Robert Greene | How to Stay Focused in an Irrevocably Distracted World and the Importance of Truly Understanding Human Psychology

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The International bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law (with rapper 50 Cent), Mastery, and The Laws of Human Nature shares how to stay focused in an irrevocably distracted world and the importance of truly understanding human psychology.


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  1. Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Thrivetime Nation on today’s show we are interviewing the author of six international bestsellers: The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law (with rapper 50 Cent), Mastery, and The Laws of Human Nature
  2. I know that you’ve had a ton of success at this point in your career, but I would love to start off at the bottom and the very beginning of your career. What was your life like growing up and where did you grow up?
  3. Robert Greene, When did you first figure out what you wanted to do professionally?
  4. When did you first feel like you were truly beginning to gain traction with your career?
  5. How do you decide what to write a book about?
  6. What inspired you to write The 48 Laws of Power?
  7. Robert, when I first read your book, The 48 Law of Power it freaked me out…because I didn’t want to believe that people actually used these dirty moves to earn money…what was your intent behind writing 48 Laws of Power?
    1. “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” – 1st Timothy 6:10
  8. Robert, I would love for you to break down a few of the laws you wrote about in your book, The 48 Laws of Power:
    1. LAW #9 – Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.” – Proverbs 14:23
    2. LAW #10 – Infection: Avoid the Unhappy or the Unlucky
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” – Proverbs 13:20
    3. Law #15 – Crush Your Enemy Totally
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “15 One day Samuel said to Saul, “It was the Lord who told me to anoint you as king of his people, Israel. Now listen to this message from the Lord! 2 This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies has declared: I have decided to settle accounts with the nation of Amalek for opposing Israel when they came from Egypt. 3 Now go and completely destroy[a] the entire Amalekite nation—men, women, children, babies, cattle, sheep, goats, camels, and donkeys.” – 1st Samuel 15 – Verse 2-3
    4. Law #29 – Plan All the Way to End
    5. Law #40 – Despise the Free Lunch
  9. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In the future, the great division will be between those who have trained themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them — those who can acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them and can never focus enough to learn.” – Robert Greene, Mastery
  10. Robert, in The 48 Laws of Power you wrote, “When you show yourself to the world and display your talents, you naturally stir all kinds of resentment, envy, and other manifestations of insecurity… you cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others.” I would love for you to share what you mean by this?
  11. Robert, you wrote, “Never waste valuable time, or mental peace of mind, on the affairs of others—that is too high a price to pay.” – What do you mean by this?
  12. Robert, when you write a book, there is SO much research and thought that goes into every line you write. What is your process for writing your EPIC books?
  13. What was the process of writing Mastery and why should everyone who wants to be the best at anything read this book?
  14. What new projects are you working on now?
  15. You come across as a very proactive person…so how do you typically organize the first four hours of your and what time do you typically wake up?
  16. What are a few of your daily habits that you believe have allowed you to achieve success?
  17. What mentor has made the biggest impact on your career thus far?
  18. What message or principle that you wish you could teach everyone?
  19. You are super successful, but what do you struggle with the most…what is your weakness…what is your kryptonite? 
  20. Which of your books do you recommend that our readers should read, if they are thinking about reading their first Robert Greene book?
  21. You’ve got the mic, what is one thing that you want to share with the Thrive Nation before you drop the mic?
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