Rich Kline’s Theories on the Subconscious Mind and the Power of Having a Definite Purpose

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Clay Clark and Matt Kline (OXI Fresh Franchise brand developer) explains why you cannot let your accounting drift and why what you think about you bring about.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The subconscious mind may be likened to a magnet and when it has been vitalized and thoroughly saturated with any DEFINITE PURPOSE it has a decided tendency to attract all that is necessary for the fulfillment of that purpose.” – Napoleon Hill (Best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich)

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On today’s show, Matt Klein, franchise brand developer with Oxi fresh franchise shares with us the importance purpose.

yes. Matt Klein. On today’s show, we’re going to have kind of a, a shorter show today because I, um, Matt, man, I was D man. Have you ever dealt with taxes? You’ve dealt with taxes? Not, not Texas, but taxes. [inaudible]

yeah, but yeah, I think most people have made, don’t you enjoy it too? I enjoy it. Yes. No, I mean I used to do my own taxes as things started to grow and develop. It was a, yeah, no, I have a, I have an account that takes care of that. So my accounting roles are over.

I’ll tell you this. I had an outstanding meeting about taxes. I just got out of it. It was somewhere between tremendous and amazing and I just want to thank anybody out there who’s living in a tent city, who’s healthy in your twenties or 30s smoking a lot, hanging out, sleeping under under a bridge. Just sort of trying to figure your life out right now and anybody out there that I could, that I could support with taking really a little more than half of what I make, man, you know, the first four and a half hours of every day, those are what I call happy hours and I devote those happy hours to working hard to donate so that way I can give at least half of my income to people that choose not to work. And I just want to do a specialist to shout out right there. If you’re out there struggling to find your purpose and you’re on some subsidy of some kind because you’re just, you can work, you’re physically able to work.

Those are, those are my favorite ones. The ones who, not the disabled, not the ones who need the help. It’s the ones who choose not to work, who just have, you know, an anx about applying. I just want to thank you today for making it possible for me to send in a massive check to the government. Uh, that’s just, Oh gosh, it feels good. Now Matt, I want one teaching point. I want to get into today. We’re talking about this thing called the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind. Specifically I’m quoting Napoleon Hill, who I named my son after the author of thinking grow rich. He writes, the subconscious mind may be likened to a magnet and when it has been vitalized and thoroughly saturated with any definite purpose, it has decided a tendency to attract all that is necessary for the fulfillment of that purpose. Another way you could say it is what you think about, you bring about another way to say it is what you think about is what you bring about. Or or to say. Matt Klein, uh, was obsessed with basketball in high school, uh, met client. Tell us about your subconscious and conscious obsession with basketball. Cause you, you obsessed about basketball and I believe you obsessed about playing at the D one level. Am I correct?

I did for a while there. Yeah, I would, I had a key to the gym at school. I’d shoot for about three hours after school, just by myself at the gym and I’d go home and I’d do it again in them.

What time? What day did, what time did you get to, what time did you get to school every day in the, in your junior year of high school when you were really locked in


Oh man. So I don’t, I don’t think I got there in your earlier than anyone, but I’d go home after school and then I would eat and then I would have the key, they let me in the school. So then I’d shoot for like three hours, seven to like 10 and then go home.

And uh, were you dating anybody at that time?

January actually I got, I’ve got a phone. It’s funny I saw that Jan, they’re like, Oh, we had like a, went back to the high school thing. Like what’s your watch? My high school coaches last basketball game, he was still there and we chatted about that a little bit of time. Kind of funny cause it was just me. He would pass the jetty, pass me the ball every once in a while he was there. So

now let me ask you this. When you were, were you dating somebody at this time when you were hanging out with a janitor and shooting after school? Were you dating somebody?

It’s really funny story. My dad has a theory about this. So in my, uh, sophomore and junior year I was dating someone and I was doing pretty good. And then I wasn’t dating somebody in my senior year and I was doing much better specifically things. It’s that, I probably say that part of it. Plus getting a little older.

What’s your, what was your dad’s first name? What is your dad’s first name? So this could be called rich Klein’s rich Klein’s, uh, theories on the subconscious mind. Can we, can we call it that rich Klein’s theories on the subconscious? Okay. So here’s what I remember. There was a time and a place where all I thought about was building DJ connection. I’m like, I’m going to be a millionaire before I’m 30 hell or high water, I’m going to do it. So it impacted every decision. It was like, should I go out tonight? No. Should I spend that money? No. What should I do? Make more calls now that I’ve made more calls, what should I do? Make more calls. What should I do now? Buy more equipment. What should I do? Make more calls, buy more equipment, make more calls, buy more equipment, hire more guys, and then boom. Got it. So I would like to know when, when you were locked in your senior year, your, your, your girlfriend free. Um, did you dream about basketball more often? I mean, would you lay in your, in your Matt Klein bed thinking about, uh, your, your, you know, inside your Matt Klein head about playing it at the next level?


Uh, I imagine I did.

I don’t have any vivid memories of that, but I can imagine that I dreamed about playing. I don’t think, I think I was pretty realistic about the NBA thing, but I was definitely thinking about college. How much did you weigh and how tall were you your senior year? How? Tell him what to do. We’ll wait.

I was about one 80 something, probably like five, 10. We probably are the same size as a freshman as I wasn’t a senior.

Where are you? Where are you? Are you pretty lean where you lean?

No, I don’t think I’ve ever been lean.

Could you jump high? Could you be a jumper?

That’s a pretty average.

What was your free throw percentage?

[inaudible] nineties for sure.

What was your three point percentage?

I don’t know. I’d have to guess. I shot a lot of them, man.

Were you more than 35%?

Um, probably my senior year.

What was your points per game? What was your points per game your senior year?


senior year. I ended at about 29

so I’m just saying you are aware of your numbers though, right? You are aware of, you were aware of your, your, your, your points for game, your maybe your free throw percentage. You’re aware of the numbers cause you, you measure what you treasure. You were thinking about it, right? Sure. So I’m going to flip it now. I want to flip it now into Oxi fresh cause somebody out there wants to buy an Oxi fresh franchise or maybe they have their own business right now and if you don’t subconsciously obsess on your business and know your numbers, you cannot win. You can’t, I’ve never met a talented basketball player who’s playing at the NBA level or a very high level in high school who doesn’t know their numbers. I’ve never met a successful entrepreneur that doesn’t know their numbers, but I’ve met a lot of unsuccessful players who don’t know their numbers and I met a lot of unsuccessful entrepreneurs that don’t know their numbers too and they always say, I don’t really do it for the money. I do it because it takes all my time and I’m not good at it. That’s why I do it. I seriously it. Matt, talk to me. What is the, how important is it for you as an Oxi fresh franchise owner to on a conscious level or subconscious level? To be committed to the goals and knowing your numbers.

Yeah, you hit it right on the head, but you’ve never met someone that’s super successful in owning a business and they don’t know your numbers. And I’ve actually lived on both sides of this fence and I kind of went through this. When I first started running businesses, I was just looking at my bank account, right? I’d be like, Oh, I got money in there. I’m doing pretty good, or I don’t have money in there. Let’s start panicking a little bit, right? And over time, as I got more into with my franchise and I learned from, you know, occupation Sydney, how to run those reports and how to actually look at them, then yeah, then you can start obsessing about things you can do something about, right? It’s hard to obsess about other things that you can’t really control, but these are things for your business that will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

So marketing is a perfect example. If you’re not tracking your marketing right, then you’re going to have a very hard time to how much money you’re getting. For every dollar you’re spending, right? And so over time, marketing gets better and better and better. But if you’re not looking at that and you’re just guessing you’re, there’s going to be a time where you look back and you’re going to be shocked probably in a very negative way as to how you’re actually doing. You can’t manage that and look at it continuously start to develop it, then you’re not going to be able to make any changes if you’re not actually come up distantly making changes, even on good marketing report, it’ll eventually start to go negative, right? So you might know in a given area with five zip codes, for instance, that if you just look at the overwhelming marketing program of those five zip codes and you don’t actually pull any of them out, you just know I market to these five zip codes in this specific campaign gives me a thousand extra dollars a month.

Right? But that’s okay. Maybe. But if you go in there and you say, out of those five zip codes, only two of them make me money. I don’t get any job, but I’m actually marketing to those other zip codes, right? You would be to actually look at it and be able to adjust your marketing spend so that you’re not spending money where you’re not getting a return, right? It’s the same thing with your customer satisfaction scores, right? It’s the same thing with your daily routine. Like all those things that you can actually manage and track, you’re going to get better at because you’re going to be able to know how to manage them on an ongoing basis and be better tomorrow than you are today.

So this, this is where I want to make sure the listeners understand this. Listeners, listeners, let’s centers, let’s say listeners, cause that’s what we do. We’re listening and we know we will listen. I don’t want to meet with my accountant and that is what I just did. And that is what I always do every month. And I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go cause they’re going to go in there and they’re going to shut that thing up my colon. Wow, that’s a weird CPA. They’re going to go in there and they’re going to probe around and say, Oh, guess what?

I pay extra. I pay extra because my CPS extra. But anyway, no seriously, they probe around doing things. They say you’re making more money than you’ve ever made before or this is going well and as a result, as a penalty, I mean reward as a penalty. I mean reward. We’re going to pay more taxes because the graduated tax system. So the more you make, the more we take. Yay. And I go, yes but Matt by default I feel called. I think most of our listeners want to skip that accounting meeting cause we don’t want to go in. What happens if you skip that meeting that you don’t want to go to where they, your weird accountant shoves that thing up there and checks for your colon.

Yeah. Well if you don’t check it, you’re not going to change anything. And I think history will tell you if you leave something dormant for a long time, it’s not going to continually get better. What I’m likely going to get worse because your competitors are probably doing things that are going to make their business better, right? So you just leave something dormant. It will continue to just be that way, right? Even in an extremely business, we’re all just the the, you know, your check Mark everything. Everything is good to go. If you leave that for one year and you come back, you’re not going to be the same company as when you left it. Things are going to start to taper off, right? Customer, you’re going to start to look at the new new things coming out. So you have to check it. I mean, the accounting thing is a very good example.

You don’t know where your money is going. How are you going to be able to manage it? If you’re just giving away money through things that aren’t giving you anything back, you’re going to have an unsuccessful business and going to be very hard to turn around, right? So that’s just one piece of it. And I can tell you firsthand, the more you’re going to collect these things, the harder is to get back on track. And I think that to me is very different. And I talked to small business owners all the time and if you go a year in neglecting these types of things, whether it’s reporting or marketing or your taxes, you’re only creating a bigger and bigger headaches for yourself.

And then you’re going to go out there and live in a band down by the river. You’re going to end up living in a van down by the river man, I’m sorry it cut out for a second. But that’s the end of the day. If you neglect it long enough, you end up living in an Oxi fresh franchise van down by the river, don’t you? I mean you get their auto wrapped vehicle, you still, you’re still yours, you own it. But you get to put that thing by the river, right? Isn’t that the next step?

And the reason that that bands down by the river is cause he’s probably neglected as well, not getting an oil changes so it doesn’t run anymore. It’s just sitting by the river.

So if you’re out there and you’re a, if you’re a franchisee or an entrepreneur, uh, I encourage you to go see your accountant on a regular basis and get that colonoscopy. Now they’re going to say, I don’t have that on the menu. Is that a number two or a one? He said, no, it’s number two. I want a number two on that menu. You know what? I’m being serious. It is so it is so important. So important.


I want to cry every time I meet with my account, which is every month and sometimes it’s on the day that we do our call and it just, I’m just wanting to make sure I hammer home this thought. The subconscious mind may be likened to a magnet and when it has been vitalized and thoroughly saturated with any definite purpose means once you sit down and resolve in your mind, I am going to know my numbers. I’m going to know my numbers. I’m going to know my numbers. I’m going to be a proactive person. Do you have a definite purpose? It has decided. It has a decided tendency to attract all that is necessary for the fulfillment of that purpose. Basically what you think about, you bring about, so think about today. What are the numbers I need to know where do the numbers I need to know and right now today, put it on your calendar. Schedule time to get a regular checkup financially. Make sure you don’t drift. Matt, I have to go interview somebody who’s probably less beautiful than you, but if our listeners want to meet you in person, rumor has it. If they’d go to thrive time, forward slash Oxi fresh thrive time, forward slash Oxi fresh, they can set up a call you and maybe actually a discovery day with with you as is. Is that correct?

I’m here to help. My team is here to help take you through the crap and get this floor up. This franchise may be a good bit for you.

That doesn’t cost anything, so we’d be more than happy to take the profits

and it’s a under 60 grand right now. $60,000 some a lot of vehicles are $60,000. I mean, you could buy a new suburban now for over $60,000 or you could buy an Oxi fresh franchise vehicle for under 60,000 am I correct, ma’am?

Yeah. Our vehicles are typically between, you know, 15 to 25,000 yes. For everything. For our franchise, the initial investment plus your actual ongoing operational fees. Um, you want to have around 60,000 or so and we’ll get you to a point where you can run a very successful small business that has the potential to grow to a much, much larger business.

Matt, I appreciate you so much for joining us. If you’re out there today and you’re interested in buying a turn key business solution, a proven franchise with over what, 400 locations down that how many locations are officially up and running?

We’re right at that 400 we got it.

Oh yes, yes, yes.

Yeah. We were very excited.

Rich Klein, your son’s not a failure. Richie Klein. Unbelievable. Great job, Matt. Great job guys. Uh, I’ll make sure I said Richard, an email documenting your success.

All right. Thank you guys. Have an awesome rest of your day.

Take care, man. And now, without any further ed three [inaudible].


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