just by buying a house? Yeah, absolutely. Think about that dude. Your net worth, I’ve done a little better. Your net worth goes up by a hundred grand just by buying a house, right? True. Why would you not do that?

I’ll tell you why people don’t do it. It’s because everyone around you is giving you false information, right? Yeah. Warren Buffet says, be greedy when the market is fearful. Be Greedy when the market is fearful. Let me give you another example. So many people, Jason, when it comes to growing a business, they say that the group interview is what the Group interview strategy that I’ve used for years and I’ve talked to hundreds of business owners to create time freedom for their families to create a a a inbound pipeline of great candidates. Most people when they first hear about the group interview, they say what? They say, it’s impossible. It’s unethical. Nobody in their right mind would ever do it. How could that possibly work? Who’s going to show up for it? You, you’ve, you’ve seen the group interviews as recently as last Wednesday at 6:00 PM I think. Yes sir.

How many candidates do we have show up? They’re approximate polling. One of my business coaching clients had a record week. They had eight people show up and they only had like 12 confirm on indeed, which is huge. Think about this. That means that there is a total of four in our group interview, Dr Breck we had 50 people confirmed to be on the show. Yeah. And we only had, for my, I think we only had like less than 20 show up. Okay. So why, why Jason? Would I want to interview all the candidates at the same time as opposed to interviewing them each individually? Well, cause it, I mean you just said it, it allows you to interview all of those people at one time. If you had 20 people show up, that’s half a work week. If you schedule that out throughout your week to sit down for one hour of power, like most people do, go through the process of them lying to you about the resume because 85% of them are going to, and it’s just, it’s easier.

It’s more condensed. And it shows you who your true like Unicorns and a players are going to be because the people who stand out in a group setting, those are going to be the people that you want hire. So let me just give the listeners that. I’m trying to give you two examples. I’m gonna probably give you 10 today. You Watch out, I’m gonna give you 10 examples of people being wrong, real estate and foreclosures, okay? Every, not everybody. Most people, three of four people I run into really pushback about the idea of foreclosures. They just do. Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense. So on Monday night at 7:00 PM I’m looking into purchasing a house that is it’s crazy, the, it’s listed to be worth just over $800,000. Okay? And I’m going to get that thing for $410,000. That’s great. Talk to, you know, talk about that.

$100,000 equity. Now, why that, why am I going to now, why am I going to go look at the house one more time? Why am I going to, because, because, because, because, because I want to make sure there’s not core issues that I can’t fix. Big Foundational problems. Therefore I’m bringing a, one of the guys, I flip houses with [inaudible] but most people would go, but what if the market gets bad? Are you going to be stuck on the house? What if, I mean, come on. But I just, I know very few people that say, yeah, that’s a great idea. Go do it. Most people are like, yeah, but what’s the catch? There’s not a catch. There’s a lady who needs to get rid of her house and she’s trying to sell the thing and we want to buy the thing and it’s, it’s just there it is.

Now at the group interview, I do the group interview every single week. Every week I do the group interview. You know what? I do the group interview because it works, but people push back on the group interview. Let me give you another example. Call recording Dr Brick. Why do people push back on call recordings? You’re not a business coach or a chiropractor, but why? Why do you think that most people push back on the idea of call recording? Even though American Express does it on every call? Southwest Airlines does at a t and t does it. Every large company records their calls. Why do t what is the typical small business owner pushback about the concept of call recording? We’ll no doubt their employees are pushing back themselves. You know, they don’t want to be recorded because if they were doing their job, you know, they wouldn’t push back. But yeah, I think that’s probably the biggest thing is rocking the boat.

Changing things, having to be that beneficial or a benevolent dictator. Yes. Said before. Yes. You know. But yeah, once you do, you know exactly what’s happening and what’s not happening. With your scripts and sales inbound, outbound calls. Now let me give you a few more examples of where most people are wrong about everything. Okay. let’s get into the no brainer advertisements. I know that’s super offensive for people. The idea that, I mean we’ve already dealt with buying things out of foreclosure. We’ve talked about a group interview. I mean, we really taking the shuttle a low level call recording. I mean, where do you get off recording your calls to make sure your people are actually saying what they should be saying. Now we move on the no brainer. People hate the no brainer. They hate it. Customers love the number even though it makes your customers love you.

I just hate it. Business owners hate the no brainer every time customers love the no brainer. See, I don’t understand that. I never pushed it back on the no brain. All right, so let me give you an example of a of a great, no, I’ll give you a great no-brainer. The, the New England patriots are getting set to start their season here with every other NFL team going back to summer training camp here for weeks. And Julian Edelman at the age of 32 continues to be Tom Brady’s number one target. He’s not six feet tall. He’s his favorite receiver. He was drafted as a quarterback from Kent State and he worked on the practice squad for two years before getting to play for the Patriots in game time situations. Now, what is the no brainer offered that you think the Jason, what’s the no brainer offer that you think that Julian Edelman made to Tom Brady as a young young player year one, year two?

Whoa, that’s a great question. I know nothing about football. So trying to really imagine your receiver. You were drafted, you put quarterback your whole career, right? You’re on the patriots as receiver, right? You’re sitting behind west Welker who’s a potentially a hall of fame receiver. Great. And you’re getting no playing time. Gotcha. What’s the no brainer that you could offer the greatest quarterback in the world in terms of winning Superbowls? If you, oh, go ahead. You pass me the ball and I’ll give you all the credit. Okay. What do you think Dr [inaudible]? He’s not, he’s not on the field practice squad. What’s the deal? He could do the no brainer the Julian Edelman can do until he gets on the field. That’s tough. What do you think he did to get on the field? What do you guys think you do? Oh Man. Oh, it’s an no fighter.

I’ll carry your shoulder peds practice everyday. But, but I’m guessing that Tom Brady already has somebody doing that, but that’s about like this. We got, this is what Edelman says. Edelman says that’s like the oldest play in the book. Edelman knows that Brady likes to live and work out in California during the off season. So he calls, first off, he flies to California. He and Tom have not pre-agreed to work out together. And he calls poop. Oh, Hey Tom, I’m in the area and if you need someone to catch some passes, I’m here. He’s like, you’re in the area. Oh, I’m in the area. So now the only guy who’s in the area is doing Edelman. And if you go back and watch the documentary or you learn about the business coaching situation, he didn’t have a great living arrangement set up. He’s busy couch surfing. Because when you’re on a practice squad, you’re not making very much money.

No. And he travels out there not knowing that Tom Brady is going to reciprocate and say, yeah, let’s, let’s, let’s team up here. He didn’t know if Tom Brady would appreciate that. Right. But he did it. That’s a no brainer, right? He didn’t ask to be a starter first. A lot of guys won’t do that. It won’t work out with a guy like Tom Brady and list the starter. Right. But he made a no brainer. Another example, and probably said, you know, anything you throw at me all get, except Brian. You know, that’s another example. Ryan tedder right now is a TV show called Song Land With Adam Levine from Maroon five. And we have two contestants from the show booked. Now, two of the people from the NBC show are booked now on the thrive time show. Very cool. We have Max embers book there and we have a Derrius book to be on.

These are contestants on the show. The hit show song land. It’s fun show to the contestant. [inaudible] [inaudible] Yeah. Yeah. It’s fun cause I got to tell my kids that, you know Ryan tedder. Yeah, there it is. And I guess one of their babysitters previously also, her family knows him from victory or you, yeah. Yeah. So I’m just saying Ryan tedder is a great guy, hardworking guy. And all I’m saying is that he wanted to go work for or work with Timberland. Now do you guys know who Timberland ed did you Jason do a Timberland is, oh yeah. Every time. I can’t hear the word Timberland without hearing that. Oh, really? Now. Okay. So timberland was famous for doing a lot of he does beats and he does songs that they’re very catchy and he’s done albums with Justin Timberlake. And so Ryan tedder wanted to intern for, he wanted to intern for Timberland.

Now what’s the no brainer that Ryan tedder had to make? Jason, what do you think the no brainer is that Ryan tedder had to make, he’s working at pottery barn now. Yep. Never. He’s an oral Roberts University student. I remember this like it was yesterday. He moves to Nashville or in the summers and he goes to Nashville. And what is the no brainer? What do you think, what’s the deal? You’d have to offer Timberland to get a job? They were working for one of the top producers of his time for any of the top producers. Like any of the musicians that I listened to that came up under like the mentorship of like somebody big was, hey, I’m a no name songwriter. You write beats that don’t have songs. How about I give you these songs? You make them hits, you get the credit for it.

You would love that to be true. And I want that to be true, but it’s worse. It’s worse. It’s worse because again, he’s templen how many people are making that pitch a lot and it makes the most aggressive. No brainer. The aggressive. Nope. That was a very, that was, that wasn’t aggressive. No brainer. I’m talking about that crazy aggressive, that alpha. No Brenna, no brainer. You say, are you kidding me man? This guy’s working full time at pottery barn. He wants to work for Timberland and who’s banging out hits every day. How’s he going to get that deal? Dr. Brown, what do you think he did man? I don’t know. I’m trying to think here. It’s the Steven Spielberg move. He is the same move to, does he throw in some maid service as well? He says, I will work here for free. Doing anything forever.

I’ll just get your coffee. Yeah. So he didn’t get a chance to do anything with him for a long time. He’s like the pool boy. He’s like the cabin boy. He’s like the towel guy. He’s like the gripper. He’s like the gear mover guy. You just have to get the golden look, then you got to have a no brainer. If you’re out there listening and you say, I don’t know what a no brainer is, I can’t do it. Get outta here. Do a deal that is hot. Let me tell the listeners about my first no Brandon with DJ connection. Dr Breck, how long have you been married? 15 years. Okay man. No, no, no, no, no, no. 18, 18 years now. Imagine 18 years ago, 18 years ago. You and your incredible life are looking for a DJ. Okay. Imagine that scenario. And you’ve got a guy who looks like he’s born yesterday, right?

20 years old. It looks like he was born yesterday, driving him hand painted Mazda. MPV. What kind of no-brainer do you think that I had to make to book those first weddings? Cause I had a hot no brainer and I was building DJ connection.com. But what was the no brainer that I had off? What do you think? Oh goodness. It’s me. The crazy, the crazy hot no brainer would be all do it for free. This is what I said. I said, I’ll DJ your wedding for a dollar. Now my normal price that I like to charge is 500 bucks for the whatever the business coaching package was it normally the package we, let’s say for bay. So you have 300 people, okay? My normal package price would be 600 but I’ll DJ this show for a dollar. Or if it was like 50 people, I’d say my normal show would be, you know, 500 it’s a smaller system, but I’ll do it for a dollar.

Now here’s the catch af as as it just shows wrapping up. I want you to pay me based upon what I’m, what you think I worth, how good I did. So if you are writing me a perfect 10 right, then pay me the 500 bucks. If you know for the middle package, if I’m a perfect 10 payment is 600 for the big package, right? But if I’m half as good as you want it, pay me 300 if I’m 10% as good as you think I am, you know, pay me the 60 button. How many people were you actually a 10 out of 10. But they were cheapskates like maybe two out of 10 shows. Okay, that’s not bad. And they’d pay me like a hundred bucks or something. But all I’m saying is I won people over baby. Yeah. Cause that Kinda deal is hot.

You brought the value and then they paid for it. So Dr Breck, what’s the no brainer that you [email protected]? D R B R e C k.com. Well you can come into our office, give an evaluation, a consultation exam, x-rays if necessary, and treatment all at no cost, no obligation. All at no cost, no obligation. Free 99 is my a fringe. Jason said, well Sam, I love them. Now what percentage of people come in there and they come in for the X-ray exam, the adjustment and they never come back? Very few. Like two at a 10. Maybe, maybe three out of 10. Three. I mean that’s a very good number. It elephant in the room. We are first haircut’s a dollar, right? And I would say, what’d you say Jason? Probably four to 10 people, three to 10 people. We never see him again. Yeah.

Yeah. But the deal is hot, right? It gives you the golden look. It does. Well then we get the opportunity to basically, you interview us. You see what we’re all about, how we do what we do, and if you don’t like it, you’re not out anything but a little time, Jason, let’s say that you and I teamed up to buy a coffee shop, which I know you secretly want to do. So let’s say we had a true, I know you did. Let’s say we had a a coffee shop. Yeah. All right. And we have this coffee shop and it’s located in a great area. It’s a hot, hot deal. Good downtown. It’s located by a Starbucks. So we’re competing downtown Tulsa with another Starbucks. Right. What would be the no brainer we’d have to do in your mind to win over the people? To win over the people?

We’re going head to head all out. War versus Starbucks for all the coffee people listening out there. What would you do? I would have the lowest coffee prices because, so going back to the beat, any competitor’s price. Cause as far as coffee shops go, everybody always marks everything up. And that’s the one thing people always complained about is you pay $5 for a cup of coffee. So lowest first year. And then on top of that, add on something like free refills or now let me, let me, let me educate the listeners on the super move here is what you did have worked with coffee places. So if Starbucks charges five 50, then you charge five 52, right? The first beverage is on us or it’s a dollar, right? First beverage is on us. You say, well how do I know they’re not gonna come back and screw us over?

You have to, all you gotta do is enter into the database, right? Right. To get that coffee. So you can use your name. What’s your name, your phone number? I’ll enter you into this, into the system. Free coffee for you. Yeah. Now why is that a powerful move, Dr Brick? Well, because one, you’re giving them the sample again. You bring it at you, and then they’ll, they’ll pay for it on the backside. But then when they, if they’d like it, if you over deliver with better coffee, better service, better music, better to core, better, better, better, better, better, then people don’t mind paying the same price at Starbucks. Right. True. Now the thing about commodities about keeping your prices always lower than everybody else, the danger with that is a, it’s a sprint to the bottom. Sure. But so doctor recommend you’re the cheapest chiropractor in Oklahoma.

I’m not, but the first experience is free. It’s free. That’s, see, that’s the move. That’s, you’re saying you’re, you believe you’re one of the top chiropractors in the area based upon the level of care you offer. Absolutely. But your first exam is free. Yeah. So in a way, if you can visualize it, the prices are gonna go up and all the way, all the way, all the way to the bottom for the first offer. Right. Some of the first offerings, the cheapest in town, but they’re going up a little bit on the next offers. Yeah. I mean, we’re very competitive in our pricing. Yeah. You know, we’re still a great value, but at the same time, the first visit is absolutely free. There’s never been a better value than Europe. Com practitioner just walking into your bathroom and seeing the new tile thing. It’s like a throne room.

It’s an unbelievable experience. You gotta go check out his bathrooms and Dr breck.com. Now keystroke recording. Jason, why is this so again, we’re talking today about not everyone deserves to be hurt, right? If you go out there and asked the average person, hey, is it cool? What do you think about working for someone who records your keystrokes? Now I love recording. Keith can only imagine. No. Why would I love to record keystrokes, Jason? And why didn’t most people say, oh, that’s unethical. That is shady. That gets Ya. That creates a really weird environment for your team knowing that you know what they’re doing. Why is re keystroke recording pushed back and held in such a low regard by most of humanity? Well, it’s like Brexit earlier with the call recording. It’s the people who know they’re not doing their job or no, they’re up to no good, or they’re only people who are going to push back, or the people who have had instances where they’ve gotten caught doing something before because somebody did not tell them where they did tell them.

They’re very like transparent in their handbook. Hey, we record calls, we record keystrokes. Then they get caught doing something stupid and they’re made to feel dumb and they just, I feel like holding people accountable is the biggest thing, so if somebody knows that can’t do anything wrong, it freaks them out. Yeah. The people who want to hit the panic switch, you want to hit that self destruct button. It’s like, I just want to send this awful email or I just want to go to the side. I shouldn’t go to, it’s $7 and 20 cents per computer to record. The calls are to record the keystrokes [email protected]. I don’t know why, why you would have any problem recording keystrokes at your office? I can’t think of a reason. I mean that’s like a, do you wanna know the truth? No, I don’t want it. Do you want to know how life is?

I do not want to know how life is handled. The truth. Why would you not crazy? Sir, we’ve got to your bank balance. You want to look at it? No, no. What is it now? Video recording it and the same, the nest cameras. You can get those nest cameras right now. Those are great cameras. You can pick those up at Lowe’s right now. The nest cameras. Why would you want to have video recording in your lobby? What can somebody duct? Rick, could you tell me if I, if I’m an automotive repair shop and why would I want to have the nest cameras in my lobby for the, I mean from the pit, from the client side as well as from the business owner side. Well, we live in an litigious society. And so you know, everybody is, if you end up in these situations where it’s a, he said, he said, she said, you know, he said and so a lot of times if you have it recorded then it’s, it just takes care of it.

There’s, there’s clear evidence that shows one thing or another happen and you don’t have to wonder. And so a lot of maybe potential threats get eliminated right off the cuff. Dad is amazing. It’s amazing though. It’s amazing to me. I find it to be outstanding. I find it to be amazing to me that anybody could possibly push back about call recording, keystroke recording video recording the group interview. Can it keep our own employees honest? I mean, you know, I mean I’ve had situations where you go to a store and they’re like, I’m sorry, we can’t accept cash. You know, and it’s like the company’s just admitting we hired shady people. Cause they’re not allowed to handle any cash. Where, you know, video recording, if you’ve got somebody stealing off the top, you’re going to see it. You know what I mean?

In our case, you know, you can put a video right over the front desk. I mean, it’s just right there where you can see, I mean, you are a big brother now. Are you guys familiar? Are you familiar with this book called proverbs? Proverbs? I am no proverbs. My best professional action items for a second. I was like going home. This is either [inaudible] or there’s a place called [inaudible]. That’s a great book title. It is the professional action items. Yeah, professional actions. Proverbs. All right, so this is a book in the Bible that is filled with words of wisdom that I think everybody should read even if you’re not a Christian, because there’s universal truth in there that I think everybody should grasp. But one verse in particular that jumps out at me is proverbs 13, 20 proverbs 1320. Now proverbs 1320. I’m going to read this verse to you.

I’d like Dr Breck to kind of break it down. I don’t expect you to be a biblical scholar, but I’m going to break down the [inaudible]. I’m going to read the verse to twice you marinade on it. And then I would like for you to break it down for the listeners out here, we go walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools, suffers harm. Walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. Dr Brick, how does that apply to being a business owner? Oh, there’s, there’s several applications I can make a, again, you know who you’re around is who you’re going to be like. There we go. You know, I’ve heard it said the top five people, you spend the most time with them on that too. You will be like in the next, you know, year or so. And that’s Tim Ferriss wisdom and Tim Ferriss is definitely not a Christian.

It’s a universal truth. It is. But then you also have the, the flip side of that and you know, if you’re around suffering the company of Fools you are, are also, like you said a moment ago with the prices, you’re, you’re on a sprint to the bottom. You know, the, the lowest common denominator ends up winning out. You know, if you got great quality people around you you’re going to have great quality events and life experiences. If you are at the lesser quality end of the gene pool, then you’re going to have that more bad luck as they like to, to say, you know, oh, they’re just always having bad luck. No, I mean, you, you create a lot of those things. So let’s think about this for a second. If you’re out there today, getting feedback for most people, listening to most people, yeah, you probably need to put on some earmuffs or you need to be running around your city with wearing some mums.

So people don’t are most always wrong about everything. I’m going to continue. I’m going to, I’m going to try to hammer this idea cause I want everyone to understand that most people are freaking wrong about everything all the time, right. Not everyone. I’m just talking about the vast majority, at least 75%. Now last week this was, this is a story that’s going to just freak out somebody. OK. Last week we had a client at Sam Adams. Really true story happened. They call the, they call the sign. Hi, I’m looking to buy that house to chill. And A, we in one of our agents answers the phone. Okay. Okay. We’d like to, we can show it to you, whatever they said. Okay. Yeah. And I have a friend of mine who’s going to help show it. She’s the agent, you know, so that the person already found the house before calling Sam Adams or before finding a real estate agent.

Now, according to [inaudible] dot com it’s a flat rate real estate company based in Dallas. We’ll add a little more than nine and a 10 people research. And I’ve looked for the house they’re going to buy online. I wasn’t calling a realtor. Well, I had a realtor, but I was doing the work. That’s what I’m saying. Exactly. So nine out of 10 people are doing their own research, right? So the, the, the customer, the consumer, the buyer, the potential buyer, the home reaches out and they want to offer it. It’s like 275 grand. Now I’m a, I’m a math wizard, so see if we can keep up with me or here we go, 270 flogged. I was owed times 6% equals are thousand $200 of commission at play here. Right. And they, so then the, the client, the potential buyer reaches out to us directly and they said, I now, well, what’s this thing?

You guys are doing a thousand dollar commission in our agencies. Yeah, you just pay us a thousand. Right? I know. Like, so I can say 15,000, $200 by buying a house from you. And they go, well, yeah. And they go, hmm, okay. Hmm. Okay. So and they’re just, you’re having a hard time getting it. And so they talked to their friend, their friend who has the realtor opened the house man for them, cause they already found the house. Their friend just drove over and opened the house for them. They had the magic key. The person who had had it, realtor box, right? You get in the house. So their friend invested, let’s call it an hour and they drove there, drove twice, went through traffic, a lot of adversity, right? I had to signal or turn or get gas or whatever. They drove there, open the door and then they go, yeah I want to buy that house.

And then they drove home, right? They got like an hour of their time invested and their friend is like, no, no, no, no, no you, you technically are working with me now. Right. So they can charge you a thousand but you owe me $8,100 of commission. Get out of here. No, it’s true story. This happens all the time. That’s what real estate is. This is what real estate isn’t. This is what real spies, what real estate isn’t. American contracts are complicated. So I’m going to have to help you on that part. Right. And so here’s the deal is that the person the buyer hadn’t signed with with this real estate agent an agreement and they said, what really does an agent do? We’re like, well, they may analyze the standardized contracts that are regulated by the government. So they’re doing not a lot, but if you don’t want to use them, we would encourage you not to.

And they’re thinking about this because they’re not a real friend. It’s Kinda like a person they know they’re going, hmm, I am. I just kind of, you know, sever this relationship with this acquaintance. Right. I can save $8,100 correct. And being that I don’t talk to them very much, I’m okay with probably talking to them. Never. So they call them boom. Hey agent, I decided just to, not to use you. I’m just going to go direct. And the person saved a ton of money, but it gets better. The person is thinking about moving forward and I’m thinking about just buying the house. And the other person says, well, the, the, the agent, the agent who got denied, the former friend and former friend says, hey, just so you know though, your preapproval is through this other person’s to this mortgage company that is run by this PR by a family member of this person.

Okay? And they’re going, your plot twist. Now you’re now your preapproval though. Remember, your, your loan is contingent upon the funding for my family member and that family member tacked on $11,000 of closing costs. Oh my goodness. And so they call our agent and say, do I have to use that lender or can I use someone else? And our agent says, well, yeah, we’ve got several different lenders we’d recommend, and there’s lots of men, Tulsa, let me give you some phone numbers. And so they were going to get screwed again, right? So their friend was going make a $11,000 plus the 8,000 plus the eight 11,000 on closing costs, 8,000 on commission. They’re going to make $19,000 and a million fled to that 16,000 commission on that one. Didn’t that crazy? Yeah. So we, and so Amanda ended up closing the deal and we saved that buyer.

Again, I mean significant, I mean at least 15 grand and then the closing cost by recommending a different lender. So they saved, you know, 15 to 20 grand and a to close, you know, the buyer’s like what’s the catch? How do you guys make any money? This is where I love this where I live. That’s where I love it. This is what we say. We say, here’s the deal. There’s no catch. We don’t, we didn’t really make any money. We, you know, clay, who’s the one of the owner, founder guy, he’ll make a hundred bucks and they’re like, well how does he make any money? Like we’ll have to do thousands of these, but it’s in volume. It’s a no brainer. Right? But you would not believe how many realtors this makes mad. Brett. Can you guess as to why Sam Adams realty.com is making realtors mad?

Oh, none at all. That situation. I got a thousand. A lot of people with no more friends over and over and over and over. We don’t do open houses, we do closed houses. You know what I’m saying? Because when you have that low of a commission, people want to buy that house. Right? If you were thinking about buying a house when you knew that little commission was going out, right, does that give you more flexibility as a seller or a buyer to negotiate? Sure. Yeah. There’s less commission at play, right? It’s just a better deal, right? I mean, you just say, you know, the 16,000 so now if the buyer wants, you know, 5,000 off, you’re like, yeah, I can, I can still do that. And I’m coming out head. But before the Internet, before the Internet had all the mls information available online, [inaudible] served a lot of value because they would hunt for houses, his power.

They knew what you did not know, but now they don’t. Now it’s just we, Sam Adams, we are doing to real estate. What Uber did to taxis were just going in there and just eaten up the industry. It’s great. But if you’re out there today, and I’m telling you if you are a potential buyer or seller, it would make no sense to not use a company like dor.com or Sam Adams reality because you save a lot of money, right? But if you go out there and ask the average realtor, they’re going to od shady. Tell you that h he’s gotta be shady. There’s gotta be a catch. There’s no catch. But people say it’s gotta be shady. It has to be. Now other areas, I get pushed. Other areas where most people are wrong in this will be the final one I want to hit on. This is where most people are wrong.

The 40 hour work week. [inaudible] No, that’s a sacred cow for somebody. Yeah, no, Duh. Now let me walk people through my rationale for this. All right, Dr Breck, do you remember the old story in a 40019191400 92 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. You remember hearing that as a kid and let you just say that you’re like, well, Columbus came over here and then spread disease and killed everybody. Okay. Maybe you don’t like that guy. Let’s just say we do remember there were pilgrims, there were pilgrims. Some people say they were terrorists. Okay. But the point is they came over here. They, whoever they are, they came over here and they decided to survive. They didn’t want to die as much. Right. So they thought we need to probably plant some corn, plant some crops, and build some houses. Right now did they have the luxury of going?

Well, a brother, everyone’s name was like probably has a Kia. Josiah Jebidiah or Bro, brother Debbie Java die after you. You want to go on break? We’re going to go to the subway. Well one, there wasn’t a subway, but two, the concept of going on a break for an hour, what would have happened if they would’ve worked 40 hours a week while building their houses and planting their crops that first year? We probably wouldn’t be here cause they would’ve frozen through the winter. Interesting. Their houses would’ve been half built. Interesting. So in any agricultural society, when everybody had to plant their own food, did people work 48 40 hours a week? And No, no, no, no. Okay. So then I think about a, we go forward into the history until we get into the big profound highlights of American history. Dr breck.com when you started Dr Breck, your Chiropractic Center, right?

Did you work 40 hours a week? No. Interesting. Now we’ve had Warren, we’ve had Warren we had so many big guests on the show. We’ve had Paul Hood on the show who loves to give all of our listeners a copy of snowball. Warren Buffett’s only authorized biography and I was reading, you know, Warren Buffett’s book and it’s occurred to me that a Warren Buffet he didn’t work 40 hours a week. No, I understand. He spends like six hours every day reading. So, so you think about okay, so for Warren Buffet, who’s done very well, yeah, he’s done all right. Doesn’t work 40 hours a week. If, if Dr Breck has done Williams 40 hours a week, I can kind of relate to Dr Breca. If Wolf Wolfgang, we’ve got Wolfgang puck on. Michelle, turns out he doesn’t work 40 hours a week. He worked six days a week.

And you think about, you know John Maxwell, the leadership, a speaker, we’ve had him on the show and he doesn’t work 40 hours a week. And then you think about Seth Goden, everybody we’ve had on the show who’s worth more than $10 million more than $1 billion. Every single guest we’ve interviewed, does it work 40 hours a week? Every one of them? Oh yeah. It doesn’t surprise me at all. We’ve never had a guest on the show. And I’ve read a ton. I’m not like ty Lopez where I claimed that I read an autobiography every hour, every day. But I’ve read a lot of autobiographies and a lot of biographies of very successful people were talking about Steve Jobs. We’re talking about Ben Franklin talking about Thomas Edison talking about hitting Ford, talking about Richard Branson, talking about Oprah, talking about TD Jakes. Steven Spielberg. I’m talking about very successful people and I have yet, I have never ever, ever, ever met anybody who’s had any level of success at all.

That works. A 40 hour work week ever. I believe. Now let’s go back. Cause we don’t like the pilgrim story and we don’t like these modern stories. We need to go back to get further justification. Okay. So Breck are you familiar with that book called the Bible? I am. And I know a lot of people think it’s obscured than a lichen. That’s fine. That’s fine. But let’s go with Adam and what was it? Who was in the garden? Was Edelman. Steve or eve? Who is it? Adam and Adam. Oh, okay man. So Adam, any during the garden. And I thought it was Adam and Steve all these years. No. Adam and eve that they couldn’t produce your own child. That’s why it was Adam and eve. So there, there Adam and eve in the garden. Why are you harping on the, I dunno, why am I, I’m just bringing up the facts.

So Adam and eve were in the garden and God says, Adam, here’s the garden. I want you to work it. Yeah. Now, the Bible was written originally in this language called Hebrew, right? So it was written by people that drink a lot. No, not Hebrews. Hebrew is written in Hebrew, which some called God’s language. We’ve had a rabbi Lapin on the show. He breaks down the Hebrew. He studied the Hebrew, but the word, the word work in the Hebrew [inaudible], which the [inaudible], which is the language in which the Bible was written in states that Adam was given the garden to work it. But the word work in Hebrew means worship. Worship. It also is defined as six days. That’s what it means in the Hebrew language is a six day work week. It tells Adam Adam, he’s supposed to rest on the sabbath. Do you remember that part?

Do you mean that part? Dr. Beck, we’re supposed to rest on the sabbath. Yes. So that means the seventh day, but it’s pretty specific that we’re supposed to work on the sixth day. Why do you think we’re supposed to, what? Why do you feel like that genesis? Do you feel like it’s random as a, as a guy who does believe the Bible, do you believe that it’s random that talks about the sixth day? No, I know. Interesting pattern. Now we go into exodus and exodus talks about working on the six day, right? Resting on the seventh day when we get the 10 Commandments. Yeah, just interesting. So I don’t know. I don’t know if I like it though. Cause it’s Jennifer Genesis one 24 through 26. I don’t know if I liked this part, but it says, God said I’d come in the earth to give life to all kinds of tame animals, wild animals and reptiles.

And that’s what happened. God made every one of them. Then he looked at what he had done and said and said it was good. God was a little bit not humble, you know, God said, now we will make humans and they will be like us. We will let them rule the fish in the bird, the birds and all the other living creatures. And it gave you just keep reading. You’re going to find these talks about, you got it all done in six days, but he arrested on the seventh. Now I just am struggling to understand why God would hammer home working six days in exodus and in genesis. Could it be that it is not possible to become successful working five days a week? Now you would have to ask yourself, where does the jackass, I mean concept, where does the jackass, I mean the con, where does the concept, I mean the Jack, the concept, where does the concept of the 40 hour work week come from?

Hmm. I’ve heard this before, but [inaudible] it’s right there on the tin and I know, I know I’ve shut I’ve had it and I’ve lost it, but 1938. Okay. As I say, I think it was around the depression era. Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1938 he rolls out this thing called the fair Labor Standards Act, which officially creates the 40 hour work week. Now we’ve got a bunch of hipsters living in a coffee shop, living on the couch with her mom and dad working three 35 hours a week watching Bernie Sanders youtube videos, wondering why they’re not having success. Somebody else needs to pay off my student loan. You can’t have success unless you say yes to working six days a week. You can’t compete if you don’t work six days a week. I’ve never had a single client walk through that door, walk out of that door. As a consultant client who’s had any success at all that works 40 hours a week.

I have never seen an author become successful working 40 hours a week. I’ve never seen a musician become successful working 40 hours a week. I’ve never seen a pastor. What? Oh, I’ve seen some pastors try or 20 hours. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen, it’s interesting. It’s interesting how Wolfgang puck goes on less vacation time than most people, but yet people look up to him. Right. Interesting. So I would just say if you’re out there today and you’re thinking about Jason, let’s say that somebody has a business coaching session with you and they think about going home and asking their spouse for feedback on the strategy or their best friend, why isn’t that dangerous to ask your spouse? Hey honey, what do you think about the idea of call recording? What’s dangerous? Because I mean, the whole premise of what we’re talking about is earmuffs.

Some people don’t deserve to be heard. And the one thing that I could throw out there, which at the end, since it’s on the podcast, his opinions are like Stillman’s, everybody’s got one or a couple. So you have to really, it’s so many people operate in that opinion field. There we go. This argument or conversation, which always turns into an argument so many times. So it’s like, well, I think this, well it doesn’t matter if somebody who knows something is telling you something that’s a fact and facts that irrefutable. What is your skin color? My skin color is Brown. I always joke and say it’s like caramel. So let’s have, let’s have that conversation that people can have. Cause the whole, like, I’m gonna offend somebody. Look at a phone man is real quick. Yes. I went to school in a town that was predominantly white in Minnesota because it’s called Dassel Keto.

And there was a myth going around. The white guys can’t jump right or dunk. Right. And there was this one town called Waconia. Whoa, whoa. W A C o n I. A. And there’s these two brothers named the deans. There was Joe Hadeen, I can’t remember his brother’s name. There’s two hadeen brothers and these guys were like six foot three and they could fly and they would dunk and just all the time. But in my town I would like to have the conversation that you couldn’t possibly have in modern American right now I’m going to have that, someone will get offended, but we have somebody who is not white in the room to media heat. Me Ricky can be referee here. I love to do that. This is what they said. This was, it was people in my town said they go, well you know the reason why a white guys can’t dunk cause it’s a genetic thing.

Right. Have you heard that Dr Breck? No, I’ve heard you played sports. Yeah, I could dunk actually. Not Anymore, but there was a time. Now I’m telling you that I’ve heard. I’ve heard that. Huh? That and I’m, I’m Caucasian. I’m white. How tall are you? A five. 11 okay. So I’m to say I’ve heard though that argument in the town they were going, you know, the reason why we can’t talk is because we’re missing part of like a tendon or yeah, there’s a little tendon missing. We’ll tend it, it’s very rigid. It’s urban myth. You know? Or you’ll hear a lot of white guys go with the reason why that guy can’t rap is because he’s not black. Right? Cause his tone operates differently or they’ll reverse it. So I’d like Jason because you are white and black simultaneously. True. You’re like Obama. Yeah.

I like to think of it that way. But you grew up where you probably weren’t super accepted by either group or you know, not at all. That’s what my whole, like back when I did stand up, that was my whole routine. Cause a lot of people don’t get it and then I can’t have that conversation. So you put it in like a funny element and I’m like, oh, okay. So I would like to pick your brain. What are stereotypes that you have heard about black people that you could share on the podcast or about white people that you’re like, that’s insane. Well, so one that I can just like completely debunk is like the whole rap thing. Like, oh, that guy can’t, can’t rap because he’s white, has nothing to do with your genetics, has everything to do with how creative you are. And if you know anything about the whole structure, so rhythms it away.

It’s flows. Knowing how to pull like similes, metaphors, all of that stuff. Because if you look at it, who’s one of the highest rated and highest grossing rappers of all time and both of you at the same time without you having to think about him and him and Mack Miller, those guys did, they did things that hadn’t previously done by a Caucasian, but it was because there’s very few Caucasians that were as committed to the craft as those. Exactly. But then you flip it around and what are things you hear about black people’s stereotypes that are maybe not positive? One of my favorites, it always makes me laugh is, oh, you know, it’s just those African Americans, they, they can’t swim because their bones are too dense. I’m a great swimmer and I know guy, his name is Robert. He’s about, he’s almost seven feet tall, over 200 pounds.

One of the fastest swimmers I’ve ever seen. And so all I’m saying is if you are out there today and you want to play hockey and you’re black, if you to play basketball and you’re white going to be a rapper and you’re white, you want to you, you can break through the stereotypes. But there’s this all this ridiculous momentum called opinions. Well, and, and I’ll, I’ll add something. You know, in my own ignorance grown up in rural Oklahoma I remember this little movie that I’m Mario Van Peebles did called posse posse. And the cool part about it, I mean, it was, you know, just a cowboy movie probably early nineties, I’m guessing. And you know, but at the beginning it actually like goes through like statistics about, you know, like every third cowboy was black. And it’s just something, you know, like most western movies don’t really show in the, in the movies or, or speak to.

But I hadn’t really even thought about it, you know, it’s just like I said, just in my ignorance just hadn’t really considered. And then you start, it’s kind of seeing, well yeah that would make sense. I, I just, there’s so many people out there that that should be quarterback. But I mean, well I’ve got a Rodeo, a patient who’s a Rodeo cowboy. I mean well-built, athletic, black guy. I mean, you know, there’s a Rodeo, there’s a lot of black cowboys still today. And I mentioned this because there’s somebody out there that wants to play quarterback when you’re black. Yup. And so you don’t try cause you’re like, oh I could, it’s been said that, you know, quarterbacks are white guys. There you go. And there’s somebody out there who’s wants to be a running back, but you don’t try because you’re white, you’re in, there’s all these.

And so I’m just asking you right now, today the bear to take a moment and write down, just make a list of the areas in your life. You’re being limited by the opinions and the false beliefs up those around you. Make a list of those things. So let’s, let’s get into wireless. We talked about today real estate. Maybe you’re thinking about buying real. I just talked to a young couple this week and the, the, the, the discussion was, you know, we were, we should we break our lease and go buy a house? And I’m like, well how much do you owe? And they’re like, well, you’d pay the first month’s rent and last week it’s, it’s two month penalty. So it’s like $1,200 to break the lease. And I’m like, yes, break the lease. Why? Because that’s an agreement. It’s not unethical to break a lease if you’re settling based upon the terms in the agreement.

Right? So if you’re leasing a house and the agreement states that, you know, if you went out, you got to pay two months, do it. Don’t complain about the penalty, but pay the penalty. Do it because the, the, the interest rates have never been lower. Right. Do it, I talked to another couple this week they’re going, I’m thinking about buying a foreclosure, but I just don’t know if we, I don’t, we don’t have the experience to do it. And I was told by my dad, I probably shouldn’t buy a foreclosure until I’m in like my thirties what are you saying? There’s somebody out there thinking about getting married right now, but you’re like, well I was told I need to wait till after college. Get out of here, get out of here. Everybody told me, clay, you shouldn’t get married in your 20s and as she pregnant by the way, no, she wasn’t pregnant and yes, I got married when I was 20 why?

Because I don’t benefit. I did not benefit at all from being on the dorm rooms. People say we’ll call it just where you meet, but most of your friends for life, that may be true for you or it may not be. I don’t talk to anybody and I went to college with, and you might say, well clay, that group interview, it sounds efficient, but my office, the front desk person thinks it’s offensive. You’re your front desk person also thinks it’s offensive that you should still be recruiting even when you’re fully staffed. Why? Because it makes people replaceable. That won’t be compliant. Call recording. Well, my front desk guy says it’s unethical to record calls. He’d feel like he’s being micromanaged. Right, which is why he needs the call recording the no brainer. You’re thinking about changing your life by coming up with a no brainer, but you’re not going to do it cause you ran it by your husband.

Who’s wrong? Listen, female business owner, I, I’ve talked to a lot of female business owners and I know there’s a lot of discussion about who should lead the household and these certain things, but work with me on this female business owner. If you’re right, he doesn’t have to be right too. Just because he’s married to you doesn’t mean you should get a voice about how you’re going to mark up the prices of your retail items. Quit asking him, he’s his broke as a joke and you know it all right. Just because you’re married to the guy doesn’t mean he gets to speak into your life. Jack ass rate will then he automatically got an MBA somewhere. Right. It’s unbelievable. Another example would be some people say clevis. What you’re saying to me that it is harsh. I don’t believe it. Have you actually cut off communication with members of your family who are actually in your close family?

Do you actually cut off relationships forever because of their tox please? Others because of their toxic worldview? Yes, cause I do not need to debate the merits of capitalism every thanksgiving. I don’t need to like work on my pitch every thanksgiving. I don’t need to work on my anti Bernie Sanders pitch and the thing is we used to have these people come over for thanksgiving. I used to go over there for thanksgiving. You sit down, I say, how are you? This is how the conversation would go every year. Right. How are you? I said, things are great, so how great are they? What I’m doing? Well, I mean, well you know, I haven’t been able to find a job for five, six months. Man. You know, this economy’s terrible. You know, you’re making so much. I think it’s wrong that you make so much and I make so little.

I’m like, no, nope. Let me sit down and watch football. Usually it’s the lions versus who gives a crap. Half the family’s asleep ate too much Turkey. They’re watching the game and it’s like, man, this, it’s sad that those athletes make so much more than teachers. No, it’s not. Because if America wanted to pay $100 a ticket to watch a third grade teacher teach, we would do it. Well, we don’t want to, I’m not going to run around town wearing a jersey with the name of a teacher on it. That you’re such a mean person. Okay. I’m asking you, Mr. Listener, why aren’t you wearing a jersey with the name of a t, a third grade teacher on it? Why aren’t you showing up at random high schools and paying? Can I pay $200 to sit really close to watch? No, you don’t do that.

You pay 200 $200 to go out to the thunder play to watch the Denver Nuggets play. You’ll drop $300 to go watch the Miami Marlins play a baseball game and you won’t even watch the game. You’re just going to be running around drinking beer, having a blast. The blast, but you, so yeah, it’s easy to say, well, ideologically, teachers should definitely get paid more. Well maybe we agree with that, but they don’t so move on. But every year I’d have to have the same stupid conversation with somebody who just wants to pick a fight every year. So I remember, I remember how freeing it was. I called him, right. Oh, I remember. It was so, so helpful. I called him pooper. Yeah. What’s going on with what’s up? I just wanted you to know that I will never speak to you again. So I just wanted to let you know, just to be clear, the is our last conversation role play all the scenarios real quick and you’re like no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

This is real. This is, this is happening, you know, 30 year old man, I would put it, I’ve been putting up with you for 30 years now. Right? So I’m just going to how it is [inaudible] the birth of one of my children, you showed up and went on some rant about healthcare [inaudible] to every birthday party wedding you’ve ever been to, a couple of which you’ve had to go to for you. You know it’s always been toxic. So here, just make sure you’re understanding the words coming out of my mouth here. If you are near death, like say you’re on the side of the road and you have one person to call, don’t call me cause I’m blocking it. All right? If you are needing someone to attend a wedding, number three, don’t call me. If you are finding yourself needing a friend, I am not that friend.

If you say, I need my family, you don’t have any more, whatever paperwork we need to fill out, we’re done. I’ll change my last name if I need to, but we’re done and they’re going really well. Good. I want you that. What that hate to keep you from calling me and he burned that bridge. I’m telling you, I’m telling you, there’s somebody out there that’s got an abusive uncle in your family. Maybe you were raised with a father that abused you. I’m telling, I had multiple of my claim, multiple clients of mine who their fathers beat them as kids and as adults verbally beat them. Right. And I’m like, I ha I give you permission to never speak to your father again. I realize he’s in a prison somewhere, but you don’t have to answer the phone call. Just cause you shared a little bit of DNA doesn’t mean that you have to continue to have a relationship just because toxic then it doesn’t need to be in your life.

Just because you live in the hood doesn’t mean you have to stay in the hood. Just because you live in the woods doesn’t mean you’ve stayed in the woods. Right. I see a lot of clients who are sharp, people that come in, they bring in their staff with them, great people, and they’ll say, well, hey, I would like to introduce you to my staff. I’m this, here’s my, my brother-in-law, and he’s helping me with my sales. And I’m like, okay, what’s your name? Well, my name is Clayton and I do all the sales and I’ll tell you what you know. Well, Cletus this week, did you make your, you know, we’re talking this week as a, I guess we’re supposed to make a hundred calls a day. Is that right? What I was, but I didn’t do it. Well, why not wait. Oh coach, I didn’t want to.

And I see this business owner being held limited and held and they’re big sabotage by the redneck cousin, collegiate Cletus. And I’m going, hey Mr. Business owner, have you ever thought about firing Cleatus? Well, w w w what he ever thought about firing Cletus no. Why? Because he’s my cousin. You’re aware that Cletus is stealing money from you. And not making calls and not doing the job right, and you’re not going to find w,W , w then they’ll say something like, well, blood stickers and water. I’m like a perm was a haircut in the 80s I don’t know. How is that helpful that that statement? Blood’s thicker than water. Okay, well a person was a haircut in the 80s what does that mean? Nothing. The point is you got pump that person, I mean, Jason, have you seen this before, Dr Breck? Have you seen this before?

I mean, I want to have taken this. Jason, have you seen a client who could be successful but they have a moron as a partner friend and somebody in their business? It’s just sabotaging it through passive aggressive jackass [inaudible] same situation. The in that same person was the head of sales and all of their leads and every week that we would meet the business owner could have been fantastic, but he left everything that was going to jumpstart the sale. So the person who’s supposed to make the calls here to set the appointments, supposed to record all the data, go to somebody who didn’t want to do it, and then he didn’t have the stones to fire them because they were family. So I’m just telling you, if you’re out there today, if you want to become successful, you’re in a rare group of people. If you get there and it’s not lonely at the top, it’s just peaceful.

That’s great. It’s peaceful. I’m going to write that down. It’s very peaceful. I own the, it’s peaceful. No, I actually, actually I just finished hand writing a book about that is I have two books coming out that are handwritten and, but I mean, so yesterday at Camp Clark, we’re all putting in the row of trees. We’re digging a trench for the entryway, finishing up. It’s really cool stuff. And Ah, there was no drama, right? The whole day. Nobody had a drug problem. Nobody was having issues. We didn’t have any fighting, no screaming, no yelling, no stealing, no Bernie Sanders debates. It was just a peaceful thing. I didn’t go over to my neighbor’s house and give them feedback. Right? They didn’t come over to me and give me feedback. There’s no fighting. There’s no affairs. There’s no stealing. There’s no, it was a peaceful place. But Dr Breck speaking to the life of somebody out there listening who’s got break ties with somebody today, if there’s somebody in their life they’ve got to break ties with help somebody out there.

Oh Man. All right. So like I said before, if you share some DNA with somebody, that does not mean that they need to continue to be a toxic force in your life. So as an adult, clay, myself, I believe Jason, we all three give you permission to no longer have that person in your life. And so you know, if it’s a work environment, first of all, as a business owner, I recommend not ever hiring family in the first place that there’s a lot of time is there, because my personal, I would sit and I’ll say it because I want to make sure everyone gets this. Only hire somebody who you would fire if that is what was required. Right? So if you hire somebody who’s an fireable, so I would say yes, I agree with the don’t hire family. Yup. Unless you’re willing to fire them, right.

Don’t hire friends unless you’re willing to fire them and don’t hire anybody unless you’re willing to fire them. Because if you have somebody you can’t fire, that’s about vineyard now hostage again, hostage. And so yeah, any, anything that’s holding you back. You know, if you actually want to be successful and you don’t want to be that statistic of the a nine out of 10 small businesses that will fail, then you have to be willing to do what others aren’t willing to do. And sometimes that’s a draw the hard line and you know, Ridge your life of, of that toxicity in those toxic relationships. Think about this in a world where 75% of employees steal from the workplace, 75% and 85% of people lie on their resumes and nine out of 10 small business owners fail. You probably should put on some ear muffs because not everyone deserves to be heard. And now that he further, I do three, two, one.



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