Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent 101

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Are you struggling to find and retain top talent? Business coach Clay Clark breaks down the specific moves that you can use to hire, inspire and retain top talent.

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent 101  

  1. Why people love and stay at their jobs:
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We recruit for attitude and train for skill.” – Atul Gawande (The best-selling author of Checklist Manifesto and the Harvard Medical School professor)
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – John Maxwell (Best-selling author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)
    3. Forbes Article – Jack Welch, GE, and the Corporate Practice of Public Hangings
    4. Tim Ferriss Podcast with Bob Metcalfe –
    5. They are receiving mentorship as well as management.
    6. They respect their boss and view them as a source of wisdom.
    7. Enjoy working with their co-workers (fire the idiots).
    8. Enjoy having clear expectations (the company offers merit-based pay).
    9. Enjoy knowing that what they do matters.
    10. They are proud of the products and services that their company offers.
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” Steve Jobs
    11. They feel appreciated and known
      1. They are not just treated as a number.
      2. They receive public praise.
    12. They get to laugh at work.
    13. They allow trusted team members to provide sincere ideas for improvement.
    14. Story Time – Watching clients who are have the ability to pay well and do pay well struggle to fire and retain top talent.
    15. Action Item:
      1. Sights
      2. Sounds
      3. Decor
      4. Smell
      5. Overall Work Experience
      6. Benefits / Perks
      7. Scheduled On-Going Mentorship and Training of Your Team
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Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary thrive time show business coachworkshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it’s in our riverwatch offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. All right, tribe, nation, welcome back to the drive time show on your radio were talking about recruiting and retaining top talent, 101 and we’re not talking about prison culture if you don’t retain top talent, it’s kind of like you’re in a prison right of your own creation. So this is this is a show that I believe could be worth millions of dollars to anybody out there listening who has a revolving door of top talent. So what I want you to do? Cuz I want you the, listener, to take copious amounts of notes to write down specific actionable items for you because i, if you, if you don’t apply what you’re learning right, here you’re really missing out. So here we go recruiting and retaining top talent 101 why people love and stay at their jobs, atul gawande, the best-selling author of checklist manifesto and the harvard medical school professor. He wants said we recruit for attitude and we train for skill. I would argue, marshall, morris business coach, that the employee is actually looking for attitude and the employer is looking for attitude. I. Think the employees willing to put up with a manager who’s learning to manage as long as they have an awesome attitude and I think that the employer is willing to put up with an employee who doesn’t know what to do as long as they have an awesome attitude, but I find really really good. Employees cannot work at all, for somebody was a cantankerous attitude or a pompous attitude, and also find that employer employers struggle to manage employees or struggle to put up with employees who have a lot of skill, but have a bad attitude. So talk to me about employer perspective, why you have to have a good attitude if you are going to retain top people? Okay, I’m, going to break this down, break it down. Forbes article, you google this public hangings by jack, welch, okay, they interviewed him.

He, says that you got to divide your employees into four different quadrants. Okay, it’s four quadrants, okay, you got culture and you got numbers okay, so you got good attitude and good numbers on word and upward for those people. When you have bad attitude, bad numbers-and it’s easy-you got to fire those people. Then you got people with good attitude before numbers. Okay, and you got to invest with them. You have to help train them. Cuz they have a good attitude, is exactly what you’re talking about. You got to spend some time, providing some resources for these people to help them improve. But this is the last quadrant quadrant number for is the one that cripples cup city’s employees that have good numbers, but terrible attitudes. Okay, because these are the ones that the ceo say hey. You know what, let’s, let’s see if their number stay the same next quarter and then we’ll revisit this cripples companies, because you look at the top company zappos tony hsieh. He says that you must buy your people for culture. In fact, culture is half of the performance review that they go through. Numbers are only half of it, and so you got to fire people. So this is at 6 a.M. We have our thrive business coaching meeting rico to the coaches meeting marshall is the head of the coaches essentially, and my job is the ceo of driving to make sure that our team is equipped now what happens is if any one of our clients would we service? If they have a question for a coach, they don’t know the answer too. Then we answer it in our coaches meeting today, chuck there was a question asked by young lady on our team and she asked I think four questions in a row or three questions in a row right and what did I say as opposed to answer the question. You said:that’s good I’ll come back to it, and why do you think I said that? Because you don’t want to just be you out the first thing that came to your business coach mind. They were legitimate question. She needed a thoughtful answer and you thought I’d let ski and continue down this not stop. The meeting so I think let’s go ahead and do this and then we’ll come back so john maxwell, he wants wrote people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care and so I wanted to make sure that I gave this person a thoughtful answer. That actually would help the client with coach-and that is a skill. I’ve had to learn and there’s an interesting story that I would encourage you guys to listen to. If you get a chance to check out tim ferriss the 4-hour workweek, he has a podcast. He puts out about six or seven a month and one of the most recent podcast he puts out. There is an interview with a guy named bob metcalfe he’s the guy who invented the ethernet:okay, not the internet, but the ethernet. And what are the things that bob metcalfe pointed out during his interview? Is he had a very successful ceo that he was shadowing at one point, so yeah ceo was very successful and he got a chance to watch him and so he’s like I wonder what he’s doing you know cuz, there’s a staff meeting going on in the ceo’s, not talking a lot, and it’s writing notes on a piece of paper and he’s thinking, I wonder what that guy is writing down.

I want the guys riding down and he’s riding down over over this piece of paper. Keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet and he’s doing that because he wants to listen to what the questions are being that will questions are being asked and he’s trying to, as the ceo of the company remind himself that you have two ears and one mouth and it’s important that you fully understand the conversation, because if you dominate the conversation-and you don’t fully understand the questions, you leave the participants of the meeting feeling like they’re full of holes and you don’t leave people feeling whole I’m going to walk in the listeners through the specific steps to retain people today. Okay, the specific steps, but I would encourage you to recognize as the owner of the business you have two ears and one mouth, and so important and I get better in that I get better at that every year. Just riding down keep it quiet, understand the question before I answer trying not to just fly off the handle, because things that seem common sense to me or not common nobody else, because they haven’t gone through it before and if they have gone through it before, then they would be leading the meeting. So here we go. People today employs today what mentorship and not just management marshall. We have a hair salon elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge. We have a lot of women that work there. You see the people who, like great people, that work there, boys mentorship today really needed and not doing today. Management really is mentorship cuz, one of the top things that people wore will work for is working for somebody, that is a source of wisdom, and so, when you are a source of wisdom for your employees, you will engage with them more regularly and that engagement is what will keep them in return them long term. Until you must be a source of wisdom and mentor the people to get them from where they are to where they want to be. If you were helping them get to their goals, then that’s going to be a huge plus for you feel like you are there to help them grow as they’re there to help your business grow, they’re going to be happier and they’re going to have more success for you in your business. Therefore, it just kind of makes sense if you really think about it. If you watch versus bill is a neat documentary that came out, it’s bill, belichick and bill parcells sitting down together and it’s phenomenal.

The relationship is over bill parcells was a head coach won two super bowls, but bill belichick was an assistant for parcells and parsells is gone, the record to say that he doesn’t think he probably would have won those two super bowls without bill belichick, but those two had an interesting relationship. This bill was the bill parcells was the mentor of bill belichick. Now the head coach of the new england patriots won the things belichick explains. Is he got offered a job to go coach somewhere else? They turned it down because he felt like the marcels, actually took the time out of his schedule to mentor him and to prepare him for the day when he would be a head coach. Make sure your employees respect you as a source of wisdom and not just a manager. Now this is big. You’ve got to make sure that you prune the tree or that you pull the weeds because good people hate working with idiots. So if you are the owner of a business, you owe it to your good people to fire idiots when we come back from the break. I want explain why? That’s so important that you pull the weeds and fire idiots from your organization attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to ken point, drive, time, show.Com, all right right, nation, we’re talking about how to recruit and retain top talent. Well, I’m, going to walk you through how to recruit top talent. Is your very specific, step-by-step it? This is how you do it. Don’t overcomplicate business coach complicated, not that difficult, okay, step 1! You make a job post, you put up every single week on craigslist in deed and monster, and we have proven proven job descriptions at work. So if you want that, you can get that from your business coach. It just works okay, so post every single week. Second, when people respond to the job post, let them know through a pre-written email that you’re going to schedule an interview at the same time. Every week, let him know by tuesday at 5 will be interviewing tuesday at 5, about the interview tuesday at 5 I’d love to interview, no matter who responds or what they ask. Tuesday 5 every tuesday at 5 interview people in the group. What you going to be people as a group you can weed through to figure out who’s on time, who’s, diligent who’s, somebody who has actual job skills, whose, line who’s, not at all happens faster when you interview people as a group, then, when you fine, can that you like? Have them shadow you? Because most people are not who they say they are when they shadow you’ll, find a candy that you like, and that you have a very good employee on your team now to retain top talent. You must understand that you did today. Keeping high quality people is about mentorship. Mentorship. Works management does not make sure you eat today. I. Remember you. People will stick around for a job if you’re getting mentorship as well as management and people will respect her boss and stick with them and want to work at a company.

Don’t want to work with you if you are a source of wisdom marshall. How does somebody out there listening know whether they are in fact able to be a source of wisdom, wisdom for their employees or not? You got to know 10 times more than what your employees know about a given keyword or kevin keyword. Given a subject, the given topic or subject:okay, you got to know 10 times more business coach robert greene, who wrote the book mastery says he’s got it no 10 times more, and so that’s how you know whether or not you’re fit for being a manager on a particular topic and then for more. You got exhibit jack welch’s for ease. Okay, he has for ease energy. Do you yourself ring energy as the boss energise? Do you energize your team members edge? Do you bring the discipline needed to make the tough decisions and live with the consequences, yep and then execute? Do you get your stuff done? So you have to eventually fire the co-workers who work with you. If they’re creating a toxic environment, you have to fire, people that are not. People are passive. Aggressive in your organization, meaning that they refuse to do what they’re supposed to do, whether it be aggressively or passively aggressively you have to fire the people that are passive aggressive. You have to do it now, also as a boss. If you want to keep quiet quality people that you have to create clear expectations, employees like to work in environment where they know what’s expected of them. Yes-and there is a big issue-i see with people that are in their growing a small business there entreprenuers there in it every day, they’re in they’re, getting their feet dirty their boots, dirty whatever they just take it for granted that the employee doesn’t know everything with it. We call it the curse of knowledge right right does. Expectations are set and you assumed, as the business owner of the manager, that the employee or team member is going to do it the right way when in reality they don’t even know what or how they’re supposed to do. The thing that they’re supposed to do-and this is very, very critical-that you lay out the expectations for what you expect of your pinky takes planning it takes.

You have to be proactive about it. You can’t wait until that new hires sitting there in front of you so marshall right now. As a business coach, you are a training up your mentoring, your matriculating andrew and jordan and rachel for their next spot. Their next move the next promotion they started off at one level, they moved up to the next level and now they’re moving up to the next level. How have you been clear about the expectations and why and how do you go about another daily? This is preparing them over the last really two months for promotion. Well, here’s the thing is already there:they know more about sales, they know more about search engine optimization. They know more about hiring and firing. Then a lot of people, okay, a lot of business owner around every because they’re around it every day, but, moreover, just being around it. Dave executed the system. So they intimately know the different report need benefits close for a sale system. They know how search engine optimization works in we wouldn’t have set those expectations of you need to know this unless we meant it, it’s impossible to teach something. Unless you know it now, once you found the good people, and you have proven yourself to be a source of wisdom-and you have proven yourself to be a mentor for these people and you have a credit and non toxic environment where they’re working with good people-and you have set those clear expectations, then you have to explain to them why? What the doing matters chop? Why is it so important for you, as a member of the team, to know that what you do matters and very well, everyone else on the team, including myself, and why do we have to know that what we do matters? Well, if you think about it from we talk about workflows, right, there’s, different systems that are connected to each other, and if you don’t know what, where your space is in that work flow and how important your segment of the job, if you think of it like a chain and every link leaks to get linked together. If you are a link in a chain-and you don’t know how important your job is, you might not put your best effort. You might not show up. You just have to know that it matters you’re there to do a job in that job is important from a all the way to z a to z. Now you know what my what they do matters you got to make sure that you said such a high expectation for the products and services that your company delivers, that people are proud to work there marshall the employees have to be proud to work that there’s a quote by steve jobs. He says some people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected of you lower the bar to meet the expectations of your slacker. No one will have any pride in the workplace mia, it’s like. Why would anybody want to go play for the patriots, because the patriots win all the time so I believe it was? It was chris long that they did the interview with with howie long i, think yep howie, long and howie long’s like if you want to win, go play for the patriots. If you want to have a good business coach time and get paid a lot just a little somewhere else and he’s like I want to go win until the level of expectation to level of responsibility is much higher there. Now the final three things you need to do to keep people working for you is you got to make sure that people feel appreciated and known.

I am not perfect at this. I feel like I need to do a better job you’re after year. I get better at this, but just how do we at the drive time show make the employees of the team number to workforce, feel appreciated and known what we have weekly meetings? First of all, and we do public price right. So why did you notice or jonathan, or somebody in management notices that team members have been doing some behavior that we want duplicated? We want replicated you go ahead and call him out in public. Tell him good job. Give me a round of applause, find someone today and the move. It thrives. You get promoted so once you start off the search engine team to do the job I’m going to promote you to sales, calls right, cuz, that’s the next level next step and the next step would be shadowing a coach and then you just keep moving up and the guy refused to do calls so I said:hey I know you’ve been here for almost a year. You do a good job, but you’re fired. That’s a part of the business coach system, because, if not, if we let stagnant people there stay there, then there would be no entry level position for people that want to move up right. That being said, if I never publicly appreciated well I guarantee by next week, people start going to start to say what happened to this person where they go, and if we didn’t do public praise that would be a toxic environment right now. The next move is you want to make sure that you get to laugh at work? We can have a good time at work, and you also want to allow your people to have their ideas for improvement heard when they make sense.

Then again, that’s perfect, for what that weekly meeting is for now. I’m, sorry about this I’m, so passionate about this plan on having fun and laughing at work, because I mean to celebrate before you get into the end zone and that’s why I would just encourage anybody out there and who’s if you’re listening to this right now and you’re struggling to keep good people I want you to think about this. We have worked with hundreds of clients that are willing to pay a lot of money to hire somebody right now, and yet people will not work for them because they say the atmosphere is terrible. So want you to ask me to rate yourself on a scale of one to ten on these following areas, and you can find this on the drive time show podcast stuff, you missed it. You can actually go back and enlistees, but in the areas of your sites are the visuals in your office motivating are the sound? Does the overhead music motivating inspiring a favorable is the decor positive? Is the smell positive? Is it overall work experience positive? Are there benefits and perks outside of work? Maybe a free gym membership? Maybe you drop off lunch once a day. Maybe you aknowledge people’s birthdays and are you scheduling time for on-going business coach mentorship, don’t overcomplicate it, but that’s how to hire inspire into train in to retain high quality employees but I’m also a business owner. We practice what we preach it. If you want to see our processes and systems and action I’d encourage you to go to the z66, auto auction or go to elephant in the room. Men’s grooming lounge even come by the thrive time, show world headquarters and offices I’m always available. If you want to shadow me, you just have to run it through your coach and it’s always three into what I want


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