Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (with NBA Legend David Robinson)

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NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson explains faith and what it means.

Get ready to enter that thrive time show 321 boom. Alright thrive nation, walking back to the thrive time business coach show on your podcast download. Now during today’s podcast I had a unique opportunity to sit down with the nba hall of fame basketball player, david robinson, where he explain to me what faith means to him. He explains to me why he believed so much and the kids of san antonio that he was willing to put in 9 million dollars of his own money into into the development of a non-profit, charter school call the carter academy has done so well that once they mailed the concept, bb gun to scale that concept inner-city kids, that many people in the world have forgotten about our now scoring on a very, very high level in the in the carver academy has been changing lives in the san antonio area, but somebody had to be a catalyst somebody had to believe in those kids before I leave those kids somebody to put their own money into the environment into the community before other people got behind it before the bandwagon be up before the parade begin before everybody else began. Believing that this was a good idea, somebody had to start the movement and that somebody was the nba hall of famer in two-time gold medal, olympic athlete, david, robinson god prompted you or you were obedient to the idea that you are supposed to start a school and i. Think god blessed you with financial resources and a business coach to do so, but you had to pay taxes as an athlete. So I don’t know what your total earnings were. It is a player and I’m sure we can look it up if you wanted to but you’re in the lot, but they take about half of it after taxes, and so whatever was left in the bank account. You were wise with your money, but you decide I’m going to start the school and I think the public record that I can find shows about 9 million dollars that you put into starting the school is that you spend $99 and starting to school roughly roughly, and how did you decide? That was a good idea. What was your process because again, I had to be tough. Did it to spend that much money on one single idea, I didn’t I saw it in spending that money in investing in those children investing in my community I didn’t see it as I was certainly wasn’t throwing the money away the number one. If, if you have belief, you have to put your money where your mouth is, or it’s not really believe? It’s not that’s. What faith is right? It’s a substance of what you hope for the evidence of those things. You cannot see rachel. That was my evidence of those things. I could not see I put forth. You know my resources to say:hey i, believe in you, kids I believe in your future, I believe in the future of the young people of america and I’m, going to support that. Can you repeat that, for maybe somebody who doesn’t is kind of new to the concept of faith, he said faith is the belief of substance of those things you hope for, but the evidence of those things you cannot see. So all you have is your faith. Faith is substance. It’s what you have faith is like movements.

Action i, have faith in my marriage, so I’m going to do the things that support my marriage, because I believe that in the long run it’s going to be successful and prosperous. So my business coach faith is the substance of what I hoped for, but the evidence of those things which you cannot see. I can’t tell people for sure he most people in the world sign a prenuptial agreement. That’s there evidence of their marriage. For me, my evidence is my face, so I believe that we’re going to be married for the rest of our lives. Everything I do is my faith. It’s the evidence that we are going to be married for the rest of my life. So it’s the substance of what you hoped for and the evidence of those things you cannot see. So whether I make it a decision about a business to start a business to buy thinking about retiring from my nba career at said that I have found myself worrying about is when I’m going to retire or I’m thinking about moving or starting a school or investing at the end of the day. You want to make sure step one that we align it with our vision to sort of look for the win win and then three get as much facts as possible as much information as you can in and make a decision based on that information about on the best available information. Do your due diligence and that’s the very best you can do, and then you jump you jump, then you jump, you know not. Every decision is going to be a good decision, so you live with it. I would say, jump and never look back. Reid hoffman, the guy started linkedin he’s famous for saying that starting a business is essential, being entrepreneurs essential, like jumping off a cliff and then assembling an airplane on the way down an airplane like that at times, you ever feel like that after you made the decision to start carver go up and maybe some things weren’t coming together. The way you wanted them too, and maybe the build the buildings a little behind and construction, and maybe a key employee after I mean did you ever feel, like all man, but you just maintain that faith in that decision or have a book full of times when I feel that way. Sometime, so we were putting curriculum together we were hiring people. We were firing, people we work.

We were trying to work with the carver cultural center. We were trying to work with the city, I mean so there’s always complications in everything we had to buy the property piece by piece. So you can imagine, when some of the people found out that we were wanting to buy the property that all of a sudden, this little torn down, shack that they had that they had no interest in me for is now worth something to them, so they become an obstacle. They were condemned buildings that were proclaimed by the city as historic buildings. You know crack houses so many times when I question my decision and I wondered man am I doing the right thing. You know there’s so many challenges, but then it always comes back to number one day. You feel called that you’re supposed to do it. If you do, then none of that really matters, and then the number to you know are you:are you going to be able to accomplish your mission and that never changed I felt always felt like I was going to be able to accomplish my mission I always felt like we were going to create a generation of leaders for it for this young generation early early students on his now I want to say he’s in medical school or he’s trying to graduate from medical school in homer graduate from medical school is a doctor now and yeah he’s a he’s, a doctor in residence and and just really it’s a wonderful story of a he was in our very first class. Get more business coach podcasts by subscribing to iTunes.


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