Reverend William Cook | Unpacking the History of the Black Robe Regiment & Why Now is the Time to Resist the Unconstitutional Tyrannical Mandates

Show Notes

The founder and CEO of America’s Black Robe Regiment Reverend William Cook shares why now is the time to resist and to not comply with the unconstitutional tyrannical mandates & Doctor Mark Sherwood shares how to proactively protect yourself from COVID-19

  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes! Thrivetime Nation on today’s show we are interviewing Reverend William Cook, who is the founder and CEO at America’s Black Robe Regiment. Reverend Cook, welcome onto the Thrivetime Show! How are you sir?!
  2. Reverend William Cook, what is The Black Robe Regiment and why did you decide to found this organization?
  3. I would love for you to explain what role the original The Black Robe Regiment played in the creating the United States?
  4. Reverend William Cook How were the Black Robe Regiment pastors who helped to found this country different from today’s mega-church pastors who refuse to speak about unconstitutional lockdowns, mask-mandates and forced church closings?
  5. What role should pastors be having in educating their church attendees especially during a time in American history where the mainstream media constantly misleads TV viewers?
  6. We now know that voter fraud was occuring on a massive scale, what should pastors be telling their congregation members? 

Step 1 – The Canadian-owned DOMINION vote counting machines are used in 28 states

  1. The Former CEO of Explains How the 2020 Election Was Rigged – 

Step 2 – DOMINION gets its software from SMARTMATIC which is a Delaware company owned by Venezuelans close to the Communist Venezuelan Chavez and Maduro family

      1. The Venezuelan Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez Built SMARTMATIC – The CEO of (Patrick Byrne) Explains the Technical Details of How Votes Were Stole and Switched – Watch at 7:00 Minutes – 
        1. ‘Based on Evidence We Have, There Is No Way Biden Will Be President’ | Guest: Patrick Byrne – 
      2. CIA, Gina Haspel and Hugo Chavez’ SmartMatic Behind USA Steal 

Step 3 – Then our votes are stored on a server in Frankfurt Germany.

      1. Trump recount committee has seen raw data from seized Dominion servers of how VOTES WERE SWITCHED by an algorithm in the software!!! “The things that are going to come out are going to SHAKE the globalists to their very core” – 
      2. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: WE GOT IT! — Col. Waldron Confirms US Has a Copy of the Election Night Data ‘Traffic and Packets’ Sent Overseas to Frankfurt! (VIDEO) – 

Step 4 – Then our votes actually get counted in Barcelona, Spain and Smartmatic has a special software feature that allows users to change votes

      1. Their software allows them to change the VOTE 
      2. Oh…and Smartmatic Owns DOMINION
      3. Listen to Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis on the Dan Bongino Show 

Step 5 – All major manufacturers of voting systems in the United States are working with us to explore ways to incorporate ElectionGuard into their systems including Clear Ballot, Democracy Live, Election Systems & Software, Dominion Voting Systems, Hart InterCivic, BPro, MicroVote, Smartmatic and VotingWorks. We’ve worked deeply with many of these companies over the summer to prepare them for today’s SDK release.

  1. Reverend William Cook What would you say to a pastor who doesn’t want to comment on what is going on because they don’t want to be “too political?”
  2. What thoughts do you have about the notion of “separation of church and state?”
  3. Reverend William Cook What are the “Jericho Marches” and why are you participating in them?
  4. What advice would you give the younger version of yourself?
  5. Reverend William Cook What message or principle that you wish you could teach everyone?
  6. What are a couple of books that you believe that all of our listeners should read?
  7. You’ve got the mic, what is one thing that you want to share with the Thrive Nation before you drop the mic?
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