Real Life Goal Setting with MEGA Multi-Million Dollar Mortgage Banker Steve Currington | From Startup to $250,000,000

Show Notes

Napoleon Hill once wrote, “A goal is a dream with a deadline” and today we interview a REAL LIFE successful entrepreneur and the founder of the Lambros Youtube Channel Steve Currington about the power of goal setting. 

Goal Setting 101:

$50,000,000 of Volume 

Commission % .0175

  1. Shaw Homes Tulsa – 60% of the Gross Revenue x 310 Houses ($85,000,000)
  2. Word of Mouth – $10,000,000 – Google / Word of Mouth

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time.” – Napoleon Hill (The best-selling self-help author)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “All thoughts which have been emotionalized (given feeling) and mixed with faith (expectancy), begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent.” – Napoleon Hill (The best-selling self-help author)





Time Sensitive


  1. Create a Dream 100 List
  2. “Without a VISM your digital marketing presence will perish.” – 2nd Clay 29:18
    1. Video reviews
    2. Images optimized 
    3. Search engine content
    4. More reviews
    5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” – Proverbs 29:18
  3. Do a great job every day
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for.” – Napoleon Hill (The best-selling self-help author)
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