Questions from Thrivers Kristal and Lanny | How to Stay Motivated and Knowing How Much Info to Share with Your Team

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Learn how to discover the perfect career for you, how become a more efficient person, how to motivate yourself on a daily basis, and much, much more…

Kristal Picolet with the Heartland Home Educators

  1. They have homeschooled for 5 years
  2. She used to be a testing administrator
  3. She saw hack-a-demics first hand and felt lead to disciple her kids
  4. 2 kids
  • What specific advice would you give to current 7th-12th grade students trying to discover their passions and fields of expertise?
    1. Shadow somebody who is currently doing what you want to do and see if you actually want to do it.
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People around you, constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires.” – Robert Greene (Mastery)
    3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Graphic design / videography
    4. BOOK – The New Imperialist
  • What daily habits make you successful? What if you could only pick 2-3 habits? What would they be and why?
    1. Daily meta time
      1. Wake up one hour before you see another human and think about your life in the following areas and make sure you are on track:
        1. Faith
        2. Family
        3. Finances
        4. Fitness
        5. Friendship
        6. Fun
    2. Daily to do list
    3. Daily calendar
    4. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Clay’s clipboard, to-do list and calendar system:
    5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.” – John Maxwell (The best-selling author of 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)
  • What do you attribute your success to?
    1. I focus on what I can control and don’t think about anything that I cannot.
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The serenity prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;  courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him forever in the next. Amen.”
  • What has been one of your biggest mistakes/failures and how did you overcome it? What did you learn from it?


    1. Investing time in B-players.
    2. I fired all of my false-friends and embraced the group interview.
    3. I began forming relationships only with people who share my values and my work ethic, otherwise our relationship creates perpetual resentment.
    4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10
  • What are the biggest challenges you faced getting started?
    1. Capital – I worked at Applebee’s, Target and DirecTV all at the same time then I worked construction and turned off the air-conditioning so that I could afford to advertise.
      1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Lund Poured Walls (no website) –
    2. FUN FACT – “85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes.” –
    3. FUN FACT – “75% of employees steal and most do so repeatedly.” –
    4. FUN FACT – “78 percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner.” – 5 Myths About Cheating
    5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain
    6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Frederick Douglass (American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman.)
  • How did you motivate yourself through the journey?
    1. I read books about people who have already done what I wanted to do, this I have never needed friends or outside encouragement.
    2. Positive movies only
    3. Avoid the physical presence of negative people
    4. Surround myself with positive people
    5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10
    6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Say no to TV and the News and they will eventually feature on the TV talking about your success.” – Clay Clark
    7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.” – Andrew Carnegie (At the age of 13, he had to start working as a bobbin boy, changing spools of thread in a cotton mill 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in a Pittsburgh cotton factory. His starting wage was $1.20 per week ($33.94 by 2017 inflation)
  • If the goal is to leave a legacy, leave our mark/basically make a difference in the world how does somebody narrow that down into specific goals?
      1. I don’t necessarily believe that the goal is to leave a legacy.
      2. Imagine being unable to sleep, as if you were in an I-Don’t-Want-To-Miss-Santa-Clause kind of way because your mind is always thinking of fun, new ideas and concepts that you could implement at your job the next day. As Def Jam founder and entrepreneur Russell Simmons has written,
        1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The goal is to be able to live your life the way Michael Jordan played basketball or Marvin Gaye sang a song. To be able to feel the way you feel when you laugh at a joke but to feel that way all the time.” – Russell Simmons
      3. Imagine what it would be like to never worry about money (because the people with the most money worry about money the least). Imagine what it would be like to actually get paid to pursue your passions. Imagine for a moment . . .
  • What do you contribute your success and enthusiasm to?
    1. Doing what I am doing is what I love to do. Having conversations with people like you is what I am supposed to be doing. I do not care what other people think and I get my value from God.


Question From A Thriver – Lanny – On a recent Podcast, Dr. Z was answering a question from another Thriver about average employees who are more concerned about the time than delivering results. Dr. Z said “That’s what happens when you get employees that maybe know too much of the personal numbers and business of what’s going on”. How do you decide how much business information to permit employees to see, such as profitability of jobs and projects?”

  1. Need to know basis only
  2. 75% of people will eventually screw you
    1. FUN FACT – “85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes.” –
    2. FUN FACT – “75% of employees steal and most do so repeatedly.” –
    3. FUN FACT – “78 percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner.” – 5 Myths About Cheating
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People around you, constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires.” – Robert Greene (Mastery)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Only the Paranoid Survive.” Andy Grove (Hungarian-born American businessman, engineer, author and a pioneer in the semiconductor industry.)

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Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

My name is Clay Clark. I am the father of five human kids and I’m excited today to have a fellow homeschooler on today’s business conferences show. Chop Chop. We have crystal on today’s show and she also had homeschools her kids. She’s a homeschooler chuck. You know when a lot of people here that I homeschool my kids, I think to they, they usually will say, you can hear them think it or you’ll hear them say it like, why would you do that weird thing to do what you love your kids. And so crystal, I’m gonna Start by asking you a question, then I’ll answer all the questions that you would like for me to answer on this edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. Why have you decided to homeschool your, your, your kids?

Well, I’m primarily because I used to be in testing administrator and I also felt really compelled by God to disciple my kids in a different way. Um, you know, I started answering questions I never had as a kid. Like does God really care it will he use you if you don’t know Algebra? And so it changed my whole mindset, my whole like what is education, you know. And so that’s primarily why I just, I said I’d never homeschool. And now here I am five years later.

So now your kids, how old are your kids?

I have a seventh and eighth graders.

And so how did you hear about our radio show or, or our podcast? Did you make a series of poor life decisions or how did you find our radio show?

Um, no, actually I follow 1170 cafe. Tulsa comes to talk. I would always listen to you during the daytime and I, my kids love hearing you talk, you know, real authentic.

Ooh Boy. Sorry about that. Okay. So now I’m going to answer any questions that you have for me here. It’s kind of a special edition of the ask us anything segment of the thrive time show. So Crystal, I am all yours. What questions do you have for me? My friend.

Okay, well so because we do homeschool, I’m getting ready to teach the seven habits for highly effective teams fall and so I wanted, I was trying to put together a panel and so obviously you came to my mind and so one of the first questions I would ask you, but I would like my students to kind of be aware of is what specific advice would you give current middle, high school aged students, um, who are really trying to discover and hone in on their passions, their fields of expertise, you know, what, what would you tell them?

Well, what’s kind of a fun Unicorn event is today a crystal. We also have Ryan on the show with a tip top canine and Ryan, how you doing by the way? Doing good man. Doing good. So I’m going to answer this question but I want Ryan to also chime in because he owns his own business. And Ryan, how long have you been self employed? At what age were you first self employed? Twenty to 22. Okay. So He’s been self employed for a long time. So this is my advice for all the students out there, shadow somebody, shadow shadow somebody, become the shadow of somebody who is currently doing what you think you want to do to see if you’d actually want to do it. And so I have an example for you. Um, I went to oral Roberts University and I’m not ripping on the school, although I often do a. and so I went to oral Roberts University. I went to Harvard University and I studied multimedia, multimedia and crystal. What they do is to four year program, but I didn’t touch a piece of equipment or do anything related to multimedia until crystal. What year do you think you should be touching the equipment? If you’re getting a degree in multimedia? So you should be like year one or two or what year do you think you should actually be using multimedia equipment? If your degree is in multimedia?

Well, I think it should be at the beginning, right? Because you’re a homeschool person, you think logically know. But Oral Roberts University, I had to wait until my junior year naturally touch equipment. Now the equipment that I used was old, it wasn’t modern, it wasn’t relevant, it wasn’t what they use today, and so I sat down with a, a person who’s pretty high up at the school and I said, hey, I gotta ask you how much money do you make per year? And he kind of looks at me with that face of like,

oh man. And I said, so no, seriously, how much money do you make per year? He tells me, and crystal, I realized that as a disc jockey working out of my business conferences dorm room, I was making two times more than somebody who had completed a degree from Oral Roberts University in multimedia who was teaching the class. Furthermore, I said, do you like it? He goes, no, I hate it. Do you want to shadow me? And I said, sure. So I’m watching him spliced together video and editing audio and I realized that is terrible. And so I didn’t know that though until I was three years into college. Now my wife studied broadcast journalism and she got an internship at one of the big local TV stations and her first day on the job, one lady says, now if you want to work and this field, you’re going to have to have your teeth done.

And Vanessa is like, why don’t you guys, you’re gonna need to get veneers and you’re probably need to get to get some augmentation done because nobody who’s on TV hasn’t had work done. And just so you know, everybody hears divorced so that because you got to look for the lead story. And so honey, I’m going to tell you this, if you want to be in this job, that’s what you’re used. But Esa came home like our first or second day after interning as a junior. Actually, she interned as a senior, uh, there crystal. And she realized I don’t ever want to do this. It was terrible. So, and I, I. This is a seventh grade show. It’s uplifting. So this is where it gets into the good stuff. When I shadowed an actual entrepreneur who loved what they did, I thought to myself, yes, this is what I want to do.

I want to own my own thing. And so, um, I got a chance to work at tax and accounting software as, as a, as a intern. And Crystal, I realized right away, oh my gosh. Tim Redmond is managing 450 people. They started that thing out of a condo. I would love to own my own thing. That sounds awesome. Wow. A steel house productions. I mean, this guy makes commercials for a living. Wow. That is awesome. And he’s self employed. That’s cool. But if I had to complete my degree to get a soul sucking job that I don’t want, that doesn’t make any sense. So I started reading entrepreneurial books and I read a book, um, that featured. It’s called the new imperialists and Eric, you can put that on the show notes and it’s about Jeff Bezos a, I’m sorry, it’s about Bill Gates and it’s about, uh, uh, the gentleman who started Cisco Systems and it’s about how entrepreneurship works.

And it totally ignited my passion to work for myself, so my advice for anybody out there, whether you’re seventh grade, twelfth grade, 13th grade, 14th grade, 15 grade, 16th grade is shadow somebody who is currently doing what you think you want to do and then see if it’s a good fit before you invest any time or emotional energy into getting a degree in that field. Now, Ryan, I want to ask you, when did you know you wanted to become a, a full time self employed dog trainer? Well, I actually actually worked for a dog trainer for free because they wouldn’t hire me. Right. Whoa. So there it is. Yeah.

But a lot like what you were saying with the life experiences, like I actually did that. I thought I wanted to be like stockbroker. Yeah. Um, and like trade security, stuff like that. And I actually went to trading floor where they’re trading like natural gas and uh, actually shadow people are like managing mutual funds. And honestly, I do not want to do this.

Crystal, do you know who Ryan tedder is? Debbie [inaudible]. I’ve heard about them on the, on previous shows. Who Ryan tedder is, will Ryan for all your students and especially your kids, you can look him up. He’s a Tulsa guy and Ryan was on the same floor as me in college and he covered a Dj show for me and some things, but Ryan and I were good friends and he’s now a grammy award winning artists. He writes songs for beyonce and Adele and Youtube and Taylor swift and Ryan tedder is groups called one republic that’s his group. And he writes music for a lot of top hits. And Ryan went out to intern for industrial light and magic and Nashville and he fell in love with the music industry. And I, I’m 100 percent certain that if he had not had interned there and his left Tulsa to intern in Nashville because he was studying pr, you know, he didn’t even play a guitar until it was a freshman in college.

I mean, this is a guy up there winning grammys, you know. Um, and I would say is all your, for all your students out there, you just so important that you shadow whatever career you think you’re going to do. And Shadow as many times as you can, and I’ll just give you a capstone story. Recently we had somebody who attended our workshop who has been in their industry think about this crystal for 25 years. This persons served in the military and they went all the way to the top of the military only to discover that they cannot stand working for the military. And the guy shadowed me for a day and it occurred to him I don’t want to do that at all. So we totally switched careers and Chrysalis is where it gets fun. At an age of over 45, he discovered what he wants to do and he’s now making more money per week than it used to make in a month. And this has all occurred within like an eight week period of time.

I believe it.

It’s huge. So in Ryan, what was your all duty do to encourage all the seventh graders out there? A couple Saturdays, a couple saturdays ago, you guys had hit a sales record. What’s the most number of sales that you did on a Saturday? Training dogs? Yeah, just under $30,000. We sold $29,000 worth of dog training. Yeah. It used to be so excited when he sold that much a month. Crystal. $30,000. Congrats. Nice. Crush it. Training dogs. Tip Top canine. So your students out there, hey, if you want to make $100,000 a year training dogs, you can do it. Alright. So the next question, crystal, what’s the next question that you have there?

Okay. So kind of going along the same thing as what daily habits do you believe make you successful? And if you could really just hone in on two or three, what would they be and why?

Uh, well I have my big three and the, they’re not going to change. So maybe we listens to the podcast quite a bit. We have thousands of podcasts and you’ll hear these over and over every single day I get up one hour before I see a human and I do met a time which I’m a Judeo Christian. So you might call that prayer time. Uh, you might call that quiet time, you might call that meditation, but it’s where you think about your life in the areas of your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. And you ask yourself, am I going where I want to go into today? What do I need to do in my life, in the areas of my faith, my family, my finances, my fitness, my friendship, and fun, it. And Crystal, do you know what I came up with today during my business conferences time?

Tell me,

this is my big one today. Every day I have a big one. I’m getting rid of a cell phone entirely soon. I will not have a cell phone. Nice.

I have a flip phone. So I’m with Ya.

And the reason why, the only person. Well, the reason why is because Ryan and I are partners with tip top canine. I’m partnered with oxy fresh and I’m partnered with elephant in the room and those people need to be able to reach me partners, but everybody else who’s not a partner, I don’t want him to reach me and it’s not because I don’t care, but it’s because we’ve had. I mean I’ve had so literally thousands of former employees have worked with me over the years and usually they want to reach out about once a year like, Hey, I’ve got a big life decision I need to make and I love that, but my number one and you tell me Chris, so you can kind of educate me. I want to get the listeners to tap into your mind because I really do think we share the same values here. Faith in your mind, is faith come first and then family or how do you prioritize faith, family, finance? How do you, how do you prioritize that?

Your Life?

All right. Thrive nation. When we returned from the commercial break more with our exclusive edition of the ask us anything thrive time show podcast for crystal, a homeschool mother gets to ask us any question that she’s ever wanted to ask us and uh, it, it turns out to be a lot of fun. We really appreciate her reaching out to us at Info at thrive time. But first chopos about our show sponsor. Well, the classic clean Dot Com, classic tutorial of course, and if you’ve got priorities with your life in business, you need to prioritize keeping that bathroom clean. We want people to drink out of that urinal if you want to, I wouldn’t recommend it, but get a hold of these guys at nine. One, eight, six, seven, one, two, zero, four, six. That’s nine. One, eight, six, seven, one, two, zero, four, six. So you want to make your bathroom is so clean that people could drink out of the urine they should drink. We’re just saying you want to make your urinal so clean that people could in fact use it as a drinking fountain in their time of need. The classic, we’re now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show on your radio, your daily audio,

Joe of Mojo, and then a lot of people didn’t know, but if you email us [email protected], that’s [email protected]. We will actually call you and answer your questions as part of the podcast, so without any further ado, back to our conversation with crystal. She’s a mother of two who homeschools her kids and she has some questions for myself. Mr Eric, chop and Ryan wimpy with tip top canine,

but my number one, you tell me Chris, so you can kind of educate me. I want to get the listeners to tap into your mind because I really do think we share the same values here. Faith in your mind, is faith come first and then family or how do you prioritize faith, family, finance. How do you, how do you prioritize that in your life?

I mean, faith is always first, you know, it’s the relational with him and then he works through me and to my family.

Yeah, and so I think that the gods you able to reach me, right, and then my wife, but there are so many folks that like don’t need to reach me and it’s somebody who, you know, we had to fire four years ago or some employee that literally quit last minute and move to Hawaii now wants to reach me and help them and I, it just, it doesn’t end. It never ends. And so I’ve decided to make that, that move. Also this morning in the area of faith, I’ve decided nothing, nothing huge, nothing big here, but I’ve decided that there’s a certain part of me that needs to die and that’s the part of me that really wants people to be successful more than they want to be successful, you know. So this morning I had that epiphany. I’m like, you know, I can’t make people, I got to share your faith, but I can’t make people have marital peace.

Um, finances. Uh, this morning I really didn’t have any epiphany’s in my time. I thought to myself a good job. Self fitness. Uh, I worked out this morning with John Kelly and he did, I’m more inclined curls than I did and for that I will in your face now after that will be, I hope will wind up in the next day. He was huffing. I saw them this morning. No friendship. Um, I realized that I have a great group of friendships. I want to schedule a specific time to go out with somebody this week. And then for fun, I thought about tonight I’m going to grill with the kids and watch a documentary hope free. Hopefully if, if one exists about Phil Jackson with the kids. There you go. So every single day I do that and then I make a daily to do list, which is just taking the things I want to do and putting it onto a list. And then the next thing is I make a calendar every day in my calendar, every day on my calendar. Today it has a time slot to answer a questions from great thrivers like you. And that’s why we’re here. But then after we record, uh, I have it on my calendar to take my kids out into go grilling because that’s what I do every night.

So speaking of calendars, because that’s one of the main things that we’re going to cover this year. Do you do a calendar on paper or do you do it in an electronic device?

Great question here is the technology can be a tool or technology can make you a tool. Technology can help you or it can hinder you. So here’s an example of technology hurting you. I have a very good friend of mine. By the way, do you have a smart home? Crystal Diva Smart House?

Uh, no sir.

This you would like to flip phone. Remember that? Well, I’m just saying [inaudible]. This is crystal. Hopefully you can appreciate this story. A very good friend of mine invited us over to state as home a big house. We’re talking like a 10,000 square foot house. We’ve been partners for a while and he says, I want to show you my new house. I get there. I noticed his garage door is wide open and there’s a lot of Nice stuff in there. Crystal and I also noticed that the music downstairs is like pulsing Lee super loud and I said, hey, what’s going on? He goes, I can’t shut my garage and I can’t turn off the music. And I’m like, really? He goes, yeah, I can’t get ahold of my guy on the smart, the smart home thing. Are you kidding me? So like the. This technology actually made them dump.

It was so funny. And so your calendar. I use a google calendar which is free for all the listeners out there and I schedule everything I need to do and then I print it off and so right in front of me right now I have my schedule today and so it says for I am clay works out 7:00 AM, clay meets with coaches, 8:00 AM elephant room manager meeting nine claim meets the all team members. Tin Claim meets with Colla, 11 clay meets with Colla, 12 claim meets with tip top, one clay meets a special k, two clay leaves to record, three clay meets with crystal, four, five, six, etc. But it’s printed out and then when I was on my schedule gets done in chump. You’ve seen that whatever is on the schedule,

and that’s the whole thing aBout a crystal is that you’ve got to update your to do list everyday and print off a new one, so take the handwritten business conferences notes and so what you can’t see right now if you guys are out there listening, is that I clay, everybody at the office. We have a clipboard and we have our to do list on top In our daily schedule printed out from google calendar. what do you love it?

Why don’t you do this? Why don’t you take a photo of the clipboard real quick and we’ll put this on today’s show notes. That way crystal can see a photo of the calendar. Can we do that? A photo of the clipboard to do listen to counter. That way all your students can see it. Does that answer your question?

That’s perfect. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you.

John maxwell, the bestselling author of 21 irrefutable laws of leadership once wrote, the secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda. The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda in crystal has point of this as proof of this. Um, are you, do you shop at hobby lobby?


Oh, I love hobby lobby. I big, big shout hobby lobby. So when I met the founder of hobby lobby, I spent a day with Mr. Green and I’m at his desk. He has a big executive desk, big old wood desk and I noticed there’s nothing on his desk except for a to do list. And the man never answered a phone all day. And I said, sir, can I ask you, do you have a phone? And he says, nope, you don’t have a phone. Nope. So how do you know what to do? I mean, because it’s a billion dollar companies as well. I make a to do list and then everYday I do it mind mindblowing. And I said, well, what if like I had just, my mind was I couldn’t grasp it, so he said, clay, people’s failure to plan never creates an emergency for me. So I have a set time where I deal with burning fires and issues of the day, but it’s in my calendar in maya secretary sets that for me, but I’m here with you right now because my phone is off.

You can’t call me because I don’t have a phone that you can, you know. And he was like the most free guy ever, but he’s a billionaire. And I was around a maurice kanbar who invented the needle protector. Um, you know, the needle, the nurses back in the day used to poke themselves with needles accidentally. The guy who made the cover for that, the guy who invented the modern stoplight, the guy who invented the first multiplex theater and the man who invented skyy vodka, he told me we’re hanging out one day and I’m like, maurice, how do you not get cold all the time? I mean, you got all these businesses, he’s just, no one can reach me because I’m. I don’t take calls. I thought, oh, that’s the move. You know? I was with David Robinson, nba hall of fame player. He started a multi, multimillion hundreds. He owns academy sports. He owns part of the spurs. He owns omni hotel. A lot of big brands. David robinson, nba hall of fame player. He has one phone and it’s called the white phone because his wife can call them on it, but then no one else can reach them. It is awesome. Brilliant, brilliant. Brilliant.

Is the same actually. Come to think of it.

Yes. Warren buffett also is famous for not having a phone. Another one is Paul Graham who had been an airbnb dropbox and reddit and the modern online shopping cart. Paul graham is the one who invented, it’s called via web, allowed you to shop via the web. He’s the one who invented online shopping. He does not allow a cell phone in his physical during the break. Check out one of our great show sponsors and save both time and money on your office and printer supplies. that’s onyx Onyx Save time and money on your office in printer supplies. Get ready to enter the thrive time. Show

All right. Thrive nation. We have a member of the community thrive nation who emailed us to info at thrive com. She’s a mother of two incredible kids and she’s a mother who homeschools those two incredible kids and she has some questions for us. And so if you’re out there and you want to have your questions answered live on the podcast, just email us info at thrive time. [email protected]. And we’ll reach out to you to answer your questions. Without any further ado. Our interview with a homeschool mother of two. Crystal.

Okay. So I guess one thing I wanted to ask was what were some of the biggest challenges that you faced when you were getting started and how did you motivate yourself to the jury? Because I know it’s not easy when you’re starting to tackle your passion. So, so how did you go through that?

Well, I’m gonna go first. I want ryan to, to, to chime in here because for me, my biggest challenge, my literal first challenge, the one that I thought was insurmountable was I didn’t have money so I worked at applebee’s target and direct tv all at the same time. So crystal, that was my first challenge, was getting money and I kept thinking, you know, there’s, have you heard those commercials where it’s like get government grants that they don’t want you to know about your business with a pell grant. You know, there’s all those scholarshippy grants, those entrepreneurial incubators. Have you seen those things where there’s all these like go fund me kind of things crystal, where it’s like,

oh yeah,

you know, if you’re an entrepreneur and you want to start your own business, call this number, you know, and there are all these kind of get rich quick moves, you know. And so I tried all of us. I filled out all the forms, I had all the meetings. One guy was like, well, what you’ll do is a fuel starting c corp, we could issue you shares of what we call a shell company and you’ll have $100,000. Now what you’ll need to do, and I’m going, this sounds, this sounds plausible, and after you’ve had $100,000 and after you spent thousands and thousands of dollars to get rich quick, you realize it takes too long to get rich quick. Oh, just get rich at a medium pace. And so what happens is, is, um, I got a job at applebee’s and I remember they gave me the green shirt. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Crystal?

Yes sir. I have.

Which one were you rocking? Which, which restaurant did you dominate?

I worked at uno’s pizzeria.

Oh really? Which one?

Oh, I worked out when I was in school at North Carolina. Then I also worked at a boat. Joe’s pizza, which is a famous mountain pizza in Colorado. That’s where I’m from.

Did you work at unos and tulsa ever?

I did not know.

That’s where my wife and I went on our first date night. Oh wow. Numeral uno. She rejected me at all, but I don’t remember that it goes. Yeah. So we went there on our first day, but anyway I got a job at applebee’s. Got the green shirt was probably the worst waiter ever. I tried my best, but I just, I have no short term or long term memory and I have no interest in socializing with the people there, so it was a weird deal. Once you want chicken, I’ll bring you the pasta I’m in a lot of times like I would. I’m the kind of guy, crystal, if we went out to eat without, let’s say the cut the couples, we all went out to eat and they got my order wrong. I wouldn’t care. Furthermore, I’ve never looked at a menu so I don’t know.

I don’t still care. So if you got to the wrong food, I’m like whatever. Who cares? and then I worked at target and I also worked at direct tv, had all three jobs going at the same time, you know, probably working 90 to 100 hours a week and I made a lot of money, you know, uh, and you know, I turned off my air conditioning so I could make even more money, keep more money. I turned off my air conditioning in july, in july. Mr seventh grader, mr eighth grader, mr nInth grader, mr. 10th grader, 11th and twelfth, I turned off my air conditioning in july and, and no heat in the winter and I was able to save a lot of money but not enough. So then I went and worked construction, doing what mr eric chop are a renowned a business coach in a, uh, a show host did.

I did poured concrete however I did in Minnesota. So it poured concrete in Oklahoma. you guys did what? Retaining business conferences walls? Eric. Commercial work, restaurants, churches, schools. Parking lots, slabs, all that kind of stuff. We did crystals. We dug eight feet down to the ground. We have a team of excavators. They would dig eight feet down to the ground and we would pour walls. I worked for a company called lund poured walls, l u n d poured walls. We’ll put it on the show notes. I’m pretty positive it didn’t have a website then. They don’t have a website now, but london board walls, you could probably find him. And uh, gordy lund and his son peter, where my boss and the work day started at 4:00 AM. So you meet. I’d never been up at 4:00 AM. Four am, 4:00 AM. Letting the world see immediate. Four am at a gas station called the cynics.

C e n e x in cokato, Minnesota. C o k a t e o one of ryan’s traders actually grew up in that area for awhile. Lived in cokato, Minnesota. Yep. Did you know that he actually. Mike, who works, who works for you? He actually went to work for my ex girlfriend’s family. What do you know? No, I did not know that. I met his mother in law at the workshop, chicken farmers, so mike who works for tip top canine, he actually, his mother worked for my ex girlfriend’s family for years, but the point is, yeah, it’s crazy. So I worked there. I also worked on a chicken farm for awhile. I just worked all the time, crystal and I was able to save about 25, maybe $30,000 and I spent all of that money on equipment and a yellow page ad and a mini storage at 96th and riverside. That was the hardest part for me. The second hardest part crystal, is I hired all of my buddies from college to dj for me. Do you want to take a guess as to what happened?

Oh, broken relationships.

Yes. So very, very good friend of mine, still fresh, bring good friend of mine. He said, hey, I’m going to dj at the moose lodge. 11th and garden. I’ll be there. He committed the ladies. I’m a wedding where name was melissa and he did not show up to her wedding,

so he was supposed to dj for the wedding who didn’t show up? He said he got lost, this is before we had phones where you can reach people, found out that he was, um, on a date and just didn’t show up. And so I got sued by a guy who claimed the very end, just the bitter end that he was, he, he just couldn’t find it. He said he drove all around and trying to find it. Years later he confided in me that actually he did know where it was. He just chose not to Go. And then I had another guy who worked for me, I’d say I had probably 15 to 16 guys from college. They all hired to work for me. And every single one of them with an exception of ryan tedder a took advantage of me and never did what they said they were going to do.

And, uh, I, I didn’t knoW this, but now I know this, but if you looked up the statistics, I’ll put it on today’s show notes. This is encouraging because a character is a rare thing. So out there, if you’re, if you’re being a in the school system today, you’re going to figure out, hey, what’s going to separate me out there? Just have character, just have character that’ll make you stand out in the marketplace. But I didn’t know this back then, a crystal, but 85 percent of employees, according to ink magazine today, it admit to lying and falsifying the entirety of the resumes. Seventy five percent of employees steal from the workplace according to cbs news. And this just shop. This is a new stat. I’m going to use a little time to new stat for the Washington post. Seventy eight percent of men surveyed it admit to having cheated on their current spouse. That’s almost eight out of 10. Right? And I didn’t knoW that crystal because I went to college with these people. So I thought, oh, they’re going to be the best. And uh, that was the hardest part for me. That is still the hardest part for me of business today is just seeing the infinite. I’m shadiness of most people

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common and schedule your free consultation today. Three, tWo, one. You are now entering the dojo of mojo and the thrive time show, thrive time. Show on the microphone. What is this? Top of the charts in the category of business driven down on business topics like we are dentists into shift over the past that you might get motion sick. That’s the best route. Three, two, one. Here come the business. All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. My name is clay clark, the

former u s sba entrepreneur of the year, and on today’s show we have a fabulous listener by the name of crystal, who is a mother of two incredible kids. She homeschools those kids and she emailed us to info at thrive time,, and before we went to the break she was just asking ryan wimpy, the founder of tip top canine and myself. What was the hardest part about starting a successful business? What was the most challenging aspect of starting a successful business? So now without any further ado, we answered the questions from a thriver just like you, ms dot crystal, a thrive member of the thrive nation who emailed us to [email protected]. I want to ask, is ryan, what was the hardest part for you of starting tip top canine?

Well, it’s definitely the money but also not knowing how to sell. So like I didn’t work 80 or 100 hours a week. Instead I found for nine eight credit card, eight nine credit cards at the exact same time. Oh yes. I my paid off car. I, I took a loan out against it. That’s the move as you apply all at the same time real quick. If you’re out there listening and I think the internet and the processes are faster. I don’t know if people can do that because it hits like the credit bureau away faster now. I’m just telling you that’s a move. That was a move. You apply for all the cards at one time I did that move to. Yup. Yup. Got to move and then not knowing how to sell or generate leads or run a calendar and answered the phone and actually book people. Good thing is they teach you all of that in college? No.

Oh, now I want to say the reason why I didn’t have a hard time selling and this is something that listeners need to write down, need to think about. I grew up in a home where I stuttered a lot as a kid. My mom was awesome To me. My dad was austin to me, but I stuttered all the time, so I got made fun of like all the time and then we had a neighbor kid that abused me from time to time just to make it even more fun and just a sprinkle on some crazy. So I went into middle school. No longer caring at all. What anybody thinks in marketing is just standing out. You have to get people’s attention and selling is just convincing somebody that what you have is the best. Improving it with facts. I mean it’s just, it’s, it’s I’m influencing people. It’s making people take action. And the hardest part about selling and making someone take action is that if you’re somebody who naturally is normal, you don’t want to make people do things they don’t want to do. Therefore, sales doesn’t come natural in marketing. Most people want to fit in. I mean, how old are your kids right now? Either your kids that you homeschool,

12 and 14,

what a gift you’re giving them because public school. Here’s what publiC schools are. This is crystal. I’m not going to ask you how old you are, but you can tell me if you can relate to this. You ever go into school and hoping that you had the guests genes. Remember that the guest genes or you had to have the little green or red. The green ones were the foot. I mean if you were, if you were a a lady, you wanted to have the guests logo on your button right there. Yep. And if you’re a guy, you wanted to have the turbo, you know, shirts or whatever you wanted to have, you know the cole haan shoes. If you were preppy or if you weren’t pregnant like mossimo, you want to have a shirt with a nike logo. Remember that? The nike cAlvin client action in there.

You already had the calvin klein. You already, you ever the airbags in your shoes. Remember the reeboks. You pump them up, pump, pump, pump, pump it up. You wonder they were called pumps, pumps, and you want to have the air in your shoes. The nike airmax. Remember that? The airmax the jordans, and so what you would do is you would go to school and you would say, who has nike’s, who has calvin klein? Oh wow. They must be a good person. Oh look, there’s somebody different. Let’s all make fun of them. Why don’t we all make fun of the different person because we know that when we get older, they’re going to be the ones who own all the businesses and someday they’re going to be in charge, so we might as well exact some satisfaction because all the people that were the popular quarterbacks and all the ones who were the prom queens and homecoming kings, they usually don’t do well in the game of life because their job was trying to be popular and the ones who are sort of on the sidelines, the ones who get ridiculed the most, they’re usually the ones who can market and sell well.

So when you become self employed, I’m just telling. I’ve coached tons of clients and the clients that I’ve worked with that have had the most success are the ones who learn to market and sell and it is totally not naturally ryan, is it not natural. IT’s like a non natural behavior to stand out. I mean, your car today is painted yellow. I mean chuck canine, if all the listeners out there, if you’ll google search tip top canine, um, and by the way, if you want to make $10,000 a week training dogs, you should go to tip top canine and see if there is a, a business open in your city or your territory, but uh, your, your cars auto wrapped and it’s made to stand out and it’s like a taxi innocent where we don’t have taxis, right? Yellow. Absolutely. And it does, it. Does it not ever, um, shock you now as an adult to look back and go?

I probably would have never auto raft my car. Yellow in miDdle school. Oh yeah. In middle school I drive a van in middle school I was like, ah, I don’t want to drive moms minivans. No way wagon. Oh no, I’m not driving purple minivan now. Driving minivan everyday, but now you want to stand down. Yeah, right. Totally. Right. And that’s the thing. They teach you the opposite of that in school. Yeah. And then school you’re supposed to kind of fit in and try to flow and try not to upset. Am I making any sense? Crystals that I. Is that making sense? I hope that’s helping the listeners because I, um, I went to college when I did. This is what I did in college. Hopefully this is a good moment for somebody out there. I used to look for people that were mentally or physically handicapped or just alone and I would sit by them all the time and people would say to me, why are you sitting by that person?

And like I remember sitting by a guy and he was an african american sitting all by himself. Oral roberts university at the time was probably 15 percent african american, probably 80 percent caucasian or asian. And there’s a guy sitting all by himself. And I went and sat by him and I introduced myself. I said, hi, my name is white lightning, what’s your name? And he says, excuse me, I’ll go, my name’s white lightening, what’s your name? And he’s like, black voter, just because he was like to share, you know, and I said, well cool you and hang out. And he became my best friend in college. His name was eugene, Eugene Willis, and he was just sitting by himself and I’ve always been that guy because when you stuttered, I mean I, I stuttered as a kid. They were merciless, they would chant on the bus.

My son recently went to a church camp and I won’t name the church camp because the church camp, my mind handled this the right way. Um, but my son went to church camp and he has a condition called nystagmus, whereas eyes will move from left to right and they mercilessly made fun of my 11 year old son the entire time. And if it wasn’t for my business conferences partner’s son, Jonathan Barnett, my partner that I do that, you know, oxi fresh and elephant, the room with my partner’s son, jayden punched the kid that was mocking my son. And that was leading the chance and if it wasn’t for that, my son too, my son had the worst experience of his life at camp the other day. He hated it because every kid mocked in the whole time. So I would just say if you’re out there and you’re being mocked, welcome to the club in someday, you will own the businesses that people who are trying to conform will want to work for. So hopefully that’s helpful for somebody out there.

That makes me think of that quote from frederick douglas about it’s easier to build strong children than repair broken men.

Oh chuck, that’s a knowledge bomb. Let me hit the bottom button here. Can you repeat that one more time? Because That right there was powerful.

Yes. So frederick douglas would always say it’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

Alright. Now you also said, I believe one of your questions was how do I motivate myself? Is that correct?

Yeah. How do You motivate yourself when you know the jury is tough for the road? You know, it says in the bible, the narrow path is, is difficult and hard. So how do you motivate yourself through that?

Well, what I’m going to do is I’m going to start with the, um, the kind of the dark side of this quote and then we’re gonna move into the happier stuff. Um, do you read the bible? Do you believe in the bible?


And I know There’s somebody out there. It’s like I don’t believe in the bible at all. And that’s cool and that’s cool and I’m glad that you have your right to believe or not believe, but I’m going to quote that thing because it has proven to be true for me in my life, but here is the sad reality, but also maybe the positive a part of this is in the bible it says matthew 5:10. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of their righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. So let me tell you about a story. There’s a guy by the name of, we’ll call him. Hey zeus, he lived to be the age of 33, the same number that Jose conseco war, while playing baseball. He was a carpenter and a lot of people get that confused, but he was a carpenter and a carpenter in a way.

He’s kind of More of like a mason. People don’t realize that, but jesus was more of a mason and he was like a wood carpenter because a lot more rocks around than there were trees and such, you know, because of where he lived geographically. But jesus. Hey suits he. What was he guilty of? Do you remember? Crystal? What did he do? That was. What was the biggest sin? What was the biggest crime he can. Brian. You remember what? What crime did jesus committer? What sin did he do? Did he? I don’t think any sin. Oh, okay. So what happened was he was being persecuted because of his righteousness.

Just stay to dominate because I’ve got bad news. They can talk about me. I can take that abuse. Father nick, that was my mentor, my voice back. I wasn’t young.

Oh, all right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. We have listened to by the name of crystal who emailed us to [email protected]. And she wants to know how do you motivate yourself? What are the keys to staying motivated in a perpetually distracted and on average negative world? How do you stay motivated? Stay too.

Yeah. How do you motivate yourself when you know the jury’s tough for the road? You know, it’s, it says in the bible, the narrow path is, is difficult and hard. So how do you motivate yourself through that?

Well, when I’m gonna do is I’m going to start with the, um, the kind of the dark side of this quote and then we’re going to move into the happier stuff. Um, do you read the bible? Do you believe in the bible?

Absolutely. And I know there’s somebody out there. It’s like I don’t believe in the bible at all, and that’s cool and that’s cool and I’m glad that you have your right to believe or not believe, but I’m going to quote that thing because it has proven to be true for me in my life, but here is the sad reality, but also maybe the positive a part of this is in the bible it says matthew five, 10. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of their, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. So let me tell you about a story. There’s a guy by the name of, we’ll call him. Hey, suze. He lived to be the age of 33, the same number that jose conseco war, while playing baseball. He was a carpenter and a lot of people get that confused, but he was a carpenter and a carpenter in a way.

He’s kind of more of like a mason and people don’t realize that, but jesus was more of a mason and he was like a wood carpenter because they’re a lot more rocks around. Then there were trees and such, you know, because of where he lived. Geo geographically. But jesus. Hey suits he. What was he guilty of? Do you remember? Crystal? What did he do? That was, what was the, his biggest sin or what was the biggest crime? He can brian. You remember what crime did jesus committed or what sin did he do? Did he? I don’t think any sin. Oh, okay. So what happened was he was being persecuted because of his righteousness. Righteousness. So then he has 12 homies, 12 homies, biblically speaking, 12 homies, people that he hung out with a few that could be a large rap group. Okay. And one of the guys who hung out with, was it the wu tang clan?

There’s a big group. Okay. And uh, one of the guys who not with him. Peter, is it peter? Hey peter, do you know who jesus is? And he says, I don’t know who he is. And there’s this rooster that crow. What does a rooster sound like? What does. It was terrible. That was pretty good. So the rooster, the rooster crows, is it? No. Do you know who he is? I don’t know who he is. Do you know who he is? I don’t know who he is. He denies him three times. Then you’ve got judas. He’s like, so you guys, uh, have some money here. You got some money thinking, we’ll give you some money. So it’s cool. I’ll turn over my best friend for some money. And so jesus was betrayed by two of the 12 of the best friends and he was the son of god. So what hope do you have as a listener to do to avoid persecution as a result of being right? So here’s what I would say. When you start to feel the hate, know that you’re on the road to becoming great.

That is my mantra, my mojo. I sipped the haterade there, miss crystal. So I, whenever, whenever someone starts to become. So recently, this is a fun one on thrive we’ve had. Have you been to one of our workshops before? Crystal? I have not. Oh, I’m a poor marketing plan. Okay. Well, the workshops we have, you know, um, here’s, here’s what we do. We say if you attended the workshop, if you want to attend a workshop for free, you can subscribe to the podcast on itunes and by the way, if you subscribe on itunes, that helps us move up higher up the rankings, you know, and if you leave us an objective review that helps us move up, you know, so if you leave us an objective review and you subscribe will give you free tickets, it’s totally ethical for me to ask that. It’s totally when it’s a nice way to reward people.

Should we have like 1700 people that have done this? Yeah. And so a lot of people subscribe, leave us a review and boom, they come to the workshop. Well we had one guy who attended the workshop and he was not happy crystal because I asked him to stop making phone calls. Do you think, I mean, by the way, during church, do you think someone should make phone calls during the church service? Are you okay with this guy’s like making calls during the workshop? So I asked the guy, he’s thinking back and forth, right? So I asked the guy to leave quietly, not out loud and for the whole group and I pulled him aside and asked him to leave and so he’s recently teamed up with some other people and so they’ve created this thing called thrive time show review for the review for the fraud.

And so even though we have literally I think like 600 video reviews from real people that have actually attended our workshops, that has got to be holograms from real clients and even though we’ve worked with guys like tip top canine and package media and phone doctors and kirkpatrick and lye, and even though dr and I have built 14 multimillion dollar companies, you can still claim fraud if you get upset that someone tells you to stop making cell phone calls at a conference. There’s like you can sue anybody if you want for anything. Right? So I don’t actually get worked up about it at all and actually go, oh, this is getting good woo woo. And so that’s how I process it. So how do I motivate myself? these are my steps. I do. I’ve got four steps. One, I read books about people who’ve already done what I want to do.

I exclusively read books by people have already done what I want to do. I recently read the chip gaines book called capital gains because in my opinion, he’s a better father than me and it could just be reality tv. I’m maybe judging myself, but I wanted to read that he seems to be a great husband and a good guy. Clever title too, right? I also really only consume positive movies. I’m not going to go watch a horror movie. I’m not going to watch him negative movie. I’m just not going to do that. Third, I avoid the physical presence of negative people. He has a wall around his house. Yes, I do live behind a wall and I, but before I live behind a wall, I just in my dorm room would keep the door shut and I surround myself with positive people because I know that I will become the average of the five people I spend the most time with.

So ryan wimpy here with tip top canine. I don’t ask a lot of people if they want to partner together because I really don’t have a lot in common with most people. I mean, ryan puts his faith first. Is he perfect? No. Am I perfect? No. He puts his family second least. That’s how I see him do it. That’s a, he could, he could say whatever, but that’s what I watched him do. I don’t care what he says. That’s what I watch him do third, somewhere in there. I think the businesses, their faith, family, finances. So that’s why I wanted to partner with the guy. But I, I can’t, you know, hang out with most people. So. So how do I stay motivated? I mean that’s what I do. And so I say no to tv. I don’t watch the news at all. Um, and uh, you know, I just, I don’t really participate in a negative conversations. Gossip. I dunno, I just, I, I think it’s more about what I don’t do on a daily basis, but I really do. I read, I’ve never done reading a self help book ever. Right now I’m reading a book called hitmakers again because one of my clients, colton dixon, colton dixon is by the way. Crystal.

Yeah, the singer.

Yeah. He’s one of my clients, colton dixon, great guy. He’s things the intros, you know, for our shows and I’m in the process of helping him develop a top 40 album and so I’m refreshing, you know that content again, I’ve just finished reading that again. I read and td jakes books a soaring right now. Soaring, you know, reading that again, and you might say you read the same book twice. Yeah, probably three times. Usually just try to get through it and really grasp it. I jusT finished reading dennis rodman’s book again because I feel like dennis rodman was a deeply flawed individual who had a lot of issues growing up and I feel like, uh, I had a lot of issues growing up and I’m a deeply flawed individual and I want to learn more about why and kind of get into that and a more empathy there. so does that, does that answer your question?

Yeah, that’s great. I mean, similar to what I do, I read john wooden.

Oh, john wooden. Yes.


Now I want to ask you this here. Uh, uh, ryan wimpy here with tip top canine. How do you motivate yourself? My man.

Ah, well I’ve really focused on goals, right? so goals and numbers. Also looking at the past, anytime I’m feeling like I’m just like, oh man, you’re like, you know, you’ve already been grinding online. You don’t want to. Then I look at like where I was in the past, you know, like, oh well, and then where I where I want to be. So that’s what I do is I know man, just like, dude, you know what, you know where you want to be. Is this going to help? So here’s this pepper grind.

Is it? Tell me if this is an example of a goal. Tonight what I want to do is I want to go to the casino because it’s free. $5 a night. I want to get there before six freight. Nope, nope, no. Ah, what I want to do is I want to get as many friends on facebook as possible. Know what I want, what I want to do is I, I want to procure some guacamole that is a goal. I just saying, I’m just saying a lot of people have goals that aren’t really goals that motivate you, inspire you, and push you to be your best. The goal in your life should be the rudder to your ship that keeps you on path. Right? Otherwise you’re going to do what clay rift now, crystal, when you were talking to or emailing with a Jonathan Kelly who helps manage all of our systems. I believe you had some questions about a legacy. Can you, can you talk about that? What was your, what was your question about legacies?

Yeah. Yeah. So, um, basically the question was that if the goal is to leave a legacy, leave our mark basically make a difference in the world and how it’s somebody narrow that down into the specific goals. Like what you were just talking about.

Well, here’s where it gets weird. I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions here. Do you, um, do you think the goal is to leave a legacy? What do you, what do you think the goal is?

Well, I mean ultimately the goal is to, when you get to heaven, have god judge you and say, you know, good job, my faithful servant, so to please him, not the world. That’s my ultimate goal. And I always try to, um, to leave my legacy really on the next generation, which is my children, which is why homeschool.

Just think about it. Look at the bible and if I ever say anything that ever conflicts with the word of god, then will. This just didn’t. I’m wrong, bUt I want to make sure you’re looking at this.

What if the goal was to imagine that every day you’re unable to sleep as if you were in that, I don’t want to miss santa claus kind of way because your mind is just always thinking of fun, new ideas and concepts that you could implement. You can’t wait to run to work and you can’t wait to run home and you can’t wait to see your wife and kids and you can’t wait to see your husband and your kids and you can’t wait to run back to work and you just love every aspect of every day in the areas that you’re not necessarily having the most fun. It’s because you’re standing up for what’s right and what if that means that you’re going to homeschool to kids in the mountains and no one will ever know your name.

You know what? If it’s after you, after you pass your kids, tell their kids your name. They remember their grandma, but two generations from now, no one has any idea that clay clark existed. Is that worth it? I think so. So for me, my goal, and I’m quoting Russell Simmons here, who is not in the bible and who is not a superseding christ, he says tHe goal is to be able to live your life the way Michael Jordan played basketball or marvin gaye sang a song to feel the way you feel when you laugh at a joke, but to feel that way all of the time and I feel like for me for years with the dj business, I tried to make it something more than it was. I tried to make dj more than it was. I tried to make my office of family and then once we became a family, I tried to make it like a, like almost like a, a a group of people that would be together forever. I tried to make my sales meetings like church. I tried to make the awards. We won almost like spiritually significant. I tried to make it where I told the team our goal is to take every event and turn it from ordinary to extraordinary. I focused so much on trying to wow each and every bride that I did not well my own bride. Oh,

as you’re contemplating what really matters, I will tell you this, when you’re looking for a contractor, what really matters is will they get the project done on time and on budget. If you’re looking for a contractor that will get it done on time and on budget, call william’s contracting, it will dash [inaudible] dot com. That’s will

No negative emotions dominate the news. They can talk about me. I could take that abuse, scoreboards, the two cts, my mentor, like my yoda,

right? TheY should have questioned that. A lOt of people ask at conference,

why leave a legacy? How do I live a life that matters and a chip. The question, and I would encourage all of our listeners to ask themselves as is, do you really want to leave a legacy? Oh, I mean, maybe, maybe you do. Maybe you don’t. And we had a. We had a member of the thrive nation, crystal, who’s a mother of two and a homeschooling mother at that very busy woman. She took time out of her schedule to email us a question to [email protected]. So now without any further ado, we get into how to leave a lot, how to live a life of significance and answering the questions that crystal has for us on today’s show.

Here we go.

The founder of chick filet would argue that you need to be closed on sundays, but dr zellner would argue should be open seven days. I’m not going to get into an argument. All I’m just saying is you got to get in front of god and know your heart and I think that’s. I mean, did you, do you know what I mean? Have you felt pressure from people to be closed on sundays? is they’re not happy as anybody ever brought that up to you before? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. We know we get pressure, um, but when we boot camp dogs and we take them from the business conferences people and they stay with us for a few weeks, um, those dogs, they still have to eat. They still need to work. Then you don’t need to go on a walk, a body, everything on sunday. No. Now crystal, is there any other, because I am honored to have you on the show today.

by the way, if you’re listening out there today and you would like to have your questions answered on the thrive time show, all you have to do is email to [email protected]. That’s [email protected] and we will have you on as a featured guest, but do you have any questions for eric? Eric’s around me all day everyday so you can ask him any crazy questions about what I do or don’t do. you got ryan wimpy here, the founder of tip top canine, which is opening multiple locations all over the country or you have a question for the. For mySelf, the man bear pig. Final question. what, what’s, what’s the final questIon you might have for us today?

Well, I guess it would be like a two part question, but first is kind of what do you attribute your success to and then also your enthusiasm. Obviously you’re very enthusiastic with, with what you do and how portray yourself. So how would


do you attribute that to

your parents family? You know? Um, I would say this and this is, this is going to blow somebody’s mind. They’re going to say, whoa man, you’re crazy man. Well then I know that right now doing this interview with you. If I literally knew for sure that I was going to die 5:00 tonight, I would still do this interview with you.

I literally am doing what I’m supposed to be doing all the time because I meditatively plan out my day. I’m never not doing what I know I need to be doing. Does that make sense? Like I am literally doing what I know I’m called to be doing. I believe in divine appointment. I believe we’re supposed to have this conversation. Hopefully it helps you. Hopefully it doesn’t take you down to the bottom. But I know that like every, I literally believe that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing all the time and I felt that way since I quit caring what other people thought.

So I get all of my value from knowing that god created Me. That’s it. That’s all I got and that I’m here for a purpose. I really do believe that I’m doinG today what I’m supposed to be doing. I think whenever you are doing what you don’t think you should be doing, that’s when life gets weird and you get regret. I see so many business guys go, oh, I regret not going into their soccer games to grow my business. I don’t feel that way. Like whatever. I don’t go to a cheerleading practice. I feel very good about not going vocation. Seriously. my. I feel like my, your, your, your, the word a vocation in latin, as eric was pointing out, means you’re calling it. Whenever I do go to their competition, I feel very good about it because I feel that I’m called to do that and I don’t know. Does that, is that helpful at all? Crystals that make any sense at all?

Yeah. YeaH. I mean I, I can totally relate. And so that’s one of the things I want the students to understand is a different perspective. You know, on how you become successful, what defines success and um, you know, passions, everybody’s different, everybody’s lead in different ways. So I just am really grateful for you giving us the opportunity to kind of share that and your experiences.

Well, let me blow someone’s mind out there and I want eric. Eric had one point he wanted to appoint out here for you. If you’re listening today and you say, okay, cool. I’ve made my goals for my faith. I want to go to church every sunday. We used the word every morning. I made a goal for my family. I want to have two kids. I’m not, not three, not four, but I only have two kids. Okay. great. Faith family. And I know financially it’s going to cost me about 100 grand a year to do that because I want to get medical insurance. I want to take them on a vacation once a year. I’m in fitness. I don’t want to go to a gym, not like a super ritzy jim, but I want to go to a gym where I can work out, you know, I uh, I really, I know my goals for my faith, my family, my finances, my fitness, my friendship.

I want to go out to dinner with friends maybe once a month in a fun, you know, I, I wanted to take guItar lessons and I’m a 35 year old. I’m a, I’m a 45 year old and I, and I’ve been doing this career. I’ve been working at the post office for years or ups or fedex or higher. Really ripping on the mail services I’m ripping on. We’ve been working on. I’ve been working for american airlines. I’ve been working for Kimberly Clark and making that paper. I’ve been working at dupont, had been working at bama pie, making dough, all the pizza dough for, for mcdonald’s pizza hut. And I just have been doing a job that I just hate. I’ve exchanged all my time for not that much money. If you want to have time freedom, you could literally buy a tip top canine and ryan, is it an exaggeration to say that you could easily make profit $3,000 a week if you try hard and you’re in a market out there where the tip top candidate.

Oh, absolutely. Yeah. That’s really easy that, that shouldn’t be doable within a few months of starting. Are you hearing that though? I mean you could make 150 grand a year. Training dogs. You don’t need how many weeks of training? He’s like six weeks, seven weeks of training. How long if five to six weeks. It really depends on the person hand, eye coordination, um, how good they listen, et cetera. Just saleability availability. Yeah. But it, it does, it takes a little bit of time. It’s a trade just like anything else. So you have to learn it. There’s a business conferences lady friend of mine who was not exposed to a great teacher, teacher, like you miss crystal, and she went to school for eight years to become a doctor and she’s just now discovered that she could make more money training dogs. Yup. And she’s literally reached out to me and has said, I’ve thought about stopping being a cosmetic surgeon because I could make more money and work less training dogs. The only thing is I feel like since I hAve my degree in that and is cosmetic surgery area, I feel like I should at least pay off the student loans and stay in it for at least another five or six years.

Oh my gosh. and crystal, I hear that all the time. Well, that’s part of what I was going to bring up just a second ago, is don’t be afraid to take chances, right? Like you know, for her, don’t be afraid to take that chance. You know the system works. You don’t want to do what you’re doing. Jump out there. So like clay was saying a minute ago, he didn’t know for a fact when you were 16, 14, that this is what you want to do. But you did a lot of things to start your businesses. Then you realize you love helping people get their businesses going. and now you aren’t excited every day. You don’t have to motivate yourself. It’s what you love to do, and so don’t be afraid to take chances. Also, don’t be afraid that you’re going to get told. No. I see this all the time. Even with entrepreneurs that have already started a business, you are going to get told, no people are going to tell you know all of the time,

chuck, you know a lot of people are going to tell you no all the time in life. That’s true. That’s true, but what one group of people that will never tell you now is our good friends at rc auto specialist. If you call them and you say, hey, I have a ford automobile and I need to get it repaired, they’re going to say yes. Come on in. We to repAir what we do. That’s what we do, and our websIte is rc auto Check out their website [email protected]

and repair that for two days. Get ready to enter the thrive time show on the bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom.

Now we’re on the top time you the systems to kibble dixon’s on the hooks, on the books. Brigit some wisdom in the book. That’s what I’m adopt. So if you see my wife and kid, please tell them to seat and see. Now three, two, one. Here we go.

All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversatIon. That is the thrive time show on

your radio where you go for your daily dojo of mojo fo show where we teach you how to make mo chopper. you ready? I was born that way, friend. Nice. Now we had a question that was emailed into us from a thriver out there. By the way, thrive nation. This, this, this, just in from our home office. If you email us to [email protected]. We do in fact answer your questions. Also, this just yet, we have booked the number one podcast of all time on the show. John lee dumas, with the entrepreneurs on fire podcast. He’ll be on the show. We brought. We booked. George foreman is the chip by the way. George foreman was the heavyweight champion of the world in boxing two decades apart from each other. That’s crazy. So he won the championship and then 20 years later he won again and he became a minister and he has sold America 100 million grills.

I had to. He’s also named all of his sons george. That’s true. The main has five kids. They’re all named george. Just just five boys. Girl named george. So are you serious? True. WhAt? This is true. These are all. I think I just blew up google that as well. I’ve actually talked to three of them. so that’s the thing. So that’s a real deal. So George Foreman, I’m. By the way, for those of you who don’t know george foreman’s book, god in my corner is the book that prompted me to believe that god could actually heal my son from blindness. And when my son was healed from blindness, I went to houston to meet Mr. George Foreman to tell him thank you for the inspiration. And that’s how I met George Foreman. And so now Mr. George, our dear friend, will be on the show here in the next couple of weeks. Uh, we’re, we’re booking a lot of chef.

We’re having a lot of folks are reaching out to the, to the, to the, to the podcast because they recognize we have the best listeners, the best listeners. That’s it’s thaNks to the thrive nation out there. That’s right. Thrive nation, and I know if you’re, if you’re a thriver out there, let me explain who you are. You’re a homeSchooler. You’re a self employed person. You’re the kind of sick freak who gets up at 6:00 AM every day. You spend zero or very few minutes per day on social media because everybody who’s a member of the thrive nation, I’m telling, I know you guys, you guys live debt free. You guys get up at 6:00 AM. You’re homeschooled, you’re judeo christian. You work super hard. therefore, when I tell you to listen to our podcast, you’re not gonna know how so let me walk you through it. You need to go to thrive time and click on the podcast button and you can hear it right there or you can subscribe on itunes and so many people listen on our radio affiliates throughout the country, but again, thrive nation. Thank you so much for being the best and that’s why we’re having so many great, uh, guests reach out to us. No, there’s hoagies and there’s grinders out there in the world and we’re talking to the grinders out there. That’s all right. So now we have a question that comes in hot from a thriver. I’m going to queue up my hot thriver question. Music job. Are you ready? Here we go. Oh no. Here we go. Let me get thIs going.

Alright jeff, please read us the question from thrive listeners out there now and I’ll, and I’ll provide the whisper sounds that on a recent podcast, dr z was answering a question from another thriver about average employees who are more concerned about the time than delivering results. Dr z said that’s what happens when you get employees that maybe know too much personal numbers and business of what’s going on. How do you decide how much business over to permit employees such as profitability, jobs and projects? Okay,

so the question, the question is, we talked about employees as if I’m understands. We’ve talked about employees in the past who are more concerned about their time then results. Well, this justin, that’s everybody except for about 15 percent of employees. So if you want proof of this, uh, ink magazine, we put it on the show notes. You can find that 85 percent of job applicants in America today lie on resumes. You can find an encouraging news. Only 25 percent of american employees don’t steal from the workplace. He saId, don’t steal, right? That’d be three or four people are stealing according to cbs news and the us chamber of commerce. Wow. Clay, that’s an encouraging sign. Seventy eight percent of men interviewed in an interview. They’re in Washington post admit to having cheated on their current spouse. Oh my gosh. Now women, no women are a lot better. Women only cheat on their spouse 70 percent of the time.


we move forward with. Here we go.

So one mr. Lanny, I would not at any point ever, ever, ever share any information with your employees that they don’t need to know, need to know basis. Only my man, right? Need to know. So you might want your employees, they might need to know the gross sales, they might need to know the conversion percentage, they might not need to know your exact profitability or maybe one employee needs to know some of these things and not everybody else.

Furthermore, telling some people will cause them to have resentment. So I’m just telling you need to know only basIs my man that is, that has big. Okay. Second concept. Seventy five percent of people will eventually screw you. So you’ve got to make it where your screw proof. You know where you have like, you know you can try to ask, but you can’t because it’s like you’re built at a titanium screw proof. So if an employee wants to delete all the passwords, they can’t because you know the passwords and all backed up. If an employee tries to steal the word chop, then you can operate without it and get it back. You have cameras in place to prevent theft. Chuck, have you ever had an employee try to steal your equipment before?

I wanted to clarify. He’s not like accusing me of stealing his work truck blocking you. OkAy? Absolutely, absolutely. That I. Let me try again. Yeah. Uh,

uh, an employee might want to steal your work truck, uh, and I think eric chuck could verify this kind of thing has happened to him in the past because he has run his family’s business and it is as it is during, during those times when you are being robbed by your employees, when you are being, when they’re people are stealing from you, when they are taking your clients, when they are starting a company to compete with you, that’s when you’ll want to value this information. So you don’t ever want to share anything with the people they don’t need to know and you must work forward, move forward knowing that 75 percent of people will eventually screw you. Wow, that’s encouraging. So I’m going to start with you ryan. Then we go back to you. erIc chop. Have you ever had a situation at tip top canine, a fine company that now has locations in boise and meridian, Idaho, boise, south lake, Texas, south lake, Texas, salt lake city, salt lake city, a suitably Arizona, Arkansas, Arkansas, and in Oklahoma city.

So was a. So you have multiple, multiple locations, right? You have employees that you manage? Yes. How long have you been in business? Ten years. Ten years. Okay. So for, for therapeutic reasons and in, in kind of a vague way, have you ever been screwed by somebody? A. Yes. Can you share with the listeners enough detail where we kind of know it’s a real thing so they can. We can go, oh wow, that was terrible, but not enough detail where we incriminate. Like you could change the gender of the person involved. You can change the time, the space, the place you can change enough of the details. Where


thrive nation. When we return, we’re going to hear about the crazy stuff that happens when you’re running a business. We’re going to talk about getting screwed over. We’re going to be targeted talking about going to the bottom. We started from the bottom and we’re going to the bottom. It’s not marine show. Stay tuned

and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show,

the mindset stuff. For instance, the magic was then given it to you straight in the back seat.

She can bring me the tracks so I could get up on the market, speak the cash, making the dash, the bringing the back, the track so I can get up on the market, speak the facts.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation. It is the thrive time show on your radio and one of the things that we do on our program that I think that very other people, very brief, few other people do. Very few. In fact, I know that no other business show does this. We talk about the nitty gritty stuff that happens behind the scenes and so on today’s show we have ryan with tip top canine. His business is growing. It’s doing great. They’ve got a location in a waso, a tulsa south lake, boise, Idaho meridian, Idaho are. They’re doing great. Their company is growing. Put. Sometimes weird stuff happens in a business. Sometimes as a business owner, you’re going to be screwed. And when I say sometimes, I mean most of the time you’re going to be screwed quite often. So ryan, how long have you been in business?

Ten years. Ten years. Okay. So for, for therapeutic reasons and in kind of a vague way, have you ever been screwed by somebody? A. Yes. Can you share with the listeners enough detail where we kind of know it’s a real thing so they can. We can go, oh wow, that was terrible, but not enough detail where we incriminate. Like you could change the gender of the person involved. You could change the time, the space, the place. You can change enough of the details where we don’t. But I mean where you go, well, what were the listeners can relate because a lot of people, when you own a business the first time you get screwed, you find yourself going, gosh, there a knife in my back. You start going, am I the only one? So again, for the listeners out there who are going, man, I got screwed yesterday and perhaps no one else can relate to.

Media was a kind of a story or an example where we have a really good team and so it is not as prevalent in the past way past way back in the day, but it’s more like a, oh yeah, everything was super good. Amazing. Right. And then a cold client to check and the client’s like, actually I want to, this guy’s an idiot and you guys. And I’m like, whoa, what’s going on in those times when your team screws you over that a lot of people over to grant to grant. Yeah, we had someone to do it like twice. They um, we have had the bootcamps, we train the dogs, we put 60 hours, 80 hours on the dog and then we’d go home and we train the family and that is the most important part. And so if someone just is like not trying, that’s what the whole everything hinges on because if it doesn’t transfer the family then the family doesn’t care.

And they’re like, why am I paying two grand for this? And so If I have someone that just like, oh yeah, actually I had something, I had something after, you know, we have a thriver that called in earlier to encourage all the listeners out there that own a business who’ve been screwed recently. He called in and we have a business conferences call screener that will take the call. They’ll talk to the person and see if they’re a good fit for the show. We felt like some of what he said made sense and some of it didn’t make sense, but seemed vaguely familiar. So we have an audio clip of a thriver who may or may not have called in with some advice. For anybody out there who’s been recently screwed.

Lot of pressure, you’ve got to rise above it. You got a harness and the good energy. Walk out the band, harness energy, block bad, feel the flow happy, feel it. It’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse, it goes up and down and round. Circular circle with the music, the flow, all good things.

Okay, so chuck, have you ever been screwed over in business? Ever?

Every week somebody pat in their time sheet, they’re trying to get extra hours, they’re trying to buy personal tools or something, a manager or a terrible manager, be a bad owner and in specific we had a guy we took and he was having some hard times. He was a mechanic. We needed to mechanic. We had a great for six or eight months and then we find out he’s cheating on his wife. Therefore he’s forged a payroll check from ours to pay a cellphone bill on the side.

That’s you guys. You guys aren’t even in my league. No, no, no, no. And because you guys are poor leaders. That’s why it’s happening to us. Well, I was reading assignments and his book, simon sinek book. Start with why says how great leaders inspire everyone to take action on it because you guys have an inspired everyone to take action and because I haven’t inspired everyone, I am a bad leader. I’m going to share some really fun positive stores with all the listeners. It’s story time with clay clark here. We do do, do, do.

So here’s the deal. Two thousand in 2000. One, something like that, I went on a cruise for the first time. I said, I’ll go on a cruise travel agent. I met her at a networking event when I used to network and she says, karen says, do you want to go on a cruise? I said, I do. She says, where do you want to go? The caribbean, so I get my sandals and my spf 4,000 so my skin doesn’t burn. It’s made of lead and we drive our way down to the port of houston. There were going to leave and go on a seven day cruise. I come back and I thought, you know, I got home early 15, 16 hours early rather than to stay in the night in a hotel. It’s just drive home from houston. We drive home. It’s like a monday. I noticed all the employees aren’t, but I noticed that the light on the voicemail is, is flashing.

So I check it. These are the messages. I got a, I don’t know where your dj is, but if someone doesn’t show up for the next 10 minutes, I’m going to sue you guys. Forget it. We’re Suing you next voIcemail. A clay, I don’t, I don’t know where you guys are right now, but you guys are way behind for our wedding or wedding started like an hour ago and no one’s here. Get another voicemail. Uh, I just want you guys to know and one of your djs cut me off in traffic and a speaker fell out of the back of his vehicle and it hit me and I and I have sustained an injury. will be suing you. Boop. And I am not exaggerating. This is what happened in one week.

Then I think to myself, well, okay, what I’m going to do is I’m going to give all my guys motivational books and so I get them 21 irrefutable laws of leadershIp. True story. I give them books, I take them to church with them. And one day I was probably three or four months later and trying to do some paperwork and I hear it. Is there a bug in my house as their home? We had a home office. I open up the trash can. There was a swarm of locusts bug maggot type of animals. And I think to myself, oh my gosh, these guys hadn’t taken out the trash at all in the last week. So I go downstairs to tell my wife I got to fire this guy, the same guy who let all the employees off, the same guy who let our employees, ms dot weddings, I’m going to have to fire. So she’s okay. So I go grab a cup of coffee, quick trip, coffee cup, and I grabbed that coffee cup and I take it.


Have another man’s skull spit.


So then I get a call a few months later, a guy who was a youth pastor at a local church and wasa, dateline tulsa, Oklahoma. He, uh, his wife calls just to know where my husband is. I said, I don’t know. She said, well, I know he works for you part time. And he’s at the church, I don’t know where. He’s jewelry. And I said, I don’t know where he is. She said, I just don’t like him. I get a call. She says, I know what you’ve done and you’ll never hear the end of this. This man who frequented strip clubs during the work day convinced his new bride that I was the one who took him to strip clubs, hover because my wife and I were always together in the day. She knew this was not passive, don’t. Right? Oh, in the stories get better. Oh, they get better. We have extra marital affairs. We have an employee stealing our vans. We have another employee stealing our clients. We have one guy who gave the employees a code, a gave a, a, uh, one of our

employees gave his business conferences friend the codes. They could break into our office and steal our equipMent at night. Oh, I have so many fascinating stories that involve extra marital affairs, cheating, lying, stealing. So many dead parents and grandparents of your employees to. At first I thought at first I thought it was because I owned a dj company. that’s why. But then when I got involved in a dental practice, orthodontic practice, photography business, and really any business, more of a people company, I’ve discovered that anytime you’re going to deal with people, the statistics remain true. And that is 85 percent of job applicants lie on resumes. Seventy fIve percent of employees steal. Seventy eight percent of men cheat on their spouses, but this just it positive news. Seventy percent of women, just 70 percent of women cheat on their spouses. And so now I embraced this concept called only the paranoid survive. Oh yeah. So I don’t trust anybody except for the lord. And I believe the lord doesn’t trust me, which is why he can see me. He’s omniscient, omnipresent chip. Do you know god allegedly is everywhere. that’s what they say.


You’re right. So no matter where I am, I feel like god’s watching too. And so that kind of keeps us in online. They’re so clay. I will say a dog world wise are people, especially when they’re on merit based pay and we are a paranoid. So like my wife, she manages the people. I’m pretty hard. She’s kind of the lead pio people work with you or just hired another guy. So I think 14 right now. 14 now. And I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I just wanna point this out. 14 people we’re working with working with tip top and with dj connection and there’s like 80 people. Oh yeah, there’s a band, 80 people, many of which are part time. We had probably 15, 20, full time. And then. And then. so back to your, your, your wife is very discerning as a great team. yes. So I’d say our turnover is pretty low. Can I argue with you yet? Shoot. So I feel like you go through job applicants so you don’t have to burn through hires people. Have you interviewed recently to find either your most recent new hire? I think it was, uh, it was around 120th. Twenty three, two, one.


Let us know what's going on.

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