Richard Martin | How to Legally Defy the Unconstitutional Mandates, Evil Edicts and Liberty-Killing Lockdowns Being Instituted by Tyrannical Government Officials

Show Notes

Why Richard Martin is seeking for Bill Gates to be charged for being a domestic terrorist, why Governor Murphy of New Jersey will be exposed for his corruption and what you can do to fight back against the gradual and dramatic erosion of your American rights.

Visit Richard’s Website –

The Truth About The COVID-19 Vaccines And Bill Gates

New DOJ rule could allow executions by electrocution, firing squad – 

2018 – President Trump again extended the policy with executive order 13848

  1. All assets of any individual or organization found tampering with voting can be immediately seized!!

2020 – 100% Irrefutable, Documented Evidence and Examples of the 2020 Voter Fraud – 

The Truth About the Mask Mandates: 

The Truth About the COVID-19 Case Inflation: 

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