Regretting Nothing in Business | W.O.R.K. Ethic – Part 3

Show Notes

Dr. Zoellner and Clay Clark teach you the importance of going all out in the game of business so that you can regret nothing at the end of each day.

R – Regret Nothing. Give It Your All.


  1. Wake up or stay up 1 hour per day without anyone else.
    1. Make a list of all of the things you need to get done and GET IT DONE.

VERSE – “Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in forced labor.” – Proverbs 12:24


VERSE – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Proverbs 10:4

STORY TIME – Rise and grind, but not too early.

FUN FACT – “Sleep deprive an animal long enough and it dies; partially sleep deprive humans, even just for less than six hours a night, and they die younger. People who don’t get enough sleep have

  1. More heart disease, especially when they’re getting less than 6 hours of sleep B. More weight gain
  2. More depressions
  3. More infections, especially colds
  4. Less alertness and awareness than they need to get through the often exhausting requirements of work and family.” –

ACTION STEP – Get out your calendar before you go to bed tonight and adjust your schedule to begin living intentionally. Schedule specific blocks of time for:

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Finances
  4. Fitness
  5. Friendship
  6. Fun
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one best business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com what they said hello and welcome back to the thrive time best business coach show on your radio and podcast download the good people of portland. Thank you for tuning in people in south korea. Thank you for tuning. In australia, we get a lot of downloads in south korea, going to keep it on the down-low celebrating the the great greenery, the great the grey whales of the portland area. It’s a truly every day’s, a holiday they’re broadcasting in portland portland, how you doing trail blazers fan how you doing rasheed wallace, how you doing excited about being on air in portland about work ethic. So many people ask me all the time you say:what’s your secret, here’s a tip everyone could do. This is a tip ok. You can read:10 auto biographies this year, 70 hours a week of work until they become successful, get a book about 10, successful people. 10 and read the books and then summarize, a blue and every single one, you’re worried about has worked a minimum of 70 hours a week until they were there’s. Never examples of is not a single one.

Ever and you’ll never find another. What I love asking this question workshops I say how many people have been nicknamed one person who became super successful, who worked less than 80 hours a week. I just want to know their name cuz! That’s what I would like to talk about 6. We need to write a book on that one and it’s never happened in the hall of fame. Yet to nba titles to gold medals, I mean what was your secret he’s at well, you know the first guy to practice. Last guy to practice, eat clean diet, game film. You mean you’re watching best business coach game film after the required minimum yeah cuz I want to go to the hall of fame and she asked michael levine, the pr guy for michael jackson for nike. You say hi michael jackson for pizza hut. What’s your secret? Will you want to wake up about 4 hours before anybody else does i? Like to wake up my dad to be to work, work work, work work. If you don’t want to get ahead, you don’t need to work more. It’s! Okay! It’s cool! We’re breaking down the work. What are the four letters and I jumped ahead so wrongly into regret? Nothing. You said. No, no, no I would regret it if i, don’t circle back to the o on your day been marinated enough on own your day. So is a circle. Is a circle? Is a person tell us about the circle? What are the things that I hear? A lot from young entrepreneurs is i. Just don’t seem to have the best business coach time. I have a great idea for time, bro bro bro to owning your day, because if you don’t schedule your day, if you don’t say no to a lot of things throughout the day that pop up a dude, you got a minute.

If you don’t hey, can you and you don’t really need to? If you don’t say no to those things and have your day scheduled you’re not going to own your day, good bras on this plug their top of your klout score and thousands of facebook followers guide to eat everywhere. Bro I got like youtube I’m, going to go viral I’m, going to rebecca black friday song that thing on it. No, no! It’s friday. Do this all the time. Unicorn ideas I got an idea on this phone in your day as well. We were talking earlier in the show about an employee, you need to own your tasks so that off you are asking me what you know how I got into driving, through my mind, set on how I wanted to build my way up the ladder was that whatever task anybody in mad men are you asked me to do? I pretended like I was hiring myself as a best business coach to do it and what how good of a job would I want. Somebody that I’m paying my money to do on that certain tasks and if that’s your mine, said if that’s your outlook, I know tons of people out. There may not do the best job at work, but as soon as you hire somebody to do something at your own house on your own money, your standards for employee quality kind of go way way up. So if you just pretend like you’re hiring yourself, you’ll do a better job. You get notice. I did i, tell you about the jamaican slob sled team, when peace love, sled team in the truck or two men and a truck, or what get the chevron I’ll tell you where they’re booked out, because the movers we’d hired okay, there’s a friend of ours, said:oh, you should use these best business coach guys and I guess it was a friend of a friend as it was a false referral referral where it’s like you know somebody there for the ticket recommendation. Sure the guy comes out and I said. I would like to move my house and he backs out the truck and opens the gates and he’s and I noticed he’s like talking or hanging out right now and 25 an hour whatever it is and I said:hey you guys, I know what we’re doing here. We got to move this and go to move itself and then the guy was like 25 ft. Tony plays going on. I said here’s the deal I’ll check with myself, so I just grabbed that shelf and moved it myself and then I said:can we please shut up and do our jobs, and this guy was incensed, so the other guy, the junior guy on the crew he and I were moving stuff.

All the time and I literally moved my house at three times the speed than the movers and then finally, at towards noon. The boss came in and he was like. Are you making a move this like as movie? Are you making the move again so slow the people start helping and that’s his strategy so apparently already been written up about this. It was a thing:it’s over. That’s a walk watching me. I am moving my own stuff. Cuz I have a violent intensity about getting things, done. Going to watch an idiot move, slow I can’t handle it, and so guess what I did I didn’t hire him back true, but the shoe made by whenever I try to hire them every single time, I hack it can and again it was just a recommendation. Friend of mine, says: oh, you should use these guys. I know this guy from church, so I might cool higher and he was the worst movie ever ever. Come to visit was a disaster. This was obviously from the house across the best business coach street to this one yeah across this. Not that hard. If you remember that we could dream big saying is if you are out there and you’re, not being intentional about your day. You’re gonna lose so here here early action steps when I put the show on the show not to jump, wake up or stay up, 1 hour alone everyday. So we can get one hour a day before everybody else right one hour, one hour early everyday or stay up 1 hour late, either way:i, don’t care stay up later early cuz he’s a late night guy I’m in early guy, just spinning make a list of all the things you have to get done the next day. So today, I made a list and all the things on my list are done, and you know why they’re done cuz I made a list that doesn’t that feel good. See. What happens when you make a promise to yourself and you do it as a reward? You get. Confidence in the psychology today will tell you that feeling of not doing what you said you to do is called dissonance which causes depression in small goal setting. So we set small goals that leads to bigger best business coach goals. This is a fitness tip.

This is a business idea. This is a way of life like you should do two at the everybody should maybe back up a step I like to know maybe go back 3 days a week and be ideal. Yes, you did. Those days come on how do I make a schedule? What do I do? Look like a lot of it. You reverse engineer, and what did you do yesterday? I mean really right now. Tell me right, then, everything in 15 minute 10 minute increments. What did you do? There’s a young whippersnapper about 2 years ago and I screwed up I said:yes, we said:can I shadow you as a best business coach, while you’re doing your meditime I’d like to watch you when I said you did you meditate sitting at the house across the street and he’s at what you doing now, I’m getting my inbox down to zero? How long does it take you 1 hour? Never what you doing now, I’m, making it just kept going everyday like wasn’t there a better with no, the thing is:is that I’ve signed up for certain reports if an elephant room I have to review those reports every week and to review a report, it requires thought which requires time which requires and he’s like we do now putting on the list to call my mom. This is why I put it on my list to call my mom. Therefore, I call my mom my mom f6 life, faith family finances fitness french for 2 hours. Now it’s me thinking alone in the thing is i. Didn’t people like the struggle with the idea of being alone for an hour, I really do i. Think people like wigs them out like I guess they got to have facebook on tv on or have time over there, a dave & buster’s there’s a lot of lights as you’ve grown the business as it not become more and more important, become bored more strategic I mean as you grow, hood cpas you can have. Thousands of customers is not becoming ever increasingly important for you to have time away from the people to think strategically. Absolutely it’s impossible to grow.

You’ll beyond me and my capabilities. Without sitting back, you know, i, remember clay. I, laugh at myself now I work for a mid-level farm for a while and i. Remember looking at some of the main partner charging thinking, dude doesn’t do any work. All he’s doing is planning and thinking man. He is lazy, but the reality is you’re in the business and he was creating opportunities in and clean up dates for everybody else in so if your business is contingent on you showing up, you got a problem, and you know you’ve taught me clay doctors, he saw me and is you know you got to create an environment to wear systems and processes in a players. Take a lot of things off of me so that I’m doing mikey things and without that meditime without sitting back stepping back in planning, then then I’ll never get to the to doing what I need to do. The best yeah I’ll tell you in my life, who really helps you the most. My best business coach wife is really good at this I’ll say:she’s show the people on the team meeting today, but I think there’s a bird called a honeyguide in this bird. He has seen this very instant. The bird is a bird in nature, true story if it flies high above the honey badger and tells the honey badger where the food is being alerted by this of this honey got your story and then the honey badger.

Then goes and kills. The animal leaves leftovers for the honey guide, and this is the relationship of symbiotic natural relationship into my wife. All the time, she’s very good at saying, I know you could do that, but you shouldn’t, because there’s only one of you in this is your highest and best use, and so vanessa’s been really on me about hey. This is for 18 years could do, but this is your better use pump plate. You know you, you call her bird I do. That is a much better story as to why you call her bird. That’s the story. I would start telling it’s a great story for until recently, I’ve started discovering how similar I am to a honey badger and a similar kind of badgers aren’t the brightest individuals, but they will just go to eat honey, badgers survive on a diet completely comprised of bees bee larvae in obese people and snakes, sleep, develop an immunity to snake bites and to be sticks, and he wants to buy a cobra eating away. It’s crazy i, don’t even recognize it like the pain is not normal and they should. Where you should go, ask you sure honey guide right now, who’s your who’s, your pastor, who’s, your account who is helping you and who is helping. You exterminate those pesky, insects. Shut up listening right now has a snake by their lake pick out a spider and their habitats, an ant in their pants. Maybe these guys have a $1 first service call. So you can pick from your past best business coach service that your ants and spiders say one doll, hair, one doll hair, that’s it or you can pick out a laundromat where they’ll fertilizing weed kill or you can get there mosquito treatment cuz. You know these april showers going to bring those mosquitoes going to get ahold of these guys at platinum pest & lawn., com, platinum, pest & lawn., com or call him at 918-376-0857 or you can hire me sit in your backyard and all the mosquitoes to be all over me. The entire time,, that’s platinum pest & lawn. Check out today. Do you need help growing your business? Take the challenge. The drivetime business coach program.

Will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule? Your free consultation today at best business coach thrivetime show.Com, all right right makes you woke up back to the conversation. Is the thrive time show on your radio and your except were talking about work ethic today, work work, work, work, work and we have a special guest today on today show, and so we’re going to refer to our gas here as the incredible ryan arnold, but otherwise known as the voice of choice in socal sports of choice. It’s not often you have a person who has this sort of bombastic vibrato I mean this is this? Is an audio tree hear about regret? Nothing, give it your all voice of choice when is the first day of diligent hands, will rule but laziness in zen, force, labor, I’m, scared, I was right. That way me to james. Earl jones has a copy when he actually read the entirety of the bible, and that was a pretty good read by james earl jones, but that makes it seem a little more real. So it’s break down this verse and think about what it means diligent hands will rule get to. Diligence means the study, application of effort, so I want to see about the application of that means of consistency. Why is that meat? How is that different from what you see from most people to be consistent, see? How is that different from what most people believe you no success, looks like you.

Don’t we celebrate the victory? We celebrate the big house, we celebrate the car, we celebrate the swanky vacation the event we have. We celebrate that right. Yes, I took me last time we celebrate the blood and sweat and the tears and the digging the ditch that big getting dirty and getting down there and doing it. You know, but all of that success every every bit of it is from a diligent person working and they get up. Every day, they’re grinding the grinding they’re going I used to have a saying yes and I used to have a hobby. This is crazy, but and but true you can google it see. I had a hobby back in the day where I raced pigeons priest, the pigeons raced the pigeons in my backyard and you and you erase them in one of the best business coach show’s last time and I can kind of break it down a bit for you, but but every day they took they took care of their animals and you had to go to do husbandry of them and take care of them. Everyday and I had to work them out every day and I had to do certain things everyday, but the races we’re only once a week, certain months of the year, but I put a saying on the top of my front door on the inside of the top of the front door and the saying went today’s the day:i win the race today is the day. I win the race, because it’s the diligent effort of going in and cleaning going in and taking care of golden working them out, going in and doing the husbandry of of that and then and then down the road. You have your show off day where, if you were diligent, then you were successful. There’s a guy who played the nba by the name of ike austin inch and kept on going to put him on the show notes here, because this this this is a good example of this ike austin was very, very talented. Do you put them up on the screen here? He actually played a pretty long nba career, which is hard to do what what time? What kind of time frame is this is career or what year did his it’s? Your his career ended in 2000 to 91 to 2002.

It was chronically out of shape to play professional basketball. Your your your job is involving being in shape, so he did he in his. He. His agent is the same age of the karl malone had karl malone, nba hall of famer. No does the mailman in the mailman was known as being physically in the best shape of any nba player, most intimidating basketball player until tomorrow, though, was also known as big I can’t really jump. It didn’t really have a lot of natural athleticism, but he’s a grinder. So his best business coach agent austin’s agent, says hey, you got to go workout with carl. You know cuz you’re, if you’re up against a contractor here and I got to tell you i, don’t see a whole lot of people looking for you, cuz you’re, not in that great you’re, not that great of shape right I mean you’re, 6 foot 10 your way into 50, but there’s a lot of best business coach guys who are 6 foot 10, who are in great shape, man, so sure whatever, and so he made eye cost. In his terms, their relationship spend one summer working out with karl malone in salt, lake city, so I cost and shows up in miami for the heat looking ripped like shredded, and so he puts on an unbelievable contractor that’s the year before you’re up for a new contract, and he goes to put this on the show nuts. Here. It goes from averaging, like nine points, a game to like 13, which is a huge jump and he looks in great shape, but he’s rebounding all the time, but he’s a hustler, and so he gets the big contract. Almost immediately stops working out the karl malone secret was, he was a grinder. If you want to make a disproportionate amount of money, you have to work with the diligence need now. If you do that, guess who got to be the captain of the team, karl malone, four flavors, when your agent says you have to work out. So if you don’t need a manager, you’ll become one with the next notable quotable from proverbs. 10:4 I’m excited voice of toys. Fires me up here so here we go any further until ryan arnold voice of choice is make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.

He breaks it down too lazy to work they’d rather sleep and get up and grind take shortcuts shortcut on shortcuts on a bad thing. But then I talk to this guy about not bringing his cell phone into the stores and he just continues to say:i forgot and he hops on his cell phone and so I said our policies leave your cell phone in your car. We talked about it and what’s the play and they said well, the thing is:we have two new people. We just hired that are really really good and frankly, we don’t need this person beyond the 15th of april 14th of april, whatever I said okay. Well, then the best business coach deal is is just to let him know:hey I I want you to try your best to remember, try to bring your phone and write him up and beat you up, be intentional about it, but right here and now, if we agreed on the 15th, we’re going to fire and they’re like yeah, because I’m not going to sit there and have adult conversations with best business coach babies, I’m not going to be an adult I’m, not to be a giraffe going down to a turtle level in talking about turtle concert, td jakes sermons about this. If you are a turtle, then you’re going to look at the ground and see the dung you’re going to look at the earth and see the insects you’re going to see things that your perspective, if you’re a giraffe you’re seeing visions and hopes and dreams and don’t go down to the nearest hardee’s business owner in have these ridiculous turtle conversation just don’t spend your not draining when you spend your day as an adult who it is and that’s why I would not even have this conversation to fire him.

The 15th I would have done the write-ups I would have him tell him again not to do it. I wouldn’t waste my energy in my time, cuz you knows best make his phone and it’s going to be honest. I, don’t care what it is, what it is, but you know what you got a plan in place and you know what you need if those few days you could have put up at the jackass surrey of him speaking his phone in, but you know why why you been sitting down and waste anymore of your even your grey matter. Even your time, your band with him this dude right right, I’m, just say this. If you’re listening right now-and you know somebody in your office-it is not a right fit. Cuz they’re not deal to just understand that okay you’re not going to change best business coach people, they have to change themselves. People have to want to change. If somebody wants to change out a hundred percent believe they can, but they don’t want to. You can’t force them to change. We come back we’re talking more about work at work, work, work, work, work


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