Rabbi Lapin | America’s Real War | Why America Simply Cannot Survive If It Becomes a Secular Nation

Show Notes

Rabbi Lapin joins us to share about America’s real war and why American simply cannot survive if it becomes a secular nation & the Executive Director of America Restored Tomi Collins explains the epic Voter Fraud of 2020

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  1. Yes, yes, yes and YES!!! Thrive Nation on today’s show we are interviewing Daniel Rabbi Lapin who is here to explain to us that there is a violent tug of war going on for the future of America. At one end of the rope are those who think America is a secular nation; at the other end are those who believe religion is at the root of our country’s foundation. Rabbi Lapin, welcome back onto the Thrivetime Show! How are you sir?!
  2. Rabbi Lapin, just so that people will know your background, I would love for you to share just a brief history of your career so that our listeners can know of your credibility on this subject?
  3. Rabbi, you were way ahead of what we are presently seeing in America, when you decided to write a book titled, America’s Real War in 1992. What first inspired you to write this book?
  4. Rabbi Lapin who is attempting to push America to become a secular nation and why?
  5. Rabbi Lapin, what are the true origins of America and how is that different from what liberal teachers and professors are telling our kids?
  6. Rabbi Lapin, America chose God and God chose Israel, why is that important for our listeners to know?
  7. Rabbi Lapin, I’ve heard you say that in Hebrew, the word work and worship mean the same thing? Why is this important?
  8. Rabbi, you wrote, “Take out a dollar bill and look at it,” he said. “Now pat yourself on your back because you are looking at a certificate of performance.” What does that mean? 
  9. Rabbi, you wrote, “There is only one way to make money: finding out what other people want or need and then providing those things to as many of our fellow humans as possible. This is the only way to earn money, no matter your occupation.” I would love for you to break that down and how that is different from the socialist worldview?
  10. Rabbi Lapin, you once wrote in your book Business Secrets from the Bible, “The company that writes your paycheck every two weeks is not your employer; they are your customer. Adopt this mind-set and everything changes. You are free from the daily grind—free to grow your business and serve your customers, your fellow man.” Why is this important to know and how is this different from the socialist mindset?
  11. Rabbi, why doesn’t socialism ever work when it is attempted?
  12. Rabbi, you wrote in your book, Business Secrets from the Bible, “Work is not about doing what you want to do; work is about serving others.” I would love for you to break down what that means?
  13. Rabbi, you wrote, “Business is a spiritual endeavor, and it brings us closer to one another and closer to God.” What does this mean?
  14. Rabbi, you wrote, “One thing that never changes—and business owners should always remember this—is that a business cannot last without making a profit.”…what does that mean and where do many business owners get this wrong?
  15. Rabbi, I would love for you to share what you meant when you once wrote, “Human beings thrive when they are growing and developing and this requires discipline. Discipline and accountability keep us alive.”
  16. Rabbi Lapin, in your mind, and based upon your perspective, how do you believe the blatant attempt of the socialist and radical left to steal the 2020 election will end?

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