“Read the Contracts Before You Sign Them.” – Attorney Jonathan Plaut

Show Notes

A lawyer that sued the famous boxing promoter Don King shares with us why you must read contracts before you sign them.



  1. “A work of art.” – Attorney SM, Boston, MA
  2. “It steps into a philosophical space, and made my head explode.” – HY, Boston
  3. “I’m trying to be objective here, but the book is absolutely brilliant.” – Attorney S, Washington DC
  4. “Amazing….. It’s a rollercoaster, and a must-read for anyone who is even thinking about law school. The book takes me places I never thought you could go in the law.” – Attorney B, Denver, CO
  5. Jon, your book is chock-full of wild legal stories. Just reading from the reviews your book has received is pretty enticing:
  6. Would you like to tell our listeners the topics of some of the stories in your book?
  7. That sounds like a pretty wide range of legal topics. I thought lawyers tended to specialize. Do you feel the need to specialize?
  8. People must come to you all the time asking you to take their cases. How do you decide whether or not to take a case?
  9. Do you have a few cases that you are proud of?
  10. I notice in your book that several of the stories in your book involve cases in the music industry. Is there much crossover between music and law? Or is it just that rock stars tend to get into trouble?
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