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Are you struggling to find good people? During this episode Clay Clark and Eric Chupp (Business Coach) teach you specifically how to run a group interview.

MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.
QUOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie (The world’s wealthiest man who had to start working at age 13 to be able to support his family)
STORY TIME: Running and 80 + DJs

Weekly Job Posts (, Craigslist)
Weekly Scheduled Specific Time
Pre-Written Email
Details of the Job
What to bring
Game Plan / Script for the Interview

Get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’S business coach school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner, with usba entrepreneur of the Year Clayton Clark on your radio or podcast player. Answer the question of: how do you run a group interview you’re, a business coach? Can you explain to the listeners what what even is a group interview have to listen to listen for quite a while? They want to know how to run a group interview, but I want to break it down just a very fundamental question: what is a group interview, so it’s not what most people would I find most people think it is typically when you say the word group interview, People think that you’re going to be sitting in front of a group of people who are interviewing you right, it’s actually the exact opposite of that. So it’s you’re going to be in a group of people that are being interviewed by one person. So as a business owner or man you’re going to get all of the job candidates, all of applicants are going to come into one single interview in a group and you’re going to do it all at one time now. The reason why you do that is, according to the US chamber, at staff, but the u.s. chamber and and CBS news I will make sure we have fact-checked on the show notes of all that’s all of the Thrive Nation can actually prove or you could prove you. I’M saying is true cuz I just did the statistics are going to seem alarming when you first read them for the first time. True, but according to the US Chamber of Commerce and CBS News, 75 % of employees are stealing from the workplace and most are doing so repeatedly. I mean think about that. For a second, I mean shock you how many people that will come to the group interview to go to the group interview is scheduled for, let’s say, 5 p.m. on Tuesday night.

Let’s set kit that said, they’re going to be the interview, and it’s don’t know it’s a group interview is think it’s a job interview, all the people that are supposed to be there on time. What percentage of them do you feel like from your perspective, actually show up, even on time, it’s less than 50 %? What is the almost every time? It’S unbelievable and most do it repeatedly. According to CBS CBS news on money watch, the average Forbes did a study and asked employees what percentage of you are wasting time. They just ask business coach and people to be honest. What do a survey? We won’t tell your boss you’re, not a mess, so what percentage of you are wasting your time and they found that 31 % of employees are wasting their time on this same stuff. The same article right here says, a typical organization loses 5 % of its annual revenue to employee fraud. It says at this is from Andrew Carnegie. This is the guy who built the Carnegie steel he’s a guy who started working at the age of 13 to support his family because me too, they were not in a good spot. He says the order, as it is easy. As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. That’S Andrew Carnegie, so here’s here’s, here’s the ideal I want to put in your head. Is it you’re going to have to interview at least 4 people to find one person who is honest? At least it was so 75 % employees are stealing from the workplace according to the US Chamber of Commerce right. So, no more stealing and according to my personal research, I’m just telling you if we interview 20 candidates this week. Maybe two of them, who have the skill, have the character needed to work for us to have that they have the the skill, but they don’t have the character from my experience, 2 out of 20. So the question is: how do you find good in people and how do you run a group interview? This is how you run a group interview. One issue schedule a specific time. You scheduled specific time next week to do your job Cuts. Okay, so you have to do those weekly job pus. If you don’t do weekly job post you’re going to lose, if you don’t do the weekly job post you’re just going to lose, you have to post every single week on Craigslist on on. Indeed, you have to do it.

The second did. You have to have a weekly time schedule to interview. You have a weekly business coach scheduled specific time. Why do you have to do that? Because anybody who applies for a job you want to send them a pre-written email and the pre-written email to let them know, hey, you might be a good fit, will go ahead and interview you this Tuesday night at 5. I need to send the same email to every single person, every single person and that way when they show up at one time or they, don’t you don’t waste hours of your time. You just waste one hour of your time and then, when you actually interview the people, you want to have a game plan. You actually want to have a game plan or a script for the interview, and this is what you want to go over interview. One. You want to go over the compensation for the job, okay, the compensation, alright, first thing: you want to go over those expectations expectations. What are you expecting from the applicants write the expectations communication? How will you communicate with me if we work here? The third is: you want to go over the compensation and the 4th is you want to go over any questions they have now, when you talk about expectations, you want to get into the values you want to get into specifics.


What makes your company great place to work for you will get into all that you want to create a polarizing environment where people know quickly where they want to work with you or not. You got to go over one expectations to the communication. How you’re going to be high if you work here, you’re, going to be expected to work here and I’ll 925 and your boss is Carl and if you’re ever running late or whatever you call him. This is how we communicate you. Don’T text you don’t even have your policies are the compensation. This is what you get paid. If you work here, then, for if you go over and do you have any questions shopping seen the group interview done week after week, 4 years, why is it such a bad Marvel? Super business coach move for companies are struggling to find really good people wanted to hang ups. I see with a lot of clients that we implement this with is, is you have to do it every single week, like you were saying just a minute ago, if you’re waiting until you need somebody to start looking for them, you’re, never going to find that a Player hits you know it’s going to be super rare that those stars align that that a player that a team member that can perform that has the character in the skills that you need to do it. I got to be looking for a job that exact moment. You’re looking to hire so you have to do it every single week to keep that pipeline of applicants.. When I was running DJ connection before I sold it, we were doing about 4,000 events for your DJ you and what happens is every weekend. You have to do by 80 weddings, which means you have to send out a t, separate men to go and provide entertainment, 480 separate weddings down to be fair. Sometimes I DJ with DJ Friday Saturday Sunday, so you have one guy to do. 3 shows run a squad of 45 active DJ’s 80 on your roster, though okay DJ company in the country could relate to me.

They did ask me to come. Speak at these wedding seminars in wedding events, saying hey you’re, the entrepreneur of the year. Can you come in and teach us how to run a wedding business or a business coach, and I told him what you want to do? Is you wanted never be short on employees? You never want to be sure you’re going to have to put up with somebody past their expiration date because of you have ADD Jays you and it sounds crazy, but I would call a guy today. I’Ve got a show for you this Saturday about half of them. Would refuse to do the show so where’s? The show me like this is back in the day by the way before the Mayo Hotel was totally renovated. This world’s first opening I’d say that the mail hotel in like downtown what I want to go down starch downtown. Okay, I have a vent for you at Forest Ridge, new tech, sure I’ll do that one then you call the next guy have got to show for it at the Mayo Hotel downtown. Now everybody wants to DJ there, but back in the day. No one wanted to be just you guys ever do anything at the Castle in Muskogee know that place. Yes, we did, and I love that buy used to have to really really have to motivate people to get them to want to do that. Event is kind of hell yeah. I like we’re having a holiday party this year at the Mayo Hotel, it’s beautiful, but I had these DJ’s. I had to get these 80 people to commit to doing these. Forty show this Saturday in this Friday. Now, here’s what’s crazy is out of 40 guys that were scheduled Chuck. Do you want to guess how many of them wouldn’t show up for the load up time?

The way it worked or show that you’re supposed to be at 8 start? You should take a second to start DJing tonight at The Summit Club. You have to get there at 5 to set up right, but I had your business coach load up. Time would always be 5 hours before they make sure no snags everything’s good. What percentage of the DJs do you think that wouldn’t show up for their load up time path quarter at least one at 10:40 guys going out? I had to pay Five Guys just to hang out and that’s. Why were the name five guys come by, but I would pay just to hang out at the office just in case they were need. They’Re called Runners, and so this is. This is something it’s massive. I never had a problem where I didn’t have enough DJs to cover my shows, because I never stop doing the group interview in the action steps here. You have to have a weekly job post every single week. I would recommend that you post on indeed and Craigslist, and you never stop someone might be saying what how much do I spend on that depending upon the business, I would recommend you spend at least a week on indeed and Craigslist every single week, Craigslist is per Post for the time of this recording it changes all the time II. You got have a weekly specific schedule, time trip. Why do you have to have a weekly specific time? And why can’t you change it from week to week every week, because you will end up missing at your if it’s not a wrong schedule and it’s something that you can’t change. You need to put that thing at like we talked about all the time, as a rock in your schedule fill up the sand of life around that rock, because this has to happen.

It actually has to happen if you’re sick, if whatever you have to make this interview the same time, because that’s already going to be out on your ads, your art people are going to be expecting to be there, so you have to have it at the same Time every week now that explains a specific time of the interview, the location of the interview and all of the details of the job. Why do you have to have at the email pre-written? The whole point of this business coach system is to save you. Time is to save you time from in a one-on-one interviews, from responding to every single person. With the you know, typed up custom email, so you have a canned response that you send out telling them all the details so that you can immediately do it. You can send it out as soon as that comes in you can put it in your meditate. Do you have to have it can can so you can just send it immediately wing it some people say well, let me know I just I just wing it. I don’t even know how I do. I just do it because everybody can tell when you’re winging it oh and then top talent, town of people, people with High character and not going to want to come work for you. It’S not inspiring to show up to a job interview where it seems like the person who either owns the company or is running the job interview has. It looks like they don’t know what they’re doing. If you don’t know how to do a group interview – and you ask yourself, why do I need to do against the 75 % of people according to CBS, news in the US chamber are stealing from the workplace? According to Forbes, 31 % of people don’t even try at the job.

So Andrew Carnegie, if you were here the late great Andrew Carnegie, said as I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do and unfortunately they will actually three to four people: don’t have what it takes to hold a job in America today they just can’t be consistent enough to get it done, and so, if you’re struggling with hiring sales marketing all these things, I mean hiring might be just the tip of the iceberg, for you maybe need help with your accounting, maybe help with optimizing your website. I would invite you to take advantage of her offer. We have going right now, which is unbelievable. All you got to do is go to thrive time. Show. Com in iTunes, so just type in business coach Thrive time show  Thrivetime One word and then the word iTunes DriveTime show the word iTunes. You go to iTunes. If you subscribe to the podcast subscribers and you simply write a review, I can just subscribe and write a review of the Thrive time show in iTunes. Then you get a free conference ticket to attend our next in person Workshop, which isn’t anyway right January 16th and 17th. It’S a Friday and those tickets are normally so you’re going to get of free stuff. Since he’s all two tickets subscribing on iTunes and writing us a review, we come back. We talking about what, if your spouse or family member is not driven or passionate about anything as it relates to the business. When I wouldn’t awkward question, why would you email that to not come make sure you never last by signing up for the DriveTime Show podcast


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